bwat47On a fresh install of kubuntu when running updates in muon it just got stuck indefinitely on "waiting for configuration file" (I assume because the package had a new version of a system config file?) It never prompted me to replace a config file or anything it just say there indefinitely until I closed it and then fixed my packages with dpkg/apt-get00:11
bwat47Was this some kind of fluke or could this happen anytime a config file needs to be changed when running updates?00:11
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smaudetSo...just ran an upgrade on my system, bunch  of stuff updated I see...but I have 179 packages 'held back'. Any idea why?02:28
smaudetLooks like a lot of plasma/kde libraries as well.02:29
alucardpotatohey im using 13.04 raring.  what's the best, way to install kde-kubuntu for the most up to date stuff and whatnot03:23
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hyper_chhi there, on new kde 4.11 plasma-desktop just keeps crashing05:23
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tonzhi folks, i am on unbuntu 12.04 and did an upgrade to kde 4.11 (backports ppa) now it seems there is a problem with the packaging.09:18
tonznepomuk does not find virtuoso09:19
tonzthough it runs09:19
tonzin the logs i saw it complains that it needs at least virtuoso 6.1.609:19
tonzbut only 6.1.4 is available09:19
tonzanyone else seeing this problem?09:20
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smartboyhwtonz_web, uh oh:(09:36
tonz_webuhm, what?09:37
smartboyhwtonz_web, wait a minute, we will try to fix the issue...09:37
fukeany body from aq10:01
smartboyhwtonz_web, tonz: The new virtuoso is currently building in the backports PPA, but you will have to wait for a bit of time before it will be available to you.10:02
smartboyhwfuke, aq?10:02
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smartboyhwtonz_web, tonz: The i386 packages for virtuoso-opensource 6.1.6 have been released. The amd64 packages have been built successfully and is now awaiting publication.10:19
hyper_chhi there, on new kde 4.11 plasma-desktop just keeps crashing10:27
smartboyhwtonz, tonz_web virtuoso 6.1.6 is now available from the Kubuntu Backports PPA.10:30
tonz:D thanks smartboyhw10:49
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crazyboyhello ,anyone here?11:02
jussibueller? bueller? anyone?11:03
jussicrazyboy: just ask your question :)11:04
smartboyhwRiddell, please de-op:P11:04
smartboyhwRiddell, what?11:05
smartboyhwRiddell, I'm telling you to de-op yourself:P11:05
RiddellI was trying to go on a power crazed spree but it didn't work11:05
BluesKajHey folks11:08
tonz_smartboyhw: ok, with the newest virtuoso package nepomuk starts but viewing emails in kontact seems not to work, it stalls with Mail Filter Agent 0%, akonadiconsole tells me that the akonadi nepomuk feeder is indexing but it does that awfully slow :( do you use kmail?11:18
smartboyhwtonz_, no unfortunately...11:18
* smartboyhw uses GMail by web browsers;P11:18
tonz_hm okay, seems not really usable right now. i need to use it here in my company11:19
tonz_i don't want to use owa :(11:19
tonz_well, back to thunderbird once more maybe it behaves better after indexing is done11:20
jussitonz_: I use Kmail everyday for work - perhaps its worth asking in #kontact11:23
tonz_jussi: do you use kde 4.11 already?11:24
jussitonz_: no, Im on 4.10.511:24
tonz_well, it worked for me on 4.10 too11:25
jussitonz_: is this only one machine?11:25
tonz_but today i accidentally upgraded to 4.1111:25
tonz_yes, i am using my laptop11:25
jussitonz_: one thing that may help, but is a little work, would be to delete and re-add the account. there _may_ be an upgrade issue.11:26
tonz_ok, i will try11:26
tonz_but kontact doesnt even start after first try11:26
tonz_i have to start it, kill it and start it again11:26
jussitonz_: yeah, I actually had a similar issue after an upgrade sometime ago and that was the advice given to me11:28
tonz_jussi: wow, that seems to have fixed it :) mails reappeared and i can now actually read em11:47
tonz_thx ;)11:47
