RobbyFI found rotation in terminal can be painfully slow00:28
mattwj2002hi guys00:31
mattwj2002how is the ubuntu phone system coming along?00:31
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bkerensaWhat is being used to currently do Ubuntu Touch image builds?05:22
freeflyingdholbach: can I adb remount && adb shell then apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade to keep the phone updated?07:20
dholbachgood morning07:22
dholbachfreeflying, for the time being I think so, but I'm not sure how that's going to work with the image-based updates07:23
freeflyingdholbach: thanks :)07:28
ogra_it isnt, apt is disabled on them07:28
ogra_but there is a developer mode that enables apt (which is a permanent change though, image updates will be disabled then)07:29
freeflyingogra_: can I update through system-settings now07:30
ogra_i'm not sure how far that is already07:31
ogra_(and i'm personally not running system images yet)07:31
ogra_you can definitely upgrade them from commandline07:32
freeflyingby using the builtin terminal or via adb shell, guess they're the same approach07:34
freeflyingwhich command shall I run, btw07:35
ogra_though thats not the default yet (as you can see07:37
ogra_with the default you need to regulary re-flash (all data in the homedir is persistent and kept over re-flashes)07:38
ogra_if you want to be on the safe side ...07:38
ogra_or use apt if you are brave ... but there is always the risk that you mess it up (parts of some libs live in android and are not packaged, changes to them require both sides to be upgraded)07:39
freeflyingit'll be fine, I use it for fun, not for daily using07:39
freeflyingogra_: I did use apt over the past couple of days, so far its running ok07:40
ogra_yeah, for daily usage the regular re-flash would be the only safe thing ... if you can bear that it might break use apt :)07:40
ogra_watch out for libhybris and platform-api07:40
ogra_if either of them is in the upgrade you most likely want to flash an update07:40
freeflyingtrying with system-image-cli now07:41
Mirvogra_: hi. I wonder if (in absence of didrocks and seb128) you as a core dev could approve tvoss' packaging change so that I could publish it? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5987618/07:43
seb128Mirv, +107:43
Mirvseb128: shouldn't you be having holiday as well? :) thanks07:44
ogra_Mirv, looks fine07:44
Mirvogra_: thanks07:44
ogra_(i assume this has been testbuilt before ?)07:44
Mirvogra_: yes, it's via the normal cu2d system, so built and tests run, we just have a deal that a core dev must +1 in case of packaging changes07:45
ogra_ah, k07:45
Mirvnow just France and many other places have holiday today07:45
ogra_right, well, just go ahead07:46
Mirvdid so, that unblocks well actually everything probably (platform, sdk, unity, apps) that was waiting07:47
Mirvwell apps and unity have another run ongoing, but possibly after that07:47
Mirvunity8 has some test failures since yesterday evening, have to look at those / file bugs07:49
seb128Mirv, yeah, I'm going to be off soon, I was just doing some email/IRC checking in the morning07:50
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juliankreuzcould i ask if i install ubuntu touch preview does it wip internal storage parition?08:04
juliankreuz*wipe sorry typo08:05
popeyjuliankreuz: it wipes the device08:05
evpopey: you cannot reproduce the whoopsie 100% CPU bug now, correct?08:05
popeyev: i tend to flash my phone daily, just about to flash it now, will let you know.08:05
evpopey: cheers08:05
juliankreuzok thank you08:06
evif you can reproduce it, there's a version of whoopsie on its way into the archive (0.2.22) that has an option I'd like you to test.08:06
evjust as a heads up :)08:06
ogra_i just released 14.1 as current btw08:07
popeyjust as I'm flashing --pending ☻08:07
ogra_(since there was one failure less)08:07
popey(which is 14.1) ☻08:07
ogra_well, yeah :)08:07
juliankreuzhi, also could i ask if there's any plans on bringing Ubuntu Touch Preview on Flo?08:10
popeyFlo? is that the new nexus 7?08:11
popeywe dont plan to, but anyone in the community could go ahead and port it08:11
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popeywe don't have any devices in the company making it hard ☻08:11
juliankreuzok, thanks for the answer. :)08:13
nhainesSo the good news is that I finally decided to try phablet-flash ubuntu-system to my Galaxy Nexus.08:18
nhainesIt even installed properly!  The bad news is that there's no display now.08:18
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popeyev: seems okay so far, been running for a while with autopilot tests running, rebooted a couple of times, no whoopsie08:33
evI'm assuming you mean no 100% CPU from whoopsie, rather than whoopsie just not being there08:33
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popeywhoopsie  1544  0.0  0.1  49864  3668 ?        Ssl  08:15   0:00 whoopsie08:33
popeywhoopsie there, but not eating silicon08:34
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Lion Day! :-D08:34
Mirvpopey: ha, you! you must know who could breath life into a QA machine that seems to have gone down?08:36
evif anyone else is still having trouble with whoopsie (hi plars), do let me know. I've got some things I'd like you to try.08:37
MirvI'm having hard time thinking of someone who would be awake and not on holiday due to the Assumption of Mary day (which I googled up) a lot of Europe is having08:38
popeyMirv: which machine, which datacentre?08:54
Mirvpopey: QA lab intel machine, now I've progressed in finding people to the extent that it's just about guesswork on which machine to powercycle :)08:59
popeyah ok09:00
tmoenicke_mzanetti: ping09:05
mzanettitmoenicke_: pong09:12
Mirvok now we'd probably need someone physically around the machine, even powercycling does not seem to help09:21
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murgeroHey guys!09:31
murgeroWho here is amazing with porting Ubuntu Touch?09:32
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davmor2ogra_: you poop glitter?  Now I'm really concerned about your well being :D10:06
davmor2ogra_: you really need to stop eating glitter for a start off, it's not good for you honest :)10:07
ogra_davmor2, no, no ... i *produce* glitter from munching phones indeed :)10:13
davmor2ogra_: that's even less healthy there are toxic substances and all sorts in phones.  You just stay exactly where you are till the nice men in white coats with the rear fastening jacket arrive ;)10:16
brendandis there any good guide to how to install cwm to a nexus 7? i somehow seem to have zapped the recovery image on mine10:16
brendandwhen i run adb reboot recovery i end up with a dead android10:16
ogra_brendand, you can just manually flash a new recovery in fastboot mode10:17
ogra_adb reboot-bootloader ...10:17
ogra_wget http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130815/saucy-preinstalled-recovery-armel+grouper.img10:18
* popey stabs ueventd10:18
ogra_sudo fastboot flash recovery /path/to/downloaded/saucy-preinstalled-recovery-armel+grouper.img10:18
ogra_and then boot into recovery10:19
davmor2popey: don't stab the messenger bah-dum-tish10:31
popeyDon't quit the day job, comedy-dave10:33
nhainesIs there any known issue with the maguro image upgrades?10:38
davmor2popey: Thanks to quote Milton Jones that joke doesn't normally work :)10:49
davmor2popey: it looks to me like people are hating things that end in d more than they ever did with apps that start with p and end in audio :)10:50
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HashtagCan anyone one tell me where i can find a bug list for the Nexus devices? Thanks11:26
nhainesivanka: beautiful design work on the phone.  :)11:30
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ivankanhaines, there is a whole team working on it: http://design.canonical.com/team/11:37
ogra_asac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5988662/ ...11:38
ogra_to compare two dashboard results easily11:38
asacogra_: whats the build id?11:40
asacoh got it11:40
ogra_./get-utah-results.sh 20130814.1 2013081511:40
ogra_thats how i call it here11:40
asacwell i needed to use the number from the URL11:41
asacand 353611:41
ogra_the columns with the id at the top show the error count ... the rest should be self explanatory11:41
ogra_why ?11:41
asacthe dates didnt do11:41
ogra_it picks them from the dashboard11:41
asacjust returned saying they are not good11:41
asacsh Development/ubuntu/dashboard.sh 20130815 2013081411:42
asacdashboard.sh <old build id> <new build id>11:42
ogra_what dates did you give ?11:42
asacsh Development/ubuntu/dashboard.sh 3526 353611:42
asacwell not really :)11:42
ogra_new id needs to be last (as the error message says)11:42
asacaha :)11:42
asacwell, i thought comparing wouldnt matter :)11:42
asacjust a diff i thought11:43
ogra_its more :)11:43
ubot5asac: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:43
ogra_it compares the test results line by line11:43
asacwhat does !!11!! mean? isnt good?11:43
ogra_see the elgend at the bottom :)11:43
asacoh now i see :)11:43
ogra_that means you should take a closer look11:43
asaci didnt get that you display for all builds :)11:43
ShapeShifter499on ubuntu desktop the current stable 13.04 is code named Raring, what would the current version of Ubuntu Touch be called and what would be it's version number?11:44
ogra_total changed ... cant really automatically compare then11:44
asacogra_: ignore... :)11:44
asacbig brain farth here11:44
ogra_well, just run it if all tests are done and as long as there is no red we didnt regress11:44
asacogra_: would be good to also see if a test that is in A is not in B?11:45
asace.g. not yet or failed to run11:45
asaclike marking the line red11:45
asacor something else nice11:45
ogra_that would show as !!nn!! again11:45
ogra_since the total was zero last run11:45
asacogra_: nice: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/3536/default/265277/11:45
asacsystemsettle has landed11:45
asacso at that point there is nothing looping at least11:46
ogra_it still needs 3 runs ... intresting11:46
asacwell we shoot for 99.25 idle average11:46
asacthats pretty high bar11:46
asaci thought i would have reduce it slightly11:46
ogra_ShapeShifter499, there is only a development version11:46
ogra_(of ubuntu touch)11:46
ogra_ShapeShifter499, Ubuntu Touch will have its first release with 13.10 ... which has the development codename "saucy"11:47
asacmaguro also needed 3 runs11:47
asace.g. 3 minutes11:47
ogra_3 minutes ?!?11:47
ShapeShifter499ogra_, that is what I meant, thank you11:47
ogra_wasnt it 10sec per loop ?11:47
asacone run is vmstat 6 1011:48
asac6 repeats with 10 seconds11:48
ogra_ah, k11:48
asacthen it calcs the average after throwing first sample away11:48
asacand sees if that average is better than 99.2511:48
* ogra_ knew there were 10sec in the equation somewhere 11:48
asac10 runs a 6 secs :)11:48
asacand we wait for at most 10 of those 1 minute runes11:49
asacogra_: if we dont succeed at all to settle we will see tops dumbed from after each run11:49
asacmaybe i should just always dump them even if it succeeds11:49
ogra_if we dont settle at all we need to fail and reboot the device11:49
ogra_(and set a reboot counter, so it fully fails after a certain amount of reboots)11:50
asacogra_: atm not... but if it fails i will ignore all the other failures11:50
asacbecause it doesnt really make sense to investigate those11:50
ogra_right, but having a reboot and fail count would help to see if its a race11:50
asacso it helps us not hunting down autopilot failures due to noisy system (which was claimed a few times during this week)11:51
ogra_i.e. if it passes after the reboot we found a race11:51
asacogra_: oh ... well, we reboot before every autopilot ... and we will run it on every boot11:51
asacso you will get that11:51
ogra_err, i was told we dont reboot11:51
ogra_at all11:51
asacit will initially just not be nicely visualized (might even already happen ... check the autopilot runs)11:51
asacogra_: we dont reflash11:51
asacbut we seem to reboot11:51
ogra_hmm, i thought plars said we dont11:52
asacwell, i thought we rebooted 2 or three times11:52
asacnot every test11:52
asace.g. after default,sk,securit, but not after each autopilot11:52
asacbut i was told its really on every test11:52
asacogra_: i guess you should be able to find the bootlog in jenkins to confirm11:52
ogra_ah, well11:53
asacanyway... agreed is that it gets run before every test11:53
asacand i was told we reboot before every test11:53
asacso we get what we want :)11:53
ogra_well, in any case looking at my script output it seems like 0815 is publishing worthy11:54
asacall tests ran?11:54
asacogra_: successfully tested?11:54
