dufluUg. nouveau killed my system01:32
RAOFDead as a doornail?01:38
dufluBack now01:38
dufluIf only I could remember SysRq combos01:39
RAOFAlthough we've actually disabled all but SUB from that.01:42
RAOFolli: Good morning/evening.01:42
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ollihey RAOF01:46
RAOFVarious tarballs are sauntering up to U1.01:46
olliRAOF, awesome!01:46
RAOFTaking a relaxed stroll through my ADSL pipe.01:47
ollido you need me to upload something?01:47
olliit seems like there is enough time until the meeting01:47
* olli counts hours until 5am01:47
RAOFAbout 12 :)01:48
olliI count 901:48
RAOFHm. 10?01:48
olli9h 12min01:48
olli7:48pm here01:48
ollimeeting in my cal from 5-6am01:48
RAOFMeeting is 10pm my local time, and it's 11 minutes to 12 here.01:49
* RAOF checks calendar.01:49
olliI never get these TZs right01:49
RAOFNo, it's 9pm my local time :)01:49
RAOFAnyway, the upload is about half done; it'll be done in plenty of time for 9pm :)01:50
olliRAOF, when you send the mail, mind suggesting an IRC channel (ask if that works... it's china...)01:51
olliand if it doesn't we can try something like gg doc01:51
RAOFOn freenode?01:51
ollito just share stuff, links to files in the local fs, etc01:51
olliRAOF, yeah01:51
olliwe could probably just use this one here actually01:51
ollior a randomly picked, sort of private one01:52
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dufluRAOF: Have you ever observed anything like bug 1211700? It's almost as it nouveau+radeon have excessive locking which makes GL command floods from busy clients block page flipping also02:51
ubot5bug 1211700 in Mir "Unthrottled EGL clients cause Mir to slow, sometimes to a halt" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121170002:51
duflu*as if02:51
RAOFI've not seen that02:52
dufluIt feels familiar. I think I came up against similar in Compiz02:52
RAOFWell, there's currently no scheduling at the GPU level, so clients are perfectly capable of flooding.02:54
dufluAh, bug 1007299 was similar but that was mitigated with more sane XDamage logic02:54
ubot5bug 1007299 in Compiz "Compiz frame rate decreases if application frame rates are too high (unthrottled)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100729902:54
olliRAOF, I have asked tvoss_ to reply to tim's mail, we do have some canned answer03:19
RAOFolli: About IRC, or the general "what's happening 14.04+"?03:20
RAOFOr, I guess, both? :)03:20
ollithe latter03:20
olliRAOF, the Mesa U1 link doesn't work for me03:22
RAOFGrr. Let me check.03:23
RAOFOh, man. The fact that the mesa link randomly ends in ‘Xserver’ is confusing :)03:24
RAOFolli: Check the new link?03:36
olliRAOF, wfm, thx03:38
dufluRAOF: Does this look related to the auth_magic issues?...03:53
duflu[ FAILED ] BespokeDisplayServerTestFixture.client_drm_auth_magic_calls_platform (1922 ms)03:53
dufluSee bug 121251603:53
ubot5bug 1212516 in Mir "integration-tests: BespokeDisplayServerTestFixture failing under valgrind" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121251603:53
RAOFduflu: Plausibly?03:53
* RAOF checks the bug.03:53
RAOFIt's not clear to me if it's related or not.03:55
dufluIt sounds very close to the symptoms being discussed yesterday03:57
dufluWow, building a kernel is much slower than it used to be.03:58
jonoRAOF, do you know what the status is on the ATI blocker that is blocking Mir from updating in the archive?05:04
RAOFjono: It's being frustrating and awkward.05:04
jonoRAOF, I can imagine05:04
jonostill blocked I presume05:05
RAOFBut it's not actually an ATI blocker; it's an IPC problem that only appears on that machine for some reason.05:05
jonoRAOF, do you think we should hold off the call for testing for the packages in the archive until this is fixed?05:06
RAOFMaybe? It's a race condition that seems to be pretty hard to hit, though.05:06
jonoI see05:07
duflujono: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1204939/comments/1305:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 1204939 in Mir "Unity doesn't start on ATI test machine (Mir fails to respond to drm_auth_magic request)" [Critical,Triaged]05:15
jonothanks duflu05:16
tvoss_good morning :)05:17
duflutvoss_, hi05:17
