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zeta-dpkg says;- " cannot access archive: No such file or directory"  is archive a repository?00:05
ubuntuissuesWent to dinner, anyways...00:13
ubuntuissuesYeah, I don't know what to do.00:13
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hdhzeroHi, people. I'm using ubuntu 12.04 and elantech's touchpad does not work by default. On version 13.04 (live cd) it does. I would like to know what the development team did to fix it. Was in the kernel? Was a proprietary driver? Was on X's synaptic?00:20
TannedVampiresorry, I was interrupted two days ago.  Here is my video card: AMD ATI RS690M size=256M.  Does this explain why my ubuntu is slow?00:26
TannedVampireoops, my video card is Radeon X1200 Series00:27
SalmiakaHello everyone00:27
ubuntuissuesIs anyone else familiar with data recovery on a potentially high loss data system?00:29
ubuntuissuesbasically, I went to sleep, woke up, dead machine. Right now, the partition schemes are still there, but the drives are completely corrupt. I can't access anything. If I fsck, I loose all the data, or it recovers some of the data, but not all.00:30
Mr-Protocolif the drive was bad, why did you continue to keep using it?00:31
Mr-Protocoland force it to read/write00:31
SalmiakaDoes anybody knows some about turning an old iMac (with a ppc processor) into ubuntu (excuse the mis-speaking, please ...)00:31
funkstercrons always runs at 00 seconds, correct?00:31
ubuntuissuesMr-Protocol, I am not.00:31
Mr-Protocolyou should have just imaged it right away with dd and then proceeded from there00:31
ubuntuissuesThe drives aren't being used right now.00:32
Mr-Protocolimage the disk, fire up some data recovery tools to run on the image and good luck lol00:32
ubuntuissuesI am not sure how long you have been in the channel, but if you grep TJ- or ubuntuissues I have been in here for 6 hours trying to figure it out.00:32
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Mr-Protocoli have join leaves on00:33
Mr-Protocolso most things fall off the screen lol00:33
Nmk543ubuntuissues: I would definitely make a backup image of the disk (which you should be regularly doing anyway) before doing anything. Any drive could fail at any time, regardless of the operating system that is on it...00:35
ubuntuissuesNmk543, I am aware, the backups were on another drive in the same system. Those drives also are corrupted.00:36
charlin322this is my first time using irssi,could you give me some suggestion?00:36
dr_willisSalmiaka:   an old imac dv is barely worth using as a linux machine. I had one and just ended up giving it away. you COULD install a console/text only system on and use it as a ssh terminal perhaps. but othjer then that.. i found they dident work very well at all00:37
Nmk543ubuntuissues: In my opinion, making a backup image to an external hard disk once a week might be a good idea. It won't take a lot of time and can save you from a lot of headache later on.00:38
dr_willisSalmiaka:  there is a community supported ppc linux (several differnt disrtos) but i never found one that worked well00:38
Salmiakadr_willis: thank you very much for this advice.00:38
ubuntuissuesWell, unfortunately I didn't do that, and at this point I can really only work forward. After using testdisk on /home the testdisk: http://pastebin.com/1gTBcuaQ00:38
Nmk543ubuntuissues: because this problem could be related to the drive itself and not necessarily to Ubuntu.00:38
Salmiakastill i wonder why .dmg files disappears after being converted from .isos00:39
ubuntuissuesSo right now, just to backup the corrupt data. If the malfunctioning drive is 250 GB and the only external drive I have is 500GB, how would I go about doing a dd?00:41
Mr-Protocolto troll or not to troll lol00:41
Mr-Protocolhave you used DD before?00:41
dr_willisSalmiaka:  converting how why.what for?00:42
ubuntuissuesMr-Protocol, no, I haven't. I also would appreciate if you didn't troll, because I am honestly very frustrated right now.00:42
Mr-Protocolare you familiar with linux command line?00:42
Nmk543ubuntuissues: I've used Ghost4Linux on Parted Magic and it makes a raw copy of every single bit. Very easy to use.00:42
ubuntuissuesSomewhat familiar yes, I know how to pipe and such, but if you ask me to do some ridiculous long string with reg-ex, I don't know how.00:43
charlin322hmm  but i just to read zhe notes?00:43
Mr-Protocolwell,, the command you would want is something like this00:43
ubuntuissuesI only thought the processor and the motherboard were the issue this morning, I didn't realize it was this much of an issue. So I really would appreciate if it wasn't a troll attempt.00:43
charlin322this is magic00:43
Mr-Protocolsudo dd bs=512 if=/dev/**DEVICE_OF_BAD_DISK** of=/PATH/TO/Destination_Disk/Filename.dd00:44
charlin322we just use qq for connection00:44
Mr-Protocolor if you want a windows tool: FTK Imager00:44
Salmiakadr_willis: I have to convert a .iso to a .dmg ( hdiutil convert ubuntu.iso -format UDRW -o ubuntu.dmg ), the file shows up as long as the hdiutil is processing, then disappears suddunly00:44
Mr-Protocolthey also have command line FTK Imager on AccessData's site for linux00:45
charlin322just like startx?00:46
dr_williswhy do you need a dmg Salmiaka ?00:46
Salmiakato make a live usb (I'm following this : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/How%20to%20install%20Ubuntu%20on%20MacBook%20using%20USB%20Stick )00:47
Nmk543I'm having problems playing wmv files that use VC1 codec. Can I convert those files to some other format or how are there any other solutions for viewing them?00:48
Salmiakaand, .img are automaticly converted in .dmg s00:48
charlin322you can input sudo apt-get install unetbootin?00:48
Mr-ProtocolNmk543, VLC?00:49
Mr-ProtocolNmk543, or you can use handbreak to convert00:49
Nmk543Mr-Protocol: I've tried with VLC, SMplayer and Totem.00:49
dr_willisSalmiaka:  as far as i lnow you can treat the newer ubuntu iso files as .img files they are  the special boot formt iso that can be dd'd directly to a usb flash drive00:49
Nmk543Mr-Protocol: Ok, I'll give that a try, thanks!00:49
dr_willisSalmiaka:  id also check the pendrivelinux site for tools and guides that may  be mor eup to date00:49
Salmiakathank you :)00:49
dr_willisSalmiaka:  my iMac couldent boot from USb  so i  never reaslly made a boot usb for it00:49
SalmiakaI'm going to try first to dd it as a .img00:50
Salmiakathank you very much00:51
Salmiakahow many times takes a dd of a 700mo .iso ?00:53
dr_willisSalmiaka:  you can dd the iso files for normal ubuntu straight to usb. been able to do so since like 12.0400:53
dr_willisSalmiaka:  you did  use a bs=4M option?00:53
dr_willisroot_: ? not a good idea to irc as root.00:53
Salmiaka1M, according to the thing i read00:54
dr_willisSalmiaka:  as long as you dident use the default. ;) should take  it a few min.00:54
dr_willisvs  30+ if you hadent00:54
dr_willisthis is assuming you CAN do the dd trick with the PPC iso files..00:54
Salmiakawe'll see00:55
dr_willisi had way to many issues with all the ppc linux's i tried..00:55
dr_willismain issue was the monitor was out of adjustment to the left about 4 characers (half an inch or more)00:55
Nmk543Can I can play the wmv files that use the VC1 codec on Ubuntu. Or do I have to convert them to something else first?00:55
dr_willisthen the fact the imacdv i had was so lacking in specs.00:56
dr_willisNmk543:  check the vlc homepage/faq - it might be able to play them. it shouldent be to hard to convert however.00:56
Salmiakai used this : sudo dd if=/Users/user/Desktop/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/disk1 bs=1m00:56
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ubuntunick charlin00:57
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Salmiakawell, i had a computer with fedora 5 years ago00:57
Salmiakabut no linux from that time00:57
Salmiakaso i forgot almost everything00:57
wilee-nileeNmk543, I believe wmv is just a container for various types use what you can convert the others.00:57
dr_willisSalmiaka:  the shell basics still apply00:57
dr_willisSalmiaka:  i used os-x 's shell on my imac mainly as a ssh 'terminal' but it still  basically was so old.. it was annoying. ;) My RaspberryPI works as a better terminal for me.00:58
Salmiakadr_willis: yeah but, the main doc is in english, i can understand it, but it's not that natural to me00:58
dr_willisSalmiaka:  there should be guides on bash in almost any language thats out there. ;) bash has been around for decades. or what main doc are you refering to?00:59
Salmiakawell, i'm more thinking about problem solvation00:59
Salmiakahow to say01:00
SalmiakaI usually don't ask, i look for people who asked barely the same thing;01:01
SalmiakaHello megaCarrot .01:01
megaCarrotI have an issue with xubuntu where there seems to be a lot of disk latency issues while writing to and reading from the same disk.  The issue is that the problem doesn't exist when using normal unity or gnome-panel. It's the same setup with the same disk mounted the same way.01:01
megaCarrotCertain software like vlc for example will really lag when reading from the disk that's being written to.01:02
megaCarrotThose under the same circumstances in standard ubuntu the issue doesn't exist.01:02
megaCarrotIn fact it works flawlessly.01:02
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dr_willisso vlc in xubuntu is laggy. in ubuntu its not - while playing the same file from the same hard drive01:06
megaCarrotdr_willis: yep exactly.  Also while downloading the same file01:07
megaCarrotI looked at iotop and the rates are very similar01:07
dr_willisyou mean playing from a network stream?/website?01:07
megaCarrotdr_willis: no the file is local01:07
megaCarrotdr_willis: the file is on the same disk as the one being written to.01:08
dr_willisas a test.. see if lubuntu/lxde has  the same issue.01:08
dr_willisso the video playback is laggy only while the disk is beint written to at the same time in xxubuntu. but ok in ubuntu?01:08
megaCarrotI could do that dr_willis.01:08
megaCarrotdr_willis: yep you got it01:09
Salmiakadr_willis: i think i'm going to give up : dd hasn't finished yet xD01:09
dr_willisSalmiaka:  theres some way on linux to monitot dd progress.. but you are using dd under OS-X correct? so that mathod may not work01:09
dr_willisis your imac even using USB-2 ports? Mine was usb-1 it was so old. ;)01:10
dr_williswhich made it very slow01:10
SalmiakaI think it's usb-101:11
Salmiakalspci isn't it ?01:11
Salmiakanot for mac01:11
dr_willisnow you know why i basically gave up on my imac ;)01:12
dr_willis700mb over usb1 may take quiet a bit of time01:12
SalmiakaYeah. xD01:12
SalmiakaBut i hate this software01:13
dr_willisyou can makie the usb on other pcs01:13
Salmiakathey'd sell you the air you breathe if they could ...01:13
Salmiakaand, it's like a challenge now °°01:13
dr_willisyou got os-X on the imac?  Id  have to say - it ran better then any linux i put on it did.  but all I used it for was a Serial-terminal basically01:13
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dr_willisthere might be some other disrtos to try out for PPC also. i dont evenknwo what ones exist any more01:14
Salmiakadisrtos ?01:14
dr_williswonder if good old MINIX is out for ppc. ;)01:14
dr_willisYellowDog used to be a common ppc linux disrto.  i cant even recall any others01:14
dr_willisDebian still has a PPC port01:14
Salmiaka(what time is it by your side ?)01:16
dr_willisi got 9pm here. ;)01:16
SalmiakaI think I won't get this hard (Minix)01:17
dr_willisMinix is a neat little OS  ;) but it is command line only as far as i rember.01:17
dr_willisdebian should also work01:17
SalmiakaI just wanted to put something better than OSX, but you told me it wasn't worthing it.01:18
dr_willisbut Minix is not Linux.  Ubuntu should work. but ive had so many other issues with Linux on a PPC imac.. other then a command line system..  it was barely useable01:18
dr_willisit depends on what you want to do with it. and your system specs i guess also.01:18
dr_willisand i doubt if any of  the other disrots will run  'better' then os-x does.01:19
Salmiaka512  + 256  Mo DDR SDRAM01:19
dr_willisso you got  .7gb of ram?01:19
Salmiakaminecraft doesn't really runs with this01:19
dr_willisminecrafte on that old a machine? :) good luck with that.01:20
Salmiaka(eats a lot of memory, for cubes ...)01:20
dr_willisassuming you can even find a mondern java that supports ppc.. (at least its not flash you need)01:20
jefetihi need help with black screen after installing ubuntu on an old Toshiba Satellite 140001:21
Salmiakaand, furthermore, i've no more cigarettes, so i'd get angry for nothing01:21
jefetitried with boot options with no results01:21
dr_willisyou tried nomodeset jefeti ? what is your video chipset?01:22
Salmiakaso, dr_willis , it's 3:22 am here, and i'll stop seeking I think01:22
Salmiaka(dd hasn't finished yed ...)01:22
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dr_willislet it run overnight. ;001:24
unclezipperHey, I'm running a LM 15 XFCE live CD on a laptop with Windows 7. Just wanted to see, does anybody know if you can install Windows on a VM by copying one of those recovery partitions they like to put on Windows installations nowadays?01:24
Salmiakayeah maybe01:24
dr_willisunclezipper:   i would be suprised if that worked. You could restore the image to a hard drive perhaps. then image THAT to a file/run it in the vm. but i would bet the windows copy protection/activation schemd would kick in.01:25
dr_willisYou could  alwyas try imageing the restore partuon and having the vm boot it and see what happens. but i would be suprised if it worked01:26
unclezipperdr_willis: Thanks for the input. Was just wondering if that might be practical. I suppose I'll have to install a "totally legitimate" copy01:26
dr_willisive not had much luck moveing hd's with restore partions to other machines by the same company.  they alwyas demanded the specific hardware01:26
megaCarrotI have an issue with xubuntu where there seems to be a lot of disk latency issues while writing to and reading from the same disk.  The issue is that the problem doesn't exist when using normal unity or gnome-panel. It's the same setup with the same disk mounted the same way. Certain software like vlc for example will really lag when reading from the disk that's being written to. Those under the same circumstances in standard ubuntu01:26
Salmiakadr_willis: i just remind my first rm mistake xD01:26
Salmiakarm -fR /user , according to a ***'s advice01:28
Salmiaka(or something like that)01:28
dr_willisthe biggest daanger i see to a ubuntu box in this channel.. is the user doing somthing stupid. ;)01:30
Salmiakabox ?01:31
Salmiakawell, in french we say "les problèmes d'ordinateurs se situent entre le siege et l'écran" which means litteraly "computer problems are located between the screen and the seat"01:35
knnl4110Anyone know why I can't select "Enable PAE/NX" in the VirtaulBox?01:36
wilee-nileemegaCarrot, what is your chip speed and ram amount, what have you modified, and how full is the hard drive, three questions here.01:36
Salmiakagood night everyone01:37
megaCarrotwilee-nilee: I have the Intel i5-3570K cpu with 8GB of ram.  As for what I have modified, nothing other than install nvidia-current, nvidia-settings and the libvdpau1.  The drive can at times get pretty full but the issue exists even when it was free with 70Gb free.01:38
megaCarrotwilee-nilee: I have a nvidia 8800GT graphics card if that helps any as well01:39
wilee-nileemegaCarrot, Full HD's can be a problem even in linux, that would be my first suspicion, however a bit loose in empirical support.01:39
cemerickhow can I get ubuntu to remember my keyboard backlight setting after sleeping or restarts?  Macbook Air 4,2, FWIW.01:40
megaCarrotwilee-nilee: I used Ubuntu for years with the same drive setup and usage patterns.  It was never an issue there and my drive was full frequently.   I only have this issue with xubuntu01:40
wilee-nileemegaCarrot, could be a whole host of variables, all you can do is knock them out one by one.01:41
megaCarrotwilee-nilee: one thing I know is that one two similar installs, ubuntu vs xubuntu.  The issue only exists on xubuntu.01:42
wilee-nileemegaCarrot, same computer, and different installs=different partitions?01:43
megaCarrotwilee-nilee: same computer and same install method on same partition with the same packages installed after01:43
megaCarrotit even exists if I install xubuntu desktop and remove ubuntu desktop01:44
megaCarrotxubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-desktop packages01:44
wilee-nileemegaCarrot, The only thing I can say is so many variables that all you can do is knock them out. If you think the irc can help thats fine, I have no more to add really. ;)01:45
megaCarrotwilee-nilee: I guess I was looking for something to grab onto, maybe an idea.01:45
megaCarrotThank you though.01:45
Marlenee_rhow can i make file that make "apt-get" install for programmes lsit01:45
wentknweqtMarlenee_r, what does that mean?01:46
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Marlenee_ri need to install list of programmes from reposties ubuntu01:46
Marlenee_rand i want to install it one time01:47
wentknweqtwhy not do them all?01:47
wentknweqtlike apt-get install pkg1 pkg2 pkg3 etc?01:47
wilee-nileeMarlenee_r sudo apt-get install "package" "package" without the quotes of course01:47
wilee-nilee!ot | EXT401:50
ubottuEXT4: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:50
wilee-nileeEXT4, Got an issue post it. ;)01:50
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pvl1i have many, all not really ubuntu related01:51
wilee-nilee!tmi | pvl1 ;)01:51
ubottupvl1 ;): Um thanks... We *really* did not need to know that...01:51
wilee-nileejust ribbing you. ;)01:52
pvl1lol thanks wilee-nilee01:52
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pvl1WAIT THERE IS one01:52
pvl1i installed the official nvidia drivers, and removed noveauosdfjjshg (spelling?) and all my fonts were absolutly huge in lubuntu01:53
pvl1it was weird. like the DPI quadrupled. i had to get my fonts down to like 6-8 in size... on a 52 inch tv01:53
wilee-nileepvl1, Can't wait till you get a kernel update/upgrade.01:53
pvl1its just not proportial01:53
wentknweqtMarlenee, you can do this: for i in `cat packages.txt`; do (new line) apt-get install $i (new line) done01:54
pvl1wilee-nilee: i learned that the heard way. matter of fact that should be on my to do list. to hold back the kernel thanks for remind me01:54
pvl1wentknweqt: no need for new line01:54
wilee-nileepvl1, Ah, you have been through that, excellent. ;)01:54
wentknweqtpvl1, really?01:54
pvl1wentknweqt: the ; implies seperate statements01:55
pvl1for ; do; done;01:55
pvl1im nto sure about the last ; tho01:55
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wentknweqtsweet, thank you01:55
pvl1wilee-nilee: oh yea excellent indeed. but you think theres nothign i can do about the fonts being all weird except for keep playing with it01:55
pvl1wentknweqt: no problem01:55
pvl1oh wait heres a more intersting problem. im running lubuntu with i3, and at times my system will ranomly remount to RO02:00
pvl1and even ls responds command not found02:01
dr_willisif /   gets rempounted 'read only' that may  be the system detecting a filesystem or hard drive issue and  a failsafe setting kicking in.02:04
dr_willisid check 'dmesg' output and look for any error messages.02:04
dr_willisid definatly be making sure you had some good backups made.02:04
pvl1dr_willis: not an important system. just a roadwarrier microsd i keep around02:05
tdlamHi folks am having a weird issue. I cant suddenly open my .odt files or pdf files form one of my folders. I get a FILE DOES NOT EXIST error. I put the folder on an external drive hooked it up to my windows machine and can open em fine. So they are not currupted.02:05
dr_willispvl1:  fsck it. or try zeroing it with dd. then reformating it..  might kick it back in line02:05
tdlamrunning Lubuntu02:05
dr_willistdlam:  try to access them via the terminal.02:05
pvl1dr_willis: ugh so much work02:05
pvl1dr_willis: i shall def look into dmesg tho02:06
dr_willispvl1:  throw it in the trash then ;)02:06
tdlamok how do I do that friend? sorry don't know the commnds02:06
dr_willisof course it could be the slot reader, or the cords02:06
dr_willistdlam:     cd /place/where/the/file/are/at02:06
dr_willisls -al    to se eif the files are there02:06
dr_williswhatevercommandtoppenthefile   whatever.odt   to try to  edit them02:07
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qinman whatevercommandtoopenthefile02:07
dr_willisits possile theres some filesystem issue on the  external hd.02:07
dr_willisor some funny characters in the path/filename02:07
tdlamnope says no such file or directory02:08
dr_willistdlam:  and whats the exact command you are using? and use the  TAB to be sure you are spelling things right.02:08
dr_willisspaces in the path/name will also confiuse things ;)02:08
wilee-nileetdlam, This on a a external with a ntfs partition?02:08
tdlamno its resident on my Lubuntu hard drive02:09
zeta-tdlam: Being an ext. drive, it might be mounted in a different place02:09
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wilee-nileeor ntfs altogether02:09
dr_willistdlam:  so  cd to each dirctory  in turn.. following the proper path.. look in each directory.. see if stuff looks correct till you find the files02:10
Guest56473hello, everybody, i have a bit of an issue. i am running ubuntu 13.04 via a flash drive. i am in "try out" mode. i am trying to watch flash videos on sites such as youtube. how can i do this using my situation? everywhere i have looked online has given me advice that has not worked. thank you in advance.02:10
tdlami copied it to an external as well to see if I could at least open the file in windows and I can...so they aren't currupt. I was in the folder in the terminal ok but when i tried to open the file I get the error02:11
dr_willisGuest56473:  easiest thing to do would be to enable the 'webm' option at youtubes config page. to use html5/webm instead of flash.. or install the flash player from the repos as a second possible fix02:11
dr_willistdlam:  so exactly what command did you try to open the file?02:12
tdlamI put the file name in terminal and hit enter02:12
dr_willistdlam:  so EXACTLY what command did you use?02:12
Guest56473thank you dr_willis i will give that a shot and let you know how it works02:12
pvl1dr_willis: didnt even know that exsisted. trying that asap02:12
qintdlam: can yuo copy (drag'n'drop) file into Desktop?02:12
tdlamI'll try brb02:13
formathi all, im in ubuntu 12.04. I there any way to see wich files will create the "sudo apt-get install SomeProg" in my file system? Sorry for my bad english. Tanks02:13
thinknowsudo apt-get remove libimobiledevice302:13
thinknowReading package lists... Done02:13
thinknowBuilding dependency tree02:13
thinknowReading state information... Done02:13
thinknowThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:02:13
FloodBot1thinknow: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:13
dr_willispvl1:  not all of youtubes videos work in html5/webm at this time02:13
psinghGuest56473, If you haven't tried it this might work: sudo apt-get --yes install adobe-flashplugin adobe-flash-properties-gtk02:13
thinknowanyone have an idea what happens if i press yes here?02:14
pvl1aw :(02:14
qinformat: look into inotify, or strace () or read man for ls (time sensitive listing) and find02:14
tdlamcan drag and drop it ok but wont open from desktop either02:14
wilee-nileethinknow, Pastebin all the text02:14
dr_willisthinknow:  it will remove the files and install the files its saying it will install.02:14
wilee-nilee!pastebin | thinknow02:14
ubottuthinknow: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:14
pvl1!pastebin | psingh02:14
thinknowi dont want libimobiledevice3, but why do i have to delete so many files02:14
ubottupsingh: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:14
pvl1sorry psingh wrong person02:15
dr_willisthinknow:  why are you so worried about a libimobiledevice3 ?02:15
nreynoldcan someone pm me, I need some help getting my audio to work02:15
thinknowdr_willis, it take so many processes02:15
psinghpvl1, that's only one line.  Check.02:15
dr_willis!sound  > nreynold02:15
ubottunreynold, please see my private message02:15
thinknowand use 20-25 of my cpu02:15
thinknowsometimes 90%02:15
wilee-nileenreynold, you want the channels help post your issues.02:15
formatqin: Thanks dude!  Another..trace is for the system call write? there is no easy way to see wich files will extract a .deb file ?02:15
qintdlam: now in terminal: cd Desktop; chmod 777 YOUR_File_name; and click again?02:15
dr_willisthinknow:  sounds like a bug you should be looking into.02:15
tdlamok Ill try BRB ty for the help guys BTW02:16
thinknowso i shouldnt delete it02:16
thinknow? ;)02:16
dr_willisthinknow:  i would look at the bug reports, and forums, and askubuntu.com02:16
qinformat: I suspect inotify, or iotop (not sure if it logs)02:17
Guest56473dr_willis how to i install the flash player from the repos? the webm thing did not work. thank you02:19
Modesto_EberHello everyone, Modesto_Eberhere and i'm here and ready to DDoS.02:19
tdlamchmosd tells me no such file or directory in both the orginal folder on in desktop where I copied it02:19
dr_willisGuest56473:  using the package manager tools same as you install anything else... someone gave you the command earflier to use from the command line02:19
dr_willis!flash | Guest5647302:19
ubottuGuest56473: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash02:19
dr_willistdlam:   you are using the tab key and spelloing thingss right? ls does show the files or not?02:20
qintdlam: what does: ls -l ~/Desktop; says?02:20
tdlamI am spelling right. Im doing a straight copy and paste of the file name yes and I open the folder in terminal...could the fact I have my home directory encrypted be bonking these files in some way?02:21
Guest56473it doesnt come up. i dont have ubuntu installed, i am using the "try out" version02:21
dr_willistdlam:  do does 'ls' show the files?02:21
tdlambrb TY02:22
dr_willistdlam:  try a 'ls -al /the/path/to/the/file'02:22
dr_willisGuest56473:  what dosent come up?02:22
wilee-nileeGuest56473, Is the usb persistent?02:22
Guest56473never mind i found what i was doing wrong02:22
* wilee-nilee mutters youtube yeah right.02:23
tdlamthe files show up file with ls02:23
psinghGuest56473, you need to enable the repositories.  Run "Software & Updates" from Dash, and select all the reposotories.02:24
dr_willistdlam:  so does 'file thenameofthefile'   work?02:24
tdlambrb ty02:24
Guest56473i got flash to install using the link that was sent to me by ubottu02:24
=== JZTech101 is now known as JZ|Zzz
Guest56473i appreciate your patience with me, i am an ubuntu newbie02:25
dr_willisGuest56473:  with out a persistant save file setup - it wont survive a reboot.02:25
dr_willisGuest56473:  you can do a 'full' normal install to a flash drive.  if you cant do a normal insrtall to a real hard drive02:25
tdlamno still get the error no such file or directory ebevn though termianl is in the directory and "ls" sees the files. weird02:26
Guest56473how do i do that02:26
wilee-nileeGuest56473, Full install or persistent?02:27
=== Nitrodex is now known as Guest83359
Guest56473persistent. my flash drive isn't big enough for a full install02:27
dr_willissame as you would install to a real hard drive.. Plug in a 2nd usb flash drive  of lik e8+GB in side, and install to it.. be sure GRUB installs to that USB's mbr also.  then yuou can boot it and use it as you would a nomrla install02:28
dr_willishow did you make the first USB flash  Guest56473 ?02:28
qintdlam: would be kind enough of pastebin, or even paste; ls -la Desktop; head Desktop/Name_of_your_file02:28
Guest56473ok that would be my problem - my flash drive is only 4 gb02:29
syntacwhat login manager does ubuntu use and what file can i put in commands to run before my X wm starts up? (.xinitrc doesn't do anything)02:29
wilee-nileeGuest56473, http://askubuntu.com/questions/138356/how-do-i-get-a-live-usb-to-use-a-partition-for-persistence02:29
Guest56473ok thank you02:29
wilee-nileeGuest56473, Has a non partition option shown as well.02:29
Guest56473i honestly have no idea i really havent the first clue what i am doing02:29
qinsyntac: lightdm; sudo cron -e02:30
dr_willissyntac:   .xinitrc or .xsession can be used. but it wont run those  AND your X session,  theres specific X login sessions lightdm can use to run either of those 2 session fles... OR you can use  .config/autorun  to launch things when you log in to most of the stndard desktops02:30
wilee-nileeGuest56473, We have all been there and at times still are. ;)02:30
ctcbI have a problem with my USB Stick, I used it to try and boot an installer of Windows 8 64-Bit and it didn't work, but now my USB Stick is read only and I can't delete the files from it to reinstall the ISO.02:30
=== FreakingTea is now known as TieGuanYin
dr_willisctcb:  so exactly how did you put windows 8 on the usb?02:31
wilee-nileectcb, what OS are you running?02:31
Guest56473if i buy a bigger flash drive i would be able to do a full install, i know that definitely. i will do that tomorrow. thanks for the help guys. have a good night.02:31
ctcbwilee-nilee, I'm running ubuntu, but I need a USB Stick for my Main PC that is windows, as I accidentally corrupted it.02:31
qinctcb: did you try dd?02:32
wilee-nileectcb, If you install and open gparted and unmount it it should wipe.02:32
tdlamthis is the file that is giving me trouble it wont open on desktop or in original folder...here's the readout for it    -rw-rw-r--  1 tdlam tdlam  133369 Aug 14 09:36 DSA_154_Notice of Deviation #10 Sprinkler changes 6-24-13.pdf02:32
syntacdr_willis, i'm using xmonad and the standard scripts (in /etc/X11/Xsession.d) aren't correctly loading my .Xresources file. also i'd like to start up a few apps by default, which i have in .xsession, but it isn't being executed02:32
ctcbdr_willis, I used "dd bs=4M if=WINDOWS864BIT.ISO of=/dev/sdb1"02:32
ctcbwilee-nilee, It won't unmount or gpart it.02:32
dr_willisctcb:  if you Imaged the iso file directtly to the USB then you want to zero that usb..   with dd...02:32
dr_willisctcb:  and your dd command to make that usb from that iso was wrong by the way..02:32
dr_willisctcb:  you wanted to use /dev/sdb   NOT sdb102:33
pvl1dr_willis: may i pm u02:33
dr_willispvl1:  you can. but im at work and may have to leave without notice02:33
pvl1dr_willis: its no rush02:33
wilee-nileectcb, if you get it cleaned, all you need is a ntfs with a boot flag and extract the win iso with the archive manager to it02:33
ctcbdr_willis, Disk Utility says my USB Stick is SDB1.02:33
dr_willisctcb:  no... the first PARTITION on the usb is sdb1   the device itself is sdb02:34
dr_willisyou image the iso file to the DEVICe. not the partion on the device02:34
dr_willisctcb:  seen people do this mistake 100's of times02:34
ctcbHow do I wipe the drive?02:34
dr_willisuse the dd command again to put the iso onto sdb   not sdb102:34
ctcbI need to wipe it first.02:35
dr_willisor use dd  if=/dev/zero   ........ to zero out the device then repartion it if you dont want to mess with the iso any more02:35
qinctcb: /dev/null02:35
dr_willisyou DONT need to wipe it first   i think02:35
dr_willisit wont care whats on it..if you dd the iso to sdb02:35
dr_williszero it - IF you want to put a vfat/ntfs/ext2/3/4 partion on it..02:35
wdkevinoneI am running 12.10 in a VM with Unity. I just installed CrashPlan and set it up and VMWare through a lock file error and shut down. After booting up I can login but then I get a blank screen. I can login via guest, but when using my primary account I just get a blank screen. Help?02:36
tdlamok I guess its a no go...Thanks anyway guys. Guess its reformat and reinstall this OS....looks like I got something to do this weekend to keep me busy02:36
ctcbdr_willis, would sudo shred -v /dev/sdb work?02:36
dr_willisctcb:  why do you need to shred it?02:36
ctcbdr_willis, to destroy the data.02:36
dr_willisdd can zero it in like 5 seconds. you then repartion it as needed02:37
ctcbI think the files are corrupted.02:37
dr_willisctcb:  from what youve said.. looke like you made the usb wrong from the iso.02:37
dr_willisand dd can zero the device and erase it02:37
tdlam@ ctcb try using Dbans boot and nuke02:37
qintdlam: cd ~/Desktop; cp DS<TAB> test.pdf; chmod 777 test.pdf02:37
ctcbdr_willis, When I try dd it comes back with "Read-only file system"02:37
dr_willisctcb:  whats the exact command you are using?02:38
ctcbdr_willis, sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=1M02:38
qintdlam: has head command shown some binary bloat, or erred02:39
dr_willisctcb:  thats very weird.. its possible the usb flash has some other issues going on. ive  zeroed them out with that command dozens of times.02:39
ctcbIt was fine before I wrote the iso to it.02:39
tdlamI dont know what that is sorry02:40
wdkevinoneI am running 12.10 in a VM with Unity. I just installed CrashPlan and set it up and VMWare through a lock file error and shut down. After booting up I can login but then I get a blank screen. I can login via guest, but when using my primary account I just get a blank screen. Help?02:40
qintdlam: man head; it is  top part of cat02:40
ctcbAh well, this is the problems with computers that don't come with CD/DVD Drives.02:40
dr_willistdlam:  my guess would be either you are accessing the file in a weird way. or the filesystem has issues.    You may want to have windows check the filesystem if its a NTFS disk02:41
dr_willisctcb:  everything is  'fine' untiill they break. ;)02:41
dr_willisctcb:  make sure theres no switch on the usb to make it read only. ;) and i definatly have seen flash drives fail and go 'read only'02:42
ctcbAlthough, weirdly, the shred command isn't effected by the read-only thing.02:42
ctcbdr_willis, It's so small that the probably isn't space for one. :P02:42
tdlamit is not NTFS its resident on Lubuntu.  I only copied it to an external once to see if I could open it with windows as a way to see if its currupt. It opens fine in windows. But BOTH my lubuntu machines wont open the files copied or otherwise02:42
mojtabaHi, Should I run chmod 750 $HOME ?02:43
Ennio_AsklepiadeHello everyone, Ennio_Asklepiadeshere and i'm here and ready to DDoS.02:43
mojtabaI mean is it needed?02:43
jribmojtaba: if that's what you want02:43
mojtabafor security reasons02:43
qinmojtaba: Why?02:43
jribmojtaba: default is 755, but 750 is fine02:43
mojtaba755 is secure?02:43
jribmojtaba: secure from what?02:44
tdlamok I'll just nuke it all as I said...I have the os imaged form a previous version so I'll just deply it back on the wekend. I need to acess those files for work and I patently REFUSE to use windows fort anything other than gaming. I'm a linux guy 100%02:45
mojtabajrib: I want to increase security of my laptop. I have no idea if it is a good implementation or not!02:45
jribmojtaba: do you have multiple users on your laptop?02:45
qinmojtaba: is it encrypted?02:46
stayonthehustlemojtaba: each one of those 3 numbers mean something.. Owner, Group, Others. Depends on who you want to give access to.02:46
tdlamthanks for the help guys I appreciate it. I know may way around some but dunno much command line stuff like you good folks do02:46
mojtabajrib: No it is not encrypted.02:46
ctcbdr_willis, I accidentally murdered my Windows PC in the stupidest of ways.02:46
dr_willisdo you have the laptop chained around the neck of a rabbid attack dog? ;)02:46
dr_willisctcb:  normally i find windows kills itself off ;)02:47
mojtabaCan network someone else in the LAN have access to my /home ?02:47
Wulframnmojtaba, why isn't it encrypted if security is a concern?02:47
dr_willismojtaba:  depends on what services you have running.. doubtfull if they can get to your stuff without you doing things02:47
dr_willisto allow them to do so02:47
mojtabaWulframn: I am a newbie. :-P I do not know how to do that.02:47
Wulframn! encryption02:47
ubottuFor information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory02:47
dr_willismojtaba:  if you are a newbie. then i would guess that you are being worried about things that are not a problem02:48
mojtabaWulframn: Thanks02:48
Wulframnalso what dr_willis said02:48
WulframnGenerally you only need security if you know why you need security and what you're protecting against02:48
dr_willisif you dont have samba. or nfs, or ssh going.. then your system is pertty much not open to anyone else on the lan doing much of anything to it02:48
ctcbdr_willis, I downloaded the latest Linux Kernal Files and extracted them to my desktop (as I wanted to make my own Dist of Linux), but 7-zip was extracting them to the windows temp folder whilst it was doing it, and somehow the computer thought they were the boot files and it corrupted the boot, it just booted straight to recovery mode. So, my dreams of making a Linux Dist killed my Windows PC.02:49
Arbitionread the Linux from scratch doco. here is not the place.02:49
dr_willisi cant evn imagine how windows7 would mistake  kernel source code for boot files for windows...02:50
ctcbI have no idea, but 7-zip says it replaced windows boot files, then i got a blue screen of death.02:50
WulframnWindows has learned how to adapt itself to superior technology02:50
qinhas not02:50
dr_willisit will exterminate....02:50
ctcbMaybe some of the Linux boot files share the same name as windows boot files.02:50
Arbitionno, it doesn't work like that.02:51
dr_willisctcb:  none of which are on the root of the c:/ as far as i know.02:51
