mhr3no sil today?07:29
mhr3no didrocks today?07:29
mhr3seb128, i have a branch where tests fail on jenkinks, but if i build the pkg locally everything is fine, any ideas what's up with that?07:32
mhr3talking about07:32
seb128mhr3, today is a national holiday in France07:32
mhr3seb128, but you're in germany! :)07:32
seb128mhr3, yeah, still not going to work :p07:33
seb128mhr3, how did you try? in a pbuilder?07:33
mhr3does bzr bd use pbuilder? :)07:34
mhr3if so then yes :)07:34
seb128not by default07:34
mhr3then no :P07:34
seb128well, build env are different from your env07:34
seb128they don't have a dbus session, nor xorg, nor internet access07:35
seb128do you rely on session stuff or on an internet access?07:35
mhr3i tried it also in a chroot which doesn't have any of that either07:35
mhr3succeeded there07:35
seb128mhr3, is that lp:libunity ?07:36
mhr3well, it does have internet, but we don't need that07:36
mhr3seb128, link above ^^07:36
seb128let me try07:36
seb128mhr3, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5988032/07:41
seb128mhr3, that's what I get building on a porter box chroot07:41
mhr3seb128, exactly what i needed, and now what is a porter box?07:41
seb128mhr3, ssh porter-amd64.canonical.com07:42
seb128mhr3, if you have access/your ssh key configured07:42
* mhr3 checks07:42
mhr3nope, it doesn't like me07:43
* apw is trying to find a good example (preferably in python) of something which is a client of the messaging menu. i had thought it would be libindicate, but none of the example with that do a thing07:43
Saviqmzanetti, hey, a small one that will hopefully help with quaternourly release08:00
* Saviq forgot to paste...08:01
SaviqMirv, ping08:02
mzanettiSaviq: looks sane to me. but did we actually have issues with this?08:02
Saviqmzanetti, log excerpt http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5988076/08:03
mzanettiSaviq: I wonder why there is a unity7 running in this video08:03
Saviqmzanetti, because that's how the machines are set up there08:03
mzanettiah... right... they are not using our vms08:03
Saviqmzanetti, they're real hardware08:04
mzanettiand still this sort of performance issues?08:04
Saviqthat's the other way around08:04
Saviqwell, maybe not08:04
mzanettinot really, no08:04
Saviqyou know, recordmydesktop has its toll08:04
MirvSaviq: pong08:09
MirvSaviq: just filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity8/+bug/121258008:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 1212580 in Unity 8 "Failing unity8 tests since evening Aug 14th" [Critical,New]08:10
Mirvit seems you're on to it already? :)08:10
SaviqMirv, yeah, somewhat08:10
SaviqMirv, I hope I have a solution for the unstable test08:10
SaviqMirv, but then there's unity8 crashing08:10
MirvSaviq: there's another one in addition to the unlock pin screen, test_hide_hud_click08:11
SaviqMirv, you think we could get /var/crash out of the machines?08:11
SaviqMirv, yup, that's a crash, and we can't seem to reproduce08:11
MirvSaviq: I'm on the nvidia machine, where that test consistently fails, but the /var/crash is empty08:12
SaviqMirv, can you `ulimit -c unlimited` and see if core is dumped?08:13
MirvSaviq: I guess that'd need setting globally somehow, for the next run. trying.08:14
SaviqMirv, /etc/security/limits.conf08:15
SaviqMirv, can you unhook the machine for some manual debugging?08:15
MirvSaviq: ok added, is there some sort of need to reload something?08:18
MirvSaviq: sorry, no idea, I haven't ssh:d to the machines before and I don't know what didrocks has used to do08:18
SaviqMirv, no, if it crashes it should dump a "core" file in $CWD08:18
SaviqMirv, that we can then use to see the crash locally08:19
MirvSaviq: after the current test run on normal unity finishes, I can rerun the unity8 tests before 10 UTC when the next run starts08:20
MirvSaviq: meanwhile, you don't have any nvidia machines that could possibly bring up the issue?08:20
SaviqMirv, I'm running one08:20
SaviqMirv, no crashes here08:20
* Saviq runs the test 20 times to see if anything comes up08:24
Mirvmeanwhile the intel machine looks to have gone down08:28
MirvSaviq: do you happen to know which people have access to fix something like that? I think jibel was perhaps one, but he is also on holiday today08:29
Mirvtrying IS..08:30
Mirvnope, need QA team people08:32
SaviqMirv, got the crash08:33