tvoss_duflu, hey there, how is it going? kernel build done?05:17
duflutvoss_: Yes done now. I shall have to reboot and break/fix things soon05:17
tvoss_duflu, :)05:18
jonohey tvoss_05:20
tvoss_jono, hey there :)05:20
tvoss_jono, you are supposed to be offline, aren't oyu?05:20
jonotvoss_, technically05:20
jonoback tomorrow for a day and then off on Fri05:21
RAOFtvoss_: Huh. That document you linked points to a private launchpad branch :)05:38
tvoss_RAOF, oops :)05:40
tvoss_RAOF, let's see if they try to open the link then ;)05:40
duflu  /reboot05:41
tvoss_duflu, welcome back :)05:45
* duflu is experimenting with mlankhorst's vblank proposals, so things are a bit jerky05:46
dufluI take it back. Not jerky, but perfect 60Hz in Mir. Only X is broken :)05:48
* tvoss_ moves over to the new house05:52
dufluToo many houses to choose from?...05:55
duflu /swap hardware05:58
RAOFmlankhorst: Probably time for me to chase up that dma-buf patch again. Have there still not been any replies, or am I just not subscribed to the right list and people aren't CCing me?06:30
RAOFMan our tests take a long time to run under valgrind!06:30
dufluWeird how nouveau renders the Mir hardware cursor visibly differently to intel/radeon06:34
dufluRAOF: *-tests --gtest_filter="*the_test_you_want*"06:34
RAOFduflu: Yeah, fair call.06:35
* duflu Ctrl+Alt+De06:41
mlankhorstRAOF: poke sumits on irc, but yeah I haven't had any feedback on my fence patch either07:01
RAOFsumits-away it is!07:02
duflumlankhorst: Your vblank patches work brilliantly for Mir. Strangely stuck at 30-45Hz in X though.07:04
dufluMaybe Compiz is just trying to do *too much* every frame07:05
mlankhorstduflu: I still get > 100 fps every time, I guess double vblank somewhere07:07
duflumlankhorst: Well, Mir had a nice healthy 60Hz with the patches07:07
dufluAnd buttery smooth07:08
dholbachgood morning07:15
dufluMorning dholbach07:16
dholbachhi duflu07:16
mlankhorstduflu: my gtx 480 can drive 2 panels at 2560x1440 without problem on bootspeed07:22
duflumlankhorst: Admittedly I have only tested a G210 so far07:23
mlankhorstit's stuck on 135 mhz memory clock07:24
mlankhorstyour clock is more than that07:24
duflumlankhorst: How to force it higher?07:25
mlankhorstso trust me if it's stuck on 30 fps07:25
mlankhorstit's because of a double vblank path07:25
mlankhorstthe only times boot speeds have given me issues have been when I was running real 3d applications, not the compositing manager :P07:27
mlankhorstoh and 1080p video decoding won't work on boot speeds ;P07:28
mlankhorstduflu: sec if you want to recompile the ddx you can probably kill off a vblank07:39
duflumlankhorst: I think I've already spent enough time recompiling kernels. It's not my priority task right now...07:42
mlankhorstddx patch07:43
mlankhorstno idea if it helps though07:43
mlankhorstbut it kills an extra wait07:44
alan_gduflu: have you had time to investigate bug 1212518?08:02
ubot5bug 1212518 in Mir "valgrind acceptance-tests: [ FAILED ] TestClientInput.hidden_clients_do_not_receive_pointer_events" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121251808:02
duflualan_g: No, I am still focusing on bypass. Just logging other bugs as I notice them08:02
* alan_g knows how that is08:04
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dufluDear radeon: Give me an error, or display my buffer. Doing neither is not very friendly.09:00
alf__duflu: is this with the dmabuf fix applied?09:01
duflualf__: I have no idea what you mean. But I have tested up to kernel 3.10.6 and get the same bug09:01
duflualf__: What is it? What does it do?09:02
alf__duflu: dmabuf fix = fix for not pinning video buffers to system memory that mlankhorst was working on09:02
alf__mlankhorst: does 3.10.6 contain the dmabuf pinning fixes?09:03
duflualf__: Yeah mean for nouveau? Yes tested that and it works. But no luck with radeon... though I can't test kernel 3.11 with radeon due to other errors09:03
mlankhorstalf__: 3.11 does, which is in the archive09:04
mlankhorstI don't think it qualifies for stable, but it can be backported if you care09:05
duflualf__: Yeah I ran into that on nouveau and confirmed 3.11 works. You mean a similar fix is required for radeon?09:05
