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apwzequence, yo .. about ?07:33
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xequenceapw: yep08:12
apwxequence, i thought you were on holiday08:12
apwand ... what happened to your z08:12
xequenceapw: I'm in Switzerland, yes. More like a holiday from my holiday08:13
xequenceapw: I left the z at my server, and cant login to it 08:13
apwxequence, hehe ... well as you are on holiday i am doing the rebases for Q and R for lowlatency for you08:13
apwxequence, ... but it might make sense if you added me to your ubuntu-studio git repo so i can push the result for you08:13
xequenceapw: oh, thanks. Yeah, sure. 08:14
apwxequence, i am awhitcroft on github08:15
xequenceapw: Yep08:15
xequenceapw: Think I found the right buttons to let you push and pull08:20
apwxequence, we shall see shortly thanks08:21
infinityxequence: Hey, want to add adconrad as a member to that too, just in case? :P08:31
xequenceinfinity: Sure. Just a sec08:36
xequenceinfinity: Should be done08:38
infinityxequence: Looks good, thanks.08:40
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jk-hey infinity 08:53
stgraberapw: hey, do you have a link to your sbuild sources.list magic script?09:10
stgraberapw: I remember infinity mentioning it a couple of times and I had a paste.ubuntu.com link for it but it doesn't work anymore (DB was reset)09:11
apwstgraber, it is in the kteam-tools repo, in the apt-pocket directory ... git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/kteam-tools09:12
apwstgraber, that is also on gitweb on kernel.ubuntu.com if you want to avoid a clone09:12
apwstgraber, heh ... so there is a pretty comprehensive readme in there as well09:13
apwseems to work pretty well for me,  sbuild --arch amd64 -c saucy-proposed+main <thing>.dsc stylee09:13
stgraberapw: cool, thanks09:33
apwstgraber, if you are on anything newer than P then things are simpler to undo as well 09:35
jodhapw, smb: now that 3.11 is out of proposed, we're seeing different errors (kernel BUGs) wrt the nested kvm issue. See latest details on bug 1208455.10:17
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1208455 in linux (Ubuntu Saucy) "general protection fault running apt-get inside double nested kvm VM" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120845510:17
apwjodh, you are really trying to hurt yourself arn't you10:18
jodhapw,smb: I'm going to try running everything locally for now and will report back but could you guys take a look at this again?10:19
jodhapw: :)10:19
smbapw, jodh Can try to reproduce though 10:19
smbjodh, Have you documented clearly what steps you run _in_ the bug report10:20
apwjodh, so to confirm this is 3.11 in all three cases or somethign else, and it is the host who is blowing chunks10:20
jodhsmb: yes - the latest comments show that it happens running bin/prepare-testbed10:20
jodhapw: well, I can't as this is via canonistack so I don't know what kernel the host is actually running.10:21
apwjodh, and which kernel croaks10:22
apwjodh, so ... waht we need is a canonistack recipe, if you can't put that in the bug, email it to smb and i10:22
apwand me10:22
* smb needs to find out whether his credentials still work and if he got them10:23
jodhapw: the kernel running within the kvm instance that is spun up by prepare-testbed (ie the first kvm created on top of the (possibly kvm) canonistack instance I'm given by euca-run-instances).10:23
jodhapw: recipe? You mean the steps I took to create the canonistack instance?10:24
apwjodh, yeah so ... that is gobblydeegook.  we are dumb kernel people here, who are scared of userspace apps.  a nice "cut-n-paste these 7 commands and watch the fireworks"10:24
smbjodh, Yes, so we can follow that as cloesely as possible10:25
jodhapw: ok, give me a couple of mins...10:25
apwwe really are clueless about most things, including canonistack :)10:25
apwthough i have used it so i do have creds at least10:25
smbWell we got machines able to run kvm... so why would we :)10:26
smbapw, On unrelated note (before I forget after the context switch): what am I supposed to do with Xen-4.3. All but the xen-api/xcp related package which have dependencies compile ok with the changes. blktap, xen-api-libs ad xen-api do not but due to not being compilable at all anymore in saucy. I can change my xen package to not include blktap which may drop some functionality but then we have not shipped before any devel libs that would all10:31
