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xqwztsjust posted an update on my app with basic screenshots http://www.xqwzts.com/2013/08/14/my-movies-interface-github.html00:03
xqwztsu1db integration didn't make it in time, hopefully i'll get that done tomorrow00:03
kalikianaxqwzts: is a "similar movies" feature planned for that? that would make it very handy00:09
xqwztscool idea kalikiana00:11
xqwztsi'll have to see if the rotentomatoes api provides easy access to something like that00:11
iBelievexqwzts, ping01:30
xqwztsiBelieve: pong01:34
iBelievexqwzts, I just read you blog post about My Movies. In it you mentioned a SDK bug preventing you from using a Suru gradient01:35
xqwztslinked to it there too01:36
iBelievexqwzts, Is that bug where you can see the tabs headers behind a page when you push a page on the page stack? If so, I found a simple hack to fix it01:36
xqwztsyup thats it01:37
xqwztswhat's that?01:37
iBelievexqwzts, then you can temporarily fix it by adding the following code to the Tabs element - onVisibleChanged: tabBar.visible = visible01:37
xqwztsmind you I still have another problem with the gradient in that it seems when you set a gradient a font color is also set magically.... and for somereason it decides to choose white...01:38
xqwztsmakes my text invisible01:38
xqwztsah cool, good idea iBelieve01:38
xqwztswill steal that thanks01:38
iBelievexqwzts, I've got a fix for that too as well, thanks to Victor Thompson01:38
xqwztsis there a way to force the font-color?01:39
iBelievexqwzts, I posted the fix here for another showdown app: https://github.com/Clepto/cnotes-ubuntu-touch/issues/601:39
xqwztswill take a look01:39
iBelievexqwzts, basically, you'll have to add your own labels anywhere you use list items on a white background such as a Popover01:39
iBelievexqwzts, does you app use any text areas? I've got a fix so the text looks white when not focused if you want it. Otherwise it will just look gray which might be hard to read depending on your background01:40
xqwztsI haven't got any yet01:41
xqwztsakthough I will need a search bar at some point in the near future01:41
iBelievexqwzts, well if you do, feel free to take a look through the code to my app, Ubuntu Tasks.01:42
xqwztswill do, thanks a ton01:42
iBelievexqwzts, you're welcome01:42
xqwztsive been seeing your updates btw, nice progress01:43
iBelievexqwzts, thanks, same to you01:43
xqwztsthanks for the tips iBelieve01:47
guschmhall119: ping07:05
guschoSoMoN: https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-video-metadata/+merge/18004707:14
guschoSoMoN: and good morning ;)07:15
dholbachgood morning07:15
oSoMoNgood morning gusch, dholbach07:15
dholbachhey oSoMoN, hi gusch07:15
oSoMoNgusch: I’m on it07:16
guschoSoMoN: so it's you and me working on this holiday ...07:16
oSoMoNgusch: so it seems!07:17
mihirGood Morning all :)07:17
guschoSoMoN: I forgot about the holiday - not good in combination with my empty fridge :p07:17
oSoMoNgusch: so you decided to work to forget that you’re hungry, right?07:19
oSoMoNgusch: I’m on your MR btw07:19
guschoSoMoN: thx -but no need to hurry07:19
oSoMoNgusch: why do you need libzen-dev as a build dep?07:21
guschoSoMoN: it seems the dependency in libmediainfo is nt set correctly for that07:22
oSoMoNgusch: have you filed a bug against libmediainfo?07:24
guschoSoMoN: nope07:24
dpmmorning all07:25
oSoMoNgusch: then please do, and add a comment in your debian/control with a link to the bug report07:25
oSoMoNmornin’ dpm!07:25
dpmhey oSoMoN :)07:25
guschoSoMoN: ok - will take me a while to find the spot to report the bug07:25
oSoMoNgusch: `ubuntu-bug libmediainfo-dev` should do the trick07:26
mihirdpm: Good Morning :)07:31
dpmmorning mihir :)07:31
guschoSoMoN: done and pushed - interessting command, thx for that info07:35
mihirdpm:  Did you verified that bug on your device?07:38
dpmmihir, I did, and I could reproduce it. Calculations are not saved when you close the app on a phone07:40
mihirOhhhkie..:| but could you help me to reproduce on laptop as I don't have device to test :(07:41
nik90|Officezsombi: the alarm api looks good. By looking at the different properties you offer, I could even think of a limitation due to design that I need to discuss with the designers later on.07:41
zsombinik90|Office: limitation?07:42
nik90|Officezsombi: well what I meant was that you offer more solutions than what the design is making use of with the current designs07:59
zsombinik90"Office: well, this API is not just for you app :)08:00
nik90|Officezsombi: true08:00
zsombinik90|Office: ^08:00
nik90|Officezsombi: which is why I mentioned that I need to talk to the designers to make of use those extra ones that look useful for the alarms feature08:00
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zsombinik90|Office: sure, and more features will be added, like Monthly and Yearly recurrence, register action to be executed when acknowledged, snooze times, etc08:02
nik90|Busyzsombi: yeah I saw that in your API blueprint (google docs)08:04
zsombinik90|Office so that's why you should also take into account when talking to design the API blueprint. Btw, please let me know if you manage to get in touch with the design, I'd like to be there too when you talk with them08:04
zsombinik90|Busy: no, I was talking about this: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/sdk-system-alarm-api08:04
oSoMoNgusch: out of curiosity, how did you find out about libmediainfo, and why did you chose it?08:09
dpmzsombi, nik90|Busy, as I didn't delete the clock app design hangout, it's still on the calendar. Would it work for you guys to have a call with the design team today at 16:00 UTC and discuss the alarms API?08:09
guschoSoMoN: googling, and gstreamer didn't return me the rotation08:10
oSoMoNgusch: does it appear to be stable and well-maintained?08:11
zsombidpm: nik90|Busy: how about a bit earlier?, like 14 UTC for instance...08:12
guschoSoMoN: it has several releases already, and is BSD licensed - so looks ok for me08:12
dpmzsombi, it might work, I need to check with the design team. nik90|Busy would 14:00UTC work for you?08:13
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mihirdpm: Ohhhkie..:| but could you help me to reproduce on laptop as I don't have device to test :(  , once you get time08:20