Saviqor at least *some* crash08:33
Saviqwith an unusable core ;|08:34
* Mirv progresses on finding people to get intel machine back up08:42
* greyback_ moving to office08:44
jameshMirv: hi.  sil2100 was helping out with getting mediascanner into the archive, but I think he is on holiday today.  Are you able to help, or do you know anyone who could?09:44
Mirvjamesh: it's starting to look impossible for today for me, but possibly kenvandine / robru when they wake up. sil2100 is also back tomorrow.09:52
Mirvjamesh: furthermore, the QA lab is currently broken so we wouldn't progress on getting to saucy archives anyhow.09:52
SaviqMirv, can we re-run unity8 to see if the fix we merged has that one issue sorted?09:55
jameshthostr_: ^^^ so we might have trouble getting mediascanner in the archive today09:55
MirvSaviq: I tried, I got some other error and was just about to try again. I'm not sure if the intel machine being broken could prevent the other machines from being used as well.09:56
MirvSaviq: now it runs on the nvidia machine, let's see09:58
Mirvwhat a nice day to everything get broken when half of the people is on holiday. the usual :)09:59
MirvSaviq: at least the ati machine succeeded without that one error it had earlier (although not everytime). as expected nvidia machine still getting the other error, but I don't see coredump on the machine. but I gathered your hunt for that problem is also progressing?10:09
SaviqMirv, :)10:17
Cimimzanetti, did you have a look at the issue with autopilot?10:51
Cimimzanetti, or can you tell me how to see the bug? (make test what?)10:51
mzanettiCimi: I couldn't reproduce yesterday. today I merged trunk and jenkins failed again.10:54
mzanettididn't investigate yet10:54
mzanettiSaviq: I hope this will do https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/more-robust-lockscreen-tests/+merge/18031611:10
Cimiwho can help me in imports?11:12
CimiI'm working on the settings app, I have issues in importing the plugins11:12
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
mzanettiCimi: I think I fixed the autopilot test... lets see if it works on jenkins11:22
mzanettiCimi: whats the issue with the imports?11:22
Cimimzanetti, I am in settings app11:23
Cimimzanetti, from that branch11:23
Cimiactually, I'll be back in 1011:23
SaviqMirv, ok so there's a fix for the crasher https://code.launchpad.net/~mhr3/unity/only-valid-filters11:28
SaviqMirv, already approved and autolanding now11:29
SaviqMirv, and https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/more-robust-lockscreen-tests/+merge/180316 should be even more robust for the other issue (even though it passed I saw in the logs in other tests that the issue is still there)11:30
SaviqMirv, I assume we need to wait for the intel machine to come up first?11:31
Saviqgreyback_, ping, got a minute?11:32
greyback_Saviq: yep11:32
Saviqgreyback_, mumble?11:32
greyback_Saviq: am there11:32
MirvSaviq: awesome! yeah, the -intel issue is now breaking up the rest.11:36
MirvSaviq: after it hopefully gets fixed kenvandine will be the next one from our team to wake up11:36
SaviqMirv, got i11:36
SaviqMirv, did you start working early to cover the gap or something?11:37
SaviqMirv, you're just +1 from me, but you sound like you're EOD'ing soon :)11:38
Cimimzanetti, so from this https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/ubuntu-system-settings/welcome-wizard11:38
Cimimzanetti, I tried adding11:38
Cimiimport Ubuntu.SystemSettings.Language 1.011:38
Cimifor example in Pages/WelcomePage.qml11:39
Cimiand run qmlscene -I /path/to/plugin/language MeetUbuntu.qml11:39
Cimino luck :-\11:39
SaviqCimi, for plugins to load11:41
SaviqCimi, they have to be on the same path11:41
SaviqCimi, that you provide with the "import" statement11:42
SaviqCimi, so import Ubuntu.SystemSettings.Language 1.011:42
SaviqCimi, equals "Ubuntu/SystemSettings/Language"11:42
Saviqor, if versioned11:42
Cimimmm valid11:42
Saviqin reverse priority order11:42
SaviqCimi, so without installation, you won't get that path11:42
CimiSaviq, but there's the qmldir, no?11:43
SaviqCimi, doesn't matetr11:43
SaviqCimi, it needs to be on the path11:43
mzanettiif this is located in /home/cimi/foobar/Ubuntu/SystemSettings/Language you'd need to do -I /home/cimi/foobar11:43
Cimithought was responsible of registering the name11:43
