robruJohnX, I would ask jbicha about that, but he doesn't seem to be on right now.03:31
JohnXrobru, thanks. I'll try to catch jbicha if he gets on. In the meantime I left a message via the launchpad ppa contact form. sooner or later someone else will go to install the builds from today and realize they take up an extra 1.2GB of space03:55
Mirvrobru: do you know any core dev that would still be online from your part of the globe?04:12
Mirvjust thinking about packaging change acks now that a lot of Europe has a day off today04:13
robruMirv, it's 10:30 in my part of the globe... ;-)04:13
Mirvrobru: I know, but you're there as well, so... :)04:13
MirvI wonder if we'd have any NZ/Australians.. I guess I need to stare at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/+members04:14
robruMirv, yeah, but I'm the only guy I know who keeps crazy hours, sorry ;-)04:14
Mirvrobru: ok, thanks :)04:14
robruMirv, funny actually, I was *just* about to sign off when you pinged me. g'night!04:14
Mirvrobru: excellent night!04:16
Mirvhey, Germany isn't on the list, this should be promising04:17
Mirvmm, except Bavaria and Saarland. complicated.04:18
TheMuso`Mirv: I'm core dev, whats up?04:24
MirvTheMuso`: do you have access to QA VPN? we just have a deal that we must get +1 from core dev's before publishing packages with packaging contents. in this case there'd be this diff to ack
Mirvwell, now also at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5987618/04:28
Mirvthat one is about tvoss fixing a typo in the API, but since it's a packaging change it blocks autopublishing of the platform stack (+ sdk stack)04:30
Mirvmore exactly it's this commit http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/platform-api/trunk/revision/11804:30
TheMuso`                                              Mirv Ido have VPN access, but its not currently set up.04:30
* TheMuso` looks at pastebin.04:31
TheMuso`Mirv: Hrm I've dealt with symbols before, but I don't feel comfortable dealing with symbols in a package I an unfamiliar with.04:31
TheMuso`So whilst it *looks* ok to me, I don't feel I can comfortably give it an ack without really being sure that things are sane.04:32
MirvTheMuso`: ok, that's fine, I can try the Germans when they wake up04:32
TheMuso`esp with any runtime deps.04:32
Mirvusually didrocks does all the acks for me, but now both him and seb128 are having a holiday04:32
TheMuso`And at a glance, that looks like a symbol rename to me... Do you know if any other packages use that symbol?04:34
TheMuso`And from my limited knowledge, I would have thought that would also require a soname bump...04:34
MirvTheMuso`: I think the location API is very much work in progress at the moment, so I'm not sure how it's looked upon at the moment. but you're right.04:35
MirvI'll check with Thomas himself when he's here, and then with a core dev about acking it if ok04:36
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tkamppetermlankhorst, hi10:32
asacanyone knows if sil and didrocks are off today?10:54
asactvoss_: ok so france has a pub holiday today10:55
tvoss_asac, thx10:55
asacsil i dont know :(10:56
asacMirv: hey10:57
asacMirv: can you help tvoss_ setting up a daily-release thing?10:57
asactvoss_: ^^ he might be your man :)10:57
asacrobru: ^^ you maybe?10:57
tvoss_Mirv, I would need ci and autolanding setup for lp:music-hub10:58
Mirvasac/tvoss: sure, me / our team can help with that. I guess starting with debian/ that it currently lacks.11:01
Mirvtvoss_: please set the maintainer to pspmteam and driver to some team that has ps-jenkins as a team member, so that I can ask QA team to set up the automerger.11:02
Mirvlike, phablet-team11:02
asacMirv: just curious: who from the QA team sets up the auto merger?11:03
Mirvasac: I've asked fginther myself11:04
asacmaybe jibel? but he is on vacation, so not sure11:04
Mirvmost of Europe except us poor northerners are on vacation today11:05
asaci am neither in germany11:05
asacalso north'ish :)11:05
asacbut not quiet yet i think11:05
asacMirv: what are they celebrating?11:05
Mirvyeah, well UK and Germany are quite big exceptions to the most of Europe as well :)11:05
asacchristian stuff?11:06
Mirvasac: I looked it up, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assumption_of_Mary - ie of Catholic origin11:06
asacok so i guess south germany is also off :)... lazy folks11:06
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tkamppetermlankhorst, I have a question about X with touch screen. You remember that I have tested patches regarding this and this finally made the bug getting fixed in x-staging PPA for Saucy. Currently I am using this x-staging therefore. My questions: 1. will this fix get into 13.10 final? 2. If I switch back to the official repos and there switch to MIR as described on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Installing will I get a stable touch scre11:17
