ubuntuissuesIs anyone familiar with data recovery on potential high-loss system?00:29
ubuntuissuesRight now, it seems that the OS, /home and three storage drives are corrupt.00:29
ubuntuissuesWhich total about 3+TB00:29
sarnoldubuntuissues: no backups, hunh?00:33
sarnoldubuntuissues: I've used autopsy / The Sleuth Kit before with good success00:33
ubuntuissuesI did have backups, but, for a home-use server, the backups were on second drive in the same machine.00:34
ubuntuissuesThat second drive is also hosed.00:34
ubuntuissuesOr gone00:34
ubuntuissuescorrupt, either way, I don't have access to the backup because it is experiencing the same issue.00:34
ubuntuissuesEven the / drive was on RAID 100:35
ubuntuissuesThe testdisk log shows this, which is why I am concerned: http://pastebin.com/1gTBcuaQ00:39
bradmubuntuissues: you didn't have backups then if it was on the same machine, sorry.00:42
ubuntuissuesI mean, I understand that mentality of backups,  but, when you are a student and money is hard to come by, the best option that I had was to backup one set of drives was into another set of drives in the same machine.00:45
sarnoldthat'll help against accidental rm -rf but not fire, theft, or some power anomaly that destroys all the drives in one go.. uesful but not perfect.00:46
sarnold(I have a second drive in my laptop for backups; it'd suffer the same fate as yours, and doing something better has been on my todo list for a while..)00:46
ubuntuissuessarnold, can the software you mentioned above be run on the ubuntu live cd?00:49
ubuntuissuesI guess a better question, is it a downloadable package on the ubuntu live cd00:49
sarnoldubuntuissues: I believe it should run fine from the live cd after downloading and installing00:50
ubuntuissuesSorry sarnold but something is failing me, because I don't see how this is installing. I do have to ./configure, don't I?00:56
sarnoldubuntuissues: I'd just expect apt-get install autopsy ; autopsy  -- then you'd need to aim a web browser at the port it opens00:59
ubuntuissuesBecause right now, I seem to be getting errors on make: http://pastebin.com/ThiRQZXi00:59
ubuntuissuesOh... well, that would be cause number one.01:00
ubuntuissuesNevermind then.01:00
ubuntuissuesSorry, I was going through the process of manually installing it. Anyways, installing it from the apt-get, it brings me back a message to go to http://localhost:9999/autopsy, except when I do that I get: Unable to connect  Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at
sarnoldubuntuissues: you may need to run the autopsy program with arguments, and probably have to run it as root.. it's been a few years since I've used it.01:03
ubuntuissuesYeah, sorry, I just need to slow down. I am really uptight, anxious and frustrated that this happened right now.01:03
ubuntuissuesWhat would be the proper way to dd the disk so that I can work with a dd'ed copy rather then the actual hard drive?01:07
knnl4110Hi all. Anyone know why I can't select "Enable PAE/NX" in the VirtaulBox?01:40
sarnoldknnl4110: it would depend upon your CPU to provide the feature; the feature may not be available to VMs unless you've also got the correct VT extensions on the CPU..01:44
knnl4110thanks sarnold . Any way for me to check that stuff?01:45
sarnoldknnl4110: /proc/cpuinfo has the flags..01:47
knnl4110I tried "VBoxManage modifyvm UBUNTU_ALFRESCO --pae on" and got no errors in Terminal, but still didn't work in VB01:47
sarnoldknnl4110: .. and this page has (too many :) details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VT-d01:47
knnl4110sarnold: thanks. if I dont see PAE in the flags in /proc/cpuinfo, i'm out of luck?01:48
knnl4110I'm not sure what I'm looking for on the wikipedia page, unfortunately.01:50
sarnoldknnl4110: probably yes :( what does the "address sizes" line look like?01:50
knnl411032 bits physical, 32 bits virtual01:51
sarnoldknnl4110: yeah, no PAE there. :/01:51
sarnoldknnl4110: how about the cpuflags "vmx" or "svm"?01:51
knnl4110sarnold: I don't see either of those :(01:52
knnl4110thanks for the help. I just didn't want to have two laptops out. Oh well. Thanks for the01:52
sarnoldknnl4110: have fun :) sorry for the bad news..01:53
knnl4110sarnold: it's ok. I'll get it up and running one day. Cheers again01:53
LargePrimemy server just stopped acceppting my ssh connections01:59