SaviqCimi, the "module" in qmldir is just for protection11:43
SaviqCimi, not related to where QML looks for the module11:44
SaviqCimi, because .po files don't seem to respect the install prefix11:45
SaviqCimi, I'm afraid it's easiest if you just go `bzr bd`11:45
Saviqbuild the packages and install whichever ones you need11:45
CimiSaviq, but the plugin is private11:46
SaviqCimi, so?11:46
CimiSaviq, at least that's what web told me11:46
SaviqCimi, still has to be installed11:46
SaviqCimi, you just need to point QML2_IMPORT_PATH at it11:46
Saviqor -I if using qmlscene11:46
Saviqat the private path, that is11:46
Cimiah ok11:46
SaviqCimi, and you should read http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtqml/qtqml-syntax-imports.html11:46
SaviqCimi, if you're not doing anything with the plugins, just install settings-app11:47
CimiI need to use them11:47
Cimibut not changing for the moment11:47
Saviqubuntu-system-settings is the package name11:48
CimiSaviq, perfect works with  /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ubuntu-system-settings/private11:49
CimiSaviq, wondering how I get this to be dynamically loaded11:50
SaviqCimi, you'll need a c++ main() around it, just as system-settings has11:50
CimiSaviq, maybe not using qmlscene but a main.cpp?11:50
SaviqCimi, qmlscene isn't meant to be used "in production"11:50
CimiSaviq, thought it was for us11:51
SaviqCimi, it's only there for development/debugging purposes11:51
CimiSaviq, thought zoltan wanted11:51
Cimiuse qmlscene as much as possible11:51
Cimiunless c++ is really a requirement11:51
SaviqCimi, qmlscene-*like*11:51
SaviqCimi, qmlrunner, whatever11:51
SaviqCimi, just one that didn't have all the dev/dbg options qmlscene has11:51
SaviqCimi, not sure what's the status of it btw11:51
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=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
SaviqCimi, see #sdk for an explanation on qmlscene12:05
greyback_Saviq: could you please look: https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/unity-mir/fix-platform-api-pkgconfig-change/+merge/18032912:42
greyback_it would unblock me12:42
Saviqgreyback_, on it12:43
Saviqgreyback_, approved, although not sure why that change in platform-api12:44
greyback_Saviq: thanks!12:45
=== _salem is now known as salem_
mhr3Saviq, did something happen to scrolling? seems jerky now12:56
Saviqmhr3, apps running?12:57
mhr3Saviq, on desktop even12:57
mhr3then again, seeing what my screen is doing it might just as well be the intel driver...12:57
Saviqmhr3, nope, not seeing that on the desktop13:01
Saviqmhr3, can you confirm another thing for me, though13:01
Saviqmhr3, launch unity813:01
Saviqmhr3, go to home scope, drag down13:01
Saviqmhr3, does the first category get stuck 1/2 down the screen for you?13:02
mhr3Saviq, i've seen it do that a few times... but doesn't right now13:03
Saviqmhr3, how about in ./run -- -fullscreen ?13:04
Saviqmhr3, or actually, GRID_UNIT_PX=12 ./run13:04
mhr3the search bar moved in the middle of the screen, then fixed itself after scrolling13:06
mhr3but still doesn't get stuck13:06
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
Saviqmhr3, bad news, it's category overrides causing that...13:08
mhr3Saviq, how, what now?13:08
Saviqmhr3, not sure yet, but reverting it does get rid of the issue13:09
mhr3no way13:09
mhr3told you i've seen it long before i even thought about category overrides13:10
Saviqmhr3, I agree it might just be triggering something13:11
mhr3but i'm not denying that using actual scopes that give us non-mocked data might trigger it13:11
dednickmhr3: i think this should get rid of any duplicates. https://code.launchpad.net/~nick-dedekind/unity/scopeview.model.resync/+merge/18033513:13
mhr3a sec, the screen corruption is getting worse13:14
* mhr3 wants stable intel driver13:15
=== olli_ is now known as olli
Saviqmhr3, sorry, I'm afraid it really is category overrides :/ it must be tricking the proxy model somehow13:24
Saviqmhr3, it only affects apps and home, too - they're the only ones with overrides13:24
mhr3Saviq, so you're unable to rep the issue if you comment out the overriding?13:27
Saviqmhr3, applying http://paste.ubuntu.com/5989012/13:27
Saviqmhr3, is enough to fix13:27
Saviqmhr3, let me try commenting in qml13:27
mhr3plus they're the only ones which don't have static data13:31
Saviqmhr3, ok, so commenting out in QML isn't enough13:31
