nhainesEveryone look at the thing I have!  http://ubuntuone.com/0Z36ykQjLKZzocoztuScAR00:10
darthrobotContent type: [image/jpeg] Size: [125959]00:10
nhainesQuite frankly, I'm rather impressed and also apalled (I hate writing by hand) that the envelope was hand-addressed.00:11
nhainespleia2: probably had hers hand delivered by sabdfl at a con or something.  :P00:11
pleia2I haven't received mine yet00:11
pleia2sabdfl only gives out hugs and kisses at cons, other things too much to carry!00:12
pleia2SF Ubuntu Hour in 45 minutes \o/00:16
nhainespleia2: haha00:20
bkerensanhaines: his hand must be getting tired yours looks different then mine06:03
nhainesI can imagine he writes about as often as I do.07:01
raevolque pasa kielbasa21:49
philipballewraevol, hola amigo! Como estas?21:51
philipballewraevol, you should come to Free Software Day TJ with me in September.21:53
raevolno tengo passport21:54
philipballewraevol, You do not "need" a passport. They just see your drivers license and ask you a few more questions.21:55
raevolno hablo ingles21:56
raevolnecesito passport21:56
raevolyea maybe21:56
raevolremind me when the date is closer21:56
raevolit'd be cool to see the fedora guys again21:56
philipballewalright. Its on a Saturday.21:56
philipballewget some tacos and get away for a day is always good.21:57
raevoltacos :D21:57
philipballewAlways been a fan of the taco21:58
pleia2if you want to make sure you can get back into the US, I recommending having a passport21:58
raevolsee philipballew, pleia2 talks sense21:58
pleia2philipballew: you're just so white that it's ok21:59
philipballewraevol, Mexico does not require a passport to visit so America cant really do much about it currently21:59
philipballewI have seen people show up with nothing and still get in21:59
philipballewthey just have to look them up in a db or something.22:00
philipballewpleia2, ^22:00
pleia2yes, I am sure getting into Mexico is easy enough22:01
pleia2I'm talking about coming home :)22:01
philipballewyeah, homeland will yell at you, but they still let you through.22:01
philipballewjust have a dl.22:01
pleia2you don't need to be a us citizen to have a dl, so I'm skeptical about this claim22:02
philipballewpleia2, It's  onbly been in the past few years you needed a passport to cross by land into the states.22:03
philipballewSo they do not turn away us citizens at the border.22:03
philipballewor permanent residents either actually.22:04
philipballewI will go there with you and you can watch me try it22:04

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