ogra_according to the script output it improved :)11:55
ogra_termial app passes one more11:55
ogra_adn default has a new test (your load thingie)11:55
asacogra_: +111:55
asachave you tested locally?11:55
ogra_yes, maguro seems fine11:56
ogra_... and released11:56
asacplars: doanac`: so lets really run this before AND AFTER each test...11:56
asacif we reboot we won't see left over runaway processes after the test otherwise11:56
asacand i am currently seeing unity8 going crazy not after boot, but just after very light use11:56
asacso the after will bring us such bad issues11:57
asacogra_: this tool is so nice ... can you also make it produce nice data that i can put in a spreadsheet to make nice drawings over time :)?11:58
ogra_sure, we can make it produce pie charts with candy and the like :P11:59
asacogra_: can we maybe not use yellow and !! if we grew tests and those are still perfect? :)11:59
asaci guess green with a (+)11:59
ogra_(i can indeed improve it further to get long term data for a curve etc)11:59
asacor something would better reflect what happened with default11:59
ogra_sure, i can change that12:00
asacwell not important... i just have to learn what it means12:00
asacbut ... i think everything that is green should be green here as well :)12:00
ogra_it is just that i tink we really should check manually if new tests are added12:00
asacand rather put NEW/FIXED/ etc.12:00
ogra_since even if the failure count didnt change it might be that suddenly you have different failures12:00
asacto annotate if we went green just now12:00
ogra_so manual check is needed12:01
asacor a NEW test was added12:01
asacwell.. we should fail if there are less tests i agree12:01
asacadding new tests i like :)12:01
ogra_and i want to keep the output as simple as possible so you can easily see the improvements/regressions12:01
asacyeah right12:02
asacso scratch the thing about the all green12:02
asacjust think how to best annote what changes12:02
asacyou could just use NEW etc. and add a column to the left12:02
ogra_if we want more colums and/or more functions i would rather write another tool for that12:02
asacwhere you put those12:02
ogra_this one is rather single purpose to make it easier to see at a glance if we got better12:02
asacwell whatever, what i have now is good :)12:02
asaci can probably change it too  ;)12:02
asacso better work on more useful stuff for now12:03
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ogra_it can surely grow in all directions or get new friends in a bzr tree :)12:03
asacmaybe later we can think about long term data, but i hope utah is not loosing anything so we can do that anytime (not now)12:03
asacgema_: whats the retention policy for the data we see on dashboard?12:04
ogra_after all ist justr a screen scraper for the dashboard12:04
asacwill that get wiped after a month or so?12:04
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gema_asac: right now we dont remove stuff12:05
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gema_asac: we are considering removing for old releases, though12:05
asacgema_: how much storage do we have/use right now for the jenkins data?12:06
asacgema_: also, i assume we dont do backups?12:06
gema_asac: this is an IS machine, I am pretty sure we do backups12:07
gema_asac: on both, the dashboard and the external jenkins12:07
asacpopey: is ueventd really looping right after boot? or does it take a while before you see this?12:07
gema_asac: I can check for the backup policy of the internal jenkinses12:07
ikillcypherogra_, I releasing ubuntu-touch for my device on xda12:07
ikillcypherto allow open source contribution12:08
popeyasac: tends to be soon after boot12:08
asacpopey: what does soon mean? for me thats before you touch the device :)12:08
popeyroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# uptime 12:08:13 up  1:58,  1 user,  load average: 2.98, 3.08, 3.0312:08
popeyroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# ps aux | grep ueventd12:08
popeyroot       473 96.0  0.0    376   196 ?        R    10:09 113:51 /sbin/ueventd12:08
asaclike before unlock or after?12:08
ogra_it doesnt loop12:08
ogra_it hangs12:08
popeyi dont touch it12:08
popeyi just flash then adb shell as soon as I can12:08
popeyand very soon see ueventd12:09
ogra_popey, can you chekc the end of logcat ?12:09
asacogra_: thought it eats CPU cycles?12:09
ogra_does it talk about sensorservice ?12:09
ogra_asac, it does .... but it doesnt loop12:09
popeyhow do i run logcat?12:09
popeycommand not found12:09
ogra_/system/bin/logcat -d | tail12:09
asacpopey: interesting ... so before the lock screen is even there?12:09
ogra_see if there is a lot sensorservice12:09
popeyasac: lemme reboot now and test12:10
ogra_no, looks fine thanks12:10
asacogra_: well, it maybe is in a busylock in the kernel?12:10
ogra_asac, well, its wrangling with udev about the devices ... can be busylock or some such, yeah12:11
gema_asac: we believe the external systems are backed up daily, the internal jenkins instances back up every hour12:11
asacpopey: yeah. well, we only have one dashboard boot on mako, but there it looked like:12:11
gema_asac: just confirmed with retoaded12:11
ogra_its about time we get that upstart bridge12:11
asacpopey: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/3536/default/265277/12:11
asacso was good :)12:11
asaclets wait12:11
asacfor more attempts12:11
asacogra_: steve told me that we can fix our problems without that upstart part if we do what we need to do anyway for the solution :)12:12
asacogra_: from what i know rsalveti has that fix already :/12:12
ogra_asac, which would be ?12:12
ogra_no, he hasnt12:12
asachmm. lets wait for chicken12:13
asacsteve wanted to give him th details12:13
ogra_the proper solution would be to have something like "udevadm settle" for ueventd12:13
ogra_but that means a lot of patching12:13
asacogra_: steve said something about stopping ueventd after its done12:13
ogra_on the android side12:13
asacthat thats the real fix :)12:13
ogra_the "it is done" part is the hard one12:13
asache said if we do that alone we are already happy12:13
ogra_you need something like "ueventd settle"12:14
popeyasac: http://showterm.io/0254cd08db04bb375a0a5  <- there you go12:14
asacright, but that seems to not involve upstart according to steve12:14
asacand rsalveit knows how to fix it12:14
ogra_that waits until it is done and then sends the event to the upstart bridge12:14
ogra_but afaik he didnt add it ... and we wanted to see if the upstart stuff is probably suffiicient12:14
asacpopey: interesting12:15
ogra_but anyway, even if ueventd would have the patch ... we still dont have that info for udev on the ubuntu side12:15
ogra_we need the bridge in any case12:15
asacpopey: and that doesnt goaway ... interesting12:15
popeyyeah, it will stay forever12:16
asacpopey: can you copy http://paste.ubuntu.com/5988768/ on your device and call it with 99.25 as argument?12:16
popeyi went for a walk and it was still there 40 mins later12:16
asacjust to see that it definitely will fail in automation :)12:16
asacpopey: well, you can just run vmstat 5 10 and see if your idle ever goes above 90 :)12:16
popeyoh ok12:16
popeyin my experience once ueventd hits high CPU on boot, it _never_ comes back down12:17
popeyI've left my phone for hours and its still running12:18
ogra_yeah, it wont12:19
asacpopey: right... so vmstat also shows the same idle/busyness as top for you?12:19
asacogra_: kill :)12:19
popeyyeah, idle is 012:19
ogra_that kills the container12:19
asacogra_: thats a bad thing? can we restart the container without rebooting the system?12:20
asacand it works?12:20
ogra_we can, but that takes all the other bits down with it12:20
asacogra_: could we do that transparently?12:20
asaclike without user noticing?12:20
asacnot even if we wanted?12:21
ogra_killing the container will kill the session12:21
* asac takes a note12:21
ogra_unless you put the check before session statup ... which means a massive boot delay12:21
asacoSoMoN: who is doing browser?12:22
asacoSoMoN: bill talked about configs we could set so it behaves nicely in low memory environment12:22
asacoSoMoN: guess reducing caches etc.12:22
asacoSoMoN: do you know anything about it?12:22
* ogra_ guesses we always want that 12:22
ogra_given how choppy and sloe the browser acts12:23
asacogra_: thats intentional atm12:23
ogra_ah, k12:23
ogra_i know we have slowness in javascript ... didnt know that we also should expect choppy scrolling etc12:24
ogra_(or as in case of G= no scrolling at all)12:24
asacogra_: well, does unity8 loop for you?12:26
ogra_no, should it >12:26
asacit does for me all the time12:26
asacogra_: use your indicators once :)12:26
asacjust pull down and look around12:26
asaci think that triggers it12:26
* ogra_ isnt near his phone atm ... i can test in ~30min12:27
asacno need12:27
ogra_davmor2, ^^^12:27
asacjust saying, you might have seen that problem12:27
asacwhen scrolling was super choppy12:27
davmor2asac: what image is that on?12:27
ogra_asac, it is always choppy and slow12:28
asacyesterdays for example12:28
ogra_and G+ scrolling doesnt work at all12:28
ogra_(two different bugs)12:28
asacogra_: probably also a not-optimized rendering engine? maybe there is a hwaccell setting somewhere we can turn on12:28
asacwhich would use surfaces for scrolling etc.12:28
ogra_well, ltes wait for Mir and see how it os then12:29
popeyMir fixes everything \o/12:29
popey"Shit canonical employees say"  tumblr...12:29
pmcgowanwe also need the javascript fix, that will effect a lot, and the UA string fixes, with overrides12:29
ogra_yeah, the UA stuff is annoying12:30
pmcgowanuser agent12:31
ogra_user agent12:31
pmcgowanthe bane of the internet12:31
asacpmcgowan: right. do you know who does our browser work?12:31
pmcgowanof course12:31
pmcgowanso do you12:31
davmor2ah I'm thinking Ubuntu Android, Ubuntu Accessibility  etc12:31
annerajbogra_, if my phone is not in a reboot loop and I pull off the battery and go into recovery the last_kmsg is the one from when it was stuck booting??12:31
asacogra_: ^^ so when will we get that feature :-P12:32
ogra_annerajb, no, thats likely the current boot12:32
* annerajb bangs his head against his desk12:32
ogra_annerajb, last_kmsg is a ram console ... if the device was power less it will be flushed12:32
annerajbi been using that since day one every time i got stuck12:32
ogra_asac, ask my clone :P12:33
annerajbogra_, what alternative do i have is there a way to see kernel messages on screen?12:33
ogra_not really, unless you hack up your kernel to have a framebuffer console12:33
davmor2asac: I get no loop here12:33
ogra_but many android drivers dont allow that (since fbcon isnt an android feature)12:33
annerajbogra_, oh boy so i have no way of knowing what the kernel is doing?12:34
ogra_fast fingers :)12:34
ogra_to get into recovery12:34
davmor2of course there is always blame popey that tends to fix a lot of things ;)12:34
annerajbdont get it? if it's stuck booting ie kernel panic12:34
ogra_it doesnt reboot after panicing ?12:34
annerajbhence getting stuck12:35
ogra_it should12:35
ogra_it should either give you adb or reboot12:35
ogra_unless you changed kernel defaults12:35
annerajbi did change kernel stuff but it was enabling new flags like NS and such12:36
ogra_check what CONFIG_PANIC_TIMEOUT is set to12:36
ogra_that should be the reboot time on panic in seconds12:37
annerajbhmmm... wonder what happens if i have swap enabled on the kernel but not on my device....12:38
annerajbas in i removed from the rootfs the swap12:38
ogra_it might fall over if there is a ram overcommit ... but that shouldnt happen unless you have ram hungry apps12:38
w-floannerajb, my device booted to a black screen without adb once.. extracting the ubuntu rootfs failed halfway and I didn't notice (/data was out of disk space)12:39
annerajbogra_, CONFIG_PANIC_TIMEOUT is set to 512:39
annerajbw-flo, thanks i am using your script to modify the rootfs :D12:39
ogra_so it should reboot after 5 sec when it panics12:39
w-floannerajb, you can't notice that issue since there's no error message, the untar just fails silently12:40
w-flobut some of the files (like adbd?) are missing12:40
annerajbw-flo, that dosnt seem to be he case (space wise) /dev/block/mtdblock3    918.8M    838.8M     79.9M  91% /data12:41
annerajbwhere should adb be in the rootfs?12:41
annerajb /bin?12:41
ogra_/usr/bin/adbd iirc12:42
annerajbfound it there12:42
annerajbogra_, if i am getting into the rootfs by luck dosnt the rootfs write other log files like unit8.log and upstard.log?12:42
annerajb(on the sdcard)12:42
asacdavmor2: open a few apps12:42
asacscroll around12:43
diwicogra_, I don't want to flash the daily right now, so what package should I upgrade to get the /dev/socket/qmux_bluetooth fix?12:43
