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inetproGuten Morgen 05:30
Kiloshi Squirm et al05:36
Trixar_zaHey Kilos05:40
Kilosohi Trixar_za 05:41
Trixar_zaI need a new Linux home for a bit. Still looking around, but it'll probably be Arch if I take the time to configure it. I have to wait for my next data bundle too. Don't want to waste it. Makes me wish I didn't try ArchBash first :/05:43
Kiloswhy you need a new home??05:44
Kiloswant more to do or what05:44
Kilosisnt arch lotsa work05:45
Trixar_zaMy SliTaz install broke and the latest unstable is a mess, which means if I want a proper one I'll probably have to redesign it from scratch and make it binary compatible with SliTaz05:45
Kilosoh my05:45
Trixar_zaYeah, I figure I'll need 2-3 days to configure and install Arch to how I would like it to be05:45
Kilosyou shoulda looked at remastersys05:46
Kilosbefore you broke it05:46
Kilosi can run my working os from dvd or reinstall05:46
Kilosnot a problem to break system anymore. can reinstall and update/upgrade with under 10m data05:48
Trixar_zaIsn't remastersys just for Ubuntu?05:49
Kilosi think it will work on other linux systems especially debian05:50
KilosMaaz, google remastersys for linux05:50
MaazKilos: "Remastersys" http://www.remastersys.com/ :: "Remastersys and AVLinux Forum - Index" http://www.remastersys.com/forums/index.php :: "[debian] Testing linux-mint-installer with remastersys builded distro" http://www.remastersys.com/forums/index.php?topic=2921.0 :: "How To Install Remastersys - MyWikidot" http://my-wd-local.wikidot.com/otherapp:how-to-install-05:50
Maazremastersys :: "Linux Mint Forums • View topic - Remastersys owner is pissed off ..." h…05:50
Kilosyou got the knowledge get it when you can and make it work for you05:51
Kilosalso look at ttp://www.maketecheasier.com/6-tools-t ... 2010/04/0805:59
Kiloshttp://www.tuxradar.com/content/how-bui ... nux-distro05:59
SquirmTrixar_za: I know about the music. I just need to find some non copyright stuff05:59
Trixar_zaMaybe something like http://incompetech.com/music/06:00
Trixar_zaI may or may not be collecting them06:00
Kilosreally sad the remastersys owner gave up06:00
Kiloslets hope the fork is as good06:01
Trixar_zaI personally like http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN110084406:03
Trixar_zaI also found http://freemusicforvideos.com/06:10
SquirmTrixar_za: i just found that song went well with the video :P06:10
SquirmThe one I had on the video06:13
Trixar_zaYeah, it does kind of fit06:13
Squirmwill definitely look through that site though06:14
Squirmhaven't had coffee yet and I need to work06:28
SquirmMaaz: cofee on06:28
MaazSquirm: Huh?06:28
SquirmMaaz: coffee on06:28
* Maaz puts the kettle on06:28
SquirmMaaz: large06:28
MaazIn a beer mug just for you Squirm06:28
SquirmMaaz: larger06:28
Maazinna bucket for you Squirm06:28
KilosMaaz, coffee please06:28
MaazKilos: Yessir06:28
KilosMaaz, with milk06:29
MaazYay Kilos You aren't one of those skinny guys that needs to drink black coffee to cast a shadow06:29
Trixar_zaMaaz: coffee please06:31
MaazTrixar_za: Yessir06:31
MaazCoffee's ready for Squirm, Kilos and Trixar_za!06:32
Trixar_zaThanks Maaz06:32
KilosMaaz, danke06:32
SquirmMaaz: botsnack06:51
MaazThank you thank you, munch munch chomp chomp06:51
* Squirm goes and makes real coffee06:51
Squirmflying via a video stream07:21
Squirmhmm, I could actually stream my flying live to YouTube07:22
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Kiloshi superfly 07:37
Kilos Filename : helloworld.py07:45
Kilosprint 'Hello World'07:45
Kiloswhat is the invalid syntax there when using idle?07:46
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 08:06
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: use slexy :P08:06
Kilosfor such a short thing too?08:07
Kilosmethunk only if more than 5 lines08:07
