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dholbachgood morning07:15
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xnoxrbasak: git-dpm - maintains patches as git commits, with rebasing/merging on to new versions.08:13
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xnoxsuperm1: slangasek: this is interesting https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-irst-support =)08:40
xnoxmpt: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-irst-support08:41
mptxnox, let me know when you need something for it. :-)08:49
xnoxmpt: i'll hunt down an SSD drive, cause my machine should be able to have this working. 13.10 will have the right kernel, but i'm not sure about the installer bits & user-space toggles. Something for 14.04 I think.08:53
jtaylorwhy is skimage not showing up in jenkins? I though of the XS-... this time :(09:21
darkxstI dropped the -dbg packages from webkit (on our ppa) but now the dbgsym's are broken http://paste.ubuntu.com/5988275/09:27
darkxstanyone know about this stuff or do I need to wait for pitti to get back?09:27
rbasakxnox: IIRC, it assumes that your branch is the Debian packaging branch though, rather than being able to import that bit :-/09:35
xnoxrbasak: well, you can start at any time. E.g. import a dsc.09:44
rbasakxnox: right, but for Ubuntu you need to continuously rebase. I want to use tools like git-rerere to make that easier. Anyway, I do need to look into it more.09:49
rbasakAlso Ubuntu holds the archive as the pristine source for most packages, so any extra information would be lost.09:50
xnoxrbasak: that's how git-dpm works. it's git rebased based workflow.09:50
xnoxrbasak: all patches are commits, and those are rebased onto new releases.09:50
rbasakI think it'll screw up if some other non-git-dpm-using Ubuntu developer does an intermediate upload.09:51
xnoxrbasak: =/ hm, yeah, i guess one would need to do imports.10:01
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tkamppeterI have uploaded ghostscript 9.06rc1 to saucy-proposed and it did not pass on to saucy. As I chose a bad version number (9.08~rc1~dfsg is considered newer than 9.08~dfsg) can this package get removed and I upload the final instead?10:11
henrix@pilot in10:24
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mlankhorsthm why is xorg-server still in proposed?11:20
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tkamppetermlankhorst, I have installed the new package now and at least in standard X mode, without MIR (MIR not yet tested) it seems to work.12:09
tkamppetermlankhorst, now I am in MIR mode and it seems to work, too. Thank you very much.12:24
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rbasakstokachu: any news on bug 1121874 please? Or do you think we should just revert  5.5.32-0ubuntu2 in the meantime?13:38
ubottubug 1121874 in mysql-5.5 (Ubuntu) "MySQL launch fails silently if < 4MB of disk space is available" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112187413:38
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om26erWho can I get  to review the packaging of a source to make it eligible for daily release ?15:19
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henrix@pilot out15:27
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Laneyom26er: try Mirv15:29
stokachurbasak: for whatever reason the unittests wont pass when i attempt to build within sbuild15:44
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stokachurbasak: might as well revert for now until i can get this built and run my tests for it15:52
rbasakstokachu: thanks. Let me see if a reverted sbuild passes for me. No point uploading if that fails too.16:10
stokachurbasak: ok, not all tests fail just about 85 out of the million and 1 that gets run16:12
rbasakHave we diverged on flash-kernel again? I thought the idea was to keep them synced this time?16:25
ogra_with the panda gone in 14.04 you should be able to drop all changes16:26
ogra_(apart from highbank i guess)16:27
mapreridoes someone know if pitti is on holiday or is simply afk (with the computer turned off)?16:33
twoface88looking for mentor in ubuntu development. anyone needs help with their project ?16:34
ogra_mapreri, he might be at debconf16:38
mapreriogra_: Uh, right! (what luck....)16:40
ogra_(i'm not sure if he is actually there ... but many of us are this week and it seems likely)16:41
jonois anyone else in Saucy constantly finding Firefox to hang for periods of time?16:49
ogra_who uses firefox anyway ...16:50
* mdeslaur refrains from browser wars trolling16:51
* mapreri loves browsers war!16:52
mdeslauris this "browser" thing an app I can install on my phone?16:54
ChogyDanmdeslaur: only with 100 in game currency16:55
asacjono: ffox is pretty stable as my default browser ... though, i dont use it for google services anymore as those seem to intentionally provide a sucky ffox experience while to market their chrome browser with a banner (old browser, why not use chrome)17:02
jonoasac, it is terrible for me right now17:02