tkamppeteren experience (no stuck button)?11:17
mlankhorsttkamppeter: I've uploaded a new xserver for 1.14, which should fix the issues11:18
mlankhorsthm why is that still in proposed11:22
* Laney sighs11:29
Laneybecause of firefox autopkgtest11:29
Laneyis anyone looking at that?11:29
tjaaltonsilly rhythmbox, fails to play a certain radio stream after upgrade to saucy11:31
tjaaltonhuh, firefox blocks xserver?11:32
tjaaltonbut how?11:33
Laneydepends trigger tests11:33
tjaaltonah, I get it11:33
tkamppetermlankhorst, thanks, I am trying it now ...11:43
Laneythat's an annoying failure11:43
mlankhorstno space left on device? :p11:44
Laneywhen unpacking the source package even11:45
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tjaaltonok, my radio stream bug is lp115393412:08
mlankhorsthm that would explain why fluendo was failing I guess12:13
fgintherrobru, ping12:42
rickspencer3mlankhorst, hi12:59
rickspencer3so, after I upgraded this laptop to saucy yesterday ...12:59
rickspencer3when I start it up it thinks there is an external monitor attached13:00
rickspencer3and there is not13:00
rickspencer3it causes problems until I "turn off" the fake monitor in system settings13:00
rickspencer3I'm dist-upgrading right now with the xorg-xserver, though13:00
mlankhorstrickspencer3: there might be, is it a hybrid ?:P13:04
rickspencer3mlankhorst, yeah, it's a hybrid13:05
mlankhorstit's probably seeing the LCD screen twice13:05
mlankhorstxrandr -q ?13:05
rickspencer3mlankhorst, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5988942/13:09
mlankhorsthm no, erroneously detecting VGA-1 as connected13:09
rickspencer3mlankhorst, about 2 years ago I used a dual monitor setup13:10
mlankhorstrickspencer3: can you file a bug against xorg and assign it to me?13:10
rickspencer3my tiny brain suggests there is some config lying around13:10
rickspencer3mlankhorst, sure13:10
mlankhorstif there is something lying around it would probably show up in the bug report13:10
rickspencer3mlankhorst, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/121267713:15
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1212677 in xorg (Ubuntu) "When starting up laptop thinks there is a vga monitor attached, but there is not" [Undecided,New]13:15
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Mirvcyphermox: I've quoted ken, you and robru as the other people QA can contact if/when they get the intel machine back up13:24
cyphermoxMirv: yup13:24
mlankhorstrickspencer3: does vga-1 still show up if you do xrandr --setprovideroffloadsink nouveau 0 ?13:32
rickspencer3mlankhorst, there is no output from that command13:33
mlankhorstyeah it disables nouveau13:33
mlankhorsthm for some reason it sets 1024x768 on nouveau, don't see why13:33
mlankhorstrickspencer3: I don't really see if 3.11 made it worse, did you try with 3.10 kernel?13:40
rickspencer3mlankhorst, no13:40
rickspencer3this was a raving -> saucy upgrade13:40
mlankhorstalthough from the looks of it, 3.11 might be the first one that worked properly with nouveau on that card13:40
rickspencer3which, honestly, went amazingly well13:41
rickspencer3this is the only real problem13:41
mlankhorstrickspencer3: yeah if I know in what kernel things went wrong it should be easier for me to pin down :-)13:41
rickspencer3mlankhorst, I fully accept the possibility that this is the first time the nvidia card has done anything interesting13:41
rickspencer3such as worked13:41
rickspencer3mlankhorst, hmmm13:42
rickspencer3I don't think I would like to bisect between saucy and this kernel13:42
rickspencer3that sounds time consuming13:42
rickspencer3mlankhorst, let me know if you see other reports like this13:42
mlankhorstno saucy has a 3.10 kernel you could use, I just need to know roughly what kernel release has it first13:42
rickspencer3mlankhorst, ok13:42
rickspencer3I was up to date with saucy13:43
rickspencer3dist-upgraded day before yesterday13:43
rickspencer3got the issue13:43
rickspencer3I just dist-upgraded today but haven't rebooted yet13:43
mlankhorstconsidering raring was 3.8 it shouldn't be hard to find :)13:43
mlankhorstoh are you sure?13:43
rickspencer3mlankhorst, am I sure I haven't rebooted?13:43
rickspencer3yes :)13:43
mlankhorstyour kernel log says 3.1113:43
rickspencer3mlankhorst, I came in < 1 hour ago13:44
rickspencer3started my computer13:44
mlankhorstoh that13:44
rickspencer3ran a dist-upgrade13:44