oSoMoNgusch: I added a few comments, otherwise the code looks good, I’ll need to test it on my device08:23
guschoSoMoN: ok replied there08:26
dpmmihir, you can reproduce it on your laptop by 1) starting the calculator app and 2) Running this command: kill -9 `pgrep qmlscene`08:32
dpm(note that this will probably kill any other qmlscene apps you might be running)08:33
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JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Lion Day! :-D08:34
mihirdpm: let me try:)08:37
mihirdpm: Still not able to reproduce..this is what I am doing (1) runnning Calc from command line (2). kill -9 `pgrep qmlscene`08:40
oSoMoNgusch: have you seen https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/gallery-app-saucy-armhf-ci/235/console ? looks like your comment in debian/control has an unwanted syntax08:49
guschoSoMoN: uuups - fixed08:54
dpmmihir, you mean you can't reproduce, but can you explain what exactly happens when you run those commands? Did you enter a calculation and got saved?09:06
nik90|Busydpm: I am at work at that time.09:27
mihirdpm: could you tell me the sceanrio ?09:28
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nik90|Busydpm: If I make it at 14:00 UTC, I would be using my phone for the hangout, so I wouldn't be able to see any attachments during the hangout. Is that okay?09:28
popeymihir: apps can be killed at any time.09:29
popeymihir: so the scenario is, "Start app, do some work, make sure app saves that work because the platform can kill it at any time"09:29
popeywhich dpm was suggesting you simulate by killing qmlscene09:29
nik90|Busydpm: 14:00 UTC is fine. I will try to make it since this meeting will be quite important.09:30
mihirpopey:  dpm: gotcha so 1) Start application 2) 2+4 = 6 3) don't save and just kill the app09:30
mihiris it correct scenario ?09:30
dpmmihir, correct except for step 2)09:31
nik90|Busydpm: I will take notes, but cannot add any links or whatsoever since I will be using my phone. I think it should be fine.09:31
dpmmihir, sorry, I meant step 3) there you should tear off the calculation and then kill the app09:32
popey1. start, 2. do calculation, 3 tear off, 4. NUKE FROM ORBIT!09:33
dpmexactly :)09:33
dpmmehow, are you around and do you know if Lina is around?09:33
mehowI am not sure09:34
mehowshe should be in around lunchtime09:35
mihirdpm: let me try again will ping you back if I can09:36
mihiri can't reproduce09:36
dpmmihir, what happens exactly? Is the calculation you tore off before killing present when you next start the app?09:41
dpmmehow, we're talking of organizing a clock design hangout around 14:00 UTC (15:00 UK time) today to sync up with zsombi in his implementation of the Alarms API, and I'm sure he's got a bunch of questions for the design team :)09:42
mihirdpm: Got it :)09:42
dpmmihir, that means you can reproduce it now?09:43
mehowcool I will be there ;) just send me the link to the hangout09:43
mihirdpm:  Yup sir :)09:43
dpmmihir, great, so is this all that you need to look at the bug?09:43
mihirdpm:  yeah I'll try to look into it & will ask you once I start digging into it09:44
dpmmihir, I think it might be an idea to do the actual save after the calculation has been torn off, what do you think?09:44
mihirdpm: turn off , means once user close the application correct ?09:44
dpmmihir, torn off, meaning after tearing off the calculation09:45
popeyif you're in a restaurant, taking note of things during the meal, when you have the menu in front of you, when you end the meal, its possible the app has been killed and you lost your in-progress transaction09:45
popeywhich is the main usecase of the calculator09:45
popeyi would prefer to save after every non-numeric keypress09:46
mihirdpm:  one more thing come in mind is , i did the calculation and i didn't tear of then what should be the behaviour ? popey?09:46
mihirso I didn09:46
popeyi.e. + - / * = and tear off all trigger save09:46
dpmsound good to me, we should probably 1) have a different table or record on the database for calculations that haven't been torn off yet 2) these calculations are saved every time an operator is pressed 3) They are reloaded when the app starts09:48
mihirpopey: Understood :)09:48
mihirdpm:  I have an appointment to docotor so leaveing as of now, I'll ping you back once I come back to discuss with you..is it okay?09:50
dpmmihir, it's fine by me to discuss it whenever you have time, thanks a lot for your work!09:53
mihirdpm: thanks a lot :)  I have to learn a lot to resolve this bug :)09:54
dpmyou're doing a fantastic job already09:54
mihirdpm: Thanks a lot for your support to :) ttyl :)09:55
oSoMoNgusch: approved your MR, now you’ll need to convince jenkins to approve it too10:03
guschoSoMoN: thx10:06
xqwztsI'm trying to integrate a basic javascript script with my app.. but I can't figure out how to share a js object across qml files, can anyone point me in the right direction?10:10
xqwztsie: main.qml imports settings.js -> settings.js creates a new var settings and instantiates it/loads data into it10:10
xqwztsnow sub.qml needs access to the already inited settings var10:11
xqwztsis there any way to share js vars across qml pages?10:11
xqwztsah sorted! ".pragma library"10:16
xqwztscant believe i spent an hour reading the docs and only spotted that when i decided to ask here :P10:16
kalikianathat's rubber ducking for you, you talk to somebody only to discover the solution yourself10:24
kalikianahappens to me quite a lot10:25
zsombiszeruen nem latom hol akad ki10:31
* Cantide checks that he has joined the correct channel10:32
jaropehi all a little help please10:57
jaropeI just updated to 13.10 ( for various reasons such as nvidia optimus) and am trying to get ubuntu-sdk installed but it is giving me issues with dependancies10:58
jaropeis this to be expected with 13.10?10:59
davmor2jarope: are you trying to install it from the ppa or from the main repo?11:00
jaropewell I have tried both11:00
jaropeget started says dev release is just install ubuntu-sdk11:01
jaropebut got this issue11:01
jaropeso went ppa and got same thing11:01