ctcbthe temp folder is inside the windows folder.02:51
ctcbI have no idea how it did it though.02:51
dr_willisplus the source code sould get extracted to its own sub directoruy02:51
ctcbI now need to re-download all my steam games, again.02:51
ctcbAll 350 of them.02:51
Ben64or join ##windows for windows support02:52
dr_willisbackup your steam directory.02:52
ArbitionI don't believe a word of this.02:52
dr_willisvia the live cd.02:52
ctcbBen64, I don't need Windows Support.02:52
Ben64you're talking about breaking windows, sounds like windows support issue02:52
dr_willisive been leaning out my old steam games. stuff ive3 bought on the summer sale years ago and never played02:52
ctcbYeah, I bought maybe $250 on Steam Summer Sale this year.02:52
WulframnArbition, what's so hard to accept about Windows trying to adapt itself and modify it's code to become an even more powerful pain in the butt?02:53
dr_willis$250?   thats a lot of 75% off games. ;)02:53
ctcbBiggest purchase was probably all the SIms 3 DLC at 50% off each.02:53
ctcbWhich was $150.02:53
dr_willissims3? egads. :)02:53
krzhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tmux saucy salamander safe to use?02:53
dr_williskrz:  any ppa can cause issues..02:54
ctcbI'm really excited about GTA V, one month and two days away.02:54
dr_williskrz: tmux is in the default repos. so what are you needing that for exactly?02:54
qinkrz: what tmux would improve?02:54
krzdr_willis: its 1.7 in the default repos02:54
dr_williskrz:  and theres some really really new featyre you just have to have?02:54
Ben64krz: you want to put saucy's version on raring?02:55
krz1.8 has a lot of interesting changes. i.e mapping to tab keys, resize-pane, copy to x clipboard, etc02:55
Arbitionhis computah is skynet!!!02:55
dr_willislook for a ppa - would be the normal way.. we cant  say if any ppa will work or not. they are unsupported by us.02:55
=== themanwithnoface is now known as alucardpotato
wilee-nileeGot a stack of dvd-rw and brasero does not see them to format, had to use windows. Firts dvd's I have had I actually had to format is this normal.02:56
WulframnSoon Microsoft terminators that look like paperclips will barge into our homes and demand we purchase licenses to use our computers. = /02:56
alucardpotatohey guys, so running ubuntu 13.04 raring and just started using Cinnamon, which I love, ONLY problem, every time I log in the whole desktop BG is black and NO icons, however02:56
alucardpotatoif i open the file explorer, and close it. or open it twice sometimes, everything comes back .02:57
WulframnIsn't cinnamon Mint's DE?02:57
deezedWulframn: microsoft can be soooo anoying02:57
wilee-nileeWulframn, You let us know when that happens, huh.02:57
alucardpotatonope cinnamon on ubuntu! :D02:57
wilee-nileecinnamon is in the ubuntu repos, it is mints de02:58
deezedWulframn: cinnamon was made by Mints developers, but its a desktop, you can install it if you want02:58
zkinihey, can't get my pendrive installation to boot from debian wheezy, any help available.. fdisk says it is bootable02:58
wilee-nileeraring only though02:58
WulframnI see02:58
alucardpotatoanyone else have this issue with raring?02:58
deezedwilee-nilee: true02:58
hplcwell after all, it has to be the windows terminator, Home edition02:58
alucardpotatosaucy will certainly have cinnamon right?02:58
qincinnamon with mint... interesting02:59
=== sergio is now known as Guest47592
deezedzkini: I would love to help you, but I think if you go to debian's channel would be better02:59
alucardpotatoqin:  freshen your breath bro02:59
deezedGuest47592: hey02:59
alucardpotatodeezed:  u talkin ta me?02:59
ctcbWulframn, Soon Microsoft Terminators will come in to your house and terminate all computers that aren't running Windows, all mobiles that aren't running Windows Mobile OS and all consoles that aren't Microsoft Approved (E.g: Xbox 360, One, etc.), then charge you a licensing fee for using them.03:00
Guest47592i'm amateur with ubuntu and have one problem with Skype. inverted cam03:00
deezedalucardpotato: no.. i was saying that to zkini03:00
stayonthehustleWhen you're distro hopping, do you partition out and boot or just run a virtual machine?03:00
WulframnBut...but I don't wanna live in that world... =c03:00
wilee-nileestayonthehustle, No polling in the channel.03:01
WulframnGuest47592, turn the camera upside-down.03:01
Guest47592whow i can put LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skype03:01
deezedalucardpotato: anyway, I think you should try the normals ubuntu's desktop03:01
alucardpotatoGuest47592:  you taalkin about screen sharing?03:01
Guest47592i have a laptop03:01
deezedalucardpotato: otherwise you can bug report this to cinnamon developers, and wait for an update03:01
stayonthehustlesorry wilnee-nilee, didn't realize that was polling. Was just curious and interested. :)03:02
WulframnTurn the laptop upside down. done03:02
wilee-nileestayonthehustle, No biggie just do what works for you.03:02
alucardpotatodeezed: -.-   oh..  isn't GNOME 3 like the god desktop?  i'll try that03:02
deezedalucardpotato: I actually use kde, and 2 years ago I had soo many problems with black screen, now it's just stopped03:02
zkinideezed: will try there...03:02
Ben64Wulframn: please don't say anything if you're not going to help03:02
deezedzkini: ok03:02
deezedalucardpotato: I dont think so03:03
deezedalucardpotato: I've already had gnome 3, and kde4.03:03
alucardpotatodeezed:  ah must be thinking of something else, so you're saying just use default unity?03:03
deezedalucardpotato: I can say gnome is pretty nice, but kde you can just configure many different activities in a really special way03:03
pvizcayHi! I've a simple script, that is made into a daemon with daemons gem. The startup and stop is working well when run from the command line, but I'm not able to configure it to start automatically with init.d (ubuntu server 12.04). I've tryied "sudo update-rc.d ruby startdaemon.rb defaults with no luck (looks like it looks for just a command line without parameters). Any ideas? thanks03:04
alucardpotatodeezed: so you currently using raring and kde?03:04
deezedalucardpotato: I'm saying to try kde03:04
alucardpotatodeezed:  you've been bug free with raring and kde?03:04
WulframnAlucardpotato, I recommend KDE, too.03:04
deezedalucardpotato: I know cinnamon because I have a dual boot with mint03:04
alucardpotatoI'm dual booting windows 703:05
deezedalucardpotato: if you want to be totally bug free man, just use unity default03:05
deezedalucardpotato: if you want to try a hole new desktop with many cool stuffs, but still with some bugs, I would recommend kde403:05
SonikkuAmericadeezed: Not always true. I've seen FNOME and XGCE to both be virtually bug free03:05
alucardpotatodeezed:  aggh, it's SO bad though...  i'ma try KDE,  is there an easy command line way to do it?03:05
deezedSonikkuAmerica: thats true, sorry. There are also xfce which is not heavy and very good03:06
SonikkuAmericadeezed: I meant GNOME and XFCE. Dang my fingers.03:06
deezedSonikkuAmerica: I was just talking about the most famous, which is a idiot thing to do03:06
SonikkuAmericaWulframn: Did you know LXDE usually runs on top of Openbox in Lubuntu? (And there's an option to boot Openbox alone)03:07
hdhzeroHi, to execute the archive manager from command line I write file-roller. The libreoffice's writer is lowriter. What command do I use to find these executable's names? I tried dpkg-query -L but it didnt work03:07
deezedSonikkuAmerica: lol cmon, xfce is ugly, tooless, but its still even faster than unity03:07
SonikkuAmericadeezed: lol I beg to differ03:07
WulframnSonikkuAmerica, no I didn't. =)03:07
deezedSonikkuAmerica: lol ok03:08
deezedalucardpotato: yes there is. 'sudo apt-get install kde'03:08
SonikkuAmericadeezed: lol I see a banana03:08
deezedalucardpotato: but its not the best thing to do03:08
Wulframndeezed, isn't there a smaller package atom? Or do you have to install the entire meta package?03:08
deezedSonikkuAmerica: yes that what I was saying03:09
alucardpotatodeezed:  riiiiight,  that sudo apt-get thing isn't the most up to date right?03:09
deezedWulframn: yes, but in this case its better to install the entire meta package. Buuut I would ask this for dr_willis03:09
SonikkuAmericaalucardpotato: To install the correct combo of (distinctly) Kubuntu packages, use [ sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ].03:09
deezedhe certanly knows better than me about this kind of things03:10
ubottuKubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde03:10
deezedalucardpotato: yes ok. can be alos03:10
deezedalucardpotato: i just dont use it...03:11
alucardpotatoSonikkuAmerica:  i thought, flavours were like : ubuntu, mint, red-hat, fedora...  so these are distros, and   cinnamon kubuntu,lubuntu are flavorus?03:11
deezedanyway if you go to the #kde you will get much more better information03:11
alucardpotatoah i see thank you all03:12
SonikkuAmerica!flavors | alucardpotato: Yep03:12
ubottualucardpotato: Yep: !Kubuntu and !Xubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with KDE and Xfce (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio,  !Mythbuntu, and !Lubuntu03:12
deezedalucardpotato: lol is not that I dont want to help03:12
SonikkuAmericaalucardpotato: And Ubuntu-GNOME03:12
alucardpotatoomg... i'm so damn dumb03:13
alucardpotatolol, how many flavors do people usually have to load?  is there a downside to having a lot?03:13
alucardpotatolike in the log in screen chooser03:13
SonikkuAmericaalucardpotato: Usually a flavor has its own disc image.03:14
deezedalucardpotato: yes. if you have more than one installed, you can choose it on splash03:14
alucardpotatoSonikkuAmerica:  ??!  that sounds very inconvenient I love that i can choose at the splash, what do you mean exactly like...  you can mount a cinnamon.iso?   or am i totally off?03:15
krzdr_willis: well its been a year already. when does will the official ppa for tmux be update03:15
qinalucardpotato: updates take longer03:15
SonikkuAmericaalucardpotato: To list all of them (DEs): Ubuntu (Unity), Kubuntu (KDE), Xubuntu (XFCE), Lubuntu (LXDE), Ubuntu GNOME (GNOME Shell), Edubuntu (Unity, GNOME or LTSP Server), Ubuntu Studio (XFCE - more for artists/producers/studio junkies), Mythbuntu (XFCE - for MythTV PVRs), and Ubuntu Kylin (official Chinese OS, runs Unity)03:16
=== Rez is now known as LoRez
SonikkuAmericaalucardpotato: In addition, we have Kubuntu Active, which is a Plasma Active image of the Kubuntu flavor.03:16
deezedalucardpotato: qin, updates take longer, but I think is easier03:16
alucardpotatoqin:  ohhhhhh that makes sense... if i like KDE i'm removing all the others... lol03:17
=== LoRez is now known as HiRez
alucardpotatoit is simple to remove them right?  like it's not a hassle?03:17
=== HiRez is now known as LoRez
deezedalucardpotato: no, you are not removing all the others by installing kde03:17
deezedalucardpotato: its simple to remove yes.... theoricaly03:18
alucardpotatodeezed:  yeah i know, i'm saying IF i like KDE then i will manually remove the others.03:18
deezedalucardpotato: yes, but I would not advice you to do so03:18
qinI guess concept of pure X server for browser only is too radical03:19
deezedalucardpotato: kde is not your default desktop, so if you get any serious bug, you could just keep your unity easy03:19
deezedqin: I agree03:19
alucardpotatodeezed:  oh well yeah, i actually didn't think it was possible to remove Unity hehe03:19
xmetali have almost all those DE's listed above installed03:20
xmetal(though i rarely use unity at all)03:20
alucardpotatoxmetal:  which one's your fave?03:20
johnny_fly_SRBUnity is the best :)03:20
deezedxmetal: yes, which? I'm actually courious03:20
dr_willisbeen  using Lubuntu here lately03:21
xmetalreally it depends .. dont really have a favorite ... I am a fan of KDE, though i really do like Lubuntu, and XFCE03:21
xmetal(Xubuntu ?)03:21
deezeddr_willis: you think its better than kde though?03:21
dr_willisbeeter or wors depends on your needs03:22
xmetali just dont like unity for some reason .. i mess with it sometimes though03:22
dr_willisi find  kde a rather big hassle to actually use.03:22
wilee-nileeHow do I run this,  dvd+rw-tools-dbg or format a dvd from the cli?03:22
dr_willisi end up turning off/remove/disabling all the kde extras to focus on the job i need to do03:22
deezeddr_willis: its kind of heavy.. is that the point?03:22
dr_willisthe kde defaults seem rather.. unuseable by default also. ;)03:23
dr_willisbut i havent really messed with kde in ages03:23
burner_kde is great!  qt is great!  razor-qt is lightweight!03:23
=== ese is now known as Rope
dr_willisrazor-qt is a neat idea.  but  its not in the default repos last i looked03:23
xmetalDr, i have a friend who will not upgrade slackware to anything above 12.2 cause they dont like KDE 4.x that much03:24
burner_it's not, i'm using a ppa for razor-qt03:24
burner_sounds like razor-qt and lxde are combining!  :)03:24
qinkinda miss Amarok, and silly Dolphin, and this unique Windows like feel of KDE03:24
Marleneewhich tool used for wipe free space and erase03:24
xmetalit can get a bit "bloated" (KDE 4.x) though i guess thats a matter of opinion03:24
deezedburner_: really? I never thought about it03:24
dr_willisMarlenee:  erase what?03:24
deezedMarlenee: what do you mean?03:24
burner_a la "eraser" on windows03:25
qinMarlenee: palimpset?03:25
deezedqin: amarok is great! dolphin agreed, its just silly03:25
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:25
dr_williswhat i want to do is .....03:25
deezedbut the point about kde is that the default config is just so so bad, and windows like03:25
Marleneeburner_ : yes  i mean overwrite03:25
dr_willisdeezed:  i just find it bad.. not windows like. ;)03:25
burner_control my sonos.... so i use genymotion to run an android emulator to run the sonos app :)03:25
deezedyou defntly have to configure all your desktop...03:25
Marleneeburner_ : and wipe freespace03:26
burner_Marlenee: I wish I knew the answer... I just knew your question and how to do it in windows.03:26
dr_willisMarlenee:  overwrite what exactly?    you zero out the  drive to make undeleteion impossible?03:26
deezeddr_willis: its a bit like windows because there is this downside panel, with rightside launcher03:26
alucardpotatosooo,... wait... kubuntu is a distro...  KDE is a flavour?03:26
johnny_fly_SRBFresh install precise 12.04 - install your favorite software - do not touch enything - and everything worck PERFECT :)03:26
ubottuKubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde03:27
dr_willisalucardpotato:  KDE is a desktop. Kubuntu is ubuntu with kde by default03:27
Marleneeburner_ : this channel is only for ubuntu03:27
deezedjohnny_fly_SRB: why 12.04?03:27
xmetali can use the bot too :P03:27
qinMarlenee: press key with  windows logo, type disk, choose Disks utility, be carefull03:27
=== SonikkuAmerica is now known as GearRunnerMisha
burner_Marlenee: http://wipefreespace.sourceforge.net/03:27
xmetalexactly @ Dr's post03:27
johnny_fly_SRBI dont now - I like them :)03:27
dr_willisMarlenee:  youmean to securely delete/erase a partion?03:27
alucardpotatodr_willis:  so i have ubuntu raring, now... i can add kde to my splash....  riiiight?03:27
=== GearRunnerMisha is now known as SonikkuAmerica
dr_willisalucardpotato:  install the kubuntu-desktop package. and you will have both desktops03:28
deezedalucardpotato: yes, once you have installed it03:28
dr_willisdont forget to play woth lubuntu-desktop and xubuntu-desktop also03:28
burner_Marlenee: or u can use secure-delete's "sfill"  http://superuser.com/questions/19326/how-to-wipe-free-disk-space-in-linux03:28
xmetali cant speak for Ubuntu since i use a fork of ubuntu (lets not get into that :P ) ... once installed i am guessing you can go to your "package manager" and download whatever DE's you wnat03:28
Marleneedr_willis : yes for this one and wipe free space03:28
deezedalucardpotato: remember that when you install it, you will have to choose between your new splashes. Like gdm, kdm, lightdm etc03:28
xmetalwhen you get one .. your not removing the other03:28
xmetal(thou you CAN IF you want)03:29
xmetalthough *03:29
dr_willisMarlenee:  ive seen disccussions on how needed 'secure delettion is' and most cases its not that critical.. delete the partions and reformat them as you want.03:29
deezedalucardpotato: I think kde is better, but kdm splash is again much havier03:29
deezedMarlenee: you can use gparted if you like03:29
qinburner_: nice one, why would someone would do such thing?03:29
dr_willisi doubt if the size of the login manager.. really matters much.. ;)03:29
=== burner_ is now known as burner
dr_willisI perfer gdm. but its trivial to change the login manager.03:30
deezedqin: lol03:30
alucardpotatodeezed:  ohhh yeahh, i did lightdm for cinnamon...03:30
burnerqin: if you get rid of a laptop and want to give it t osomeone else but don't want them to undelete a file and get your password03:30
alucardpotatolightdm is just better right?03:30
burnerqin: it's a security thing03:30
dr_willislightdm is the default alucardpotato  for ubuntu, and lubuntu i belive03:30
deezeddr_willis: but actually each login manager loads different things while booting.. thats why lightdm is faster, because it doesnt load much03:30
deezeddr_willis: isnt it?03:31
dr_willisdeezed:  what differnt things?    cant really say ive noticed any of them doing much.03:31
burneranyone have an opinion on the best DLNA server?  I've been using minidlna, but that doesn't seem super cool03:31
dr_willisdeezed:  if you want the lightest/fastest.. theres xdm, or slim   ;)03:31
dr_willisburner:  'super ccool'  would mean what exactly?   minidlna works well from what ive used of it.. or theres ushare.. but lately ive been using 'plex'03:32
deezeddr_willis: I just remembered when I was studying this that was the difference, besides the design part03:32
qinburner: in other hand... wiping free space on live partition sound like critical stage of pedantry... lets try it.03:32
deezeddr_willis: each one is supposed to load different stuffs like servers, sound or something03:32
burnerdr_willis: as in it's an outdated piece of software by netgear03:32
dr_willisdeezed:  your desktop  is going to be loading 1000x more stuff then the login manager does. :) so i doubt if it reallyu matters much03:32
xmetal if i didn't use linux i'd think you guys are just throwing three random letters together and making this up03:32
alucardpotatois lubuntu definitively the lightest on resources?  i'm using a laptop 4GB Ram.. relatively old.03:32
dr_willisdeezed:  they all start up the same stuff, or the services are allready started by the time they load normally03:33
deezeddr_willis: true03:33
xmetali have a laptop with 4GB of RAM and its a few years old, though i still consider it "new"03:33
dr_willisalucardpotato:  lubuntu is the lightest 'full featured official ubuntu desktop'03:33
SonikkuAmericadr_willis: Lightest full-featured? That's a new one.03:33
deezeddr_willis: but anyway, if you are going to use a kde, its better to use kdm by default, because in that way you can configure it with default settings03:34
dr_willisit contains all the services one expects in a desktop.03:34
ctcbdr_willis, dd works now, but the usb still has stuff on after it's done.03:34
deezeddr_willis: like changing collors, background etc03:34
dr_willisctcb:  thtats weird03:34
xmetali have only recently discovered Lubuntu and i love it03:34
dr_willisdeezed:  more like auto mounting of media. notifications. launchers.,03:34
dr_willisdeezed:  and config tools to manage the stuff03:34
dr_willisjwm+rox-filer is a very very light desktop - but its lacking features. ;)03:35
deezeddr_willis: now I'm thinking I must try LXDE sometime03:35
dr_willisand its not packaged in a meta package like  the *buntu-desktop   stuff03:35
alucardpotatoxmetal:  dude, perfect!  so that's what you use now?  and same laptop as me?!  no bugs?  raring?03:35
ctcbdr_willis, it basically copies 8GB of nothing.03:36
xmetalsomehow lubuntu reminds me of the older KDE (thats good :) )03:37
xmetalanyway brb03:37
dr_willisctcb:  what command are you using exactly?03:37
dr_willislubuntu is more like the good old windows 95 days   ;P03:37
ctcbdr_willis, sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=1M03:37
deezeddr_willis: lol, why?03:37
xmetalhe complemented MS? ... GET HIM !03:37
dr_willisctcb:  that should zero out the drive. you would then need to unplug/reinsert it.. and then partion it..03:38
deezeddr_willis: oh I see03:38
ctcbdr_willis, So, do I format it then?03:38
dr_willisctcb:  you PARTITION it.. then format the partions03:38
charlin3222i wander03:38
ctcbdr_willis,  I don't know how...03:38
dr_willisctcb:  gparted03:39
dr_willisdisk partioning fundamentals.. :) you partion a new hard drive.. then format the partions03:39
charlin3222if there exist a channel we can just cominuciate03:39
Spr1ngwhat choo talkin' 'bout willis?03:39
qindr_willis: http://www.linuxondesktop.in/2007/03/nostalgia-running-windows-311-on-ubuntu.html03:39
charlin3222do you know any chanel i can make firend?03:39
ctcbdr_willis, so: sudo gparted /dev/sda ?03:39
deezedcharlin3222: #defocus03:40
dr_willisctcb:   the systeem/kernel may not see or get conrused by you going under its radar and using dd to zero the deisk. ;)03:40
dr_willisctcb:  use gksudo to run gparted  since its a GUI app03:40
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php03:40
deezedcharlin3222: its not like searching people to date though03:41
dr_willisdeezed:  that would be   #foreveralone03:41
deezeddr_willis: lol true03:41
ctcbdr_willis, what partition table would be best for a Windows 8 Boot USB?03:41
iam4722202468what makes ubuntu better than debian?03:42
dr_willisctcb:  no idea. ask in #windows    if you wanted to make a bootablle usb from a win8 ISO.. as far as i know you would just dd the iso file to the device of the usb..03:42
dr_willisiam4722202468:  this channel. ;)03:42
iam4722202468dr_willis, lol. is that it?03:42
dr_willisiam4722202468:  chicks dig guys that use ubuntu.03:42
* xmetal applauds dr_willis ... and says "good answer good answer" 03:43
dr_willistry them both. decide what you want. ;)03:43
deezedalucardpotato: you may like to watch that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TinQEgI07x803:44
=== jono_ is now known as flibbidy
jonoflibbidy, hi03:46
ctcbdr_willis, Okay, all done, so I'd just do "dd bs=4M if=WINDOWS864BIT.ISO of=/dev/sdc"?03:46
deezeddr_willis: have you heard about this necopost?03:47
ctcbor, is it /dev/sdc*?03:47
dr_willisctcb:  the DRIVE is sdc  the partion would be sdc1.. so you want sdc03:49
dr_willisif you just zeroed the usb. there is no sdc1  since theres no partions ;)03:49
dr_willissdc is the 'book'     sdc1 is the first chapter.  ;)03:50
wilee-nileectcb, I gave you instructions earlier.03:50
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=== matt_ is now known as Guest6772
Guest6772So kinect used as webcam...any luck? "13.04"04:01
minidinoI installed ubuntu from a liveCD and now when I boot I just get a blinking (underscore) cursor. What might I want to try?04:06
SuryeHmm, I am having a bootloader issue, I'm getting "04:07
Suryeerror:file '/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found."04:07
SuryeAnd drops me in the grub rescue>04:07
SuryeI've checked prefix and root, both are correct. But an ls shows an empty i386-pc folder.04:08
SuryeI mounted it using the rescue broken system from the install CD, and I see all the mod files in there..04:08
SuryeAny idea why grub isn't seeing them04:08
usr13Surye: http://askubuntu.com/questions/266429/error-file-grub-i386-pc-normal-mod-not-found04:08
Suryeusr13: Just came from there :P04:09
usr13Surye: Ok, so that's not it?04:09
SuryeYea, no, that didn't work04:10
SuryeFunny thing is, I had a grub.bak from previous work I was doing in /boot and it could find the mod files in there if I ls it04:10
minidinois it possible to boot with only extended (logical) partitions?04:10
usr13Surye: Did you identify the root filesystem?04:10
usr13Surye: So, how did this happen?04:11
SuryeThe files just arn't being seen at all. Maybe I'll blow out my grub completely and reinstall04:11
Ben64Surye: you shouldn't be messing around in /boot04:11
SuryeAfter a system upgrade, I rebooted it04:11
SuryeBen64: I know how grub works, I'm qualified to troubleshoot in there.04:12
usr13Surye: Maybe you just need to install another kernel?04:12
Ben64Surye: ok, then fix your problem04:12
SuryeBen64: I'm asking if anyone has seen this, where only certain files are not being seen04:12
deezedguys, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CP8CNp-vksc04:13
SuryeBen64: You're not being helpful, it's malfunctioning, I am troubleshooting it, I figured I'd ask if anyone has seen this specific abnormal behavior04:13
Ben64deezed: not on topic here04:13
SuryeThere's nothing magic about /boot.04:13
Ben64Surye: its almost assuredly because of something you did04:13
SuryeBen64: No, I wasn't in there until it broke due to an update.04:14
usr13Surye: So, do you have  /boot/grub/normal.mod  ?  (Is it there?)04:14
Suryeno, /boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod is there though04:15
deezedBen64: ok, but its nice... afterall its a ubuntu channel, isnt it?04:15
=== Nexus is now known as Guest66883
usr13Surye: That is a wierd way to answer the question.04:15
Guest66883Had to restart. Anything on the kinect question for webcam on 13.04?04:15
Suryeusr13: It's not supposed to be where you asked, so I was qualifying my answer..04:16
usr13Surye: Where is the file?  (Does it exist?)04:16
Surye/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod is there though04:16
Wulframndeezed, this is a support channel. Take that to #ubuntu-offtopic04:16
Suryeit does exist04:16
Guest66883Thank you04:16
Suryebut grub rescue is seeing it04:16
Suryeis not04:16
=== River_Rat is now known as RiverRat
deezedWulframn: I will. But that can be really relevant for support everyone here04:17
usr13Surye: Why would grub not see it?04:17
waterlitehi all04:17
=== rt_ is now known as foo_
zeta-Surye: is a partition being mounted at /boot that hides the files?04:19
anildigitalfriends.. I have ubuntu 12.10.. it's asking me to upgrade to 13.0404:19
anildigitalshould I go foreward and upgrade?04:19
=== foo_ is now known as mscoder_
=== mscoder_ is now known as mscoder
Wulframnanildigital, do you have reservations about doing so?04:20
zeta-anildigital: has it been asking for a while now?04:20
Ben64anildigital: you'll need to upgrade twice before january04:20
usr13anildigital: It is  up to you.04:20
anildigitalBen64, twice?04:20
Ben64anildigital: to 13.1004:21
Bjondanildigital: 13.10 arrives soon04:21
anildigitalzeta-, yes04:21
anildigitalBeatstreet, so should I upgrade to 13.04?04:21
anildigitalBen64, , so should I upgrade to 13.04?04:21
=== ese is now known as Rope
usr13Ben64: What?04:22
Ben64anildigital: i would, but its up to you04:22
Ben64usr13: what?04:22
usr13Ben64: I think you are answering the wrong question.04:22
Ben64usr13: nope04:22
usr13Ben64: Ok.04:22
anildigitalAny known issues with 13.04?04:22
hplchow long until 12.04 goes EOL? isnt it a LTS?04:23
dr_willisanildigital:  every os has issues..   thats the nature of the beast04:23
=== cryptic_ is now known as crypticmofo
dr_willisanildigital:  13.04 works very well for me on my machines.    your experience may differ04:23
Ben64hplc: 201704:23
usr13hplc: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases04:23
mscoder13.04 is a big mess04:23
Wulframn13.04 is stable enough for many Ubuntu users to use it in their production machine.04:24
mscoderin case of gnome04:24
anildigitaldr_willis, okay04:24
waterlitehi all04:24
mscoderany problems ???04:25
wilee-nileemscoder, That is your opinion and off-topic04:25
anildigitalI heard .10 is stable release and .04 is unstable04:25
Ben64thats incorrect04:25
dr_willisubuntu dosent call them 'stable and unstable'04:25
mscoderso on what topic are you guys talking04:25
dr_willistheres LTS and non LTS releases.04:25
Ben64anildigital: every two years, there is an LTS release, happens to be on .0404:25
Wulframnmscoder, read and find out =)04:26
Ben64anildigital: the only different being the length of support, hence Long Term Support04:26
dr_willisthe non lts tend to have more cutting edge/changes   in order to get things tested for the next lts release04:26
mscoderok you guys are talking about ubuntu04:26
incognitoI tried to use the find command: find . -name -i -type d "*bootstrap*" and the promt told me that I have to put a path before "*bootstrap*"04:27
dr_willislts releases also get point updates after 6 mo. i belive.    so 12.04.4 would have all the current updates   at the time of its release04:27
incognitoCan someone tell me how to stack the paramaters04:27
mscoderwhich parameter ???04:27
dr_willisincognito:  im not sure you need to use wildcards to find all directorues with the name bootstrap in them04:28
incognitoor tell me how to use find to find a directory by name with case insensitivity?04:28
anildigitaldr_willis, okay04:28
anildigitalBen64, dr_willis what about Mint? how is it as work OS?04:28
anildigitalI use this laptop for work?04:28
incognitodr_willis thanks04:28
dr_willisanildigital:  mint is not ubuntu. it has its own support channels.04:28
anildigitaldr_willis, oka04:28
xmetalthat is the distro i use and even i am not "under the hood-wise" sure if the difference04:29
xmetalof the *04:29
mscodermint is a Ubuntu distro04:30
dr_willismscoder:  no it is not.04:30
dr_willisits a ubuntu based disrto.. its Not ubuntu04:30
wilee-nileedrivers in their repos and a couple of de's xmetal04:30
mscodertype uname -a04:30
dr_willismscoder:  and its not supported by this channel04:30
xmetali consider it like a "unbuntu cousin" honestly04:30
mscoderin terminal04:30
xmetalah  @ wilee04:30
dr_willismscoder:  dosent matter.. its not an officially supported ubuntu disrto.04:31
incognitoanildigial you probably already realize that ubuntu and mint are probably the two top or most feature rich and user friendly linux OSs available on install04:31
usr13mscoder: See #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org04:31
mscoderdr_willis: but it is based upon ubuntu right ????04:31
dr_willisits a ubuntu based disrto.. its Not ubuntu04:31
dr_willisi said it was mscoder ...04:31
xmetalits been awhile since i used ubuntu, though i'd stil recommend both04:31
xmetaluh oh @ loud thunder04:32
xmetalmay have to sign off soon04:32
dr_willisthere are a lot of mint tools getting included in the  ubuntu repos also.04:32
mscoderok you people dont like speaking about anything else other than ubuntu ???04:32
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:32
dr_willismscoder:  the focus of this channel is Ubuntu support. theres other channels for other chat04:33
mscoderam sorry about it then04:33
mscodergot it04:33
incognitois there a channel where I can ask general linux questions like command line questions in particular, but actually has frequent users04:33
usr13mscoder: Do you have a question about Ubuntu?  If not, you might like to try #ubuntu-offtopic04:33
dr_willisincognito:  for bash theres here or #bash04:33
usr13incognito: ##linux04:33
Wulframnincognito, #linux04:34
incognitoconnect: #bash04:34
xmetalhere comes those storms04:34
usr13incognito: Try  /join #bash04:34
mscoderhow to get eclipse to work on ubuntu ???04:34
mscoderright now using 13.0404:35
dr_willismscoder:  install it and run it?04:35
dr_willis!info eclipse04:35
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.8.1-1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 16 kB, installed size 121 kB04:35
wtingIs there a way to rebind one key combination to another? e.g. I want ctrl+j to act the same as ctrl+pgdn04:35
mscoderdr_willis : lol i have installed it but crashes every time when I press "." in the editor04:36
minidinoWhat does UEFI do for me? When should I use it?04:36
mscoderdr_willis : that's pretty weired04:36
dr_willisminidino:  its a feature of the motberboard.04:36
dr_willismscoder:  i never use it. so no idea. check the bug reports and askubuntu.com perhaps04:37
usr13wting: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KeyboardShortcuts04:37
dr_willismscoder:  perhaps try a differnt java vm also04:37
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
minidinodr_willis: so if i have it would UEFI or MBR?04:37
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI04:38
mscoderdr_willis : I have posted bug a month ago but no responses04:38
dr_willismscoder:  search the forums and bug reports and askubuntu.com yet? or have you just posted?04:38
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
wtingusr13: that's just a list of shortcuts, and there are many ways to bind keys to open up apps but no way to bind keys to another set of keys AFAICT04:39
mscoderdr_willis : I have posted the bug a month ago04:39
dr_willismscoder:  and you did or did not search first?04:40
mscoderdr_willis : Maybe god will solve my problem04:40
smartboyhwmscoder, which bug did you report?04:41
dr_willisonly if you give him more details and not be so vague04:41
mscoderdr_willis : about ecilpse crashing04:41
mscoderwait am posting the link04:43
mscoderdr_willis : lol the problem is fixed never looked at the forms04:47
mscoderthank you for all the support04:47
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
kamal__I have a problem, I am using ubuntu 13.04 and when I click or type anything then ubuntu starts to describes everything. I want to disable this. I dont know how this is enabled.04:52
kamal__like if I click home tab under folder menu, I says HOME . any help would be appreciated.04:53
wilee-nileekamal__, "describes everything"?04:54
wilee-nileewhat do you mean in details04:54
kamal__if I select a file, audio plays saying the file name.04:55
kamal__anything I do audio file plays describing my activity.04:56
holsteinkamal__: you have enabled some kind of screen reader04:57
=== cjpcjp is now known as Le
=== gary is now known as Guest5117
dr_willissounds like  a feature of the 'acessabilty' stuff for the visual impared04:58
holsteinkamal__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Accessibility04:59
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
kamal__holstein: thank you , my orca screen reader was enabled.05:01
=== gary_ is now known as Guest11829
restinghow does 1 change numa memory allocation in ubuntu? just asking..05:04
dr_willis'numa' ? hmm.. never heard that term05:04
mscoderhe means kernel memory05:05
* dr_willis is now hearing that 'Numa-Numa' song in his head.....05:05
xmetaloh geez05:05
dr_willisnow everyone is hearing it!05:06
restingnumactl --hardware will show the config…but i wonder how it was set in the first place05:06
mscoderresting: call to malloc05:06
dr_willisperhaps in /etc/sysctrl.cfg  or whatever file thtat is05:06
dr_willisone of those config files most people rarely ever notice ;)05:07
wilee-nileesafe here never heard of the song05:07
xmetalstudying circuit anaylsis now and ... trying to get that dang song out of my head05:08
dr_willisInvasion of the Memes05:08
restingdr_willis: interested..where can we get information abt the linux kernel? kinda new and interested in the topic05:10
mscoderxmetal: may be  justin bieber would help you05:10
dr_willisresting:  kernel.org would be the definitive site05:13
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xmetaloh thats not funny05:14
utfans05you should keep your name like that willis05:15
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restingDr_NumaNumaNeh: lol..ok..will poke around there05:16
anildigitalInstalled Cinnamon and got rid of Unity.. now I don't need to install Linux Mint05:16
xmetalwrong channel05:17
=== wilee-nilee is now known as dr_rickrolled
anildigitalxmetal, yep.. but was that a great hack not to install Linux Mint?05:19
=== dr_rickrolled is now known as wilee-nilee
wilee-nileeheh, heh05:19
Dr_NumaNumaNehive been not installing mint for years05:20
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zeta-http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring-updates/mysql-server-5.5 has a dependency on upstart-job that is not available :(05:36
zeta-can I go back to raring?05:37
wilee-nileezeta-, From?05:37
waterlitehello wilee-nilee05:37
wilee-nileewaterlite, Hi I have to reboot05:37
ubuntustarthello. I wish to compile a rdesktop path and copy that compile file to an another machine. Is it possible ?05:38
mscoderhow can I get ubuntu-tweak running on raring-ringtail05:41
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mscoderi am using gnome 3.805:42
Ben64mscoder: well where did you get that gnome05:43
xanguamscoder: it's in repositories, is called Unity tweak now :P05:44
mscoderfrom gnome ppa05:44
MuhQGood morning guys! If anyone have an idea to solve my problem please let me know --> http://askubuntu.com/questions/331726/printing-from-hp-ux-v11-11-via-lpd-protocol-port-515-to-cups-queue-on-ubuntu-s05:49
holsteinMuhQ: and you want a volunteer to go to that link?05:49
MuhQ... ok i will write it down again :D05:49
holsteinMuhQ: i would seperate that out a bit.. do you have a printer hooked up to a machine? or the network? what printer is that? and can you print *anything* on it?05:50
MuhQyes i can print from the ubuntu server without problems... but i need to print from my HP-UX to Cups queue on Ubuntu. Hp-UX use the lpd protocol on 515, but ubuntu is not listing on it anymore... On my old SLES9 Server that works fine05:52
MuhQi don't know what to install to use this protocol like on my old SLES9 server. I asked google but i can't find any solution :(05:54