asacclose again12:43
ogra_but i doubt yoou get that far12:43
asacdavmor2: it always happens here on maguro12:43
davmor2ogra_: yay I just broke my apps screen12:43
ogra_diwic, uh, oh, sorry ... i havent added it yet12:43
diwicogra_, no worries12:43
ogra_diwic, it will land in lxc-android-config  ...12:44
annerajbcan the initrd be made so it writes log files to /sdcard?12:44
plarsasac: run what?12:44
ogra_diwic, i'll make sure it lands today12:44
annerajbw-flo, do you use no_console_suspend on your device?12:45
davmor2asac: I can get my apps screen to do this http://ubuntuone.com/4Vpi2lKb4LLiIR9mFVzvXI12:45
w-floannerajb, no_console_suspend=1 console=tty1   --- I just added the console=tty1, the no_console_suspend is from upstream12:45
annerajbCONFIG_CMDLINE="console=ttyFIQ0 no_console_suspend=1 datapart=/dev/mtdblock3"12:45
annerajb that's how mine looks like12:46
asacplars: dunno, i usually do camera and clock12:46
asacand close them12:46
plarsasac: ??12:46
plarsasac: I was responding to "<asac> plars: doanac`: so lets really run this before AND AFTER each test..."12:46
asacplars: settle12:47
asac(sorry was in a different context :))12:47
plarsasac: ahh, we decided to go a different route12:47
asacthat is?12:47
plarsasac: we are gathering a single top -n1 before running each test12:47
ikillcypherENJOY : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=240581512:47
asacplars: why?12:47
asacplease use settle to wait for it to settle :)12:47
plarsasac: running system settle before and after each test run will add 1 hour and 20 min or so (and growing)12:47
asacwe can use 3 minutes instead of 10 for those runs12:48
plarsasac: still needs a minimum of 2 min to run12:48
w-floannerajb, I have it in BoardConfig.mk... BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE := no_console_suspend=1 console=tty1   the config actually has a conflicting option for console :o12:48
plarsasac: so 40 min or so for running before each test run12:48
asacplars: we must wait till the system is quiet anyway12:48
plarsasac: that's minimum12:48
plarsasac: and usually it is12:48
asacso we run the right amount of time12:48
asacnot too long :)12:49
plarsasac: so we shouldn't wait 2 min. to find that out12:49
diwicikillcypher, cool stuff! :-)12:49
asacplars: too much typing, we should have a call :)12:49
plarsasac: what we did for now, was add this top.log at the beginning of each test run, so at least until we have a better method, we can see if there was some process adding a lot of load12:49
asacthats not what we want12:49
asacthat doesnt meet engineering requirement12:49
ogra_annerajb, no_console_suspend=1 is a standard thing you find on many devices ...  whats missing is a console=tty1 at the end of that line :)12:51
annerajbogra_, it does have console=ttyFIQ0 should i add two console= lines?12:51
ogra_you should add a tty1 console arg, yeah12:52
ogra_(the last one is always handed over to init ... the first one defines what the kernel uses when producing output)12:52
=== _salem is now known as salem_
oSoMoNasac: re browser config, I am doing the browser, and I have a work item on my list to investigate how to limit memory usage, haven’t really started investigating though12:56
pmcgowanoSoMoN, asac would be nice to get some help with that12:57
annerajbogra_, is tty1 the right number if not how do i know which tty is the one for my device?12:57
ogra_tty1 should be right (if your kernel has the necessary changes indeed)12:58
thumperesthello all13:00
nhainesikillcypher: congrats!13:03
plarsballoons: looks like your fixes for terminal-app are working great :)13:04
balloonsplars, indeed.. everything left is a known issue13:05
balloonsso no surprises today.. :-)13:05
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
annerajbogra_, still nothing shows on the screen.13:09
annerajbno adb either13:09
ogra_give it some time ... on my S2 the adbd startup takes about 2min13:10
ogra_(no idea why and i didnt have the time to debug)13:10
annerajbi think i am going to start soldering a usb serial console for the phone13:13
ikillcypherno changelog for nightly releases ?13:14
annerajbikillcypher, they where working on them13:14
annerajbwhen i was a few days ago they (canonical) said they where working on gettnig them implemented ie. they dont exist yet13:15
brendandis it in a known bug in the latest images that i don't get prompted for my WPA2 PSK when trying to connect?13:15
=== olli_ is now known as olli
thumperesthi all, i fres installed ubuntu 13.04 i86 to my laptop, after the updates an neceserry installations, when i try to make this command work phablet-flash (cdimage-touch|cdimage-legacy|ubuntu-system|community) -b it gives me error like bash: syntax error near unexpected token cdimage-touch do you know any solution ?13:27
nhainesthumperest: what you gave isn't a command.13:28
nhainesYou're suppose to pick which command between the parentheses () you want.13:28
nhainesWhat phone do you have?13:28
thumperestnexus 413:28
nhainesTry 'phablet-flash cdimage-touch -b'13:29
thumperestok thanks ;)13:29
nhainesNo problem.  By the time Ubuntu 13.10 comes out, it'll be 'ubuntu-system', not 'cdimage-touch'.  And for the community-based ports, it's.. well, 'community'.  Different ways to support different devices.13:30
nhainesAnyway, you should be all set with the rest of the instructions.  Just remember any time you see brackets something's optional, and when you see choices separated with a pipe (|) it means you have a choice of one.13:31
nhainesWorks with pretty much all Linux docs and tutorials.  :)13:31
nhainesNext time you update with Ubuntu already there, leave off the -b.13:32
nhainesAnd don't forget to have fun.  In about 5 minutes, you'll be holding the future.  :)13:32
thumperesti know :) i wached all the videos on youtube :) i accualy work on LG but it's Turkey brand. Because of that  I want to show them the new operating system.13:34
w-floany idea why maliit-server segfaults? in ua_ui_display_get_native_type (), in libubuntu_application_api.so.1.. something with libhybris?13:37
davmor2asac: is there a bug with individual steps to reproduce that I could work through?13:37
ShapeShifter499so I ran into this error on compiling.... any ideas? http://pastebin.com/UVg98Qgy13:58
asacev: gema_ might have someone who can help you reproducing and testing the whoopsie thingy13:59
gema_ev: so what do you need exactly?13:59
evgema_: First, confirmation that you're able to reproduce it in the latest images. Then, to try with whoopsie 0.2.22. If that still has the problem, add --assume-online after exec whoopsie in the upstart job and try again. If it's still showing up after that, I'll ask you to run valgrind over it.14:01
gema_ev: ok, let me find something that can do this14:01
evvery much appreciated14:02
w-flonever mind, the maliit crash is probably caused by a very outdated platform api bzr checkout (somehow I assumed envsetup.sh would take care of that)14:02
plarsev: I'm flashing today's image locally right now14:03
ShapeShifter499*reposting in case anyone who just joined knows*    so I ran into this error on compiling.... any ideas? http://pastebin.com/UVg98Qgy14:03
sergiusensdholbach: mhall119 fyi, I wrote up some quick notes here: http://sergiusens.github.io/posts/click-packages-included-on-ubuntu-touch.html14:03
plarsev: I didn't see it all day yesterday, but it's hit or miss. There's no 100% way to reproduce it that I've been able to find - just reboot and sometimes it shows up, sometimes not14:03
dholbachsergiusens, woohoo14:04
dholbachsergiusens, I'll mention it on the @ubuntudev social media channels in a bit14:04
evplars: that was my initial experience as well, but I've rebooted *a lot* and haven't seen it in quite a while.14:04
sergiusensdholbach: ack, I'm always shy of those :-P14:04
evhard to debug under those circumstances14:04
dholbachsergiusens, no no no :)14:04
plarsev: indeed - or to prove if it's "fixed" :)14:05
evvalgrind, cppcheck, clang's static analyser, and my own eyeing through the code all come up clean :)14:05
plarsev: asac was thinking it was the ueventd eating 100% + upowerd segfault + whoopsie trying to do something with the .crash file on an already busy system, but I don't see it the last times I've had the .crash with 100% ueventd14:07
evyeah, same experience here14:07
evI've had that ueventd crash lots14:07
ogra_crash ?14:08
asacplars: so we have reports that whoopsie goes crazy without a .crash file14:08
asacthats the main issue i am concerneda bout14:08
asacbeyond that we should disable whoopsie to automatically run anyway i believe14:08
evI don't think it's in any way related to processing crash files14:08
asacalso because you definitelydont want to have this run while you are on battery14:09
plarsasac: sure, it's just that ev and I are both having trouble reproducing it yesterday and today14:09
plarsasac: so if you know of someone who is able to get it still, would love to hear from them14:09
evthe spinning at 100% happens inside the glib event loop14:09
evvery early on14:09
asacplars: i know.14:09
asacat same time i hear what ev says, so... :)14:09
asacev: do we see in the strace if its a write or read poll?14:10
evwhoopsie has been super-stable on the *cough cough*-illion or so machines reporting into daisy.ubuntu.com14:10
asacev: those are not phones though ... :)14:10
asacanyway. so I would like to see this nailed doown14:11
evyeah definitely14:11
asacand then put whoopsie in manual mode on our phone image though14:11
evmm why?14:11
ShapeShifter499anyone? I think I'm close to building but that error is in my way14:11
evwe may find that this issue was entirely not whoopsie14:12
asacev: well, first i think it consumes quite some resources if a big process crashes14:12
evthat something broke glib's brain14:12
asacev: so if on battery it should sit still anyway :()14:12
asacso next option is to make it battery aware ... but since i believe thats harder than just setting it to manual mode for now, i felt that would be better14:12
evasac: if it's consuming a lot of resources processing a big crash, please do file a bug and raise it with me14:12
evthat's not by design14:12
evit's mostly in a sleep state, save network topology changes14:13
asacev: so you say we really want whoopsie processing and submitting crashes while on battery?14:13
=== mzanetti is now known as mzanetti|otp
evI think it's perfectly reasonable for it to submit crashes while on battery so long as it's on wifi14:13
evand that's what it does today14:13
evit will not send a crash if only on 3G or whathaveyou14:13
asacgrmpf. i really feel any minute of my battery time won is precious14:14
asacso if it consumes more than 1 minute of battery we should not run stuff that we can have wait for an adapter :)14:15
asacyou can tell if thats the case or not'14:15
annerajbShapeshifter, did you remove the compile target for libandroid runtime?14:15
annerajband NookParts14:15
annerajbI believe that error is because of NookParts still being on your Device.MK inside device14:15
ogra_asac, normal people dont really run around with a charger attached .... if you would only report while on charger and on wlan we wouldnt get many reports14:15
asacogra_: the .crash files get saved14:16
asacjust not processed until you are connected14:16
gema_asac: you should be able to configure that14:16
ogra_yes, so you collect ten crash files ... plug your phone into the charger and it gets unusable for 10min14:16
gema_asac: that's a setting on the settings screen for mpt to consider14:16
cyphermoxChickenCutlass: got indicator-network on my phone now... it mostly works14:17
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
asaci dont know. if we have such a crash submission config, then maybe14:17
cyphermoxjust having an issue with the authentication dialog now14:17
asacotoh, we dont loose much by just not submitting when on battery14:17
asacwithout having user be able to opt in :)14:17
plarsev: we're gathering top data at each test run now, and I've looked through almost 40 test runs across 2 different types of devices so far, and none of them had the whoopsie issue so far14:18
asacogra_: i am sure the device should never be unusable while it processes crashes14:18
asacif it is, it shouldnt run automatically, but only if user explicitely wishes14:18
asaclike manual14:18
ogra_asac, if all cores go to 100% it will be unusable14:18
asacsure, if thats the expected behaviour, then lets go straight to manual submission through cmline and later crash notification14:19
ogra_(or if your IO gets to bad)14:19
gema_asac: I don't think people will like that14:19
gema_asac: that would be a deterrent for some users, imo14:19
gema_asac: and may end up sending some user data that is illegal without user permission in many countries14:20