Saviqdednick, standup13:32
mhr3Saviq, there you go, then it can't be the root cause13:32
Saviqmhr3, it can13:32
Saviqmhr3, if the categories themselves are doing tricks13:32
Saviqmhr3, doing http://paste.ubuntu.com/5989012/ does help13:32
Saviqmhr3, I'll drill down on it after the standup13:33
mhr3if nothing calls the method, the code paths you removed are never triggered13:33
mhr3yea, i have a call now too :)13:33
Saviqmhr3, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5989111/ fixes13:56
Saviqmhr3, not sure why, yet, but it does14:01
asacdednick: your packages didnt help14:01
dednickasac: hm. ok, i'll need to look into the issue some more.14:02
dednickasac: thanks for testing14:02
asaci hope i didnt make a mistake14:02
dednickasac: is there anything specific you were doing to reprocude?14:03
asacdpkg -i failed first14:03
asaci ran apt-get install -f to resolve the conflicts after14:03
asacand then dpkg -i worked, but i got it after reboot again14:03
asacdednick: it must be pretty easy to reproduce... what i did (without beying systematic) was:14:03
asac1. use look at indicators14:03
asac2. open two apps without closing each14:03
asacand then kill them14:03
asaclet me see :)14:04
asacif i can be better14:04
Saviqmhr3, don't get me wrong - you might as well be triggering an issue in the dash ListView14:08
mhr3Saviq, hmm, could you try to change the signal connections to QueuedConnection?14:08
Saviqmhr3, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5989165/ didn't help14:09
mhall119thostr_1: Saviq: when will the Click scope be available?  Now that the Click app store is going online, it'd be nice to complete the story14:12
=== mzanetti is now known as mzanetti|otp
thostr_1mhall119: mhr3 is working on it, should be any day now14:14
mhr3Saviq, i still think that the count being present in the model is just wrong14:14
Saviqmhall119, or you can enable it already14:18
Saviqmhall119, gsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Dash scopes14:19
Saviqmhall119, add 'click/click.scope' and `gsettings set com.... scopes "[...]"`14:19
Saviqmhall119, but yeah, it will show up in the apps scope asap, too14:20
mhall119cool, let me grab my USB cable and try14:20
Saviqmhr3, which model would that be? Categories?14:20
mhr3Saviq, yea14:20
mhr3Saviq, do you have a moment for hangout?14:21
Saviqmhr3, sure14:21
mhr3i want to see what you see14:21
Saviqmhr3, ah then let me make a video14:22
mhr3we can also chat about it in the hangout :)14:22
=== boiko_ is now known as boiko
mhall119Saviq: I'm getting a dbus-launch error when trying to set gsettings from adb shell14:28
Saviqmhall119, as phablet14:28
mhall119I was14:29
mhall119that's okay, the terminal-app on my phone + bash history meant I could easily re-run it from a session with dbus14:31
mhall119Saviq: mhr3 does click/click.scope pull from the online store, or just already installed click packages?14:32
Saviqmhall119, search for "*"14:32
mhall119Saviq: nothing14:33
Saviqmhall119, works here14:33
mhall119do I need to login to something?14:33
mhall119IIRC, anonymous access to the click store was still in discussion14:34
Saviqmhall119, on staging it's enabled14:35
Saviqmhall119, alecu should be able to help14:35
mhall119on a different note, I *love* that indicators are tabs now, makes so much more sens14:36
alecumhall119: click scope gets results from the click webservice, yes14:36
mhall119alecu: ok, so I got my xda-developers-app published in the click store yesterday, but searching for it doesn't show any results14:37
mhall119and, in fact, search only shows the "Installed" category header14:37
Saviqmhr3, here's videos of the two issues I noticed: http://ubuntuone.com/0y3o0lPEaWsVBEP6gdiJdd http://ubuntuone.com/4AGFEchm7D1QqVvDtrbmZb14:37
alecumhall119: if you don't get results from searching for "*", may I ask you for the click scope logs? they are in ~/.cache/unity-scope-click.log14:37
mhr3Saviq, yep, downloading them, it's super slow14:37
Saviqmhr3, right.. u114:37
alecumhall119: did you publish it in the production or staging web service? the scope is still using the staging one.14:38
mhall119alecu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5989261/14:39
mhall119alecu: ah, I'm not sure to be perfectly honest, let me ask14:39
alecumhall119: it should show up for you in https://developer.staging.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/14:40
