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MooDoomorning all06:04
mibofra_cell good morning  MooDoo06:44
MartijnVdSmorning everyone!07:18
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AlanBellmorning all08:13
popeyAlanBell: alt-tab in 13.10 is even more broken than i first thought08:14
popeyif you have multiple workspaces08:14
popeyalt-tabbing will flip to the last window on another workspace, which it should never do08:15
mungbeanits not that hard is it?08:15
mungbeanother DEs have managed for years08:15
MartijnVdSbut unity is special08:15
mungbeanit rides in the special bus08:16
MartijnVdS"What does your window taste like today?"08:16
AlanBellI don't use multiple workspaces that much now08:17
AlanBellsince the cube was taken away08:17
mungbeancube ftw08:17
mungbeani used to play with it as a distraction from work08:17
MartijnVdSI prefer the flat layout myself.. I tried the cube.. but it's not for me08:17
AlanBellI now have a primary workspace and I occasionally put things on other workspaces to put them out of the way08:17
mungbeani try to remember the multiple workspace thing but always get out of the habit after a few days08:18
mungbeanafter needing to copy paste stuff from firefox to terminal08:18
* TheOpenSourcerer uses multiple workspaces all the time.08:18
mungbeansuspects TheOpenSourcerer is a fvwm guy08:18
MartijnVdSmungbean: not twm?08:19
TheOpenSourcererNope - 31.04 on my laptop and 12.04 on my desktop at home.08:19
mungbeani used workspaces a lot in solaris openwindows08:19
TheOpenSourcereropps meant 13.0408:19
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: Been using your TARDIS again then? ;)08:19
TheOpenSourcererLovely looking WM08:19
mungbeanpre motif08:19
mungbeanalthough in my memory it looked better than that08:20
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:20
mungbeansomehow motif felt spongey to me08:22
mungbeanin the same way that KDE was sharp08:22
mungbeanand could cut you08:22
TheOpenSourcererIs that pronounced "spunjee" or "spongee"?08:23
diddledan_yeah, many cuts I got off KDE08:23
brobostigongood morning everyone.08:23
popeymungbean: its a bug08:23
popeymungbean: so yes, other desktops including unity have "managed" it hjust fine for years, but sometimes there are bugs in the development release. fancy that huh?08:24
TheOpenSourcererTime for a #2. Laterz.08:24
mungbeanoh, unity has had weird alt-tab behaviour every time for me08:24
mungbeani think its by design08:25
popeyAlanBell: if you have a moment bug 1212586 could do with confirming08:26
lubotu3bug 1212586 in unity (Ubuntu) "alt-tab switches workspaces to focus apps, but shouldn't" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121258608:26
MartijnVdSBut if I have one app, with two windows, both on different workspaces.. should alt-tab tab between those08:26
popeyalt-tab never crosses workspaces08:28
mungbeanis there one that does?08:29
mungbeanalt+` ?08:29
popeyno, alt+` switches windows of an app08:29
popeyalt+tab switches all windows on the current workspace08:29
MartijnVdSBut is there a workspace-crossing "alt-tab like" key?08:30
popeyctrl+alt+tab switches across workspaces08:30
popeyso yes, there is one08:30
bigcalmOh, that's handy :)08:30
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Lion Day! :-D08:33
dwatkinsWhat's the service which caches command names to offer alternatives if you type 'sudo' wrong, for example?08:34
dwatkinscheers popey08:34
JamesTaitpopey, I never knew about ctrl-alt-tab, thank you!08:34
MartijnVdSctrl+alt+` doesn't work though :(08:34
mungbeanwow, alistair darling could have been the next master in dr who http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/42962000/jpg/_42962555_darling203.jpg08:35
bigcalmThat's disturbing08:35
MartijnVdSmungbean: I thought BBC had a fear of beards, or so I read?08:35
mungbeani think the master is to blame for all fear of beards08:35
DJonespopey: Just tried Alt+tab on 13.10 in vbox I don't see that bug, Following the how to reproduce, I just switch to the browser on workspace 108:36
AlanBellI can't reproduce it popey08:38
mungbean!info molly-guard08:46
lubotu3molly-guard (source: molly-guard): protects machines from accidental shutdowns/reboots. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.4.5-1 (quantal), package size 11 kB, installed size 84 kB08:46
DJonesHow far along would people say that 13.10 is in usability & not having major breakages, contemplating upgrading my laptop to test in regular use08:47
diddledan_DJones, I've been using it at home fine even with mir08:48
DJonesdiddledan_: Is that now installed by default, or is that still to filter through to the default install08:49
diddledan_I haven't upgraded this machine because it's my primary work machine and even though I've had good luck so far I'm still not prepared to commit everything to it08:49
diddledan_no, xmir is still a ppa I believe08:50
DJonesLast I'd read about it, it was still install at own risk08:50
diddledan_at least I'm getting my xmir from ppa08:50
DJonesThought that was the case08:50
DJonesI may wait until that filters through to default, then do a fresh install08:50
diddledan_I just found a cron entry that was set to fire at 34:00 (yes, 34 o'clock)08:55
diddledan_I can only assume it should have been 00:3408:56
DJonesDid it actually work though?08:56
DJonesLOgic prevails then08:56
JamesTaitDJones, xmir isn't installed by default, but it's in the default repo now.08:58
JamesTaitDJones, I switched to it on Sunday.  For the most part I haven't been able to tell the difference, but Chromium seems to fairly reliably crash it.08:59
AlanBellJamesTait: are you on a single monitor?09:14
AlanBelldiddledan_: xmir is now in the repos09:15
AlanBellbut not enabled by default09:15
JamesTaitAlanBell, I am.  Well, my laptop display.09:15
JamesTaitAlanBell, I plugged my TV into my HDMI port the other night and it worked flawlessly for the first time since I've had the laptop - but I'm pretty sure that would have been before I switched to xmir.09:17
JamesTaitBut after switching from the nvidia driver to nouveau.09:17
AlanBellyeah, as far as I know multi-monitor on xmir is at a very rudimentary level09:17
JamesTaitI'll give it a bash tonight.09:18
diddledan_the xmir ppa works on my own multimonitor setup09:21
diddledan_thanks AlanBell09:21
AlanBellworks as in displays different stuff on different monitors, or just mirroring?09:28
diddledan_different stuff on different monitors09:30
diddledan_even plays well with synergy09:30
diddledan_unless it's dropped into fallback mode and I've not noticed09:31
diddledan_I'll double check when I get home if I remember09:31
NET||abusehi folks, i'm streaming two camera from laptops at home with motion, but if i want to get full streaming rather than jpeg stream? What's the next option?09:33
popeyprobably ffmpeg.. Azelphur has done similar09:34
NET||abusethat sounds hard09:35
NET||abuselonger term project for now09:36
NET||abuseseems motion has a bunch of ffmpeg stuff,, mpeg4 encoding, bitrates, resolutions..09:39
NET||abuseso might be possible with the existing program09:39
* hamitron would just use what is there if it gets the job done09:42
NET||abusefor now it's fine, would just enjoy smoother streamed video09:43
NET||abusemy dog plays around with his toys, so it would be cool to be able to capture the occational fun moment in nice quality09:43