asacgema_: what exactly? automatically sending? or manually sending?14:20
gema_asac: automatically sending14:20
asaccool. so we have our answer14:20
gema_asac: you need to give the users a way to opt out14:20
plarsin android, it's something you are forced to decide when you boot the phone for the first time, and it can also be turned on/off in settings14:21
gema_plars: yep, because it is a legal requirement to let people choose what their phone sends14:21
plarsgema_: not sure if you saw what I posted earlier, the new top stuff we added gives us logs that show whoopsie hasn't dont the cpu killing to us at all today so far14:22
gema_plars: didnt' see it, ev ^^14:22
plarsgema_: of course it's hard to call it "fixed", but at least across the 10 or so reboots I've done here today alone, plus lots yesterday, plus 40 or so from this morning's automated builds, it's not easily reproducible at the moment14:23
gema_plars: om26er was telling me one of our upstream merger phones died of it14:24
gema_om26er: what image where you using?14:24
plarsom26er: "died"?14:24
ShapeShifter499annerajb, no, no I did not14:25
annerajbShapeshifter, give that a try14:26
=== boiko_ is now known as boiko
annerajbShapeShifter499, https://gist.github.com/bbelos/5078404#file-patch_device_epicmtd_ubuntu YOu should have a codename.mk file and there is a target that says codenameParts14:27
om26ergema_, latest (from 2days), I guess. I sent an email to rfowler14:27
om26erplars, died as in vanished14:27
annerajbogra_, is it ok that i add that to the wiki?14:29
gema_om26er: it may be time to reimage if the problem is solved14:29
ShapeShifter499annerajb, I'm not seeing that file14:31
pmcgowanChickenCutlass, cyphermox re bluetooth entering the build, which use cases do we think we will/can target right now14:31
annerajbWhat's your device codename?14:32
ShapeShifter499annerajb, oo wait14:32
ShapeShifter499annerajb, I have a file called full_hummingbird.mk     it does not have a line in it with any version of "hummingbirdParts"14:33
annerajbyou dont have a hummingbird.mk?14:33
ShapeShifter499annerajb, it's the Nook HD, the code name is Hummingbird14:34
ShapeShifter499annerajb, no14:34
ogra_pmcgowan, bluettooth will be in this evenings build14:34
ogra_well, bluetooth-touch will ... no indicator yet14:34
annerajbShapeShifter499, then i am not sure what to do. here is my devices codename.mk file https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_samsung_epicmtd/blob/gingerbread/epicmtd.mk14:35
pmcgowanogra_, cool14:35
annerajbShapeShifter499, are you sure cyanogen mod supports hummingbird? The readme of that repository says nothing here yet dont get excited14:36
annerajbso it may not be supported14:36
ShapeShifter499annerajb, it's supported in nightlybuilds14:36
ShapeShifter499nightly builds*14:37
popeyev / gema_ / plars - I wrote a script to reboot the phone N times and report vmstat for a while, I see nothing gobbling cpu anymore... http://paste.ubuntu.com/5989256/14:37
ryukafalzJust flashed my Nexus 7 with Ubuntu Touch, I see the wifi network list works now, but is there not yet an option to enter keys for a WPA2 network?14:37
=== Namidairo`bnc is now known as Namidairo
mfischbeuno: ping14:39
ogra_popey, so we should just ship yoour script then14:40
plarspopey: ueventd does still often go for the cpu buffet14:40
plarspopey: but the whoopsie one seems unreproducible now14:41
dobeymardy: what's the way to propose brnches to lp:signon and such? it appears some stuff is on google code and some stuff not, so it's not clear what is the correct way to propose changes14:41
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
popeyhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~popey/+junk/phablet-flash-wrapper/revision/22#test-reboot.sh   is my manky script14:41
popeydon't all laugh14:41
popeymine has had software installed, lemme run it again after a clean flash14:42
sergiusenspopey: so if it's just the one you are ok with the lols? :-P14:42
* sergiusens jokes early today14:42
ShapeShifter499annerajb, if you have anymore possible ideas on this issue could you please PM them, I'll be idle for a while14:42
popeycomedy gold14:42
popeywhich I have seen both whoopsie and ueventd crash more on - a clean flash14:42
evgema_: we're already cleared legally on sending data14:44
evasac: ^14:44
evI've had conversations with Katherine about it14:44
popey\o/ Send all the data14:44
evwithout data we're flying blind14:45
evyou can't control what you can't measure and all that jazz14:45
ogra_get a guiding dog then :)14:45
ogra_asac pays14:45
gema_ev: ack14:45
evspecifically: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1JHFd_6mYdUTd0RpR-Sm7-WnX-06rY8r58K3Cz32mhJg/edit#heading=h.ldl3hf7jg66m14:46
popeyfirst boot after flashing, I get ueventd 100%14:51
popeybut the previous 10 reboots I didn't14:51
evI definitely understand that we want to be as battery sensitive as possible, but I'm also acutely aware that the more we delay whoopsie running, the more space we put between the OS and it running, the more issues we're not going to get error reports for. Issues we'll be entirely blind to.14:52
evIf whoopsie is heavy on your system, let me know about it and I will fix it. It's written to be a very lightweight, down to the metal process.14:52
evpopey: just ueventd?14:52
evI'm going to flash with an older image that we know to be broken and see if I can figure out what's causing whoopsie so much pain (it hasn't changed in the time we stopped seeing the issue, so I'm assuming it's something else knocking it over from here).14:54
evcould someone kindly just confirm that the image I'm after is this one: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130812/14:56
mfischSaviq: is there someone on your team I can talk to about customizing the launcher icons?14:58
Saviqmfisch, better wait for it, it's coming soon14:59
Saviqmfisch, but mzanetti|otp is the one14:59
ogra_ev, how would we know ... if you are after the flipped image from august 12th thats the right one though :)14:59
evogra_: to clarify. Is that an image we knew to have ueventd and whoopsie spinning at 100%14:59
evI'm pretty sure it is, but I don't want to go off testing for hours and find out I was wrong :)15:00
ogra_ev, all images have the ueventd issue ... and i think the weekendish ones had the whoopsie one15:01
ogra_12th should still be broken ... 11th might be safer15:01
mfischSaviq: thanks, mzanetti|otp: can I get some directions on how to interact with it?15:01
Saviqmfisch, you can't yet15:01
evokay, I'll grab the 11th. Thanks ogra_!15:02
mfischSaviq: right, but we're making plans so I'd like to have a general idea15:02
Saviqmfisch, let me fwd you a design video15:03
mfischSaviq: perfect15:03
w-flousing the GUI to connect to my wifi network used to work, but now it doesn't ask for my WPA key (20130814.1). is that a known issue? Can't find a bug report15:03
dednickwho do i talk to to get some seeds for ubuntu-touch changed?15:04
ChickenCutlasspmcgowan, re: bluetooth.15:04
ChickenCutlasspmcgowan, all depends on what settings UI is implemented15:05
ChickenCutlasspmcgowan, BT is now enabled and can be used however we want15:05
pmcgowanChickenCutlass, I found some emails and notes, will work on a list15:05
jedidiahw-flo: I've been having the same problem.15:05
pmcgowanChickenCutlass, right agreed15:05
w-flojedidiah, maybe we should open a bug report15:06
dobeymardy: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/signon/dynamic-plugins-lib/+merge/18035515:06
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
popeyanother 10 reboots post clean flash.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5989397/ - no whoopsie15:21
popey(no whoopsie cpu nomming)15:21
=== mzanetti|otp is now known as mzanetti
mzanettimfisch: what exactly do you want to do?15:23
mzanettiSaviq: what do you think about this? https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/unity8.background-gsettings-fix/+merge/17988415:23
mzanettiSaviq: seems the merge is actually ok, but it increases chances of some crash in some other part :/15:24
Saviqmzanetti, crash is fixed already in https://code.launchpad.net/~mhr3/unity/only-valid-filters15:24
Saviqmzanetti, just not released yet15:24
mzanettiSaviq: you sure it's the same one?15:24
Saviqmzanetti, well we don't have cores15:25
Saviqmzanetti, but yes, I'm positive15:25
Saviqmzanetti, I've had 10 crashes in ~150 runs of the shell15:25
mzanettiSaviq: ok then. I think the background one can be merged now. as I wrote half of it someone else must approve15:25
Saviqmzanetti, all the same15:25
mfischmzanetti: we're working on defining image customization, so imagine that your carrier or OEM wants to ship some special app and wants it to be in the launcher15:25
Saviqmzanetti, and fixed by the unity fix15:25
Saviqmfisch, gsettings override15:25
evhm, is phablet-flash cdimage-touch --base-path ~/Downloads/phablet-flash/ubuntu-touch/20130811 not what I want for flashing an old image? It seems to ignore it and go for today's15:26
Saviqmfisch, same key as on desktop15:26
mzanettimfisch: right... we will use gsettings15:26
mzanettimfisch: so the customization will be able via a default config15:26
mfischmzanetti: perfect, we have a solution for that, we can drop in a 2nd dconf db15:26
mzanettimfisch: it's not implemented yet tho15:26
mzanettimfisch: there are 2 merge proposals for the launcher in review currently and once those are merged, the next step is the gsettings stuff15:27
mzanettimfisch: so work on it should start beginning of next week15:27
mfischmzanetti: as long as we have a plan we can work with your schedule15:28
mfischmzanetti: is the wallpaper setting part of that work too?15:28
mzanettiWellark: mfisch: you 2 might want to sync about this15:28
mzanettimfisch: don't think so... but that one uses gsettings too as soon as this is merged: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/unity8.background-gsettings-fix/+merge/17988415:28
mzanettimfisch: I don't know if its the same db or such. (I'm new to gsettings)15:29
* mzanetti is off to the next meeting15:30
mfischmzanetti: I've got dconf/gsettings figured out as long as you're using it ; )15:30
evah, it's a bug15:31
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
cyphermoxpmcgowan: re: bluetooth do you mean how it can be used right now?15:33
cyphermoxwhat we will be able to do is add system tests now to make sure bluetooth comes up and mostly works15:34
pmcgowancyphermox, yes, I want to reconrd  the priorites for profiles15:34
cyphermoxoh ok15:34
pmcgowansuch as handsfree, a2dp15:34
cyphermoxthat's different15:34
pmcgowanright whats exposed15:34
cyphermoxright now, you can do all that, but it's all manual, since there is no UI15:34
cyphermoxbut you'll be able to do handsfree, a2dp, hid, etc.15:35
cyphermoxSaviq: ping?15:35
cyphermoxSaviq:  <--- some unity8 test failures, could you please look into them?15:36
Saviqcyphermox, bug #121258015:36
ubot5bug 1212580 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Failing unity8 tests since evening Aug 14th" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121258015:36
Saviqcyphermox, need unity to release15:37
cyphermoxok, that should be happening in the next few minutes15:37
balloonsm-b-o, what is the dependency for Components.Storage module "QtQuick.LocalStorage"15:41
m-b-oballoons: qtdeclarative5-localstorage-plugin15:46
m-b-oballoons: it's missing, right?15:46
annerajbdoes anyone know if adbd is blocking??15:46
balloonsm-b-o, yes I'd guess so as the tests don't run in the virtual sandbox complaining about that dependency15:47
m-b-oballoons: okay, will try to add this today :)15:47
rtg_when trying to flash an N4, what does this mean ?15:48
rtg_rtg@x120e:~$ adb root15:48
rtg_adbd cannot run as root in production builds15:48
balloonsm-b-o, ok, yea a quick check for any missing dependencies would be good15:49
annerajbrtg, did you sudo adb root?15:51
rtgnope, didn't used to have to do that.15:51
annerajbsome people where having trouble yesterday and they fixed it by sudoing15:51
rtgno difference15:51
sergiusensrtg: you shouldn't need that to flash.... but it means your device is not rooted (missing su)15:52
rtgsergiusens, so phablet-flash -b should work ?15:52
sergiusensrtg: yes15:52
sergiusensrtg: phablet-flash cdimage-touch -b15:52
sergiusensrtg: if you get <waiting for device> or adb errors when in recovery it means that the udev rules aren't doing the right thing (they do if you have seat)15:53
m-b-oballoons: https://code.launchpad.net/~martin-borho/ubuntu-weather-app/missing_dependency/+merge/180368 there you go :)15:54
* sergiusens goes for lunch for real now15:55
rtgsergiusens, that looking better. forgot the '-b' option on prior attempts15:55