holsteinMuhQ: i dont know what tha "protocol" is, or means.. if you can print to the hardware, the drivers are in place.. what are you trying to print?05:54
Dr_NumaNumaNehhmm.  HP-UX dosent use cups eh.05:57
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MuhQI'm printing XML Reports from our ERP server. The HP-UX spooler prints it to a defined cups queue and cups delivere it to the DCS software. On the Ubuntu Server ist everythin working very nice. Only the transmission from the HP-UX to Ubuntu fails because Ubuntu does not listening on port 515 anymore. HP-UX does not use CUPS, it is using the default spooling daemon.05:59
ickardosomeone speak spanish?06:00
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.06:00
Dr_WillisNo Hablo06:00
ickardojaaa Dr. Willis06:00
ickardomuy bien lo hablas06:00
ickardobut i can try in english too06:00
ickardogracias ubottu06:01
MuhQ@holstein: Port 515 is for the LPD protocol (Line Printer Daemon) -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Line_Printer_Daemon_protocol06:02
holsteinMuhQ: i have never used that...06:02
ickardosomeone mexican?06:04
holstein!ot | ickardo06:04
ubottuickardo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:04
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com06:04
ickardoim sorry06:05
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aliendude5300Hi, I'm running Unity + XMir on Ubuntu 13.10 with the latest updates, and the desktop environment is freezing up approximately 30 seconds after I log in. Is this a known issue?06:09
holstein!13.10 | aliendude530006:10
ubottualiendude5300: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+106:10
holsteinaliendude5300: drop back to 13.04 for official support06:10
DoYouKnowcan you guys provide me with some information on cpu governors?06:11
Dr_Willisbeta support in #ubuntu+1  ;)06:11
DoYouKnowI need a good one for my xps m153006:11
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lotuspsychjeDoYouKnow: you mean cpu freq tools?06:12
DoYouKnowlotuspsychje, I am having an issue where my laptop is so hot I can barely touch it06:13
DoYouKnowI have repeatedly cleaned it, but most of the time only windows is comfortable06:13
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=== Newb is now known as NewbKen
lotuspsychjeDoYouKnow: what ubuntu version?06:13
holsteinDoYouKnow: i have found the graphics driver can really help, if there are other options for a driver available to you06:14
NewbKenok I have a new Hp envy m6 laptop and i want to dump the windows and put Ubuntu on ( UEFI ) is this possiable or do i have to stay in legacy mode ??06:14
DoYouKnowholstein, ok, I noticed that on Windows.06:14
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lotuspsychje!uefi | NewbKen06:14
ubottuNewbKen: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI06:14
DoYouKnowholstein, I am using the open source one, so should I switch to a proprietary one?06:14
Dr_Willisyou have checked the forums and askubuntu..com for info about that specicic laptop DoYouKnow ?06:14
Dr_WillisNewbKen:  you want to totally erase windows?06:15
holsteinDoYouKnow: there is no "should".. i have noticed that switching to the proprietary ones, when available, can help with that issue.. may not in your case06:15
NewbKenDr_Willis . yes06:16
DoYouKnowDr_Willis, someone complained the fans would not turn off, that is the same problem I'm experiencing, but someone said it should be filed as a bug report and was offtopic06:16
lotuspsychjeDoYouKnow: you might wanna try ##hardware aswell for known issues on your device aswell06:17
Dr_WillisNewbKen:  personally. id  go get a ssd hard drive. swap the windows hd out. put it on a shelf somewhere.. and install ubuntu onto the ssd. ;)    as for any uefi issues.. ive not delt with it enough to suggest anything else06:17
lotuspsychjeDr_Willis: nice idea!06:17
Dr_WillisDoYouKnow:  fans staying on  - may be due to the thing overheating.  Id definatly try the closed source drivers06:17
NewbKenok so the other side of the fence so to speak is my system has a intel / ati hybrid video card am i still going to get the graphics out of it or ?06:18
lotuspsychjeNewbKen: will you be gaming on ubuntu?06:19
NewbKenmight try and get steam running but not sure yet06:19
Dr_Willisdual gpu systems can be a pain. ;(06:20
lotuspsychjeNewbKen: steam, playonlinux and wine will help you out for sure06:20
NewbKenthanks for your time guys06:21
lotuspsychjeNewbKen: no problem06:21
vee_hey guys, i installed ubuntu minimal, and was wondering how i can setup automounting of usbs?06:38
vee_pcmanfm says itll do it, but it doesn't :(06:38
clj_newb_2345what font do programmers use on Ubuntu? I really like Terminus for it's bitmap, but I find the "i" and "l" as well as "()" vs "{}" hard to distinguish06:40
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zeta-Ubuntu Mono06:43
Dr_Willisvee_:  auto mounting from the desktop? or console?06:46
clj_newb_2345zeta-: fc-list does not show "ubuntu mono" even though it's installed06:46
clj_newb_2345zeta-: any idea how I can troubleshoot this?06:46
vee_Dr_Willis: which ever is easier. is there any way i can have it plug in and just auto mount in the background? its for a friend of mine and he's not too familiar with linux06:47
Dr_Willisvee_:  so is he going to be using the unity desktop ? or what exactly?06:47
achillesivhello I recently updated to kernel 3.10.6 but now my monitor's resolution is messed up, how do I get 1920x1080 back?06:49
wilee-nileeachillesiv, Why are you using kernels not part of the standard updates?06:50
achillesivjust wanted to try it out06:51
wilee-nileeor is this 13.1006:51
y4h0are ubuntu 12.04 packages compatible with ubuntu 10.10 ?06:51
wilee-nileeachillesiv, not supported here is all.06:51
achillesivno mint 15 kde06:51
wilee-nileeachillesiv, your running mint?06:51
vee_Dr_Willis: he's on dwm right now06:51
wilee-nilee!mint | achillesiv06:52
ubottuachillesiv: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:52
zeta-wilee-nilee: raring-updates -> raring06:53
wilee-nileezeta-, And you point is?06:53
zeta-clj_newb_2345: my fc-list does show ubuntu mono06:53
clj_newb_2345zeta-: this is probably my punishment for using ubuntu-server rather than ubuntu-desktop to avoid the unity crap06:54
zeta-http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring-updates/mysql-server-5.5 has a dependency on upstart-job that is not available :(06:54
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wilee-nilee!who | zeta-06:55
ubottuzeta-: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:55
=== cjpcjp is now known as Le
* zeta- is lazy06:56
wilee-nileezeta-, is in ignore06:56
zeta-wilee-nilee: You asked me a Q before disappearing ...06:58
purezenHey guys..! I am a long time Ubuntu user.. and have recently bought a Dell Vostro 5460 with nVidia 630M.. However, lately, when I try to boot my 12.10 installation.. it gives an error of 'running in low graphics mode' and even after numerous attempts refuses to proceed.. Also, I have disabled my nVidia discrete card using bbswitch.. Please help..!07:02
wilee-nileepurezen, Are you getting to the desktop at all, and here are some threads that may help. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=+nVidia+630M07:07
GeorgeTorwellis anyone around07:07
purezenwilee-nilee, Well, usually I could get around the issue just by rebooting.. but today I am unable to make to the desktop at all..07:08
wilee-nileepurezen, Have you tried nomodeset?07:08
purezenwilee-nilee, Well, no.. Though, I have disabled it completely using bbswtich..07:09
clj_newb_2345what tool can I use on ubuntu to edit pcf (bitmap font) files?07:09
clj_newb_2345I want to make some changes to terminus07:09
GeorgeTorwell<GeorgeTorwell> when im at home my home PC goes crazy occasionaly and shows the disk light and everything stops responding07:09
GeorgeTorwell<GeorgeTorwell> sometimes I can get to a terminal07:09
GeorgeTorwell<GeorgeTorwell> but everything slows down to a crawl untul I have to reboot07:09
GeorgeTorwell<GeorgeTorwell> how can I find out the reason07:09
FloodBot1GeorgeTorwell: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:09
wilee-nileepurezen, nvidia is out of my knowledge area, mainly I was trying to get info that is more detailed, so the askubuntu links are about it. ;)07:11
purezenwilee-nilee, Ok..:-)07:12
lvlephI am trying to debug my system, so I was hoping someone could help me.07:15
lvlephWhat seems to happen is during IO on a particular partition the system locks07:15
lvlephSo, what I did was run iostat and then ran an rsync on the system07:15
dr_willislvleph:  you monitored dmesg output during this time?07:15
lvlephdmesg doesn't say anything07:16
lvlephiostat gives zeros during the lock07:16
lvlephI am completely lost07:16
lvlephI am going to try and watch dmesg and lock things07:18
lvlephHere you go dr_willis http://pastebin.com/E6KN4hsj07:20
zeta-GeorgeTorwell: try htop07:22
zaphyrowhats this07:22
aNameHi there. How do I clear a BADSIG error with apt? Steam keeps breaking it and I know there's like three commands I can do it in but I don't remember what they are.07:22
GeorgeTorwellI have top running07:23
GeorgeTorwellbut its too late now07:23
GeorgeTorwellI rebooted07:23
GeorgeTorwelland everything is working as normal07:23
dr_williszaphyro:  what?07:23
lvlephI think this confirms that the hard drive is damaged dr_willis07:24
zaphyrowhat is this channel07:24
dr_willis!ubuntu | zaphyro07:24
ubottuzaphyro: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com07:24
* GeorgeTorwell kicks zaphyro into the pit07:24
dr_williszaphyro:  read t he channel topic  when you join  a channel. ;)07:24
nowayridelvleph: does smart come back on that?07:24
zaphyrowhats this again07:24
dr_willislvleph:  hds seem to be more fragile every year07:24
dr_willis!support | zaphyro07:25
ubottuzaphyro: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com07:25
nowayrideI'd check for uncorrectables reported on that07:25
dr_williszaphyro:  and how did you get here we have to womder/07:25
lvlephFragile? It was dropped off a table. dr_willis07:25
dr_willislvleph:  ;) thats not good for them07:25
xmetaloh geez07:25
zaphyroheard some people talking about it07:25
lvlephSMART hasn't told me anything07:25
dr_willis!manual | zaphyro07:25
ubottuzaphyro: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/07:25
nowayrideAnd drives in general are really finicky, you can have a near new drive just die and have drives with like.. thousands of power on and no issue07:26
dr_willislvleph:  ive learned that  SMART can not be so aSMART at times07:26
nowayridesmartctl -a /dev/sda ?07:26
xmetalwell i have to figure out why there is so much of a price difference between Office depot site and the store but at least my amazon.com dvds came07:26
nowayrideAre you checking pass or actual stats? Because it can still get errors and show "healthy"07:26
xmetalonly tried one so far ... seem to work07:26
lvlephnowayride: I ran it from disk utility, but I can do that too.07:26
dr_willisnew hds have so much more  tight tolerances and   precision then the good old drives from 10+ yrs ago. ;)07:26
aNameFigured it out. sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf THEN sudo apt-get update07:27
nowayrideI um.. I have no idea what the disk utility does but you wanna look at offline uncorrectable and reallocated/pending sectors07:27
zeta-To be fair, Topic doesn't say http://www.ubuntu.com/07:27
dr_willisi see thhe topic mention www.ubuntu.com when i join.07:30
dr_willisactually thats chanserv saying some stuff :)07:31
dr_willisits just right below the topic line when i join07:31
lvlephInteresting whenever I try to access a particular file the system locks.07:38
lvlephJust copying the file creates the problem07:38
nowayrideThat def could be a bad sector07:38
dr_willishmm., yep.07:38
lvlephGood thing it is only a file needed for my research.07:39
lvlephNow if i could just unmount the hard drive.07:39
lvlephMy daughter is watching Mickey and would get mad...07:40
lvlephShe keeps getting mad everytime I lock the system.07:40
hexacodeanyone know the best way to copy entire partitions to an external hd?  should i simply do something like sudo cp -R / /media/externalmounteddrive07:43
vadiHi - my 13.04 laptop keeps launching into memtest on reboot. How can I stop that?07:44
gbencechoose another option at grub vadi07:44
vadiThe grub is hidden07:45
vadiHow to I bring it up?07:45
gbencewhat do you mean-,07:45
vadiThere is no grub selection07:45
gbencetry pressing down button continous07:45
gbencewhen you booting07:45
vadihm no, still went into memtest07:45
dr_willishold down the SHIFT key to see the grub menu if its hieedn07:45
dr_willisif its going into memtest.. thatss.. very weird..07:46
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vadithe laptop is shutting down on it's own after a few minutes of running now - perhaps I need to take it apart and clean it?07:46
dr_willisas if you have no other kernels07:46
vadiI didn't ask it go to into memtest either07:46
gbencevadi: reinstall it, if you dont have sensitive data07:46
vadiYeah I do07:46
gbenceon it07:46
xmetalgreat part about grub and linux ... if a new kernal doesn't work, just boot to the older one :)07:47
vadiI think I worked out the problem07:47
vadiI had a usb stick that it half-finished installing Ubuntu on, and I think the laptop was set to boot from the usb first07:47
vadiSo taking it out made it load Ubuntu now.07:48
anildigitalwhen ppl talk about speed on linux.. what kind of speed they are talking about?07:48
anildigitalis it UI response speed?07:48
anildigitalor is it software like eclipse hogs?07:48
vadiA little bit of everything?07:49
vadiI find windows IO speed (copying/deleting files) to be much worse than ubuntu's for one07:49
lvlephhexacode: you can use dd or rsync07:49
dr_willisfilesystem tasks can often be much much faster.07:49
dr_willisas can stuff like reenoding videos. or other  computational intensive tasks07:49
dr_willisthen theres just the general feel and responsiveness of the gui's07:50
babinlonstonWhat this error ?07:53
babinlonstonPHP Warning:  syntax error, unexpected '=' in user_input.ini on line 3207:53
R0SSII have a video that its subtitles can not be showed properly! I can't find what is its problem! can someone check the video (http://ubuntuone.com/5METhazA5wscCoasalVadO -> 7.1MB) and its subtitle? It shows timelines instead of texts!07:53
vadibabinlonston: it's a syntax error (you typed something wrong). how does your line 32 look like? You might want to ask this in #php as well07:55
babinlonstonvadi:  this is the line 32      DWH_PASS=admin123$07:55
vadimaybe the password needs to be in quotes?07:56
dr_willissure its not supposed to be    '  =  '   with spaces?07:56
dr_willislook at other lines.07:56
babinlonstondr_willis: Sure thanks ill07:57
x-sideHello there07:57
babinlonstondr_willis: But other lines too there is not spaces ...07:57
x-sideIs it a right channel for ubuntu studio issues or am I offtop07:57
vadiR0SSI: have you extracted both the video and the subtitle file before playing?07:58
dr_willisx-side:  its officially supported hre. i think theres a studio channel also07:58
x-sideThx Dr_willis07:58
x-sideI am super stuck with jack setup07:59
grendal-primethis is kinda off topic07:59
R0SSIvadi: Yes, they are extracted on my computer originally! I've packed them to upload them somewhere for you.07:59
R0SSISubtitle Source: http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/physics/8-01-physics-i-classical-mechanics-fall-1999/video-lectures/course-introduction/ -> Download Tab07:59
vadiR0SSI: which player are you using? you might need to select the subtitle file manually for it to show.08:00
grendal-primebut has anyone got any experience with setting up subdomains and routing them to servers from the gateway?08:00
x-sideWell, the thing is it does not see the usb soundcard (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2) in ubuntu studio. Though ubuntu studio does recognise the interface08:00
R0SSIvida: Vlc, smplayer, default player, etc! all players can recognize the subtitle but -as I said before- they shows "timelines" instead of the text!08:01
x-sideI suspect the problem might be with the built in soundcard. Could easily configure it in Puppy Studio, how do I get to turn it off completely in Ubuntu Studio?08:01
williangliaokeon: #ubuntu-cn08:01
dr_willisR0SSI:  a video file can contain several differnt subtitle streams.  you can switch btween..08:03
dr_willisx-side:  blacklist its modules, disable it in bios. or i recall some pulse tools to select the proper sound card08:04
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.08:04
R0SSIEmergency -> next 3 hours -> I have a lecture to invite people to contribute for translating MIT courses, but my selected mit video can not be accompanied with its subtitle08:05
R0SSII have a video that its subtitles can not be showed properly! I can't find what is its problem! can someone check the video (http://ubuntuone.com/5METhazA5wscCoasalVadO -> 7.1MB) and its subtitle? It shows timelines instead of texts!08:05
x-side(therefore not offtop - relates to Ubuntu Studio)08:05
R0SSIdr_willis: I didn't get what did you say?! may you explain more?!08:06
dr_willisR0SSI:  a vide can  contain SEVERAL differnt subtitles.. the video player lets you select the ones to show.08:07
dr_willisie; english. spanishj, french, whatever.....08:07
dr_willisits a video player setting/menu item/key shortcut to select the differnt ones08:07
qinrossi the format of subtitle is wrong, find any video with good subtitle and compare formatting, maybe some batty dashes..08:08
qinor tabs...08:09
x-sideThanks, will try to kill it in bios08:09
x-sideI also recall there should be some Alsa config tool ran from the terminal08:10
x-sideIs there one?08:10
dr_willisthose sound trouble shoooting guides should mention it08:10
blazemorex-side: alsamixer08:10
dr_willispavucontrol  gui  tool lso has some features to select what card08:10
R0SSIThis picture shows my problem: http://image.bayimg.com/59e4d83b4086ccf686dcbc3f926d8d3d8bfb3b56.jpg -> a part of timelines instead of texts! @vida, de_willis08:12
blazemoreR0SSI: It looks like your subtitles are just wrong in the video, not an Ubuntu problem - although you could try a different video player like VLC08:12
x-sideThat is extremely weird though, i can see both interfaces listed in sound settings08:13
blazemoreR0SSI: There are websites where you can download subtitles also, but I don't think I should link them here08:13
x-sideBut none does anything08:13
dr_willismencoder and mplayer can also  rip out the  subtitles so you can look at them08:13
blazemorex-side: Try installing "pavucontrol"08:13
x-sideIt is installed by default08:14
ActionParsnip!info pavucontrol08:14
ubottupavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-1 (raring), package size 140 kB, installed size 953 kB08:14
ActionParsnipoptions and in universe...08:15
blazemoreDidn't think so08:15
dr_willisnot installled by default on normal ubuntu.. perhaps on ubuntu studio08:15
blazemoreIt should be IMO08:15
x-sideYup. It is the default one in Ubuntu Studio08:15
blazemoreJust a reminder that #ubuntu-studio exists, x-side08:15
dr_willisthe whole audio system - is sadly.... confuseing at times.08:15
x-sideBlazemore, yes I guess I should try there. Thanks for the reminder.08:16
R0SSIblazemore: I know; but the subtitles come from MIT website: http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/physics/8-01-physics-i-classical-mechanics-fall-1999/video-lectures/course-introduction/ -> Download tab08:16
x-sidedr_willis - I know. And it is super sad for me. I am a composer pro musician with a hobby curiosity in systems. Spent 2 years on BeOS as my main system back in 2002. After 10 years of making music on win I cant stand it anymore. Tried mac - even worse. Got a very big faith in ubuntu, but somehow cant get to the creativity part because of all the weird shaman dancing required08:18
dr_willisR0SSI:  try playing them in a totally differnt player/os/method and see if they are still invalid..   it could be the video file has a problem.08:18
blazemoreR0SSI: You downloaded the .srt subtitles?08:18
x-sideI was wondering if the problem is that no one bothered to make a decent configure out of the box tool or with the architecture of linux itself08:19
dr_willisx-side:  ive just had to fight a bitt to get the hdmi out working, or turning it off to use my spekers y default ;)  i dont even have sound enabled half th etime08:19
blazemorex-side: Sound just sort of works for me08:20
dr_willisdisable the other card in the bios - would be the simplist way to  force the other card to be used08:20
lekuhey i'm running version 12.04 and wondering what the equiv. to chkconfig in this release would be?08:20
lekuI want to add a new init script08:20
blazemoreleku: update-rc.d08:20
blazemoreleku: http://askubuntu.com/questions/2263/chkconfig-alternative-for-ubuntu-server08:21
blazemorenp, I googled "chkconfig ubuntu 12.04"08:21
dr_willisim not even sure how well update-rc.d works with Upstart these days08:21
lekui just did too08:21
lekufound the same page08:21
dr_willissee the upstart cook book site for manageing upstart stuff08:21
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/08:21
lekusame time lol08:21
R0SSIdr_willis: I tried for VLC, totem. smplayer08:21
dr_willisR0SSI:  try playin the video on a smart phone, or a differnt pc.08:22
R0SSIblazemore: yes -> intro.srt08:22
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dr_willisits very likely its a typo of mesed up .srt file08:23
Voimy touchpad is very slow after suspend/resume on ubuntu 13.04, any1 familiar with this bug?08:29
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x-sideOkay. Thanks for your help everyone, I'll go bother the #ubuntu-studio a bit :)08:30
blazemoreVoi: Have you tried increasing the speed in input settings?08:30
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Voino and i have no idea what you mean,08:30
Voialso its slow only for like < 1 minute, then its normal08:30
blazemoreVoi: In the top right corner ckick the cog button then press system settings08:30
dr_willisso for aboiut 60 seconds after a resume - it acts up.. then starts woerking normally?08:31
Voidr_willis, sometimes it even freezes, then i ctrl+alt+f1 and back f708:31
blazemoreVoi: Does the system have a make and model?08:32
Voiblazemore, again i dont know what you mean08:32
Voiim on an Aspire 1810TZ08:33
dr_willischecked the bug reports and askubuntu.com and the forums for any info about that exact  laptop yet?08:34
ActionParsnipVoi: do you have the latest BIOS?08:34
Voisorry, my brain is slow after sleep for a few hours too08:34
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R0SSIdr_willis: Solved:08:34
R0SSIcat intro.srt | sed 's/..:..:../&.000/g' > tmp; mv tmp intro.srt08:34
VoiActionParsnip, bios, ive been toying with this, cus there was a bug with the original bios indeed regarding sleep08:34
blazemoreR0SSI: Nice08:34
ActionParsnipVoi: do you dual boot?08:35
VoiActionParsnip, which is: the laptop would wake up by itself, or freeze with 100% CPU on going to sleep08:35
VoiActionParsnip, yes08:35
ActionParsnipVoi: then get it updated, Companies like to use pretty Windows apps to update BIOS' unlike the old days where it was a scary DOS app08:35
VoiActionParsnip, no, i tried different BIOS and now picked the one where this bug doesnt appear, since i use sleep a lot; the newest bios have this bug again..08:36
ActionParsnipVoi: ahh I see08:36
ActionParsnipVoi: glad you check the difference :)08:37
Voihell i had to t,t08:37
ActionParsnipVoi: you sound like a smart cookie08:37
Voii was scared to update bios at first <,<08:37
ActionParsnipVoi: wise to be so, you can brick your mobo08:37
VoiActionParsnip, but as i said when on resume the touchpad gets slow, i get to shell mode with ctrl alt f1 and back with alt+f7 and it works normally08:37
dry[1]hi. is there any graph editor (3D) for ubuntu and better than GraphThing?08:38
Voiwhat happens when i change to shell mode and back, does xorg get reloaded?08:38
ActionParsnipVoi: are there any bugs reported?08:40
ActionParsnipVoi: if you unload then reload the touchpad driver module, is it better?08:40
Voihow do i do that08:40
ActionParsnipVoi: if you run:   lsmod | grep psmouse     do you see 'psmouse' in the output?08:40
ActionParsnipVoi: if so, run:      sudo modprobe -r psmouse; sleep 3; sudo modprobe psmouse          run that after you wake up and the mouse is slow.08:41
VoiActionParsnip, @ bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/37369008:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 373690 in XOrg-Driver-Synaptics "Synaptic touchpad very slow after suspend/resume" [High,Confirmed]08:41
Voiim guessing thats my bug... only that im on 13.04 and an acer aspire 1810tz08:42
ActionParsnipVoi: try the command08:42
Voimouse is NOT slow after sleep 3;08:43
Voisudo modprobe psmouse produces no output?08:43
ActionParsnipVoi: it won't08:44
ActionParsnipVoi: no news is good news08:44
dr_willisif a command does not prodice an error.. it has nothing to report. ;)08:44
ActionParsnipis it better after you unload andreload the module?08:44
dr_williserror: the command eas successfull!08:44
nowayride1Woooooow... I think my (home) Ubuntu VM somehow tried to become my WAN gateway when I bridged my modem... it had a public IP lol08:45
VoiActionParsnip, what do you mean with "the module"08:45
ActionParsnipVoi: psmouse    is a kernel module, it is loaded and makes the hardware work08:46
Voiim guessing in this case no news is bad news, cus if it were an error with ubuntu then it would be easier fixed than if it were a problem with BIOS stuff xd08:46
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Voilet me try to "real" sleep08:47
Voiseems to work fine now;08:48
ActionParsnipVoi: after the command is ran?08:48
Voii ran sudo modprobe psmouse, then went to sleep, then resumed and it was ok08:48
dr_willistheres some way to run commands arter a resume automatcally i belive08:49
flycharllesI need some help08:49
ActionParsnipVoi: psmouse should be already loaded...08:49
ActionParsnipflycharlles: ask away08:49
Voii think so08:49
Voilsmod | grep psmouse gave me: psmouse                95870  008:49
ActionParsnipVoi: if you reboot and run:   lsmod | grep psmouse     is it loaded?08:49
Voilet me try08:49
ActionParsnipVoi: if not, we can make it load at boot and it should fix08:49
flycharllesI have installed Ubuntu 13.04 on my laptop but with a dual boot Windows / and linux but I can't boot in to linux08:49
blazemoreDo you get an error flycharlles ?08:50
ActionParsnipflycharlles: are you using UEFI?08:50
flycharllesI have just made a partition for Ubuntu but when I start the laptop, it doesn't give the option to choose between linox or Windows 708:50
flycharllesit just boots straight to Windows 708:51
flycharlleseverything went fine with the installation08:51
blazemoreflycharlles: Do you have more than one hard drive?08:51
flycharllesWell, I dont' know. I have an Asus laptop08:51
jbnicolaiHi guys, at work I'm on an ubuntu desktop where the screen automatically dims after about ten seconds. Brightness returns when I switch applications - so I end up alt-tabbing every half minute because my terminal is near unreadable.08:51
vlitomskHello world08:51
ActionParsnipflycharlles: does the system have make and model08:52
jbnicolaiThere is no option to turn of this dimming in settings > screen brightness08:52
blazemorejbnicolai: is it in power settings?08:52
jbnicolaiAny way to disable this stupid automatic (desktop - not laptop) dimming?08:52
jbnicolaiblazemore: nope.08:52
flycharllesit is Asus X501A08:52
flycharllesNo, I only have one hdd08:52
blazemoreflycharlles: If you hold Shift during bootup do you get a menu?08:52
pucahey, I have some clients on my network that mount a volume on a main server using NFS. lately my clients have been having problems reaching the server. they find it fine in the beginning but after a few hours they lose connection.08:53
flycharlleswith different partitions for Linux08:53
jbnicolaiblazemore: it's not under power settings and not under screen and brightness settings.08:53
Voiwell, i cant reproduce my touchpad lag atm... maybe its because im not going to sleep long enough, and then id guess its a bios problem08:53
pucaI get the NFS stale file handle error.08:53
jbnicolaiAnd it's horribly frustrating ;)08:53
blazemorejbnicolai: What Ubuntu version?08:53
flycharllesah, I need to try to hold SHIFT during the boot and try if it works08:53
flycharllesI am a noob on linux yet08:53
pucanot really sure what may be the problem here. seems like there's some problem with my local host allocation but I don't know how to check it.08:53
AllInOneWelcome to TV OnLine Http://AllINONE.NIX.VN08:54
pucatrying to reproduce the error now but I didn't find anything enlightening in the logs earlier so I may not find anything this time around either.08:54
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blazemorepuca: This type of error message is seen when a file or directory that was opened by an NFS client is removed, renamed, or replaced on the server08:55
jbnicolaiSo to reiterate: screen, on desktop ubuntu 12.10, automatically dims. There's no option under power or screen settnigs and it becomes bright again when I alt-tab to an other application.08:55
nowayride1jbnicolai: brightness and lock08:55
jbnicolainowayride1: It's not under there.08:55
nowayride1Turn screen off after X.. it's just Ubuntu has a much slower fade than say Windows08:55
blazemoreYou could try installing caffeine, jbnicolai https://launchpad.net/caffeine08:55
pucablazemore: yeah, I read that too. I know the files and directories are not removed, renamed or replaced though so I figure it may also come if they have issues finding a route to the host.08:56
nowayride1Oooh you said 12.10.. bah they probably did move it in 13.0408:56
pucablazemore: which is what has been happening at intervals with my clients, they lose the route to host so I can't ssh into them.08:56
jbnicolaiblazemore: heh, yeah considered exactly that but didn't try it yet as I figured it's not due to inactivity. It's happening as I'm typing here due to not switching applications for over ten seconds.08:56
flycharllesIf there is an UEFI on the laptop, can I disable it ?08:56
flycharllesI really to get way from Windows08:56
jbnicolaiblazemore: do you think it will still work?08:57
blazemorejbnicolai: Has it always done this?08:57
jbnicolaiblazemore: ever since I inherited this machine from a now ex coworker.08:57
blazemorejbnicolai: gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power idle-dim-time 6008:58
jbnicolaiIt's a corporate machine at a bank, can't wipe it and throw up a newer version of ubuntu. I'm already happy it's not a windows machine.08:58
jbnicolaiblazemore: sorry for the late responce, received a phone call. It seems to have fixed it :)09:07
jbnicolaiHmm, or at least made it less.09:07
blazemoreyes it set it to 60 seconds09:08
jbnicolaiYeah, I understand ;)09:11
jbnicolaiSo now that I'm here - could I also ask how to change the dead-key behaviour of ~ and '?09:12
jbnicolaiCurrently to get a tilde I have to press the key followed by space09:12
jbnicolaiWhich is of course a huge pain when often referencing your home directory from the cli09:13
jbnicolai(sorry for the noobyness, new to ubuntu)09:13
dr_willishmm.. what language is the keyboard in and the keyboard setting set to?09:15
dr_willis ive never herd of having to hit ~ then space09:15
xananaxHello, just wondering about something. I am going to format and install a clean version of ubuntu, keeping my ~home on another partition. I have gigs over gigs of Steam games that I don't want to re-download. Will they work out of the box, or will I have to download them again? Anyone knows?09:17
nowayride1They did inherit the system too so who knows09:17
xananaxProvided I keep all paths09:18
nowayride1xananax: when you reinstall Steam there should be an option to set the games path again, at least that's how it works using D: in Windows09:18
jbnicolaidr_willis: ah, I managed to resolve this myself, sorry for bothering you. Looking under keyboard language settings it was set to "English (US with dead keys)", switching to "English (US)" fixed it. :)09:18
nowayride1^ Neat09:20
X200hey guys, I'm using a tv screen in a dual screen configuration and sometimes when I move a window between the screens Ubuntu freezes and nothing works except the curser. I tried to looking in the logs at /var/log but found nothing that indicates a problem. I know there's some sort of a log collection utility in Ubuntu, someone knows how can I use it to find the problem?09:21
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nowayride1X200: /var/log/Xorg.0.log didn't?09:22
nowayride1Or under /var/log/lightdm/?09:23
xananaxnowayride1, ok, that's a good sign, thanks09:23
dr_willisxananax:  you mean games you insgalled with steam for linux?  or in wine?09:23
xananaxdr_willis, steam for linux. No dual boot and no wine for me09:24
X200nowayride1: as far as I can tell there's no problem in Xorg.0.log09:24
dr_willisfrom wht ive seen of steam.. the binari you install. actually just sort of installs the real steam into the users home. so if you backup all your home - the games should stay. (i think)09:24
nowayride1xananax: no guarantee it will work, but I would think they would keep it that way09:24
dr_willissteam on linux - is sort of weird09:25
xananaxdr_willis, nowayride1, yeah, I thought so too, but since my connection is so slow and it was such a pain to dl all of that, I want to make as sure as I can. Well, I guess that's as certain as I'll be09:25
X200nowayride1: and /var/log/lightdm/ logs are empty09:25
xananaxdr_willis, why weird :) ?09:25
dr_willisat least i think thats how it works. - if you install tf2. it actually goes in your users home directory09:25
blazemoreI would assume somewhere like .steam09:26
dr_willisxananax:   the steam.deb installs a binary that the user runs that  THEN actrually installs steam in the users home.. and all games go in the users home. very differnt then how it works on windows09:26
xananaxblazemore, yes, they do, ~/.steam/steam/SteamApps/common actually09:26
dr_willisxananax:  if 4 users all installed steam and the same games on the same linux box.. i THINK it would actually make 4 copies of the game.09:26
dr_williswhich would be a BIG issue :) in some cases09:27
dr_willisplus  steam updates itself (the version in the users home) which sort of makes the whole point of hjaving steam.deb packages a little pointless09:27
xananaxdr_willis, I am certain the games are in my ~, that's a fact. I am just wondering if there is any possibility that deps would be installed outside09:27
xananaxsince the games are not managed by apt, I would not know what the deps are, or how to get them09:27
dr_willisif you reinstalled the steam.deb i would think  it would work fine,09:27
X200Is there a way to use apport to collect logs and save them on the system for my examination?09:28
dr_willisthe games wouldent need any deps. i imagine09:28
dr_willisor the steam.deb sould manage them09:28
xananaxYeah me too. Well...Gonna try and I'll know09:28
vlitomski've problem: openbox always starts with GNOME session because in past i've added startup application and now it runs09:31
vlitomsk(it = startup application)09:32
dr_willisstartup stuff can be defined in the .config/autostart directory i belive09:32
vlitomski don't use any login manager, i use startx , and in ~/.xinitrc `dbus-launch --exit-with-session openbox-session`09:32
dr_willisopenbox may have its own directory or file also09:33
vlitomski've cleaned /etc/xdg/openbox/autostart and ~/.config/openbox/autostart09:33
dr_willistheres a .config/autostart also09:33
dr_willisbut you may want to ask in #openbox09:33
vlitomskthank you09:33
dr_willispeople just done use 'saved sessions' like they used to years go.09:34
vlitomsklol, #openbox need invitation09:34
dr_willismore likely its 'regeiesterd nicks only;09:34
bekksvlitomsk: Youneed to register your nickname.09:34
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode09:34
vlitomskanother try..09:35
dr_willisid also say check the openbox faq/docs09:35
vlitomskyeah! it works! problem was in ~/.config/autostart09:36
vlitomski thought it's only GNOME folder09:36
[[thufir]]I'm on 12.04 and have broken packages regarding openjdk installing:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5988309/    not sure how fix that09:38
blazemore[[thufir]]: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -f install09:39
[[thufir]]I did the update, I just don't like that -f option.  can that lead to further breaking the system?09:39
[[thufir]]oh, 12.04 LTS (don't want to distro upgrade for a while)09:40
blazemoretell me what it says before you accept any changes09:40
[[thufir]]blazemore: it just want's to upgrade skype and skype-bin  http://pastebin.com/ZpE5Fxd7     however, that makes me wonder, why doesn't it just do that automatically?09:42
blazemore[[thufir]]: How did you try to install openjdk?09:43
Ben64[[thufir]]: you shouldn't be using a root shell09:43
blazemore[[thufir]]: What happens when you try to run sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre-headless09:43
[[thufir]]trying to install headless leads to tzdata-java, which won't install:  http://pastebin.com/qjF2sGjN09:46
Ben64[[thufir]]: you either have held packages and its messing up dependencies, or you have a ppa, or both. and you really should be using sudo instead of a root shell09:48
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[[thufir]]on the held broken packages, that's definitely what the error message says.  I did upgrade and update, as well as clean and auto-clean.  I'm looking but, unsure how else to fix held packages.09:49