hamitronjust a risk of it becoming one of those things where you say "I will do that sometime", but never around to it09:44
hamitronat least that would be the case for me09:44
DJonesNET||abuse: I used to do the same with Motion to keep an eye on my dog, I thought it'd be quite entertaining, then as time went on, you realise that the dog sleeps all day and only spends about 30 seconds moving the toys around just before I came home to make it look like he'd been playing09:46
NET||abuseyeh, can happen to me too, but in this case, i really want to do it. I'll be having a neighbours dog over on occasion who has proven a reliable well behaved visitor so it would be great to offer htis to my neighbour when he is at work also.09:46
NET||abuseDJones: those devious animals :)09:47
NET||abuseooh, standup meeting... brb09:47
MooDooAlanBell: I bet there will be pledges for the edge even on the last day when it's still millions off the mark10:10
NET||abuseIt's a pitty, as I do see the idea of the next evolution of convergence devices like the edge10:10
NET||abuseI think there's something to be said for that kind of all in one, but at the same time. I love my laptop :)10:11
MooDooit would of suceeded if the amount was a lot lower, I suspect realistically it was set that high as they knew it would fail.10:11
NET||abuseI imagine the cost to get anything off the ground might be just htat high with the manufacturers regardless. so they had no choive10:12
NET||abusemaybe Mark will just swoop in and swallow the difference at the end :)10:12
MooDooNET||abuse: oh so naive [and if it does i'll apologies then and buy you a beer] ;)10:13
mungbeanthat would be silly10:13
NET||abusehehe :)10:13
NET||abuseI eagerly await that beer10:13
AlanBellNET||abuse: no, he won't though indiegogo, far far too expensive to do that10:18
SuperMattwheeee, getting a class two cert for supermatt.net :D10:18
AlanBell4% to indiegogo, 4% to paypal, 20% VAT10:18
mungbeanyou can still change the target with indiegogo , vbut wahts the point10:18
AlanBelldon't think you can10:18
MooDooSuperMatt: is that a good thing?10:19
SuperMattMooDoo: yup, because it means I have have a wildcard cert, and browsers trust it more10:19
SuperMattless warnings = good10:19
MooDooSuperMatt: SSL?10:19
MooDoowhat's the point if you're not selling stuff?10:20
MooDoojust trust?10:20
MooDooexpensive way of doing it :D10:20
SuperMattplus, I've started hosting my own stuff, like tt-rss and owncloud, which I'm also sharing with my friends, so I want a proper cert for them to use10:20
* hamitron trusts nobody10:20
SuperMattsomething which they can trust10:21
hamitronand I don't mean the user nobody10:21
MooDooah that makes sense10:21
popeyAlanBell: i think it's oversimplistic to think mark will pull out a platinum credit card and punch it into indiegogo10:21
mungbeanyour owncloud is on public internet?10:21
popeywe talk to indiegogo daily10:21
SuperMattit's on my vps10:21
mungbeani can acess it?10:21
mungbeani am scared of securty issues with owncloud10:21
SuperMattyou can't sign up, if that's what you mean ;)10:21
mungbeani'm scared of security vulnerabilities that would allow an attacker to get my precious10:22
popeyyeah, ditto10:22
SuperMattI don't put anything precious there ;)10:22
mungbeanthere are regular security issues with it10:22
SuperMattand if I do, it's locked up in a truecrypt container10:22
mungbeani have a server that is firewalled, but ideally vpned10:22
SuperMattthing is, I use my owncloud to access from work, home, my parents place, etc, so I don't always have the same IP, and I don't wanna tweak the filewall all the time.10:24
mungbeanvpn then10:24
SuperMattit's just there for saving stuff that I might wanna get at from a different local later10:25
mungbeanits more useful than that tho10:25
SuperMattvpn is a bit overkill, especially as I use own cloud on my phone, tablet, laptop, work pc, etc10:25
SuperMattIf there's something *really* precious I don't want anyone to have, it really won't be on my owncloud, at least not without being in a truecrypt container10:26
mungbeantruecryp container on your pc , then sync it?10:27
mungbeanmy keyboard is missing letters today10:27
SuperMattmungbean: yup10:27
SuperMattjust a small one, to contain various things I need to keep safe10:28
* bigcalm giggles to himself10:37
MartijnVdSbigcalm: U WOT M8?10:37
bigcalmMartijnVdS: hold down both shift keys and then type: the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog10:37
MartijnVdSbigcalm: it looks vaguely Irish10:38
bigcalmI'm sure my keyboard would fair better if I didn't have to convert PS/2 to USB10:38
shaunoodd.  does the same on a usb keyboard here, but on neither laptop keyboards10:42
bigcalmThis is via a Alienware USB keyboard: HE QUIK BRON FO JUPED OER HE LA DOG10:43
AlanBellpopey: indeed, if indiegogo will accept a different bulk pledge amount without going through the process then maybe it could work10:45
davmor2meh so it looks like microsoft hardware really does rock10:45
shaunonot sure I get what's going on10:45
AlanBellwhere the money doesn't actually change hands, but it brings the total up to meet the target10:46
bigcalmIt's a test of multiple key press processing. Something directhex was interested in for gaming, I think10:46
AlanBelland it doesn't qualify as a sale, or an investment10:46
shaunocurious why it has no issues on either laptop keyboards here10:47
shaunoone mac, one HP10:48
MartijnVdSMy Logitech keyboard gets the TE UIC RWN  JUED VER TE LAY DG one10:49
shaunomy dell keyboard does the same too10:50
bigcalmJust tried to move my glasses and poked myself in the eye because I'm not actually wearing them10:53
MartijnVdSbigcalm: http://imgur.com/a4CVG ?10:53
popeyi punched myself in the face doing up shoelaces the other day10:56
davmor2popey: hahahahahahahahahaha10:57
MartijnVdSpopey: https://www.gov.uk/report-domestic-abuse10:58
davmor2popey: Thanks that's made my day :)10:58
MartijnVdSpopey: also.. HOW?!10:58
popeylooking down, pulling laces up tight, laces slip out of hand, hand carries on going upwards to face10:58
popeyHELLO FACE10:58
NET||abusehmm, can't switch motion over to not just do jpg saving.10:58
NET||abuseright, ffmpeg server approach later10:59
NET||abuseneed to work.10:59
* czajkowski pokes davmor2 and goes back to work 11:20
* davmor2 prods czajkowski and opens a terminal, the prods czajkowski and does some work11:20
bigcalmTerminal prodding11:21
diddledan_I like fingering random people in the terminal11:37
diddledan_I find it invariably says they're unknown tho11:37
diddledan_$ finger bigcalm11:38
diddledan_finger: bigcalm: no such user. <-- see?11:38
* DJones remembers early programming days and having to poke memory addresses11:40
diddledan_that the beeb or the sinclair?11:46
diddledan_or both?11:46
DJonesNeither, Vic 2011:49
DJonesAnd later Commodore 6411:50
DJonesStill don't think I ever filled the 3.5K ram on the Vic 20 with anything I ever did11:50
shaunoonly thing I remember actually having to poke, was to read the weird buttons on the atari 60011:51
DJonesProbably also on whatever the Apple ][ basic language version was before using Cobol11:52
DJonesI liked the Atari's, the cartridge slot hidden under the flap right on top of the case always seemed a cool idea11:52
DJonesRemembering those machines certainly shows my age11:53