asacjono: didnt restart it for a few days... is that a very recent update?17:02
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ogra_FF is completely unusable on ARM17:03
ogra_and since i spend most of my worktime on the chromebook ...17:03
jonoasac, been like this for a few weeks17:03
asacjono: back in ffox maintainer days i would have asked you to check if disabling all your extensions will improve the situation as a first measure17:06
asacjono: i assume you tried that?17:07
jonoasac, will try17:07
infinityjono: If your browser's uptime is high, I'd also just try killing it, restarting, and restoring your session.17:07
jcastroFF has been solid on saucy here17:07
infinityjono: Plus, there was an update in saucy recently.  So, knowing that last week's browser was buggy isn't all that handy.17:07
jonoinfinity, well this weeks browser is buggy too17:08
infinity(I'm with jcastro though, it's been solid and performant for me)17:09
smoserhas 'nosetests' recently gotten a couple orders of magnitude slower for people?17:20
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omerhi, I'm trying to patch a package (first time), and when I run bzr builddeb, it fails with the error "Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected18:09
omerfor file debian/rules18:09
omerwhich I changed18:09
omerand then I get "fuzz is not allowed when applying patches"18:10
omerany ideas why that could be?18:10
infinitysiretart: Are you ready to make the libav transition happen in Ubuntu?  FF is approaching quickly, and I'd rather not put it off another release cycle.18:47
om26ermterry, are you online ?18:57
mterryom26er, hi18:57
om26ermterry, hey, would you be able to review ubuntu-keyboard packaging for it to be released daily ?18:57
mterryom26er, sure.   is that the project name?18:57
om26ermterry, yes https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-keyboard18:58
om26ermterry, there is also: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/qtorganizer5-eds/trunk18:59
omerIf this is the wrong place to ask a question, should I post in the forums?18:59
sarnoldomer: you may need to include more details, here or elsewhere. which package? what packaging format? are you confident bzr builddeb is supposed to do anything useful wit hthe package in question? etc..19:01
omersarnold: I was just trying to follow the guide here: http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/fixing-a-bug.html19:02
omerI used edit-patch to create a patch19:02
omerand then from what I understand I need to use bzr builddeb to create the dsc file19:03
omerthe package was libraw19:03
omerI'm trying to compile it with some features enabled19:03
mterryom26er, what is supposed to be in the tests package?  Doesn't look like anything gets installed into it19:05
mterry(autopilot tests?)19:05
om26ermterry, yes there will autopilot tests, they are not yet19:06
om26ersomeone is working on it already19:06
mterryom26er, k19:06
sarnoldomer: I think I'd try two things: (a) try "quilt push -a" before running 'edit-patch' (b) try "quilt push -a" after running edit-patch.  :)19:06
omerokay, thanks!19:07
mterryom26er, what about the various executables like word-candidates and language-layout-loading?  Are those meant to be installed (they are not currently)19:20
om26ermterry, I am not sure about that, I think how it is, is fine :)19:22
mterryom26er, OK19:22
janimostgraber, hi do you know  why lxc-create of a saucy armhf container on an amd64 host would fail while a raring one is created?19:31
janimostgraber, , I get Package iproute:amd64 is not available, but is referred to by another package19:31
sarnoldjanimo: iproute was replaced by iproute2 somewhere along the way..19:32
janimosarnold, but is this something lxc-create/debootstrap needs to learn explicitly?19:32
sarnoldjanimo: probably a bug should be filed against the package that refers to iproute in saucy, so it can be fixed19:33
stgraberjanimo: oops, yeah, we hardcode that in lxc, I'll have to fix this19:36
stgraberjanimo: please file a bug against lxc19:37
stgraberjanimo: you can easily fix it locally in /usr/share/lxc/templates/lxc-ubuntu19:37
janimostgraber, ok I will19:37
janimostgraber, but the fact that iproute was removed from saucy (apparently) is related though?19:39
stgraberjanimo: yep, iproute2 is the new iproute19:43
janimostgraber, so all dependencies need to be changed or should that package Provide iproute?19:43
stgraberjanimo: I fixed all the rdepends before I demoted iproute to universe, so at least in main, everything now uses iproute219:44
stgraberI just missed lxc because it wasn't a depend but hardcoded in a script19:44
janimostgraber, thanks for the pointer it worked after changing the template19:45
janimostgraber, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxc/+bug/121282019:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1212820 in lxc (Ubuntu) "lxc-create of an armhf container fails in saucy" [Undecided,New]19:45
janimostgraber, I had to remove isc-dhcp-client as well from the template19:46
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