MrHotsaucei just recently learned about the shift thing myself literally less then 20 hours ago00:01
Maggieso did you have the same issue with flash after upgrading?00:01
MrHotsauceno im having an issue with my headset after upgrade00:02
MrHotsauceflash is a tad derpy but it works good enough for me to not bother with it00:02
MaggieWish I hadn't upgraded now, it boots up slower and probably should have left well enough alone.00:03
MaggieIf it isn't broke....00:04
MrHotsaucei tend to run the latest versions i would run the 13.10 alpha build but i dont want to reinstall my os00:04
MaggieI am pretty new to Xubuntu, but it beats Windows for sure00:06
MrHotsauceive been using it since......11.10? i think00:08
MaggieSo know I know someone who might be able to help if I find myself in a jam again?00:11
MrHotsaucei barely know anything xD i just use google alot when i have issues00:12
MrHotsauceif you cant get help here another place to try would be #ubuntu00:13
MaggieCool, thanks for the info.  :)00:17
MrHotsauceuse /join #ubuntu00:17
MrHotsaucewith the slash00:18
MrHotsaucei would reccomend using xchat the built in irc client with xubuntu00:18
MaggieI think that is where I am at?00:19
MrHotsaucethats a web client00:20
MrHotsauceyou have a built in one with xubuntu00:20
MaggieOk? Where would I find it?00:21
Maggiefound it00:21
MrHotsauceit requires a little configuring but def much better then any web client00:22
MaggieI was able to log in to ubuntu that way00:26
MrHotsauceyou can type /join #xubuntu   in xchat and use xchat in here00:28
Maggieam underscore maggie too00:28
MrHotsauceyou can leave the web client00:28
MrHotsaucethen in here  you can do /nick Maggie00:29
MrHotsauceto change back to normal00:29
=== maggie_ is now known as Maggie
MaggieIt seemed to work.  You Rock!  :)00:30
MrHotsaucemhm you can even set up xchat to auto connect to here when you open it00:31
MrHotsaucelike so http://i.imgur.com/AhR8gtQ.png00:31
MaggieAwesome! Think I got it changed00:39
Maggiewhat is minecraft?00:40
kingnick42Maggie, tis a game :P00:41
MaggieThank you Kingnick4200:42
kingnick42No problem Maggie00:43
MaggieNick? Wondering if you are the same Nick that helped install my system back in February?00:43
Maggiethanks again for your help MrHotsauce.  take care!01:02
MrHotsauceno problem take care as well01:03
maitakecan anyone pastebin me a copy of their thunar or file-manager .desktop files?02:04
maitakedeleted mine like a fool :(02:04
maitakedocky's being stubborn with icons02:04
=== IdleOne is now known as frenocha
=== frenocha is now known as IdleOne
MrHotsaucemaitake: point me to where it is and ill see if i can provide it03:03
xubuntu916Hello, I just purchased a Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 that shipped with Windows 8 (64 bit). I immediately formatted it and installed Xubuntu 13.04 using LUKS for everything except /boot. When I attempt to boot the system it falls back to the next available boot medium (PXE, USB, etc). I am able to do a chroot into the system after cryptsetup and mounting. Grub appears to be installed correctly. I'd appreciate any help.03:13
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:17
well_laid_lawnI don't know about luks sorry03:17
xubuntu916Alright. I wasn't sure if that was strictly a grub thing, or if something with the new secure boot/windows 8 had created different headaches for installing nix OSes.03:19
xubuntu916When I attempt to install Grub it says that I have no BIOS Boot Partition and its only alternative is to use blocklists (then failing). I remember seeing a BIOS option of that nature in the partitioning system and disregarding it, so I will reinstall with a few MB dedicated to that and see what happens.03:25
nerdtronhi all!03:40
nerdtronany good themes for xubuntu?04:07