ConcreteDoes anyoe know how to change a Ubuntu forum username? Perferably without contact an admin09:49
MuhQHey guys... i created a new service in xinet.d with some arguments on "server_args". I restarted xinet.d an the service was listening on the port, but if i run "xinetd -d" then i see that my arguments are not set... What could it be? http://pastebin.com/rtgvrBYN09:53
bekksMuhQ: So which service exactly did you create using which arguments exactly?09:54
antarHi everybody09:54
tatzfuck you09:54
bekkstatz: Watch your language.09:55
tatzdont tell me how to live my life.09:55
MuhQa printer service (lpd) on port 515 with the argument "server_args     = cups-lpd -o document-format=application/octet-stream"09:55
bekksThen live it outside this channel.09:55
DJones!guidelines | tatz09:55
ubottutatz: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:55
tatz!guidelanes | DJones09:56
tatz!guidelines | DJones09:56
ubottuDJones: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:56
MuhQbut on "xinetd -d" i get the output: "Server argv ="09:56
tatzwhat was that for.09:56
bekksMuhQ: The server arguments should be in quotes.09:56
DJonestatz: If you want to stay in the channel, please follow the guidelines you've just been given09:56
k1l_tatz: stop that behaviour immediately if you want to stay in this channel.09:57
tatzwhoa dood09:58
tatzdon't shoot, im a friendly09:58
antari have installed terralinux , it has a lot of effect i want to remove them any way to do that ?09:58
k1l_antar: delete the partition its installed into09:59
X200Unity logs are saved in /var/log/lightdm/ ?10:00
k1l_X200: or in .xsession-errors in home10:00
tatzX200, no10:00
antarkll i mean the unity effects how can i take like a simple ubuntu10:00
tatzthey're saved in /var/log/heavydm/10:00
tatzantar, you mean with like gnome2?10:00
DJonesantar: Terralinux isn't a supported release of Ubuntu, you'll need to ask in its own support channel10:00
X200k1l_: thanks10:01
k1l_antar: terralinux is not supported. install ubuntu to get ubuntu support10:01
antarits normal ubuntu version10:01
antarjust have some unity effects10:01
k1l_antar: then it would not be named terra linux :) see their support, we dont know what they changed10:02
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antarkll_ if you have a ubuntu and you installed a theme how you can remove it then ?10:02
DJonesantar: Presumably you would do the opposite of what you did to install the theme10:03
k1l_antar: change the  theme with unity-tweak-tool10:03
antarmmm ok kll_10:03
X200hey found a funny error log in .xsession-errors while trying to debug a problem. "gnome-session[5271]: CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry...."10:08
[[thufir]]is there a better way to install tzdata-java than to manually download the .deb as found here:  http://superuser.com/questions/478284/dependencies-problems-installing-openjdk-on-ubuntu   which seems like it will just further break packaging.10:12
DJones[[thufir]]: Looks like the package is in the repo's, so sudo apt-get install txdata-java should work10:14
DJonestzdata-java even10:15
XethronI'm getting the following error: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.17' not found (required by ./Engine)10:20
Xethronhow do I install GLIBC_2.17?10:20
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smartboyhwXethron, which version are you in?10:21
[[thufir]]DJones: pardon about that, I wasn on finch and got may paste mixed up.  it's the wrong version of tzdata for some reason:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5988388/10:22
smartboyhwXethron, I mean, Ubuntu version10:23
DJones[[thufir]]: I wasn't following the conversation in detail, not sure why it would be the wrong version though10:23
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DJonesXethron: Looks like that version is only available in 13.04, 12.10 looks to have version 2.1510:24
XethronCan't I get it somehow?10:24
XethronOr would it break other things?10:25
CatKillerit's just a set of files10:25
CatKillereasy to replace10:25
CatKilleryou can keep the original somewhere in case something goes wrong10:25
DJonesXethron: I can't see any alternatives10:26
[[thufir]]DJones:    I have the exact problem as here:  http://superuser.com/questions/478284/  where apt seems to want the wrong version of tzdata-java and the only solution seems to be to manually download a different version.  Isn't apt supposed to figure that stuff out on its own?10:27
smartboyhwXethron, well, maybe you can compile it yourself10:28
ArghMoin, moin!10:29
ArghMoin, moin!10:29
DJones[[thufir]]: Looks like somebody else has a similar problem, there is a bug filed (although its in spanish) in the last 24 hours so possibly something that will be in the process of being fixed10:31
[[thufir]]wild, I didn't notice the bug fix!  thanks for seeing that.  will it break anything were I to manually download the .deb suggested?10:32
DJones[[thufir]]: The bug isn't saying its been fixed yet, and doesn't look to have been reviewed, so could be a while before it gets sorted, as with any manual install, it could break something, I'd be tempted to wait for now and see what happens10:33
[[thufir]]hmm, thanks.  well, at least it explains why apt wasn't figuring it out as I would expect it to normally.10:35
SkizuHey odd question, how do I search for a file?10:36
blazemoreSkizu: locate filename10:36
Dr_Willisthe ubuntu dash has a search feature also10:36
Dr_Willislocate uses a database, thats updated automatically every 24 hrs via a cron job also.10:36
Skizudash? I've no dashboard10:37
Dr_WillisSkizu:  so it sort of depends on what you are looking for10:37
ubottu/bin/sh links to the DASH shell in all releases since Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). Since DASH is not 100% compatible with the BASH shell, some scripts might break. You can make scripts execute using BASH by changing the first line of the script to « #! /bin/bash10:37
Dr_Willisheh wrong factoid10:37
Dr_Willistop left button in unity, brings up the dash. as does taping the super key10:37
Dr_Willislocate and find are cli tools to search for files/dirs and do things with them10:38
SkizuDr_Willis: I've no GUI :)10:38
Dr_Willislocate and find are cli tools to search for files/dirs and do things with them <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< as we said...10:38
Dr_Willis'sudo updatedb' will force the locate database to update10:39
Dr_Willisls -R | grep pattern    ;) for some cases.10:40
SkizuCan I use locate with a given star point e.g. /var/www/dir10:40
Dr_Willislocate has dozens of options10:41
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pucaanyone know why volumes mounted by nfs may get file handle errors after a while when there's no changes made to the files on the server or the server itself?10:42
blazemoreDo you have an exact error, puca ?10:42
=== Guest87841 is now known as mscoder
pucalet me see.10:44
blazemorepuca: Potentially useful info in this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2078268&page=210:44
pucathe error is Stale NFS file handle.10:44
vice_folks, can i ask a question about xfce ubuntu?10:45
blazemore!xubuntu | vice_10:45
ubottuvice_: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels10:45
pucablazemore: the problem is that my setup worked fine until I rebooted the machines. that makes me think this is a problem with the internal naming of the machines.10:46
pucaso everything worked fine, I rebooted then had problems finding the nfs mount until I rebooted the server two more times then all the servers were able to mount the volume.10:47
SkizuHow do I install/download stuff of github?10:47
pucathey were able to mount the volume but after accessing it for a few hours they spontaneously unmount it.10:47
pucaand I can't see anything useful in the logs.10:47
=== Awaken_ is now known as Awaken
Dr_Willispuca:  dmesg may have some info.10:47
Dr_Willisnfs server configs may also have a verbose logging feature10:48
ubottugit is a distributed revision control/software code management project created by Linus Torvalds. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)10:48
pucatried to look at dmesg earlier to no avail but I guess I can take another look and see if there's anything.10:49
pucaI am not familiar with the format of these logs though so I might not be literate enough to spot something that should be obvious.10:50
vice_i have a trouble with my second screen, i cant change resolution (1280x102410:53
Dr_Willisvice_:  what drivers are you using and what video card?10:54
vice_oh, i didn install drivers, sorry10:55
vice_im using ubuntu first time, cant used to it :)10:56
pucahm, actually I may see something now. how do I find out what sda1 for example is?10:56
vice_where can i check my equipment, its not my own pc?10:56
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Dr_Willispuca:  the mount command shows where things are mounted10:56
Dr_Willisvice_:   'lspci' shows hardware info  and theres an 'addatitional-driver' tab in the software-sources tool10:57
vice_Dr_Willis: ty, i have to install Nvidia drivers now?10:58
vice_VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RV740 PRO [Radeon HD 4770]10:59
teeceepeeok windows guy keep doing vxx-new-version/ in a git repository!10:59
vice_IDE interface: NVIDIA Corporation MCP55 SATA Controller10:59
auronandacevice_: vga is the graphics10:59
meister_some german?11:00
blazemore!de | meister_11:01
ubottumeister_: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!11:01
MuhQmeister_: jop11:01
BRKhow to upgrade from ubuntu 12.04.2 to ubuntu 12.04.3?11:01
pucaif I have two computers accessing the same disk through nfs can this cause instability? they're doing a lot of reads and writes.11:01
Dr_Willisvice_:  i always use the nvidia drivers for my ncidia cards.11:01
blazemoreBRK: You don't have to, the point-releases are just updates to the installation medium11:01
vice_teeceepee: are u speaking to me?11:02
pucaalso, is the information in dmesg written to another log with human readable timestamp?11:02
BRKbut 12.04.3 comes with updated kernel and x stack.. how to get that?11:02
teeceepeevice_ depends on who you are11:02
vice_widnows guy ofc11:03
Dr_Williswasent there somthing unusual about the 12.04.2 -> 12.04.3 updates..   I recall there being some extra command needed to go from one to the other.11:03
blazemoreBRK: No, the .1, .2 and .3 releases are just integrating the updates into the iso11:03
k1l_BRK: the .3 release is like a servicepack on windows. when updating you get to that state automatically. its just for the case you need to make a new install you dont have to load all updates from that mean time11:03
k1l_BRK: to use the enablement stack see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack11:03
blazemoreBRK: Basically as long as your system is up-to-date (sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade) you already have it11:03
teeceepeevice_ oh yeah, speaking to you lot11:04
BRKalright then.. thanks :-)11:04
Sagitthi all11:04
Sagitti'v Acer Veriton N2620G with 2 x usb 3.0 and 4 x usb 2.011:04
Sagittusb 2.0 not works, but 3.0 yes11:05
Sagitthow i can fix this?11:05
Dr_WillisSagitt:  determine the chipset the usb3 is using and look it up on the forums and askubuntu.com  (and the pc make/model also) there my be a kniown issue and known work arounds11:06
max64i need an ubuntu software to change my voice for audio chatting and recording...any suggestion?   ty11:06
SagittDr_Willis: how i can determinate the chipset?11:07
blazemoremax64: Take a look at Rakarrack, it's a sound effect rack designed for guitars but there's no reason you couldn't run your microphone through it11:07
Dr_WillisSagitt:  lspci command would be where id start looking11:07
BluesKajHey folks11:08
max64blazemore:thank you .. i gonna install it now11:08
mojtabaHi, Could someone tell me how can I encrypt my whole hard drive? I am going to use Truecrypt, but it says it will format the drive first.11:09
blazemoremojtaba: Truecrypt has an option for encrypting data in-place but it's obviously slow11:09
Dr_Willismojtaba:  you mean your os (/) drive?11:09
mojtabaDr_Willis: Yes11:09
mojtabablazemore: Where is it? I could not find it11:09
Dr_Willismojtaba:  i think that had to been done during the install process11:10
mojtabaDr_Willis: Is there anyway to do it now?11:10
blazemoremojtaba: If you want to encrypt your system installation I'd strongly recommend doing a reinstallation11:10
meister_Hi, I have two monitors. My graphics card is the Nvidia 7600gs. My DVI monitor is otherwise always run Windows on 1280x1024 pix in Ubuntu can no longer bring to this setting. However my second monitor is slightly smaller automatically adjusts well to 1280x1024 pixels. About the NVIDI Panal the DVI monitor can not be set so high. I currently have on at 1024x768 since that is the lowest common setting. Please Help. Thank you.11:10
Dr_Willismojtaba:  no idea. I doubt it. you can encrypt your users home - i dont see much point in encrypting the whole drive11:10
mojtabaDr_Willis: Could you please let me know how should I do that? (newbie)11:11
ikoniameister_: what mode are you running the display in ?11:12
Dr_Willismojtaba:  do what?11:12
mojtabaDr_Willis: To encrypt /home, if that suffices.11:12
blazemoremojtaba: http://www.howtogeek.com/116032/how-to-encrypt-your-home-folder-after-installing-ubuntu/11:13
Dr_WillisNo idea how to do it after the install. I dont use the feature and i see DOZENS of people in here that enable the feature. then have to fight to restore their files/get them back - after system problems.. so i dont reccomend  encrypting your home either.11:13
mojtabaDr_Willis: If I do backup with deja.., Is the backup encrypted?11:13
Dr_Williswhats 'deja' ?11:13
blazemoremojtaba: By default, yes11:13
Dr_Willisafter your user logs in. the  user can access the unencrypted files..11:13
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BRKDr_Willis: dejadup I think11:14
meister_ikonia: Do you think TwinView?11:14
ikoniameister_: I'm asking you - I'm not guessing11:14
mojtabaDr_Willis: Why you don't recommend /home encryption? How should I make my laptop secure?11:14
Dr_Willismojtaba:  because i see DOZENS of people in here monthly fighting the encryption trying to recover their files.11:15
ikoniamojtaba: have a real look at your data, does it really warrent the need for encyption ? and do you feel you have the required linux skills to manage it11:15
blazemoremojtaba: I'd recommend you use Truecrypt to create an encrypted file container, and put any sensitive files in it11:15
mojtabaDr_Willis: What if I run backup weekly?11:15
ikoniamojtaba: you're missing the point a bit11:16
mojtabaikonia: It is all private data and I am always learning.11:16
meister_ikonia: I do not understand exactly what you mean.11:16
Dr_Willismojtaba:  what about it.. you should be doing that anyway.11:16
ikoniameister_: what mode is the nvidia driver running in, twinview, mirror, span,11:16
mojtabablazemore: Can I put e.g. .thunderbird in the container?11:16
ikoniamojtaba: what sort of private data ? sensitive data ?11:16
blazemoremojtaba: Then I recommend you back up your data and reinstall, choosing the LVM and encryption options during the installation11:16
meister_ikonia: in twinview11:16
blazemoremojtaba: That way your entire system will be encrypted and you will have to enter a password before it will boot11:17
ikoniaactually, it's up to you, but I very rarely see people with a real need to encrypt their home data11:17
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mojtabaikonia: credit card, passwords, emails,...11:17
ikoniamojtaba: you'd be better to just encypt those files11:17
ikoniameister_: doesn't twinview require the monitors to have the same resolution ?11:17
mojtabaikonia: Can I put the .thunderbird directory in an encrypted container?11:18
Dr_Willisikonia:  no it does not. ;)11:18
Dr_Willisi use twinview all the time with differnt res11:18
mojtabaDr_Willis: What is twinview?11:19
SagittDr_Willis: posted11:20
Dr_Willismojtaba:  nvidias variation of the xinerama feature of X11:20
ikoniaDr_Willis: was that in reference to twinview ?11:22
ikoniaDr_Willis: can you use it with different resolutions now ?11:22
meister_ikonia: I would like to have the same resolution on both monitors. On Windows, it worked! The DVI monitor goes to 1360x768 but strangely missing in 1280. the other goes up to 1280 pix ... I have to translate with google translate.11:22
Dr_Willisyes. twinview works fine with differnt res monitrors.. dont it that way for like.. er years. ;)11:22
ikoniaI've not used it or tried to on different spec monitors for a long time11:22
Dr_Willisi dont rcall it ever having that limitation.11:22
ikoniait did at one point, I had a problem with it, but I'm not a current differnet spec user11:23
Dr_Willisin the 13.04 release (perhaps earlier?) you can just plug in the 2nd monitor and it automatically enabled twinview here for me.11:23
ikoniasounds good11:23
Dr_Williswhich suprised me that it worked that way, ;)11:23
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ikoniaDr_Willis: that must mean it now generates the xorg.conf correctly, but I also thought xrandr didn't work with twinview for "on the fly" changes, appears I'm wrong on that too11:24
Dr_Willisproblem is my 2nd monitor is a big tv. that i leav off most of the time. it enabled it.. evne tho the tv was off.. and i wonderd where a lot of my apps were vanishing to. ;) they were on the 2nd monitor. :)11:24
Dr_Willisit dosent even need an xorg.conf  i think ikonia .11:24
ikoniaDr_Willis: must do for twinview11:25
Dr_Willisif you want  to set some settings - it does need an xorg.conf i recall (like what monitor for lightdm to use and so forth)11:25
Dr_WillisI have no xorg.. plug in a 2nd monitor.. tqinview gets enabled on the fly. no xorg was generated.11:25
pucahas anyone experienced that several computers accessing the same folder at once through nfs has lead to instability?11:25
Dr_Willisif i want to make sure that lightdm does show up on the pc monitor and not the tv  i must use an xorg.conf for that11:26
Dr_Willisnight all11:27
rudivsI have a particular usb  thumbdrive which has stopped automounting in 12.10. If I click on it in nautilus, it will mount fine. other drives automount. any ideas why? disclosure: I have been trying to set up udev rules for when it mounts, but I have removed these so they should not affect the mount process.11:28
Kroachhow can I change the keyboard shortcut for HUD from the command line?11:29
blazemoreKroach: Why from the command line?11:29
Kroachblazemore: HUD causes a game(Torchlight), where Alt is a permanent keybinding to minimize and I want to make a script that changes the HUD shortcut, launches the game and restores the HUD shortcut back to Alt11:31
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yaksterdoes anyone here use a newsgroup to download files? if so, will that file retain the mtime/ctime of the downloaded file if it came from a compressed archive?11:45
DJones!rootirc | niuniu11:46
ubottuniuniu: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.11:46
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DJonesyakster: I've not used newsgroups for over a year, from memory I've got a feeling that when the file was saved, it had the current time rather than the original creation time11:48
yaksterI fond my answer, I am getting archives of files, and gzip is retaining the date and time of the archive, versus creating a new ctime/mtime when the archive was extracted11:50
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k1l_!away > g_byers11:52
ubottug_byers, please see my private message11:52
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meister_I'm going crazy. Now I have replaced the plug on the video card and now shows me my big screen only 600x800 pix to ... :/ What's going on just cautious?11:53
g_byersbad ubottu pming without permission11:54
k1l_g_byers: better stop that away nickspam than making comments like that :/11:56
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Kartagishow do I find what wm I am running?11:57
ActionPa1snipKartagis: ps -ef | egrep 'compiz|openbox|fluxbox|xfwm|kwin|metacitty|mutter'11:58
ActionPa1snipKartagis: not pretty but you get the idea11:58
k1l_Kartagis: easiest way is the looks http://i.imgur.com/3N5f6.jpg11:58
ActionPa1snipKartagis: Unity2d looks a lot like Unity3D11:59
ActionPa1snipk1l_: ^11:59
ActionPa1snipk1l_: unity is also not a DE, its a shell11:59
KartagisI'm filing a bug, that's why11:59
ActionPa1snipk1l_: so your image is misleading12:00
k1l_ActionPa1snip: yeah, but to get a genereal idea what the user wants/needs is talking about its nice to have some visuals to shorten the results12:00
k1l_ActionPa1snip: oh come on12:00
ActionPa1snipk1l_: my command is a ot more concise :)12:01
ActionPa1snipwmctrl -m   will also do it12:05
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ActionPa1sniphttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5988737/  :)12:05
pucawhere should I be able to spot it in my logs when I get stale file handle errors for nfs?12:05
hualet_deepinany good suggestion for email check under linux?12:06
iceroot_hualet_deepin: like a mail client? or what is your question?12:07
ActionPa1sniphualet_deepin: use your web browser12:07
hualet_deepini'd like is check for incoming mails automatically...12:08
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iceroot_hualet_deepin: like a mail client? or what is your question?12:08
ActionPa1sniphualet_deepin: do you use gmail? and access it via your web browser?12:08
k1l_hualet_deepin: thunderbird is a email client and supports to show the number of new mails in the launcher12:08
ActionPa1sniphualet_deepin: try giving FULL details. We cannot read your mind, you have to fill us in12:08
k1l_hualet_deepin: and you can set how often to check for mails (if no imap push is available)12:09
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cheesec4k3I have an encrypted root partition, but I accidentally overwrote grub when I was playing around with installing a portable distro on a usb stick.. I'm kinda fucked cause I can't access the data12:10
cheesec4k3I tried making a ubuntu usb bootstick, but it won't mount the encrypted partition despite the password being correct12:10
ActionPa1sniphualet_deepin: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/precise/gm-notify/   I have used this in the past, makes the message notifier change when you get email in your gmail account12:10
hualet_deepinActionPa1snip, thanks, i'll check that12:11
ActionPa1sniphualet_deepin: in future...full details please. I had NO IDEA you were using gmail....did U12:15
hualet_deepinActionPa1snip: yes, i'm using gmail, and as english is not my mother tong, so i was alway late for response, and i'm really sorry for that12:17
fsdhghhow to enable file sharing bewtween ubuntu and windows12:18
auronandacefsdhgh: over a network?12:19
ActionPa1sniphualet_deepin: you can still say " i am using gmail " right?12:19
fsdhghauronandace:yep through lan network12:20
auronandace!samba | fsdhgh12:20
ubottufsdhgh: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.12:20
fsdhghauronandace: i have ubuntu pc and windows laptop. how do i do that?.12:20
MastablastaHey, I have my 13.04 Ubuntu updated all the way from 13.04 but it wont let me use desktop unless I type ctrl-c in the network enable recovery mode then it boots up fine otherwise it freezes after login12:21
k1l_fsdhgh: you could set up a shared folder on you windows machine and browse to that with the ubuntu file explorer (nautilus)12:21
k1l_fsdhgh: its the same as you would do with 2 windows machines12:21
fsdhghk1l_: it is not showing up12:22
MastablastaDoes anyone know what may be wrong with my ubuntu installation by chance12:25
auronandaceMastablasta: not without details12:25
ActionPa1snipMastablasta: do you use proprietary video drivers?12:25
ActionPa1snipMastablasta: which version did you upgrade from?12:25
MastablastaI just switched over to proprietary going to try those now12:25
MastablastaI started at 13.0412:26
ActionPa1snipMastablasta: thenhow do you update to 13.04 "all the way from 13.04"?12:26
Mastablastanever loads up without doing recovery mode enable network then ctrl - c in that terminal12:26
Mastablastai just ran system updates12:26
emphiI have both Unity and Gnome desktop installed. After ending a Gnome session, I started a Unity session, but various remnants of Gnome remained, e.g. desktop theme and fonts.12:26
ActionPa1snipMastablasta: is it a clean install of 13.04?12:26
ActionPa1snipMastablasta: then updated to latest patches12:26
ActionPa1snipMastablasta: o thats a bit clearer now12:27
MonkeyDustemphi  unity is gnome3 + eye candy, that may be why12:27
ActionPa1snipMastablasta: what video chip do you use?12:27
Mastablastai just tried going from alternative to propretary drivers dunno if it will effect12:27
reynirHello. I'm trying to set up an upstart session for a user using this guide http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#non-graphical-sessions-ubuntu-specific12:29
reynirI am having some problems, though. My own jobs are not starting and upstart-file-bridge gives an error:  Unable to write pid file: Permission denied12:30
emphiMonkeyDust: Thanks, I see what you mean. But is that strictly true? Unity has the Dash (with search lenses), which Gnome lacks. That's not merely eye candy.12:30
MastablastaHow can i specify a certain network driver? I think it may be a network driver issue12:30
reynirI have checked the syntax with init-checkconf12:30
jribreynir: ubuntu version?12:30
MonkeyDustemphi  I rephrase: Unity is a Gnome3 shell12:31
reynirjrib: 13.0412:31
petapetapetaHello. I am attempting to set up a RAID1 using a LSI RAID controller, but everytime I reboot to install Ubuntu I lose the RAID configuration. What could be the cause of this?12:31
jribreynir: well can your user write to /run/user/$uid?12:31
jribreynir: erm, hold on.  I misread12:32
reynirjrib: Yes12:32
jribreynir: try #upstart; I have no idea where upstart tries to write its pid file12:33
emphiMonkeyDust: OK. But is there an easy way for me to switch back and forth between unity sessions and gnome sessions, without having to tweak settings each time?12:33
reynirjrib: Thanks!12:33
MonkeyDustemphi  not sure12:34
polpotterFor those of you who use dvorak, is there a noticable difference in speed?12:34
auronandacepolpotter: thats not a ubuntu support question12:35
Npci use a custom layout that is not dvorak, i'd say not necessarily in speed, but the feeling may be much more relaxed12:35
Npcof course depending on the language you type in and the layouts under comparison12:35
jribpolpotter: I use dvorak and agree with npc that there's no real speed benefit; but I make less awkward movements with my hands on the keyboard12:36
polpotterso it's easier/more comfortable to type with?12:36
jribpolpotter: i would say so12:36
polpotteralright, thanks12:37
reynirjrib: Do you have any suggestions for what else I can do? I want to run a couple of servers as a specific user. I also need to update the server software from time to time and I'd like a job that does that, too12:39
emphiApologies if this question is too vague, but how is dpkg related apt?12:40
jribreynir: well you can always just create upstart jobs and have them execute the job as a different user, you don't need the user init session for that12:40
jribemphi: dpkg installs .deb files. When you want to install package X, apt can't just ask .deb to install X.deb since X.deb may have dependencies you don't have.  So apt figures out you need Y and Z too if you want X to work.  After it's done it calls dpkg to install Y, Z, and then X.12:42
reynirjrib: Right, thanks. I thought a user init session would be easier haha12:42
jribreynir: probably would be if it worked ;)12:42
jribreynir: if you didn't get an answer in #upstart, idle there for the day.  There are usually some pretty knowledgeable guys about upstart in there and they can probably help you once they come online12:42
reynirjrib: I will! Again, thanks :)12:43
emphijrib: Thanks!12:43
emphiI installed the ubuntu-gnome-desktop package (to try out the gnome). I have now uninstalled it, but a lot of programs which I think were installed with it are still installed, e.g. evolution and gnome tweak tool.  How do I remove all of these?12:55
emphi*try out the gnome shell12:55
Mastablastaidk what it is but i just installed flash and youtube seems really fast frame rate lol12:56
k1l_emphi: unity is a shell for the gnome3 base, too. so it uses alot of gnome stuff like evolution (to show the calender in the top panel, etc)12:56
k1l_emphi: the not anymore used packages should be removed with a "apt-get autoremove" if they are nor depencie from another package wich is still marked as used12:57
sunbirdFTWCan I run Mozila Sunbird on 13.04? I tried it and it keeps crashing. It would be nice if I didn't have to use Lightning.12:58
emphik1l_:  OK. I already ran apt-get autoremove. So I guess I was wrong to assume that evolution was installed with ubuntu-gnome-desktop?12:58
k1l_emphi: yes12:59
emphik1l_:  But I just checked my other ubuntu computer and it does not have evolution installed.13:00
macwolf74evolution doesn't come by default I believe13:01
smartboyhwemphi, did you install any applications that caused evolution to be installed?13:01
emphismartboyhw: I don't think so.13:02
emphiIs there any way to tell *when* a package was installed?13:03
Pinkamena_Dmy server has been working fine for about two years but crashed yesterday and wont boot up today. POST goes fine but then I just ge ta blinking cursor forever.13:03
somsipemphi: /var/log/apt/history*13:03
Pinkamena_DThe blinking cursor can not be bypassed by holding shift during boot, or pressing the alt Fkeys13:03
smartboyhwemphi, BTW: I think evolution is pulled in by ubuntu-gnome-desktop...13:03
smartboyhwUsing apt-cache show evolution13:04
Pinkamena_Dany other cause of this?13:04
smartboyhwemphi, try if sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-gnome-desktop helps...13:04
MonkeyDustPinkamena_D  is it a server? if yes, there's also #ubuntu-server13:05
philinuxemphi: are you running xubuntu or kubuntu13:05
Mastablastawhat driver would you guys reccomend for a nvida gts 8800 ubuntu 13.0413:06
philinuxMastablasta: nvidia-current will be fine13:06
emphismartboyhw: I already tried apt-get purge. But it simply says the package is not installed. I could reinstall and then purge?13:06
emphiphilinux: No, I'm not running either. Just plain ubuntu 13.04.13:07
ActionPa1snipMastablasta: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install nvidia-current; sudo reboot      oviously run when you are ready to reboot the OS etc13:07
Mastablastaok thanks alot13:07
philinuxemphi: I wouldn't worry at all then unless you have problem13:07
ActionPa1snipMastablasta: easier than WIndows :)13:09
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Mastablastaya not bad i just need to remem or write some this stuff down i am tripple booting on this pc win mac and linux now lol13:10
emphiphilinux: OK, thanks. It's not really a problem. It's just weird.13:11
ActionPa1snipMastablasta: sounds expensive13:11
MastablastaI have the clover bootloader installed on my mac osx drive13:11
Mastablastanot at all13:11
Mastablastaolder pc even duo core 8 gb mem basic nvidia card13:12
Mastablastaits real nice hooked up full digital audio13:12
ActionPa1snipMastablasta: mac and windows all adds up13:12
philinuxemphi: the ubuntu-gnome-desktop pulls in a few extra packages compared to a standard install with ubuntu-desktop13:12
ActionPa1snipMastablasta: plus all the softwares13:12
philinuxemphi: whats weird13:12
Mastablastalol well that's what cracks are for software lol13:13
emphiphilinux: Why aren't those extra packages uninstalled (by apt-get autoremove) after ubuntu-gnome-desktop is uninstalled?13:13
ActionPa1snipMastablasta: oh illegal stuff...makes sense :(13:14
Mastablastaeducational purposes lol13:14
ActionPa1snipMastablasta: ok13:14
philinuxemphi: it's the same with ubuntu-desktop. you could use synaptic to look at the dependencies and remove them one by one. Tedious though and wouldnt save much diskspace13:15
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emphiphilinux: I see. One more tiny related thing: when my computer boots it briefly displays the default gnome wallpaper (stripey blue) before changing to the familiar unity purple. Why? And can I stop it?13:17
gnuwebhey foureight8413:18
foureight84gnuweb, wassup13:18
chrstnhello, I am running 13.04 which I freshly installed yesterday (but I have been using linux for almost 2 years now), for the first time I decided to use full disk encryption (using all default settings in the ubuntu installer), now to my problem: I have a 6GB tar file, and when I run sha256sum (default tool), it gives me a different result for each call, which is very bad, can anybody help me out with finding out what's going wrong o13:19
reynirafter writing a new upstart job, do I have to run a command in order for them to be available?13:19
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philinuxemphi: is that at the login screen or directly after grub13:24
=== blueshark is now known as BlueShark
emphiphilinux: Before grub, if I remember correctly.13:25
philinuxemphi: before grub is the bios text13:26
Mastablastathanks for your help earlier guys my system is up and running propely now no problems13:27
sunbirdFTWIs there a good offline calendar program that supports the ical format?13:27
emphiphilinux: Perhaps after grub then. But definitely before the login screen.13:27
emphisunbirdFTW: I use the lightning add-on for thunderbird.  Seems good.13:28
chrstnaddendum to my problem with sha256sum: I just ran dd if=/dev/zero of=zeroes bs=1M count=4000 && sha256sum zeroes && sha256sum zeroes and it gave me 2 different sha256sum results (I have 4GB RAM)13:28
mokosunbirdFTW, ye lightning on thunderbird is the way to go13:28
sunbirdFTWemphi: But I don't need an email client, I only need a calendar progrma. :\13:29
nyuszika7hhi, how can I tell gnome-terminal to strip trailing whitespace on selection? it's annoying when copy-pasting from my IRC client, unless I use rectangular selection the text I paste has a lot of trailing spaces, which causes spam.13:29
emphiThis IRC thing is cool. Never used it before.13:30
Mastablastais anyone trying out the spotify for linux app13:31
tmmunqis that another radio station?13:31
Mastablastano spotify is pretty cool you can make playlists off of artists albums for free full albums to stream13:32
Mastablastai think it may have radio too but i dont use it for that13:32
tmmunqdoes it pause after a set amount of time? does it have metal?13:32
Mastablastaim up to 398 songs on my playlist13:32
Mastablastaits got all the metal ya13:32
Mastablastaful lalbums13:32
blazemoreMastablasta: I have been using Spotify for Linux preview for a couple of years13:32
tmmunqapt-get install spotify?13:33
Mastablastado you like it should i check it out13:33
blazemoretmmunq: Unlimited streaming, it has pretty much everything except The Beatles and led zep13:33
blazemoreMastablasta: There's no point nowadays unless you need device-syncing and local file support, the web app is great http://play.spotify.com13:33
blazemoreMastablasta: The local client spotify-client is identical to the Windows client13:33
tmmunqok, ill give it a try when i get home, im not in front of ubuntu right now13:34
blazemoreI could sing the praises of Spotify all day but it's offtopic here13:34
Mastablastanice thanks blazemore.. what kind of music do you like?13:34
blazemoreMastablasta: http://last.fm/user/blazemore but I'm not going to get into a discussion because offtopic13:35
emphiI just discovered mopidy. It's like mpd but it connects to spotify.13:35
mokois it possible to install ubuntu 13.04 alongside win8 with uefi & secure boot ON?13:42
compdocmoko, its always a risk, but I think it can be done. Have you thought about a virtual machine instead?13:44
stroodlepuphi guys :)13:45
mokocompdoc, i'm planning on running resource demanding applications such as adobe and maya on windows, while using linux as my primary os, virtual machine wouldn't cut it on a laptop such as mine13:45
mokohi stroodlepup13:46
mokoi suppose rolling back to win7 would be the easiest thing to do here13:46
blazemoremoko: Correct me if I'm wrong, but even if you do that won't you still have secureboot?13:47
stroodlepupI'm trying to install windows... is it possible via an ubuntu pxe server?13:47
mokoblazemore, secure boot can be disabled in bios13:47
blazemorestroodlepup: Take a look here http://oss.netfarm.it/guides/pxe.php#remoteinstall13:48
mokoblazemore, but if i'm not mistaken, win8 requires secure boot to be ON, in order to boot. so it is quite tedious to change the bios settings prior to switching OS everytime13:50
pl2For the past few years, i've been unable to play any DVDs on my laptop through ubuntu. So, finally, I ask: WHY.13:50
blazemorepl2: legal reasons13:50
stroodlepupblazemore: thanks :)13:50
pl2blazemore, so i'm not the only one?13:51
blazemoreYou need to install the "ubuntu-restricted-extras" package to play stuff like that13:51
blazemore!dvd | pl213:51
ubottupl2: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats13:51
streulmawan to use Ubuntu on my Retina, but the dpi is so low, on 2280px13:51
streulmahow can I set the windows and text to higher without resizing ?13:51
pl2blazemore, oh, all right, thanks for that.13:52
mokopl2, as blazemore said, open the software center and install "ubuntu-restricted-extras" and you should be good to go13:52