jussitonz_: yw, glad it worked11:47
tonz_damn, receiving works now but not sending :( oh boy i hate it11:58
linuxabcWhere does kmail keep the e-mails?12:00
linuxabcmy /.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail is empty12:01
linuxabcin fact I don't have such directory12:01
jussitonz_: did you recreate the smtp part ?12:02
tonz_jussi: yes12:03
tonz_it doesnt even seem to try it12:03
jussitonz_: check the security settings are correct12:03
tonz_jussi: they are12:04
tonz_jussi: if not, kmail should give me some error, no?12:05
jussitonz_: maybe, maybe not...12:06
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tonz_jussi: ok, now i am back to where i began. reading mail doesnt work, sending doesnt work ... kmail seems to be broken in kubuntu :(12:31
jussitonz_: ouch. please make a bug report, via the help menu. Smarter people than I can then look at it12:32
tonz_jussi: ok, will do tonight, wasted already too much working time on it :(12:33
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six86hi. Just upgraded to KDE 4.11. Now, after login the window manager crashes. First i can see my panels, but with the opening of an application in the session it disapperas, and so do all window borders and decorations...13:02
six86I correct: my panel IS still there, but the window decoratiosn are not13:03
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six86My problem of not having window decorations also exist for a newly added user....13:15
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six86arg... also having focus problems....13:17
yahyaaDoes anyone know how to make Evolution work on Kubuntu?13:25
Riddellyahyaa: what doesn't work?13:26
yahyaawhen I install and set up my account, it wont connect to the account13:26
yahyaau still there???13:33
six86kde-window-manager and kde-workspace are not installed13:34
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simion314kwin won't use opengl after upgrading to 4.11 , i am using the AMD proprietary driver and i upgrade only KDE(no kernel/drivers/xorg) i am using kubuntu 12.04 LTS with KDE from the backports PPA13:43
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yahyaacan someone please help me with Evolution????15:24
BluesKajask in #ubuntu15:25
novois there a kopete plugin for irc? or is not avaliable?15:26
OerHeksNow my kubuntu time troubles are bigger then ever: time does not refresh .. i see no seconds running15:27
OerHeksi cannot find a bugreport like this.15:28
yahyaaoops how do I get to the ubuntu form?15:29
smartboyhwyahyaa, /j #ubuntu15:34
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rosco_yI just got a problem report popup with some detail about com.ubuntu.apport.apport-gtk-root, should I be concerned about this?15:42
OerHeksnow lets see if the time moves, without seconds.15:46
tiberiuhuh ?15:49
OerHeksnope, Kubuntu has a serious time problem. i do not trust this KDE. logging off, trying to install ubuntu again, bye15:51
tiberiuhey is there a command to open a terminal very quick16:05
geniitiberiu: alt-f2 then type in: konsole   and hit return16:06
tiberiuhmmm let's try16:06
tiberiuI was thinking of a shortcut which will open an 'instant'  terminal16:07
tiberiuSkype protocol ... is this normal ? with 64bit you download the binary from skype and when you try to intall it is says  "Wrong architecture i368"16:13
tiberiuhmm I knew that this will happen :))16:15
tiberiualways haking with linux, huh?16:15
tiberiuawww ... can you run i386 programs on 64bits machine ?16:21
BluesKajtiberiu, try yakuake , it opensa terminal with f1216:22
[RoeyInABox]heya BluesKaj16:23
BluesKajhi [RoeyInABox]16:23
[RoeyInABox]BluesKaj:  I updated to the latest KDE release on my Quantal box,16:23
BluesKajok, and ?16:24
[RoeyInABox]and I noticed that when I push the cursor against the screen edges, they light up but the corresponding Desktop Effect does not show16:24
tiberiuyou mean ctrl+alt+F(whatever)?16:24
[RoeyInABox]it works for me on my Raring Ringtail laptop though16:24
[RoeyInABox]tiberiu:  I mapped Present Windows to the bottom edge of the screen16:24
