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YokoZarGood morning :)17:03
dholbachhow are you all doing?17:04
dholbachwho do we have here from the doc team?17:04
dsmythiesDoug Smythies is here from oc tem17:04
dholbachhi dsmythies17:04
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YokoZarExcellent :)17:05
dholbach#chair dholbach pleia2 YokoZar beuno czajkowski17:05
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dholbach#topic Meeting the Doc team17:05
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dholbachhey dsmythies - thanks a lot for turning up17:05
dholbachhow are you doing?17:05
dsmythiesfine. Things are proceeding, but slowly.17:06
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/GettingStarted was recently rewritten, so that's a start17:06
dholbachthe Docs team underwent sort of a transition recently - how are things looking? :)17:07
pleia2unfortunately the team still lacks solid leadership, so decisions mill around a bit17:07
dholbachwhich topics are currently under discussion?17:07
YokoZarThe CC is still a "member" of the docs team, isn't it?17:08
pleia2YokoZar: yeah17:08
pleia2we own it17:08
dsmythiesYes, CC owns it, but we have a transition plan17:08
dsmythieswhere step 1 was adding new admins17:09
pleia2dsmythies: a few have been added, do you see a clear person to take over as owner?17:09
dsmythiesNo, I don't.17:10
pleia2that's how I feel too17:10
YokoZarI believe pleia2 has been most on top of the transition, and I do thank her :)17:10
dholbachare there lots of important subjects which mill around?17:10
pleia2bkerensa got off to a good start, but he seems pretty over-committed right now17:10
dsmythieswe seem a bit stalled on the new "getting started" page.17:11
pleia2yeah, it did get moved over but there are still some outstanding comments about it17:11
dsmythiesfor my part of it, I have been busy with smething else.17:11
bkerensapleia2: very accurate17:12
dsmythiesFor serverguide, we have good plans going forward, which Peter M has put into a blueprint.17:12
bkerensapleia2:  I think things will slow down shortly on my other commitments though and allow more time for docs17:12
pleia2so I think the main problem is that even the new key people involved are very busy :)17:12
dholbachwould it help to ask past committers to lp:ubuntu-docs for a review of the getting started page?17:12
pleia2dsmythies: server guide is really on top of things, great job with that :)17:12
bkerensapleia2: I think a big piece has been the ability to find people to delegate to slowed down17:12
pleia2dholbach: we've bugged them to their breaking point I think, our next step is asking *new* contributors if they can effectively follow it17:13
bkerensapleia2: there was a burst of enthusiasm and then when it came to getting stuff reviewed it slowed down a bit17:13
dholbachpleia2, ok... good thinking :)17:13
pleia2and have a team meeting17:13
pleia2so I'd say in all dsmythies was right on with "proceeding, but slowly.17:14
pleia2thanks bkerensa17:15
bkerensaIdeally once we get the getting started complete I think the tasks we have left are really quite easy for those involved to address17:15
bkerensadocs is mostly maintenance17:15
bkerensamaintenance + release17:15
dholbachwhat would next steps be once the getting started page looks good and you've had a team meeting?17:15
pleia2that's what we should figure out at the team meeting ;)17:15
dholbachok :)17:15
pleia2the docs need to be updated for 13.10, so probably launching that effort formally17:16
bkerensadholbach: so then I would want to improve our tool sets and add a doc to the repo that shows how to do release since I am the only one who knows how17:16
bkerensadholbach: nobody every release documented the process so we had to ask a lot of people17:16
dholbachthat sounds like a good idea :)17:16
pleia2step 3: download bkerensa's brain17:16
bkerensaalso we need to fix the screenshots script17:16
bkerensawe cannot update screenshots in doc until we have that fixed :/17:16
pleia2yeah, that would be good17:16
bkerensaPerhaps we could do a call for help on that17:17
bkerensaSo I think the key things are 1. ) Keep momentum 2.) finish what we set out to do this cycle 3.) Bring in new contributors to continue momentum each cycle17:18
dsmythiesActually, serverguide is quite behind, (maybe 15% of what needs to be done got done last cycle) it is just that it seems to be doing better than the desktop guide.17:19
dsmythiesThe transition from master docs to help.ubuntu.com needs some attention also. I hope to work on it some this cycle, and have alreayd done some.17:20
dholbachit's good to hear that you seem to have a good idea what's coming up next17:20
dholbachis there anything the CC could do to help?17:21
dsmythiesI don't think so. Benjamin, what do you think?17:23
dholbachit's fantastic that you all plunged in and helped getting the team back on track17:23
dsmythiesThe gap created by Mat East and Jermey stepping back is enormous. I don't think any of us realized how much those guys did. However, they tended not to write down what they were doing, from the "committer" level.17:25
* pleia2 nods17:25
pleia2I think bkerensa was able to get most of what we needed via discussion with them on specific procedures though17:26
dholbachyeah, I can see how that happens :/17:26
pleia2documenting is boring :)17:26
bkerensaI do not think the CC can help anymore17:26
bkerensaultimately the CC should feel free to hold the teams hand as long as you all think its neccesary17:26
bkerensabut I do not think any benefit will come from that17:27
bkerensaI think pleia2 has been very helpful in encouraging the transition17:27
pleia2bkerensa: do you see a clear leader to pass along team ownership to?17:27
bkerensaNot currently no17:27
pleia2currently that's all the CC is really doing (I'm doing this partially on my own too, less CC)17:27
bkerensaI do not want to see us rush into naming a new lead17:28
dholbachthat makes perfect sense17:28
pleia2ok, so for now CC will remain owner17:28
bkerensaI think it would be good to find someone when one of us feel were up to it and have demonstrated it17:28
* pleia2 nods17:28
dholbachthanks a bunch to all of you!17:29
bkerensathank you all17:29
dholbachI don't have any more questions - anyone else from the CC?17:29
pleia2thanks everyone17:29
dsmythiesMore on the serverguide side of it, we are tryiing to write everything down, such that is we disappear what to do is clearly documented.17:29
dholbachall right... seems like not17:30
dholbachkeep up the good work! :)17:30
dholbach#topic Any other business?17:31
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dholbachDoes anyone have any other topics to discuss?17:31
dsmythiesI just want to mention something...17:31
dholbachdsmythies, sure17:31
dsmythieswe are hoping to post all langusges of serverguide to help.ubuntu.com for 13.10. This would then be the same as the desktop guide. Currently only english serverguide is posted. However, there are issues with some languages, that might take longer than 13.10 to sort out.17:33
dholbachdsmythies, are the problems well-understood?17:34
dsmythiesNo, at least not by me. There are bugs reports. However, my thinking was to get it wokring for all langusges first, and then proceed to fix the ones that do not convert properly.17:35
dholbachok, that's good to know - if the bugs are at least filed17:36
dholbachmaybe it'd help to ask for help getting them fixed in a blog entry or something?17:36
dsmythies... all in good time. Myself, I'm not there yet. I only did enough work to realize it was going to be difficult to solve.17:37
dholbachok :/17:38
dholbachanything else from the docs team?17:38
dholbachanyone got any other business to discuss?17:39
dholbachthanks again! :)17:40
dholbachall right then... pleia2: anything else from you?17:40
dholbachoook, in that case ... :)17:42
dholbachhave a great rest of your day everyone17:42
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