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melmothis there a known issue with juju 1.12 with destroying-service ? Since i switch to juju >=1, destroy-service fails silently most of the time05:32
melmoththe service are shown as dying, but nothing else seems to happen05:32
raywangmelmoth, i do have seen this05:41
melmothi do quite a lot those days05:42
raywangmelmoth, me too05:42
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bachi mectors12:24
juju 8-)13:30
juju :p13:30
juju hi is any one her13:35
gemejcastro, can Debian / Redhat images be deployed ?14:01
jcastronot currently no14:02
jcastroI think debian has cloud-init now, all that's needed is for someone to do the work14:03
gemeI tried using Debian with juju awhile back - problems with cloud-init confg & upstart14:04
hazmatjcastro, re the rack charm, tell the author he has bug in his config.14:05
hazmatthat's preventing the store publishing, fwiw14:06
gemejcastro, Can different ubuntu images be used in the same environment ?14:06
jcastrogeme: like different versions?14:09
jcastroor different images as in cloud images?14:09
jcastrohazmat: got any more detail?14:09
jcastrohazmat: or is it that encoding issue sinzui and him ran into?14:10
gemeyes - different ubuntu cloud images ?14:10
jcastrowe do what is defined in "series" in environments.yaml, we don't have a way to specifify a custom image, for example14:11
hazmatjcastro, nothing to do with encoding he has a bad config default value .. config: options.deploy_key.default: unexpected value <nil>14:13
gemeSo, just the one image available for say precise ?14:13
jcastrogeme: yeah it will fetch the latest supported cloud-image and deploy that14:13
gemejcastro, is there a timescale to support other oses ?14:30
jcastronot really, any help would be accepted and appreciated, but we're not actively working on that at the moment14:35
arosalessmoser, utlemming: talking with mgz on bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/118812615:28
_mup_Bug #1188126: Juju unable to interact consistently with an openstack deployment where tenant has multiple networks configured <canonistack> <openstack> <serverstack> <juju:New> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1188126>15:28
arosalesany way to tell cloud-init to bring up all detected networks?15:28
utlemmingarosales: generally with a cloud-drive you can send /etc/network/interfaces, but if they are using the EC2 meta-data source, then no15:32
arosalesutlemming, (brainstrom) any way to patch cloud init to take ingest a value to detect and init all attached networks (ie not stop in the first)15:34
arosalessmoser, ^15:39
hazmatarosales,  i don't think it an issue of bringing up the network15:48
hazmatafaik, the issue is that is being able to correctly identify which network juju should be using15:49
hazmatgiven multiple15:49
arosaleshazmat, just an idea mgz and I were batting around. mgz would have more insights then myself15:49
gemejcastro, attempting 1st bootstrap using juju-core 1.13.1 and it errors - http://*.*.*.*:8080/v2.0/AUTH_ca452007af584a7f933e6a3e281f1c85/juju-dist/"/"streams/v1/index.sjson": cannot find URL "http://*.*.*.*:8080/v2.0/AUTH_ca452007af584a7f933e6a3e281f1c85/juju-dist/streams/v1/index.sjson" not found15:50
* hazmat drops back to #juju-dev for it15:50
mgzhazmat: I don't see why, in the elmo-case, we shouldn't expect both to work15:50
gemeshould index.sjson be index.json15:50
mgz(ie, they're trying to migrate an existing deployment to a new ip range, by adding an extra address to every instance)15:50
marcoceppigeme: does it actually fail? AFAIK that's a common error during juju bootstrap -v but doesn't nessiarily mean it's failing. Is this a private openstack deployment?15:51
gemeyes - it's a private openstack15:52
marcoceppigeme: Do you see any instances online started by juju in the dashboard? does juju status work? Was that the error that juju threw during bootstrap (actually, could you pastebin the the full output to the shell)15:53
gemeNo instance deployed15:53
arosalesgeme, sounds similar to the https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/juju/2013-August/002826.html thread15:53
marcoceppiHave you created image metadata for your dpeloyment using the juju metadata command?15:54
marcoceppifinally, what version of juju are you using? (juju version)15:54
gemeyes - image metadata created and posted to the public-bucket15:54
gemejuju-core 1.13.115:55
gemeerror: cannot start bootstrap instance: no "precise" images in RegionOne with arches [amd64 i386]15:55
gemepastbin url ?15:56
gemepastebin url15:57
arosalesgeme, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15:57
marcoceppigeme: http://paste.ubuntu.com15:57
smoserarosales, sorry. back now.15:58
smoserah. for ec2, there is a well identified solution.15:58
marcoceppigeme: juju will attempt to access several locations. starting with .sjson, then .json, then public simplestream data15:58
smoserthat is simply just not implemented.15:58
_mup_Bug #1153626: Multiple Interfaces and IPs not detected in AWS VPC <aws> <cloud-images> <ec2> <vpc> <cloud-init:Triaged> <cloud-init (Ubuntu):Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1153626>15:58
smoserarosales, ^15:59
gememarcoceppi, bootstrap -vv console output in pastebin16:02
marcoceppigeme: can you paste the link please?16:03
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marcoceppigeme: what's the region set to in your index.json file?16:19
marcoceppigeme: could you paste the results of that file in a pastebin16:20