LargePrimeplease help02:03
LargePrimesarnold:  are you free?02:13
LargePrimeMy SSH has stopped responding02:14
LargePrimeit is killing my net connection02:14
LargePrimeanyone please?02:19
freeflyingwondering if we have vlan pulled into 13.10 server iso02:19
mardraumfreeflying: you can use /sbin/ip instead, in case you didn't know eg "ip link add link eth0 name eth0.1 type vlan id 1"02:48
freeflyingmardraum: yep, I know that, but thought vconfig might be a little bit straightforward02:55
LargePrimeso apparently i blocked ssh access to my server03:34
LargePrimeany idea on where to look to undo his blocked port?03:39
LargePrimeso i am in rescue mode03:48
LargePrimeI have a ssh session03:49
virusuyuhmm , is sshd runnig ?03:52
LargePrimein a funny way ya.  ovh has a emergency mode04:07
LargePrimevirusuy: but i cant figgure how to mount my disks to even look at why port 22 is blocked in a normal boot04:07
LargePrimesorry i did not get right back to you.  I was googling04:09
LargePrimeso i am horriably desperate.  any help please?04:12
LargePrimeok so i think i got my drives mounted in rescue mode04:17
LargePrimeany idea what i messed up in iptables to block 2204:17
Ben64LargePrime: what did you do04:21
LargePrimei was bad04:21
LargePrimeI have no idea04:22
LargePrimethe server just stopped respoinding to ssh04:22
Ben64you should really know what you're doing and what you did04:23
Ben64especially on a server04:23
LargePrimei think i did iptables -A INPUT -s spammeraddress -j DROP04:24
LargePrimethen it went to shit04:24
Ben64pastebin the output of iptables -L04:25
LargePrimeyou understand i am on a rescumode session04:25
LargePrimenot the actual server04:25
LargePrimei can only view the files of the real server04:26
LargePrimei cant run them.04:26
LargePrimeinfact i seem to not even be able to mount my disks04:29
LargePrimewait no, i found them04:29
LargePrimei have an iptables.rules files i saved just before all this happened?04:30
Ben64i don't think iptables rules even carry over after reboot04:35
LargePrimeplease help04:35
LargePrimethats what i thought04:35
LargePrimebut port 22 had nothing listening04:35
LargePrimeafter the reboot still nothing04:35
LargePrimesee i was looking how to permently block a set of ips04:36
LargePrimeand then port 22 shut down04:36
Ben64is the rest of the server working04:44
LargePrimerebooting now04:46
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LargePrimeok so hosts.deny is giving ssh issues05:04
LargePrimeok so i got it05:37
LargePrimeI added a few ips to hosts.deny05:38
LargePrimeapparently incorrectly05:38
LargePrimeedited them out and the server is up05:38
LargePrimei feel kinda grown up05:38
LargePrimefixed it mostly myself05:38
LargePrimeBen64:  you still have a little time?05:39
LargePrimeyour thoughts on blocking ips for my server?05:40
LargePrimelike a link or something to googl05:40
LargePrimeI was adding to iptables05:41
Ben64fail2ban ?05:41
LargePrimebut reboot removes that05:41
LargePrimeI like it05:43
Ben64yeah, doesn't require much if any hands on work05:44
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SpamapSDaviey: do they still let you on IRC?07:33
SpamapSDaviey: I'd have thought by now you'd be locked up or something. :)07:33
stgraberhallyn_: hi, sorry I was out for the day. I'm fine with those two changes in staging, user-nic is indeed not used so that's fine and we wanted the cgroup fixes07:34
DavieySpamapS: I feel the need to be locked up, fwiw :)07:55
DavieySpamapS: Do they still not let you sleep?07:55
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jamespagemorning all08:10
jamespagezul, I disabled the glance tests again - its still trying to run the functional tests which fail and consume stupid amounts of resources!08:30
stgraberhallyn_: managed to get LXC to build on Android again!09:04
jamespagezul, Daviey: can I get a review on https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/neutron/august-fixes/+merge/180303 please09:18
jamespagezul, Daviey, adam_g: review please - https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/keystone/testing-refactoring/+merge/18030509:50
moldywhere can i find complete documentation of the /etc/network/interfaces file? the manpage is obviously incomplete09:52
Davieyjamespage: looking09:53
jamespageDaviey, thanks09:53