jaropeI didnt just want to install Qt and then over layt the sdk11:01
jaropebecuase I had issues with that already11:01
davmor2jarope: try installing those packages and see what the issue is I'm just installing the sdk here on  a fresh saucy install see if I get the same issue11:03
jaropethanks davmor2 will do11:04
davmor2jarope: there is a chance that because you updated that there is an app that depends on those qt versions and so is preventing their install11:04
jaropeyeah I think so11:04
jaropejust tried it and the ref is back to raring1~test111:05
davmor2jarope: so the sdk just installed here with no issues11:05
jaropeok and that is a fresh salty install11:05
davmor2fresh saucy install yes]11:05
jaropeok well I think I will build a liveUSB and do fresh install11:05
jaropeI got way to much junk on this machine now and need to sort it out really11:06
jaropeseems as good atime as any11:06
jaropethanks davmor211:06
jaropeand goodbye ..   for now11:07
davmor2jarope: nps11:07
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davmor2mhall119: just looking through the sdk is layouting even a real word?11:15
mrqtrosIs there any experienced launcpad user? :) I need little help :)11:23
dpmmrqtros, please just ask the question and if there is someone who can help, they'll answer :)11:23
mrqtrosdpm, thanks, here is my question11:24
mrqtrosI want to upload my code to launchpad for Ubuntu App Showdown. I created own project, uploaded my app and configured trunk, but now I don't know how to append my C++ plugin to this project11:25
mrqtrosLook: https://launchpad.net/yad. I want to get something like in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-filemanager-app11:26
dpmmrqtros, I know what you mean, but I would suggest to keep the plugin in the same project. Since click packages are now functional, things have changed a bit. Click packages don't allow dependencies, so every part of the app needs to be contained in the same click package. Essentially, you can't use a plugin as a different package, so my suggestion would be to bundle the QML plugin with the QML code11:28
dpmand effectively have all of the code under the same project in Launchpad. Does that make sense?11:28
mrqtrosYep, I'll do as you promise, but ... What I should do? Add my plugin to QML project? :)11:30
mrqtrosdpm, is there any example of project, which includes plguin+qml part?11:32
dpmmrqtros, essentially, yes, you need to add both the plugin and the QML code in the Qt Creator project. Although I myself haven't looked at it in much detail, I _think_ you can use the "Qt Quick 2 Application (Built-in Elements)" template as a basis to mix QML plugin C++ code and pure QML code in the same project11:35
dpmbzoltan, what do you think of this approach ^^? Essentially the question is that with click packages any C++ plugin and QML code need to be created as a unit (i.e. no dependencies allowed), and there is no Ubuntu QtC template for such a thing11:36
* bzoltan reading logs11:37
mrqtrosDavid, do you think that "Ubuntu ..." templates are not useful for me? :)11:38
bzoltanmrqtros: what is wrong with the Ubuntu templates?11:40
bzoltandpm: to be honest, I have no faint idea how the c++ projects are handled with click11:41
mrqtrosbzoltan, no one of them allows me to create project, which contains QML and C++ plugin simultaneously11:41
mrqtrosAs far as I know11:41
mrqtrosNon I am looking at "QML Extension Library + Tabbed Touch UI"11:42
mrqtrosBut seems that there are no simple way to run in via qmlscene11:42
dpmbzoltan, my understanding is that the QML code and the C++ binary is simply shipped in the same click package11:42
dpmclick packages don't have build systems built in, so it's up to QtC to build the binary and bundle it up11:42
bzoltanmrqtros:  qmlscene is not a compiler :) it does not do c++ code11:43
mrqtrosbzoltan when I say "run" I mean launch11:43
mrqtrosLaunch qmlscene with my *.qml file, which will import my C++ plugin :)11:44
dpmI think the "Qt Quick 2 Application (Built-in Elements)" template could work as a workaround11:44
bzoltanmrqtros: it is neither a binary interpreter :) qmlscene eats .qml files11:44
mrqtrosbzoltan I know, of course11:44
bzoltanmrqtros: qmlscene can start .qml what is using local plugins11:44
dpmbzoltan, mrqtros is one of the RSS developers, he's got experience with Qt and QML11:45
mrqtrosYep, thanks David :)11:45
bzoltanmrqtros:  http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtquick/qtquick-qmlscene.html11:45
mrqtrosbzoltan, please, stop this :D11:45
mrqtrosI know)11:45
bzoltanmrqtros: :D11:45
bzoltandude :) you were asking for it :D But sorry... let's play serious11:46
mrqtrosLet me say - in my meego app I used Qt Quick application template11:46
mrqtrosWhich already contain C++ part (some built-in view class)11:47
mrqtrosAnd all worked fine. But Ubuntu templates are prepared (targeted) for qmlscene, so I moved my C++ part to plugin11:47
bzoltanmrqtros: we do vica versa... meego apps were c++ apps with qml ui ... we have qml apps with c++ backends11:48
mrqtrosNow I already think that it was redundant11:48
mrqtrosbzoltan, Ok, how can I bind my C++ backend to my project in right way11:48
mrqtrosI just want to have ability to create Click package later :)11:49
bzoltanmrqtros: to qmlproject you cannot11:51
mrqtrosI have feeling that if I'll use "Qt Quick 2 Application" I'll get problems with creating Click package11:51
bzoltanqml projects are only qml projects...11:51
mrqtrosOk, it is not problem, so I should use another replate, yes?11:51
bzoltanmrqtros: It is really not about that our templates suck :) they do not... c++ is .pro and qml is .qmlproject11:51
bzoltanthey are different beasts and they do not mix well11:52
bzoltanmrqtros, dpm: fundamentally the QML backend plugins should be on the platform level packaged in .deb and installed to the same place as any other QML plugin... the click story just made this model obsolete ...11:53
mrqtrosbzoltan, ok, can you advice me which type of project I should use? :)11:53
bzoltanmrqtros:  QML Extension Library + Tabbed Touch UI11:54
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dpmbzoltan, indeed, that's why we're looking for a workaround11:54