davmor2bigcalm: wifey surprise present arrived yesterday http://shop.constantin-weisz.com/de/Herrenuhren/Herren-Automatik/Constantin-Weisz-Herrenuhr-Automatik115.html  I recommend opening it in chrome/chromium for the page translation if you want to know details :)11:56
Monotokowhoever decided to put MySQL and Postfix together is an evil, twisted human11:58
davmor2DJones: you know you are old when you say when I were lad I remember changing valves on colossus11:58
DJonesdavmor2: Nah, when I were a lad, the colossus hadn't been built yet :)11:59
diddledan_Monotoko, fighting email again?12:00
davmor2DJones: when my wife looked after old people, there was one lady who would chat about how hard the rationing was and gas street lighting and then that new fangled electric came along and then blow me wasn't there a second world war :D that is old12:01
mungbeani think my wifes gt grandfather was a street lamp lighter12:01
Monotokodiddledan_, indeed... I need to get all-(post)@(club).(district).org to go to all the posts in that club in that district12:02
Monotokothe previous sysadmin said it'd take him 2 hours before he left... I don't believe him12:02
mungbeanhistory | less12:02
shaunoit's a bit odd to think there's people who lives through two world wars, the advent of flight, the space age, etc etc.  I already feel old, and all I've got is "I went to school.  and then I got the internet."12:02
mungbeanfalklands war, iraq war, afgan war,..12:02
diddledan_shauno, you went to school?!12:02
DJonesmungbean: Falkands wasn't a war, you can't count that one12:03
diddledan_I hate that the americans have twisted the date for 7/7 so now we have to call it 7/7 instead because they coined it first!12:03
DJonesAlthough the people who dies/got injured in it would dispute that12:04
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diddledan_mm, lunch12:04
diddledan_that's a good idea12:04
Monotokohmm, any idea how I'd do the all- thing diddledan_ ?12:05
diddledan_none whatsoever! :-p12:05
diddledan_I suck!12:05
DJonesHmmh, lunch... Thats going to be wierd, getting a lunch break12:06
davmor2mungbean: that'll be cold war, falklands, kuwait/iraq, afgan, iraq again, iran (that we weren't in honest gov'nor ;) )12:07
diddledan_DJones, who said anything about a break?!12:07
shaunonone of those really affected me though, which I think is what makes the world wars really stand out12:08
diddledan_iraq first time is as far back as I go12:08
diddledan_in terms of memory12:08
DJonesdiddledan_: Thats true, although working as a contractor, I don't get lunch, changing to employed means I will12:08
Monotokobeing employed means you officially get a lunch12:08
Monotokobut in reality12:08
Monotokoyou don;t12:08
DJonesI've always eaten at my desk, although I will need to do a lot of office cleaning once I take over & move into the office first, I'm working on it'll be a "one skip" tidy12:10
christelEAT THE DESK12:18
MartijnVdSlots of fibre!12:18
AlanBellchristel \o/12:23
christelhello AlanBell \o/12:24
brobostigonhello christel12:29
christelhellloooo :D12:31
DJoneschristel: Looking at the dodgy looking cafe over the road from here, I suspect eating the desk would be the healthy option12:32
davmor2christel:  you desprogged congrats12:35
christeldanke schoen :)12:36
bigcalmdavmor2: cool watch12:43
davmor2bigcalm: ta :) I love it, like you with your pens :)12:50
bigcalmdavmor2: did you see the one Hayley gave me for my birthday?13:00
* Monotoko cries13:01
MonotokoI'm going to throw our email server outta the bloody window in a moment13:01
MartijnVdSMonotoko: that bad?13:05
bigcalmReally good review of my birthday present: http://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/232695-sailor-hakone-yosegi-zaiku/13:06
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MonotokoMartijnVdS, I'm having one of those days, and Postfix just doesn't help that at all13:07
mungbeanwhat's the milestone? 10.2m?13:11
AlanBellbit more than that13:14
mungbeanwell 32m but what's the other milestone?13:14
mungbean10.2m exactly?13:14
mungbeanpebble lol13:15
mungbeanthey are lame13:15
mungbeani know somebody with one and they are v gimicky IMO13:17
bigcalmOne what?13:25
popeyPebble watch13:26
bigcalmWondering what Samsung will come out with13:27
mungbeanso a few months on, what's the opnion of the ouya?13:28
davmor2bigcalm: wow to be fair that is impressive :)13:31
bigcalmdavmor2: It's very much my every day pen now. I'd take it with me if I didn't value it so much13:33
mungbeanpen? for writing..?13:34
mungbeanlove letters?13:34
davmor2bigcalm: iirc there is a mother in pearl, black onyx checkerboard pen I've seen somewhere that reminds me of that,  I bet that is expensive though ;)13:35
bigcalmThere are 5 fountain pens on my desk. I really need to stop13:37
bigcalmOops, just found 2 more13:38
mungbeani have disdain for such things as i am a left hander13:38
bigcalmA pen is not hand centric13:39
MonotokoI never have a pen on my desk...13:39
MartijnVdSbigcalm: they are though.. pens with flowing ink = coloured hand13:39
MartijnVdSbigcalm: for me, anyway13:39
MartijnVdSbigcalm: (fast-flowing ink)13:39
davmor2bigcalm: yes they are, lefthanded nibs are more expensive and less common13:41
bigcalmdavmor2: that's only if they are cut at a slant. All of my pens can be used by either hand13:42
davmor2bigcalm: no you can get lefthanded no slanting nibs, iirc it's to do with the thickness of leading vs trailing nib tips.  The only exception as far as I am aware are the really strong metal nibs like titanium etc.  but softer metals like 22crt gold for example has different nib tip weights13:45
* bigcalm shrugs :)13:46
davmor2bigcalm: see you didn't know there was that much to nib technology did you ;)13:47
bigcalmdavmor2: not something I pay much attention to. I like driving cars, but I don't know how to build one ;)13:47
davmor2bigcalm: yeah you do, one lego brick at a time following the instruction in the book :D13:49
bigcalmMmmm, lego13:49
MartijnVdShmmm.. lego13:50
davmor2bigcalm: we were planning a trip to legoland windsor for my birthday but with the mil being so poorly we couldn't get away hence the surprise watch pressie instead13:50
bigcalmBadminton tonight, I wonder if we'll end up in that crazy Thai restaurant again in Compton13:52
bigcalmdavmor2: I can imagine you tearing up the road in their lego cars13:52
mungbeaneven biros are a problem for left handers13:57
mungbeanunless you live in arabic RTL countries13:57
MartijnVdSeven pencils can be13:57
Seeker`biros and pencils aren't a problem :P13:57
mungbeanno, i type instead.13:58
Seeker`fountain pens aren't even too bad really13:58
MartijnVdSSeeker`: pencils = grey side of hand13:58
MartijnVdSSeeker`: biros are fine, but bad ones can rip up paper13:58
mungbeanor contortion13:58
Seeker`MartijnVdS: is your hand made of rubber? :P13:58
MartijnVdSSeeker`: fountain pens = blue side of hand13:58
mungbeanbiro ink = smudge too13:58
MartijnVdSmungbean: for those "gel" pens maybe13:59
Seeker`I use a biro a lot and don't smudge it.13:59
mungbeanyou are a leftie?13:59
MartijnVdSmungbean: I am13:59
Seeker`I don't think I recall getting grey hands from HB pencils either13:59
Seeker`I am13:59
mungbeani can take notes but not fill a page of text13:59
brobostigonworst, try using a fountain pen as a left hander,13:59
mungbeanits grim and also scratches weirdly13:59
MartijnVdSwait.. #ubuntu-lefthanded?14:00
mungbeanINTJ and lefthandies ftw14:00
brobostigonmore like.14:00
mungbeanwriting is overrated14:00