Davieyjamespage: i did not know upstream dropped neutron-dhcp-agent-dnsmasq-lease-update. Interesting09:54
rbasakmoldy: various packages extend the functionality of /etc/network/interfaces with their own keywords. I'm not sure there's a summary of them all. wpasupplicant, bridge-utils and ifenslave-2.6 a few examples09:54
moldyrbasak: ok, thanks09:55
moldysomehwat related question: entering ``domain mydomain`` into resolv.conf, vim highlights this as an error -- is it one?09:56
Davieyjamespage: Why the move to patch test-overrides, rather than carrying our own now?09:57
jamespageDaviey, makes things more inline with what we do elsewhere and ensures that if the upstream overrides configuration file changes, then we notice :-)09:58
DavieyI am supportive of that!  Thanks :)09:58
jamespageDaviey, https://github.com/openstack/neutron/commit/e7acc15571bc6f1e837afaab3ae13a9233036d4e09:59
Davieyjamespage: Aproved both, not merged.09:59
jamespageDaviey, thanks!10:01
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linuxabcDoes anyone have experience with this thin client? http://www.parkytowers.me.uk/thin/Igel/2100/IgelLinux.shtml11:08
greppytinycore?  it's not a bad little distro if you need something tiny.11:48
zuljamespage:  ack...can you review https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/heat/refresh-aug14/+merge/18015011:52
jamespagezul, +112:04
jamespagezul, looking at the ceilometer test failures now12:04
zulDaviey:  can you reject oslo.messaging i have to tweak it12:10
linuxabcThank you!12:14
Davieyroaksoax: I accepted dlm, but i'd be happier if you provided a way to reliably reproduce the orig tarball... debian/watch or get-orig-source (or both) and dep3 patches headers for the 3 new patches... perhaps on a future upload?12:21
jamespagezul, keystoneclient trunk needs an unpackaged dep - httpretty12:22
jamespageits for testing only12:22
zulhttpretty? really?12:22
zuljamespage:  *sigh* 3 of the deps needed for httpretty is not in the archive12:29
jamespagezul, great!12:29
sorenOMG, python-sure looks horrible.12:29
zuljamespage: i hope that was sarcasm12:29
jamespagezul, ;-)12:29
jamespagesure was12:29
zulsoren: dont....say.....that12:29
jamespagezul, OK - lets be pragmatic12:29
jamespagethis is for trunk of keystoneclient12:29
jamespagehow likely are we to need another release of keystoneclient prior to havana?12:30
sorensrsly. It hacks every single object's __dict__ to allow you to do shit like (3).should.be.equal(3).12:30
sorenAnd only works on CPython.12:30
zuljamespage:  unfrontunately im not sure because clients dont have a regular release cycle, its whenever there is a feature of a bug that needs to be fixed12:31
zulDaviey:  btw can you have a look at oslo.messaging again12:33
Davieyzul: In about 1hr i will.12:34
zuljamespage:  is the httpretty stuff only being used by one test, if so why not skip it12:50
Davieyzul: Looking at it, i am inclined to agree that the expectation to package that and it's deps, MIR it all.. is all pretty OOT for a single unit test.  jamespage, agree?12:59
hallyn_stgraber: cool. i did remove strdupa from cgroup.c to help that :)13:00
zulDaviey:  oslo.messaging?13:00
zulDaviey:  or httpretty?13:00
Davieyzul: httpretty13:00
zulDaviey: i was thinking of skipping the test and waiting for zigo to catch up and then when its in the archive re-enable it and do the MIR13:01
Davieyzul: Well that doesn't solve the MIR problem.. :)13:04
zulDaviey: sure it puts it off :)13:04
hallyn_ahs3: will you be able to push the netcf fix today?13:06
Pinkamena_Dmy server has been working fine for about two years but crashed yesterday and wont boot up today. POST goes fine but then I just get a blinking cursor forever.13:11
Pinkamena_DThe blinking cursor can not be bypassed by holding shift during boot, or pressing the alt Fkeys13:11
Pinkamena_Dany other cause of this?13:12
roaksoaxDaviey: awesome! thanks. will take care of that13:12
jamespagezul, I'm going to disable the unit testing in ceilometer for the time being13:13
zuljamespage:  ack13:13
jamespagezul, I'll talk with upstream to see if it feasible to skip any tests that required mongodb based on the connection env var not being set13:13
Davieyjamespage: why all testing, can we not be more selective ?13:15
jamespageDaviey, well I've spent 3 hours trying to be more selected13:15