=== apb1963_ is now known as apb1963
twoface88can somone recommend global reduplication backup tool ?13:53
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning13:54
Mastablastadoing it that route got it to work13:55
=== iamaway is now known as iam4722202468
ActionPa1snipJack^^: ask13:57
streulmahello, I'm back13:59
genii!details | Jack^^13:59
ubottuJack^^: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:59
Jack^^i dont know what's wrong with this error..13:59
Jack^^i'm running ubuntu 13.0413:59
smartboyhwJack^^, paste the error13:59
vfwJack^^: Show us the error, maybe one of us will know.13:59
smartboyhwOr, just tell us what happened。14:00
streulmathus, want to use Ubuntu on my retina, but the resolution is so high, what can I do? if I set lower it is not so sharp enough. Someone can help the best matching settings?14:00
Jack^^i setup hostapd for my ubuntu before.. It works.. and other device can connect to my laptop and share the internet.14:00
VellikGood day to every one. Has anyone here ever worked with Userful Multiuser?14:00
Jack^^after i update and upgrade ubuntu..14:00
Jack^^i got the error now..14:00
vfwstreulma: xrandr  #Will tell you the available options14:01
ActionPa1snipstreulma: decrease dpi in xorg maybe14:01
blazemore!anyone | vfw14:01
ubottuvfw: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:01
Jack^^if i dont use hostapd. my tablet can connect to it..14:01
blazemorevfw: Stealing my v[tab]...14:01
Jack^^with hostapd.. it is password protected.14:01
Jack^^Failed to create interface mon.wlan0: -23 (Too many open files in system)14:01
Jack^^Try to remove and re-create mon.wlan014:01
Jack^^Failed to update rate sets in kernel module14:01
blazemore!paste | Jack^^14:02
ubottuJack^^: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:02
Jack^^Using interface wlan0 with hwaddr 00:25:d3:71:11:7c and ssid 'test'14:02
ActionPa1snipJack^^: please use one line, hitting ENTER a lot makes the thread hard to follow14:02
ActionPa1snipJack^^: as users talk in between14:02
VellikI would like to know if it works on any distro of ubuntu or only on Edubuntu. Also, if extra PCI cards are necessary for each terminal.14:03
ikoniauseful multiuser ?14:03
Vellikikonia, Yes.14:04
ikoniaI've never even heard of it14:04
vfwJack^^: iwconfig  #see what that says14:04
vfwJack^^: Is this a fresh install? (13.04?)14:04
Jack^^vfw: i use ubuntu 10 or 11 version before.. and i installed hostapd.. it works..14:05
Vellik"userful multiseat" is more common. You can add more terminals to a single unit. One Tower, one system, many people using working at the same time.14:05
Jack^^i upgrade the OS to 12 version and then 13 version..14:06
Jack^^it can't work after that..14:06
vfwJack^^: cat /etc/issue #Show us what that says.14:06
ActionPa1snipVellik: userful isnt free though14:06
Jack^^i remove hostapd and install it again.. it seem can't fix the problem.. i follow the step online.. can't fix it too.14:06
blazemoreJack^^: A little unconventional lol14:07
vfwJack^^: Hook up to wired network and do:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade14:07
VellikActionPa1snip: have you ever used it? I wanna buy some dockings for buildinng a cyber cafe.14:08
Jack^^vfw: Ubuntu 13.04 \n \l14:08
vfwJack^^: Ok14:08
vfwJack^^:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade14:09
lmatI'm following some directions to set up my DNS server to use Opendns, and the first instruction is    cp resolv.conf resolv.conf.auto14:09
lmatIs this file read, or am I just moving it to a backup (not well-known) location?14:09
ActionPa1snipVellik: i know of it, with a little effort you can make the same in any linux distro14:09
blazemorelmat: Looks like you're backing it up there14:09
Jack^^vfw: in the process now..14:09
lmatBy that I mean, Is resolv.conf.auto read.14:09
lmatblazemore: thanks.14:09
vfwJack^^: Very good.14:10
blazemorelmat: although the ".auto" prefix is a little unconventional (I'd expect to see .old or .bak), perhaps they mean "this is the copy of resolv.conf with automatic configuration"14:10
Jack^^vfw: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.14:10
lmatblazemore: I was thinking the same thing; perhaps you're right.14:10
Jack^^ vfw: still the same.14:11
vfw!info dnsmasq | lmat14:12
ubottulmat: dnsmasq (source: dnsmasq): Small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.65-1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 15 kB, installed size 110 kB14:12
Jack^^vfw: http://imagebin.org/26769514:12
blazemoreJack^^: Has it ever worked?14:12
Jack^^blazemore: it worked before i upgrade. =.="14:13
Jack^^i upgrade it yesterday14:13
blazemoreJack^^: Does it work when you select an older kernel from the Grub menu?14:13
vfw!paste | Jack^^14:13
ubottuJack^^: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:13
Jack^^how to select older kernel? @@"14:13
blazemoreJack^^: Hold Shift when the computer is turning on to get the Grub menu14:13
vfw!pastebinit  | Jack^^14:14
ubottuJack^^: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com14:14
Jack^^blazemore: have to restart the computer if i want to go grub menu?14:14
blazemore!grub | Yes Jack^^ , Grub is the bootloader14:15
ubottuYes Jack^^ , Grub is the bootloader: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub214:15
pl2I just installed ubuntu-restricted-extras and it still can't play dvds. Did a restart for good measure, but still no go.. anything i'm missing maybe?14:15
blazemore!dvd | even after following the instructions here?14:15
ubottueven after following the instructions here?: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats14:15
vfwJack^^: http://nims11.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/hostapd-the-linux-way-to-create-virtual-wifi-access-point/comment-page-3/14:15
blazemorevfw: sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh14:16
Jack^^vfw: i follow this link to do it just now.. can't work.. still have those error..14:16
Jack^^it used to work when i follow this link.14:16
blazemoreJack^^: Does it work when you select an older kernel from the Grub menu?14:17
loke_ercI'm reading the manpage for nfs(5) and under the description of proto=netid, they say the following: "f an NFS server has both an IPv4 and an  IPv6  address, using a specific netid will force the use of IPv4 or IPv6 networking to communicate with  that server.". What value for "netid" should I use to force ipv6?14:17
Jack^^i haven't restarted the  computer and try it14:17
VellikActionPa1snip: is there a way of managin multiple users the same way but without the userful multiseat docking?14:17
vfwJack^^: I don't know about hostapd, maybe someone else can help.14:18
blazemoreloke_erc: Presumably the relevant IP address14:18
loke_ercblazemore: No. I figured it out. It's "tcp6" or "udp6"14:18
Jack^^vfw: do u know any way to setup AP with the password protected? :( my tablet or any other device can connect to my netbook and share the internet because it is not password protected.14:18
pl2blazemore, ahh forgot to run install-css.sh.14:19
nihadis this about unbutu14:19
blazemorenihad: Please read the /topic14:19
auronandacenihad: this is the ubuntu support channel14:19
MonkeyDustnihad  type /topic14:19
vfwJack^^: No14:19
nihadi need help14:19
VellikWhere are you from, nihad?14:20
blazemorenihad: ask a question then14:20
vfwnihad: With _________________ ?14:20
ActionPa1snipVellik: you can make a multiseat system without userful, its just a bit of effort, you will be amnipulating xorg.conf to setup the sessions etc14:20
vfwnihad: There are over 1500 nicks on this channel.  Keep your comments clear and on one line, don't get lost in the crowd and we will try to help.14:21
nihadi have a vista cd but i annot install because of nfct14:21
MonkeyDustnihad  better ask in ##windows14:21
vfwnihad: What is nfct?14:21
VellikActionPa1snip: Hm.. I'll check out the xorg.conf file to see if I can handle. Thanks a lot.14:22
vfwnihad: Keep in mind, this is #ubuntu and the topic here is Ubuntu Support.14:22
ActionPa1snipNickeeh: as in ##windows14:27
drmeiste_Ubuntu on Virtualbox on OS X -- Does anyone know how to increase the default screen resolution from 1024x768?  The instructions I find on the net appear to be out of date.14:32
auronandacedrmeiste_: you will at least need the guest additions14:32
MKCoinHey, just did a fresh install of 12.04.2 and have decided to use Unity. How do I edit the command line parameters of icons in the launcher menu?14:33
IdleOneMKCoin: They have .desktop files in ~/Desktop14:34
MKCoin~/Desktop is empty.14:34
drmeiste_auronandace: Thanks - I'll google that.14:34
IdleOneMKCoin: maybe they are hidden?14:35
MKCoinNope, nothing. If I could just get the directory for the launcher icons I'm sure I can fix it14:36
MKCointhe shortcuts in the menu, bro :V14:36
=== drmeiste_ is now known as drmeister_
IdleOneMKCoin: I know, search your file system for *.desktop14:37
MonkeyDustMKCoin  in ~/.local/share/applications/14:39
IdleOnethank you MonkeyDust14:39
MKCoinstrange, that folder doesn't even exist for me.14:40
IdleOneMKCoin: you did put the . in front of local right?14:41
MKCoinYes. I'm not new to Ubuntu, just new to Unity heh14:42
shafirecould someone send me "libc.so.6" (x64) please?14:42
IdleOneMKCoin: just making sure :)14:42
Nach0zunitysux kthx14:43
IdleOneNach0z: that is very helpful.14:43
Nach0zhelpful part is to revert to ubuntu classic if you run into issues14:44
Nach0zI've got a radeon 6770M and I still run into issues with unity14:45
MKCoinIt does seem to be an enormous step back in usability. It's been half an hour and I haven't been able to create a shortcut I need.14:45
MonkeyDustNach0z  do you switch to a different DE, everytime something goes wrong?14:45
vfwshafire: What happened to yours?14:46
Nach0zMonkeyDust: typically, yes. usually I just revert to LXDE and it makes my life easier.14:46
shafireI am not using glibc, but I have a binary, which is linked against glibc.14:46
vfwshafire: Maybe just reinstall libc14:47
x-s4nd3rHello everybody!14:47
shafirevfw: I am not using ubuntu :) Hoped for help from a distro, which uses glibc14:47
vfwshafire: Oh..14:47
IdleOneMKCoin: run the app and then right click on the launcherm you should be able to pin it to the launcher bar.14:47
vfwshafire:  YOu can't install it on yours?14:48
shafireNo, we don't use glibc14:48
vfwshafire: See my pm14:48
IdleOneshafire: download it from packages.ubuntu.com if you need to14:49
zludeSomeone know a software(command line) to get text from images? i use something like it a long time ago but i don't remember the name :/14:53
MKCoinOk I made the shortcuts manually. How do I mark them as 'trusted'?14:53
TJ-shafire: Ubuntu uses eglibc, just in case you're not aware14:54
TJ-zlude: "strings" maybe?14:55
shafireTJ-: ah, didn't know, thanks14:55
TJ-zlude: Or do you mean literally, optical character recognition of bitmapped text?14:55
TJ-shafire: It is installed as libc6 though14:55
bhavesh"uptime" command says "20:27:47 up  1:07,  2 users,  load average: 2.48, 3.24, 3.05" Why does it say 2 users? I am the only one using my computer14:58
amminibhavesh: w would show the other user15:00
bhaveshammini: it says both users are me15:00
amminibhavesh: Doh! Then you logged in two sessions15:01
bhaveshammini: erm, one is gnome-session and another one is "w" http://i.imgur.com/eScg4MM.png15:02
x-s4nd3rbhavesh; that is one goodlooking desktop!15:02
bhaveshx-s4nd3r: thank you15:03
babinlonstonUsing Ubuntu 13.04 And its Update were Up to date , But there is a Notification Appears in Top Near to Date and Time , Showing a ! Mark Inside Triangle , If i Click it there is a Message as  The Update Information is Outdated. This is Caused By Network Problems or by a Repository that is no long available. Please update manully by selecting 'Show updates' from the indicator menu, and watching for any failing repositories . if i update , its shows as T15:04
x-s4nd3ris that 13.04, bhavesh?15:04
ikoniabhavesh: 2 session, 1 your desktop 2 the terminal15:04
bhaveshx-s4nd3r: nope, its 12.04.2 LTS15:04
bhaveshikonia: okay, ty.15:04
x-s4nd3r13.04 or 12.04? which should I get?15:05
MonkeyDustx-s4nd3r  12.04 if you want long support, 13.04 if you want the latest stuff, it's up to you15:05
holsteinbabinlonston: that could be just what it says.. if you added a ppa, and its "bad", or if the information is "out of date".. i would run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" in a terminal.. and check for errors15:06
x-s4nd3rMonkeyDust: 13.04 doesn't have long support?15:06
jpdsx-s4nd3r: No.15:07
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ - Release notes: http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/13.0415:07
rokonany one using ubuntu 10.04 netbook in dual boot with win 7 i am facing problem15:07
x-s4nd3rthen why would anyone download 13.04 if they don't have long support?15:07
holsteinx-s4nd3r: 9 months from the time of release AFAIK..15:07
x-s4nd3r12.04 is the previous version and it HAS More long support?15:07
bhaveshx-s4nd3r: 13.04 is supported for 9 months, 12.04 is supported for.. 5 years. Also 12.04 is more stable15:07
x-s4nd3r9 months? what.15:07
holsteinx-s4nd3r: folks use the regular releases becuase they are new.. and the LTS's becuase they are supported longer15:07
rokoni need help15:07
bhaveshrokon: just ask your question.15:08
x-s4nd3rwhy is 12.04 supported longer?15:08
x-s4nd3rand what is the meaning of 'stable distros'15:08
MonkeyDustx-s4nd3r  http://ubuntuone.com/4ayHg2YG9X77HXtehm8Mts15:08
holsteinx-s4nd3r: because it is a long term support15:08
rokonit stuck on black screen ?15:08
jpds!lts | x-s4nd3r15:08
bhaveshx-s4nd3r: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS15:08
ubottux-s4nd3r: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)15:08
babinlonstonholstein: checking  let u know after its finish15:08
rokonwant am i do15:08
holsteinx-s4nd3r: they are not intentded or guaranteed more or less "stable"..just longer time of support15:08
holstein!10.04 | rokon15:09
ubotturokon: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu.  Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support continues. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.15:09
holsteinrokon: try 12.04 and/or 13.04 and let us know.. desktop support for 10.04 has ended15:09
jpdsholstein: They are intended to be more stable, they have a more conservative development cycle.15:09
babinlonstonholstein: yes u right some error came please have a note on my paste bin http://paste.ubuntu.com/5989354/15:10
holsteinjpds: nothing says that, officially and i find that misleading..15:10
abdelkarimi am using 10.04 lts15:10
ubottuUbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) was the fourteenth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on October 28, 2012. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.15:10
rokoni am using packard bell kav6015:10
holsteinjpds: the "regular" releases are not intended to be "unstable"15:10
jpdsholstein: It's just how it's done in the development cycle.15:10
rokonnot support that15:10
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) was the fifteenth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 9, 2013. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.15:10
jpdsholstein: No, as in introducting newer versions of packages, etc, in the mentality.15:10
holsteinjpds: nothing states that, officially.. officially the different is this.. the support cycle15:10
jpdsholstein: Dude.15:11
x-s4nd3rso, 13.04 or 12.04, is 12.04 full of bugs then? since it's a previous version and 13.04 obviously has a few bugs fixed, new things added, some things fixed...etc15:11
rokonwhat am i do15:11
Mastablastajust do 13.04 man iuts cool15:11
jpdsx-s4nd3r: All software has bugs.15:11
holsteinrokon: 12.04 and/or 13.04 support netbooks..15:11
bekksx-s4nd3r: 12.04 gets backports, security fixes, etc. - and it is supported from than three times longer than 13.0415:11
abdelkarimrokon: you need to fix the bootloader15:11
MonkeyDustx-s4nd3r  bugs are fixed with each update, nothing is bug-less15:11
jpdsholstein: It even says it in the page you linked to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS#Release_Plan_Details15:11
rokoni know i have try nomodeset15:12
rokonand noapic15:12
x-s4nd3rwhat is new in 13.04? I mean, what's the difference between 12.04 and 13.04?15:12
jpdsx-s4nd3r: Why not try both of them, and see for yourself?15:12
MonkeyDustx-s4nd3r  any 13.04 review will tell you15:12
holsteinjpds: the "in between" releases are *not* testing releases.. and i agree it is confusing, and challenging to convey to new users15:12
abdelkarimhow to get google chrome for ubuntu ?15:13
Mastablastait's running better then vista did a inbetween release lol15:13
x-s4nd3rMonkeyDust: why can't you tell me?15:13
holsteinjpds: more conservative is not necessarily more stable.. or intended to be that.. though, that could be a by-product of that goal15:13
Nach0zabdelkarim: download from google15:13
jpdsx-s4nd3r: Why can't you just go and see for yourself?15:13
Mastablastajust use 13.04 man what are u so worried about15:14
bhaveshx-s4nd3r: google it yourself.15:14
MonkeyDustx-s4nd3r  because this is support and the review tells more than I15:14
Mastablastau must have problem choosing toothpase and stuff to eat lol15:14
x-s4nd3rbhavesh: you could have said that in a more respectable way.15:14
jpdsx-s4nd3r: If you're running Ubuntu on a large number of systems for a large number of people, use 12.04 LTS.15:14
bhaveshx-s4nd3r: yes, I could've15:14
ocooelHow does Ubuntu 12.04.2 go as far as syncing and iPhone..?15:15
Mastablastait's not a mac where if you update its gonan break lol15:15
ubottuAs our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.15:15
MonkeyDustx-s4nd3r  here's a review http://www.zdnet.com/ubuntu-13-04-raring-ringtail-review-7000014497/15:15
holsteinocooel: nothing about ubuntu/linux prevents an iphone from syncing.. i understand sycning depends on itunes support..15:16
ocooelMastablasta: Cheers.15:17
ocooelholstein: I don't need to sync for backups or updates since iPhone introduced over the air updates. Just music, video, photos, etc.15:18
rxscabinI am wondering if there are any special concerns about upgrading from 12.10 to 13.04.15:18
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) release notes can be found here http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/13.0415:19
rxscabinI mean other than those.15:19
holsteinocooel: i dont have the hardware.. but if it shows up as a hard drive, you drag things over to it.. if not, you run what is reqired, which ubuntu nor linux prevent from running15:20
ocooelrxscabin: Backups are king when considering an upgrade15:20
ocooelholstein: It is showing up like an ext hdd would.15:20
ocooelThat is easy then :-)15:20
x-s4nd3rI have 4GB ram, can I run Ubuntu lightning fast on my computer?15:21
bhaveshx-s4nd3r: yes, also depends on your graphics card15:21
holsteinocooel: in theory, its drag and drop sync then.. again, i dont have the hardware15:22
bhaveshx-s4nd3r: and processor, will you be using default Unity? DE's matter too15:22
x-s4nd3rprocessor is 1280.00mHz15:23
x-s4nd3rAMD E-50 Processor15:23
x-s4nd3rAMD E-350 Processor*15:23
bhaveshx-s4nd3r: and graphics card?15:23
x-s4nd3rbhavesh: how can I check that?15:23
ocooelholstein: TY. I'm just not sure if there's a way to create and save a backup on linux yet, but I'll continue to use iCloud and that way don't need iTunes.15:23
xanguax-s4nd3r: you can just try a live session and see for yourself, you know¿  ;)15:24
holsteinocooel: good luck!.. i hope it works out for you15:24
bhaveshx-s4nd3r: Open up "Terminal", and type: lspci | grep VGA15:24
Mastablastahttp://postimg.org/image/4fjg0xzf9/ that's my setup right now15:24
SkizuHey my server seems to be having with issues using thing's such as curl {and fopen() in PHP} I'm getting a (6) Couldn't resolve host can anyone help?15:24
ocooelholstein: Do you know where I can read about iPhone and GNU/Linux..?15:24
holsteinSkizu: can you ping the hosts?15:24
MonkeyDust!ipĥone | ocooel start here15:25
ocooelI'll try the community and forums, but it's hard to word it right for the search.15:25
holsteinocooel: not really.. i mean, ideally, iPhone would (and is welcome to) support the operating system you are choosing to use15:25
MonkeyDust!iphone | ocooel start here15:25
ubottuocooel start here: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod15:25
ocooelholstein, MonkeyDust: TY15:25
x-s4nd3rmy graphics card is: 00:01.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Wrestler [Radeon HD 6310]15:25
somsipSkizu: does the host name exist? Does it fail for all host names?15:26
Skizuholstein: I get unknown host15:26
SkizuI can ping lets say google15:26
ubotturockbox is an open source firmware replacement for audio players from Archos, iRiver, Apple (iPod), and iAudio. See http://www.rockbox.org/ to get started!15:26
holsteinSkizu: could be as simple as setting the dns settings on the server then15:26
MonkeyDustx-s4nd3r  try it with a live cd or usb15:26
SkizuAnything externally, but internal sites hate it15:26
SkizuI'm new and haven't configurated anything, would you be able to talk me through it quickly?15:27
holsteinSkizu: internal sites? can you refer to them by IP?15:27
nemishanyone know of a way to use physical disk as memory (not swap)… someone mentioned to me there is another way??15:27
somsipSkizu: are you using IPs or hostnames? If you're using hostnames, have you added them to /etc/hosts?15:27
x-s4nd3rMonkeyDust: is my graphics card good?15:27
bhaveshx-s4nd3r: Ubuntu will work pretty well, just don't forget to install proprety drivers if the pre included ones do not work well. Also if you want a faster UI experience, try LUbuntu15:27
MonkeyDustx-s4nd3r  see above, try it to find out, would be the best way15:27
babinlonstonNo one there to help ?15:28
Skizusomsip: By their full http url15:28
MonkeyDustx-s4nd3r  are you familiar with the concept of a live cd or usb?15:28
Skizuholstein: The rubbish I've been given to worth with work via a full http url, so i'm able to make it go off IP15:28
somsipSkizu: and http://media-server are both valid URLs. Are you using FQDNs or IPs?15:28
bhaveshx-s4nd3r: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110115121843AANdYK415:29
wilee-nileex-s4nd3r, Proprietary drivers from the manufacturer do not follow kernel upgrades at time be prepared for that if your in that position.15:29
Skizusomsip: What's FQDNs?15:29
SkizuThey're not IPs..15:29
bekksfull qualified domain names.15:29
somsipSkizu: Fully Qualiies Domain Name. Or justa hostname. Then can you ping the hostname?15:29
x-s4nd3rso is it good, bhavesh?15:30
IdleOne!usb | x-s4nd3r15:30
ubottux-s4nd3r: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:30
IdleOnex-s4nd3r: try it and find out15:30
wilee-nileebhavesh, Your yahoo link has nothing to do with ubuntu running those drivers.15:30
wilee-nileegraphic setup*15:31
Skizusomsip: Ah appears I've not set up a FQDN, how would I go about doing that, explains me warning from apache :D15:31
bhaveshwilee-nilee: true, he asked me if his graphics card is good\15:31
IdleOnebhavesh: be helpful or you will be leaving this channel.15:31
wilee-nileebhavesh, You have to be ubuntu centric!!!!15:31
somsipSkizu: not necessarily needed for outgoing connections. Can you 'ping hostname' and does it work? If not, it wont work any better with fopen() or curl*() in PHP15:32
Skizusomsip: Nope I get unknown host15:32
x-s4nd3rif ubuntu 13.04's support is....finished...then I will be ignored on #ubuntu? like I won't get help?15:32
somsipSkizu: do you have the IP for that hostname? Can you ping that?15:32
SkizuPings nicely via ip but I can't curl the IP sadly15:33
abdelkarimi have prb with ubuntu 10.04 lts ,about sound i have headphones working but speakers not working15:33
somsipSkizu: Do you know if IPs are static or allocated dynamically?15:33
wilee-nileex-s4nd3r, In general yes, 12.04 has 5 years support.15:33
MonkeyDustx-s4nd3r  no, you'll have to upgrade to 13.1015:33
Skizusomsip: If I give it a FQHN I wouldn't need to add it to /etc/hosts?15:33
MonkeyDustx-s4nd3r  or to a supported lts, of course15:34
x-s4nd3rwilee-nilee: how can I try out Ubuntu online? there was something on ubuntu. I don't remember15:34
DJonesabdelkarim: Support for desktop editions of 10.04 ended in May, its no longer supported in the Ubuntu channels15:34
xanguaabdelkarim: upgrade to a supported ubuntu version ;)15:34
Skizusomsip: At the moment it's only local, but the box ip is handle via hdcp15:34
somsipSkizu: yes, like '    media-server'. But if they are not static, they might fall out of date. Hence my question15:34
x-s4nd3rhttp://www.ubuntu.com/tour/en/ yea15:34
MonkeyDustx-s4nd3r  a live cd or usb would be the easiest way to try it15:34
x-s4nd3rhttp://www.ubuntu.com/tour/en/ what about this15:34
wilee-nileex-s4nd3r, Download the iso and load a usb, or burn a dvd, as MonkeyDust suggests.15:34
Skizusomsip: they will always be calling to localhost15:35
x-s4nd3ris there a torrent for ubuntu15:35
Skizusomsip: or
xanguax-s4nd3r: is just a tour...as suggest the link15:35
ubottuSome torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), !Frostwire (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/help/faq - See also !P2P15:35
IdleOnehmm not what i wanted15:35
somsipSkizu: you aren't calling different machines? You're only making fopen() or curl*() to the smae machine?15:35
jacksparrow007_I have a VM running ubuntu 10.04 on a remote server. I want to do remote dektop login from my windows 7 machine. What is the procedure? What client do I use?15:35
wilee-nileejacksparrow007_, This a canonical ubuntu release, and a server or desktop?15:36
MonkeyDustx-s4nd3r  scroll down http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads15:36
IdleOnex-s4nd3r: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads15:36
Skizusomsip: It's an internal curl, a messy cron by some crap code which I'm not allowed to change15:36
jacksparrow007_wilee-nilee: its a server15:36
wilee-nileejacksparrow007_, From canonical?15:37
somsipSkizu: but it's calling the same machine, not a different one? If your default vhost is setup to route the request correctly, use localhost15:37
jacksparrow007_wilee-nilee: how do i check that?15:37
Skizusomsip: So to get it to hit itself, I'll have to add the site to hosts?15:37
wilee-nileejacksparrow007_, Where sis you get the image?15:38
somsipSkizu: localhost should be in /etc/hosts already unless something is wrong15:38
yahyaacan someone please help me with evolution???15:38
x-s4nd3rwhy does PRISM-BREAK does not recommend Ubuntu? http://prism-break.org is a website which lists the programs that are....monitored by NSA or NSA have some control over it, and they give alternatives.15:38
ikoniax-s4nd3r: ask them15:38
holsteinyahyaa: ask with details, and we'll see if a volunteer can help15:38
x-s4nd3rhttp://prism-break.org mind taking a look at this, wilee-nilee & MonkeyDust?15:38
x-s4nd3ralright, ikonia15:38
jacksparrow007_wilee-nilee: its ubuntu 10.04 lucid15:38
holsteinx-s4nd3r: you'll need to ask them..15:38
yahyaawhen i setup my account with evolution, it doesnt connect to my gmail account??15:39
jacksparrow007_wilee-nilee: 10.04 lucid LTS15:39
jacksparrow007_wilee-nilee: does that help?15:39
Skizusomsip: It's in there but the cron isn't on http://localhost it's on http://asite.com15:39
wilee-nileejacksparrow007_, Cool, we have seen external builds of ubuntu just making sure it is the supported version, others can help with your access question. ;)15:40
somsipSkizu: so your calling the machine that is running the webserver from another machine?15:40
rosco_yI just got a problem report popup with some detail about com.ubuntu.apport.apport-gtk-root, should I be concerned about this?15:40
holsteinyahyaa: i would check the credentials.. 2 factor auth in gmail would break that..15:40
somsipSkizu: and you're working on the webserver? Do you have access to the other machine?15:40
wilee-nileex-s4nd3r, None of that matters to me, prism that is, and an opinion not support.15:40
SkizuMachine1 is calling Machine1 via it's FQDN(Which isn't set up)15:41
jacksparrow007_somebody help? Need to remote desktop login to my ubuntu 10.04(on server) from my windows 7 laptop15:41
ikonia!rdesktop | jacksparrow007_15:41
Skizujacksparrow007_: putty15:41
holsteinjacksparrow007_: 10.04 server has no "desktop", you can ssh into it with putty15:41
ikoniajacksparrow007_: there is a remote desktop application15:41
ikoniajacksparrow007_: however you'll need to setup an actually desktop running on the server15:42
jacksparrow007_i cant get the full GUI?15:42
somsipSkizu: if I understand you correctly, add ' asite.com' to /etc/hosts15:42
ikoniajacksparrow007_: you can install a full gui15:42
ikoniajacksparrow007_: install the meta pacakge "ubuntu-desktop"15:42
Skizusomsip: Is there any other way so it's some what automated, as there will potentially be 100+ sites on here?15:42
holsteinjacksparrow007_: you will want to use putty via ssh to keep the server as it is15:43
Makinitx-s4nd3r: "Canonical’s Ubuntu is not recommended by PRISM Break because it contains Amazon ads and data leaks by default. GNU/Linux distributions based on Ubuntu are also currently not recommended due to several other reasons."15:43
zykotick9ikonia: i'd doubt ubuntu-desktop is actually supported on the server version (not all packages are, now that desktop is EOL)15:43
ikoniaMakinit: please don't make things up15:43
x-s4nd3rwilee-nilee: it is not an opinion, privacy is really important these days.15:43
MakinitI´m quoting their homepage15:43
ikoniaMakinit: that website is nthing to do with this channel - ask the website owner why its not included15:43
x-s4nd3rikonia, check out http://prism-break.org please.15:43
ikoniax-s4nd3r: no - I don't need to , I know what it is15:43
jacksparrow007_holstein: i want full GUI not just ssh15:43
DJonesx-s4nd3r: That website has nothing to do with Ubuntu15:44
rokonwhich ubuntu good for Processor Type:Intel Atom N28015:44
rokonProcessor Speed:1.66GHz15:44
rokonRAM Size:1GB15:44
holsteinjacksparrow007_: then, install what you like..15:44
ikoniazykotick9: he can move the repo to old-release.ubuntu.com15:44
ikoniazykotick9: but a fair point15:44
holsteinjacksparrow007_: i would install a supported desktop version.. 12.04 or 13.0415:44
x-s4nd3rDJones, "Canonical’s Ubuntu is not recommended by PRISM Break because it contains Amazon ads and data leaks by default. GNU/Linux distributions based on Ubuntu are also currently not recommended due to several other reasons." I am confused at this.15:44
wilee-nileex-s4nd3r, That is your opinion15:44
tmmunqwhat are those default data leaks? i dont use default installs15:44
jacksparrow007_i dont have that kind of permission :p15:44
Skizusomsip: I haven't set up any vhost stuff?15:44
ikoniax-s4nd3r: then ASK the WEBHOST for his reasons, it's nothing to do wtih this project15:44
jacksparrow007_i got the VM from my company15:44
x-s4nd3rtmmunq, it's added in ubuntu by default15:44
DJonesx-s4nd3r: It has nothing to do with Ubuntu, last warning, please do not keep commenting on that in this channel15:44
xanguarokon: lubuntu or xubuntu...kde with no efects runs fine too15:45
holsteinx-s4nd3r: amazon adds and unity lenses are "optional" if you feel they are doing something you dont like.. otherwise, we dont maintain that site or support it here15:45
somsipSkizu: you wil have a vhost for each site. If you have a cronjob calling 'curl http://a-aite.com' it will be routed according to the vhost file that matches 'ServerName asite.com' and will access the PHP files in the vhost too, eg 'DocumentRoot /var/www/asite'15:45
Skizusomsip: Soooo I need to set up my vhost :)15:46
jacksparrow007_ikonia: If i install ubuntu-desktop i'll be able to login?15:46
abdelkarimwhen installing chrome it says: Dependency is not satisfiable: gconf-service15:46
somsipSkizu: yes, and a hosts entry for each one if you are going to have 100s of cronjobs 'curl http://asite.com...curl http://bsite.com...etc'15:46
ikoniajacksparrow007_: sure15:46
zykotick9jacksparrow007_: if you want a GUI, i'd strongly suggest NOT using 10.04 and using something "supported" in the desktop realm15:47
yahyaaok what credentials do I check and where? And I am running Kubuntu 13.4!15:47
holsteinjacksparrow007_: you can "login" now.. without a GUI.. if you install a gui, you can run or forward a GUI.. 10.04 for the desktop is EOL15:47
SkizuThey aren't true cron jobs but it's fine ok I'll do that one moment15:47
holsteinyahyaa: the gmail credentials15:47
holsteinyahyaa: you are running 13.0415:48
bhaveshabdelkarim: Are you trying to install Google Chrome?15:48
zludeSomeone know a software(command line) to get text from images? i use something like it a long time ago but i don't remember the name :/15:48
holsteinabdelkarim: in what? 13.04?15:48
abdelkarimno ;) in 10.0415:48
holsteinabdelkarim: 10.04 is not supported any longer..15:49
yahyaadont need to check that, I know all of my info, when I set it up using Thunderbird it (thunderbird) works just fine, when I try to use evolution it doesnt connect!15:49
yahyaayes 13.0415:49
bhaveshabdelkarim: After downloading the .deb from chrome.google.com, try installing it from the terminal with "sudo dpkg -i path/to/file.deb", it will show you which libraries are missing.15:49
abdelkarimok i will try it15:50
holsteinyahyaa: then use thunderbird.. and report a bug for evolution15:50
bhaveshabdelkarim: You can then try to install those libraries individually.15:50
lenzeorHey guys? Is it possible that Ubuntu doesnt support some harddrives?15:50
jacksparrow007_ikonia: It says ubuntu-desktop is already the newest version15:50
jacksparrow007_what next?15:50
Mastablastano you got to have it partition right15:50
yahyaaknow how to report a bug, new to this, however, it works fine with ubuntu15:50
ikoniajacksparrow007_: then it's already installed15:50
jacksparrow007_how do i login?15:51
holsteinyahyaa: what works fine with ubuntu?15:51
jacksparrow007_do i need to enable x11 forwarding or something?15:51
ikoniajacksparrow007_: you have to have X configured and running, with a login manager, such as GDM running15:51
holsteinyahyaa: kubuntu *is* ubuntu.. i think and still suggest checking the credentials again.. remaking the account.. i think you have something misconfigured15:51
jacksparrow007_ikonia: sorry, i didnt understand that15:51
bhaveshyahyaa: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs15:52
SkizuHow would I go about reading a files content if I don't have permission to edit it?15:52
yahyaai checked everything, user name pword, ports, everything15:52
yahyaaok i will try that15:52
holsteinyahyaa: dont "check".. remove the account ans start over15:52
SkizuSo I can't nano it as I don't have permission to edit, but I have permission to run it15:52
somsipSkizu: cat file15:52
yahyaadoes it matter if i have two mail clients installed?15:53
somsipSkizu: less might be easier with a long file15:53
bekksSkizu: You dont need edit permissions (aka write) to read a file.15:53
yahyaai have removed the account over and over it still wont connect15:53
jacksparrow007_ikonia: How do i configure X? How do i run GDM?15:53
holstein!bug > yahyaa15:53
ubottuyahyaa, please see my private message15:53
Skizubekks: I know, I just didn't know how to read it...hence I asked how to read it....15:54
holsteinjacksparrow007_: i suggest, if you want a destkop OS, install a supported desktop os.. otherwise, you can configure the server you are running to startx and run a desktop if you want15:54
kenshiroHi, what is the release date for Ubuntu 12.04.3 ?15:54
jacksparrow007_holstein: installing another OS is not an option for me :(15:55
beankenshiro: that answer is a simple google away, but it's the 22nd of this month15:55
jacksparrow007_how do i run a desktop?15:55
holsteinjacksparrow007_: what desktop? and how are you tyring to run it where? in what scenario?15:55
abdelkarimcan i upgrade ubuntu from iso image(i have in my hdd) of a higher version ?15:56
L-samaabdelkarim yes, if u installed that iso15:56
auronandacekenshiro: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule15:56
bhaveshkennyvb: 22nd August 201315:56
jacksparrow007_holstein: no, you said i can run a desktop if i want15:56
kenshirobean auronandace ok, thank you ! :-)15:56
holsteinjacksparrow007_: correct.. what desktop are you trying to run? and why? and where?15:56
bhaveshkennyvb: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule15:56
jacksparrow007_i have ubuntu 10.04 on my server. I want to remote login with full gui access15:57
abdelkarimwhat you mean by installing i don't to loose my current programs15:57
holsteinjacksparrow007_: sure.. but desktop (full gui support) for 10.04 is EOL15:57
jacksparrow007_holstein: sorry, what is EOL?15:57
beanend of life.15:57
Skizusomsip: Ok that's set up15:58
SkizuI can now ping it15:58
holsteinjacksparrow007_: if you are  at a local machine, that is running ubuntu server 10.04, and you have installed ubuntu-desktop, you should reboot it and see a login scren15:58
SkizuBut if I curl it just hangs15:58
bhaveshabdelkarim: From which version are you trying to upgrade to which newer version?15:58
holsteinjacksparrow007_: what hardware is this on? is this a local machine? what are you tyring to do?15:58
jacksparrow007_no, the ubuntu is on a remote server15:58
somsipSkizu: is the webpage your are curl()ing respoding correctly?15:58
beanjacksparrow007_: is it a small VPS?15:58
holsteinjacksparrow007_: then, you may not be allowed to do what you are trying to do15:58
abdelkarim<bhavesh> from 10.04 to 12.1015:59
holsteinjacksparrow007_: then, you can forward x applications individually (maybe, if the host allows that) via ssh15:59