mhall119alecu: it's on https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/3/14:41
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
mhall119so I guess that means production14:41
mhall119any easy way for me to point it at production?14:42
alecumhall119: not yet, it means recompilation on the device14:43
alecumhall119: I plan to point it to production soon14:43
Saviqoh looks like intel is back14:44
alecumhall119: here's the bug to have the scope returning results from production: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-scope-click/+bug/121270915:09
ubot5Launchpad bug 1212709 in Unity Click Scope "Uses staging webservices" [High,Triaged]15:09
alecumhall119: and we'll probably have it fixed in a few hours15:10
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
mhall119alecu: that would be great, thanks!15:13
mhall119alecu: let me know when it's ready for me to test15:13
alecutedg: ping15:17
tedgalecu, Howdy15:18
alecutedg: I see that you've mentioned a few times in the app-devel list the click hooks. May I ask you some question about them?15:18
alecuI can't find cjwatson today, so that's why I'd like to ask you :-)15:18
mhr3Saviq, it's interesting that you always get apps after files, it's vice versa for me15:20
tedgalecu, Ah, he's at debconf15:20
tedgalecu, Sure15:20
alecutedg: so, I need to tell the .desktop files that are generated by the click installer from other .desktop files created by other means15:20
Saviqmhr3, less files? ;)15:20
alecutedg: I was thinking of having the click desktophook add a new X-something field to the .desktop file when it's created on .local/share/applications15:21
alecutedg: (all of this may be needed so the click scope can show the right previews for apps that were installed from .clicks)15:22
alecutedg: do you think that it makes sense to do it in the click desktophook?15:22
mhr3alecu, talked with thomas, he's inclined to do the de-dup where both scopes will provide the same results15:23
tedgalecu, You can create a new one, but that might end up in a race condition with the desktop file creation hook (there's not guarantee on ordering).  Probably best to do it in the hook that creates it.15:23
=== mzanetti|otp is now known as mzanetti
tedgalecu, That hook is in upstart-app-launch, it's pretty simple.15:23
tedgalecu, Though, if you made them with constant names, and didn't modify the desktop file (which makes sense I think for your use-case) you could do an independent hook.15:25
alecumhr3: ack15:26
mhr3alecu, one problem is that it could be racy15:28
mhr3like if the click scope takes a while to return results15:28
alecumhr3: it surely will take a while, since it always needs to hit a webservice15:28
mhr3alecu, even for the installed apps??15:29
alecumhr3: you are right, not for installed apps15:29
alecumhr3: right now the slow part will be the spawning of "click list --manifest"15:30
mhr3yea, i hope we don't need to do that on each keypress :)15:31
alecumhr3: yes, I surely cache that :-)15:32
katiemterry, hello15:33
katiemterry, you joining our hangout?15:33
mterrykatie, omg, yes15:34
alecutedg: looking at desktop-hook.c, I see that X-Ubuntu-Application-ID is being added to .desktops already15:34
alecutedg: that should only be present for click packages, right?15:35
tedgalecu, Yup15:37
Cimimzanetti, I have issues with the import here lp:~cimi/ubuntu-system-settings/welcome-wizard_app16:09
Cimiit's qmake things...16:09
Cimianyone could help me on qmake?16:18
mzanettiCimi: so. what's the issue?16:19
Cimimzanetti, Error: Error while loading page: qrc:/qml/Pages/WelcomePage.qml:19 module "Ubuntu.SystemSettings.LanguagePlugin" is not installed16:19
* mzanetti compiles and installs deps16:21
mzanettiCimi: ok... I compiled it and ran system-settings16:24
mzanettiits a bit empty16:24
mzanettiwhat do I need to do to reproduce the issue?16:25
Cimimzanetti, not system settings16:30
Cimimzanetti, you need to run wizard16:30
mzanettiCimi: ok. can see the issue16:31
Cimiit must be something with the import16:31
Cimiand the PLUGIN DIR definitions16:31
CimiI use in main.cpp16:32
mzanettiCimi: so...16:43
mzanettiIf you want to run it with qmlscene, you need to create a directory structure16:43
mzanettiI created for example: plugins/Ubuntu/SystemSettings/LanguagePlugin/16:43