Davieyoh, fair enough.13:15
jamespagelaw of dimishing returns and all that13:15
DavieyFor the time being, if we make sure the uploader runs the unit tests prior to uploading - i think that is a reasonable compromise, until we have something more graceful13:16
Davieyzul: oslo.messaging is ok, but please fix the debian/watch file (typo of -, rather than . near the end).. and also I wanted to ask how close to py3 compat it has?13:33
zulDaviey:  its not its depends on eventlet so when that goes away i can fix it up13:36
zulthanks btw ;)13:36
Davieyzul: bug 121268413:41
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1212684 in oslo.messaging "debian/watch has a typo" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121268413:41
zulDaviey:  thanks13:41
ChocoboDoes anyone know if cloudinit has it's own channel?13:43
hallyn_stgraber: oh, on the core_pattern patch, might have helped to cc: akpm or linus directly13:43
Chocoboaahhh, it has a -13:43
hallyn_stgraber: linus doesn't read the list.  akpm does, but i suspect heavily limits based on senders he recognizes13:44
hallyn_i'll reply, cc:ing akpm13:44
Davieyzul: the irony is that i made a typo in the bug title :)13:44
stgraberhallyn_: ok, thanks13:45
zulDaviey: hehe13:45
DavieyChocobo: #cloud-init, but you often get success here.13:45
zulDaviey:  i have to send a patch as well13:45
ChocoboDaviey: ok, thanks.13:45
ChocoboHow would I go about setting root's password to something random, and expire it (only one time).  I am looking in the documentation and I see "password: passw0rd" but I don't know how you tell it which users password to set.13:46
DavieyChocobo: I answered in the other channel, untried.13:53
ahs3hallyn_: dunno about today -- does netcf need to?14:04
hallyn_ahs3: well it's a bad memory leak, but people will only really hit it if they ahve virt-manager up14:05
ahs3hallyn_: okey dokey.  i'll see if it can sneak it in.14:06
hallyn_ahs3: thanks14:07
hallyn_ahs3: (please let me know if you just dont' have time)14:07
hallyn_stgraber: will you ahve a chance to review patch 7/8 in Christian's attach patchset?14:16
stgraberhallyn_: maybe on the place on Tuesday, I doubt I'll have much lxc time before that14:18
hallyn_stgraber: ok, in that case i'll take one more close look and apply it with the rest of the set, but please do still review it and we can ask for changes next week if needed.14:18
jamespagezul, do you think you can persuade upstream not to use httpretty?14:20
zuljamespage:  possibly14:20
hallyn_stgraber: apparently i broke lxc in the ppa though.  how, i'm not sure.14:26
stgraberhallyn_: ah? my laptop still seems fine, though I'm not sure whether I actually started any container today or just used existing ones.14:28
hallyn_stgraber: well the ubuntu template seems to have forgotten about the --rootfs options14:28
hallyn_oh no.  lxc-templates didn't get installed from ppa14:30
stgraberhallyn_: ah yeah, that happens when i386 takes longer to build than amd6414:31
stgraberas lxc-templates is our only arch:all package14:31
hallyn_stgraber: but then...  why wouldn't the previous version still be in the ppa?  the old version gets deleted first?14:34
hallyn_stgraber: phew, that's a relief.  i didn't break it :)14:34
Pinkamena_DHello, I was here about an hour ago asking about a failed boot, I just had to commute to work... I am wondering what would cause this. My server had been running fine for a very long time, no new software installed anytime recently. First, it froze completely and had to be rebooted, now it POST's correctly but after It tried to boot the ubuntu server hard drive, its just a blinking cursor14:35
stgraberhallyn_: cool :)14:36
Pinkamena_Dthis is ubunu server 11.1014:36
Pinkamena_DI am sorry about the spelling, just not used to this keyboard.14:36
Pinkamena_DIs there some key I can hold which will allow me to boot into a failsafe mode? holding shift did not work14:37
patdk-wkholding shift doesn't boot into failsafe14:38
patdk-wkit just takes you to the grub menu, where you can select to boot to failsafe14:38
patdk-wkif shift doesn't work, you are using old grub, use control instead14:38
patdk-wkya, 11.10 is old grub14:39
Pinkamena_Dwell, in the past I have used shift to delete quiet splash and put nomodeset14:40
Pinkamena_Dso grub may have been updraded along the way14:41