Seeker`I think aobut 10% of people are left handed14:01
Seeker`so you'd expect 12 people or so in this channel to be left handed14:01
MartijnVdS"Globally, roughly 12% of men and 10% of women are left-handed."14:01
MartijnVdSSeeker`: but not everyone on the channel is active14:01
mungbeanonly around 15% of the chan are active14:01
MartijnVdSand they're ALL left-handers ;)14:02
Seeker`maybe it is because the wrong-handed people are scared of us?14:02
mungbeanits genetic14:02
MartijnVdSthe fear?14:02
mungbeanwithout the RH gene, then its 50/5014:02
mungbeanthats what i heard and chose to believe without checking anyway14:03
Seeker`my parents are both right handed, me and my brother are left handed14:03
mungbeanme too14:03
mungbeani am 1/514:03
mungbean2/5 are lefties14:03
Seeker`although I play the guitar right-handed, and can use a mouse with either hand etc.14:03
davmor2Seeker`: that doesn't mean that both of them aren't actually lefthanders that were forced to use their right hands14:04
MartijnVdSYeah, the mouse is a special case for me too.. but that's just because of how it was always set up14:04
mungbeani do nearly everything right handed except writing, scissors, fine painting14:04
Seeker`scissors I can do with either hand14:04
Seeker`I'm equally bad at snooker with either hand14:04
MartijnVdSscissors I'm bad with14:04
davmor2I can't cut straight if my depended on it14:05
Seeker`takes me slightly longer to cut stuff in my right hand, but its not too bad14:05
davmor2stanley knife and a cutting board and I get a better result than I do with a pair of scissors14:06
mungbeani tried cutting our blinds because i got impatient hile wifey was out14:06
mungbeanalthough i cut my sons hair and did great14:06
MartijnVdS"almost no blood!"14:07
Seeker`your blinds...grow?14:07
popey1984 Nobody died14:07
popey1985 Nobody died14:07
popey(c) Steve Coogan14:07
Seeker`brass eye?14:08
popeyDay Today14:08
Seeker`close enough :P14:09
mungbeanwhats is this referring to popey ?14:09
dwatkinsis there a good book on sysctl variables? I'm trying to find out the implications of setting kernel.shmmax but I can only find stuff about it being set too high to be sensible14:09
dwatkinshttp://www.puschitz.com/TuningLinuxForOracle.shtml#SettingSharedMemory explains some but not all of the implications of changing this, for example14:09
popeyit was just me picking up on "almost no blood"14:10
mungbeanah lol14:10
mungbeani did make a little mistake and he has a v short bit at the back but if you ruffle his hair it doesn't show14:10
MartijnVdSdwatkins: http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.0/static/kernel-resources.html explains a little14:11
dwatkinsthanks MartijnVdS :)14:11
MartijnVdSdwatkins: and I think there's extensive documentation in the kernel source tree (Documentation/ dir)14:13
mungbeanEBook Sellers Strike Deal To Share Customer Details With Anti-Piracy Outfit14:14
* Seeker` needs to re-watch brass eye at some point14:14
dwatkinsaha, I'd best get me some sauce installed, thanks again MartijnVdS14:14
mungbeanor they could spend their energy making it cheap and easy to buy portable ebooks14:15
davmor2mungbean: netbooks monthly fee like netflix but you get to loan books14:17
mungbeanhave you seen what they offer in libraries in terms of ebooks? mostly smutty mills and boon type stuff14:18
shaunosame as netflix here (.ie), it's all bollywood and chinese.  folks that'll licence worldwide without a fight, instead of fighting per-region like the big names14:19
dwatkinsThe office has run out of milk #BritishProblems14:19
bigcalmdwatkins: have you no backup boxes of UHT?14:19
dwatkinsbigcalm: I don't care, I have my own milk ;) (LactoFree)14:20
dwatkinsIt's only a problem when people start stealing mine.14:20
bigcalmThat's very intolerant of you14:20
mungbeani think i'm banned from posting on britishproblems14:21
dwatkinsmungbean: what did you do?14:21
shaunorate-limited ;)14:21
mungbeani submitted a post and then realised i made a mistake in teh title14:21
mungbeanso i deleted it14:21
mungbeanthen resbmitted14:22
dwatkinsshicking behaviour14:22
dwatkins*ahem* shocking, I mean14:22
mungbeannow any stories i submit since then never appear14:22
mungbeaneven though previously i submitted stuff with 500 upvotes14:22
mungbeani don't care really , i can change username14:24
mungbean/r/britishproblems has turned to crap anyway14:24
mungbeandaily mail, tea, more fake daily mail outrage14:25
mungbeanwho upvotes the 10 stories about daily mail and kevin bacon?14:25
shaunoDM really should be banned from the internet.  I keep running into people who think it's a real newspaper, which just makes me sadface14:27
dwatkinsI don't even know if I'm subscribed to it any more.14:27
dwatkinsshauno: do they work for the Daily Mail?14:27
mungbeanDM outrgage is dispropritionate to other newspapers14:27
mungbeancheck this14:27
shaunomost the newspapers in the UK are pretty disappointing, to be honest.  DM irk me in particular because they seem to crop up everywhere, constantly14:29
mungbeanmainly because of the mock outrage and then people post the link14:29
mungbeanalso, when a jounralist dies in a war zone the media go crazy14:30
mungbeantop story on every TV and paper14:30
mungbeancompletely insular, you'd think only media and politics are important in this world14:30
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
mungbeanjust remembered i brought a massive hunk of watermelon to work :D14:50
popeybro, you like cantalope?14:51
popeyi need to do 8000 more steps today14:52
popeywell, 700014:52
mungbeanis that a quote?14:52
popeyno, just somehting silly i saw on imgur today14:53
mungbeanmy wife visited me at work yesterday14:54
mungbeani met her at bethnal grn14:54
mungbeanin the distance i saw her coming , and a mad person had accosted her14:55
mungbeani keep telling her about mad people here, and with in 5 mins of arriving she's been madded14:55
popeyalso, i want to do this http://imgur.com/gallery/YaCLH14:55
popeyalthough i have none of the ingredients or equipment to do it14:55
mungbeanif only there was a website to show me the best bits of imgur14:56
mungbeanmmm molasses14:56
mungbeanlol @ dogs14:56
mungbeanmy brother hated on melon his whole life, then one day said have you tired this cantaloupe, you gotta try it , its lovely. i said i thought you hated melon and said it was like cucumber? nah i never said that14:57
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
SuperMattman, I can't decide whether to install saucy for apache2.4, or compile it from source15:13
mungbeannever compile15:14
mungbeannevr trust someone who uses a fake name. Dave lee travis15:16
Monotoko... I need to pay my AWS bill15:20
Monotokobefore my server's shut down >.>15:20
DJonesgnuweb: foureight84 /lastlog dog15:23
DJonesmungbean: What was the dog reference?15:23
DJonesJust wondered if it was anything to do with this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-2371489615:23
mungbeanit was the link popey posted about rum15:24
mungbeanand a pic of dogs waiting15:24
DJonesI was trying to decide if the Whythe rum is not gone picture was a port-a-potty15:25
neurodoo de doo15:55
neuroanyone know anyone around oxfordish way looking for php dev work?15:55
neuro$work is hiring, you see15:56
shaunoman, kvm without ipv4 is a bit of a trial15:56
Monotokoneuro, freelance or employment?16:00
Monotoko:( I've just settled in Exeter16:00