smbow to compile against anything there...10:31
smball + ow -> allow10:32
smbMaybe a question for infinity (if  awake or when woken)10:36
apwyeah i think that is beyond my current knowledge.  we are a bit stuck if xen-api is unhappy i know it stayed unhappy for a while last time10:39
stgraberapw: hey, any hope of getting my small kernel patch reviewed in the near future? ;)11:36
stgraberapw: https://lkml.org/lkml/2013/4/24/51811:36
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apwstgraber, ok what we should do is get you to resend it, to the same people, and add me to the CC:, with [RESEND] on the subject line (include the Ack from serge as well).  then people are reminded and i can review it too, which it looks ok to me12:06
apwand i can say "hmmm this has been hanging about for a long time" etc12:07
apwas it is from 4 months ago12:07
apwstgraber, looking at the patch abstractly i wonder if it might make sense to make it like a prefix, so like %hp was the pid in that space so we could use only one new letter for any number of 'not the one inside the container, but the one outside the container'12:13
apwi asume pids have the same issue12:13
apwi mean uids12:14
* henrix -> lunch12:29
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* smb notes to jodh that he has not received any notes on setting up a canonistack instance, yet13:13
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jodhsmb: I've put step-by-step instructions on bug 1208455.14:37
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1208455 in linux (Ubuntu Saucy) "general protection fault running apt-get inside double nested kvm VM" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120845514:37
smbjodh, How convenient that this is a bug I am not subscribed to, yet. :-P14:38
smbDone now14:40
smbProbably should have done before14:40
tharimanHi how do I file a bug on Microsoft Sorface Pro wifi does not work ?15:01
tharimandoes running ubuntu-bug linux sufficient ?15:03
xequenceinfinity: Is it too loate so SRU the raring lowlatency to the lTS?15:08
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smbjodh, So I followed your instructions and seem to have no space left on device on /...15:38
jodhsmb: ok. In which case, "rm -rf /tmp/adt", create a directory in /mnt that user ubuntu can write to (say /mnt/adt) to and then "echo BASEDIR=/mnt/adt > ~/.adtrc".15:39
jodhsmb: autopkgtest should then use /mnt which has lots of space on medium guests.15:40
smbjodh, is that what *you* do as well?15:41
jodhsmb: I think something has changed recently in adt. It's rather difficult to document every single step and work-around I've had to use to get this far. sorry :(15:42
smbjodh, Just makes it a bit hard to get the same experience... :/15:44
rtgapw, have you done a saucy live install lately ?16:14
apwrtg, lately, not in the last two weeks no, i did one just before sprint16:15
apwrtg, and i did a server install like yesterday on armhf ...16:15
apwrtg, if it would be useful i can do a VM one now16:15
rtgapw, I checked that I wanted updates installed from the net during installtion, but on first boot there were like 100 packages that needed updating.16:15
apwrtg, that checkbox is "download updates while installing"16:16
apwit doesn't install them i don't believe16:16
rtgapw, just caches them ?16:16
apwyeah i think that is right ... i seem to remember being caught out by the same16:16
apwwhen discussing how a kernel in -updates would avoid something something16:17
rtghuh, I'm not convinced of the usefulness of that "feature"16:17
apwno me either16:17
rtgapw, though one could argue that if the live CD kernel booted, then you'd at least want that one installed.16:18
apwheh yeah you always want the first one16:18
argessmb: https://merges.ubuntu.com/libv/libvirt/REPORT16:30
rtgapw, we're not building an alternate install for saucy anymore, right ?16:37
apwwe still build alternates yes, d-i images16:38
rtgapw, where do they live on cdimage.ubuntu.com ? looks like we're only doing server and live16:39
apwis not the server image the alternate installer ?16:39
rtgapw, the alternate used to include desktop whereas the server does not16:40
apwoh then ... no :)16:40
rtgnot that I'm really caring. just curious16:40
smbYeah I think that got dropped. Now that the desktop supports LVM... 16:41