patdk-wkmaybe, can't remember exactly when, but thought it was in 12.04, but maybe it was in one of the prereleases14:45
kami`Hello. Does one really need 10 servers to install OpenStack or is it possible to create a all-in-one installation on one (4 HexaCore CPU, 94 GB RAM, 7TB HDD) server?15:16
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FunnyLookinHatkami, http://devstack.org/15:43
FunnyLookinHatI've setup test environments using that on a single box that have Compute / Object-Store / Etc.15:43
kamiFunnyLookinHat: thank you, but IIUC, that config is not suitable for production use, security-wise15:44
FunnyLookinHatkami, Oh you want production ? hmm15:44
FunnyLookinHatkami, I'd ask in #openstack - but my guess is that they will tell you there is no "good" production way to run a single-server OpenStack instance15:45
kamiFunnyLookinHat: will try there, thank you.15:46
FunnyLookinHatkami, Also - I'd be interested to know how it fails in terms of Security.15:46
FunnyLookinHatAs far as I can tell, if you use good password practice it'll work... but I can tell you that it slows down if you spin up / remove around 20-30 servers...  resources seem to just go missing15:46
n1rvanaGreetings.  I'm a linux noob.  What's a the standard way to restart a process if it dies? (EG: automatically, assuming I'm not around to see it.)  The process in question is an erlang VM running my app.15:59
hallyn_github, come back :(16:17
FunnyLookinHatn1rvana, If you were to use upstart I believe you add respawn16:24
n1rvanaFunnyLookInHat - thanks, hadn't heard of that before will look into it.16:26
FunnyLookinHatn1rvana, Yeah - upstart is the best way to manage services in Ubuntu .  Here's what a script might look like: http://hastebin.com/fubajesuca.sql16:26
FunnyLookinHatn1rvana, It's handy too - once you've set it up, you can just run something like: sudo service myapp start to get it running, or you can configure it to run automatically ( like in the above ) when certain conditions are met16:27
n1rvanaFunnyLookInHat Excellent.  I assume this works for user-space processes, so I won't need to start it as root, and it will restart it when/if it dies.  I'll go learn about it now.  Thanks, looks like you provided just what I needed.16:35
FunnyLookinHatYeah absolutely - good luck!16:36
roaksoaxMadkiss: newer pacemaker FTBFS in ubuntu: cp: cannot stat 'debian/tmp/usr/lib/lcrso/pacemaker.lcrso': No such file or directory16:40
roaksoaxdh_install: cp -a debian/tmp/usr/lib/lcrso/pacemaker.lcrso debian/pacemaker//usr/lib/lcrso/ returned exit code 116:40
smbzul, Before you start looking at libvirt merge, check your inbox16:44
zulsmb:  arrrgh16:44
zulsmb:  i was just bugged about it..16:44
smbzul, It might be just two add-on patches16:44
smbzul, I know :)16:44
keithzgHmmm. Trying to upgrade an ANCIENT server I've inherited; it's running Jaunty! Attempting the first stage, bringing it up to Karmic, via https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Upgrades#Upgrades_via_alternate_CD, but it's claiming "The package 'update-manager' is marked for removal but it is in the removal blacklist".17:08
keithzgHmmph, I've pointed /etc/update-manager/meta-release towards a local copy that doesn't have anything after Karmic listed, but do-release-upgrade still tries to get Lucid and then complains that that isn't supported.17:27
sarnoldhrm, I think we're still doing lucid support for another 1.5 years :)17:28
sarnolddunno how you explain that to a program, but..17:29
keithzgYeah, sadly "An upgrade from 'jaunty' to 'lucid' is not supported with this tool." And then the alternate CD method fails with what looks like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/572634 (although it's update-manager, and it's jaunty to karmic)17:38
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 572634 in update-manager "Offline upgrade from Karmic to Lucid using the alternate CD: The package 'update-manager-kde' is marked for removal but it's in the removal blacklist" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:38
sarnoldkeithzg: try to force dist-upgrade into doing the job?17:39
smoserutlemming, ping17:40
smoserfor https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/121272317:40
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1212723 in cloud-init "cloud-init fails to set user password on Windows Azure" [Undecided,Fix committed]17:40