Monotokowith a full time job16:01
Monotokowhat's the salary like?16:01
neuroso why are you wasting my time? :)))16:01
neuroi don't know yet, will find out tomorrow16:01
Monotokowell, it could have been freelance - in which case I could do with more freelance work :P16:01
neuroyeah, it's not, soz16:01
daftykinsGTA V Online trailer video \o/16:02
neuroi see the telegraph has decided to wow their readers with unsolicited teenage bare midriffs: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/educationpicturegalleries/10244946/baremidriffs.html16:07
neuro(it's pics of a-level result-receiving jumpy people)16:07
neuroi was never that excited about exam results16:18
daftykinsi never cared for exams16:18
neurome either, hated em16:18
daftykinsbut then i also believe revision is cheating :)16:18
neurowas glad to see the back of school, college and uni16:19
neuro(yep, i did the trifecta)16:19
neurowell, did as in i went ... i dropped out of uni :)16:19
daftykinsit can be a pretty challenging time to pay for the priviledge of having someone tell you to go off and learn x16:20
neuropay? :)16:20
neuroall i paid for was my travel, food and books16:20
daftykinsone of the world's rather sick jokes is that us Channel Islanders have to pay the tuition fees of foreign students16:20
neuroand beer, lots of beer16:20
daftykinsoften get housed in the same blocks as people from the other side of world too16:21
neuroall i got out of uni was beer, laid and unix16:21
shaunoseems like a straight-forward side effect of being a tax haven?16:21
daftykinshow would you say the two have any relation?16:21
shaunowell that's what pays for everyone else's "free".  you pay less, it buys you less16:22
daftykinswell, tax does go to our government instead16:23
daftykinsbut you'd have thought there'd be a tiny bit of cooperation seeing as our passports say 'British' ¬_¬16:23
daftykinsbut ah well16:23
neurocooperation about what?16:26
neurochannel isles are crown dependencies16:26
daftykinscouple of cruise ships are in today16:26
neuronot actually part of the UK16:27
daftykinsyou just look that up? :)16:27
neuroI Know Things16:27
neurosure, whatever16:28
daftykinscan always tell cruise ship days, you can never get along the high street ¬_¬16:28
neurois there a particular reason you don't like me, or are you just always like this?16:29
daftykinseh, that's just messing and you're not used to me i guess16:29
neurowell it's one thing to fanny about, but it's another thing to accuse someone of lying16:30
daftykinsare you serious?16:30
neuroi couldn't tell if you weren't16:30
daftykinsi think you need to calm down a bit16:31
neuroi'm perfectly calm16:31
neuroi'd be using caps and stuff if i was kicking off16:31
neuroand you know what i'm like with caps16:31
daftykinsi've forgotten already thankfully16:32
neuroi could remind you if you like :)16:32
neurocaps are awesome16:32
neuroalthough one thing that winds me up is people who Capitalise Every Word In A Sentence For Some Odd Reason16:33
daftykinsalso yeah, i make no secret that i'm not too fond of you16:34
neuroand i've politely asked why16:34
daftykinsyou're not very pleasant to converse with because you're highly opinionated and don't seem to be capable of opening your mind to alternative points of view16:35
neurowhich is your opinion, of course, and you're entitled to it16:35
neurothanks for answering honestly16:36
neuroi do actually appreciate it16:36
neuroanyway, in other news16:39
awwwhey , i have some ubuntu 12.10 problems16:43
awwwcan anyone please please help me16:43
lubotu3Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:43
awwwk , i have dual OS , one is winodos 7 and one is ubuntu 12.10 , I think it is nvidea graphic card driver problem , I try to boot in nomodeset mode , but also i am getting a black screen , anyone kbows16:45
daftykinsadding nomodeset should've worked16:45
daftykins(for a single boot)16:46
awww@dafty , i replaced the quiet splash by nomodeset , yet getting the same black screen16:46
daftykinshow odd, this is in the installed version? did the livecd work?16:47
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
neuroalan_g|EOD: bomb squad? :)16:49
neuro#ubuntu-in must be really dead for indian folk to keep coming into -uk16:51
daftykinspretty much all of the localised channels beyond this and main are dead16:52
neuroshame :(16:52
Seeker`I thought -de had quite a big community?16:53
neurohave you seen the amount of US channels?16:53
neurothey've set one up for each state16:53
daftykinsat least that's the opinion i get from the fact that in #ubuntu everyone tends to send the foreign support seekers to their respective channels, then they come back saying nobody's talking in there16:53
neuroi guess that's both upside and downside of geeks usually having at least a basic grasp of english16:54
Seeker`neuro: that might be because of the size of the states16:54
neurooh sure, some of them :)16:54
neuroca, tx, ny, etc i can understand16:54
neurobut i wonder how many alaskan ubuntu users there are :)16:54
awww@datty , has anyone answered my question , my net got disconnected16:55
awwwplease cpy and paste whoeva has answered it16:55
shaunoI know a couple.  and AK seems an obvious choice for a colo, given that they can't just pop next door16:55
shaunoer, loco16:56
Seeker`There are 11 states bigger than the UK16:56
neuroheh i was wondering about 'colo' :)16:56
neurotis a big country16:56
neurocalifornia will be at the top of the list, i guess16:56
awwwcan you check my problem16:57
daftykinsawww: i asked if it wasn't working with nomodeset on an installed copy, but worked with the liveCD?16:57
Seeker`alaska, texas, california16:57
shaunoalaska's freaking huge.  it just doesn't look like it in most map projections16:58
neurowhere are you getting these numbers? just checked wikipedia ... uk pop in 2011 was 63.182m16:58
neuroca pop in 2012 was 38.041m16:59
Seeker`neuro: I was talking interms of area16:59
awwwyea , it dint work on the installed one  , i tried with livecd and when i give run with usb , i get a terminal with " ubuntu@ubuntu " Idk what to do next16:59
neuroak pop was 731K16:59
neurooh *area*16:59
neuroawww: what nvidia card do you have?16:59
shaunoarea-wise, this is what it never gets credit for; http://www.wtv-zone.com/kingdon/Photos-1/alaska.jpg17:00
neurogood grief17:00
Seeker`the original idea for locos was mainly ubuntu advocacy in 'local' areas17:00
awwwnvdiia Geforce Gt 525M17:00
awww@datty , replied back17:00
neuroah 525Ms don't work with stock ubuntu apparently17:01
neuroawww: read this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2075423&p=12315916#post1231591617:01
daftykinshehe you really don't want to be telling people to install bumblebee that can't even boot :)17:02
neurothat should solve your problem (I think!)17:02
neurodaftykins: they said they got to a prompt17:02
diddledan_shauno, that link no load17:02
daftykinslivecd only17:02
Seeker`"Ever since the birth of computers, enthusiasts and fans around the world have collected together in garages, universities and pubs to talk about their interest, learn from each other and help promote their interest. Combine this with the huge popularity of Ubuntu, and you have the Ubuntu LoCo project."17:02
neuroah doh17:02
shaunodiddledan_: works on my pithy 3g connection :/17:03