xubuntu916For anyone else who may have the Windows 8/LUKS boot issue, the solution (for me, at least) was to reinstall adding the first partition as BIOS Boot Partition (I used 25 MB, though 5 would probably have been enough). Next I unlocked the encrypted partition and mounted the boot partition inside that, then reinstalled Grub. That seems to work, as I am typing this from the hard drive OS.04:23
jorjhello. anyone uses xubuntu 12.04? i have an problem with xscreensaver, i think, but can not find any info about my problem. periodically stop working screen locking (xflock). reason - not running xscreensaver. it disappears from process list. i could start it manually ("xscreensaver&" at terminal or at ALT+F2 prompt). i tried ptions to be verbose and to log xscreensaver work, but no error found after process crushed. anyone knows this05:44
nerdtroni'm using xubuntu..but i'm not using xscreensaver because it looks awful06:10
SysiI have heard about xscreensaver crashing when computer is locked, but not when it's on the background06:15
alfonsojonI'm using Xubuntu 13.04 on the Samsung Chromebook08:02
alfonsojonIt works fine but 2D graphics acceleration is horrid08:03
alfonsojonEven with compisiting disabled, it's lagging when I move windows.08:03
Noskcajalfonsojon, have you tried the proprietary drivers?08:04
alfonsojonjockey-gtk says I have none available08:04
Noskcajalfonsojon, ok. maybe try the samsung website or upgrading to 13.10. i can't think of anything else sorry08:06
alfonsojonAlright, thanks08:06
alfonsojonThen again, Chromebooks are only meant to run Chrome OS... lol08:06
alfonsojonwait, you think I could copy the drivers over manually somehow?08:06
alfonsojonThey are both using the same kernel08:07
Noskcajalfonsojon, maybe08:08
WalterNI'm looking at this, having set up dovecot just a bit ago... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix#Other_Postfix_Guides09:17
WalterNI mean postfix09:17
WalterNanyway, should I implement all of those for spam filtering? or just one or two?09:18
bekks"all of those" -. what do you mean?09:20
bekksSetup what you want to setup.09:20
WalterNI'm not sure... lol.. somebody else suggested spamassasin09:21
bekksThen set it up.09:22
xubuntu323Hello, Concerning:  external hard drive 320GB Western Digital - When trying to open the HD and see the files, I get the message: Error when getting information for file '/media/BACKUP_WD/HP':     Failed to open directory "BACKUP_WD".  Error when getting information for file '/media/BACKUP_WD/HP':09:35
xubuntu323Failed to open directory "BACKUP_WD".  Error when getting information for file '/media/BACKUP_WD/HP'--Input/output error.09:36
xubuntu323I am therefore unable to open the directory on this HD. It seems that the folder "HP" has a problem prohibiting the opening of the hard drive.09:37
bekksYour conclusion is wrong.09:39
bekksIt seems that you get I/O errors when accessing the drive. So check the output of dmesg.09:40
xubuntu323Thanks, but what I have to look at in the dmesg output?09:44
bekksEverything unusual.09:46
xubuntu323To bekks: thanks again but to many lines whose I have no clue --> I cannot find something "unusual".10:04
bekksxubuntu323: Then pastebin the entire output.10:05
nerdtronany errors like I/O error in dmesg?10:06
Sysierror warning or E_ are sings of problem10:07
bekksSysi: E_ is pretty seldom in dmesg. E_* are programmatical error messages.10:10
bekksxubuntu323: So are you going to pastebin the entire dmesg output?10:14
xubuntu323Yes, it's coming...10:14
xubuntu323$ dmesg [    0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpuset [    0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpu [    0.000000] Linux version 3.2.0-48-generic (buildd@lamiak) (gcc version 4.6.3 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu5) ) #74-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 6 19:45:16 UTC 2013 (Ubuntu 3.2.0-48.74-generic 3.2.46) [    0.000000] KERNEL supported cpus: [    0.000000]   Intel GenuineIntel [    0.000000]   AMD AuthenticAMD [    0.000000]   NSC Geode 10:16
nerdtronxubuntu323: is it just a single folder you can't access or the whole drive?10:17