smoserdo you consider it bug / regression if user who set password has passwordless sudo17:40
smoseron azure17:40
smosercurrently with the fix i just put in place, that is the case. user set up always has passwordless sudo unless changed via cloud-config.17:41
smoseron azure via walinuxagent, if a password is set, they get password sudo17:41
utlemmingsmoser: er, I would have to do some thinking on that...but my first blush is no.17:41
smoseri'm not sure how i feel about it.17:42
utlemmingsmoser: if you can SSH with the password, then it stands to reason that you have the password, so requiring it for sudo doesn't really buy you anything17:42
smoserwell, you can't even necessarily shs in with the password17:43
smoserunless you *also* enable password auth17:43
smoseror rather disable disablepasswordauth17:43
utlemmingbut for azure, if you don't have a public key then you have a password with disables disablepasswdauth17:43
utlemmingI am inclined to say that the fix you put in place feels right17:44
patdk-wkthis fix: https://gist.github.com/aras-p/622495117:52
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keithzgsarnold: Trying dist-upgrade, seems working fairly well so far; brings back memories ;)17:54
sarnoldkeithzg: hehe, yeah :)17:57
sarnoldkeithzg: I once installed a machine from an old debian disc I had laying around, dist-upgraded to old-stable, dist-upgraded to stable, dist-upgraded to unstable, and then proceeded to have 1000-odd day uptime on the thing. :)17:58
sarnold(all those dist-upgrades on the same day, obviously)17:58
keithzgsarnold: haha, nicely done17:58
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zulhallyn_:  its perklating here https://launchpad.net/~zulcss/+archive/libvirt18:57
hallyn_zul: ok, thx19:14
smoserutlemming, can you verify on precise20:05
smoseri thikn that with the currently proposed cloud-init version password will still be ste correctly on precise20:06
smoserie, the backport has always been correct20:06
jamesh3Hello everyone - Ubuntu Edge campaign is about 39k off crowdfunding record - Canonical needs your help now http://igg.me/at/ubuntuedge/x/404030820:29
Madkissroaksoax: the plugin is mostly gone.20:36
RoyKjamesh3: it probably won't succeed20:36
Madkissroaksoax: it's unsupported by upstream in 1.1.10+git i think.20:36
Madkissand it should be deleted from the packages.20:36
Madkissroaksoax: I gotta get some rest now, I am scheduled for a flight to SFO tomorrow. Can you send me an email so i can answer synchronously?20:37
roaksoaxMadkiss: yeah thats what i figured20:37
roaksoaxMadkiss: will do eill fordward youloll some patchrs20:37
roaksoaxand dlms pacakging20:37
Madkissget your cat off your keyboard.20:38
Madkissyour typing is not purrfect.20:38
Madkissgn8, ttyl20:38
jamesh3RoyK: its worth seeing what happens when the record is broken though - and you never know what might happen when mainstream media are all over the story (after record is broken).20:40
RoyKjamesh3: didn't mean the record - the amount20:41
hallyn_zul: test is off and running21:35
zulhallyn_:  ack21:36
hallyn_hm, zul is gone22:01
sarnoldhallyn_: zul has returned22:23
zulhallyn_:  sorry shitty wireless22:23
hallyn_zul: oh.  i had 4 failures from libvirt 1.1.0,22:25
hallyn_i'm re-trying with saucy libvirt to see if it's new or not22:25
zulhallyn_: ?22:25
hallyn_zul: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5990744/22:25
hallyn_zul: i'm heading out for awhile, will let you know how the retest goes.22:26
* hallyn_ out22:26
zulhallyn_:  ack22:26
markthomas_Hey, everyone.  I've been doing some reading on kernel parameters, and I've seen reference to rootdelay and bootdelay.  I think I get what rootdelay is, but what is bootdelay?23:07
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sarnoldmarkthomas: boot_delay?23:12
markthomassarnold: not from what I've read.23:17
sarnoldmarkthomas: the Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt I've got mentions a boot_delay but no bootdelay23:19
markthomassarnold: is the boot_delay the grub timeout, or something else?23:30
sarnoldmarkthomas: boot_delay describes how long to delay printk statements during early boot23:31
markthomassarnold: Hmm.  Okay.23:31
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