mrqtrosYep, now I know little about "Click" - very simple format, assumes that all dependencies already in device, that's ok. So I need to create "all-in-one" project11:54
dpmmrqtros, my suggestion would be to use the template I mentioned earlier on11:55
mrqtrosOk, let me look on it again :)11:55
dpmbut you'll need to add bits from the Ubuntu QML templates to the QML code11:55
dpmi.e. ensuring that it has a MainView, etc.11:55
bzoltanmrqtros: yes, but we made the app development tools and processes for .qmlproject and not for .pro ... so if you go with .pro then you will deal with missing features :(11:55
dpmhm, then we need a deeper discussion on this11:56
dpmthis might block lots of appshowdown submissions11:56
mrqtrosof course, guys, of course11:56
dpmI'll start a thread on the phone mailing list11:56
dpmmehow, are you doing the visual designs for the calendar app as well?11:58
bzoltanmrqtros: what plugin is wat you need?11:58
mrqtrosWhat about *.qmlproject + binary plugin inside?11:58
bzoltanmrqtros:  .qmlprojects are not compiled ...11:58
mrqtrosI knooooow ;)11:58
mehowdmp: not at the moment, but it might change next week and I might be involved more ( we are losing one of the freelancers )11:59
mrqtrosI mean *.so in project )11:59
bzoltanmrqtros: Of course you can dump in whatever binary in the .qmlproject .... but ya know the phone is armhf and my pc is x86 :)11:59
mrqtros*.so file in the *.qmlproject as resource or something like that :)11:59
mrqtrosForgot :(12:00
bzoltanmrqtros: well, that is the thing... Click has no arch as far as I know...12:00
mrqtrosbzoltan, my project - client of cloud storage12:00
bzoltanmrqtros:  why do not you contribute it to the SDK? It could be useful12:01
mrqtrosContribute plugin in the SDK? ... Wow ...12:01
bzoltanmrqtros: sure ... why not?12:02
bzoltanmrqtros: if it is smart, good, covered with tests and does meaningful stuff... hell yeah, bring it on :)12:02
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bzoltanmrqtros, dpm: This whole "just dump the .so side by the qml app and package with Click" idea was not very deeply thought thru in my opinion... very-very true that we have a whole in our app development story12:04
mrqtrosbzoltan, my plugin is good, but I think that SDK no need concurrent cloud storage service :D And Yandex.Disk is not so popular in the world, but it is very popular in Russia and post soviet countries12:11
bzoltanmrqtros: the SDK have U1DB API so it will have Ubuntu One access APIs. I would personally welcome any kind of cloud storage service in the SDK... I think it would be great to offer all kind of cloud storage APIs in the Ubuntu SDK... freedom of choice12:14
* bzoltan still remembers what does it mean when the network logs on the user and not vice versa :D12:14
mrqtrosbzoltan, dpm, seems that project of type "QML Extension Library + Tabbed ..." doesn't contain "<app_name>.qml" file, which is referred in *.desktop file12:16
dpmah, I hadn't even realized that that was a template, I thought Zoltan was referring to combining two templates12:18
bzoltanmrqtros: that is a buig12:18
* bzoltan thinks twice before saying anything hars...since it is a public channel :D12:18
mrqtrosbzoltan, yep, no any *.qml file, which contain  "MainView"12:21
bzoltanmrqtros: yes, the projectypes.json is missing the main.qml what is in fact in the template, but it is not used when the application is created from the template...12:22
mrqtrosbzoltan, and I bet that line "/usr/bin/qmlscene -I ../backend/modules $@ TestA.qml" in makefile will fail to find *.so file12:25
mrqtrosbecause binary build will be placed in separate folder "build-<name>-...-release"12:26
mrqtrosI already had problems with finding *.so of plugins before. My solution - place plugin binary to qml plugins folder, near to "UbuntuPhone" plugins and so on12:27
bzoltanmrqtros: very possible... Let's first fix the template...12:27
mrqtrosSeems that no one used this template before, crazy :)))12:29
bzoltanmrqtros: the fix for the template is in the trunk of the project lp:qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu ... it will land in the archive at some point, feel free to branch it and make a local build if you need... or just simple sudo vi /usr/share/qtcreator/templates/wizards/ubuntu/projectypes.json and add { "fileName": "app/displayName.qml" }, after the line number 120 or so...12:36
bzoltanmrqtros:  well  :) I actively do discourage everybody to stick to the pure QML apps and create a system wide QML plugin .deb  ... but with the Click package we need to figure out something new ...12:37
bzoltanmrqtros,dpm: actually it is not so that there are no dependencies in the Click world... thee are. they are called framework, and for example the UI Toolkit is one framework all apps "depend" the issue is that nobody knows yet how these frameworks will be extensible ... nobody knows if community or 3rd parties can add new freamworks... how they will be distributed and whatsoever ... It is a tough job to reinvent the wheel :)12:39
mrqtrosbzoltan, I gave different file)12:43
mrqtrosOk, I'll try to find correct place myself)12:43
dpmmrqtros, thanks for being flexible, every piece of feedback is useful for us to make the platform more complete12:45
mrqtrosdpm, no thanks, I like it :)12:46
dpmawesome :)12:46
mrqtrosbzoltan, seems that I should restart QtC12:46
bzoltandpm: mrqtros: well.. one more bug down :) so hell yes, thanks a bunch :D12:46
bzoltanmrqtros: I never need to restart QtC :) I am on Saucy... it restarts itself regularly :P12:47
bzoltanQtC is not really a stable on Saucy for some reason...12:48
mrqtrosit's feature :)))12:48
mrqtrosbzoltan, seems that your advice didn't help12:49
bzoltan mrqtros: Did it create the main qml ?12:49
mrqtrosbzoltan, nope :( I changed "UbuntuAppWBackendPlusTabs" template with adding { filename... } as you adviced before12:50
mrqtrosBut nothing12:50
bzoltanmrqtros:  ohh silly me... sorry, you need to rename the /usr/share/qtcreator/templates/wizards/ubuntu/backendplustabs/app/main.qml to /usr/share/qtcreator/templates/wizards/ubuntu/backendplustabs/app/displayName.qml12:52
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mrqtrosbzoltan, yeeeeeah12:58
mrqtrosIt works!12:58