Kilosbut i will08:07
Kilossorry for the spam08:08
Kiloshi psyatw 08:11
psyatwhi Kilos08:11
Kilosyou gonna learn python with us?08:11
psyatwhmm, maybe yes08:11
psyatwbut I would really like to learn oracle and j2ee08:12
inetproKilos: the first and the 2nd lines are wrong08:46
Kiloswrong in what way sir?08:47
inetproboth lines need a hash (#) in front08:47
Kilosi have tried it with the hash as well08:47
inetpro1st line as part of the shebang and the 2nd line as the start of a comment line08:47
psyatwhi inetpro08:48
Kilosoooo you even know about shebang08:48
Kilosdark horse you08:48
inetprohi psyatw08:48
Kiloshi Cantide 08:51
Cantidehello :)08:52
charlgood morning09:11
charlMaaz: coffee on09:11
* Maaz starts grinding coffee09:11
charlhi Cantide 09:11
charlhi psyatw, Kilos, inetpro 09:11
Kiloshi charl 09:12
Cantidehey charl '-'/09:12
psyatwhi charl09:13
psyatwhoi Cantide :)09:13
Cantidepsyatw, :)09:13
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!09:15
charlMaaz: thanks09:40
Maazcharl: Sure09:40
magespawngood morning 09:44
Kiloshi there magespawn \09:44
* ThatGraemeGuy pokes superfly with a stick09:45
magespawni see you have started on the pytho Kilos09:46
magespawnas well09:46
Kilosyeah i need a headstart because i get errors no one else does09:46
magespawndid you get that one to run okay?09:48
Kilossyntax errors09:48
magespawnslexy link09:48
Kiloslemme just get it going again and ill show ya09:49
magespawncool beans09:50
Cantidepython? like this? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36318710/1000573_626302854068094_599193947_n.jpg09:50
Kilosthats running in cli after the idle bit and saving as helloworld.py09:54
ThatGraemeGuythat makes no sense :-o09:54
Kilosai! whats the diffs09:56
ThatGraemeGuywait are you running that in idle?09:56
Kilosyours works09:56
magespawngood question09:56
ThatGraemeGuyor just a bash shell?09:56
magespawnthat is a seriously cool cake09:56
Kilosin idle it did the first 3 lines then saved then i ran the command in cli09:57
ThatGraemeGuywhat's the output of 'cat helloworld.py' ?09:57
Kilosit stutters and shows it twice?10:00
ThatGraemeGuynee man10:00
ThatGraemeGuyyou've got too much nonsense in there, just use a plain editor10:00
Kilosplain editor?10:01
ThatGraemeGuythat's all that ought to be in there10:01
ThatGraemeGuywhat flavour of ubuntu do you use?10:01
ThatGraemeGuyuse gedit10:03
Kilosthought you had to use vim or so10:03
ThatGraemeGuyno, you can use any text editor you're comfortable with10:03
Cantidegedit <310:04
Kilosvim is too much to learn so i tried idle10:04
Kilosnow i gotta first delete the others methinks10:05
Kilosyay that worked ty, but what went wrong before ?10:09
Kilosall that about syntax error10:10
* Kilos blames magespawn 10:14
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: http://vim-adventures.com/10:15
KilosThatGraemeGuy, i sukkel with vim10:15
Kilosgedit is good for me if it can do all the programming stuff with python10:16
Kilosbut am getting more data tonight then ill go try that game10:19
Kiloshi Xethron 10:19
Kiloshey you gotta learn python10:20
Xethronheya Kilos 10:20
* magespawn smacks Kilos with a large wet feather10:35
Kilosgedit works fine and so much simpler10:35
Cantideyeah, i use gedit for a lot of things10:36
Cantideespecially php10:36
Kilosi wonder why they suggest using idle vim and kate10:36
magespawnkate is default on kde10:36
Cantidehardcore users maybe :p10:36
Kilosisnt kate the kde equivalent of gedit10:37
Cantideidk, i've not used KDE :)10:37
Kiloskde is lekker man10:37
Cantidenot for me :)10:37
Kilosthose x ones arent lekker10:38
Cantidex? as in x.org?10:38
Cantidebut kde uses x..10:38
* Cantide is confused10:38
Kilosxubuntu and them10:38
magespawnanty text editor that can save the file with a .py extension should be fine10:38
Cantideyou mean xfce...10:38
Kilosya that10:38