rickspencer3have not rebooted13:44
mlankhorstyeah i thought after upgrading to saucy ;)13:44
rickspencer3mlankhorst, let me restart and see what happens13:44
rickspencer3mlankhorst, the non-existent display is still there, but it remember my settings to keep it turned off13:46
rickspencer3mlankhorst, ironically, I do plan to attach a monitor to that vga port, I just don't happen to have a vga cable atm13:47
mlankhorsthm it claims there are 2 vga-ports :P13:56
robruasac, Mirv, fginther: pong. I am just waking up. what's up?15:55
fgintherrobru, there was something about the phone-gap tests15:56
fginthertrying to remember...15:56
fgintherrobru, nope, it was something else. I see the webapps stack is now being published, correct?15:57
robrufginther, webapps has been green for a long time, hasn't it? I can't recall the last red we had. lately most of the reds come from unity/unity815:57
fgintherrobru, the webapp stack check step was removed "no tests until unity_webapps_qml is fixed"15:59
fgintherrobru, looks like that was done 2 days ago15:59
asacrobru: sleep is for the weak i used to say (but not anymore)16:00
asacgood morning16:00
robrufginther, oh, right, forgot about qml. yeah, that has been an ongoing issue for webapps.16:00
robruasac, hello16:01
ogra_sleep is for the week ...16:01
ogra_you always tyop that16:01
ogra_*typo :P16:01
robrufginther, sorry, wait, are you saying that webapps is no longer running any tests for the whole stack? who the heck did that? they should have just disabled tests for unity-webapps-qml16:01
asacogra_: hehe16:01
fgintherrobru,"extracheck: False"16:02
fgintherrobru, looks like unity_webapps_qml was the only test defined16:02
robrufginther, are we talking specifically about autopilot tests? because other webapps had unit tests running during build.16:03
fgintherrobru, right, just the autopilot tests16:03
robrufginther, oh, I guess that's ok then. yeah, -qml was the only one with an autopilot test.16:03
robrufginther, i don't understand the -qml failures myself, but vrruiz and alex-abreu are working on it. it seems to be quite the challenge (I've seen a handful of branches merged claiming to fix it, but they don't fix it)16:04
fgintherrobru, I'm trying to figure out if there is a timeline for when this needs to work again16:04
fgintherobviously as soon as possible, but does didrocks have some further specificatin?16:05
robrufginther, not that I'm aware of. the -qml failures have been escalated to pat and it's a top priority as far as I understand.16:05
fgintherrobru, ok, sounds like the right things have happened. thanks16:05
robrufginther, you're welcome16:06
Saviqcyphermox, do you know what's happening with unity daily release?17:09
Saviqcyphermox, doesn't look good17:09
cyphermoxSaviq: I was following it before, now eating17:09
cyphermoxjust a second, I'll look17:09
Saviqcyphermox, enjoy17:09
cyphermoxSaviq: I don't know what's up with that, I'll wait until they're all done and then I'll ping the responsible :)17:12
Saviqcyphermox, ok :)17:12
rickspencer3mlankhorst, I'm about to plug a real vga monitor into my laptop17:30
rickspencer3here goes17:30
rickspencer3mlankhorst, no love17:37
rickspencer3won't output to the real display17:38
rickspencer3at least, I can't figure out how to configure it to do so17:38
robrucyphermox, can I get you to preNEW https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-docviewer-dev/poppler-qml-plugin/trunk ? thanks!18:46
cyphermoxrobru: preNEW?18:50
cyphermoxyou mean packaging review?18:51
robrucyphermox, yeah, can't you do that? I need an archive admin to pre-approve the packaging before uploading to universe.18:51
robrucyphermox, I did a bunch of packaging work already, just running it through pbuilder now to check the deps18:52
cyphermoxrobru: yes, I can review it and upload19:21
cyphermoxbut then it will need to be reviewed by an archive admin ;)19:22
robrucyphermox, I thought you were an archive admin?19:22
cyphermoxrobru: no ;)19:24
robrucyphermox, at the meeting last tuesday you said you were avaialble for reviewing manually published packaging changes? what is it that grants you that priveledge?19:25
cyphermoxI thought you guys meant reviewing packaging changes and sponsoring19:26
cyphermoxI have upload rights19:26
cyphermoxI can't NEW stuff from the queue19:26
robruso there's a difference between "upload rights" and "archive admin"?19:26
robruthis is news to me19:26
cyphermoxarchive admins can review packages in teh saucy queue, like new binary or source packages, to triple-check copyright and things like that19:26
cyphermoxa kind of last sanity check for new things coming in, or once we're in freeze to avoid breakage19:27