bhaveshabdelkarim: You can only upgrade from an LTS version (10.04) to another LTS version (12.04), but generally a clean reinstall is recommended15:59
SkizuI'm using curl in ssh, when I visit the url it resolves fine and replies with the expected content15:59
bhaveshabdelkarim: First you will need to upgrade to 12.04 and then to 12.1016:00
somsipSkizu: post your curl command or try wget16:00
holsteinjacksparrow007_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/PortForwarding#Forwarding_GUI_Programs16:00
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holsteinjacksparrow007_: otherwise, you are limited to what the host provides, which is not a desktop os..16:01
holsteinjacksparrow007_: you will ask the vps for support, since we dont know how it is configured16:01
L-samaLTS editions are the bests16:01
abdelkarimbhavesh yes the update manager told me that16:01
L-samaah k so its not an iso image16:02
jacksparrow007_holstein: I have sudo access, so i can change the configurations myself.16:02
holsteinjacksparrow007_: so, you read the link i provided and try it.. if it doesnt work, you ask the host.. they provide ubuntu for you16:02
VellikExcuse me guys. I can install edubuntu from the command line right now if I want, can't I? I'm on ubuntu 12.10.16:03
Skizusomsip:I used wget and it resolves but doesn't connect16:03
somsipSkizu: paste the curl command and the URL you are using the the browser that works16:04
holsteinVellik: i would just search the package manager of your choice for "edubuntu" and install what you like.. but you dont need to install edubuntu to run the applications16:05
Vellikinteresting.. thank you, holstein.16:05
IdleOneVellik: you can do sudo apt-get install edubuntu-desktop . You would then need to log out and select the edubuntu session in the Session manager. but like holstein pointed out you can install just the single apps and they will run.16:06
VellikIdleOne: so the diferences between the distros is really just the environment..16:07
IdleOneVellik: there are other differences but none that prevent you from installing apps from one another.16:08
ActionPa1snipVellik: you can run KDE apps in Gnome if you wish, you will install a lot of deps but it will work16:09
beanjacksparrow007_: keep in mind the limitations of a VPS, if you have a small amount of memory running a desktop could be a bad bad idea.16:09
VellikIdleOne: actually what I am trying to install here is the userful multiseat docking. I was just wondering what could possibly be the obstacle for no to do it.16:09
jacksparrow007_bean: but I still didnt get how to run a desktop :(16:10
Vellik*not doing it.16:10
beanjacksparrow007_: how much memory is on your server?16:10
jacksparrow007_bean: how do i check?16:10
beanpastebin the output of "free -m"16:10
beanon the server16:11
IdleOneVellik: I don't know what userful multiseat is, are you having problems installing it and where does it come from?16:11
ActionPa1snipjacksparrow007_: sudo apt-get install pastebinit; free -m | pastebinit16:11
x-s4nd3rhow can I get rid of Unity in live session?16:12
x-s4nd3rand change to Classic Ubuntu (in live session)16:12
jacksparrow007_total - 200916:12
usr13x-s4nd3r: Get another CD (or ISO to burn to CD).16:12
jacksparrow007_used - 154216:12
ActionPa1snipx-s4nd3r: install gnome-panel   the n set the password for the 'ubuntu' account and log off then log in to the new session with the password16:12
jacksparrow007_free - 46716:12
ActionPa1snipjacksparrow007_: or:    free -m | head -n 2 | tail -n 1 | awk {'print $2'}16:12
beanjacksparrow007_: can you please pastebin the whole output16:12
ActionPa1snipjacksparrow007_: will show available system RAM16:12
x-s4nd3rUnity is annoying.16:13
VellikIdleOne: www.userful.com/products/userful-multiseat16:13
ActionPa1snipx-s4nd3r: its not for everyone16:13
x-s4nd3rActionPa1snip, after gnome-panel installation, I do "adduser ubuntu"16:13
usr13x-s4nd3r: So use one of the others.16:13
x-s4nd3rand then "passwd ubuntu"16:13
x-s4nd3rthat's it?16:13
ActionPa1snipx-s4nd3r: ubuntu is already a userm you want:  passwd ubuntu16:13
x-s4nd3rActionPa1snip: how can I change to Classic Ubuntu in login screen?16:14
x-s4nd3rright click?16:14
VellikIdleOne: I haven't installed it yet. I wanna be sure it's worth buying it, because I'm short of money to build a cyber cafe.16:14
ironhalikHello. I'm looking for a solution that would keep a backup between my external hard drive and my PC up to date, that would work for both windows and linux. Any ideas?16:14
ikoniaironhalik: rsync is a common tool and there is a windows version16:14
ActionPa1snipx-s4nd3r: select it next to the ubuntu username16:14
IdleOneVellik: I would suggest you contact them and make sure they support Ubuntu and any other info you may need. We don't do third party support here.16:14
daftykinsironhalik: there's a nice windows powertoy called 'SyncToy'16:14
jacksparrow007_bean: http://pastebin.com/m1wKVNtv16:15
x-s4nd3rthank you ActionPa1snip16:15
ironhalikikonia: can I set rsync so that it will make buckups in a 'push' way? Every time a file is changed? Or on a scheduled basis?16:15
VellikOh. My bad, then, indeed. Thank you IdleOne.16:15
ikoniaironhalik: you can't really do it "on change" you just need to schedule it at regular times16:15
beanalright, jacksparrow007_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerGUI seems to be useful16:16
IdleOneVellik: sure thing16:16
beanspecifically the "full desktop" section16:16
ironhalikikonia: well, I guess I'll look into it. I wounder if rsync-updated files would mess up wd smartware backups (if smart ware is journaling the backups in any way, etc)16:17
ironhalikor keeping a log16:17
daftykinssmartware is absolutely dire16:17
jacksparrow007_bean: I have installed ubuntu-desktop16:17
ironhalikdaftykins: SyncToy looks decently light :)16:17
jacksparrow007_dont know how to remote login now16:17
beanjacksparrow007_: you'll likely need something like a VNC server16:18
beanto do that16:18
daftykinsironhalik: yeah it's quite nice, it contains no scheduling but you can combine it with scheduled tasks to execute any time16:18
jacksparrow007_VNC server on my ubuntu server?  bean:16:18
ActionPa1snipjacksparrow007_: then why not just install the desktop OS, if that is what you need?16:19
jacksparrow007_ActionPa1snip: i dont have the permissions to install OS i think :P16:19
=== krzkrz is now known as krz
ActionPa1snipjacksparrow007_: what are you wanting to do on the server once you get connected via VNC?16:20
jacksparrow007_ActionPa1snip: I can get full gui access right?16:20
ActionPa1snipjacksparrow007_: yes but to achieve what?16:20
ActionPa1snipjacksparrow007_: what do you need "full access" for16:20
jacksparrow007_i am more comfortable that way :P16:20
boogiehi, is anybody here who knows how to set :set number in vi (not vim) in ubuntu on standart16:21
ActionPa1snipjacksparrow007_: ok, but vnc has zero security, so be sure to use an SSH tunnel16:21
jacksparrow007_ok, thanks16:21
ActionPa1snipjacksparrow007_: you probably find you can work faster if you use SSH or web interfaces to your applications16:21
Shimpumarcepan witam16:21
jacksparrow007_what is this web interface?16:22
ActionPa1snipjacksparrow007_: you can access the filesystem using the client OS and sshfs. Nautilus can connect to that without issue16:22
beanjacksparrow007_: I agree with ActionPa1snip... theres really no reason to install a desktop on your server16:22
=== io is now known as Guest96772
ActionPa1snipjacksparrow007_: applications like transmission have web interfaces you can manage them wirh rather than vnc to the system and interface with the app that way16:22
beanjacksparrow007_: yeah, there's another thing. the desktop is likely going to be REALLLLLLY slow16:23
Mastablastaanyone use the program woof?16:23
ActionPa1snipjacksparrow007_: this is why i always ask, as the ignorant nearly ALWAYS reach for VNC for remote access when there are better solutions16:23
Felishiawhy does my speakers sound sooooooooo low?16:23
Felishiawhen I load with Kali Linux the room is like exploding16:23
ActionPa1snipFelishia: are you using Kali Linux?16:24
Felishiawhen I load with xubuntu I have to put my ears so close the speakers16:24
Felishianot right now :p16:24
jacksparrow007_ActionPa1snip: I ssh to my ubuntu from putty16:24
jacksparrow007_and i dont have copy paste :p16:24
FelishiaI'm not on Kali... geez16:24
Felishiado a whoamI I am xubuntu16:24
jacksparrow007_I cant copy paste stuff on my terminal easily16:25
usr13jacksparrow007_: Shift-Ctrl-c to copy from terminal, Shift-Ctrl-v to paste into terminal16:25
jacksparrow007_I use putty from windows16:25
newhoaIf you create a new user with an encrypted home directory, is there any way to see the HDD space used by that user? In truecrypt, while you can't see the contents, you can see the size of the container.16:25
FelishiaI need to make this sound louder16:25
usr13jacksparrow007_: Oh, I don't know about MS Windows, the options there are a bit limited.16:25
IdleOneFelishia: turn up the master volume in alsamixer16:26
FelishiaThe volume control is in 153%16:26
newhoaSame thing if you don't have access to a user folder. I'm just looking for an accurate display of free/used space on my HDD.16:26
usr13Felishia: How could it be 153%  (does not sound possible).16:26
usr13Felishia: Are you in alsamixer?16:27
Felishiawell not sorry16:27
Felishiain alsamixer it is 1516:27
Felishiabut in the panel it's 153%16:27
usr13Felishia: PCM ?16:27
usr13Felishia: What is the volume level for channel "PCM"?16:27
Felishiathe thing is that when I boot with Kali-Linux it sounds like my head will explode16:28
Felishiabut with xubuntu... it doesn't want to make much sound16:29
Felishiaspeakers are sounding like earphones literally16:29
IdleOnewhat it does in other distro is of no importance.16:29
usr13Felishia: Well, I don't know.  There should not be a difference.16:29
beanjacksparrow007_: to copy and paste in putty you just highlight text to copy16:29
beanand right click to paste16:29
beanits not difficult16:29
FelishiaI know usr13 :c everything is in its 100%16:30
NuX`iLFelishia, can you unistall and reinstall the sound ?16:30
usr13Felishia: I don't know.  (Do not have an answer for you.)16:30
NuX`iLit's has been a long time that I didn't use linux, but I used to have the problem on fedora, not ubuntu.16:30
FelishiaNuX`iL, I'm in a live season16:30
Felishiait's alsa what? the package?16:31
usr13Felishia: Yes, alsa is a package.16:31
nopoliticaFelishia: asound -l16:31
NuX`iLI just watched on the internet, with xubuntu it seems that the problem persist's since 201116:31
bekksNuX`iL: Which problem?16:32
NuX`iLis your sound driver realtek?16:32
nopoliticaFelishia: oopss aplay -l16:32
beanFelishia: actually try launching alsa-mixer16:32
beanand seeing if there are any volumes set really low there16:32
FelishiaI did...16:32
usr13bean: It's  alsamixer not alsa-mixer16:33
beanright right16:33
beansry, im on a mac most days these days T_T16:33
FelishiaThe following packages will be REMOVED:16:33
Felishia  alsa-base xubuntu-desktop16:33
usr13Felishia: What are you doing>?16:34
beanFelishia: try apt-get install alsa-base --reinstall16:34
usr13Felishia: You could try removing pulseaudio16:34
Felishiammm... what's the package name?16:34
usr13Felishia: ... but don't know that it will make any difference.16:35
usr13Felishia: Might.... but not sure.16:35
FelishiaI dunno what I did but it doesn't sound anymore >:c16:35
usr13Felishia: What did you do?16:35
nopoliticaFelishia: then maybe asoundrc options max_dB 20.0 min_dB 0.0 resolution 616:35
Felishiacommand not found16:36
=== NuX`iL is now known as NuXeLiTe
FelishiaI changed the output device16:36
nopoliticaFelishia: ~/asoundrc http://pastebin.com/E3MgqXPB16:37
Felishiaand I got back to my default device16:37
Felishiaand it's not making any sound now16:37
nopoliticaFelishia: alsamixer -> muted channels16:38
nopoliticaFelishia: sudo service alsa-restore start16:39
nopoliticaI managed to configure pulseaudio in cool way, so I have no problem with sound )16:40
nopoliticaBut the best way it's described in archlinux distro, their documentation is awesome :)16:40
Felishiathis sucks...16:41
nopoliticaFelishia: do you have any init.d scripts with alsa in name?16:41
nopoliticaFelishia: ls /etc/init.d/alsa*16:41
Felishiasomething worked and I don't know what was it16:45
rudivshow can I launch an application (unison-gtk) when a thumb drive is plugged in, using a udev rule?16:46
rudivsI can get the rule to run, but I think that whatever runs needs to complete, or otherwise the drive doesn't mount16:47
nopoliticarudivs: Using external programs to name devices http://www.reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html16:47
=== jack is now known as Guest90936
nopoliticarudivs: http://superuser.com/questions/53978/ubuntu-automatically-mount-external-drives-to-media-label-on-boot-without-a-u16:51
nopoliticarudivs: nice thread16:52
ChogyDanrudivs: maybe this thread as well: http://askubuntu.com/questions/25071/how-to-run-a-script-when-a-specific-flash-drive-is-mounted16:52
Felishiahey I was wondering16:53
Felishiathere's ubuntu 10.04 installed on this PC which I don't like at all16:53
daftykinsif it's desktop, it's end of life and no longer supported anyway16:53
daftykinsso you need to upgrade16:53
Felishiaif I install xubuntu alongside that old ubuntu16:53
FelishiaI don't the library does :c16:53
bekksFelishia: What does "I don't the library does" mean?16:54
Felishiathey do need to upgrade16:54
Felishiabecause this computer is a public computer16:54
daftykinsFelishia: are you helping a library out?16:54
rudivsthanks nopolitica, ChogyDan. I assumed it wouldn't work to just put  'RUN+="/usr/bin/unison-gtk"', but maybe it will?16:55
Felishianot at the moment, but I'd really like to have xubuntu desktop 13.04 installed on this PC but I don't want them to notice16:55
Felishiathey will only notice if they see grub16:55
Felishiaor if it boots into xubuntu16:55
daftykinsso you're attempting to mess with a computer you don't own? i suggest you stop that.16:55
ChogyDanFelishia: what about using a usb drive instead?16:55
bekksFelishia: Then askl the administrator to update it.16:55
nopoliticarudivs: i'd prefer some cli version16:56
nopoliticarudivs: flexibility16:56
Felishiadaftykins, someone has to show the users the future and they will complain soon or later :p16:56
daftykinsalso they would only have some sense running 12.04.2 LTS - 13.04 will be ditched too soon to be worth using16:56
daftykinsFelishia: it is not your decision to make16:56
Felishiadaftykins, I'll keep it upgraded16:56
bekksFelishia: You cant - you arent the administrator ;)16:57
ChogyDanFelishia: like a pen drive install16:57
FelishiaI'm root on the PC and I have access to the whole network16:57
nopoliticaFelishia: you can use external drive to boot to installed xubuntu without modifying currently used grub16:57
daftykinsFelishia: what do you mean? 10.04 is dead, 13.04 will be dead come January16:57
DJonesFelishia: If you're not the authorised system admin for the machine, you don't have the authority to make changes like that16:58
Felishianopolitica, these computers are so old that I need to have its ram free to work and I don't want to install libreoffice again and again16:58
daftykinshow do you even have the password to install software at all?16:59
FelishiaDJones, this is just a political mess in the library between the oposition and the red hats ones16:59
FelishiaI cracked everything16:59
nopoliticadaftykins: sudo? )16:59
Felishiathe administrators know16:59
daftykinsnopolitica: it's a library where Felishia claims to not have any official involvement16:59
DJonesFelishia: That would be illegal, we can support you anymore16:59
thonthis is more interesting than the television show I'm watching17:00
Felishiait's not illegal if even the director knows...17:00
rudivsnopolitica, you mean use a cli version of unison rather than unison-gtk?17:00
nopoliticarudivs: for udev rule17:00
DJonesFelishia: well, ask them to install the upgrades, we can't support you anymore17:00
FelishiaDJones, things in here do not work like in the US... u.u17:01
nopoliticarudivs: you will not be able to run X application without additional options like DISPLAY17:01
ChogyDanlet's stay away from debating the law or politics,  just keep the questions technical17:01
rudivsnopolitica, ah, I see17:01
DJonesFelishia: Thats of no consequence, I'm not in the US either.17:01
Felishiathey want to keep the old ubuntu 10.04 version because the guvernament told them to use ubuntu, so they installed something old to keep the user annoyed with that...17:01
FelishiaI'm Venezuelan17:02
DJonesFelishia: Speak to the administrators. Thats all we can say to you. We can't support you any further17:02
nopoliticaFelishia: gov for ubuntu is kinda win )17:02
rudivsnopolitica, say I use a cli app which requires user input -- how would that work?17:02
=== JZTech101 is now known as JZ|Zzz
nopoliticarudivs: don't use it ) use some with can use config or options on start as input variables17:03
nopoliticarudivs: * wich17:03
nopoliticarudivs: * which17:03
Felishiathe ubuntu 10.04 was installed with no resources! this is being done to affect ubuntu's credibility so that everyone will be forced to change to windows17:03
nopoliticarudivs: unison is file synchronisation tool, you can use rsync as more native )17:04
rudivsnopolitica, I've considered that, but the problem is 2-way sync. If a file is deleted on one side but not the other, which way should sync happen?17:05
bekksInteresting conspiracy :)17:05
nopoliticarudivs: rsync can manage it ) http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/09/rsync-command-examples/17:05
daftykinsfinally Felishia left *sigh*17:06
* nopolitica sighs17:06
thonI was entertained17:06
daftykinsnopolitica: feeling the same thing huh?17:08
rudivsnopolitica, ideally I'd like to have a rule to sync from usb to folder when it's plugged in, and another rule to sync from folder to usb when it's ejected... I can see how I can use udev + rsync for the first part, but not sure that the second part is feasible without painful hacks?17:08
=== steven_ is now known as steven-42973
rudivsnopolitica, I've tried testing just a simple rule to sync from a folder to the usb, but it blocks the drive from being auto mounted. Do you perhaps know where it's going wrong? https://gist.github.com/rudivs/624271217:27
rudivsnopolitica, if I replace the rsync command with something simple (like touch testfile.txt) it works fine, and the rsync command also works fine by itself, but I can't get it to run together17:30
cordycepsI used synaptic to install gpm 1.20.4-4 but there's no mouseability in the console. Did I miss a step?17:31
CEnnis91has anyone used ubuntu in hyperv before?17:33
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
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* cordyceps ok, you gotta run ../init.d/gpm start ;)17:35
daftykinsCEnnis91: not for a long time... why?17:35
CEnnis91daftykins: majority of it works, just wondering if anyone knows a way to get a widescreen resolution, better mouse control, and usb passthrough17:36
CEnnis91i know the resolution can be done through rdp, trying to get a better way17:37
daftykinsis this using the nasty activex control to view the VM?17:37
CEnnis91huh? don't think so17:38
daftykinsCEnnis91: apparently there exists some 'Hyper-V integration services' which may already be part of the kernel17:39
CEnnis91yea, they're in there since 12.04 i think17:40
CEnnis91but that doesn't affect the 3 issues i mentioned17:41
daftykinswell they tend to be the way that you get such functionality17:41
daftykinsso if they don't provide it, i'd imagine you're out of luck17:41
CEnnis91daftykins: meh, worst case i can work around each of those issues, just hoped it would be a little more seemless17:42
platapusXHi daftykins, how's it going?17:43
daftykinsplatapusX: i'm ok, this is more a support channel than a chat channel i'm afraid :)17:43
daftykinsCEnnis91: seems Hyper-V has no USB support at all 0o17:44
=== johnjaylward is now known as kushieda
platapusXSee you guys later.17:45
nyuszika7hhi, is there an easy way to center a window on the screen?17:49
CEnnis91hahaha, god damnit, i try to rdp into ubuntu and it crashes compiz17:50
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FloodBot1maxi12: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:59
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:00
Mastablastai messed up a install and it says use apt-get autoremove  but then I do that it says unable to lock are you roock?18:01
PiciMastablasta: are you using sudo to run that?18:02
RojoDtry 'sudo apt-get autoremove'18:02
AntarHow can i remove the fire effect when close apps ? please18:02
Mastablastai am new to linux sorry lol i used sudo thanks18:02
RojoDMastablasta, you used Windows earlier?18:03
maxi12ubottu Ok Pero lo se no tiene que eexplicarme18:03
ubottumaxi12: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:03
daftykinsMastablasta: sounds like you have left a package manager program open18:03
Mastablastayes, actually i am trying to install a isight firewire mac on ubuntu.18:03
maxi12ubottu s eque eres Un Bots18:04
ubottumaxi12: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:04
Mastablastai didnt specify the file for the AppleUSBVideoSupport and now It wont let me do it again18:04
RojoDMastablasta, you need to use sudo, like you gived adminrights @ windows :)18:04
RojoD(only a little diffrence)18:04
MastablastaI am using sudo wont bring up the window it had before to specify the file lol i had the wrong directory18:05
RojoDwas misunderstanding :$18:05
DJonesAntar: Can you pastebin the output of "cat /etc/issue"18:06
DJones!paste | Antar18:06
ubottuAntar: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:06
daftykinsMastablasta: 'a window to specify the file' ? i have no idea what you mean. do you have a .deb you're trying to install?18:06
Antara lot of gnome effects are installed on my ubuntu please how can i remove them18:06
AntarUbuntu 12.04 LTS \n \l18:07
AntarDjones the output is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS \n \l18:07
DJonesAntar: How did you install them18:08
Mastablastathat is what im trying to do18:08
=== [1]Rapid2214 is now known as Rapid2214
AntarDjones any idea18:08
Mastablastaim on step 4 and giving it the right path i messed up now its screwed up18:08
daftykinsMastablasta: ok, close any software installation programs running, go back to the terminal you have open and type 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure isight-firmware-tools"18:09
daftykinsoops sorry for mixed quotes18:09
Mastablastaok sec18:10
AntarDjones should i reinstall it?18:10
xirreThis shows the CPU but is it the accurate overall CPU?: ps -p [pid] -o pcpu18:11
daftykinsxirre: if you want CPU usage, run 'top'18:14
kenshiroHi, I have installed Chromium in Ubuntu 12.04 from Software Centre . Youtube works, but google translate and some html games doesn't have sound. Is there any fix for this?18:14
ionuxkenshiro: have you installed the proprietary codecs?18:16
kenshiroionux yes, the restricted extras package18:16
ionuxkenshiro: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=15895518:17
AlHafoudhhow should I prepare ubuntu for cloning? some "cleanup" script or something like that18:17
ionuxkenshiro: looks like it's related to the mp3 file format.18:17
=== companion is now known as Companion
pixelfirehas anyone successfully setup a mail server on their home machine?18:19
b0xhi, ive just started using ubuntu 13.0418:20
b0xis there a some sort of way to collapse icons on the unity bar18:21
b0xor have 'folders' of shortcuts18:21
kenshiroionux ok, thank you very much :-)18:22
ionuxkenshiro: you are very welcome!  :)18:22
xanguab0x: not with the Unity Launcher, but you can try docks like Avant Window Navigator (repositories)18:27
b0xwhat about workspace specific icons?18:29
b0xor icons of applications open on that workspace?18:29
b0xkind of like... UltraMon does for Windows.18:29
bananapieI want to analyze a raw audio file on my ubuntu and I want to be able to see frequencies and stuff like that, anything on linux?18:30
ionuxbananapie: have you tried sox?  I'm not 100% sure, but I think that can help you.18:31
orangerobotwhere is the .Xauthority file located?18:32
orangerobotoh nvm, found it18:32
bananapieI need to scan an audio to see if a certain frequency of sound is in the file or maybe plot the audio frequencies on a graph or somethinng.18:32
BigTaxiI moved to a new apartment and one of my hard drives has disappeared. Please help me find it.18:33
BigTaxidsiappeared, computer-wise. it's physically there and plugged in18:33
ionuxbananapie: Audacity will give you a graphical representation of the waveform.18:33
vltBigTaxi: Maybe in your old appartment.18:33
bananapieok thanks.18:34
vltBigTaxi: Ah, no. Bad joke, you already explained :-D18:34
BigTaxii just clarified. I can't fin it in the file system any more18:34
BigTaxinp :)18:34
ionuxBigTaxi: is it in your dmesg?  Do you remember what device it was?18:34
BigTaxiwhat is dmesg, and i guess so? just a storage hdd?18:34
ionuxBigTaxi: do you remember if it was /dev/sda, /dev/sdb…  etc?18:35
BigTaxi/dev/sda, pretty sure18:35
BigTaxiany way to search dmesg?18:35
ionuxok, so your computer isn't booting then?18:35
BigTaxiit is18:35
orangerobotI've just run Xorg -configure but I've been given an error messages saying "Number of created screens does not match the number of detected devices."(the file was created, though) . Could this have anything to do with me having a dual-monitor setup?18:35
BigTaxiubuntu and system files are on my current drive18:36
BigTaxiso maybe sdb. im sorry.18:36
ionuxYou can search dmesg by grepping it:  dmesg | grep sdb18:37
ionuxfor example...18:37
ionuxalso, look at /etc/fstab and mtab to see if it's defined there.18:38
BigTaxinothing in fstab, mtab doesnt exist18:39
goaw_hello, I have an idea for an Ubuntu OS, I was curious where in the forums to post about it18:40
ionuxBigTaxi: If you moved the computer, it might have been jarred loose. Can you open up the computer and check the cables?18:40
netlarI am sycning my tomboy notes to dropbox.  Can I restore or import to tomboy from dropbox?18:40
BigTaxii dusted and re-inserted all of the cables18:40
BigTaxigrepping sdb gives me Attached SCSI removable disk18:40
ionuxBigTaxi: Is the drive spinning up?18:41
BigTaxiam i allowed to just touch it and see?18:41
BigTaxiim static free18:41
ionuxYeah, if it's warm is a good indication.18:41
BigTaxiboth drives are spinning18:42
neetzsomeone there ? i have ubuntu 12.10 problems18:42
ionuxIt's possible that there's an error with the drive.  What does:  dmesg | grep rror18:42
ionuxgive you?18:42
ionux(No 'e')18:43
globusHi there. Anyone who has a minute to help with a question?18:43
BigTaxiEXT4-fs (sda5) re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro18:43
ionuxOk, what does the df command show you?18:44
neetzi have dual OS , one is win7 and one is ubuntu 12.10 , ubuntu doesnt boot coz of the nvidea graphic card problem , can someone help me18:44
daftykinsuse sudo fdisk -l to find if a disk is attached18:44
BigTaxiehh, what are you looking for? sda5 isnt mounted anywhere18:44
BigTaxibut it's there.18:45
neetzi have dual OS , one is win7 and one is ubuntu 12.10 , ubuntu doesnt boot coz of the nvidea graphic card problem , can someone help me18:45
sagredohello i have an external HD and i tried to copy a file to it and get this : DBus error org.gtk.Private.RemoteVolumeMonitor.Failed: An operation is already pending18:45
ionuxIf it's not defined in your /etc/fstab file or you don't mount it manually, it's not going to be mounted.18:45
BigTaxifdsik -l has given me a readout. looks like it's there, too18:46
globusMy /var/log hangs on ls - and is a LOT bigger than all the other dirs18:46
sagredoany suggestions? i cannot even see my data on the drive18:46
BigTaxiok ionux... what can I do?18:46
BigTaximount manually?18:46
ionuxBigTaxi:  Well, if it was your backup drive, for example, you could do a: sudo mount /dev/sda5 /path/to/backups18:48
ionuxFor example.18:48
BigTaxiit's not a backup. just storage for movies and stuff18:49
ionuxYeah, I don't know what it's used for, but wherever it's usually mounted, you need a directory for it.18:49
daftykinsBigTaxi: of course you'd only do what ionux said if you only want to use it once... as opposed to every boot18:49
ionuxYeah, if it mounts, you can add it to your fstab file to mount it every boot.18:50
BigTaxiso mount it as a backup and then copy it from /dev/ or someplace to fstab?18:50
sagredohello i have an external HD and i tried to copy a file to it and get this : DBus error org.gtk.Private.RemoteVolumeMonitor.Failed: An operation is already pending18:51
sagredoany suggestions? i cannot even see my data on the drive18:51
ionuxNo, not necessarily.  Make a directory in your home folder to mount it to for testing.  mount it to that directory to see if it works first.18:51
daftykinsmount things in /media18:52
BigTaxiok so sudo mount /dev/sda5 path/to/home18:52
BigTaxier... media18:52
ionuxNo, make a directory in your home folder (or media) named 'testing'18:53
ionuxThen: sudo mount /dev/sda5 /home/bigtaxi/testing18:53
BigTaxiok, its... there? everything has a lock on it.18:55
ionuxyeah, you mounted it as root.  but it worked?18:55
BigTaxii guess? hahaha if this is what we wanted, then hot pants, go us18:56
daftykinsgogo fstab18:56
ionuxlol ok, cool.  looks like you just need to add it to your fstab file then.18:56
BigTaxiadd by clicking and dragging the testing folder?18:56
BigTaxijust because it seems the simplest18:56
oo_migueldoes the rescue shell offer somethink like fdisk?18:57
daftykinsoo_miguel: if it's GRUB rescue, better off with a liveCD18:57
BigTaxiam i just checking fdisk?18:57
oo_migueli just want to see the disks that are on my system, thats all18:57
ionuxBigTaxi:  first, make a backup copy of your /etc/fstab file before we make any changes:  sudo cp /etc/fstab fstab.backup18:58
BigTaxioh shoot i was thinking fstab h/o18:58
ionuxthen, decide where you want it to be mounted every boot.  /media is a good place.  You can make it /media/movies or whatever.18:59
BigTaxifdisk gives the same readout18:59
BigTaxisda5 is there18:59
meteors2313join #mlpack18:59
meteors2313how to join channel19:00
BigTaxiyeah, sure, media is fine19:00
ionuxthen, open up your fstab file in an editor to add the line for that drive:  sudo nano /etc/fstab19:00
wilee-nileemeteors2313,  /j #mlpack19:00
meteors2313got it thanks @wilee-nillee19:01
wilee-nileemeteors2313, you can tab complete nicks @ does not notify the receiving nick19:01
BigTaxiok its on ther terminal19:02
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=== james is now known as Guest72483
ionuxthe format is:  /dev/sda5   /media/movies    ext4     noatime  0   019:02
meteors2313sorry I didn't got what tab nicks mean19:02
jborisPardon the interuption but does anyone on here know a  pointer to good help for xubuntu on an acer aspire?19:02
meteors2313how do I tab nicks19:02
wilee-nileetab | meteors231319:03
wilee-nilee!tab | meteors231319:03
ubottumeteors2313: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.19:03
wilee-nileethat's it meteors231319:03
meteors2313is that fine did it notify you19:03
ionuxBigTaxi: the 'ext4' is the file system type. if it's a linux drive formatted recently by ubuntu, it's probably ext4, but it could be ext3, reiserfs, fat32 or a number of other types...19:03
usr13meteors2313: The same way you tab commands or paths etc...19:04
BigTaxiok. im using tab to make those speace?19:04
BigTaxiehhh *spaces19:04
wilee-nileemeteors2313, It is for your benefit, if the channel id real busy you don't get lost in the shuffle, hopefully. ;)19:04
ionuxYou can, or just spaces.19:04
BigTaxishoot. the text document i'm editing in can't save, and i dont know how to use the terminal to add these lines19:05
BigTaxisorry yet again19:05
BigTaxii got it19:06
wilee-nileeBigTaxi, You using nano?19:06
BigTaxinot sure what that means19:07
BigTaxiprobably not19:07
usr13vi ?19:07
wilee-nilee!who | BigTaxi19:07
ubottuBigTaxi: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)19:07
BigTaxier, yes19:07
usr13BigTaxi: It's   vi file.txt    or   nano file.txt19:08
sagredohello i have an external HD and i tried to copy a file to it and get this : DBus error org.gtk.Private.RemoteVolumeMonitor.Failed: An operation is already pending19:08
sagredoany suggestions? i cannot even see my data on the drive19:08
ionuxBigTaxi:  Or you can use gedit19:08
usr13sagredo: How are you trying to copy the file?19:09
BigTaxiI got it, I entered it and saved19:09
usr13sagredo: cp  ?19:09
sagredousr13: i tried with nautilus19:09
BigTaxifrom the terminal... I think it was nano19:09
sagredobut now i cannot even open the drive19:09
ionuxBigTaxi:  ok, great!  Reboot your system and see if it's there now!  :)19:09
sagredoand i do not want to format the drive19:09
wilee-nileesagredo, YOU have to have it mounted to transfer.19:09
sagredoi want to restore the file system19:09
BigTaxi:/ ok...19:09
usr13sagredo: Well, I dono.  If an operating is already pending, I suppose it's already tying to do what you told it to do.19:10
usr13sagredo: (I use thunar)19:10
wilee-nileesagredo, Is the HD in fstab?19:10
sagredowilee-nilee: let me see19:10
wilee-nileesagredo, Would not be unless you put a mount in fstab.19:11
sagredowilee-nilee: what is fstab?19:11
sagredoi tried to run it :o19:11
usr13sagredo: It is a file  /etc/fstab  (Look and see:  cat /etc/fstab ).19:12
usr13sagredo: /etc/fstab  is a file that statically mounts your filesystems.19:13
wilee-nileesagredo, Is the HD a ntfs?19:13
usr13sagredo: When you boot your computer, the fstab file tells it what and where you want your various filesystems mounted.19:13
usr13sagredo: ...otherwise, udev mounts other stuff on demand.19:14
BigTaxiok, i guess its mounted... i just realized that that drive is partitioned. The movies and stuff might be in sda419:14
BigTaxibecause sda5 doesnt have much of anything19:14
usr13BigTaxi: Pretty much all drives are partitioned, it's just that some only have one19:15
ionuxBigTaxi:  Haha!  Nice…  Use the same procedure to mount those.19:15
BigTaxiok, so quickly run me through my steps?19:16
wilee-nileeBigTaxi, USE NICKS.19:16
wilee-nilee!tab | BigTaxi19:16
ubottuBigTaxi: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.19:16
ionuxBigTaxi:  Same as before:  /dev/sdX     /mount/point/wherever    <fstype>   <options>   0   019:18
sagredowhen i connect the drive19:18
sagredomy system stalls big time19:18
BigTaxiwilee-nilee like this?19:18
BigTaxiahh dammit19:18
sagredois there some type of recovery program for external SSDs19:18
ionuxsagredo:  dd will copy the raw data.19:20
sagredoionux but i cannot even get a command line with it19:20
sagredomaybe i can try on a more powerful system this is a laptop-.-19:21
ionuxsagredo: can you boot with an ubuntu live cd/dvd?19:21
sagredobut its at my house i am not home atm19:21
ionuxsagredo:  then you should be able to open a terminal.  when you get home.  ;)19:21
sagredoionux okay mate19:22
BigTaxiionux, im not sure what my other steps were :(19:22
barihoapt-get question: "The following packages have been kept back:" when and why does that happen?19:22
ionuxBigTaxi:  oh, open /etc/fstab in your favorite editor and add the lines for the drives and mount points.19:22
ionuxIt's a system file, so use sudo to open it, remember.19:22
wilee-nileebariho, Are you seeing a partial upgrade, where are you seeing this and what packages in a pastebin please.19:24
BigTaxiionux, ok, reboot again? am i doing the name thing successfully? god i hate this19:24
wilee-nileeapt-get I see19:24
ionuxBigTaxi:  yeah, reboot, my friend.19:24
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BigTaxiionux, error mounting the drive19:29
BigTaximaybe i missed a step19:29
=== Jan is now known as Guest48719
ionuxBigTaxi:  check the number of fields you have.  Make sure you made the directory where they are going to be mounted.19:31
BigTaxiionux, where should i begin? the next version of ubuntu needs to save your terminal commands19:32
BigTaxii did make the directory19:32
PiciFYI, you don't need to reboot to make /etc/fstab take your changes, just run sudo mount -a19:32
meteors2313how to use empathy as an irc client19:33
ionuxBigTaxi:  it does save your terminal commands.  Press the up arrow on your keyboard to cycle through a list of your recently used commands.  ;)19:33
meteors2313I read the stuff on empathy faq site but that's not working19:33
BigTaxiionux, ah, so it does. that's helpful. so, what should i be doing? movies2 is there. I didn't do anything with testing2 though... should I have?19:34
meteors2313how to use empathy as an irc client?19:34
meteors2313I read the stuff on empathy faq site but that's not working19:34
Pici!patience | meteors231319:34
ubottumeteors2313: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/19:34
ionuxBigTaxi:No, not with testing.  What was the error you got mounting the drive?19:34
meteors2313ohkk Pici ubottu19:35
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BigTaxiionux, nothing specia;. it was on the purple start-up screen, and it just said there was an error. offered to skip or mount manually19:35
ionuxBigTaxi:  huh, check your dmesg for the error then.19:36
BigTaxiionux, dmesg grep rror, right?19:37
ionuxdmesg | grep rror19:37
ionuxBigTaxi:  or you could grep for your specific partition that had the problem:  dmesg | grep sda519:38
BigTaxiionux, hm. EXT4-fs (sda5): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro19:38
ionuxBigTaxi:  that's not an error message.  check for more sda5-related messages19:39