mrqtrosbzoltan, dpm, Ok guys, it's good that we fixed bug, but I hope we will get simpler way to integrate C++ part with QML in one package! I'll try "QML Extension + tabs" soon13:00
bzoltanmrqtros:  shoot, if you have any suggestions or ideas how to make it simpler13:01
mrqtrosbzoltan, I want to talk little about adding my plugin in the SDK. Now I think that's normal to make usage of plguin like "import Ubuntu.ThirdParty.yadPlugin" and so on :)13:11
mrqtrosbzoltan, another 3rd party plugins already included in sdk? :)13:11
mrqtrosbzoltan, Ok, we can discuss it little bit later ;)13:39
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iBelievenik90, ping13:43
nik90|OfficeiBelieve: pong13:44
iBelievenik90|Office, how about adding authors' IRC nicknames to the AppShowdownList as a way to give feedback and suggestions to developers?13:46
Cantideah yeah, i wanted to ask about that - because my app there has neither my IRC nick nor my real name, but my reddit name instead13:47
mhall119davmor2: what do you mean? there's lots of layouting in the SDK13:47
nik90|OfficeiBelieve: yeah I could add that as their immediate contact details.13:47
Cantidei've yet to create a launchpad account and upload though, so i was waiting to do that before asking13:47
nik90|OfficeiBelieve: at first I thought the developers' blog or reddit post is enough to contact them13:47
davmor2mhall119: in the api section there is a part call layouting which just sounds like a non-word13:48
nik90|Officebut I guess that could be slow and starting a discussion using that wont be practical13:48
nik90|OfficeiBelieve: will do that when I get home13:48
iBelievenik90|Office, thanks13:48
nik90|OfficeCantide: that's because I did not know your full name13:49
iBelievenik90|Office, also, how about setting up a PPA to hold the showdown apps since it sounds like click packages won't work on the desktop?13:49
nik90|OfficeCantide: that said any developer can edit their details on the list13:49
Cantidenik90|Office, yeah, i figured, which is why i thought i should create a launchpad account :)13:49
nik90|OfficeCantide: hint hint13:49
Cantideoh, i didn't know that, i'll check it out :)13:49
nik90|OfficeiBelieve: yeah I will discuss this with mhall119 later when I get home.13:50
nik90|OfficeI have a hangout meeting with the designers soon, so will be busy with that13:50
iBelievenik90|Office, cool, thanks. By the way, I've set up a Launchpad project for Ubuntu Tasks, it is tasks-app, which imports code from GitHub, my GitHub project will still be my main project page13:51
nik90|OfficeiBelieve: I suppose you would use the launchpad page only for the ppa?13:52
nik90|OfficeiBelieve: and the rest such as bug reporting at github?13:52
iBelievenik90|Office, right, that's why I set it up.13:52
mhall119davmor2: in fairness, most of the SDK contains non-English-words13:52
mhall119we're geeks afterall13:52
iBelievenik90|Office, and also so people can search for it on Launchpad13:52
nik90|OfficeiBelieve: okay. In that case, I will leave the link in the wiki as the github one13:53
davmor2mhall119: True but the layouting was less forgiveable13:53
nik90|Officezsombi: u ready for the design meeting?13:54
zsombinik90|Office in 6 mins yes13:54
nik90|Officezsombi: yes :)13:54
bzoltanmrqtros: Sorry, I was on a call...14:02
dpmzsombi, nik90, I will not attend the clock hangout, but you don't really need me there. I guess you're all set for the hangout?14:02
zsombidpm so far I'm alone here...14:02
bzoltanmrqtros: at the moment all our QML plugins are either from Digia/Qt or from Canonical/Ubuntu ... we could run a good showcase with your plugin just for fun :)14:03
dpmzsombi, can you check if linapio and mehow are in the #design channel? At least mehow said he'd be able to attend14:03
mrqtrosbzoltan, it can be interesting :)14:05
zsombidpm: neither of them is there :)14:06
dpmit seems they're coming now :)14:06
nik90|Mobilemhall119 can u check if mehow is able to join the hangout14:08
nik90|MobileI am on my mobile now and hence cannot do it myself14:08
mhall119nik90|Mobile: which hangout?14:08
iBelieveI'm trying to build a debian package for my qml app using the Build -> Ubuntu Touch -> Create Application Package command. However, I'm getting cp: cannot overwrite directory ‘debian/tasks-app//usr/share/tasks-app/tasks-app’ with non-directory14:09
iBelieveWhat am I doing wrong, and how should I fix it?14:09
mhall119iBelieve: you can try deleting the current ./debian/task-app/ folder14:11
iBelieveHere is the entire log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5989169/14:11
iBelievemhall119, why is it doing that though? All I'm doing is running the menu command from QtCreator, I've not done any extra steps14:12
=== mzanetti is now known as mzanetti|otp
mhall119iBelieve: it looks like you moved some files/folders around in your project14:13
mhall119and QtCreator didn't cleanup the ./debian/ folder of it's temporary build files after you last ran it14:13
mhall119so your chances conflicted with the leftover build stuff14:13
iBelievemhall119, I've deleted the debian folder multiple times and still get that error14:14
iBelievemhall119, I've messed with my .qmlproject file maybe that changed something: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5989188/14:16
mhall119iBelieve: can you pastebin your debian/rules and debian/install files?14:17
bzoltaniBelieve: your qmlproject is fine14:18
iBelievemhall119, debian/rules: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5989193/14:18
mrqtrosbzoltan, I hope we can find any way to create complex Click packages (with plugins and QML) before September :) Anyway I agree to add my plugin to SDK, but I think you should discuss this idea with you colleges first :)14:18
iBelievemhall119, debian/install: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5989197/14:19
bzoltanmrqtros: I think many things around the Click packaging and the development story in general are going to improve during the next few month ...14:19
bzoltaniBelieve: well, that looks ugly ....14:20
iBelievebzoltan, yeah... why is all the git stuff there?14:20
bzoltaniBelieve: the rules file looks good14:20