[RoeyInABox]the bottom edge lights up in blue but Present Windows does not happen16:25
[RoeyInABox]I can still do it by pressing alt-2 (mapped it to a key)16:25
BluesKajtiberiu, you were asking about an instant terminal , then yakuake is what you want16:25
tiberiuexactament :)16:25
BluesKaj!info yakuake16:25
ubottuyakuake (source: yakuake): a Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.9.9-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 337 kB, installed size 2026 kB16:25
[RoeyInABox]tiberiu:  yeah yaquake is great because it's available no matter which desktop you're on16:26
tiberiuexactly what I was looking for, thanks guys!16:26
BluesKajI use it almost exclusively , it hides if needed , but the process keeps doing what ever commands you've entered16:27
tiberiuand now what about frozen windows ? :)) "terminate application " seems to do nothing16:31
[RoeyInABox]tiberiu:  the guy who made it is nicknamed Sho_  over here btw16:31
tiberiuRoeyInABox: that cool should I say hi ?16:32
[RoeyInABox]tiberiu:  sure16:33
[RoeyInABox]use it a bit16:33
[RoeyInABox]get a sense for its usefulness16:33
[RoeyInABox]I mapped it to alt-`16:33
[RoeyInABox]oh, and I mapped Firefox's Panorama to alt-316:34
[RoeyInABox]and I mapped Present WIndows to alt-216:34
navlelo_I have tried to update my kubuntu raring install with kde 4.11 from the backports ppa. However, a lot of the packages are marked as manual install. Whats the best way to install these packages?16:35
tiberiuhmmm I think I'll leave it on F12 I have dust on that key16:35
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tiberiulsb_release ? why it says that "No command 'lsb-release' found, did you mean ... " since apt-get says "lsb-release is already the newest version."16:51
tiberiuany magic command for this ?16:51
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tiberiuand this sudo, Jezz !!! ... is like I'm in Pentagon16:56
slatenailstiberiu, seems to be lsb_release16:57
BluesKajlsb_release -r17:03
BluesKajor -a17:04
tiberiupoteto potato this happens if you'r not a native en speaker  :-S17:09
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eliaspwhen using the backports PPA for having KDE SC 4.11 on 13.04, krdc doesn't work anymore for RDP connections (The version of "xfreerdp" you are using is too old. xfreerdp 1.0.2 or greater is required.). The backports PPA should probably also provide freerdp-x11-1.0.2, as the standard repository only provides 1.0.1-2ubuntu118:47
eliaspwhat's the appropriate place for Kubuntu bugs? also launchpad.net?18:47
eliaspah, nvm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/krdc/+bug/119646618:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1196466 in krdc (Ubuntu Saucy) "krdc xfreerdp version mismatch" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:48
shadeslayereliasp: I can have a look at that tomorrow18:48
eliaspshadeslayer: great, thanks a lot!18:48
shadeslayerthx for reporting18:48
shadeslayerk sleep18:55
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Avihayany solution for flash stuttering after a while? what do I need to kill to make it work?19:07
juancarloshello, we got any Libre stand-alone Mobile Browser emulator for x86_64 Linux ?, like Mozilla Fennec was, or like Opera Mobile, not somethig that got tiny window, but actually emulate the device19:34
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timblechmannhi, after upgrading to 4.11, my desktop seems to be broken: new windows are stacked on the top/left, cannot be moved, don't show up in the task bar and the keyboard focus cannot change between applications.21:25
timblechmannis this a known issue? and any possible workaround?21:25
MrGreenHey guys who else thinks 4.11 KDE sucks doggie nuts21:30
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voicu_is it possible to make the kwin task switcher not raise the selected windows?21:39
voicu_and the same with the taskbar21:40
alvinNot me. It is supposed to be a release with emphasis on performance and bugfixes. Looks like that was a good idea. I like it.21:43
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