alf__duflu: yes, it's a dmabuf issue affecting both nouveau and radeon09:06
duflualf__: OK. I just gave up trying 3.11 on radeon due to strange errors. I'll have to go back to it09:06
alf__duflu: what problems do you get with 3.11?09:11
duflualf__: I saw odd Mesa/kernel errors and then full system hang. But that was raring + 3.11 kernel. I will try saucy daily image now...09:13
dufluIt's difficult when I can't upgrade this machine to saucy yet, and it's the only one I can put video cards in09:13
alf__duflu: why can't you upgrade?09:14
duflualf__: It's my "stable" server/desktop09:14
alf__duflu: perhaps have an partition for unstable installations?09:15
duflualf__: Perhaps. But that's a last resort09:16
alf__duflu: btw, I have a radeon, so if you want me to try something with saucy + 3.11 I would be happy to09:17
duflualf__: If I need help, I'll let you know thanks. I'll live-boot saucy for the rest of the day...09:17
alf__duflu: ok09:18
dufluWow, kernel 3.10.6 is either impressive or a little broken for me...09:22
duflu909115392 bytes (909 MB) copied, 1.3706 s, 663 MB/s09:22
duflu(that's to an old USB stick)09:22
* duflu goes offline testing hardware and kernels for a while09:23
mlankhorstoh btw about radeon...09:24
ubot5bugzilla.kernel.org bug 60674 in Video(DRI - non Intel) "linux 3.10.x RV740 (Radeon HD 4770) display problem" [Blocking,New]09:25
* smartboyhw doesn't understand why duflu is using a 3.10.6 kernel09:26
smartboyhw3.10.7 just released...09:26
duflualf__, the latest saucy live images seem to refuse to boot... something I noticed on another machine last night. And I can't go back to alpha-2 (only available for non-Unity flavors) because that's too old to have the right kernel. So if you could do some manual radeon testing, please do... lp:~vanvugt/mir/bypass10:11
alf__duflu: ok, so anything in particular I should try out?10:11
duflualf__: Any fullscreen hardware surface (eglplasma or egltriangle -f)10:12
alf__duflu: ok10:12
duflualf__, thanks. I will continue trying to find a newish saucy iso that works10:12
dufluAnd with that, I should organize dinner10:16
RAOFolli: Good morning11:00
katiehi tvoss_11:00
tvoss_katie, hey, I have been double booked :/ cannot miss the other meeting unfortunately11:00
katietvoss_, ok, can we re-schedule11:01
tvoss_katie, for sure, today?11:02
RAOFjammy: Hello11:03
katietvoss_, i can do half an hour from now, or else tomorrow is better for me11:03
jammyraof: hello11:03
tvoss_jammy, hey11:03
tvoss_katie, tomorrow then11:04
katieok, i'll put something in the calendar :)11:04
jammytvoss_: hi, nice to talk to your guys again :)11:04
tvoss_apt-cache policy unity-system-compositor11:27
tvoss_  Installed: 0.0.1+13.10.20130813.1-0ubuntu111:27
tvoss_  Candidate: 0.0.1+13.10.20130813.1-0ubuntu111:27
tvoss_  Version table:11:27
tvoss_ *** 0.0.1+13.10.20130813.1-0ubuntu1 011:27
tvoss_        500 http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ saucy/universe amd64 Packages11:27
tvoss_        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status11:27
tvoss_tvoss@x220:~/.phoronix-test-suite/test-results$ apt-cache policy libmirserver111:27
tvoss_  Installed: 0.0.9+13.10.20130813-0ubuntu111:27
tvoss_  Candidate: 0.0.9+13.10.20130813-0ubuntu111:27
tvoss_  Version table:11:27
tvoss_     0.0.9+13.10.20130813-0ubuntu1 011:27
tvoss_        500 http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ saucy/main amd64 Packages11:27
tvoss_ *** 0.0.9+13.10.20130813-0ubuntu1 011:27
tvoss_        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status11:27
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mterryracarr, heyo!  Got a sec to talk about mir sessions in u-s-c?  I'm testing on my nexus4 and the_shell_session_container() seems empty (yet mir/lightdm/u-s-c seem to be up and I see things on the screen).  What populates that list?  (seems to be sessionmediator in mir, but not sure what calls its connect() method)16:28
alan_gBRB - I've broken VT switching, need to restart some stuff16:40
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racarrmterry: the protobuf_message_processor17:25
racarrbut if things are working the session container is almost certainly being filled17:26
