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jameshanyone around who could help me out in renaming a project?03:10
StevenKjamesh: Which project?03:11
jameshStevenK: https://launchpad.net/unuty-scope-hollywood to unity-scope-mediascanner03:11
jameshunity-scope-hollywood, even03:11
StevenKjamesh: Did you need an alias?03:12
StevenKjamesh: All done03:12
jameshthank you03:12
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xnoxmaxb: smoser: not reading the whole backlog. but yeah, importer seems to be missing permissions.07:40
maxbxnox: I think this is probably fallout from attempts to define API access permissions in terms of 'can upload'07:41
xnoxmaxb: i remember laney or someone from membership board was giving package-importer team membership, after it expired from somewhere.07:42
maxbI don't think this is a team issue, I think it is more likely that either the code was changed, or the status of old distroseries was07:43
xnoxok. yeah, teams look fine.07:43
maxbI think the problem is that the permissions system now formally acknowledges that core-dev are not allowed to upload to maverick-proposed, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to call SourcePackage.setBranch for it07:44
czajkowskixnox: boo08:38
xnoxczajkowski: =)08:39
Mezhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xdebug/+bug/1096464 <-- want to set won't fix for this, but can't select it ?12:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 1096464 in xdebug (Ubuntu) "xdebug does not display errors by default" [Undecided,New]12:55
czajkowskiMez: that'd be someone on the bug squad I think13:08
Mezczajkowski: I worked it out - my ubuntu dev team access had expired, revoking my inherited membership to bug control13:11
Mezso, working as expected.13:11
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smosermaxb, so what options do i have at this point. if i want to have lp:ubuntu/cloud-init functional again ?18:15
maxbWell, ideally we'd get the permissions fixed18:16
maxbBut we could hack the importer code to omit the setBranch API call for selected distroseries18:16
micahgmaxb: there was a temporary loss of privs a while back, maybe just retry the branch?18:18
maxbNo, This has already been done, it is not transient18:19
thomiLP build recipies will should build dependencies from the PPA they're building into, right?20:26
dobeythomi: it will pull deps from the PPA if the version of the dep in the PPA is newer than that of the dep in the main Ubuntu archives, yes.21:00
dobeythomi: the deps have to be successfully built *and* published, before they'll get pulled, though.21:01
thomihmm, something odd is happening then :-/21:02

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