Cantidei don't like it either :p10:38
magespawnand xkcd, thats the best10:39
Cantidethat i like :)10:39
Kilosbut kde rocks once you put your mind to give it a fair try10:39
magespawngotta go get fish, later all10:39
Kiloslater magespawn 10:39
Cantidesee ya~10:40
Kiloswhole morning gone and i just got to hello world10:40
Cantideat least you got somewhere10:40
Kiloscan you use vim?10:40
Kilosthats hard work10:41
Kilosaw i didnt see neelsie10:48
Cantidei have never tried vim10:50
Cantidei've used vi quite a bit via ssh10:50
Cantidebut i use gedit whenever possible :)10:51
KilosMaaz, vim game is <reply> http://vim-adventures.com/10:57
MaazKilos: Got it10:57
Cantidethat game looks nice :011:08
Kilosyo magespawn 11:52
magespawnone of the other things to read regarding python is pep811:53
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Kiloswhew dfont add more stuff now11:54
magespawnhttp://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0008/ 11:54
magespawnthis is just a best practices guide11:54
Kiloslol best practise is get a pro to do it for you11:55
magespawnsomebody like superfly11:55
Kilosfrom page 11 it gets heavy trying to remember all that stuff11:56
Kilosya him11:56
magespawni can't remeber identation or spaces, and if spaces how many11:56
Kilosconstants and numbers and strings11:56
superflythat's why you use pep811:58
magespawnat least until it becomes 2nd nature12:01
KilosA style guide is about consistency. Consistency with this style guide is important. Consistency within a project is more important. Consistency within one module or function is most important.12:04
KilosBut most importantly: know when to be inconsistent12:04
magespawnlol @ Kilos12:16
Kilosi should stick to hardware sorting. its not in english thats not understandable12:19
Kiloshi Vince-0 12:22
magespawnthat sort of thing is a place holder for anything you actually want to type12:48
Kilosthis is the reason geeks get probs with other peeps at school12:48
Kilosthey cant understand them12:49
Kiloslike a different breed on been12:50
magespawnthat could be12:50
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Kiloshmm... i wonder if i can teach QA to braai a steak and shout when its ready14:56
Kilosoh my vince must be a vegetarian14:57
Kilosmost of the guys are on the way home and graeme still has 40 mins15:20
Kilosand who knows with magespawn 15:20
magespawnjust about to leave now15:24
Cantidehome? i have been home all day :)15:25
Kilosgo safe magespawn 15:26
KilosMaaz, start a game of werewolf15:27
MaazKilos: You have started a game of Werewolf. Everybody has 60 seconds to join the game.15:27
Kiloseat cfantide15:27
KilosMaaz, eat Cantide 15:27
MaazKilos: What?15:27
MaazNot enough players. Try again later.15:28
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Kiloswb Trixar_za 15:30
Trixar_zaThanks Kilos15:31
charljust watched the ubuntu edge video15:32
Trixar_zaI'm actually downloading Claws Mail for Windows so I can check my email...15:33
charlthe crowdfunding doesn't look too good though15:33
Kilosthats the phone?15:33
Trixar_zaI just need to bite the bullet and install Arch15:34
charlyeah that's the hardware part15:34
Kiloseish Trixar_za 15:34
Kiloswhy arch?15:34
Kilossize or what?15:35
charlonly 7 days left to raise $20K15:35
Trixar_zaMostly what you learn while installing it. I'm not mad enough to try gentoo yet15:35
charlprobably not gonna happen15:35
Kilosthere was a chick here a while back that used arch15:35
Trixar_zaAnd yeah, the size is also a factor. My old PC can't run the new bling-bling Linuxes15:35
Kiloslook at tinycorelinux15:36
Kilosoh you got 3g15:36
Kilosthat was the only prob i had with it15:36
Kiloswith adsl it will rocks methinks15:36
Trixar_zaI tried, but most of the tinycore guys are Frugal mad idiots with a holier than thou mentality15:37
Kiloswhole os was 66m15:37