infinityzequence: Almost certainly too late to figure out what that would mean and how we'd do it, yeah.16:44
infinityrtg: No desktop alternates, but you can install desktop fine from a d-i netboot or a server CD (just that you have to hit the interwebs for the packages).16:44
rtginfinity, my get dailies script was complaining about alternates no longer existing, which is what caught my attention16:45
smbinfinity, Ni, err I mean Xen MRE, maybe, please?16:46
infinityrtg: Ahh.  We dropped them in Q, I think, your script's been out of date for a while. ;)16:46
rtginfinity, could be....16:46
infinitysmb: Did you get someone to sponsor the uploads?16:47
smbinfinity, No, I am trying to get you to16:47
smbinfinity, apw Always runs faster than lightning when I mention those three letters16:48
ogra_infinity, what are you doing here !16:50
ogra_off to bed with you !16:51
infinityogra_: I had a meeting this morning.  Blame ogasawara.16:51
ogra_oh, evil girl !16:51
ogasawaraMuahahah :)16:52
smbOne never knows when infinity sleeps... or which timezone he actually is in... :-P16:53
infinitysmb: Alright, if you can't talk Andy into sponsoring it for you, bug me on the weekend, and I'll see about doing a one-shot sponsor-and-SRU-review.  Just need to set aside some time to do so.16:54
smbinfinity, Usually I would want to avoid bugging people anywhere around weekends, but then I am getting slightly desperate with that, so will try17:08
infinitysmb: Well, I'm happy to do "community" work on weekends occasionally, and Xen currently sits on a bit of a fence there.17:08
infinityI'm still trying to figure out who I need to convince to make it a first-class citizen in everything we do.17:09
smbYeah that might be a difficult task... 17:10
xequenceinfinity: I was away for a while, in case you answered. I was asking about SRU of lowlatency for the LTS. Is it too late to do that?17:12
apwsmb, am i expecting to see crash on the merges list again ?17:13
smbapw, For saucy you might as upstream did a 7.x.x17:13
smbActually I had been looking and we had issues with hardening options17:14
apwinfinity, the issue with xen-4.3 is the xapi stuff whcih all went wrong last time we did xen17:14
smbapw, Oh, I asked him about the other Xen17:14
apwthere is anohter xen17:14
infinityxequence: 10:44 < infinity> zequence: Almost certainly too late to figure out what that would mean and how we'd do it, yeah.17:15
smbYeah the stable MREs for P, Q and R17:15
apwoh ok17:15
apwthose i don't think i ahve seen anyhow17:16
smbinfinity, So yeah actually for 4.3 there is this xen-api madness. They got rdepends against xen but are not even buildable right now17:16
apwor if i have i have painfully blmked them17:16
smbapw, I tried not to "overload" you with xen17:16
* rtg -> lunch17:25
xequenceinfinity: Ok. I'd like to do one for 12.04.4 though. How long before would it be good to bother you on that?17:26
* henrix -> EOD (SIGBOOSE)17:30
infinityxequence: Sometime after next week.17:34
infinityxequence: Given that you don't actually put lowlatency on your install images (or am I misremembering?), this isn't something that needs to be tied to a point release, really.17:34
infinityxequence: You could jam an lts-raring kernel in precise and just socialize the idea that it's there for people who want to use it.17:35
infinityxequence: Assuming you commit to the same cadence as the Canonical SRU people (as you've done for your P/Q/R rebases), I'd be alright with letting that in.17:35
xequenceinfinity: We do have lowlatency on the images, so therefore it would be nice to get it on there too. But, I'm not at all against getting it there non timely as well17:45
xequenceAh, but you meant like using a PPA17:46
infinityxequence: Right, let's talk about it after .3 is out the door, then.17:46
infinityxequence: No, no.  I don't mean a PPA.  I mean in the archive proper.17:47
xequenceinfinity: cool17:47
* apw relocates away from his mic17:47
* smb relocates away from work17:53
* apw goes make food18:56
jjohansenrtg: do we file a support ticket to get tyhicks access to zinc and the kernel build machines (tangerine, ...)?19:20
rtgjjohansen, yes, he needs to be in the LDAP group19:25
jjohansenrtg: okay thanks19:25
tyhicksjjohansen: should I open it or have you already started?19:30
jjohansentyhicks: feel free to open it, I have not started it yet19:30
tyhickswill do19:31
* rtg -> EOD20:13

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