ionuxBigTaxi:  or sda6, or whatever the partition was that's not mounting properly19:39
BigTaxiionux, thats all i'm getting. sda4 is the one that isnt mounting correctly19:40
ionuxBigTaxi:  oh, ok.  grep for sda4 messages then.19:40
BigTaxiionux, obviously theres is a better command to search for errors19:40
BigTaxiEXT4-fs (sda4): unable to read superblock19:41
BigTaxiionux, that sounds ominous19:41
ionuxBigTaxi:  was it formatted with ext4 filesystem?19:42
BigTaxiionux, i think so?19:43
BigTaxiionux,  how can I check19:43
=== behrooz is now known as Guest70102
ionuxBigTaxi: sudo fdisk -l19:45
BigTaxiionux, ok... sda2 is the boot, sda4 is 'extended' and sda5 is 'linux'19:46
BigTaxiionux, nothing on ext419:47
xirreWhat is a way to output the accurate CPU Usage of a process and write it to a text file in Terminal?19:48
Walexgot a strange issue: freshly installed 13.04, then updated with all current updates, then rebooted, then mouse moves but cannot select anything and keyboard seems dead. Started X with 'xinit' and none of that happens. Suggestions?19:49
Walexxirre: 'times'19:49
ionuxBigTaxi:  sudo lshw -class disk19:49
SierraARI'm running Lubuntu 12.04, currently trying to find a way to run programs automatically on login, and automatically when the system boots, before anyone logs in. I've tried doing some google searches, but nothing I've come up with seems to be helping/working any19:49
ionuxSierraAR:  put your personal startup items in rc.local19:49
xirreWalex: What would times do? o.O19:50
Walexxirre: 'man times'. Also 'man time'19:50
BigTaxiionux, ok, PCI (sysfs) came up, I pressed Enter19:50
ionuxBigTaxi:  takes a sec...19:51
xirreBut I don't want the CPU Time, I want its usage printed.19:51
xirreThe CPU %.19:51
Walexxirre: can you do arithmetic?19:51
SierraARionux: K, and for items to be run on boot, before anyone logs in?19:51
BigTaxiionux, then I see a readout, including /dev/sda and /dev/ sdb, and thats it... pertaining to what we've been doing19:51
xirreTo some extent though.19:52
Walexxirre: then CPUtime*100/elapsed time is the %19:52
ionuxBigTaxi:  under *-disk, the second to last line, it should say something like:  'capabilities:  <something>  partitioned: <type>'19:52
ionuxSierraAR:  yep, they will start when booted as part of the start-up routine.19:52
ionuxBigTaxi:  what does it say next to 'partitioned: '19:53
modeebwhen using a terminal, does anyone know how to make the file directory go away so I can just enter commands to the kernel without the file directory taking space?19:53
BigTaxiionux, yep, partitioned:dos. I think that's my old windows, currently on my boot disk19:53
SierraARionux: Oh, so rc.local is for before the login screen then? And for programs to be run after a user logs in?19:53
xirreWalex: Even after reading both the manuals I have not much of a clue as to how to use them.19:54
BigTaxiionux, so that's not looking at the hard drive I'm trying to mount19:54
BigTaxiionux, although i dont know a whole lot, could be anything. but that's what it says19:55
wilee-nilee!patience | modeeb19:55
ubottumodeeb: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/19:55
cinvokehello . im having trouble starting ubuntu after making gpasswd changes to a shared folder location.  any help would be awesome.19:57
Guest70102modeeb:I believe you cannot, the only interfaces users can interact to are proc, debugfs and sysfs19:57
ionuxSierraAR:  yes, rc.local is when the system boots.  any user log-in items can be added to the startup items in gnome or in the .profile, .bash_profile or .bash_login scripts.19:57
wilee-nilee!details > cinvoke19:57
ubottucinvoke, please see my private message19:57
modeebGuest70102, what do you mean by interfaces?19:58
Walexxirre: one way: sh -c 'COMMAND; times'19:58
bekkscinvoke: How do you make changes to a location using gpasswd?19:58
Walexxirre: another way: time COMMAND19:58
Guest70102let me find an example on the web19:58
wilee-nileeacetolyne, State your issues.19:58
acetolynenone accident sorry have a great day19:58
Walexxirre: then read CPU time, elapsed time, arithmetic.19:59
wilee-nileeyou to. ;)19:59
ionuxBigTaxi:  I've got to run to a work meeting with my boss.  Sorry that I couldn't help you more!   Best of luck to you!19:59
ZorkyAnyone here who has experienced. when trying to close computer or log off. you have to hold down the mousebutton after clicking the gear button top right corner, in order to navigate the drop down menu?19:59
SierraARionux: K. Is there a way to run a program as a certain user from rc.local or will they all be run as root?19:59
modeebThanks Guest70102!19:59
cinvokebekks: gpasswd -a www-data vboxsf20:00
cinvokei was getting perm denied, sop i thought maybe add the apache user to the vbox group20:00
Zorkyanyone here who can help me. i need to make a screensaver, so it will make a log off command when it activates20:00
BigTaxiOK, if anyone else wants to help with a perplexing issue, my computer suddenly cannot see my second hard drive20:01
WalexSierraAR: 'su $USER -c ' .... ' or 'sudo -u $USER ....'20:01
cinvokebekks: since then i removed www-data from that group.. still wont start my window manager20:01
WalexZorky: too complicated for IRC. Just study the source of existing screensavers like 'xscreensaver'20:01
SierraARsu sierra -c command-to-run-here?20:01
WalexSierraAR: for example, yes, note that 'command-to-run-here' is a command line and should be quoted20:02
wilee-nileeZorky, Sounds like a borked graphic driver, or dektop manager, does this happen after a reboot?20:02
SierraARK, lets see if I did this right then20:03
Guest70102modeeb: for example in my system the hugepage can be controled @ /sys/kernel/mm/hugepages/hugepages-2048kB/20:03
cinvokewilee-nilee: my window manager isnt starting and im not sure how to figure out why.  ive deleted ~/.config and cache thinking maybe that was the cause.  that didnt work.  im running xubuntu 13.04 in virtualbox.20:04
Guest70102modeeb:try 'tree' and this command: 'for f in *;do echo $f;cat $f;done'20:04
SierraAROh yeah... I forgot about this20:04
SierraARAnybody know why my wireless adaptor isn't enabled when I boot up ubuntu and I have to right click the icon and click 'enable wireless' when I log in?20:04
modeebhmm okay20:04
modeeblet me see20:04
Walexcinvoke: start in recovery/console mode and then run it explicitly on the command line20:05
wilee-nileecinvoke, Hmm, not sure either.20:05
cinvokeWalex: run the window manager?20:05
WalexSierraAR: because enabling wireless automagically is a security risk and /or rude.20:05
Guest70102modeeb:also you can echo values to those files(they are not actual files as you will read in the document)20:05
wilee-nileeSierraAR, Has it ever worked?20:06
Walexcinvoke: window manager of desktop environment. More or less all can be started as a single command20:06
cinvokewalex: i "think i had xfse4, but i replaced with lightdm, which didnt help"20:07
wilee-nileeSierraAR, Can we assume it works when you click 'enable wireless'? Is this on a additional desktop?20:07
SierraARIt does work when I click 'enable wireless'. This is on my laptop20:07
chrisseyis anyone here familiar to compiling the linux kernel on embedded platforms?20:07
SierraARI just have no internet until I manually enable it :P20:07
modeebIs it possible you misunderstood my question, this article is over my head20:07
wilee-nileeSierraAR, Notice, two questions, and use nicks when responding20:08
Walexcinvoke: they are quite different things... XFCE4 is a desktop environment, LightDM is a desktop manager.20:08
Guest70102modeeb: you want to give commands to the kernel and see whats happening,right?20:08
Walexcinvoke: a desktop environment is a collection of programs and libraries that are meant to provide a consistent user experience, a desktop manager is a graphical login program. LightDM is often used as the desktop manager of XFCE420:08
SierraARwilee-nilee: If by 'has it ever worked' you mean 'has it ever had wireless enabled when you login', no. I've had to manually turn it on each time.20:09
wilee-nileeSierraAR, Is this on a additional desktop?20:09
Walexcinvoke: to start XFCE4 from the command line: xfce4-session20:09
SierraARwilee-nilee: It's on a laptop20:09
cinvokeWalex: oh :) well i dont thing the gui is working at all.  so xfce4 is not working. thats my guess20:09
wilee-nileeSierraAR, Do you have more then one desktop installed?20:09
SierraARwilee-nilee: Do you mean more than one OS? No, just Lubuntu20:10
Walexcinvoke: do you get a GUI screen at all? One with a cursor that looks like an arrow shape or similar, instead of a block?20:10
wilee-nileeSierraAR, Not desk top or laptop desktop as in unity?20:10
cinvokeWalex: thank you.  recovery booting now20:10
=== Guest50416 is now known as mhs
wilee-nileeor lubuntu or xubuntu...etc SierraAR20:10
cinvokeWalex: should i just drop into a root shell?20:10
SierraARwilee-nilee: I believe the only one installed is LXCE/Lubuntu20:11
SierraARwilee-nilee Unless Lubuntu installs other desktops/window managers (I'm assuming thats what you mean) as well20:11
Guest70102modeeb: Of course there are a dozen other ways to do this, for example you can try debugging the kernel which is very hard for beginners20:11
modeeblet's say I'm writing code in  folder (folder5) that is a child of four parent folder, so /foleder1/folder2/folder3/folder4/folder5/. When I go to folder5 on a terminal, well the directory takes a lot of space on the kernel. I'd like to see if I can work on files in a particular folder (folder5 in this example) without /foleder1/folder2/folder3/folder4/folder5/ appearing on the kernal every time20:11
Walexcinvoke: it depends on what is broken, which is far from clear from what you say.20:11
reisiomodeeb: ...on the prompt?20:11
Walexcinvoke: what do you actually see on the screen when it is not working20:11
ZorkyCan someone tell me, what command to run to force a logout?20:12
daftykinsmodeeb: edit your bash profile to achieve this.20:12
cinvokeWalex: no gui at all.  but im in the recovery console right now.  should i just go into root shell and try the xfce4-session cmd?20:12
modeebreisio: yes20:12
wilee-nileeSierraAR, So this was a LXCE/Lubuntu install from the get go, if you add additional desktops the original has to have the auto wireless ticked in the network manager for all desktops to do it as well, are you getting the meaning here.20:12
reisiomodeeb: export PS1="\[\e]2;\u@\H \w\a\e\[\033[36m\][\w]\[\033[0m\]\n\[\033[1;36m\]\[\033[1;32;1m\]$\[\e[0m\] "20:13
unclezipperDoes anybody know anything about X11VNC? I'm trying to use the Java applet it serves from my office, but it doesn't seem to be going through. I have ports 5800 and 5900 forwarded20:13
SierraARwilee-nilee: I'm a tad confused actually, I havent added any desktops. From the day I installed Lubuntu, the wireless has been disabled everytime I boot up20:13
x-s4nd3rI added /home/x-s4nd3r/Desktop/tsh/dd/chen.sh to /etc/rc.local so that it can execute as root, but as I rebooted, it showed "/home/x-s4nd3r/Desktop/tsh/dd/chen.sh not found", why this happened? I want that .sh to execute as root on startup, but it fails to do so, it says "not found"20:14
Guest70102modeeb:How on earth could PS1 be related to kernel and its memory?20:14
reisioGuest70102: we've already established it isn't20:14
modeebGuest70102: what's PS1?20:14
reisiomodeeb: what you're talking about20:14
Walexcinvoke: 'xfce4-session' only works if your X server is running20:14
cinvokeWalex: tried that. i got "cannot open display: ."20:15
modeebI'm confused now hahaha20:15
Walexcinvoke: is the recovery console graphical?20:15
cinvokeWalex: ok20:15
wilee-nileeSierraAR, run in the terminal lspci and identify the wireless hardware for the channel.20:15
Walexcinvoke: try 'xinit'20:15
cinvokeWalex: yes20:15
modeebreisia: What's PS1?20:15
reisiomodeeb: it's what you're talking about20:15
reisiomodeeb: copy, paste, & run this: export PS1="\[\e]2;\u@\H \w\a\e\[\033[36m\][\w]\[\033[0m\]\n\[\033[1;36m\]\[\033[1;32;1m\]$\[\e[0m\] "20:15
wilee-nileeSierraAR, If a usb run lsusb20:15
Walexcinvoke: how can it be graphical if you get ""cannot open display: ."?20:15
Guest70102modeeb:PS1 is the bash environment variable that controls the prompt text and style20:15
SierraARwilee-nilee: 02:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)20:16
Walexcinvoke: it would help if you described what you are seeing instead of saying what you think you are seeing...20:16
SierraARwilee-nilee: That's the line corresponding to my laptop's wireless card20:17
UbunutGuys - Ubuntu Edge campaign is about 40k off crowdfunding record - Canonical needs your help now http://igg.me/at/ubuntuedge/x/404030820:17
cinvokeWalex: i booted into recovery console like you suggested.  then i selected 'drop into console as root"  when i say "its graphical"  i mean i see a gui "blue and gray" dialog with options.  when i choose one like "drop into root shell", i then have access to run commands.  when i ran xfce4-session, i simly pasted the error, not assuming.20:18
ChogyDanUbunut: looks like they are 22 million off20:19
Walexcinvoke: what did 'xinit' do?20:19
cinvokeWalex: then i ran xinit, which informed me fatal server error. could not create lock file in /tmp/.tX0-lock20:19
cinvokexinit: giving up20:19
Walexcinvoke: OK, then probably you already have a graphical environment indeed.20:19
Walexcinvoke: but probably one that has a minimal X config.20:20
nawkI selected a default action ("application") upon DVD/CD insert in Ubuntu by accident.20:20
nawkhow can I change this default bebaviour20:20
BigTaxiI'm back again with the same problem- having trouble finding a hard drive that, up until today, worked fine.20:20
Walexcinvoke: try then 'env DISPLAY=:0 xterm' and check if a terminal comes up. If it does, type 'exit' in it to close it.20:20
cinvokeWalex: ok. 1 sec20:20
tomek550Hello. I have a problem with ubuntu if someone has a clue what's wrong.  I have laptop UX32VD and if i have external screen pluged in when starting ubuntu, laptop monitor wont show anything20:20
bekkstomek550: Did you read the manuakk of the laptop on how to activate external displays?20:21
UbunutChogyDan: Canonical need the world record first then the target sometime later :o) http://igg.me/at/ubuntuedge/x/404030820:21
tomek550hm ? what do u mean ?20:21
tomek550oh u mean manual ? :D20:22
Walextomek550: use the display configuration in 'system-settings' to enable that display.20:22
bekkstomek550: Yes :)20:22
tomek550i tried20:22
tomek550but it doesnt work20:22
tomek550problem is that if i start ubuntu with external screen20:22
tomek550only that screen works, but if i start it without that screen and plug it in after ubuntu loads, everything works fine20:23
bekkstomek550: what exactly did you try and what refuses to work and sits on the couch drinking beer instead?20:23
Walextomek550: if you reconfigure the screens afterwards it should work.20:23
cinvokeWalex: sorry.  having to reboot.  when i type in console, i have to hit some keys multiple times.  very odd.20:23
tomek550so u mean like, boot with external and turn on laptop screen later in settings ?20:24
Walextomek550: yes.20:24
tomek550tried that, doesnt work, it wont show there at all as disabled or anything.20:24
nawkI selected a default action ("application") upon DVD/CD insert in Ubuntu by accident.20:24
nawkhow can I change this default bebaviour20:24
Walextomek550: hard to believe, but if the laptop manufacturer chose some strange configuration it could happen. Try using the display switch button as <bekks> suggested20:25
cinvokeWalex: this time i booted as far as i could get, then switched to a different term session, and ran xinit.  that worked20:25
D_Russhello all20:26
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Walexcinvoke: if 'xinit' worked, did it come up with the resolution that you expected?20:27
Walexcinvoke: also, if it worked, try running 'xfce4-session' in the terminal that comes up.20:28
BigTaxihaving trouble finding a hard drive that, up until today, worked fine.20:28
BigTaxiif you can help, please do20:28
WalexBigTaxi: It could have died. Try looking at 'dmesg | less -SXi'20:28
WalexBigTaxi: also 'lsscsi' should list it.20:28
daftykinsBigTaxi: i thought you mounted and saw its' contents already?20:28
Guest70102@BigTaxi:have you tried lshw?20:29
BigTaximounted a different partition, and i learned some stuff from google20:29
cinvokeWalex: resolution is fine. its old a white term box. woh, somehow that worked. i get a panel dialog20:29
cinvokeWalex: im guessing i should pick everythin default20:29
ubottunadir: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:29
BigTaxidaftykins, mounted a different partition, and i learned that im looking for 'sdb' probably20:29
Walexcinvoke: then your X configuration is fine, and you XFCE configuration is fine. Probably your LightDM configuration is not do good.20:30
daftykinsBigTaxi: can you pastebin the output of 'sudo fdisk -l' from earlier and tell me which disk is which? :)20:30
cinvokeWalex: im still not sure what caused this.20:30
cinvokeWalex: is there a quick solution to use a different dm?20:30
Walexcinvoke: whatever -- desktop manager configuration are very easy to break. They do a somewhat fragile job.20:30
Walexcinvoke: try 'dpkg-reconfigure lightdm' perhaps it will reconfigure it20:31
Zorkyis there anyone here who can tell me the command to logoff the user from terminal?20:31
D_Russdoes anyone know how to get transmission (torrent client) to open the download location window on top of chrome when you click a torrent to download? ... I am used to Ubuntu 12.04 which does this automatically 13.04 you have to manually click on the transmission icon on the left side, This sometimes leads to me forgetting and the torrent never getting downloaded...20:31
nawkhow can I change this default bebaviour20:31
nawkI selected a default action ("application") upon DVD/CD insert in Ubuntu by accident.20:31
nawkhow can I change this default bebaviour20:32
BigTaxidaftykins, how do i get out of the -SXI' command? seems like an endless list20:32
Walexcinvoke: else you can to look at logs and figure out what got broken20:32
BigTaxidaftykins, http://pastebin.com/64yXjWE620:33
cinvokeWalex: had to be something when i was logging out.  it stalled and i just killed it.20:33
Walexcinvoke: very unlikely.20:33
Walexcinvoke: try also reinstalling: sudo apt-get install --reinstall lightdm20:34
daftykinsBigTaxi: so the story is you plugged in a second hard disk, and today it's gone? is that accurate?20:34
Zorkywhat is the equilivant in 12.10 to gnome-session-save??20:35
BigTaxidaftykins, yeah. I've had it for more than a year, no problem, and today I couldnt find it. I moved houses, but it's securely attached, and I was very ginger with the computer20:35
daftykinsBigTaxi: did you touch it to confirm it's spinning in the end?20:35
BigTaxidaftykins, the hdd is physically there, and spinning, but undetectable20:35
Guest70102cinvoke: with --purge20:35
daftykinsBigTaxi: ok, can you run "dmesg | pastebinit" ?20:36
WalexGuest70102: good point...20:36
BigTaxidaftykins,  not installed20:36
cinvokeWalex: Guest70102: sudo apt-get install --purge --reinstall lightdm?20:36
daftykinsBigTaxi: 'sudo apt-get install pastebinit' then repeat20:36
Walexgot a strange issue: freshly installed 13.04 for a test (using 12.04 actually), then updated with all current updates, then rebooted, then mouse moves but cannot select anything and keyboard seems dead. Started X with 'xinit' and none of that happens. Suggestions?20:37
Walexcinvoke: yes...20:37
pvl1is it ok to add ubuntu repos to kali20:37
Walexcinvoke: you may have to deinstall first and then install again, but that probably works.20:37
cinvokeWalex: cool.20:38
Walexpvl1: ask in rhe Kali channel, but probably yes.20:38
BigTaxidaftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5990427/20:38
BigTaxiis that what we needed?20:38
daftykinsprobably, one sec20:38
daftykinsBigTaxi: bad news is it seems to be seeing the one disk only, perhaps try changing the SATA cable if you can, else try booting a LiveCD/USB with the other disk connected on the other one's cable and see if it finds it20:39
BigTaxidaftykins, I've swapped cables a few times. SATA is the multicolored one, with the broader plug?20:40
daftykinsBigTaxi: no that's the power one, the data tends to be red or any colour, but small20:40
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MKCoin can I make the icons in the unity sidebar smaller?20:41
jimmy51_hello... i've just been through the read the man pages ringer in a few other rooms despite reading them and still not getting it.  i'm trying to dump the last 3MB of a HDD to a file using dd.  i realize i need to use dd if=/dev/sda of=/path/to/dump.dmp skip=something but am not sure of what value to use.  any help?20:41
BigTaxidaftykins, yep yep, ok. I've swapped that one too, I think. bad news, huh20:41
Walexjimmy51_: the last 3MB? You need also to do some arithmetic20:42
MKCoinah nevermind I fond it20:42
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cinvokeWalex: working fine now after reboot.  should i go ahead and reinstall lightdm ?  is there something better, but now heavy on resources?20:43
jimmy51_Walex: yes.  i've run fdisk -l to get a list of how many bytes are on the drive.20:43
Walexcinvoke: LightDM is the default choice for XFCE420:43
FastCodejimmy51_: parted /dev/sda20:43
D_Russdoes anyone know how to get transmission (torrent client) to open the download location window on top of chrome when you click a torrent to download? ... I am used to Ubuntu 12.04 which does this automatically 13.04 you have to manually click on the transmission icon on the left side, This sometimes leads to me forgetting and the torrent never getting downloaded...20:43
Walexcinvoke: looks like the 'dpkg-reconfigure' worked20:44
FastCodejimmy51_: U B20:44
FastCodejimmy51_: print20:44
FastCodejimmy51_: q20:44
jimmy51_Walex: i've then subtracted 3*1024*1024*1024*102420:44
mojtabaHi, I have lost the folder .thunderbird, but before I have made backup with dejadup; I have backups in 3 different days. If I want to restore, should I restore first one, and then second one and then last one? or should I just restore the last one?20:44
cinvokeWalex: you guys kick a$$!  thank you!20:44
FastCodejimmy51_: subtract 3145728 from disk size20:45
=== Nisstyre-laptop is now known as Nisstyre
WalexFastCode: cat cat /sys/block/sda/size20:45
BigTaxidaftykins, any siggestions as to how to carry on?20:45
daftykinsBigTaxi: well, if a livecd doesn't see the other disk when connected with the known-working cable of the other one, it may be time to get outside help20:46
mojtabaHi, I have lost the folder .thunderbird, but before I have made backup with dejadup; I have backups in 3 different days. If I want to restore, should I restore first one, and then second one and then last one? or should I just restore the last one?20:46
archzombieCan you install the ubuntu image using clockwork?20:46
jimmy51_FastCode: ok... not seeing disk size in the parted printout.  i see it in fdisk -l.  is that good?20:46
jimmy51_(i mean, a usable value)?20:46
jimmy51_FastCode:nevermind, i see it20:47
BigTaxidaftykins, ok, good thing my new apartment is filled with CS guys. Thanks a lot for your help.20:47
FastCodejimmy51_:i believe the way Walex pointed out is better20:47
daftykinsBigTaxi: np :)20:47
iceroot_mojtaba: the last one20:47
FastCodejimmy51_: dd bs=1 if=/dev/sda skip=that number | dd of=my_file20:47
iceroot_mojtaba: the last one will contain all files which were in that folder on that date20:48
mojtabaiceroot_: thanks20:48
seigmannnetflix wont work on ubuntu? ;s20:48
jimmy51_FastCode:  ok... 500,107,862,016.  i subtract 3145728 from that.  then i dd like you said.20:48
iceroot_!netflix | seigmann20:48
ubottuseigmann: If you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop20:48
jimmy51_FastCode:  btw... why do a dd | dd instead of dd if and of in one command?20:48
seigmannty iceroot_20:48
mojtabaiceroot_: Isn't the backup incremental?20:49
mojtabaiceroot_: I have made it with dejadup with default settings.20:49
jimmy51_FastCode: sudo dd bs=1 if=/dev/sda skip=500104716288 | dd of=/mnt/net/dump.dmp20:49
FastCode@jimmy51_:yes, because dd accepts only one block size for both input and output and that can cause real performance problems when set to 1 and writing to a file20:49
FastCodejimmy51_: And you are already writing to a network mount20:51
jimmy51_FastCode: hmm... something's wrong.  permission denied, even with sudo. yup, writing to network.20:51
mojtabaiceroot_: Isn't the backup incremental? I have made it with dejadup with default settings.20:51
jimmy51_(i have permission to write to it though... permission problem must be on read end... readying outside of drive)20:51
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Ben64jimmy51_: once you do | you lose sudo20:52
FastCodejimmy51_: are you root or member of disk group?20:52
WalexFastCode: that's not bad reasoning about using a double 'dd'20:52
ZorkyI have a question regarding xscreensaver.. can anyone help?20:52
WalexFastCode: but 'dd' can do 'ibs' and 'obs'. However piping helps another way.20:52
wilee-nilee!anyone > Zorky20:52
ubottuZorky, please see my private message20:52
jimmy51_cat /sys/block/sda/size gives a much different value than fdisk -l or parted does for drive size20:53
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.20:53
SierraARSorry was just curious what that says; didn't realise it wouldnt pm me20:53
Gambit-hey folks20:53
Ben64SierraAR: you can pm the bot to test things like that20:54
Gambit-I'm trying to use ubuntu 12.04 LXC support, but running into a wierd problem with sudo's ASKPASS functionality.20:54
Gambit-When you try to do so, it fails to see the file specified20:54
SierraARBen64: Suppose I should've thought of that, sorry xD20:54
Gambit-Any ideas?20:54
Ben64SierraAR: no problem, just for future info20:54
FastCode@Walex:yep, dd won't read until the last buffer is written.20:54
ZorkyI need xscreensaver to log the user off. how would i do that? i have tried to input kill −9 −1 into advanced options under a screensaver. it only makes the screen black. and i have to restart the client. any suggestions?20:54
Gambit-Or any suggestions for creating the image with sudo set to all already?20:54
mojtabaIs the backup made with dejadup full backup or incremental?20:54
ikoniaZorky: yoiucan't do it like that20:55
Walexjimmy51_: let S="($(cat /sys/block/sda/size) - 3*1024*(1024/512))/(1024*1024/512)"; dd bs=1M count=3 skip=$S if=.... of=....20:55
jimmy51_FastCode, Walex: if I just do a dd if=/dev/sda bs=1MB count=1 | of=/mnt/net/dump.dmp it works20:55
Zorkyikonia:  how would i aproache it then?20:55
WalexFastCode: no, that's not the reason, it is that it pipeline sinput with output20:55
mojtabawilee-nilee:  Is the backup made with dejadup full backup or incremental?20:55
ikoniaZorky: to be honest, not using a screensaver20:55
smallmousecan someone assist with my ubuntu server this is what my host file looks like on /etc/apache2/conf.d but i cannot see my site via www only through ip address http://pastebin.com/7yF6yRXm thanks20:55
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ikoniasmallmouse: where have you setup dns20:56
ikoniasmallmouse: (or any form of name resolution)20:56
Zorkyikonia:  i need the computer to auto logoff the user. after it hasent been used for lets say 30 min20:56
smallmouseikonia: someone else did it so this is the only file that has been adjusted, we have an ip address then standard install20:56
Walexjimmy51_: note that "| of=..." does nothing20:56
mojtabaHello, Is the backup made with dejadup full backup or incremental?20:56
mojtaba!dejadup | mojtaba20:56
smallmouseikonia: ip address works and this is ours straight to our server20:56
ikoniasmallmouse: are you trying to access it from the same machine as where the web server is running20:57
mojtabaPiliz, Is the backup made with dejadup full backup or incremental?20:57
ikoniaZorky: I'd look at the event that triggers the screen saver,20:57
FastCode@mojtaba:knock it of20:57
wilee-nileemojtaba, No idea I use grsync, however this link may help. http://www.howtogeek.com/108869/how-to-back-up-ubuntu-the-easy-way-with-dj-dup/20:57
IamLightgreeting alls20:57
ikoniaZorky: and replace that, rather than trying to replace the actaul screen saver20:57
Zorkyikonia:  where is that?20:57
IamLighthow can i start a app via terminal20:57
smallmouseikonia: no external as this is an external server, it works with ip but Not with the www something up with this file but I dont know enough to say what I am included to delete the ip address and see if that works20:57
IamLightxbmc wont start20:58
FastCode@Walex:It just made my head spin, didn't notice dd is missing20:58
Ben64smallmouse: you need to make sure the name is resolving properly first of all20:58
smallmouseBen64: where do i do this ?20:58
FastCode@mojtaba:صبر کنم دارم نصب میکنم.20:58
ikoniasmallmouse: you need to setup a name resolution20:58
smallmouseBen64: yes it is as our labs is working fine..20:58
ikoniasmallmouse: that's your issue20:58
newhoaIs there a way to power down unmounted hard drives until they are mounted?20:58
Ben64smallmouse: terminal, "host google.com" if you owned google20:58
ESPGuillermoI need a little help20:59
wilee-nileemojtaba, More links. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=%5Bdeja-dup20:59
mojtabaFastCode: چیو؟ دژادوپ رو؟20:59
ikoniamojtaba: english please.20:59
mojtabawilee-nilee: thanks20:59
mojtabaikonia: ok20:59
smallmouseBen64: ip address on host is correcty20:59
ESPGuillermoWindows isn't booting on my laptop so I was thinking of running/installing Ubuntu from a USB. Will this get rid of my Windows 7 OS or will the Windows 7 OS always be there?20:59
Ben64smallmouse: it'd be easier if you actually gave us the domain and ip21:00
FastCode@mojtaba:I believe we should speak English here, and yes just to see the default settings.21:00
bitbytehey guys can any one let me know how to pre a usb on ubuntu server to make a bootable usb21:00
daftykinsESPGuillermo: just booting a livecd won't make any changes to the disk21:00
mojtabaFastCode: Thanks man21:00
bitbytei know command to copy over the iso just don't know whether the usb needs formatting or anythign21:00
daftykinsESPGuillermo: during installation you will be able to choose if you want to install alongside or not21:00
reisiobitbyte: you want to put Ubuntu on a USB from an Ubuntu install?21:00
ESPGuillermodaftykins Ok thanks. I'm hoping the problems is with Windows itself and the laptop works fine with Ubuntu. But as long as I still have Windows 7 there, all is good21:00
reisiobitbyte: not he image itself has its own filesystem on it21:00
reisiobitbyte: no the*21:00
daftykinsESPGuillermo: however, would fixing the Windows install not be a better approach?21:00
Zorkyikonia:  how would i replace the trigger that triggers the screensaver. to do something else?21:00
bitbytenah I'm wanting to put windows server iso on it21:00
smallmouseBen64: i will get into trouble for that21:01
reisiobitbyte: on the usb stick?21:01
ikoniaZorky: not sure what triggers it in ubuntu 13.04 - I'd guess dbus21:01
bitbytethe micro server has no disk drive21:01
mojtabaI will come back21:01
wilee-nileeESPGuillermo, Whatever you want, however resizing a non working W7 with ubuntu could be a bricking, I would fix it first if you want it to work.21:01
reisiobitbyte: http://serverfault.com/questions/6714/how-to-make-windows-7-usb-flash-install-media-from-linux#answer-16706021:01
Zorkyikonia:  im sitting on a 12.0421:01
FastCode@mojtaba:found it21:01
ESPGuillermodaftykins there are literally no options, it loads up, asks if I want to boot from hard drive or from USB and if I click hard drive (windows 7) it just freezes21:01
bitbytemuch appreciated thanks alot21:01
Ben64smallmouse: you do realize the internet is public and people will find your ip if you have a website21:01
ikoniaZorky: same for 12.0421:01
daftykinsESPGuillermo: ah ok, sounds like you need a recovery disc21:01
ESPGuillermowilee-nilee so if I try to run/install Ubuntu on a laptop where Windows isn't working, it could break to laptop for good?21:01
FastCode@mojtaba:duplicity(the backend) makes a full backup only the first time and the rest are just diffs21:02
wilee-nileeESPGuillermo, resizing w7 when it does not work may break it worse.21:02
ESPGuillermowilee-nilee what do you mean by 'resizing'? Sorry to come across as an idiot but I'm a little unfamiliar with the terms21:02
geniiwilee-nilee: I doubt it's marked clean anyways.21:03
wilee-nileeESPGuillermo, Do you have any allocated space on the hard drive to put ubuntu into?21:03
wilee-nileegenii, And your point is?21:03
ESPGuillermowilee-nilee I'm not even able to load up the laptop so adding anything to the hard drive would be a task that'd be extremely difficult for me21:04
geniiwilee-nilee: eg: The installer will refuse to resize it to begin with until chkdsk marks it clean.21:04
usr13smallmouse: It appears that you have a nameserver or network issue.21:04
usr13smallmouse: Neither of which would be a Ubuntu issue.21:05
jimmy51_Walex: the let S= thing blew up.  something isn't right with the let S line21:05
wilee-nileeESPGuillermo, If you want windows to work in the future fix it first and image/clone it then install ubuntu. Just adding ubuntu will need a resizing of the windows partition, not a good idea on one that is broken, you would resize that windows with its disk manager anyway.21:05
jimmy51_let S="($(cat /sys/block/sda/size) - 3*1024*(1024/512))/(1024*1024/512)"21:05
smallmouseusr13: ubuntu people are lovely bunch and very helpful sorry..21:05
wilee-nileegenii, That is a guess, and to my point anyway I am tellinh them to fix it.21:06
ESPGuillermowilee-nilee ok thanks for the info, I'll probably leave it because I don't want to risk making it worse21:06
usr13smallmouse: I know and you are correct, (just sort-of stating the obvious).21:06
jimmy51_Walex: is that line trying to do....   (drive size - 3 MB) / 1023*1024/512  ?21:07
Zorkyikonia:  i can't find anything that tells me how to do this21:07
usr13smallmouse: If there is any way we can help, we will (within reason).21:07
ESPGuillermoDo you guys use Ubuntu as your primary OS or just as a back up?21:08
wilee-nileeESPGuillermo, There is a ##windows channel if you need help with it.21:08
usr13smallmouse:  Just because you define a domain name in your apache config does not mean anyone's network will resolve to your server.21:09
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wilee-nileeESPGuillermo, That would be a #ubuntu-offtopic subject.21:09
ESPGuillermowilee-nilee alright, cheers man. And sorry21:09
ikoniasmallmouse: with respect, if this is your understanding of how serving web pages work - you should really consider not doing this until you know more21:09
FastCode@Walex: I have no clue what you did in that math formula but /sys/block/sda/size is the sector count.21:09
daftykinsESPGuillermo: i tend to use it on servers in general usage, with a lot of recovery use too yeah21:09
wilee-nilee;) ESPGuillermo21:09
ESPGuillermo#join /ubuntu-offtopic21:09
wilee-nilee!tab > FastCode21:09
ubottuFastCode, please see my private message21:09
ESPGuillermolol typed it wrong21:10
Ben64ESPGuillermo: switch those things around :)21:10
smallmouseikonia: i left it to some experts and have had problems and nonsense21:10
wilee-nileeESPGuillermo,  /j /#ubuntu-offtopic21:10
ikoniasmallmouse: they are not experts then, as setting up a basic web server is simple21:10
wilee-nilee /j /ubuntu-offtopic21:10
smallmouseikonia: thank you for the advice though, i will back up any files i adjust21:10
usr13ESPGuillermo: Yea, you butchered that one ;)21:10
wilee-nileeme to doh21:10
wilee-nilee ESPGuillermo  /j #ubuntu-offtopic21:10
jimmy51_WOOHOO! i think it's working.  seems like the /sys/block/sda/size value wasn't the way to go21:10
x-s4nd3ris ecryptfs important?...21:10
jimmy51_(without more math... which doesn't working, evidently)21:11
ikoniax-s4nd3r: in what respect ?21:11
jimmy51_FastCode: parted output, minus the 3MB value, worked21:11
x-s4nd3rikonia: I was looking at ecryptfs on google, and it seems that..sometimes it gets broken where you can no longer access your /home/ directory21:11
x-s4nd3rikonia: in decrypted state.21:11
ikoniax-s4nd3r: yes, unless you are %101 on top of it, it can cause problems21:12
x-s4nd3rikonia: and if I don't even have a passphrase of it, is there something else I can do?21:12
ikoniax-s4nd3r: no21:12
jimmy51_FastCode, Walex: thank you VERY much.21:12
x-s4nd3rikonia: rescue mode?21:12
ikoniax-s4nd3r: no21:12
rangergordHi. is there some rich text editor that will accept pasted rich text and preserve formatting? OpenOffice Writer's not doing it, because the text is too wide and it causes break since Writer needs to adhere to page size. Is there something else that will grow as much as needed? I dont need to print the document, just visualize it. I'm copying and pasting from Windows to a Linux VM. I could21:12
rangergordtransfer files but it's annoyingly time-consuming when I just want to quickly get back to Linux.21:12
x-s4nd3rikonia: then I am screwed?21:12
ikoniax-s4nd3r: yes21:12
x-s4nd3rI get your point, ikonia. I'll just uninstall ecryptfs to avoid 'such' situations.21:13
daftykinsrangergord: perhaps libreoffice, being newer, will have better success21:13
Ben64my solution to the encryption issue is to not use encryption21:13
wilee-nileerangergord, libreoffice is the supported app21:13
x-s4nd3rben64: why?21:13
rangergorddaftykins: sorry, I'm already using LibreOffice. Called it by the old name.21:13