mrqtrosbzoltan, I want to participate in App Showdown, deadline is 15 September as far as I know :) If Click packages will be not able to host C++ plugins, I hope you can help me with including it to SDK14:21
mhall119iBelieve: line 261 of your debian/install is the culprit I believe14:21
bzoltanmrqtros: no worries :) you will not be blocked or put back because of our tools and processes. I give my word.14:22
mhall119also, you should remove all the .git stuff from that file14:22
mrqtrosbzoltan, awesome! Huge thanks ;)14:23
bzoltanmhall119, iBelieve: The packaging script adds everything in the source tree to the install file... so it is essential to keep the source tree tidy and clean14:24
bzoltanmhall119, iBelieve: like this -> find . -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 3 -printf "%p ${INSTALL_PATH}\n"|grep -v ".user\|debian\|.desktop" | sed "s/^\.\///g" > debian/install14:25
=== boiko_ is now known as boiko
iBelievemhall119, bzoltan sorry, I've got to go in a minute. But if I remove all the git stuff and line 261 manually, will that work?14:28
bzoltanmhall119, iBelieve: Only after trying you will see14:28
bzoltanmhall119, iBelieve:  The packaging features in the SDK are far from perfect, but I did not want to put too many hours as I knew that the new Click packaging is already on the corner...14:29
zsombinik90: nik90|Mobile: here's the new API approach we came out with today, so around tomorrow afternoon this will be reviewed again http://studio.sketchpad.cc/KBIFs7Kerx14:30
iBelievemhall119, I removed the .git lines and 261 and it works! Thanks for thelp14:37
om26ermterry, hi15:03
om26ermterry, ping again (you probably had a internet disconnect)15:07
xqwztshas anyone succesffully placed a ListView on the same Page as other items [Columns/Rows]15:19
xqwztsI can't get my layout right :/15:19
=== mzanetti|otp is now known as mzanetti
Mihirdpm: we didn't had designing meeting correct ?15:23
nik90|Officexqwzts: u there?15:45
nik90|Officexqwzts: were you referring to a listview inside a column/row or outside it?15:46
nik90|Officewithin the same page ofcourse?15:46
nik90|Officexqwzts: I would suggest taking a look at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clock-dev/ubuntu-clock-app/trunk/view/head:/clock/WorldClock.qml15:46
nik90|Officexqwzts: It has a row, ListView in the same page with proper layouting :)15:46
xqwztsnik90|Office: within the same page15:51
xqwztsill take a look thanks15:51
xqwztsnik90|Office: that's exactly it [a textfield and a button too!]15:52
nik90|Officexqwzts: np :)15:55
nik90|Officexqwzts: going home now, we can talk in an hour if you want.15:55
xqwztsthanks, will ping if I hit any more walls15:56
nik90xqwzts: I think you forgot to add allmovies.qml file or something. It complains that allmovies is missing when I try to run your code.17:47
Cantidewhy is it that when i try to rename the tabs it won't work? ( i rename the files, too)18:13
nik90Cantide: are you trying to change the tab names while the app is running (dynamically)?18:15
Cantidei just have the files open in Qt Creator18:15
Cantidei did it once, and it worked fine..18:15
Cantidetrying it now it just keeps failing..18:15
nik90Cantide: what error is it showing?18:20
nik90Cantide: did you change the tab title?18:20
Cantide"Cannot assign to non-existent property "mapTab""18:20
Cantideyes, i think so18:20
Cantideand then the file names18:20
nik90hmm weird18:24
Cantideanother question - what license do i choose on launchpad for my project?18:25
nik90Cantide: I am guessing GPLv318:26
nik90Cantide: as long as the license permits distribution and is opensource it should be fine18:27
Cantideokay, i'll go with that18:27
Cantidethanks :)18:28
nik90Cantide: somewhere in your code you are still referringn to "mapTab". Search for that string.18:29
om26erboiko, https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/phone-app/connected_tests_stable/+merge/180388 +1 please :)18:29
CantidemapTab is what i want - it was WorldTab or something before i renamed it18:30
nik90Cantide: in that case, did you rename the id of the tab definition to "mapTab"18:32
Cantidewhere is it defined?18:32
nik90The title can be whatever but the id must remain consistent throughout18:32
nik90id is what you define right after tab {18:33
nik90something like tab { id: mapTab; title: "Whatever" }18:33
Cantidethis still isn't work18:36
Cantideworking *18:36
Cantidethere were no id tags in the first place, and adding them in isn't working .-.18:36
Cantideit's as if it got the ids from the filenames :/18:36
Cantide(from what i can tell)18:36
nik90Cantide: can you try pushing your code somewhere? It makes it much easier to help then.18:36
Cantideit's just the tabbed ui template, no extra code18:37
nik90Cantide: this is more like me trying to find a needle in the haystack after being blind :)18:37
Cantideand i tried renaming the tabs, that's all18:37
nik90Cantide: I just created a sample tabbed ui template18:39
nik90Cantide: I think I now understand what you did!18:40
Cantidewhat did i do?! '-'18:40
nik90so let me guess you changed "WorldTab" to "MapTab"18:40
Cantideyes, exactly18:40
Cantideand then renamed the files, too18:40
Cantidewhere is it getting the definition of "WorldTab" from?18:40
nik90Which file did you rename?18:41
Cantidei couldn't find it anywhere..18:41
Cantidethe files in the ui folder18:41
Cantideand the file in the components folder18:41
Cantide( i renamed the HelloTab to settingsTab as well)18:41
nik90give me a min. I know how to fix it18:46
Cantideokay :)18:46
nik90more like 10 mins. I am a bit preoccupied18:46
Cantidei've fixed it before, i just can't remember how, and for the life of me i can't figure it out now18:46
Cantideno problem :)18:46
Cantidetake your time18:47
nik90Cantide: found the solution. want to hear it?19:17
nik90Cantide: you are going to be annoyed by the solution .. :D19:17
Cantidesure :D19:17
Cantidetell me, please :)19:17
nik90Cantide: the file name needs to start with Caps. So it shoudl be MapTab.qml19:18
Cantidewhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :#19:18
nik90no idea!19:18
Cantidethat's crazy!!! :D19:18
Cantidethanks -.-v19:18
nik90I never noticed this because I have a convention of naming it in Caps19:18
