josepleia2: hey, a cross-post about the Ubuntu Server book would be suitable for the fridge?01:36
pleia2jose: sure03:41
joseok, I'll do it in a while then :)03:41
pleia2thanks :)03:43
pleia2jose: you'll probably want to use the ml2fridge script in ~uwn03:44
josethat's what I was thinking about :)03:44
josethank you!03:44
pleia2sure, lmk if you have trouble03:44
josepleia2: the script needs Text/Unicode.pm but I can't cpan Text::Unicode03:48
pleia2jose: getting an error, or..?03:50
josedoesn't exist, it says03:50
* pleia2 has a look03:51
pleia2not Unicode03:52
pleia2^^ ubuntu package03:52
joseoh, great thanks!03:52
pleia2I prefer packages over cpan when possible03:52
joseI usually do cpan as I just replace the / by :: and that's it, no package searching :P03:53
pleia2I don't really take time to manage cpan, so things just end up being a mess03:53
pleia2packages on ubuntu just take care of themselves along with everything else03:53
josepleia2: btw, looks like I've still got the editor status, not admin anymore04:00
pleia2I didn't change anything, let me see04:01
pleia2hmm, actually I can't see users at all04:02
pleia2looks like I lost admin too04:02
pleia2are you still able to post?04:03
pleia2should be able to with editor04:04
pleia2I'll submit a ticket04:04
joseyeah, I can publish :)04:06
josepleia2: there's a little thing I don't understand. Jorge mentions "a list 'shown in this page'" on the email, but there's no link or whatever. What should I link to?04:09
* pleia2 looks at the email04:10
pleia2I'd just drop (shown on this page)04:10
joseok, cool04:11
pleia2there used to be a LoCoTeamsList wiki page that was never kept up to date and was long ago redirected to loco.ubuntu.com/teams/04:12
pleia2the former did least team leads, the current page doesn't get that specific04:12
josehmm, maybe it'd be interesting to get that feature in the loco portal04:13
joseI'll file a wishlist bug :)04:13
pleia2I need to take a break, bbiab (or tomorrow :))04:16
joseok, talk to you then!04:16
jose(article is published)04:16
dholbachgood morning07:15
=== dholbach__ is now known as dholbach
pleia2"We've been tightening up access to all our systems following the forums incident.  Chances are we'll just re-enable your admin account, but I'll have to check."13:45
pleia2"chances are?" seriously?13:45
pleia2I sure hope so, I can't do my job here if canonical keeps my access revoked13:45
pleia2not pleased13:46
pleia2I understand their need to tighten things down, but I *am* using openid already and they DIDN'T EVEN TELL US13:46
pleia2(for those of you who weren't here last night, I lost my admin access on fridge.ubuntu.com)13:47
Unit193Lovely... 0_o18:20
josepleia2: I feel the same as you, let's hope this gets solved asap :)23:27
josepleia2: I'm thinking, the fact that we're getting only-openid auth will make some scripts useless23:47
pleia2jose: not useless, just less automatic until I finish rewriting them23:48
pleia2elizabeth@coruscant:~$ task add rewrite fridge scripts to use openid auth23:48
pleia2Created task 26.23:48
pleia2^^ earlier today ;)23:48
joseoh, didn't think that could be done :)23:48
pleia2in the meantime we can have them spit out the fridge html to stdout and we copy it in23:48
pleia2I haven't looked closely at it, but I'm sure there are openid modules for perl23:49
joseI hope so23:49
josemaybe the 2fa key may be added as a variable23:49
pleia2some warning that they were doing this sure would have been nice, not thrilled about having to make time for this23:49
pleia2just surprise! you're kicked out23:49
pleia2it's terribly demotivating23:50
joseyeah, when I got home today I ran to uonair to check if we had the same23:50

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