usr13rangergord: soffice has page size restrictions only if you tell it to, (which is default).21:13
iceroot_mojtaba: yes it is21:14
iceroot_mojtaba: but what is the problem?21:14
wilee-nileerangergord, try  #Openoffice.org21:14
iceroot_mojtaba: the 2. day will save a delta from the first day, so you will have day 1 + 221:14
rangergordusr13: I went to its setting page already, there's no "unlimited size" option, I can just select between A4, A6, etc...figured I'd just ask if anyone could recommend a better rich text editor.21:14
mojtabaiceroot_: I have lost .thunderbird, and I want to restore it. I have 3 different backups (3 days).21:14
wilee-nileerangergord, Ah libreoffice cool21:14
iceroot_mojtaba: without that a backup would be totally useless21:14
FastCodeiceroot_: his problem is he has a quadrillion incremental backups and has no clue how to restore them.21:15
iceroot_mojtaba: as i said earlier, use the latest backup21:15
rangergordwilee-nilee: ok I'll try. Thanks.21:15
usr13rangergord: There is kword and others.21:15
mojtabaiceroot_: Ok, thanks21:15
iceroot_FastCode: incremental + delta, that is what deja-dup is doing21:15
mojtabaiceroot_: It means dejadup uses those backups automatically?21:15
iceroot_FastCode: like every other backup tool21:15
usr13rangergord: Maybe gedit21:15
iceroot_mojtaba: uses? in what context?21:15
mojtabaiceroot_: I mean to restore the data.21:16
Ben64x-s4nd3r: i don't see a situation where it'd be useful. there are only negatives21:16
D_Russdoes anyone know how to get transmission (torrent client) to open the download location window on top of chrome when you click a torrent to download? ... I am used to Ubuntu 12.04 which does this automatically 13.04 you have to manually click on the transmission icon on the left side, This sometimes leads to me forgetting and the torrent never getting downloaded...21:16
FastCodeiceroot_: I specialize in incremental databases, its my day job21:16
x-s4nd3rben64, well the security part, where your files are protected if somebody gains root to your system.21:16
iceroot_mojtaba: backup day1 = all data, backup from day 2 = delta to day 1, so it includes day 1 as well with the changes from day 221:16
x-s4nd3rif I have a list of channels, how can I automatically join them when I join a IRC network? (in xchat)21:17
Ben64x-s4nd3r: but your files would already be mounted21:17
mojtabaiceroot_: thanks21:17
x-s4nd3rben64, so what's your advice? should I completely remove ecryptfs and go back to good ol' decrypted /home/21:17
Ben64x-s4nd3r: yep21:17
iceroot_mojtaba: you can also choose another location to restore the backup so you will not overwrite your current folder21:17
vadiWhat are some alternatives to ubuntu's usb startup disk creator? That tool is horribly broken and crashes 100% of the time without finishing the job in 12.04 LTS.21:17
vadi(see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usb-creator/+bug/859539, a two year old bug)21:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 859539 in usb-creator (Ubuntu) "usb-creator-gtk fails to install bootloader: "System policy prevents installing the bootloader"" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:18
mojtabaiceroot_: sure. Thanks21:18
iceroot_mojtaba: and you can specific only to restore specific folders, recreate the missing folder, right click - restore and choose the version21:18
Ben64vadi: unetbootin21:18
vadiBen64: thanks!21:18
x-s4nd3rben64, do YOU use encryption?21:18
Ben64x-s4nd3r: not on my drives, over the internet sure21:19
x-s4nd3rben64, which part is most necessary? my internet-traffic is encrypted thru ssh-tunneling and socks5 which makes all data go thru the tunnel, and I use HTTPS whenever available.21:20
x-s4nd3rben64: or encryption on drives?21:20
Ben64x-s4nd3r: its really up to you21:20
ikoniax-s4nd3r: what has tunneling got to do with your drives ?21:20
ZorkyI need help regarding dbus. in chaning event triggers for the idle time, to make it do another command than open the screensaver21:20
x-s4nd3rikonia: I was talking about internet traffic.21:20
Aingeru_GanixHello everyone, Aingeru_Ganixhere and i'm here and ready to DDoS.21:21
FloodBot1gee_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:22
bitbytekeep getting told when trying to mount my usb to specify the type any one know how21:22
bekksbitbyte: mount -o ext4 .... e.g.21:23
* bitbyte tried sudo mount /dev/sde1 /media/sde1 type ntfs21:23
ikoniagee_: please don't post that sort of thing in this channel21:23
jimmy51_FastCode, Walex: now... to reverse this (write the dump to the last 3MB of the HDD) I would do this, right?  dd if=/mnt/net/dump.dmp | dd bs=1 of=/dev/sda seek={fdisk -l value minus 3*1024*2014}21:23
bekksbitbyte: mount -t ext4 .... e.g.21:23
ikoniagee_: this channel is for ubuntu support discussion only.21:23
ZorkyI need help regarding dbus. in chaning event triggers for the idle time, to make it do another command than open the screensaver21:23
bitbytewell funnily enough its on ubuntu server :P21:23
usr13rangergord: soffice -writer -> Format -> Page -> Width / Height (set to high number of inches, your choice) (I see no limits there).21:23
gee_ikonia who are you?21:23
bitbytethank you for the responses21:23
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
ikoniagee_: someone advising you of the rules of the channel.21:23
Guest95487ikonia is the law21:24
gee_ok if the rules wish so21:24
gee_bb folks21:24
ikoniagee_: thanks21:24
Guest95487what a strange character21:24
FastCodejimmy51_: yes, but please first verify your file size21:25
jimmy51_FastCode: it's about 3.1MB21:25
bitbytemmm this pen drive is giving me all sorts of issues trying to follow the guide suggested earlier for making the bootable usb stick by command line on ubuntu server but can't really seem to prep the stick right21:25
jimmy51_FastCode: looks like it at least grabbed 3MB from somewhere :)21:25
FastCodejimmy51_: ls -Slas should give everything21:25
usr13bitbyte: What seems to be the problem?21:26
bytesoupHi folks I seem to have an issue with ubuntu dhcp server I installed isc-dhcp-server and setup the nameservers in the /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf file, clients get a IP address but no DNS settings in /etc/resolv.conf21:26
bitbytefollowing http://serverfault.com/questions/6714/how-to-make-windows-7-usb-flash-install-media-from-linux#answer-167060 as suggested and the actual creation of the filesystems i can't seem to get right21:26
bitbyteright *21:26
auronandace!resolvconf | bytesoup21:26
ubottubytesoup: resolvconf is a set of scripts that's used to manage /etc/resolv.conf in 12.04 and later, for more information please see: http://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/serverguide/network-configuration.html#name-resolution21:26
ZorkyI need help regarding dbus. in chaning event triggers for the idle time, to make it do another command than open the screensaver21:27
Guest95487what does ls -slas do?21:27
jimmy51_FastCode: file size is exact.  one thing... i should be doing SEEK rather than SKIP on the write?21:27
auronandaceGuest95487: man ls21:27
bitbytewell it moans when i try mounting saying specify the file type and then says its not ntfs21:27
utusanGuest95487: ls --help21:27
FastCodejimmy51_: yes21:27
auronandaceGuest95487: keep in mind case sensitivity, -s could be an entirely different option to -S21:28
bekksbitbyte: Then its not NTFS. Use: "sudo blkid" to see what it is.21:28
FastCodeand it is21:28
jimmy51_FastCode: ok... here goes21:28
usr13bytesoup: "isc-dhcp-server"?  What is wrong with dnsmasq?21:28
FastCode  -s, --size                 print the allocated size of each file, in blocks21:29
FastCode  -S                         sort by file size21:29
FastCodeI had forgotten which is which so i used both21:29
bitbytesorry the sudo blkld is not working for me command not found21:30
bytesoupauronandace: thanks but it seems the clients do not get a nameserver when using my home router as a DHCP server the /etc/resolv.conf shows the router's IP as DNS21:30
bytesoupI have opendns configured on the server in its own /etc/resolve.conf file so DNS works for the server itself21:30
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:30
bytesoupusr13: Ive not heard of dnsmasq would that work better for me? I want to use Open dns for name resolving to save running DNS on the server too21:31
usr13bytesoup: I suppose it would.  Others here may have more specific advise, but dnsmasq is what I would try first.'21:33
=== DarkAce-Z is now known as DarkAceZ
usr13bytesoup: dnsmasq provides a caching nameserver as well as dhcpd21:33
=== 16WAAV47Z is now known as Gamoder_
bytesoupusr13: the thing is i want to avoid configuring the client machines so they just connect to the network broadcast for DHCP and get the nameserver config too21:34
usr13bytesoup: http://www.thekelleys.org.uk/dnsmasq/doc.html21:34
Gamoder_Hi everone, I just wanted to know whether there still is an application available for getting data from Windows Mobile 6.1-phones (ubuntu 13.04, 64 bit)?21:34
Gamoder_synce somehow seams dead - especially, synce-trayicon doesn't work here (using xfce, if I start it no icon appears)21:35
FastCodebitbyte: install util-linux21:35
=== mr is now known as Guest19466
bytesoupusr13: yes thanks im looking at that page now...21:37
usr13bytesoup: Yea, see if it meets your needs.21:37
MraMariaHi. Could you please help me find a solution for running on 13.04  a - VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Rage XL PCI (rev 27)21:38
FastCodejimmy51_: did it work?21:38
bitbytethe sudo apt-get install until-linux didn't install it21:38
Gamoder_And - I don't know what do to do make my computer recognize the phone21:38
FastCodebitbyte: what did it say?21:39
usr13Gamoder_: Get a smartphone ;)21:39
jimmy51_FastCode: it appears to have written the 3MB.  it did not have the desired result (i'm exporting weird driver data, importing on another machine)21:39
bitbyteits at its newest install already21:39
jimmy51_FastCode: cat'ing the 3MB file makes me think it's interupting the actual driver data.  i'm shooting for 10MB this time to see if it catches it all.21:39
bitbytebut the sudo blkld command still not recognised21:39
Gamoder_usr13: Well, I have one, but want to transfer my contacts21:40
daftykinsbitbyte: it's blkid, with an I, not ld21:40
bekksbitbyte: blkid not blkld21:40
FastCodeyour PATH may be wrong, use /sbin/blkid instead of just blkid21:40
Ben64jimmy51_: what are you even trying to do21:40
bitbyteah very sorry my eye sights not what it used to be21:40
FastCodebitbyte: mine too:)21:40
usr13Gamoder_: Sorry, was just a bit of taste-free-humor.  ;)21:40
Gamoder_yeah, I know21:41
Gamoder_still - is there maybe an archive version of synce.org?21:41
bitbyteit dosnt actually list it when its done21:41
bitbyteso i just used sudo cfdisk /dev/sde and created a part ion and wrote it out21:41
bitbyteand /dev/sde dosnt show on it21:41
bekksbitbyte: Then there is no filesystem on /dev/Sde21:42
FastCodejimmy51_: let me see if i can find someway to make dd read/write backwards21:42
Ben64Gamoder_: theres a way to export to csv21:42
bitbyteright then now I'm just confused haha21:42
bitbytecfdisk is lying to me then21:42
bekksbitbyte: No.21:42
bekksbitbyte: cfdisk creates a partition type, not a filesystem.21:42
bitbyteand when in cfdisk i do set the type to NTFS21:43
bitbyteor do i now need to follow up with mkfs.ntfs21:43
bekksbitbyte: Thats the partitio type. cfdisk does not know anything about filesystems.21:43
bekksbitbyte: Yes, you need to create a filesystem.21:43
FastCodebitbyte: use /dev/disk/by-.... its safer and makes you make less mistakes21:44
jukenHi all, I just installed Ubuntu Server 13.04 and I'm trying to install X. The reason is I have 7 ATI HD 7970 video cards and I need to install the latest catalyst drivers; however, installation of the catalyst driver halts because it cannot detect the version of X.21:44
bsmith093there was a massive spike in system load just now, how do i find out what it was, its ver now?21:44
MraMariaCould you please help me find a solution for running on 13.04  a - VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Rage XL PCI (rev 27)21:44
bekksbsmith093: no chance.21:44
bitbytei love my install of server21:44
Ben64MraMaria: you'd have to see if the opensource driver works for that, it is very old21:44
FastCodebitbyte: doesn't everyone love theirs?21:45
bitbytei did mkfs.ntfs -f /dev/sde1 and said mkfs isn't installed and then i did sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g and then said latest version installed >..<21:45
MraMariaBen64:  a PPA?21:45
bitbyteso you recommend doing /dev/disk/by21:45
FastCodeits safer21:45
bitbytewhats the full command when I've googled that its brought back some confusing results21:46
Ben64MraMaria: the open source radeon driver is already in ubuntu21:46
FastCodebitbyte: your PATH is wrong21:46
IamLightCould someone take a look as to why XBMC is crashing?21:46
FastCodebitbyte: echo $PATH21:46
bitbyteits /dev/sde1 for the partion21:46
Gamoder_Ben64: Sorry, seems like I destoryed my internet connection when trying to follow a tutorial. How do I export my contacts in csv? (And how would I transfer that file?)21:46
FastCodebitbyte: not the partition path, THE PATH21:47
Ben64Gamoder_: its been years, i don't remember anymore.21:47
bitbytedown as /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin/X11:/usr/games21:47
MraMariaBen64: well... isn´t working as per installation of the system :(21:47
usr13Gamoder_: From ____________?21:47
FastCodeit should output something like /bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/home/fastcode/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/bin21:47
Ben64!working | MraMaria21:47
Gamoder_usr13: The Windows Mobile 6.1 phone to my ubuntu desktop21:47
MraMariaBen64: wait... i might need to uncomment some repos.21:48
Jordan_Ubitbyte: mkfs.ntfs is not included in ntfs-3g, it's included in ntfsprogs.21:48
FastCodemine is in ntfs-3g21:48
bitbytestrange, automated error suggested to install that package21:48
bitbytebut the path is : /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin/X11:/usr/games21:48
Ben64!work | MraMaria21:48
ubottuMraMaria: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.21:48
FastCodeJordan_U: already verified with dpkg -S $(which mkfs.ntfs)21:48
Jordan_Ubitbyte: Please pastebin the exact output of "mkfs.ntfs --help".21:49
usr13Gamoder_: I dono.  If it were thunderbird or one of the  Linux apps, I might be able to tell you, but not familiar with Windows Mobile apps.21:49
MraMariaub0ttu: give a strong word of thanks statement to Ben64 , pls :p21:49
FastCodebitbyte: execute this: which mkfs.ntfs21:49
bitbytesorry this is both commands21:50
bitbytethe help and which21:50
bitbytewhich didn't produce any results21:51
FastCodebitbyte: The script telling you its not installed checks the path, when  you fix it everything will be alright21:51
Jordan_Ubitbyte: What is the output of "sudo which mkfs.ntfs"?21:51
FastCodels /sbin/mkfs.ntfs21:51
FastCodesbin should be global readable21:51
usr13Gamoder_: Windows Moble may export comma separated by default. Try it and see.21:51
bitbytedosnt produce anything21:52
bitbyteand when apt-get install ntfs-3g as recommended by the server get this output21:52
FastCoderun this:21:52
bitbyteno output for the sudo which mkfs,.ntfs21:52
FastCodeexport PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin21:53
willybilly0101how do make a script so that it will open in a terminal window when run from DE?21:53
Jordan_Ubitbyte: You added an extra comma, it's just "sudo which mkfs.ntfs".21:53
FastCodebitbyte: you should modify your .profile and/or .bashrc to make this change if it fixes the problem21:53
Jordan_Uwillybilly0101: You can either make a .Desktop file which will launch your script in a terminal when double clicked, or have the script itself launch gnome-terminal.21:54
x-s4nd3rwhat is a swap?21:54
willybilly0101I prefer second option, how to launch a terminal that will run the script?21:54
bitbytedosnt seem to have done anything21:54
willybilly0101x-s4nd3r, is a part of your HDD which is used instead of RAM in certain cases21:55
x-s4nd3rwhat does "swap" does exactly?21:55
bitbytewhich memory is being fully utilised it is used as over flow ram21:55
bitbytewhen *21:56
Gamoder_usr13: Well - but where?21:56
x-s4nd3rand what's /dev/mapper/cryptswap121:56
willybilly0101encrypted swap21:56
FastCodeit stops hackers from reading what was once in your ram21:56
x-s4nd3rSwap:      5636616          0    563661621:57
x-s4nd3r0 usage?21:57
bitbytewell presume if your not using the whole of your ram at the moment then that would be right21:57
bitbytestart running 10 vm's :P soon use it all up21:57
FastCodebitbyte: does blkid work now? without specifying full path(i.e. /sbin/blkid)21:57
bitbytethe commands working21:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 474258 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu Precise) "Extremely dangerous! cryptswap killed my partition" [Critical,Fix released]21:58
x-s4nd3r...now I am scared21:58
FastCodewhat version is the ubuntu on your server?21:58
IamLightCould someone take a look as to why XBMC is crashing? please?21:59
x-s4nd3rand what is a linux partition? like /dev/sda1..etc (i am just tryna get more knowledge lol)21:59
bitbyteits 13.0321:59
bitbyte13.04 sorry21:59
FastCodex-s4nd3r: pray it is, otherwise it should be the whole sda21:59
bitbyteits fully unto date i updated before i started this mission :/22:00
jpdsx-s4nd3r: Scared of a fix released bug?22:00
x-s4nd3rwhat fastcode22:00
x-s4nd3rjpds: what is fastcode saying22:01
x-s4nd3ri am confused22:01
x-s4nd3rat his mysterious words22:01
FastCodebitbyte: dpkg -S mkfs.ntfs22:02
FastCodex-s4nd3r: it was a joke22:02
bitbytentfs-3g: /usr/share/man/man8/mkfs.ntfs.8.gz22:02
bitbytentfs-3g: /sbin/mkfs.ntfs22:02
x-s4nd3r#ubuntu is not a place for jokes, fastcode22:02
FastCodex-s4nd3r: sorry22:02
bitbytefast it is in sbin22:03
bitbyteand man page is there22:03
bitbytentfs-3g: /sbin/mkfs.ntfs22:03
eoshi everybody .... is it possible to listen to the audio line in whillst recording from the command line?22:03
Tranter_AlfieHello everyone, Tranter_Alfiehere and i'm here and ready to DDoS.22:04
FastCodeeos: pkill aplay;pkill arecord;rm rec.wav;(arecord -f dat rec.wav &);sleep $1;(aplay rec.wav &);sleep 2147483647; pkill arecord;pkill aplay22:05
CharlieSuHow can I run a single command in my upstart script as root and the other as my 'setuid' user?  I'm trying to create a directory in my pre-start stanza22:05
FastCodeeos: i had it in a script, does what you want22:05
bitbytethis is crazy fast it clearly is there under shin but when its invoked it says its not installed22:05
bekksbitbyte: Then use it, mkfs.ntfs22:06
ikoniadon't use linux to make ntfs file systems22:06
ikoniause windows - it's the right tool22:06
CharlieSuHow can I run a single command in my upstart script as root and the other as my 'setuid' user?  I'm trying to create a directory in my pre-start stanza22:06
bitbytefunny thing is I'm trying to install windows server >..<22:06
eosFastCode: thanks! How does that work? why do you need pkill?22:06
FastCodebitbyte: i believe i know what is wrong, this is the exact reason i ditched debian a few months back22:06
ikoniabitbyte then it should be able to format it at install time22:06
CharlieSuHow can I run a single command in my upstart script as root and the other as my 'setuid' user?  I'm trying to create a directory in my pre-start stanza22:06
Jordan_Uikonia: mkfs.ntfs works perfectly well, I see no reason not to use it.22:06
ikoniaJordan_U: I'm sorry - but it doesn't22:06
jpds!repeat | CharlieSu22:07
ubottuCharlieSu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/22:07
bitbyteok for all the guys saying its there ill paste you the terminal window22:07
FastCodeeos: bacause i ran that script multiple times and it would mess up the recorded file.22:07
Jordan_Uikonia: Do you have links to bug reports / specific issues?22:07
CharlieSujpds: irssi wasn't printing my line..  wasn't sure if it was going through (which is why I left and came back.. )22:07
ikoniaJordan_U: just personal experience and issues observed with others,22:07
eosFastCode: I see .... and the sleep $1?22:07
reisioit works perfectly well for making a bootable USB stick, which is what he's doing :p22:07
FastCodei know its there and i know it won't run22:08
bitbytei know you know fast22:08
FastCodeI've seen this before22:08
reisiobitbyte: is that a badger?22:08
bitbyte:P but the others dont22:08
eosFastCode: what is the latency?22:08
bitbytehoney badgers protect everything !22:08
Jordan_Uwillybilly0101: http://sprunge.us/VJPG22:08
FastCodelatency is $122:08
wilee-nileemean little buggers22:08
bitbytei moved to the shin folder and tried running it, still didn't work22:09
bekksbitbyte: Run: /sbin/mkfs.ntfs22:09
bitbyteI'm so confused right now by this mkfs.ntfs22:09
ikoniabitbyte: ls -la /sbin/mkfs.ntfs22:09
reisiobitbyte: what's the problem?22:09
willybilly0101Jordan_U, thanks, I have found the solution (xterm -e)22:09
eosFastCode: because I get "sleep missing operand"22:09
bitbyteits there but says its not installed haha22:09
ikoniabitbyte: ls -la /sbin/mkfs.ntfs22:09
willybilly0101I realised that I asked in the wrong chan, I don't use ubuntu :)22:09
ikoniabitbyte: you're not running it right22:09
bitbyte-bash: /sbin/mkfs.ntfs: No such file or directory22:09
ikoniabitbyte: it's not there22:09
Dr_Willis!find mkfs.ntfs22:10
bitbytelook at the past bin it is22:10
reisiobitbyte: what's confusing about it saying it's not installed?22:10
ubottuFile mkfs.ntfs found in ntfs-3g22:10
reisiobitbyte: oh, so you've found a bug, no big deal :)22:10
ikoniabitbyte: no - it's not22:10
FastCodeeos: copy the text in a shell file and run it like this 'myfile.sh 4'22:10
bitbyte*bashes head* fast code knows where I'm at haha22:10
ikoniabitbyte: the binary mkfs.ntfs is not there22:11
FastCode'its not installed' is not a bug22:11
Otmar_MikhahHello everyone, Otmar_Mikhahhere and i'm here and ready to DDoS.22:11
reisiobitbyte: is there some problem other than this discrepancy?22:11
eosFastCode: fantastic, thanks a lot!!!! the second sleep is just to allow the script to go on indeterminately ....22:11
bitbytewhen you say the binary is not there you mean the shin file22:11
bitbyteas the shin file is there22:11
FastCodethe bug is with the path,sudo,pam,.profile,.....22:11
ikoniabitbyte: file is NOT there22:11
ikoniabitbyte: ls -la /sbin/mkfs.ntfs22:11
reisiodoes it matter if it's there or not?22:12
eosFastCode: is that correct?22:12
Jordan_Ubitbyte: Please try running "sudo apt-get remove --reinstall ntfs-3g".22:12
ikoniareisio: it does if he's saying it is there anre doesn't run22:12
ikoniawhen it's clearly not there22:12
bitbyteseriosuly relslo http://pastebin.com/wRAg259w22:12
reisioif it doesn't run it doesn't run, it doesn't matter if it's there22:12
eosthanks a lot, it was very useful!22:12
reisiobitbyte: sudo which mkntfs22:12
ikoniareisio: be nice to know if it's there and is broken, or is infact.....not actually there22:12
FastCodefourth column,second row22:13
bitbytesudo mkfs.ntfs returns nothing22:13
reisioI s'pose22:13
FastCodestat /sbin/mkfs.ntfs22:13
reisiobitbyte: and what about what I asked?22:14
bitbytestart: Unknown job: /sbin/mkfs.ntfs22:14
bekksbitbyte: stat, not start.22:14
FastCodestat not start22:14
bitbyteyes the sudo which mkfs.ntfs returns nothing relslo this has been done previously but the paste bin i have given clearly shows the file there22:14
reisiobitbyte: I didn't say mkfs.ntfs22:14
bitbyteand previously have checked the man pages and the man page file is there22:14
ikoniabitbyte: the pastebin does NOT say it's there22:14
ikoniabitbyte: the pastebin says it's NOT there22:14
ikoniabitbyte: the man page is not the binary22:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1148541 in ntfs-3g (Ubuntu) "mkfs.ntfs is missing from package" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:15
bitbyteso mkntfs your wanting22:15
reisiobitbyte: right22:15
FastCodeit deos, fourth column, second row22:15
eoslast question ....some time I would liek to be able to start the wireless network from the command line.... how do you do that?22:15
bitbytesays its in /sbin/mkntfs22:15
reisiobitbyte: use that, with -f22:15
Lunar_Landerhi, why does ubuntu now ask for "pay what you think it is worth" when you try to download it?22:15
eosI have tried nmcli c but I have failed22:15
FastCodedid you just see the bot message22:15
eosis there a way to connect to wireless using the command line?22:16
bitbytelmao really ! its changed from mkfs.ntfs to mkntfs22:16
FastCodeeos: read wpa_supplicants manual22:16
ikoniaFastCode: -s does not mean it's there - -S will show what "should" be contained in that package22:16
eosI have even tried nmcli dev wifi connect SSSI22:16
reisioLunar_Lander: 'cause Canonical is a for-profit company, and some people actually want to pay them, even22:16
eossorry FastCode I mean with nmcli22:16
reisiobitbyte: it hasn't changed, really22:16
reisiobitbyte: mkntfs is the thing, mkfs.ntfs is another thing22:17
Lunar_Landerwell I did, when I ordered the 12.04 CD :)22:17
eosFastCode: I reaad the man pages, but to no avail22:17
Lunar_Landeractually never downloaded ubuntu before22:17
reisiobitbyte: ideally you'd have both, and one would point to the other22:17
FastCodecat /sbin/mkfs.ntfs22:17
reisioLunar_Lander: there's a link at the bottom to just download it22:17
ikoniait's not there - there is even a bug saying it's not there that OerHeks has just posted22:17
reisioLunar_Lander: also: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+cdmirrors22:17
Lunar_Landerreisio, thanks22:17
bitbytelmao cat: /sbin/mkfs.ntfs: No such file or directory22:17
FastCodethe definite answer to the billion dollar question22:17
reisioyes, anywho22:17
bitbytethe ntfs filesystem has been aplied22:17
bitbytei can shoot myself later over it22:17
Jordan_Uikonia: To be fair, there is a file at /sbin/mkfs.ntfs, it's just that that file is a broken symlink.22:18
bitbytei actually almost forgot why i was doing this22:18
bitbyteguys the help is very much appreciated22:18
ikoniaJordan_U: ls -la /sbin/mkfs.ntfs shows file not there - that should show the link22:18
Marleneewhat is the best irc server i can install on my ssh serev other that unrealircd and inspircd22:18
ikoniaJordan_U: there is nothing there22:18
reisioMarlenee: what's wrong with inspircd22:18
ikoniaMarlenee: just use one of the main ones22:18
OerHekscorrect Jordan_U , the answer is in that bugreport too > sudo ln -s /sbin/mkntfs /sbin/mkfs.ntfs22:18
bitbytei run idcd - ratbox22:19
ikoniaMarlenee: use one you know how to run so you don't have to ask "what is the best"22:19
Jordan_Uikonia: Interesting, that's not consistent with the bug report as I understand it. I wonder what's happening.22:19
reisiomkfs.ntfs isn't that important once you know where the actual binary is <shrug>22:19
Ralf_NarcisseHello everyone, Ralf_Narcissehere and i'm here and ready to DDoS.22:19
reisiothe fsck symlinks would be more important22:19
reisiobut there isn't one for ntfs anyways22:19
bekksikonia: I guess that guy with the DDoS is using just a few servers, I think I've seen the same IP a few times.22:20
ikoniabekks: it changes then you ban in22:21
bitbyteright i deed asking this question any one know how to add ms-sys command22:21
bekksikonia: ah22:21
* curatrix is guessing that he is trying to get someone named ralf in to trouble22:21
ChogyDancan someone help me to not hate rythmbox?  It doesn't just play when I ask it to play something.  If I select a few songs to play, it will play the first one, then start playing random other audio files on my computer.   And of course, it doesn't turn off when I close it.  What am I missing?22:21
FastCodemeta question:in smuxi IRC client, what should i do to stop seeing the login/logout messages?22:21
hanspi logged in as su - root in terminal, and got my root@ there but i still cant copy a file into var/www/. how is that?22:21
Marleneereisio : i cant configure inspircd and i dont know amuch about unrealircd22:21
reisioMarlenee: so get help configuring it :)22:22
Marleneewhat channel #22:22
eosFastCode: wpa_supplicant I do know how it works, but on ubuntu the implemntation si quite strange22:22
FastCodeoes:last time i used it was on debian, let me take a look22:23
FastCodeeos:nope, it's exactly the same22:24
FastCodewpa_passphrase myssid mypass > myssid.psk;wpa_supplicant -i wlan0 -c myssid.psk;dhclient wlan022:24
eosFastCode: .... but there is not wpa_supplicant.conf with a traditional strcture ....22:26
wilee-nileeFastCode, http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/hide_join_part_messages22:26
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wilee-nileeFastCode, Took about 5 seconds to find that.22:27
eosFastCode: thanks a lot in any case, I will look at it, but I was hoping to be able to use nmcli22:27
FastCodewilee-nilee: I didn't know what to search for, thanks.22:27
wilee-nilee4 removing some of the words in your question22:28
Lunar_Landerany idea why K3b says "please insert an empty medium" while there is an empty CD-R in the drive?22:28
reisioLunar_Lander: what makes you think it's empty22:29
Lunar_Landerjust took it from the empty CDs22:29
reisiofrom like a fresh wrapped collection of them?22:29
Lunar_Landerand ubuntu says "you just inserted an empty CD-R"22:29
reisiotry it again22:29
reisiocd drives are slow22:29
Lunar_Landerone moment22:29
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FastCodealso it happens with low-quality disks22:30
FastCodesomebody just melted22:31
Lunar_Landersorry my own stupidity22:31
Lunar_Landerthe ubuntu ISO is 794 MB22:31
DirangedCan someone help me out with Apt pinning?22:31
Lunar_Landerand my CDs are 700 MB22:31
wilee-nileeLunar_Lander, You need a dvd or a usb drive, or can use the netload.22:32
Lunar_Landerjust put in a DVD and now it works22:32
Lunar_Landerthanks :)22:32
DirangedI've got two repos.. one named stable, one named unstable. id like to always prefer the stable repo if no options are given to the apt command, but if a package install DEPENDS on something from Unstable, I want it to work.22:32
tinksterWhat's the recommended way of getting a newer version of a tool installed than what's available from repos/backports/PPAs?  I  need libdbi-0.9.0, but the latest *buntu I can find is 0.8.422:32
DirangedAny ideas on how to get that to work? I seem to only be able to explicitly make apt install out of an unstable repo by installing the package itself manually..22:32
tinksterBuilding from source and installing in /usr/local is trivial22:32
FastCodei think the stable should be 900 and the unstable 50122:32
tinksterbut it seems unclean22:32
ChogyDantinkster: if you build from source, you can use checkinstall to get a quick deb22:34
ixio2how to list all users on a system ?22:34
ixio2other than /etc/passwd ?22:34
bekksixio2: There is no other list of users that are allowed to log in.22:34
tinksterChogyDan , yeah, but that will still install it in parallel with the existing 0.8.4 in /usr/local ... and I'd like to avoid that22:35
ixio2bekks: I mean is there a quicker way to just show "normal" users (not system users) from the command line ?22:35
bekksixio2: No.22:35
tinksterixio2 : assuming you mean "people" and not "system accounts/daemon users" ... ls -l /home might be a good starting point, but it's not fool proof22:36
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FastCode stat /home/*|grep Uid|awk '{print "\("$6}'22:36
tinksterawk -F: '$3>500{print $1}' /etc/passwd22:37
InFlamesi asked in #vbox already, but can anyone help me get virtualbox to see my usb devices? it worked only a short while ago, now it doesn't22:38
tinksterUpgraded vbox, but not the extension pack?22:38
InFlamestinkster, both are the latest from the site22:39
richttttthi, My name is Richard and I am trying to install a distro alongside windows for the first time, and am having problems. Would anyone be willing to try to figure out what my problem is?22:39
FastCodeguest additions?22:39
meditatorhello.. we are a small non-profit group having a small office with one central ubuntu fileserver. All our data is stored on that. Is there some package which can index that data and make it searchable in a web-browser? Your help greatly appreciated..22:39
InFlamesFastCode, yes, installed as well, installed again to double check22:39
InFlamesI can see my networked drives even22:39
InFlamesrichttttt, what sort of problem are you having?22:40
FastCodevbox kernel modules?22:40
InFlamessudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r` ? i did that22:40
FastCodelsmod|grep vbox22:41
richtttttInFlames, the problem is the installer starts to do its job and then everything quits, I get a couple messages, just a sec I will get them for you22:41
InFlamesvboxpci, vboxnetadp, vboxnetflt, vboxdrv22:42
InFlamesis usb missing?22:42
FastCodehave you restarted since the problem appeared?22:42
InFlamesi have, i am willing to restart again however22:42
FastCodeno? everything is fine22:42
FastCodethere is no need to restart22:42
ixio2during useradd its forcing me to have a password, but I dont want passwords, I use certificates?22:43
InFlamesi know when you add your user to vboxusers restarting helps22:43
FastCodejust stop virtualbox, rmmod the modules22:43
InFlamesso i did that22:43
FastCodeand make sure they are removed22:43
DirangedFastCode: this is really strange.. but check this out: https://gist.github.com/diranged/836c89296bec8255058c22:44
InFlameswhat exactly am i rmmoding?22:44
richtttttInFlames, all I get is       *Starting Mount network filesystems         *Stopping Mount network filesystems        cpid: exiting       speech-dispatcher disabled;  edit /etc/default/speech-dispatcher22:45
FastCodermmod vboxnetflt22:45
FastCodermmod vboxnetadp22:45
InFlamesoh ok, all of them22:45
FastCodermmod vboxpci22:45
FastCodermmod vboxdrv22:45
FastCodein order22:45
FastCodeotherwise it raises some errors22:46
FastCodeDiranged: its not strange, you just have to update tileserver or compile it from source if update is not available22:46
FastCodeone question22:47
DirangedFastCode:  i have to run and hit a train right now …  but it seems odd that I can't say that my package Foo requires Nginx 0.1.5, even though 0.1.4 is in the 'stable' repo and 0.1.5 is in the 'unstable' repo22:47
FastCodetell me you don't have another hypervisor running22:47
DirangedThere's got to be a way to force that..22:47
Dirangedafk for an hour.. getting on the train22:47
InFlamesrichttttt, i am not sure i understand that error22:48
bitbyteFastCode: do you know how to get ms-sys installed ?22:49
InFlamesrichttttt, but maybe this helps? http://askubuntu.com/questions/135075/i-cant-install-ubuntu-the-error-is-speech-dispatcher-disabled22:49
FastCodeI don't do ms22:49
bitbytemmm thanks anyway :)22:49
bitbyteneed to load bootlader to this usb and command not found22:49
FastCodedid you update the PATH in .bashrc?22:50
bitbyteyeh i did the path command22:51
bitbytei think its genieunely not installed22:51
FastCodewhat command are you trying to execute22:51
bitbytems-sys -7 /dev/sde22:52
histobitbyte: try specifying the partition #22:52
histobitbyte: sde is a disk sde1 is the first partition on disk sde22:52
bitbytestill comes back saying ms-sys command not found22:53
FastCodeare you positive it's installed?22:53
histobitbyte: you have to install ms-sys or whatever application you are trying to use then.22:54
bitbytenope i don't think its actually installed but done sudo apt-get install ms-sys and nothings returned22:54
InFlamesFastCode, I rmmoded and reinstalled them, do i need to restart now?22:54
FastCodeInFlames: and tried again and failed?22:55
InFlamesi tried again after installing them and it still doesn't show them22:55
FastCodeguys, sorry for my sloppy typing, Its 3~4 AM here, and I'm not an English speaker. I should probably hit the bed.22:56
InFlamesyou're doing a great job22:56
creftosHi, I'm trying to do a wget on a very large file, and I keep getting a timeout after a around 300 seconds. I tried setting the --timeout=0, but it's still timing out. Any ideas?22:57
jribcreftos: can you use --continue/22:58
FastCodeI'm not sure but just in case check if the vbox user has access to /dev/serial/usb/....22:58
FastCodeand also check /etc/wgetrc, there might be interesting things like waitretry or retries22:59
bitbyteany one know a replacement for ms-sys23:00
reisioaccording to the thing I linked, lilo23:00
reisiobut I'd just use ms-sys23:00
FastCodebuy guys, i should be at work in like 4 hours.23:02
creftosjrib: I don't believe so, I need it to work on the first try. Don't really feel like writing a loop to continue over and over again until it's done23:02
reisioau revoir23:03
jribcreftos: well you should consider the possibility it's a server issue23:03
creftosTHe time that it time-outs is pretty consistent23:03
creftosjrib: I really doubt it's a server issue23:03
jribcreftos: that doesn't rule it out.  Is this some public file?23:03
jribcreftos: try using curl and see if it happens there23:04
ConnorHey guys, question: I'm trying to upgrade  to subversion 1.8 on my box.  I'm running 10.04 LTS.. and running into some dependency issues.  I'm really not prepared to upgrade the distro.. so, I'm wondering if anyone can give me some options ?23:05
jribConnor: is this a desktop install?23:06
jribConnor: 10.04 isn't supported on the desktop anymore.  You really should upgrade23:06
histo!eol | Connor23:06
ubottuConnor: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades23:06
histoConnor: read the eolupgrades page23:07
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