vanguarde9Hello hackers07:05
vanguarde9I have simple upstart script 07:06
vanguarde9but its not working as it should07:06
vanguarde9can somebody point me what can be wrong ?07:06
vanguarde9Im using variable $PORT in it 07:07
vanguarde9when I make echo $PORT >> some file07:07
vanguarde9Its properly wrintten into file07:08
vanguarde9but when I use it as argument , aplication fails to start07:08
vanguarde9Also any suggestion to improve this upstart service are welcomed07:10
vanguarde9I used upstart 0.6.5 from Centos 607:14
ionvanguarde9: An Upstart job instance won’t track two processes. Also, “expect fork” might not match the exact forking behavior of the program even with one process. It might be better to avoid forking altogether.10:55
Tv`I can't seem to get "start on file" to work in 13.0418:09
Tv`what can i do to debug it? i see upstart-file-bridge activity in strace when i fiddle with the files, but it doesn't seem to trigger the event18:10
Tv`okay so now i can trigger it manually, but postfix delivering mail into a maildir doesn't trigger it.. curious18:22
Tv`let's do the same link trick as proper maildir delivery does..18:24
Tv`linkat(AT_FDCWD, "tmp/foo", AT_FDCWD, "new/sdfsdfdsgg", 0) = 0   <-- doesn't trigger it :(18:24
Tv`it's watching new/18:24
Tv`inotifywait on the dir reports a create happily :-|18:35
iancohey all :) Im just getting started with upstart, im wondering how I can best handle doing a hot restart for a service20:48
ianconormally, id just create a hot-restart command in my sysV init script. but can i handle this with upstart in a better way?20:49
Tv`ianco: what would the hot-restart command do?20:49
iancohot restart is probably the wrong description. in this case, its for haproxy and it would be more of a graceful restart command20:51
iancoit would use the -sf optins20:51
iancobasically, stop listening without breaking existing connections, for new config or even new version after upgrade20:53
iancoreally though, im just not sure how best to let upstart would handle something like that, or even if it should handle it20:53
Tv`that gets into mucky territory20:53
Tv`as the old instance will still be running20:53
Tv`and you'd want to start the new instance20:54
iancoyeah, it would likly require be a series of commands20:54
Tv`i've always managed that on the LVS level20:55
iancoso, not really something upstart would handle normally?20:55
Tv`i am no authority on upstart20:56
Tv`but i'd say it used to work only because pidfiles and all such are so fuzzy, and upstart bookkeeping is more strict (& correct)20:56
iancoah, i see20:57
Tv`oh well, bug filed, workaround implemented, time to move on21:12
ikariushullo.  I'm trying to put together an upstart task, and unfortunately, I've run into an area I don't think the cookbook covers.  I've got a "task" type service, which needs pre-start, start and pre-stop methods21:35
ikariusthe pre-start and script stanzas are working fine, but then when I call stop, it complains of "unknown instance".  I've declared it a task, so it should know that there's nothing running long-term for it to track, it should just kick off the "pre-stop" stanza21:36
ikariuswhat else am I missing?21:36

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