jelmerkolbe: it depends - is 5.5 a lightweight checkout? are you branching in the same shared repository00:05
kolbeno, there's no shared repository, 5.5 is a standalone thing that i got with bzr branch lp:maria/5.500:06
jelmerkolbe: in that case, it's copying all of the revisions; that could be correct00:08
kolbealright, thanks00:08
kolbejelmer: i suppose if i just want one revision, in this case maybe bzr export would be a more reasonable choice?00:09
jelmerkolbe: yes00:09
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nopfLeoNerd: hi again. im trying to follow your strategy to get rid of some big accidentally commited files. i branch. uncommit. recommit. then how to 'replay' the other commits? using 'merge'? the big files keep creeping in then! seems i'm not very good at this :/ anyone else maybe a hint?18:23
LeoNerdnopf: bzr replay19:23
nopfLeoNerd: oh which seems to be an extension that i don't have... checking19:24
LeoNerdOoohyes. it's from the "rewrite" plugin19:24
LeoNerdI sometimes forget what isn't core ;)19:24
nopfLeoNerd: yeah, succes, thanks!! ... now that i understand that right: this is in a shared repo. i need to branch all other projects in the shared repo and then replace the whole shared thing with the new thing, yes?19:36
nopf... to remove the 'big files' from the .bzr directory -- that was the main goal19:41
nopf... i have to recreate the shared repo, not?19:41
LeoNerdOh.. most likely, yes...19:42
bob2also everyone needs to rebranch22:22
bob2and throw away their existing branches22:22

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