Cantidei must have named it in caps the first time i tried it and had no problem19:19
nik90I guess so19:19
Cantidei'm used to having the first letter lowercase, then caps thereafter19:19
Cantide(for the start of new words in the name)19:19
nik90Cantide: keep that convention for variable names.19:19
nik90for filenames use caps19:19
Cantideyeah, i'll do that19:19
Cantidethanks for the tip19:19
Cantideand thanks for finding my problem :)19:19
nik90I still cannot believe it :)19:20
Cantidei think when i'm done, i'll need to change my submission to "developed by nik90 and iBelieve"19:20
nik90well this should unblock your work19:20
Cantideyeah, thanks :)19:20
Cantidein the meantime i've been manually editing a 1500-line SVG file in gedit -_-v19:20
Cantidehappy days~19:20
nik90Cantide: ooh that must be terrible19:21
om26ertmoenicke_, can you come to #ubuntu-devel ?19:21
Cantideyeah.. Inkscape puts some auto-generated stuff in there that i don't want... so i'm just fixing it19:21
Cantidei should write a parser, but i'm lazy :)19:21
Cantideanyway, thanks for the help :)19:21
nik90ping if you have any other issues19:22
randomcppkalikiana, ping21:03
iBelieveballoons, ping21:06
alecumhall119: I think we should ping matiasb here with that error you are getting from the click website21:07
alecumatiasb: mhall is uploading a new version of a click package to production, and getting: "Changes can not be accepted and published at this time. Please try again later."21:07
balloonsiBelieve, pong21:08
mhall119alecu: I'm already PMing beuno21:08
matiasbmhall119: hmm... when uploading an app? did you update version?21:08
iBelieveballoons, here's the merge request: https://code.launchpad.net/~mdspencer/ubuntu-filemanager-app/fix-autopilot-tests/+merge/18043021:08
mhall119matiasb: yeah, bumped the version from 0.1.1 to 0.1.221:08
mhall119uploaded the new click package with the correct name21:08
mhall119and it took me to the form to approve changes21:08
mhall119from the yellow "The details displayed below include further changes awaiting review."21:09
mhall119but that form fails silently when submitting21:09
matiasbmhall119: are you trying to approve the changes of your own app?21:09
mhall119matiasb: yes21:09
matiasbthat could be the problem then :)21:09
matiasblet me check21:09
mhall119matiasb: I'm on the review team :)21:10
mhall119so maybe I'm getting the form when I shouldn't?21:10
matiasbyeah, that is not working ok; it shouldn't show you the action buttons, we had a similar issue when reviewing apps for the first time, but it seems we may have the same problem here (this is inherited from the original review workflow)21:11
matiasbmhall119: ok, I should be able to approve your changes, if you want me to21:12
alecumatiasb: please do!21:12
balloonsiBelieve, ty21:12
* alecu starts reloading the click scope21:12
randomcppdoes anyone tried to use libfriends in qml apps?21:13
mhall119matiasb: please21:13
randomcpphas anyone tried*21:13
matiasbmhall119, alecu: hmm... it seems there is some issue when trying to push the changes to the index and/or publish the download, let me check logs21:14
alecumhall119: you may have to republish the app from the website, iirc21:15
mhall119unpublish and republish?21:15
alecumhall119: and then, in the click scope make sure to repeat the search21:15
iBelieverandomcpp, I haven't tried it. Why would use it in a recipes app? (Your app is SaucyBacon, right?)21:15
iBelieverandomcpp, Why would you use it **21:16
randomcppiBelieve, yes21:16
randomcppto share your recipe within the app21:16
mhall119alecu: Your application can not be unpublished at this time. Please try again later.21:17
alecumhall119: I think just republish after the new version. But we better wait till matiasb checks that issue above21:17
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
matiasbalecu, mhall119: this looks like there is some issue when pushing changes to the index/download services, trying to find out what's the problem21:20
iBelieverandomcpp, I think the gallery app has a share menu21:23
mhall119um, alecu....I have two apps lenses in my dash now21:23
randomcppI'll have look at it thanks21:25
iBelieverandomcpp, just checked, it does, but the popover is empty21:26
matiasbalecu, mhall119: ok, I think the problem is the currently deployed click-index service doesn't support update/delete requests; lukasz, jamestait should have more details about this21:26
randomcppiBelieve, nice :/21:27
mhall119matiasb: ok21:27
randomcppiBelieve, I'll keep mine empty too for now21:27
mhall119alecu: loving that app preview on my phone :)21:34
mhall119but I'm skeptical about the reviews :P21:35
alecuyeah, sorry for the one star :-)21:35
mhall119and I spend minutes, whole minutes, on that icon21:35
mhall119I'm curious how I got an average of 3 stars with 1+2+3 on reviews21:36
iBelievenik90, ping21:40
matiasbalecu, mhall119: ok, I found the problem; there is an issue in how myapps hits the click-index api, I'll work on it to get it fixed by tomorrow hopefully21:43
mhall119matiasb: sounds good, thanks for digging into it21:44
mhall119alecu: any idea why Click packages are on a second Apps lens?21:46
mhall119alecu: http://ubuntuone.com/0vtaKzISDiOvwIBSCnwOjy21:47
alecumhall119: yes, it was the fastest way to get to the demo. I'm working on merging them right into the apps scope21:49
mhall119ah, ok21:49
mhall119merging the functionality intothe apps scopes, or merging the results *with* the apps scope results in the apps lens?21:50
alecumhall119: all of that, yes21:50
alecumhall119: we'll also have to deduplicate some of the results of the current apps lens21:51
alecuso installed apps show that nice preview when you long-tap on them21:51
alecuand then you'll be able to rate, add a review, update, uninstall from there21:52
mhall119sounds great alecu21:53
mhall119looking forward to it :)21:53
nik90iBelieve: ping22:31
iBelievenik90, pong22:32
nik90iBelieve: actually i was pong22:32
nik90u pinged me earlier22:32
iBelievenik90, that's what I was wondering22:32
iBelievenik90, I've been working on the task page and was wondering what you think. I uploaded a pic, but then made some changes, so I need to reload it22:34
* nik90 loves to see screenshots22:34