mzanettiand copied the lib and the qmldir file into that16:43
Cimimzanetti, I want to run with main.cpp16:43
mzanettithen running qmlscene wizard/qml/main.qml -I plugins/ works16:44
Cimimzanetti, because the plugin is private16:44
mzanettiwhat you mean with that?16:44
Cimimzanetti, that the directory changes16:44
Cimiit's somewhere in the system16:44
mzanettiyou must have such a directory structure16:44
mzanettidoesn't matter if its somewhere in the system. it needs to be Ubuntu/SystemSettings/LanguagePlugin16:45
mzanettias a directory structure16:45
mzanettiotherwise you need to link stuff statically and use qmlRegisterType in your main.cpp instead of the plugin.cpp16:45
Cimimzanetti, it has this structure16:47
Cimimzanetti, but I want to set the path from the main file16:47
Cimimzanetti, on my system is /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ubuntu-system-settings/private16:47
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
mzanettiCimi: you'd need to export QML2_PLUGIN_DIR=/usr/x86_64-linux/gnu/ubuntu-system-settings/private/16:52
mzanettiCimi: then, if it has this directory structure in there it should work16:52
Cimimzanetti, I want to set it in main.cpp16:52
Cimimzanetti, look at how system settings is doing16:52
mzanettiyou can't. I might differ from system to system16:52
Cimimzanetti, no16:52
Cimimzanetti, it works for system settings app16:53
mzanettiCimi: ok. found it17:14
mzanettiCimi:  they add a define in qmake17:15
mzanettiCimi: DEFINES += -DPLUGIN_PRIVATE_MODULES=/ubuntu-system-settings/private17:15
mzanettiand then view.engine()->addImportPath(PLUGIN_PRIVATE_MODULE_DIR); in the main.cpp17:15
mzanettiwhich I think is quite ugly17:16
mzanettibut ok. it works17:16
mzanettiCimi: I see you're doing the same. whats the problem actually?17:23
alecumhall119: I've just installed the XDA Developers App with the very latest unity-click-scope19:42
alecumhall119: but it fails when starting the app, like this:19:43
alecu[unity-scope-click] - DEBUG: click-scope.vala:171: cannot execute application: No manifest found for app_id: com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.xda-developers-app19:43
alecumhall119: that means that the app id in the webservice does not match what's on the click manifest19:43
alecuthe manifest says "com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.xda-developers"19:44
alecubut the webservice says "com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.xda-developers-app"19:45
alecuI think changing the manifest and rebuilding the .click is the faster way to fix it19:46
Cimimzanetti, it is not working for me...20:43
Cimimzanetti, indeed the warning20:43
mzanettiCimi: works here20:43
mzanettiCimi: did you install it?20:43
* Cimi rebuilds20:43
Cimimzanetti, installed what?20:43
mzanettisudo make install20:43
Cimibut what?20:43
Cimimzanetti, wizard or the app?20:44
mzanettieverything in that repo20:44
mzanettiplugins at least20:44
Cimithey are installed20:44
Cimianyway I'll have a look tomo morning20:44
mzanettito /ubuntu-system-settings ?20:44
mzanettihmm... works for me20:44
mzanettiCimi: did you run sudo make install?20:45
mzanettior did you just copy some files manually?20:45
mhall119alecu: Changes can not be accepted and published at this time. Please try again later.21:01
mhall119just uploaded 0.1.2 with the corrected package name21:01
Cimimzanetti, I installed the package21:02
Cimimzanetti, wizard isn't21:02
Cimimzanetti, probably.. the plugin definition is not the same21:02
Cimithe define21:02
Cimibecause the package has /usr/lib somewhere21:02
Cimiwhile the local build has a different path, that's why it doesn't work21:03
mzanettiright. the package has a prefix set21:03
Cimi(didn't try but makes sense)21:03
mhall119alecu: btw, the form where I have to approve the change doesn't give me that error message, it just reloads the form with no indication of failure21:03
mhall119it's not until I go back to the Overview that I see all of those red errors21:03
mzanettithis is btw why I think its not a good idea to have the path hardcoded this way21:03
mzanettiCimi: you can edit the common-project-config.pri and change the prefix to what the package installs to21:04
Cimigood point21:04
mzanettiCimi: or you uninstall the package and install your build with make install21:05
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