sergiusensrtg: yeah, you miss using a workable recovery image with no -b15:56
rtgsegastep, well, also I was replacing the factory android image15:57
rtgsergiusens, ^^ (stupid tab completion)15:57
segastepgot a fright like, errmm, who would be highlighting me in here :O only been in here 2 days15:58
balloonsm-b-o, let me re-run before we merge the commit16:02
rtgI'm sort of underwhelmed by the inability to enter a password into a WPA protected wifi network16:05
ogra_rtg, attach to a laptop and use phablet-network-setup16:06
ogra_that copies the wlan config over16:06
nhainesrtg: it worked a couple of days ago.  :)16:06
nhainesrtg: It's pretty annoying, though.16:06
* ogra_ saw someone else complain about it today 16:06
* w-flo and jedidiah complained earlier16:07
rtgogra_, will do16:07
gema_asac: ping16:07
dednickogra_: ping16:07
ogra_dednick, hey16:08
m-b-oballoons: okay, will be off next 2h16:08
dednickogra_: hi. we need to change ubuntu-touch seed to replace indicator-time with indicator-datetime, and indicator-battery with indicator-power16:08
mhall119sergiusens: ping16:09
* ogra_ hugs dednick .... you wont belive how long i waited for this ping :)16:09
ogra_dednick, so everything is in the archive ?16:09
asacgema_: ouch16:10
asacgema_: dont wait 10 minutes16:10
asacbefore pinging ... brt16:10
gema_asac: we are , wanna postpone?16:10
asacNONONON :)16:10
gema_asac: no worries we were fixing other stuff16:10
dednickogra_: yep, as far as i know!16:10
asacjust 2 minutes for getting rid of this IRC noise :)16:10
dednickogra_: well, it's the same we use on saucy, so i guess so.16:11
ogra_dednick, have they been tested to not fail the tests ?16:13
ogra_i.e. by a manual test run on the phone16:13
nhainesWait, what's this about a phablet-network-setup?16:13
ogra_nhaines, phablet-tools ships it ... it copies wlan configs from host to the phone16:14
dednickogra_: we're removing tests from unity816:14
ogra_dednick, is that talked through with asac ?16:14
nhainesogra_: grr, I didn't know that.  Would've saved some time!  What other fun things have I missed?  Thanks.  :)16:14
ogra_dednick, packages that break tests or add regressions to teh image tests are not allowed in16:15
ogra_(or need an approval from asac or rickspencer3)16:15
dednickogra_: um. ok. we're removing the tests for battery i mean. as it's not going to exist anymore.16:16
ogra_thats fine i guess16:16
dednickogra_: but i guess we have to do that before, as it will break image tests if battery goes first16:16
ogra_the above is more about regular tests for existing stuff indeed :)16:16
ogra_dednick, will the test removal happen today ?16:19
dednickogra_: just speaking with Saviq about it16:20
ogra_i assume its just a matter of deleting code :)16:20
dednickogra_: we're going to do it all tomorrow. too late in the day. :)16:23
annerajbogra_, i changed the touch script to start adb on the first 5 lines but not panic. that provided interesting results. dmesg is full of ecc and bad blocks thought not sure if that's normal. thought i am still fixing some issues with adb spawning.16:36
annerajbit's like when i join thought gdb my whole /root has been deleted so no commands work16:37
annerajbbut ubuntu is mounted16:37
ogra_sounds like your flash is really unhappy16:37
annerajbogra_, kinda i read that that's a normal amount of bad blocks.16:38
ogra_well, probably it needs a special way of formatting it16:38
ogra_or can only handle certain filesystems16:39
annerajbwhy? bad blocks is suppose to be normal. since it's because of the wear levelling algorithm on the nand controller16:39
annerajbi read a post on people reporting 8-15 bad blocks the first day of getting the phone.16:39
ogra_well, if it is empty ...16:41
ogra_and you see badblocks and ecc messages ...16:41
annerajbogra_, i dont understand how the process of handling over to the rootfs works. but i think this is what happening (is it plausible). My initrd started ADB stays hanging around AFTER the rootfs has been mounted. When i switch to the rootfs "chroot" i am connecting to the old adb16:42
annerajbbut the initrd is unmounted hence me seeign no files16:42
ogra_first /data is mounted ... then /data/ubuntu is bindmounted to /root16:42
ogra_then run-init switched to /root as /16:43
annerajbbut what happens if adb was spawned before the bind mount will it go into this weird state?16:43
ogra_it shouldnt16:44
ogra_but its adb, you never know :)16:44
ogra_(its an android binary compiled on a normal linux system)16:44
ogra_(there can indeed be bugs nobody knows about yet)16:44
annerajbif this adb spawning dosnt work i was thinking of mounting /sdcard/ in the touch script and printing out a bunch of output to it16:45
ogra_you know that you can add beark= to the kernel cmdline yo bring up adb in different stages of the initrd ?16:45
Hashcodeogra_ When did the cmdline datapart= parameter get added? :))16:45
annerajbso i can add to the cmdline break=adb16:45
ogra_i would revert the change and try something like break=mount16:45
annerajbhow do i continue after i am breaked or paused?16:46
ogra_Hashcode, yesterday ... but there is still support for systempart= needed that i didnt get to yet16:46
Hashcodeogra_ very nice!16:46
ogra_annerajb, sadly you cant in this setup (on a PC you would just exit the shell which makes it continue booting, with adb that runs a daemon thats not possible)16:47
* annerajb that usb serial console starts sounding tempting again16:47
ogra_annerajb, but break=mount should give you the shell at a stage where the complete mounting is done and where you are rigth before the switch to the new root16:47
ogra_so exactly the point you want to inspect ...16:48
annerajbi would have to spawn adb before the mount so i can connect to it correct?16:48
ogra_leave the script as it origianlly is wrt adb16:48
ogra_remove all your changes16:48
ogra_(apart from the sleep and the hardcoded device name)16:49
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
ogra_then boot with break=mount ... and you should be able to inspect whats in /root and if you get any dmesg errors etc16:50
annerajbogra_, how do i connect to the shell that break will gime me. ie. how do i see that shells output and interact with it?16:53
ogra_adb shell ?16:54
mhall119pmcgowan: what's going on with HUD?  One day I have browser actions in it, the next day they're gone again :(16:57
ogra_HUD is overrated16:58
* mhall119 loves the HUD16:58
pmcgowanmhall119, better than me I never have any16:58
ogra_use gestures16:58
mhall119IMO, HUD is the most under-rated thing we've got going on in Unity16:58
mhall119and I want to see *more* of it16:58
* ogra_ only sees the hud if he accidentually hits the alt key16:59
pmcgowanmhall119, I think ites getting a design "improvement"16:59
ogra_(and thats mostly annoying)16:59
mhall119ogra_: OMG, you have to try it on Gimp or Inkscape16:59
mhall119or even QtCreator when it's working with global menu17:00
ogra_well, i rarely use these :)17:00
clouder_hello, is there anyone who could help me with an odd issue while installing Ubuntu Touch on a Nexus 4?17:00
mhall119I liked it on the phone with webbrowser-app too17:00
mhall119for adding bookmarks17:00
mhall119clouder_: what's the issue?17:00
ogra_bookmarks ?17:00
mhall119ogra_: yeah, we have bookmarks now17:01
ogra_i wasnt aware it can ...17:01
mhall11912:58 < mhall119> ogra_: OMG, you have to try it on Gimp or Inkscape17:01
mhall119ogra_: during the brief times when HUD was working, there was an "Add to Bookmarks" action17:01
mhall119and you could get to them from the Activity view17:01
ogra_i must admit i dont even test the HUD much ... since i got used to it being always empty17:01
mhall119it was nice, but without HUD it's useless17:02
* ogra_ would like to have the close action back though17:02
mhall119me too17:02
ogra_i really liked it ... and the new way is so painful17:02
clouder_mhall119: well, actually the device is unlocked but when i try installing via "phablet-flash cdimage-touch -b" it goes to reboot and the terminal says "Device needs to be unlocked for the following to work" and starts bootloader17:02
mhall119I also want to know what to do with the other HUD toolbar actions17:02
mhall119clouder_: did you unlock the bootloader?17:03
clouder_mhall119: yes, i did -> "LOCK STATE - unlocked"17:04
mhall119and did you enable USB debugging in the android settings?17:05
clouder_mhall119: of course, i had to initialize the flashing with the usb debugging17:05
ogra_just go throug all these steps one by one again17:06
ogra_to make sure you didnt miss anything17:06
clouder_could it be that i have to run the commands as root?17:06
ogra_that would result in a different error message17:07
ogra_do you see an open lock under the google logo when booting ?17:07
clouder_maybe it is because of hardware version rev_11, are there known issues with newer devices, it's a replacement device for an older one17:10
ogra_would be the first time i hear of it17:10
annerajbogra_, if i flash a boot.img would that include all changes to kernel and initrd?17:10
ogra_what else does it print beyond the message above17:10
chrisd_hi guys17:11
ogra_annerajb, depends on the device :) on my galaxy S2 the noot.img is actually the kernel only17:11
chrisd_I created a site dedicated to ubuntu touch. long live the phablet user http://bit.ly/14NRxpm17:11
ogra_(and i still havent figured out how it installs the initrd)17:11
clouder_that's the complete action17:12
ogra_< waiting for device >17:13
ogra_thats your issue17:13
clouder_and with waiting for device it goes to bootloader and stays tere17:13
ogra_the rest are just infos and warnings17:13
ogra_sergiusens, doesnt phablet-flash do privilege escalation at that point ? ^^^17:14
sergiusensogra_: no, it relies on the udev rules17:14
* ogra_ thought it would ask for the sudo PW to run fastboot to flash17:14
ogra_oh, ok17:14
clouder_no, it doesn't17:14
ogra_clouder_, then try with sudo i guess17:14
clouder_but it seams to be the issue17:15
clouder_yes, it does something :)17:15
sergiusensogra_: people with custom udev rules or not the packaged ones will land in failure17:15
sergiusensor with devices with unlanded udev rules17:15
ogra_sergiusens, we need to go through these rules ... i cant belive all these people have manually created udev rules17:15
ogra_(one day that is ... )17:15
sergiusensogra_: oh, well popey for example didn't have seat17:16
sergiusensas in not logged in17:16
ogra_in PK ?17:16
popeywas a laptop sat next to me, not logged into desktop17:16
ogra_well, might be the seat concept vanished with logind ?17:16
popeyI was lazy, ssh'ed into it to do the phablet-flash17:16
ogra_ssh ...17:16
sergiusensogra_: not sure what the best, secure and friendly approach is here...17:17
popeyi wanted to have a machine I could leave running doing phablet-flash and testing17:17
popeyso i set it to autologin instead ☻17:17
ogra_sergiusens, sudo :)17:17
sergiusensogra_: yeah, maybe it is...17:18
clouder_Error; Command adb push returned non-zero exit status 1   doesn't sound good :/17:18
clouder_stucks at Google logo17:19
ogra_clouder_, hmm, is your /data partition full ?17:19
clouder_ogra_ how to empty?17:19
ogra_well, he is doing -b17:20
ogra_i thought that implies --wipe ?17:20
sergiusensfull logs?17:20
ogra_(thats a mako btw)17:20
clouder_when it is flashed with Ubuntu Touch, does it stills how the Google Logo?17:22
clouder_ok, I guess i'll wait a few minutes, maybe it boots… some day17:23
ogra_well, is it doing something in your terminal ?17:24
Wellarkmfisch: please, drop me an email on your requirements or something so I don't forget17:24
ogra_if you just expect it to boot after the above error i doubt you will get lucky17:25
clouder_the terminal finished the flashing command with the error adp push returned non-zero exit status 117:25
mfischWellark: will do17:25
ogra_rightm that means it didnt flash17:25
mfischWellark: but if it's in dconf we'll be fine I think17:26
clouder_DOWNLOAD MODE17:26
sergiusensclouder_: logs?17:28
sergiusenspastebin stdout17:28
clouder_of my computers terminal?17:28
ogra_yes, like the one you pasted before17:28
Wellarkmfisch: as long as you don't have a requirement that the user is not allowed to remove the predefined apps from the launcher17:30
mfischWellark: that's a good question, I still need to figure that out17:30
annerajbogra_, i think the break mount is hitting a earlier mount point it dosnt even print the (echo "initrd: mounting $path" >/dev/kmsg || true)17:30
mfischWellark: we can lock the key but then nothing can change17:30
sergiusensclouder_: protocol failure17:31
ogra_protocol failure17:31
sergiusensogra_: seems we have one more user with this problem17:31
ogra_bad cable ?17:31
clouder_original one17:31