daftykinsawww: if you installed ubuntu with an internet connection, it may've installed updates at the same time. you could reinstall with updates disabled / the internet connection disconnected17:03
neuroawww: sorry - if you boot into your installed Ubuntu OS, get the black screen, try pressing CTRL+ALT+F1 and that should get you to a login prompt.  You should be able to log in with the user you created when you installed, and from there you can follow the instructions in that forum post17:04
daftykinsmost people that install bumblebee on optimus setups before anything much else is working end up with bricked installs17:04
daftykinsbut ah well, maybe he'll be lucky17:04
neurosounds somewhat bricked to me already :)17:05
awww@neuro dude , i Have some problems in that terminal 1 ctrl alt f1 , the thing is I give right username and password , it doesnt allow , even that bug exist17:06
neuroawww: use my instructions at your own risk then, sounds like it may not be 100% fix17:06
neuroawww: i'm not sure, then17:06
neurois there a reason why you're using 12.10 and not 13.04?17:07
awwwthere's no reason , just havent updated , was happy until it stopped workin17:07
daftykins^ i nearly asked that. it should either be 13.04 or 12.04.2 LTS really17:07
awwwdont want any nvidea thing o somethin , just want ubuntu to work17:08
awww@dafty , dude do you have a solution17:08
daftykinsawww: yeah do you see above @ 16:03 when i replied?17:09
daftykinsi said reinstall with updates turned off17:09
neuroif you don't want nvidia, sounds like you'll need a different computer :)17:09
daftykinsnah it sounds like an optimus setup, neuro17:09
neuroi know17:09
neurowait, it was working already?17:09
awwwno no17:10
daftykinsawww: download one of the other versions, bear in mind 13.04 is dead come January though17:10
daftykinsebay user agreement update 0o17:11
neuro"give us your first born"?17:11
awwwok , after i boot from livecd i get ubuntu@ubuntu in the terminal17:11
awwwwhat next ?17:11
daftykinsare you connected to the internet with it?17:11
daftykinscat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit17:12
awwwno , how do i ? i only get a black terminal @dafty17:12
awwwno gui @dafty17:12
daftykinsis it a laptop you have to use wirelessly or something?17:13
daftykinsif you were connected with a cable it'd be able to be online17:13
* neuro sits down and sings a song about Ethernet cables17:13
awwwok , if i have a dongle then ?17:14
daftykinsyeah that's not going to be easy17:14
daftykinsi think you should download a different version to try17:15
neurothe bit that i'm interested in is that it was working previously17:15
neuroawww: did you mean that 12.10 was working for you fine until something changed and it stopped working?17:15
awwwyes ! all of a sudden this happened ,17:16
awwwi posted this on forum17:16
daftykinsoh so you have an existing install that broke?17:17
daftykinsi'd hold shift on startup and pick an older kernel to try booting with17:17
awwwafter that , some day i tried with changing the brightness in windows and restarted , it worked fine until today17:17
awwwi have the advanced options with recovery mode17:18
awwwbut i dont know what to do to get my org back17:18
daftykinsno just pick a different kernel version if there is more than one listed17:18
=== Hornet- is now known as Hornet
awww_my net got disc17:22
awww_can someone please post17:22
awww_windows sucks17:22
daftykinspost what?17:22
awww_the solutions if u have posted17:23
daftykinsawww_: hopefully more than one kernel version is listed on the holding-shift down GRUB menu, pick an older version to try17:23
awww_that wont take me to some terminal or any weird thing right ?17:24
daftykinswell, depends if it works or not17:24
daftykinsyou don't want the 'recovery' ones though, just an older version17:25
daftykinssupport over disconnections, funsies? no sir...17:33
daftykinsnor the seeming language barrier17:36
neuronever fun17:43
neuroyup, mumbai17:43
popeywhy do we get so many non-uk people here?17:43
neurosee conversation above :)17:43
aww_@dafty if ur there , tried all kernels not workig17:45
=== aww_ is now known as Guest51651
daftykinsok, i'm out of ideas then17:45
Guest51651open source ! help please :P17:46
Guest51651my nick is aww itself17:46
Guest51651@dafty , is my laptop optimus17:47
davmor2popey: cuz wez rockin outda house17:47
daftykinsif it's got mixed intel on-die and nvidia yeah, it's likely17:47
Guest51651k k , dafty provide me a solution dude17:48
Guest51651ur the only hope17:49
neuroobi daft kenobi17:49
neurodavmor2: woop woop hands in the air! :)17:49
davmor2Guest51651: what's the problem?17:50
popeyhaha BPI guy on the news talking up vinyl17:50
daftykinsGuest51651: i'm out of ideas. i'd reinstall with a different version17:50
neurodavmor2: black screen on GT525M optimus on 12.1017:50
neuropopey: yeah there was a beeb news article today about selfmade vinyl17:51
neurohaven't read it, just saw the headline17:51
neurogood to see they're keeping up with the times though :)17:51
Guest51651@davmor2 , I have dual OS , one is win 7 and is ubuntu 12.10 , the ubuntu doesnt boot coz of nvidea graphic card problem17:51
neurothey probably think vinyl is the ultimate anti-piracy format17:51
popeyand they make money from it17:51
popeyGuest51651: have you tried in #ubuntu ?17:51
neuro"rip *this*, you rebel scum!"17:51
davmor2Guest51651: turn the brightness up.  there is a bug in pre nvidia 319 version that means the brightness is set to 0 because the nvidia bit doesn't work17:51
neuroooh, he did say he'd fiddled with the brightness17:52
Guest51651yea i did17:52
Guest51651where do i  inc my brightness  , is it in windows 7 ?17:52
davmor2Guest51651: there should be a button combo to do it17:53
Guest51651yea yea , do i have to do in winows 7 ? or ubuntu ?17:53
davmor2Guest51651: in ubuntu  wait till you hear the drums then turn the brightness up, if you don't hear the drums give it 30+ seconds and then do it17:54
Guest51651i dont run ununtu on virual box or some software liek that17:54
neuroawww: have you tried going into your laptop bios settings to disable the discrete (nvidia) gpu?17:55
neuronot sure if you can do that on an optimus setup17:56
Guest51651nopes , but then i want nvidea for win7 man17:56
neuroi mean temporarily17:56
davmor2neuro: you can't it is run intel first or just run nvidia I think but forcing nvidia is kinda sucky under linux17:57
neuroooh, new email ... "Dear William, You haven't told us yet that you want to keep playing Lotto by Direct Debit."  Damn skippy, I haven't.17:57
diddledanI've never had any luck with my nvidia optimus setup17:57
neuro~ £36 a month? forget it17:57
diddledanneuro, it's only 36£ if you play every draw17:58
davmor2Guest51651: you're life gets a lot easier in 13.10 with nvidia-319 and nvidia-prime just need the nvidia-persistence to land and it's complete17:58
Guest51651@didledan , did u eve solve it17:58
neurodiddledan: na, i put two lines on, so i'm ~ £18/mo currently17:58
Guest51651i have nvidia geforce gt 525 m btw  @davmor217:58
diddledanneuro, aah, ditto.. I didn't look to see how much that would cost me17:59
daftykinsneuro: nope not possible, there are no controls over the GPUs in optimus systems BIOSs (i'm typing from one now)17:59
neurowhatever it's costing you now, double it17:59
neuro£2 a line per draw now17:59
neurowell, not now17:59
neurofrom 5th oct17:59
neurodaftykins: ah :(17:59
neurothe only dual GPU systems i've used have been macbook pros, and they Just Work :(18:00
