UbuPhilluphey anyone know how to change translations for the xdg-user-dirs ? (i asked before)16:37
UbuPhillupdpm: ?16:37
UbuPhillupor henninge ?16:42
henningeUbuPhillup: I don't I am sorry.16:43
UbuPhilluphenninge: thats for the german team, because we dont want »Schreibtisch« for »Desktop« ;)16:44
UbuPhillupbut i think we can not do it with lp16:44
henningeNo, we dont16:44
UbuPhillupso we need other help ;)16:44
UbuPhilluphenninge: currently in saucy is every think translated with »Schreibtisch« ;(16:45
henningeUbuPhillup: Look here:16:48
henningeIt looks like "Schreibtisch" ist used in Upstream.16:49
henningeAh no, never mind. That is not upstream.16:49
UbuPhilluphenninge: i know, but that change nothing16:49
henningeMaybe you are seeing the gtk translation.16:49
henningeBut I am not current at all on the state of translations in Ubuntu or eben saucy16:50
henningeI am just guessing.16:50
UbuPhilluphenninge: we must change the path16:51
UbuPhilluphenninge: i can change the .mo file, but that dont change the path16:51
UbuPhilluphenninge: you know that we have our own channel #ubuntu-de-l10n ?16:53
henningehenninge: There is ubuntu-de16:57
UbuPhilluphenninge: ?16:58
henningeUbuPhillup: Yes, there is16:58
UbuPhillupahh okey16:59
henningeGotta run now. Feierabend!16:59
henningeI don't think there is an English word for that ... ;-)16:59
UbuPhilluphey kelemengabor17:15
UbuPhillupDo you know how to change translations for the xdg-user-dirs ?17:16
kelemengaborhi UbuPhillup - you need to send your translations upstream to http://translationproject.org/domain/xdg-user-dirs.html17:17
UbuPhillupkelemengabor: i think they dont want your translation, they change it, but we want to change it back for ubuntu;)17:19
kelemengaborthat's unfortunate. this package is somewhat special in the sense that it does not use langpacks, because it's among the ones necessary for a localized install. so you would want to patch the package source, which is rarely happening17:22
kelemengaborso I have no idea what is easier, to convince Ubuntu packagers or to convince upstream folks17:23
kelemengabordpm: any idea what's best to do?17:24
UbuPhillupkelemengabor: thanks a lot17:24
UbuPhillupkelemengabor: »to convince upstream folks« we try that but gnome said no and so it will not change17:26
UbuPhillupbut we can try it one more time …17:26
UbuPhillupanyway thanks for your help kelemengabor17:26
kelemengaboryw :)17:27
dpmkelemengabor, UbuPhillup, I think convincing upstream should be the way to go. I think it might be easier to convince packagers if you can prepare a patched package and propose it for upload, but if things are done upstream it would require less work from everyone17:35
dpm(apart from the convincing upstream bit)17:35
UbuPhillupThanks a lot17:51

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