snap-lGood morning13:09
rick_hIE morning13:11
rick_hthis made me laugh more than it should have https://twitter.com/_cz/status/36800298551673651213:53
snap-lrick_h: Heh13:58
snap-lJust goes to show that even the smallest project can have bugs13:58
greg-gFx morning15:17
greg-g(is that the pattern?)15:17
rick_hgreg-g: heh, naw. It's not that slow or odd15:17
rick_hIE is that broken15:19
rick_hwe're on a "Make IE10 work" bug rush this week15:19
rick_hso yay me15:19
rick_hthough I had a fit when I read http://benjaminkerensa.com/2013/08/14/firefox-to-remain-default-very-nice especially "As you are probably aware Firefox is actually in most recent benchmarks showing superior performance over other browsers."15:20
rick_hso many assumptions with so little data...gotta love how anyone can post anything15:20
greg-git's benjamin, after all. Run on sentences don't just write themselves, you know.15:21
greg-gsorry, he's a nice enough guy, just man, grammar.15:21
rick_hone of these days I need to get on the planet15:21
greg-gtake my spot ;)15:21
rick_h"Hello, my name is greg rickmesser and today I want to talk about browser performance falacies"15:22
greg-gw00t! I'm getting a fancy desk!15:30
rick_hnew toys for greg-g !15:30
Blazeixwhat's the current google apps account status? is it flawless integration with personal google accounts?15:43
Blazeixor is still kind of iffy? I've heard people have all sorts of issues with it15:43
rick_hgoole apps status for what?15:50
rick_hoh, the account switching stuff?15:50
Blazeixthere are two types of accounts, personal, and google apps, right?15:50
Blazeixanything I'd need to watch out for if i'm making a google apps account?15:50
Blazeixbasically i don't want to hose my personal account if i make a google apps account15:51
rick_hso basically I log into my personal account first, then switch accounts and login into work account15:51
rick_hit works ok for me15:51
rick_hI do run into issues once in a while and I use an incognito window to get around it15:52
rick_hctrl-shift-n and then login and not worry about it15:52
rick_hI try not to leave both logged in/open in the same apps at the same time15:52
snap-lI'm currently in the unsubscribed from planet Ubuntu phase15:56
snap-land in the "couldn't care less about Edge" phase15:56
snap-lHuh, quick scan of the front page makes me think I should resub to planet Ubuntu15:59
snap-lDoesn't seem to be the echo chamber that I've grown accustomed16:00
snap-l(to seeing)16:00
snap-lWould someone riddle me how someone can charge over $20 more for the eBook than they're charging for the hardcover book?16:12
snap-lAnd I'm sure they'll be the first to bitch that the eBook isn't selling16:12
rick_hhave to make up the $$ somewhere16:14
snap-lI'm sure the brain trust was hot that night16:15
greg-gsnap-l: "publisher logic"16:16
snap-lThe only thing that makes some sense is I think the ePub isn't the same as the Kindle (which is essentially a scanned PDF)16:17
brouschI'm famous! http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=e2e180baf855ac797ef407fc7&id=34ad3af7d4&e=5f5a97549c17:39
greg-gugh, campaing-archive2.com urls17:39
greg-gwith the g in the right spot17:39
snap-lFor this we demand a sacrifice17:43
snap-lYou must give me $229 + tax17:44
greg-gthe tax is at a 98% rate, and payable to me17:45
snap-lSure, why not17:46
snap-lThat's 453.4217:46
brouschAnyways, my Kivy talk is in there, and I didn't submit it17:46
snap-lwoo hoo17:47
snap-lThat puts me in a generous mood. I'll only give greg-g 96%17:47
snap-lgreg-g is speechless with delight17:48
greg-gthat's it17:48
snap-lwell this is interesting18:19
snap-lcan't seem to get to google from home18:19
brouschbing it18:19
rick_hsnap-l: that's one heck of a drive. No wonder you're having trouble18:20
snap-lCan't get to bing18:20
snap-lUsing home as a SSH proxy18:20
greg-ggoogle is everywhere, maaaaan18:20
snap-lsomething is wonky with the net18:20
brouschyahoo it18:20
snap-lHm, name resolver18:22
rick_h"502 ยท NewsBlur is down" :(18:24
brousch it18:25
snap-lWonder if Google's name servers went for a toss?18:26
rick_hI'm using w/o issue18:26
rick_hbut newsblur having a network issue means I'd suspect some big pipes went boom?18:27
snap-lOK, now things are coming back up18:27
greg-grick_h: newsblur works for me18:27
rick_hah, it's back yay18:27
snap-lYeah, I'm wondering if there was a DNS issue18:27
snap-lbecause I could get to my sites, but that's because I ping them every 15 minutes18:28
brouschWhy did none of you tell me?! http://barnsyard.com/2013/08/14/ann-arbor-institution-krazy-jims-blimpy-burger-has-served-its-last-ground-beef-masterpiece-for-now-anyway/19:16
snap-lWe didn't know19:41
brouschDamnit. You guys are my East side connections19:42
greg-gI did, and I live in SF19:46
greg-gsorry for not informing you, brousch19:46
* greg-g saw via someone's instragram of them waiting in line for their last blimpy burger19:47
brouschMy reasons for visiting Ann Arbor have just been cut in half19:48
widoxhehe. I knew. they were charging like $100 to get a table for the last day19:58
widoxpretty crazy19:59
greg-gseriously? insane19:59
widoxyeah, not seeing how its worth it. but i guess folks were there20:00
greg-g"to say you did it"20:01
brouschTotally worth it. There might never be another one, ever!20:07
brouschEat it. Save the turd the next day. Bronze it. Sell it for $1000 on ebay in 10 years.20:08
snap-l10 minutes20:10
brouschWhy does this not exist for Python? http://technical.io/20:14
snap-lI think there's some work to do something like this under Python20:15
snap-lbut it looks like a nodejs server running on an embedded platform20:16
snap-lwith some libraries to make things happy20:16
widoxbrousch: heard they are planning to open another one, but not definite plans yet21:04

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