Guest51651@davmo2 if that doesnt help , then ?18:00
diddledanmy mbp only has intel :-(18:00
daftykinsneuro: 'cept when the people install ubuntu on them, as well ;)18:00
neurowhich i don't ;)18:00
daftykinsfunny, that18:01
neuroi mean i *do*, just as a parallels vm18:01
neuroand i binned it a while back18:01
neuroupgraded it to 12.10 and it went haywire18:01
Guest51651@neuro , ubuntu sucks man ! and now that it is unity18:01
neuroawww: you're in the wrong place to say "ubuntu sucks", dude18:01
diddledanif you think ubuntu sucks now, just wait, Microsoft are sure to ruin the next version for sure18:02
davmor2neuro: 12.10 sucked donkeys, 13.04 was way more stable than 12.1018:02
neuroi'm looking forward to the end of the month actually ... simcity finally landing on OS X. I get the chance to kick the crap out of my 650M :)18:02
neurodavmor2: don't think i've tried 13.04 on parallels yet18:02
neurothe whole unity thing has put me right off to be honest18:02
davmor2diddledan: you mean they didn't already with windows 818:02
daftykinsglxgears could do that to a mobile chip XD18:02
diddledandavmor2, hmm, morerer18:03
neurogood word usage there :)18:03
neurojust as well you didn't say "moreish", i'd have been forced to hunt you down, liam neeson style18:04
davmor2Guest51651: can you get into repair mode?18:04
daftykinswhat if he said 'these distros are moreish' ?18:04
awww@neuro , what do you do ?18:05
neuroi'm a sysadmin, why?18:05
diddledanI'm a devadmin18:05
neurodaftykins: nicely done :)18:05
neuro"I don't know who you are ..."18:05
daftykinsso that was ok? :O18:05
neurowell you said it in quotes, soooo ...18:06
diddledanI need to watch part 218:06
neurodiddledan: it's rubbish18:06
davmor2I break ubuntu :) well I most deal with incoming apps at the moment and part time break ubuntu, but I'm good at it :)18:06
neurodiddledan: *but*, it's entertaining rubbish18:06
neuroit's nowhere near as good as the original, it's a retread with a stupid plot18:06
diddledanthey had a great potential18:07
neurobut it has liam neeson kicking arse, so, you know, there's that18:07
neuroplus, famke janssen.18:07
neuroi still haven't watched more than the first 5 minutes of Unknown, i really should18:08
neuroat least just to say i've seen it18:08
diddledano_O I've received a spam that says in the subject line (gmail didn't alter it!) "[suspected spam]" <-- is there a benefit to alerting your userbase that you're emailing them crap?18:09
diddledanon the plus side, however, I must have had a wayward youth judging by all the old friends that have just broken with their boyfriend and want to sleep with me18:11
daftykinsall being >1?18:13
diddledanseveral per day. the problem is I don't remember knowing them.18:14
daftykinsoooh i see now, you refer to more spam mails18:14
daftykinsi really am far too slow these days18:14
AzelphurIn debian, how do I see what DNS server it's using?18:18
diddledanAzelphur, isn't it in /etc/resolv.conf?18:19
awww@davmor2 : did not work18:19
Azelphurdiddledan: yea, is that definitely the one it's using?18:19
Azelphurbecause according to that file I'm using google DNS and...its down18:19
daftykinsboth of them?!18:20
Azelphurdaftykins: seems unreachable18:20
Azelphurthat's the only one I have set18:20
daftykins/etc/nsswitch.conf will show you the ranking order of what priority configured nameservers use18:20
daftykinsi think they have too18:20
diddledanthey're both responding to me18:20
daftykinsalso use opendns as a fallback?18:20
awwwis davmor2 there here18:20
daftykinsAzelphur: if it can't reach them, is your default gateway not borked?18:21
awwwi tried his method dint work @neuro18:21
Azelphurdaftykins: don't think so, I'm ssh'd in ok.18:21
davmor2awww: pass then maybe have a look on askubuntu18:21
daftykinsAzelphur: routes don't affect data coming in18:22
awwwhav posted there also , but what do i when i get a termianl where ubuntu@ubuntu is appearing18:22
Azelphurdaftykins: how do I check the route?18:22
daftykinsAzelphur: route -n18:22
Azelphurdaftykins: route isn't installed18:22
daftykinsoh balls18:22
neuroip route18:23
Azelphurdaftykins: traceroute looks sane18:23
Azelphurhttp://pastebin.com/XvsabYUe <-- route18:24
Azelphurhttp://pastebin.com/aSVfkyGm <-- traceroute18:24
neurolast hop is google18:25
awwwlol :P that is the first hope18:25
Azelphurneuro: yea, I just realised that myself!18:25
Azelphurgoogle DNS...officially broke?18:25
neuroyou're in ny?18:26
Azelphurneuro: server is, yes.18:26
diddledangoogle dns is anycasted so it uses a local system18:26
diddledani.e. the server uses a different system to me in the uk18:26
* neuro has a nosey from new jersey18:27
diddledanso I can tell you that both dns servers are running fine but it doesn't map to what your server sees18:27
Azelphuradded to work around it in dns18:27
daftykins208.67.220.220 and are opendns' ones18:27
daftykinswouldn't hurt to have a fiddle18:27
neuroyeah, i'm hitting the same 72.14/1618:27
daftykinsso 'nslookup domain' is failing? or stalling18:27
neuroi can get to
Azelphurdaftykins: couldn't ping or resolve any DNS18:28
neuroneuro@challenger:~$ host sony.jp | grep "has address"18:28
neurosony.jp has address
Azelphurneuro: guess the particular server my server was directed to was down (probably round robin or something?)18:28
neuroyeah maybe?18:29
neuroi can't route to the last hop18:29
neuroas in i can't get out of whatever local network i'm tracing from18:29
neuroin your trace, the third hop is above.net18:30
neurothen hops 4-9 are all google18:30
Azelphurwell, set up lots more redundancy on the DNS now, and it works fine18:30
neuroi can only get to hop 518:30
neuro6-9 are unreachable for me18:30
Azelphurso solved, was obviously on googles side though ( didn't work, added as a fallback, and it worked)18:30
neuroyeah totally google's side18:30
Azelphurfun :)18:30
neuroeither that or your provider's router hasn't had its routing table updated18:31
Azelphurwell, provider is InterNAP tier 118:31
daftykinsyou should always have more than one server entered18:31
Azelphurso, it should update real fast18:31
Azelphurdaftykins: indeed, I now have 4 (google and open)18:31
neuroyour first hop is internap?18:32
Azelphurneuro: yup18:32
neurostill, they're manned by hoo-mans18:32
daftykinsthat the new service from your dad's connections?18:32
neuroand hoo-mans make mistakes18:32
Azelphurdaftykins: nope, that's my server.18:32
neurowould be funny if it was18:32
Azelphurhehe yea, wouldn't mind 1gbit at home ;)18:33
neurowhat, this? this multimode 10G fibre coming into the house? pfff, tis nothing.18:33
daftykinsoh i get you now18:34
neurowould nice to be an ISP just to have a Netflix edge cache server in my spare room18:34
daftykinsdoesn't anybody store the medias anymore :(18:34
* neuro points to his 13TB of NAS18:35
daftykinssome, then18:35
daftykinsi cba to upgrade my 5TB one18:35
neuroplus, you know, they have blinkenlights18:35
daftykinsmy 3ware 9650SE can probably only take 2TB disks max18:35
neurosame with my readynas nv+18:35
neuroi think my nv+ v2 can take 3TB18:36
daftykins197GB free on that now - don't even really get anything18:36
daftykinsso lately i've just deleted rubbish films to regain some space18:36
neurosee, that's what netflix is for :)18:36
neuroif they have the rubbish films, you just bin your local copies18:36
neuroactually, i'd be tempted to do that were it not for the fact their library floats, varying in line with their current licensing deals18:37