ogra_sergiusens, yeah plars said he sees them too during tests17:31
sergiusensogra_: it can be: cables, adb mishap, fiddling with the device mid push17:32
mfischWellark: I'm meeting with Richard Collins on Monday and I'll know more then17:32
sergiusensclouder_: stay in recovery and run the same command but add -d mako17:32
sergiusensclouder_: and don't touch the device17:33
sergiusensunless the command line output tells you too17:33
ogra_annerajb, hmm. probably it is postmount then ...17:33
sergiusensto -o17:33
w-flocan I add something to my phablet-flash manifest.json to ensure there's more than x mb of free space on /data and make phablet-flash show an error message otherwise? Or maybe a manifest flag to force wiping? Right now the device gets bricked every time I forget to --wipe17:33
ogra_annerajb, gimme a sec17:33
annerajbogra_, mk17:33
ogra_annerajb, break=bottom17:33
ogra_sorry, my fault17:34
sergiusensw-flo: we can add a wipe check ... but lets not do it automatically17:34
clouder_ok, but first i have to get android started xD17:34
ogra_mount srops exactly before the mounting17:34
sergiusensclouder_: no, just go into recovery17:34
clouder_ok, ill try17:34
clouder_but what the hell is download mode ? o.ô17:36
sergiusensclouder_: it's another provisioning mechanism17:36
plarssergiusens: I think it's just a bug or flakiness in adb, I don't think any of those potential causes are affecting us in the lab17:36
balloonsboiko, mihir, calculator is now gated :-)17:36
sergiusensplars: actually, I thought of one and you casually weren't in the dailies that day17:36
boikoballoons: great! thanks17:36
w-flosergiusens, a wipe check sounds like a good idea. Basically it's a requirement for some devices17:37
plarssergiusens: I sometimes have overlapping meeting, sorry :( I'm there when I can be17:37
sergiusensplars: doanac` mentioned something to me which raised a spark... he mentioned the he might be doing an adb kill-server, adb start-server to avoid an issue with rebooting into recovery and being able to use wait-for-device17:37
sergiusensplars: if you kill the server mid op, you get protocol error17:38
sergiusensplars: and since you run jobs in parallel, might be the cause17:38
sergiusensplars: does my assumption hold?17:38
plarssergiusens: no, we are not doing kill-server17:40
plarssergiusens: also, we've been getting the protocol errors much longer than that17:40
sergiusensplars: then my assumption does not fall through...17:40
plarssergiusens: what he was talking about was killing adbd on the device17:41
ogra_for the rndis stuff, yeah17:41
sergiusensplars: ok, so during the sprint we can probably stress this case and find out where it is17:41
ogra_i think its adbd17:41
clouder_it worked :)17:41
jonoSaviq, hey17:41
sergiusensogra_: adbd tends to fail from time to time17:41
ogra_clouder_, congrats !17:41
Saviqjono, oi!17:41
clouder_thatnk's for your awesome help17:41
jonoany idea when the click scope will land in the device images?17:41
ogra_sergiusens, right17:42
sergiusensogra_: I might just need to add a retry strategy17:42
ogra_jono, it is seeded since two weeks or so17:42
annerajbogra_, reboot loop :( ima reflash again in case i broke something17:42
plarssergiusens: so... launching with upstart no longer works for me, on click and non-click packages. Could be that we are just still missing pieces that tedg described?17:42
ogra_jono, but i think there is backend integration missing17:42
jonoogra_, aha17:42
jonoany idea when that might be resolved?17:42
sergiusensplars: yeah, that's what I think I mentioned in that meeting we had... it didn't work for me, I didn't have time to research on it though17:43
ogra_jono, nope, i dont even know who works on it17:43
jonoogra_, np17:43
plarssergiusens: I tried last night when I was trying to help thomi, and even launching from unity didn't work. But this morning that works, just upstart launching fails17:43
sergiusensjono: ogra_ I think it's ralsina 's team17:43
annerajbogra_, cant get into recovery :(17:44
ogra_annerajb, did you force the kernel cmdline in your kernel config ?17:44
annerajbogra_, yes17:44
ogra_the bootloader sets it dynamically on samsung devices ....17:44
sergiusensplars: oh, so launching from unity required an updated image (20130813.1 I think it was)17:44
ogra_annerajb, then you wont be able to use recovery ... it needs the flag from the bootloader17:45
annerajbogra_, why doesn the datapart cmdline get's removed too?17:45
annerajbit was when i added the break bottom17:45
sergiusensplars: so you did something like /sbin/initctl start application APP_ID=com.ubuntu.dropping-letters_0.1.12 iirc17:45
ogra_annerajb, where did you add it ?17:46
plarssergiusens: yeah, I tried that, except with /sbin/start17:46
ogra_to the kernel cmdline in the kernel config ?17:46
plarssergiusens: /sbin/start application APP_ID=phone-app used to work for me, but now does not17:46
plarssergiusens: did that as a sanity check, since it's not click17:46
annerajbogra_, CONFIG_CMDLINE="console=ttyFIQ0 no_console_suspend=1 datapart=/dev/mtdblock3 console=tty1 break=bottom"17:46
sergiusensplars: should be the same I think... so that's the issue I was having in the meeting that I mentioned to tedg ... the upstart logs complained about zeitgeist17:46
sergiusensplars: any clues in the upstart log btw?17:47
ogra_annerajb, well, if you set it to force it will ignore the bootloader settings and just use this17:47
annerajbhow do you set it to forced?17:47
ogra_in the kernel config17:47
ogra_if thats set it will only use this one17:47
plarssergiusens: just that it terminated with status 117:49
mardydobey: thanks, but I'm afraid we really need the static library when building the plugins17:50
sergiusensplars: cat .cache/upstart/application-click-com.ubuntu.dropping-letters_0.1.2.2.log17:50
sergiusensplars: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5989899/17:50
mardydobey: that stuff is rather old (and wrong) and I'm afraid it's impossible to fix without breaking the current plugins17:51
sergiusensplars: that's my error17:51
awecyphermox, ping17:51
plarssergiusens: ah, ok17:51
plarssergiusens: yes I'm getting some zeitgeist error too17:51
annerajbogra_, i see CONFIG_CMDLINE_FORCE=y (it has it enabled)17:53
annerajbis that the line you where referring too?17:53
annerajbok i am going to compile a kernel with that i made the cmdline shorter by removing a console=tty0 i had there.17:54
annerajbjust in case is running out of space on the buffer.17:54
ogra_it is a selection option ... there are three and only one of them can be set at a time17:54
annerajbthe only one set is forced17:54
annerajbthe other two are not set17:54
ogra_upstart wont work withot a console=tty1 at the end17:54
ogra_(of the cmdline)17:55
annerajbok i put it back in.17:55
* annerajb goes get water for hot chocolate while it builds 17:55
ogra_no, stop it17:55
ogra_dont build yet17:55
dobeymardy: how so?17:56
clouder_is it just me or isn't it possible to connect to a WPA2 network?17:58
dobeymardy: whether the lib is static or not shouldn't "break" anything17:58
ogra_annerajb, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5939625/ you most likely need this kernel patch ... and use CONFIG_CMDLINE_EXTEND=y (with CONFIG_CMDLINE_FORCE and CONFIG_CMDLINE_FROM_BOOTLOADER unset)17:58
sergiusensplars: so we are similar :-)18:00
w-floclouder_, use phablet-network-setup (GUI appears to be broken currently)18:00
annerajbogra_, ok18:01
plarssergiusens: yep, I don't recall though, is that something that tedg said he is already aware of and should be fixed once upstart-app-launch lands?18:02
ogra_annerajb, CONFIG_CMDLINE_EXTEND would usually add your config to the front of the cmdline ... but that way you cant have console=tty1 at the end ... the patch flips that so the cmdline snipped from the kernel config gets appended instead of prepended18:02
ogra_it might need adjustment for your kernel :)18:03
ogra_(the patch that is)18:03
annerajbok i applied the path18:03
ogra_oh, it just applied ? no moaning ?18:03
annerajbi did it by hand lol18:03
annerajbogra_, so i switch the console at the end to the start? http://pastebin.com/digGbhUr18:04
thumperesthi all, i installed ubuntu touch today, but i cannot get my sms messeges. is therer a known bug or something?18:05
ogra_annerajb, your commandline was totally fine ...18:05
m1fsubuntu on samsung galaxy nexus i925018:05
ogra_annerajb, the only important part is that console=tty1 is the last console= arg18:06
thumperestLG Nexus 418:06
annerajbogra_, ok i am going to build now.18:06
ogra_you switched from force to extend ?18:06
annerajbyes for is unset extend is set18:06
annerajbforce is unset*18:06
ogra_then you should be able to boot ubuntu and still have the recovery mode (if the patch works :) )18:07
m1fs"ubuntu on samsung galaxy nexus i9250"18:07
ogra_m1fs, do you want to tell us something ?18:08
sergiusensplars: tedg just told me the syntax is $(pkg)_$(app)_$(ver)18:08
ogra_(speaking in while sentences helps sometimes)18:08
m1fsubuntu on samsung galaxy nexus i9250 how to ezy way.18:09
annerajbneed to reflash with odin since I can't get into recovery lol18:09
ogra_m1fs, look at the devices wikipage, if it is not there you might have to do a port yourself18:09
ogra_!devices | m1fs18:09
ubot5m1fs: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices18:09
m1fsthanks @ogra18:10
ogra_annerajb, heh, yeah ...18:10
smokuI'm porting to Dell Streak and the generated image borks during boot on E/PrintK  (    1): <3>init: cannot find '/system/bin/app_process', disabling 'zygote'18:12
smokuno wonder.. there is no /system/bin/app_process18:12
smokushould it even try to start sygote service?18:13
annerajbisnt zygote a android service?18:14
ogra_smoku, nope18:14
m1fshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/toro is this for ? samsung galaxy nexus i925018:14
sergiusenstedg: plars with the correct appid: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5989985/18:15
m1fsiff it is then no Install instructions ?18:16
tedgsergiusens, Yeah, I mentioned that to jdstrand yesterday.  It needs updating in apparmor-click18:16
smokuso, I should prepare custom init.rc?   I was under impression that I can use CyanogenMod device as-is18:16
tedgsergiusens, It's trying to execute qtchooser18:17
annerajbsmoku, you cannot use cyanogen mod you have to flash a rootfs and initrd for your device18:17
jdstrandactually, it needs an update to apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu18:17
annerajbsmoku, but if the device is supported in cyanogen mod is "theoretically easy" to get supported in ubuntu touch18:18
jdstrandlucky for us, I fixed it yesterday: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu/1.0.1618:18
jdstrandsergiusens, tedg: ^18:18
sergiusensjdstrand: oh, so /me just needs updating...18:18
jdstrandsergiusens: update and run 'sudo click hook remove apparmor && sudo click hook install apparmor'18:19
smokuannerajb, so this is what Porting guide mean in "As we're using CyanogenMod, we can easily take advantage of all the devices that are officially supported there."18:19
annerajbsmoku, yes that if it works in cyanogenmod with some changes you can get ubuntu touch to work18:19
sergiusensjdstrand: ty!18:20
smokuok. thanks.  I need to look inside supported device repo then :)18:20
annerajbsmoku, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=217304518:20
sergiusensplars: ^^18:20
smokuannerajb, yup. seen that. but I'm on streak 518:21
smokuannerajb, just got mislead by that sentence in Porting guide, so I started with CM device repo and got pussled by missing zygote18:22
annerajbsmoku, btw if you are going to port it to streak 5 i suggest you take a look at the changes the guy that ported the other one did to get yours working18:23
m-b-oballoons: has it worked?18:23
annerajbusually is really easy to port to similar devices18:23
smokuannerajb, already cloning. thanks :)18:23
m-b-oballoons: yes, already saw that.... they changed it once again, will change that assert18:25
plarssergiusens: still get zeitgeist error after running '/sbin/initctl start application APP_ID=com.ubuntu.dropping-letters_dropping-letters_0.1.2.2'18:25
balloonsm-b-o, perfect :-) with that I'll turn on gated commits18:25
balloonsfginther, can you enable gated commits for weather too? looks good18:26
sergiusensogra_: zygote is an android service (we removed it though)18:26
fgintherballoons, yep18:26
m-b-oballoons: this was the only missing test?18:26
ogra_sergiusens, i know :)18:26
sergiusensogra_: ack, then I missread :-)18:27
balloonsm-b-o, yes.. the only failure is what you see there18:27
ogra_yeah, wasnt me :)18:27
sergiusensplars: I get the app to launch but it launches below unity818:31
ogra_its shy18:32
m-b-oballoons: I'VE updated the pending MP18:33
