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aliendude5300Hi, I'm running Unity + XMir on Ubuntu 13.10 with the latest updates, and the desktop environment is freezing up approximately 30 seconds after I log in. Is this a known issue?06:10
aliendude5300Using noveau driver and EVGA Nvidia GTX 580 (Superclocked)06:10
aliendude5300My system has an i7 3770k CPU on a Z77 motherboard (ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe) with 16 GB of RAM. Using 240 GiB SSD for storage.06:13
SuperLagI'm no authority here, but I'd attribute stuff like that to overclocking before I'd say it was the software10:08
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ikoniato be honest all testing should be done on "stable" platforms, no overclocking type stuff11:01
ikoniathat way you can remove uncertain results11:02
BluesKajHey folks11:08
WaltherAny news on mir getting pushed to release (candidate)?11:31
iceroot_its still not in 13.10?12:10
iceroot_and it should be the default in 13.10 final?12:10
DaekdroomIt is in the repos but not turned on by default, as far as I know.12:11
iceroot_if 13.10 will really use mir as default i guess that will be a desaster12:12
iceroot_2 month max for testing...12:12
DaekdroomIt'll only use Mir as default for a few select hardware/driver combinations, apparently.13:03
DaekdroomBut indeed a very tight schedule. Personally I'll find a way to use X.org even if it defaults to Mir for me.13:04
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ChogyDanso is xmir going to be the default?  will that have a performance hit?  and lastly, anyone testing that out?16:35
johnjohn101I type "terminal" into dash and it doesn't bring up the terminal program only xterm? is this "new" functionality?20:23
Daekdroomjohnjohn101, is the "gnome-terminal" package installed?20:24
DaekdroomI remember someone mentioning here the daily ISO is not shipping it.20:25
johnjohn101yes, i uninstalled it and reinstalled it20:25
Daekdroom(I honestly hope that was not intentional)20:25
johnjohn101it's there, if i go to xterm and type gnome-terminal and lock to bar20:25
DaekdroomCould be a bug. The menu/dash entry for it could be missing.20:26
johnjohn101bar = launcher20:26
johnjohn101is there a way to fix by hand?20:26
Daekdroombug #121243120:27
ubottubug 1212431 in gnome-terminal (Ubuntu) "gnome-terminal is installed but not shown in unity" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121243120:27
johnjohn101thanks, i should add myself to that bug20:28

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