marcoceppialso, it's nearing bed time for me. So if you're unable to get futher assistance, feel free to post to ask ubuntu or juju@lists.ubuntu.com for "offline" help16:21
gemeindex.json ?16:21
marcoceppigeme: yes16:21
marcoceppigeme: I'm also assuming the *.* in the addresses are just you anonymizing the data?16:21
marcoceppigeme: you dont' actually have any cloud data in there16:24
gemeran this command - juju-metadata generate-image -i 65a1e7ba-eb56-48e6-9b4e-8f7c0c05e779  -s precise -r RegionOne -u
gemeAm I missing something ?16:26
marcoceppigeme: not sure he's an example working index.json file for hpcloud16:26
arosalessmoser, the conversation continued in #juju-dev between mgz and hazmat16:27
gememarcoceppi, so the index.json is incorrect ?16:28
marcoceppigeme: it's missing data, one sec16:29
marcoceppigeme: what does imagemetadata.json look like?16:47
gememarcoceppi, need to drop off. Pick up tomorrow ?16:49
marcoceppigeme: yes, I need to do the same16:49
gemeok - catch you tomorrow. Thanks16:50
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sidneiuhm, where do i make changes to https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/charms-constraints.html ?18:17
jcastroarosales: wotcha think: https://juju.ubuntu.com/events/18:22
arosalesjcastro, looks good, thanks for updating it19:37
arosaleslot of topics I am really interested in there too19:37
arosalesgood content19:37
marcoceppisidnei: lp:juju-core/docs21:00
sidneithanks marcoceppi21:01
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irossijamespage, How's it going? Was wondering if you could help me with some strange issues?23:31
irossiHey can someone help me troubleshoot a strange Juju issue?23:32
arosalesirossi, its end of day for europe and america time zones so may be good to mail the list and get some help there.23:36
arosalesor leave a post on askubuntu23:36
irossiOK thanks very much23:36
arosalesirossi, I can try to help, but may have to point you to the list or askubuntu23:36
irossiarosales, Thanks. I have Openstack on 28 nodes deployed by Juju. Every once in a awhile, the juju machine agent starts to hog a lot of memory and I can't access the nodes.23:38
arosalesirossi, which juju version are you running?23:38
irossiarosales, I'm able to reboot the bootstrap node, but it still shows instance-state: unknown while the agent-state is running23:38
sarnoldirossi: check log sizes, I think I've heard that juju logs never get rotated and can fill the disk they are on..23:39
thumperwe should fix that...23:39
sarnoldirossi: check df output on the inolved machines..23:39
arosalessarnold, ah good point23:39
irossiarosales, sarnold Checking on all of the above23:39
sarnoldthumper: we may have already, this might be old cargo-culting :)23:39
* thumper nods23:39
sarnoldall I know is tracking down problems due to full filesystems is -always- harder than it sounds.23:40
sarnoldso check them first :)23:40
arosalessarnold, thumper so juju rotates logs on 1.13 >23:40
irossiMost of the nodes are so pegged I can't ssh into them23:40
irossiarosales, sarnold: Juju 0.723:41
sarnoldarosales: excellent! thanks. :)23:41
arosalessarnold, I was actually asking :-)23:42
arosalesI should have appended a "?" to that23:42
irossiarosales, sarnold: Checking on the logs too23:42
sarnoldarosales: oh :) haha23:44
arosalessarnold, but thumper would know the latest on log rotate in 1.1323:44
irossiarosales, sarnold : So it Juju 0.7 too old? Are there bugs in that version that are good reason to upgrade? What's the recommended version?23:44
irossiarosales, sarnold : 1.13 ?23:45
arosalesirossi, I don't know for certain the issue you are hitting is addressed in 1.13, but I would recommend it23:45
thumperarosales: I don't actually know about the log rotation...23:46
irossiarosales, What's the easiest way to upgrade?23:47
arosalessudo add-apt-repository ppa:juju/devel && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install juju-core gets you the latest23:47
irossiarosales, Why devel? That doesn't sound stable...23:47
arosalesthere is also sudo add-apt-repository ppa:juju/stable23:47
arosaleswhich is at 1.1223:47
arosalesjust was saying that devel got you the latest version if you were looking for a comparison23:47
arosalesirossi, right now there is not a clean upgrade path from .7 to 1.13, but juju core devs are working on improving that.23:49
arosalesirossi, probably not the answer you wanted to hear :-/23:49
irossiarosales, OK23:49
arosalesirossi, juju core devs are working on bugs such as https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/juju-core/+bug/120087823:51
_mup_Bug #1200878: Upgrade breaks existing pyjuju deployment <apport-collected> <papercut> <regression-release> <saucy> <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-core (Ubuntu):Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1200878>23:51
arosalesand making a better transition story from .7 to 1.x23:51
irossiarosales, So the upgrade path you describe, would you mind describing it a bit more and perhaps any risk?23:52
arosalesirossi, I would have to ping hazmat on the current upgrade story from .7 to 1.x23:55
arosalesnot sure if he around atm23:55
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irossiarosales, Ok thx23:58
irossiarosales, I'll check in tomorrow23:58
arosalesirossi, apologies, wish I had a better answer23:59
arosalesirossi, but I also don't want to give you false info either.23:59

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