mhall119having only 1.2GB on / on my Nexus 4 is very limiting18:36
mhall119is there any way to get more?18:36
mhall119any *easy* way I mean18:36
mhall119trying to enable developer mode keeps using up all the space18:37
fgintherballoons, done18:40
m-b-ofginther: does this mean, the tests must all pass before merge?18:41
fgintherm-b-o, yes18:41
balloonshehe :-)18:41
m-b-oah, ok. First "needs-fixing" maill arrived :)18:42
balloonsm-b-o, you can a clean build18:43
balloons*you got18:43
m-b-oballoons: cool :)18:44
annerajbogra_, the bootline arguments are not there apparently it needs the force18:49
ogra_annerajb, well, more likely the patch doesnt work, but yeah18:54
annerajbthe patch is to address the console for upstart right?18:56
ogra_the patch is to append to the botloader commandline instead of prepending18:56
ogra_when you use "EXTEND"18:56
annerajbok but that should only affect upstart or will that also affect break?18:57
ogra_it doesnt matter where break is on the cmdline as long as it is there18:58
annerajbok i wanna debug why it's not starting to hand it over to the rootfs later ill deal with upstart (once i actually get the rootfs mounted)18:59
ogra_i'm pretty sure it mounts and dies on upstart19:05
ogra_(and the break=bottom shoulld confirm that)19:05
mfischsergiusens: how do I manually install a click package?19:08
mfischsergiusens: click install wants the sdk installed19:08
ogra_there is an override switch you need to use19:09
sergiusensmfisch: click install --user=phablet --force-missing-framework package.click19:09
ogra_i'm slow19:10
mfischthis beats trying to install the SDK on the phone and filling the entire filesystem19:10
mfischsergiusens: AFAIK that's not in any docs, can you add it to your blog?19:11
sergiusensmfisch: sure, you aer also supposed to be able to use pkcon but I haven't attempted, and I'm also waiting for the scope :-)19:12
mfischsergiusens: there will be a special scope for click packages?19:12
sergiusensmfisch: yes, it will be seen in the app lens and you'll be bale to install apps from the store there19:13
sergiusensmfisch: the ubuntu-sdk-1310 thing is more like an API level thing in android (I wish to believe at least)19:14
sergiusensogra_: I had the copy/paste handy (I can't seem to remember that switch)19:14
mfischI tried installing it on the phone after the error ;)19:14
sergiusensmfisch: it's not finished yet either, this is a stop gap solution19:15
ogra_sergiusens, ah, i ran click install --help on the phone :)19:15
mfischso I should see my app now or do I need to reboot?19:15
mfischsergiusens: even after installing 2 packages "click list" returns no results19:23
sergiusensmfisch: click list --user=phablet or as the phablet user19:23
mfischsergiusens: perfect, now should I expect to see them in the apps lens?19:24
sergiusensmfisch: it's not refreshed automatically yet.19:25
Chocantomhall119: If you want to do a meeting, i'm here :)19:48
Chocantoor popey19:49
thumperesthi all :) i have Nexus 4 installed latest build and i have some questions. is anybody to help ?19:50
thumperestor bugs i think19:52
houseofbeanthumperest:  I've got it installed on my Nexus 4.  But I've been doing the apt-get update & upgrade.  I haven't flashed in about a week.  Not sure if I'd be much help as I have questions too.20:10
popeythumperest: wassup?20:12
houseofbeanDropping letters is addictive!20:14
houseofbeanFrom what I've read, I'm assuming the full way to update is to flash your device.  Lately, I've just been using apt-get update/upgrade.20:27
jamesh3Hello everyone - Ubuntu Edge campaign is about 39k off crowdfunding record - Canonical needs your help now http://igg.me/at/ubuntuedge/x/404030820:32
jdstrandkalikiana: hey, I didn't get back to you. I think you have some questions regarding appliation paths and application confinement?20:34
annerajbogra_, apparently i broke it and after 10 builds the forced cmdline dont work anymore :( now i dont get any of the datapart cmdline arguments20:34
jdstrandtedg: hey, jenkins complained about my merge request. is there something I need to do?20:35
tedgjdstrand, Fix your merge request :-)20:36
tedgLet me look.20:36
jdstrandtedg: the tests passed :)20:36
jdstrandthis happened to me once before. I must not be doing something right20:36
tedgjdstrand, Just set the commit message: https://code.launchpad.net/~jdstrand/upstart-app-launch/prepare-env/+merge/180387/+edit-commit-message20:36
tedgjdstrand, That's the message that gets put into the debian/changelog20:37
jdstrandI thought I did that20:37
jdstrandah, no I guess not20:37
tedgThere's two things, the description and the commit message.20:37
jdstrandtedg: complete with [ Jamie Strandboge ] style?20:37
tedgThe proposal page only has the commit message if you open the entry at the bottom.20:37
tedgjdstrand, No, the tool will do that.20:37
jdstrandtedg: should I use 78 char wide debian/changelog formatting?20:38
tedgjdstrand, Hmm, I always just write a sentence and let it wrap it for me.  I'm not sure how it processes all that.20:38
tedgcyphermox may know20:39
jdstrandI guess we'll see! :)20:39
jdstrandtedg: ok, we'll see how that goes. thanks :)20:42
geek2076I need help20:46
geek2076On nexus 4 ubuntu touch work good now20:47
mfischsergiusens: I have no networking on the latest image. Is that a known issue?20:47
geek2076For me it ok20:48
geek2076Whit n4 and nexus to20:49
geek2076You have what phone20:50
mfischwhen I connect to wifi it just spins instead of prompting me for a password20:50
geek2076Ok i try 3 time20:51
geek2076And its ok20:51
geek2076I flash 2 zip and go20:52
geek2076I have the file again20:53
geek2076For n420:53
geek2076I work a bit on the image and now wifi work20:55
=== arunprasadr is now known as arunprasadr_away
geek2076For nexus 4 owner what the best rom20:56
geek2076Like 23000 on benchmark20:57
geek2076Have got 2100020:57
geek2076Who have a problème whit wifi on ubuntu touch20:59
geek2076On n420:59
popeyworks here20:59
popeywhat what?21:00
geek2076Work no21:00
popeyI'm running the latest image of ubuntu touch on my nexus 4, and wifi works21:00
popeywhat's the problem?21:00
geek2076You have a link21:01
cyphermoxjdstrand: in the launchpad stuff commit message and all you can just write it as you want, it will get wrapped for you21:03
cyphermoxit's in fact not really used so much in changelog either, what lands in changelog is usually the bug title if there is a bug linked to the merge request/branch21:04
kalikianajdstrand: my quest(ion) is to sort out if we a) can have per-app XDG_ environment variables based on app id (and it wasn't clear who is working in that area) b) if we need to patch Qt5 instead if the former isn't viable - we need a solution that works on the desktop and doesn't require confinement-only api21:13
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
balloonsfginther, can you have a look? I think when you added the ci checks for everything, it's not printing :-( https://code.launchpad.net/~mdspencer/ubuntu-filemanager-app/fix-autopilot-tests/+merge/18043021:35
balloonsiBelieve, can you add the bit about not running the open file on non-desktop devices for now21:38
iBelieveballoons, what do you mean? just comment it out?21:38
fgintherballoons, looking21:39
jdstrandkalikiana: a) per app XDG_ env vars based on app id - unfortunately no. we feel this will break on the converged device21:41
jdstrandkalikiana: b) sure21:42
jdstrandkalikiana: let me direct you to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Specifications/ApplicationConfinement#Launching_applications21:42
jdstrandkalikiana: are you looking at the bugs I filed regarding these?21:42
jdstrandkalikiana: cause I am fixing the /tmp/*.sci by setting TMPDIR21:43
jdstrandkalikiana: so you can skip that one21:43
jdstrandkalikiana: the /var/tmp/etilqs* is weird. I can't reproduce it but hopefully it will also honor TMPDIR21:44
jdstrandkalikiana: if not, then the library should be fixed for it (that is easily upstreamable)21:45
jdstrandkalikiana: I would strongly argue that bug #1197051 and bug #1197056 upstream is doing the wrong thing21:46
ubot5bug 1197051 in qtdeclarative-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "SDK applications should not use ~/.local/share/Qt Project for sqlite files" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119705121:46
ubot5bug 1197056 in qtdeclarative-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "SDK webview applications should not use ~/.local/share/Qt Project/QtQmlViewer/.QtWebKit/ for their databases" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119705621:46
kalikianajdstrand: the problem is that these bugs make perfect sense on the desktop - you expect to share caches/ data, not just qt but for example other webkit flavours/ ports do that by default21:48
mfischpopey: if wifi is working for you, don't upgrade21:48
mfischssweeny: unless this wifi failure is an image-update only issue21:48
popeymfisch: oh?21:48
sergiusenswifi input box seems to be broken with the new indicators21:48
ssweenymight it have to do with the new stacking in the indicator interface?21:49
kalikianajdstrand: and yes, I am looking at these as well. it depends a bit on the preferred approach to fix it, so I'm not diving into patches just yet21:49
mfischpopey: yeah, we don't get a password prompt21:49
jdstrandkalikiana: I'll concede that on bug #119705621:49
mfischI'll do the old manual way, I think it's still in the wiki21:49
ubot5bug 1197056 in qtdeclarative-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "SDK webview applications should not use ~/.local/share/Qt Project/QtQmlViewer/.QtWebKit/ for their databases" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119705621:49
sergiusensmfisch: awe was going to followup with dednick21:49
mfischsergiusens: cool21:49
jdstrandkalikiana: but that is not the case with bug #119705121:49
ubot5bug 1197051 in qtdeclarative-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "SDK applications should not use ~/.local/share/Qt Project for sqlite files" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119705121:49
mfischssweeny: you'll need to add /opt to the writable-paths to install stuff21:50
ssweenymfisch, ack21:50
jdstrandkalikiana: eg: ~/.local/share/Qt\ Project/QtQmlViewer/QML/OfflineStorage/Databases/11474b32865dbdb4426621e50b908f3b.ini21:50
jdstrandkalikiana: that is not a reusable path21:50
mfischssweeny: what are the odds that chown works in the initrd?21:51
jdstrandwell, maybe it is-- it might be an md5sum-- buit it is very odd21:52
mfischssweeny: probably it can't figure out the userids21:52
ssweenymfisch, it might with numerical ids21:52
ssweenymfisch, but the initrd probably won't know the names of any users21:52
jdstrandkalikiana: http://standards.freedesktop.org/basedir-spec/basedir-spec-latest.html references that other specifications dictate $XDG_DATA_DIRS/subdir/filename21:52
jdstrandkalikiana: sorry, $XDG_DATA_HOME/subdir/filename21:53
kalikianajdstrand: it's due to qmlscene being "the same application" and it's fairly recent that it got api for qml to distinguish it as an "application"21:53
jdstrandwhich is what we want. subdir=APPNAME21:53
jdstrandkalikiana: anyway-- I'm not trying to be difficult, just expressing my point of view21:53
jdstrandkalikiana: ah, well, that sounds promising then21:54
kalikianajdstrand: so the question here would be - if we find that qmlscene can be fixed, how/ where does it get the correct app name set?21:54
jdstrandkalikiana: yes-- that was actually waht I was ging to mention21:55
kalikianasomething that works on the desktop especially21:55
jdstrandkalikiana: for click, we are using the click package name21:55
awesergiusens, I emailed him...21:56
jdstrand"name": "com.ubuntu.developer.user.pkgname"21:56
kalikianajdstrand: are developers expected to use the package name anywhere in their qml?21:56
jdstrandkalikiana: I noticed that MainView has the concept of "applicationName"21:57
jdstrandkalikiana: hehe, you type faster than I :)21:57
kalikianawhich I think is pretty much the .desktop file I think21:57
kalikianabut I'm not sure that is the same as the package21:57
fgintherballoons, I'm confused by the message being incorrect. I'll keep looking.21:57
jdstrandkalikiana: I think you are right21:57
jdstrandkalikiana: let's back up a step21:57
jdstrandthere is this concept of APP_ID floating through click, application lifecycle and application confinement21:58
jdstrandthe APP_ID is $pkgname_$appname_$version21:58
jdstrandkalikiana: for confinement, we use $pkgname from the APP_ID21:59
jdstrandkalikiana: so that you don't lose settings, etc when upgrading to a new version21:59
jdstrandkalikiana: we actually export two variables you could use, but I'm not sure that is the best cause it is not upstreamable22:00