xubuntu323$ dmesg [    0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpuset [    0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpu [    0.000000] Linux version 3.2.0-48-generic (buildd@lamiak) (gcc version 4.6.3 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu5) ) #74-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 6 19:45:16 UTC 2013 (Ubuntu 3.2.0-48.74-generic 3.2.46) [    0.000000] KERNEL supported cpus: [    0.000000]   Intel GenuineIntel [    0.000000]   AMD AuthenticAMD [    0.000000]   NSC Geode 10:17
bekksxubuntu323: This channel is not a pastebin.10:18
bekks!pastebin | xubuntu32310:18
ubottuxubuntu323: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:18
xubuntu323To nerdtron: with xubuntu, I cannot access the entire drive; with win xp, I can access the drive except the folder "HP" which seems to be corrupted.10:21
bekksxubuntu323: You have I/O errors, not corrupted folders :)10:21
bekksxubuntu323: So are you going to pastebin the entire dmesg output?10:24
nerdtronif it is I/O errors, it could mean a damaged hard drive. sorry but your drive could be failing already10:24
Sysiit's backup time10:25
Sysiyou can try checking drive health with S.M.A.R.T https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools10:26
bekksBackup time has already passed - no backup means no data worth to be kept.10:26
bekksFirst, pastebin dmesg. :)10:26
xubuntu323bekks: sorry for the delay, I am still trying.10:30
bekks!pastebinit | xubuntu32310:31
ubottuxubuntu323: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com10:31
bekksxubuntu323: So will you finally pastebin the requested information after 35 minutes of waiting? If not, I can get back to others things to be done.10:40
xubuntu323No, sorry, it's not done because I am discovering the pastebinit system.10:42
bekksOk, then good luck in solving your I/O error issues.10:42
xubuntu323Go back to your activities. Thanks anyway. I will try later.10:42
meditatorwhen i double click a scrip, it just runs without a warning. Is it possible to get a prompt with options like "run in terminal" "Display" etc ? Thanks for your help11:39
baizonmeditator: create a launcher which runs in terminal :)11:40
meditatorbaizon, its not for a specific file.. i mean all executable files marked as executable, when i double click them, can i get an option which says "run in terminal" "Display" etc ?11:41
nerdtronmeditator: now that you say it, i remember we have that option in ubuntu11:42
baizonmeditator: something like this? http://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=777911:42
nerdtronbut not xubuntu11:43
meditatornerdtron,  yes.. i too used it in ubuntu11:44
nerdtronbaizon: good link11:45
meditatorbaizon, thanks a lot.. thats exactly what i needed...11:45
baizonnerdtron: thank you11:45
baizonmeditator: np :)11:45
xubuntu323If  bekks is still there, you will find a link to the dmseg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5976994/plain/11:48
xubuntu323By the way, I still have an error when trying to open an external  HD connected - Error when getting information for file '/media/BACKUP_WD/HP': Input/output error.11:50
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bekksxubuntu323: Yes. And as can be perfectly seen, the filesystem on that drive is corrupted.11:50
bekksSince it is a Windows filesystem, use Windows to fix it.11:50
xubuntu323OK, thanks, bye.12:02
meditatorbaizon, i still have not been able to change the default action when double-clicking a shell script. It just executes. Is it possible to open it in a text editor, and if i want to run it, i can right click and click execute ?12:20
soman1Xubuntu 12.04 Elements of the panel (time, language and fast launch) are not displayed. Is any ways to fix it?13:25
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bgardnerGuest20270: Hello14:01
glitchdhello all14:01
glitchdtrying to install outrec in xubuntu 13.0414:02