racarryou could check for open session, etc, well "connct" with17:26
racarrperhaps, you are getting the_shell_session_container in a weird way17:26
racarri.e. if you just store the CAchedPtr return value17:26
racarrwell, you need to hold17:26
racarra strong reference to it17:26
racarror you might end up with two17:26
mterryI got disconnected, resending in case I was already timed out...18:27
mterry<mterry> racarr, sorry, was away for lunch18:27
mterry<mterry> racarr, it seems that it's filled from platform-api.  So apps themselves might fill it...  but I think the shell/greeter aren't.   Not sure if they should or even if I'm reading the situation right18:27
racarrmterry: Ah ok18:28
racarrit's filled from the RPC layer as basically18:28
racarrthe session is like connection or something18:28
racarrthere is no session for shell/greeter surfaces.18:28
racarri.e. inprocess18:29
mterryracarr, but don't they act as a client for the u-s-c?  I'd think they'd call mir_connect to connect to the system mir18:29
racarrno, so18:30
racarrwe don't have nested mir at the moment, but lets say we did and then18:30
racarrthere is USC, which iwll jjust hve one session18:30
racarr"session mir"18:30
racarrand the session mir has application sessions, and shell surfaces, etc.18:30
racarrin the session mir18:30
racarrthe shell surfaces, are all inprocess clients18:30
racarrso there is no mir_connect, and no session18:30
racarrthere could be a session of some sort invented I guess. haven't come up with a usecase/sensible way to do it so far18:31
mterryracarr, shell surfaces are inprocess clients to what?  To their own mir servers?  But aren't they also clients to the u-s-c?  So they'd do a mir_connect to it, I would have thought.  I guess I'm missing how u-s-c views the shell surface, if it doesn't think of them as a client session...18:35
racarrmterry: u-s-c never sees shell surfaces18:35
racarru-s-c just sees18:35
racarrgreeter, maybe bootsplash and stuff like that, and one surface18:36
racarrfor each user session18:36
mterryracarr, ok, sorry.  I guess when I said 'shell surface' I meant user session surface18:36
racarroh ok like the whole18:36
mterryracarr, so greeter/user should be registered as sessions in u-s-c, right?18:36
racarrshould be in the_session_container yeah18:36
racarrbut, we don't have nested mir at the moment so you couldn't actually do that right?18:37
mterryOK, I'm not seeing that now.  So somewhere that's being messed up (and may be my own patches...)18:37
mterryracarr, we don't have nested mir?18:37
mterryracarr, how is u-s-c supposed to work then?18:37
mterryjust xmir?18:37
racarryep just xmir18:37
racarrnested mir is still in progress18:37
racarrsome parts of it started to land18:37
mterryracarr, ok.  So maybe I'm still getting ahead of myself.  :(   /me is eager to try to test whole system integration with a split greeter on phone18:38
racarryou could use little Qt apps that display a picture as fake session clients of u-s-c18:39
racarrto get things going18:39
racarrit just wont be as satisfying lol18:39
mterryracarr, well, I'm actually able to get the greeter and shell to be run by lightdm18:39
mterryracarr, but they don't seem to talk to u-s-c at all, and I can't switch between them18:39
racarrI don't know what exactly is going on byt my guess is its just18:40
racarrtwo entirey seperate mir servers18:40
bschaeferhmm there seems to be a recent memory leak in: mir_connection_create_display_config19:58
bschaeferas the eglapp is calling the correct destroy function as well...so it appears to be mir hanging on to something?20:00
bschaeferfound the leak :)20:13
bschaeferwhen anyone has time: https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/mir/clean-up-config-cards/+merge/18041320:15
jonoolli, which BP tracks the composite bypass work?21:07
jonotvoss_, olli, http://www.jonobacon.org/2013/08/15/mir-update-and-testing-mir-in-ubuntu-13-10/21:53
tvoss_jono, thx21:57
jonohttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/GPUTesting is growing :-)21:58
racarroh wow!21:58
arssonyou could add geforce gt420 to failure for now22:04
arssonbut when using propreitary graphics driver it fell back to X22:24

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