iBelievenik90, what do you think of http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/5195/2bjs.png or http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/3279/j0q.png?22:35
randomcppiBelieve, please, I need you to tell me how the heck you did the priority thing :)22:37
nik90iBelieve: wow looks nice.22:37
mefrioif you want to follow the development of my app for the Showdown contest I just posted some updates about it on my blog :) http://mefrio.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/memories-updates-seven-days-after-the-first-commit/22:37
iBelievenik90, it's the same hack I use to fix white on white popovers with a Suru theme.22:38
iBelievenik90, custom labels instead of the default text property :)22:38
iBelievenik90, so I just added an ubuntu shape and label in place of the text property22:38
nik90iBelieve: would it be possible to move the green box to the right of the text?22:38
nik90I like the text to be aligned although I am not really sure which one I would like :P22:39
nik90mefrio: nice!22:39
nik90man you guys are rocking the showdown!22:39
mefrionik90, thank you :) as you can see I changed the style of my app as you suggested me. It looks pretty much better now in my opinion :D22:39
nik90mefrio: I really like the look of those small pic thumbnails. The whole app look clean and gorgeous! nice work!22:40
mefrionik90, thank you :)22:41
iBelievemefrio, nice!! I like the Suru theme :)22:41
nik90mefrio: does clicking the thumbnail show a bigger picture?22:41
iBelievenik90, I don't know how I'd do that. Either it would have to be on the left of the value but not aligned, or on the right of the arrow, and it would mess up the rest of the valueSelector22:42
mefrionik90, I am already working on it. I would try to make something similar to the gallery app. It has a very nice gallery view22:42
mefrioiBelieve, thank you :) I saw you are developing Tasks. Very nice job!22:42
iBelievenik90, so which of the two screenshots do you prefer? One has the title and description in one list item, the other has them individually22:43
iBelievemefrio, thanks :)22:43
nik90mefrio: I got an idea. You state that in your feature list that it supports html/markdown however it would be difficult for the user to use that in the phone. Could you also provide some basic stuff like bold, italics etc in a toolbar or something?22:43
nik90mefrio: My idea would need a little bit of design though as to where to place these common buttons22:43
mefrionik90, it would look bad in the toolbar I think. If I found a nice way to do that I will certainly do that22:44
nik90iBelieve: I did not notice that until now.22:44
iBelievenik90, and also the margins of the text boxes are different. In the second one, they're more like other list items22:45
randomcppiBelieve, I prefer the second if you're interested in my opinion :)22:45
nik90iBelieve: with respect to the margins, the second one definitely. It increases the consistency then22:46
iBelieverandomcpp, I'm always interested in anyone's feedback :) you mean the one with two separate list items?22:46
nik90iBelieve: me too second one looks better22:46
iBelievenik90, would you leave the top and bottom margins the way they are, smaller than the side margins?22:47
nik90iBelieve: preferable the same top and side margins22:47
randomcppiBelieve, I'd remove the line separator before and after the description box22:47
nik90iBelieve: did you add those thin separators yourself?22:48
nik90mefrio: maybe you can add another view for the memories. Right now the default is list view.22:49
iBelievenik90, the separators are a result of the list items. I can take them away if you and randomcpp think they shouldn't be there22:49
nik90mefrio: would be cool have a grid like option with ubuntu shape widget showing the pics (like thumbnails)22:49
mefrionik90, yeah nice idea! Thanks :D22:49
nik90iBelieve: yeah remove it. You can then clearly differentiate between title, description and other small options22:50
iBelievenik90, would you leave the separator after the description to separate it from the other options?22:50
nik90iBelieve: so finally, same top and side margins, title and description together with a separtor below description. Thereby options are in a nice section by itself22:51
nik90mefrio: are all thse in trunk? Would like to try it myself22:51
nik90iBelieve: same question to you as well22:51
iBelievenik90, okay, will do. Thanks to you and randomcpp for the feedback! Always much appreciated :)22:51
mefrionik90, sure! There is a link to the GitHub page in the post I linked22:52
mefrionik90, here it is: https://github.com/Mefrio/Memories22:52
nik90mefrio: i already cloned your repo in the afternoon22:53
iBelievenik90, no, they're in a separate branch, tasks-view-design. I haven't merged them yet. Plus I need to push the latest changes. Thanks to your feedback, I'll merge in just a minute22:53
mefrionik90, I made only one single push from this afternoon and it fixed the photo shapes close item22:53
nik90iBelieve: take your time. The root trunk is precious. Things should be stable there always. Nice you usedtest branches.22:53
iBelievenik90, yeah, I guess I'll work on it a bit more before merging. I have pushed to the tasks-view-design branch if you want to try it at all.22:58
iBelievenik90, I've still got to find a place for priority coloring. Can't seem to think of a good place that would be easy to implement22:59
randomcppnik90, do you know who is in charge to develop u1db-qt?23:00
randomcppI have to ask few things..23:00
nik90randomcpp: ooh not sure..sry23:01
nik90randomcpp: dpm or mhall119 is the best person to let you know who to talk to23:01
randomcppok tomorrow I'll ping them :)23:01
randomcppthanks anyway :)23:01
randomcppok guys that's better I go to bed now, I making too many disasters :)23:06
randomcppgood night nik90 iBelieve :)23:06
iBelieverandomcpp, good night23:07
mhall119randomcpp: kalikiana is doing u1db-qt development I believe23:07
mhall119randomcpp: but he's on scandanavian time23:07
randomcppso gmt+2?23:07
mhall119I think so, yeah23:07
randomcppI'm gmt+1, I'll surely find him tomorrow :) thanks mhall11923:08
nik90randomcpp: gud nite23:08

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