Guest20270I am using Xubuntu 13.04 and I have some questions: 1.- I am using Whisker menu why the firefox icons looks so tiny? and why it makes a HD checking at every boot?14:03
glitchdgetting a dependency error with gambas "dependency not satisfiable: gambas2-runtime (>=1.9.48)14:03
glitchdummm...anyone alive?14:05
bgardnerglitchd: We're alive, but in your case we need more information.14:05
bgardnerglitchd: What was your command line for the install?14:06
glitchdbgardner, ok, i was attempting to install outrec from the software center but im getting a dependency error14:06
glitchdgetting a dependency error with gambas "dependency not satisfiable: gambas2-runtime (>=1.9.48)14:07
bgardnerglitchd: One moment while I look it up.14:07
glitchdthx i appreciate the help14:07
glitchdbgardner, any luck thus far?14:11
bgardnerglitchd: Not yet, still looking.14:11
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glitchdbgardner, im running ubuntu 1304 with the xubuntu desktop.14:14
knomeGuest20270, you should seek support from whisker menu developers14:15
bgardnerglitchd: Did you download the deb from outrec's website and try to install that in the software center?14:15
glitchdbgardner, yes, thats when it gave me the dependency error14:15
bgardnerglitchd: Okay, you should have led with that.  Here's the page you need to go to for your next steps: http://outrec.sourceforge.net/support.html14:16
caodepalhai got into a problem with ubuntu studio. when i start my laptop i get the message unable to launch startxfce4 x session.. startxfce not found falling back to default14:16
bgardnerglitchd: Lower left, the commands to bring in your dependencies.14:16
glitchdbgardner, thank you very much, sry i didnt relay the important information.14:16
Guest20270knome, is not that is the same Firefox icon I think14:17
glitchdbgardner, im still getting errors.14:17
glitchdbgardner, is it ok if i pm you so i dont have to spam the room with the output of the command?14:17
bgardnerglitchd: Sure14:18
caodepalhai turn on the laptop and when i get to the login screen i can log in with my account, as guest or as other. everyway i try i get the> unable to launch startxfce4 x session> startxfce4 not found falling back to default session14:21
glitchdanyone know of a program to record audio straight from the sound card, outrec apparently isnt supported anymore.14:33
sivik_anyone ever seen the keyboard shortcuts stop working, all of them, even the default ones in xubuntu 13.04?16:11
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PhoenixSTFnop but then again that might be a session issue16:14
SivikPhoenixSTF: I even tried rebooting and no go16:14
PhoenixSTFtake a look inside .cache or .config16:14
SivikPhoenixSTF: thx16:15
SysiSivik: is xfce4-settings-helper running?16:15
PhoenixSTFyou have a xfce folder, make a backup and delete the original, it might reset your session. BE ADVISED it will reset almost everything16:15
Sysiremoving ~(.cache/sessions and rebooting might help16:15
SivikThe xfce4-settings-helper isn't running16:16
Sysirun it16:16
SivikI don't have anything called settings-helper16:17
Sivikeditor and manager are the only two I have16:17
Sysihum, I might have remembered it wrong, or it's been renamed16:18
Sysican't check right now16:18
Sysiactually I can, a couple secs16:19
Sysiyeah, that one is not used anymore16:20
Sysican you reset hotkeys or add new ones?16:21
jdhigh9000anybody know to setup keyboard shortcuts xubuntu?18:09
jdhigh9000on xubuntu?18:09
bgardnerjdhigh9000: Settings->Keyboard->Application Shortcuts18:09
Sysikeyboard settings or window manager settings, depending about your goal18:10
jdhigh9000[bgardner] thanks18:10
bgardnerjdhigh9000: Sysi is correct, however - some shortcuts will be under window manager settings18:10
jdhigh9000bgardner: i am just trying to setup some app shortcuts.18:12
bgardnerjdhigh9000: Okay, then go with the first answer: Settings->Keyboard->Application shortcuts18:15
jdhigh9000bgardner:okay. no problem. will do. thanks for the assist.18:18