cyphermoxbut there's more general upload privilege which just about anyone can have, to push things into the queue19:28
cyphermoxrobru: I'd point you to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers ;)19:32
ogra_robru, upload rights are a privilege ... archive admin is a duty ... luckily they dont come as a package19:32
robruogra_, cyphermox: thanks. so ignorant of the process that i didn't realize there was a difference19:34
mlankhorstrickspencer3: erm it should work afaik19:34
cyphermoxrobru: I've mentioned before happily volunteering for AA19:34
ogra_archive admins can bump your build score :) it is good to know what bribes they take19:35
cyphermoxogra_: topic on -release...19:36
ogra_haha, i forgot that one19:36
ogra_(it used to list chocolate and fuzzy teddybears too in the past)19:37
cyphermoxohh, I missed that19:38
rickspencer3mlankhorst, no love19:44
rickspencer3the external monitor seems to be detected, but stays blank19:44
mlankhorsthm fun19:44
mlankhorstany error showing up in dmesg?19:45
cyphermoxrobru: https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/poppler-qml-plugin/bootstrap/+merge/18041220:16
cyphermoxrobru: also, https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/unity-mir/bootstrap/+merge/18041520:20
cyphermox^ if you have time to help out a bit20:20
robrucyphermox, absolutely20:55
robrucyphermox, fginther: are either of you familiar with this error? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5990512/ I can't seem to update the sdk stack with the new poppler job in it.21:08
fgintherrobru, does the u1db-qt branch have the right ownership?21:09
fgintherrobru, hmm, probably not, ps jenkins is a member of the owning team21:10
robrufginther, I dunno...21:10
robrufginther, wait, "probably not" the right ownership, or "probably not" the problem?21:10
fgintherprobably not the problem21:10
fgintherit looks like the right ownership21:10
robrufginther, oh, probably just that *I* don't have the right group membership for that branch. can somebody update sdk stack for me? ;-)21:11
fgintherrobru, I'm afraid I can't21:12
robrucyphermox, ^ ?21:12
fgintherrobru, can you run it as ps jenkins bot?21:12
robrufginther, er, no?21:12
fgintherrobru, for example, can you log into the machine that runs the jenkins jobs and run your script there21:13
robrufginther, ... no21:13
rickspencer3hey robru ... so I think I got an aport report for my RB crasher:21:13
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1212847 in rhythmbox (Ubuntu) "rhythmbox crashed with signal 7 in rb_player_gst_find_element_with_property()" [Undecided,New]21:13
robrurickspencer3, great!21:14
robrurickspencer3, that'll go a long way to a solution.21:14
cyphermoxrobru: that's going to be painful21:16
robrucyphermox, which, my pastebin or rick's rb bug? ;-)21:17
cyphermoxrobru: I don't know why it says its locked21:17
cyphermoxyour pastebin ;D21:17
robrucyphermox, last time I saw this error, I ran it again and it worked fine. but this time I got this error three times in a row, no idea how to fix it21:17
cyphermoxrobru: give me a second I'll try something21:18
robrucyphermox, give me a sec, I just joined the group that owns that branch, maybe that'll do it21:18
cyphermoxah, possibly yes21:19
robrutotally just worked ;-)21:19
cyphermoxmakes sense ;)21:19
cyphermoxrobru: can I let you handle the rest of stuff for daily-release until later?21:19
robrucyphermox, alright, poppler-qml-plugin job is showing up in jenkins now. so that'll run in under 2hrs.21:20
cyphermoxI'd be back in about 5 or 6 hours21:20
robrucyphermox, wait, what rest of the stuff?21:20
cyphermoxwell, you know, daily-release in general21:20
cyphermoxif you added poppler we're good, I think21:20
robrucyphermox, yeah, ok, I thought I was done ;-)21:20
robrucyphermox, I'm headed out in 2hrs myself21:21
cyphermoxwe'll still need to add unity-mir but I'd like to know if sil didn't intend to do something first21:21
robrucyphermox, yeah, dinner plans.21:21
robrucyphermox, surely it'll be fine if left alone for a couple hours?21:21
cyphermoxthere should be a build starting in half an hour or so21:21
cyphermoxbut yeah, it should be good21:22
robrucyphermox, yeah, I'll keep tabs on that one21:22
cyphermoxI'll be online on gtalk and stuff, ping me if there's anything21:22
robrucyphermox, yeah, I'll also be back on later so we can both catch up on any problems21:22
cyphermoxperhaps I'll pack my laptop just to be on the safe side21:24
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robrufginther, still around? can you set up lp:poppler-qml-plugin for CI?23:06

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