Kilosyeah i only found one helpful guy15:37
charlif you need lightweight why not just go lubuntu15:38
charlunless if you say you just want to do it for the lols then arch is great15:38
Kilosi didnt like it15:38
charlwhat was wrong with it?15:39
charl(i should add, i don't use it myself)15:39
Kiloshe does slitaz but it crashed now15:39
KilosTrixar_za, why not install slitaz again15:40
Trixar_zaBecause they mad a mess of the current version15:41
Kilosor get data and upgrade to ubuntu15:41
Trixar_zaAnd I'll probably have to build my own version before I can use it again15:41
Kilosoh you leaving them15:42
Kilosoh the pc dont like ubuntu15:44
Kiloswhat help did you need with tinycore15:45
Trixar_zaPretty much sakis3g support - amongst other things. But they want to run it in RAM because starting it in ram is clean everytime15:48
Trixar_zaNot to mention huge if you have a lot of packages15:48
Kilosoh i got the install iso15:49
Kilosbut it is very different from debian15:50
Kiloswoulda been fine with adsl15:50
Kilosi wonder if it will work in a wifi router with the 3g plugged into the router15:52
Trixar_zaI'm one of those weird people that install Windows versions of stuff so I can have access to my old configuration files16:06
Trixar_zaI even imported my firefox bookmarks post crash using the backed up json file16:08
Kiloswhat caused the crash?16:09
Trixar_zaProbably something related to Xorg16:13
Kiloshi smile hows you?16:53
smilegood :D16:54
smilehow about you16:54
Kilosgood ty. everything is working except idle16:54
Kilosbut gedit is doing the job so far16:55
magespawngood evening16:59
Kiloshi magespawn 16:59
magespawnhey hey17:00
magespawnidle not working?17:00
Kilosweird hey17:00
magespawnno error messages17:00
smileKilos: gedit sucks :'(17:01
Kilosthat same error17:01
smilebut yeah, it works :/17:01
Kilosna gedit works17:01
smilenotepad++ is clearly much beter :)17:01
magespawnsmile does that work on linux?17:01
smilemagespawn: on Wine, it works very well. It could be ported very easily to native Linux, since it's not using so many Windows specific features (read: Windows API)17:02
Kilosi wont touch notepad unless im on win with no choice17:02
magespawnnot the same notepad17:03
magespawnthis one is much more Kilos 17:03
Kilosonce ive gone a bit further in python ill try idle again on the stuff that works17:03
Kilosbut wine sucks too17:04
magespawnwhat version of python do you have?17:04
Kilos2.7.3 i think17:04
Kiloswait i check17:04
Kilosya thats it17:05
Kiloshi psychicist 17:05
psychicisthi Kilos 17:05
Kilosnow i want some of the ibid code17:06
Trixar_zasmile: I prefer Geany myself17:06
Kilosthe part that makes coffee17:06
magespawnmaybe the idle is looking for a different version17:06
Kilosthey both outa the repos so i dunno17:07
smileTrixar_za: yeah :) it's obviously better17:07
smilewill try to install it now :)17:07
Trixar_zaI have to disable the message window, but otherwise it runs pretty well :P17:09
Trixar_zaI have Notepad++ on Windows, but I don't like how it spaces python code17:10
smilewhich plugins do you have installed? :)17:10
Trixar_zaI just used the basic install :P17:10
smilenotepad++ works good for batch, XML, HTML etc ;)17:10
smileTrixar_za: that's boring :p17:11
Trixar_zaIt's just that it's python's tabs use spaces instead of tabulation17:11
Trixar_zaI know it's against the Python standards, but I like tab17:11
magespawni like the way it does html, never tried it python use idle or eric for that17:11
Kilosdid your idle work with hello world magespawn ??17:13
Kilosthats not fair17:15
magespawni could not see anything wrong with your code either17:15
Kilosi have no idea why it said syntax error17:16
Kiloseverything first tests me17:16
magespawnjust don't go and do a reinstall because of it17:17
Kilosive had both drives with win blocking the bad sectors going all day17:17