jdhigh9000Sysi:thanks as well. have a good day18:18
Sysiyou too18:19
Pwnnawhy is it that workspace settings doesn't have the number of rows settings?19:47
knomePwnna, why would it?19:49
knomePwnna, try checking the workspaces applet settings.19:49
Pwnnai want to have a square like setting19:49
knomeright. no, that's not possible.19:49
Pwnnabut http://docs.xfce.org/_media/xfce/xfce4-panel/pager.png19:50
knomesure. that's the applet settings.19:51
Pwnnai see19:51
knomeno problem19:51
Pwnnais it possible to add in the unity like heads up so you know which workspace you're on19:52
Pwnnawhen you move between them19:52
Pwnnajust a big text in the center showing the name would be nice.19:52
Pwnnabetter if we can get a grid going.19:52
Pwnna(which project is this? I can probably help implement that)19:52
knomeno, i don't think so, but afaik the workspace applet shows you which one that is19:52
knomei'd imagine it's something in xfdesktop (but don't take my word for it)19:53
Pwnnait's better UX if we showed a big thing like unity.19:53
Pwnnashould be /relatively/ easy to implement19:53
knometechnically might be that, socially can be different19:54
Pwnnaturn it off by default19:54
knomeit's still more codebase which is sometimes unwanted19:55
bgardnerknome: +119:55
Pwnnai feel like it is a good feature to have.19:55
knomehowever, this is getting offtopic for this channel; i'd recommend asking in #xfce-dev19:55
knomePwnna, sure. that's one for the feature. i'm pretty sure you'll find at least 2 developers against it (not to discourage, but to keep things realistic...)19:56
Pwnnawhy would people be against that feature?19:56
Pwnnabut okay19:56
Pwnnalet's move.19:56
bekksOh, some texan arrived... :P22:14
JWR_Haha, nahh. Michigander22:14
JWR_Just that cowboy spirit haha22:14
JWR_Installing xubuntu now, coming over from mint. Mint just felt sluggish to me.22:16
JWR_Going to give xubuntu a go, then if it still feels sluggish, lubuntu.22:16
bekksYou dont need to reinstall then.22:18
JWR_I could have just downloaded xfce over my cinnamon mint install couldn't I?22:19
JWR_Eh, new guy mistakes I guess.22:19
bekksI dont know nuts abouts mint. But having xubuntu, you can just install lubuntu-desktop, and you'll have both, xfce and lxde.22:20
JWR_oh okay22:20
JWR_that will work better than a re-install22:20
JWR_Well, nice chatting bekks. Time to reboot.22:22
ross_Much quicker so far.22:29
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NEED_HELP_PLEASEIs there any one in here that is proficient in wireless networks22:30
kingnick42NEED_HELP_PLEASE, what's your problem?22:30
NEED_HELP_PLEASEI have a older laptop that originally came with a hacker friendly version of Windows XP however it was junk I got it for 20 bucks and back to the subject I am attempting to setup a wireless connection on xubuntu and finding it rather difficult22:31
johnnywasrightwhat kind of wireless card?22:32
NEED_HELP_PLEASEFor one reason or another a model similar to this I set it up just fine. This one is hesitant22:32
NEED_HELP_PLEASEI checked the compatibility chart. Well, It isn't even listed. I checked the other model and it has the almost exact same card so I am sure it will work. I just can't make it.22:33
johnnywasrighthmm, sorry I am brand new. I was hoping I would be able to help because I struggled with my wireless card. But, I am not sure about that wireless card.22:33
NEED_HELP_PLEASE No worries, The ability to learn is only limited by the knowledge your willing to transmit.22:34
NEED_HELP_PLEASEkingnick42: Do you have any ideas?22:35
kingnick42NEED_HELP_PLEASE, does jockey detect it?22:36
NEED_HELP_PLEASEJockey? I never heard of that term. I may know what your talking about but have no idea what Jockey is22:39
kingnick42NEED_HELP_PLEASE, jockey is a program to find drivers22:57
GridCubeit doesnt exist anymore22:59
GridCubeyou need to access the driver management from the software source settings22:59

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