daftykinsnah i'm not paying anyone for that18:38
neurotut :)18:38
daftykinsto have access to rubbish films, i mean18:38
neuroah :)18:38
neuroi'm one to talk18:39
neuroi keep paying my lovefilm sub despite the fact i never use the thing18:39
neuropicture quality is awful18:39
neurothey usually use PAL masters18:39
neurowhich is actually my biggest gripe18:39
neuromovies were not meant to be played at 25fps18:40
daftykinsdon't click that D:18:41
daftykinsit's not safe D:18:41
neurojust managed to close it before it started playing18:42
daftykinsthat's a BAD davmor18:42
* neuro larts davmor218:42
daftykinsneuro: same XD18:42
neuroall i saw was the title and i was like nononononononononono18:42
daftykinsthis channel needs title reading bot functionality18:42
* popey watches http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080339/ on netflix on ipad18:42
diddledandear god that's evil18:42
neurocmd-w! *mash*mash*mash*18:42
popeyone of the best films ever18:42
diddledanwhy would anyone do such a thing18:42
diddledanthank god I closed it in time18:42
neurobecause they are pure unadulterated evil18:42
neuropopey: i picked a helluva day to stop sniffing glue18:43
davmor2I clicked on the playlist for THE BOMB (these sounds fall into my mind)  And it's been great till that came up and I thought I shouldn't suffer alone18:43
neurothere was no need to inflict that on us18:44
neuroyou can close browser tabs, you know18:44
neurono-one's forcing you to watch youtube18:44
neuroor ... wait ... are they?18:45
daftykinsi wonder what Barbie Girl would sound like, if autotuned18:45
MartijnVdSdavmor2: I have a spotify playlist of 90s music if you want18:46
MartijnVdSdavmor2: http://open.spotify.com/user/martijnvds/playlist/1g55QqilucQ0qr1x4Sv5fw18:46
davmor2neuro: the men with green skin only go when I listen to youtube ;)18:46
davmor2MartijnVdS: I have my own collection this was just to see if the music it picked was any good :)18:47
daftykinsneuro: thats... possible? @_@18:47
MartijnVdSdavmor2: ok, but if you ever need inspiration, feel free ;)18:47
davmor2MartijnVdS: :) will do18:47
ali1234the bomb isn't even on that playlist :S18:50
ali1234i thnk you just wanted to make us listen to barbie girl18:51
davmor2ali1234: the bomb was the track I wanted to play initially and then I notice the play list it pulled up to the right so thought I would let it play18:51
davmor2ali1234: to be fair it's been pretty good up till barbie girl18:52
davmor2oh nirvana next18:53
MartijnVdSwhoa.. https://www.humblebundle.com/19:03
popeyDo you like movies about gladiators?19:03
popey4 million!?19:03
davmor2so edge is getting closer to the magic pebble sum19:07
popeynot really magic19:07
popeysymbolic maybe19:07
davmor2popey: why can't it be magic, 3 is magic it's a number :P19:07
diddledandid or does anyone ever use cacert.org certificates?20:11
popeyi have a friend who did20:12
MartijnVdSI've used them, but they were a hassle (don't know if they still are)20:12
diddledanis there a benefit of using their system over gpg, I wonder20:13
diddledancentral authority does have it's perks20:14
diddledanas well as it's detractions20:14
daftykinsi was going to play with hosting my own firefox sync setup, i think i'd have to buy an SSL cert though20:16
MartijnVdSdiddledan: more clients understand S/MIME (Outlook even supports it!)20:17
MartijnVdSbut good luck finding people with the CaCert root cert installed20:17
diddledanyeah, that's the suckage20:17
diddledannobody has the cacert root cert20:18
diddledannot even mozilla are willing to use it by default20:18
MartijnVdSdiddledan: StartSSL has free S/MIME certs20:18
MartijnVdSdiddledan: http://www.startssl.com/?app=120:18
diddledanyeah, startssl are pretty good20:19
popeyclear night for an iss flyover at ~22:1020:28
popeyAlanBell: we haven't passed the pebble yet20:30
MartijnVdSooh.. ISS in 2 minutes here?20:32
diddledanhergé's adventures of 22:1020:33
diddledanooh, so close20:33
popeyhow can it be in 2 mins20:33
popeyits over the pacific20:33
MartijnVdSpopey: spaceweather says 10:24 PM..20:34
MartijnVdSwait.. why is it showing YESTERDAY20:34
AlanBellpopey: yeah, I started writing that and hit post when I finished writing, and forgot to wait20:34
MartijnVdSpopey: false alarm.20:34
MartijnVdSMissed one today @ 21:3520:34
MartijnVdS^ that one might be cool20:36
MartijnVdS"Around the time it reaches perihelion on 28 November, it may become extremely bright if it remains intact, probably reaching a negative magnitude." (= very bright)20:36
ali1234how bright?20:39
ali1234not brighter than a very bright star, apparently20:40
AlanBellis there a nova to look at? I saw something earlier about one but can't find it now20:41
AlanBellhttp://www.planetary.org/blogs/emily-lakdawalla/2012/3390.html is a lovely image that kind of shows our insignificance20:43
AlanBellthe total perspective vortex20:43
daftykinsinsignificant factor 1020:44
ali1234it's so much worse than that, when you look at the distance between galaxies20:48
ali1234and how many of them there are20:48
AlanBellyeah, there are more than several galaxies20:49
daftykinsit's bad enough at that point though20:49
AlanBella long time ago in a galaxy far far away20:52
daftykinsan overrated franchiese got sold to Disney20:52
shaunoI've never actually seen that before.  susprisingly bright21:16
popeywifey has friends over, dragged them outside to see it21:17
AlanBellI just saw the ISS too :)21:17
AlanBellthat was cool21:17
shaunobut slightly odd standing outside on my own thinking "well according to popey, I should wave .."21:19
daftykinshe tricked you again huh :(21:28
popeyToday I learned empty alkaline AA batteries bounce when dropped, full ones don't.21:29
diddledanthat's because they're hollow when they're empty21:32
diddledanthe juice gets sucked into the electronics leaving an empty shell21:32
ali1234i don't believe that21:34
diddledanwhich bit?21:34
ali1234what popey said21:34
diddledanwhich by process of elimination means you believe what I said21:34
daftykinsyou wouldn't want to give them such a bashing anyway21:34
popeyi just watched 3 videos showing it21:37
ali1234i still don;t believe it21:42
diddledanali1234, a random blog says it's true!21:43
ali1234it's too perfect21:43
popeyhe's quite a well known engineer21:43
diddledanit's the internets, it knows everything!21:43
diddledan... including what colour my undies are... :-/21:44
popeywatching one of his vids where he tears down an archimedes a300021:45
ali1234we need to do a proper double blind test21:47
ali1234or rather someone else does, cos i still think it's a joke21:47
* AlanBell has some batteries21:50
AlanBellsome are bouncier than others, not entirely sure it correlates to charge levels yet21:54
AlanBellthe not-bouncy ones seem to work fine in my LED torch21:56
AlanBellgoing to run a pair of bouncy ones totally flat in the torch (might take some time)22:00
ali1234i have a theory22:00
ali1234i would guess the chemical reaction is producing a small amount of gas and pressurising the cell22:03
ali1234perhaps it is a secondary effect. perhaps the battery heats up during discharge, which causes the material inside to expand, deforming the case somehow22:11
ali1234someone try this with brand new rechargables vs empty ones vs ones you charged22:12

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