Kilosso maybe thats a workaround17:18
Kilosmaybe i must reinstall idle17:18
smileTrixar_za: me like tab too ;)17:18
magespawnhere is some of my practice code http://db.tt/foBMNIkK17:19
smileyeah, py :D17:20
Kilosaw opera only shows size and modified but no names17:21
Kilosyou been going at it long17:21
magespawnmy mobile firefox does the same, more strangeness17:21
Kilosi removed firefox with last install to save data17:22
Kiloswill install again now and see17:22
Kilosai! 27.4m17:23
Kilosand they upgrade every coupla weeks17:23
Kilosfirefox shows same way magespawn 17:26
Kilosno names17:26
magespawnmine took a will to load them17:27
Kilosi see pages there now but still no names17:28
magespawnawhile maybe too17:28
Kilosyour dropbox is sick17:29
magespawnmaybe very be, had my files in it for too long17:31
Kilosaw now i forgot who i was in dropbox17:31
Kilosmaybe they will show when signed in17:31
Trixar_za[17:29:58] [Trixar_za] Some extensions are memory hogs17:32
Trixar_za[17:30:28] [Trixar_za] Not to mention both the Firefox and extension authors don't take memory leak reports seriously17:32
Trixar_zaI found the biggest memory hog to be Adblock Plus even if it doesn't have a list loaded17:32
magespawnnever used that, just noscript17:35
magespawnKilos i don't have another way to share at the moment, i am on the tablet17:38
Kilosnp magespawn 17:38
Kilosinetpro, you here?17:45
Kilosnight guys . sleep tight17:50
Kilosnogga dag môre17:50
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smilebye :)18:32
magespawninetpro ping19:07
magespawnMaaz tell maiatoday there is a new ubuntu server book available to the loco teams.19:15
Maazmagespawn: Righto, I'll tell maiatoday on freenode19:15
magespawngood night all19:15
yolandrehi all.19:26
yolandreneed some more advice.... what is the recommended swap area size?19:26
Squirmyolandre: how much ram do you have?19:27
Squirmmaybe make it about 6gb then19:27
Squirmkind of works off a sliding scale. I think 4gb ram you should have 4gb swap, but I think the higher you go, the less swap19:28
SquirmAs a base minimum, it's highly recommended that the swap space should be equal to the amount of physical memory (RAM). 19:28
Squirm"In reality, if you use hibernation you need what was outlined in the relevant paragraph above, otherwise you need as much swap space as your system will use - which actually may be very little in a modern hardware setup"19:29
Squirmswap is only used if you use up all your ram19:29
Squirmit's like virtual memory on windows, starts writing bits that are meant to go to ram, to your hdd19:29
yolandregot you there. actually opted for 4gb. should there be a future need i'll resize. only using ubuntu for private & basic computing.19:31
superflyrecommended swap used to be twice RAM19:32
Squirmand you can increase your swap partition at a later point - if you have unused hdd space19:32
superflynowadays with more than 4 gigs swap is almost unnecessary19:32
superflyyolandre: 4 should be more than enough19:32
Squirmyeah, I see that now19:32
Squirmand it actually makes sense19:32
yolandreshould hope so... had to do with 1gb previously and 12.04 worked just fine.19:33
Squirmsuperfly: any idea when ubuntuforums came back up?19:33
yolandrethe last time i manually create unix or linux partitions was about 10 years ago....19:33
yolandrenope - none. i was on last noght when it dropped & noticed it on at about 02:00 this morning. was seeking help with a tricky installation and wanted to share the solution.19:34
superflySquirm: not at all. forums are places where n00bs give each other bad advice.19:43
yolandreanyways, should someone need to know the topic can be read at https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/234019.19:49
yolandreyou asked me last night to post the solution?19:52

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