jdstrandkalikiana: ie, APP_ID=com.ubuntu.developer.user.appname_appname_version22:00
jdstrandkalikiana: so a short term solution would be to see if those two are set, and if they are, do $APP_ID.split('_')[0]22:01
jdstrandthat won't break kde, etc22:01
jdstrandthat is very Ubuntu specific though22:02
jdstrandif the $pkgname could be declared in the qml, like how applicationName is, then that could be used instead22:02
kalikianajdstrand: would it be feasible to require that applicationName is equal to $pkgname so that it could be used to derive ~/.local/share/$pkgname22:02
kalikianaor possibly another variable with the same effect22:03
jdstrandkalikiana: from my perspective, sure. I just don't know how application_name is used in the sdk22:03
kalikianait's used to let Unity tell what app is the same and belongs to what .desktop22:03
kalikianathat's why the basename must match22:04
jdstrandkalikiana: but if upstream had a variable that could be set, such that everything works (webkit notwithstanding, we can talk about that in a moment):22:04
jdstrandsomeName: com.ubuntu.developer.username.appname22:04
jdstrandsuch that the paths all end up being:22:05
jdstrandthen we would be set22:05
jdstrandkalikiana: I think something like that is conceivably upstreamable22:06
jdstrandbecause it isn't ubuntu-specific22:06
jdstrandheck, if that someName variable isn't defined, it can fallback to current behavior22:06
jdstrandthat's my thinking on it22:08
kalikianajdstrand: there is https://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtcore/qcoreapplication.html#applicationName-prop if that is set it affects the folder name used below ~ /.local/share/22:08
kalikianaI need to verify if we can set that in qml, I don't think it is exposed22:08
kalikianabut we could find a way to override it22:08
kalikianaleaving only the cases where desktop might expect a different behavior eg. sharing caches22:09
jdstrandso something like that would work fine from my perspective22:09
jdstrandthe sdk could default to setting it because it already knows how to generate a manifest22:10
jdstrandso it is in a position to pre-fill it22:10
jdstrandkalikiana: did you want to talk about the non-qtwebkit paths more, or shall we move on?22:11
kalikianaideally we'll have a way to verify if it is set correctly when creating the package… since it should be set in code22:11
ryukafalzmfisch: I'm having the same WiFi issue on my Nexus 7 with the latest image22:11
jdstrandkalikiana: yeah. that should be doable if it is in the mainView22:11
jdstrandkalikiana: are you subscribed to ubuntu-appstore-developers22:13
kalikianajdstrand: I think I'm fine with this plan then; by non-qtwebkit you mean like /dev/shm/? I was planning to focus on app data & cache first, the other kinds of files seem more like bugs to fix in qt22:13
kalikianayes I am22:13
jdstrandkalikiana: a very apropos discussion is happening there :)22:13
jdstrandkalikiana: see "Summary: Planning going live" from alecu22:14
jdstrandkalikiana: so, let me get the bug list22:15
jdstrandkalikiana: bug #1197047 I am fixing by setting TMPDIR22:15
ubot5bug 1197047 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "SDK applications create /tmp/*.sci files" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119704722:15
JrlocoboyI have a question: ANyone else expiriencing wifi problems on Saucy Ubuntu touch22:16
jdstrandkalikiana: bug #1197049 I can't reproduce. it might be fixed by setting TMPDIR. it is likely an easy upstreamable fix to honor TMPDIR if not22:16
ubot5bug 1197049 in qtbase-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "SDK applications sometimes create /var/tmp/etilqs_* files" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119704922:16
jdstrandkalikiana: bug #1197051 - that's the one we've been talking about22:17
w-floJrlocoboy, like not being able to enter a WPA passkey?22:17
ubot5bug 1197051 in qtdeclarative-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "SDK applications should not use ~/.local/share/Qt Project for sqlite files" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119705122:17
jdstrandkalikiana: that leaves bug #1197060 and bug #119705622:18
ubot5bug 1197060 in apparmor (Ubuntu) "SDK webview applications should use an app-specific path for shared memory files" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119706022:18
ubot5bug 1197056 in qtdeclarative-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "SDK webview applications should not use ~/.local/share/Qt Project/QtQmlViewer/.QtWebKit/ for their databases" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119705622:18
w-floJrlocoboy, quite a few people (including me) have that issue. It used to work last week. A fix is probably being worked on :)22:18
Jrlocoboyk thanks. I tought i installed Ubuntu wrong22:18
kalikianajdstrand: wrt mailing list, yes that is what I was thinking of. I think the plan is to have uploads initiated by qtcreator so in the best case we will have one place (QtC) to double-check the id in all places22:19
w-floJrlocoboy, you can use phablet-network-setup to copy the wifi config from your desktop/lapto22:19
kalikianathe main hindrance this is just time22:19
kalikianato implement it22:19
jdstrandkalikiana: maybe the /dev/shm access is just a bug like you say. I think the way to handle the QtWebkit shared databases is to look at UBUNTU_APPLICATION_ISOLATION and parse APP_ID and distro patch it22:19
Jrlocoboycan you explain how to. Im sort of a noob22:19
w-flosure, just open a terminal in ubuntu and type "phablet-network-setup", it will ask for your password. make sure your device is plugged into USB22:20
Jrlocoboyk thanks22:20
jdstrandkalikiana: the reason why I say disto patch there is because sdk apps will be using the chromium content api backend (Oxide) instead of QtWebkit22:20
jdstrandkalikiana: we want to have that in place for 14.04, so there is no point fighting upstream or being clever. Oxide will support different profile that put the cache in different places22:21
jdstrandkalikiana: chrisccoulson/ChrisCoulson has the details22:21
jdstrandkalikiana: wrt QtC checks-- sure. people can get it right manually for a bit. so long as we have decent docs, that should be sufficient22:23
jdstrandkalikiana: what do you think about my suggestion on qtwebkit?22:23
kalikianajdstrand: I think we can propose a patch upstream and distro-patch in any event22:26
jdstrandkalikiana: well, it would help everyone-- I'll leave it up to you22:26
jdstrandkalikiana: (meaning, fixing qtwebkit to do the same as the others could help everyone, but oxide is coming if you want the distro-patch shortcut :)22:27
jdstrandkalikiana: so, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. do you feel unblocked now?22:27
kalikianahmm you mean oxide would do what we need regardless of qtwebkit upstream?22:28
kalikianaI thought it would be based on the same API22:28
kalikianabut I haven't heard about it much for a while so I don't know all of it22:28
jdstrandkalikiana: yes. oxide will be alongside qtwebkit. so, for example, kde would just keep using qtwebkit22:28
jdstrandkalikiana: but the sdk and canonical supported apps would use oxide22:29
kalikianaso applications opt-in to oxide api?22:29
jdstranddepends how you define opt-in :)22:29
jdstrandbut yeah. pick one or the other22:29
jdstrandchrisccoulson has a preliminary webview working via qml22:29
jdstrandkalikiana: don't feel bad about not knowing about it-- quite a bit has happened there but it has had to be a one man job to get it to the point where others can jump in22:30
jdstrandkalikiana: we are there now and I've got a todo to round up people to help out chrisccoulson :)22:31
kalikianaI think I'd still like to see qtwebkit fixed then, we want to be nice with upstream api22:32
jdstrandkalikiana: we might need some support from qml to make oxide put the files in the right place. chrisccoulson could say more-- I imagine we would want to support both shared and isolated scenarios22:32
jdstrandkalikiana: sure, again, I'll leave that up to you :)22:32
jdstrandkalikiana: are you unblocked now?22:32
kalikianajdstrand: absolutely, yes. it was worth replying after midnight :-D22:33
kalikianathanks a lot22:33
chrisccoulsonsorry, i think i'm lacking context (i missed the start of the conversation)22:33
jdstrandkalikiana: oh gosh, I didn't know it was so lot22:33
* jdstrand hugs kalikiana 22:33
jdstrandkalikiana: I'm glad I could help and thank *you* for your work on this :)22:33
kalikianajdstrand: no worries. I am keen to getting much closer to solving this. it's one of the things that people say now and then and it just needs a little persistence to get done22:34
kalikianapartly in finding the right person to talk to22:34
kalikianachrisccoulson: your name came up in context of oxide - I was a bit behind in the latest and greatest developments there ;-)22:35
chrisccoulsonah :)22:35
jdstrandkalikiana: it will be huge for our application confinement to have this fixed. right now apps can tamper with each other cause there isn't a way to separate their files in policy22:36
chrisccoulsonoh, we're talking about where webkit stores its files?22:36
kalikianajdstrand: yeah. in context of the app contest it also came up "where do I put u1db files" and such questions22:36
jdstrandkalikiana: I marked bug #1197047 won;t fix for ubuntu-ui-toolkit22:36
ubot5bug 1197047 in apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "SDK applications create /tmp/*.sci files" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119704722:36
* jdstrand nods22:36
jdstrandI am fixing that via TMPDIR22:37
jdstrandI'll add a comment to 119704922:37
jdstrand(/var/tmp/etilqs_* )22:37
jdstrandI'[d like to know what is creating that so I can test TMPDIR with it :)22:38
kalikianaI think it is used by webkit2 communication between processes, you should probably see it using the browser app22:38
kalikianajust open some stuff22:39
jdstrandbzoltan said it came from src/3rdparty/sqlite/sqlite3.c I see22:39
jdstrandI'll check the source22:39
kalikianamy mistake, I confused it with another bug22:40
kalikianajdstrand: so as it's kind of late here: feel free to assign to me if we have to fix/ patch qt to use the right path22:41
kalikianaand I'll look into it soonish22:41
jdstrandkalikiana: awesome, thanks! sleep well :)22:44
elkngwhat is "Ubuntu Linux phone" ?23:05
elkngis its architecture similar to android or its real linux ? with real tools instead of busybox ?23:06
elkngwhat video player will be preinstalled on it on its release ? mplayer ?23:08
jonoawe, hey23:49
jonolooks like connecting to a wireless networking might be broken on mako23:50
awehey jono, wha's up?23:50
awenahh, worse23:50
aweit be broken on all23:50
jonook, nm23:50
jonogood to know it isn't just me :-)23:50
awewe discussed earlier during our network/telephony meeting23:50
jonothis is not covered by our test infrastructure?23:50
aweted pointed me to dednick23:50
awebut he's offline, so I emailed him about it23:51
aweAFAIK, no it's not covered by our test infrastructure23:51
aweI have plans to discuss system testing with sergiusens on Mon23:51
elknganyone here ?23:51
aweprimarily to talk about telephony, but we may also discuss wifi as well23:52
cjohnstonjono: which build?23:52
awethis morning23:53
awethe password/passphrase dialog is busted23:53
jonocjohnston, today23:53
jonoelkng, I think I am23:53
cjohnstonawe: ahh... so if you supply a network file it would work?23:54
sergiusensawe: make that Tuesday, I just recall I have a national holiday on Monday23:54
awecjohnston, yes23:54
awesergiusens, ack23:54
cjohnstonawe: that explains why all the tests worked23:54
awesergiusens, can you schedule a meeting?23:54
cjohnstonI guess sergiusens didn't like that. heh23:55
awecjohnston, we've been waiting on the new networking indicator for awhile now.  I'm sure there was a conscious decision not to invest in auto-testing the old indicator UI23:55
cjohnstonawe: I'd be happy if I could get 3g working on mine23:56
cjohnston(or whatever the slowest internet is)23:56
awecjohnston, what device?23:57
=== melmoth_ is now known as melmoth
aweare you running the latest image?23:57
awethere are know problems with data provisioning, and there's also a known race between NM and ofono that's being worked on23:57
awetry restarting NM, and see if that does the trick23:57
aweif not, then the next thing to check is whether or not you have a valid data context23:58
aweyou can check by running the ofono script 'list-contexts' ( in /usr/share/ofono/scripts )23:58
cjohnstonI saw yesterday I think about the bug being filed about the race but a restart wasn't working..23:58
cjohnstonlemme see what happens with those23:58

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