OvenWerkssmartboyhw: -installer is all fixed up.03:19
smartboyhwOvenWerks, i.e./03:19
OvenWerksboth in the branch and my ppa03:19
OvenWerksall gui now03:20
smartboyhwOvenWerks, oh great:)03:20
smartboyhwWe can release it soon enough, just needs the power of micahg and another MOTU03:20
OvenWerksmicah has already checked it, just waiting for second review.03:20
smartboyhwOvenWerks, ask in #ubuntu-motu might be a better idea.03:21
OvenWerksThe needs packaging bug is still undecided, maybe it should be something more.03:22
astraljavaxequence: Yeah, progress is nice. Been standing still for way too long. And thanks!06:12
TheDrumsastraljava: Hello!06:18
xequenceOvenWerks: what's the bug number?06:20
astraljavaTheDrums: Hi!06:23
xequenceOvenWerks: I asked for a reviewer on #ubuntu-motu, but if no one answers, I'll post to the ubuntu-motu mail list06:51
smartboyhwcub, welcome back:)07:44
cubthanks smartboyhw, it was difficult today. :P07:44
smartboyhwcub, why?07:44
cubSymantec antivirus had crapped up my work mac07:44
cub1,5 later of reinstalling apps07:44
smartboyhwcub, hah07:45
cubhad to change irc client even07:45
cubeven after reinstalling and so on xchat remained broken *sigh*07:45
cubLimeChat to the rescue. Horrible fonts though..:D07:47
cubStill summer holiday, smartboyhw?07:48
smartboyhwcub, yes07:56
smartboyhwUntil 1st September07:56
smartboyhwI will start school at 2nd07:57
smartboyhwWelcome xequence :)12:27
xequencesmartboyhw: Thanks. I'm back att debconf.12:29
xequenceWe just took a group photo. The photographer stood on a hill, put the camera on, and then ran slowly down 50m to be in the photo himself12:29
xequencegood thing he didn't trip12:36
smartboyhwxequence, damn I forgotten, for 12.04.3 we should have a -lts-raring kernel ready:(15:06
smartboyhwI did say that before:(15:06
xequencesmartboyhw: not your job to remember15:06
xequenceso its ok15:06
smartboyhwxequence, we can have it for 12.04.4 I think (sigh)15:07
xequenceI haven't yet looked at how that works15:07
smartboyhwxequence, alright, since you are the kernel maintenace guy, check it out someday:)15:08
xequencesmartboyhw: I just asked about it on the kernel channel15:08
smartboyhwxequence, sure:)15:08
xequencesmartboyhw: We don't have planning for the LTS at all. Thats a bit of a problem15:08
smartboyhwxequence, +115:09
OvenWerksmicahg: re: your remark about polkit, there is already a policy in place for apt. Also there seems to be a default policy in place as I can run pkexec cat file.16:26
OvenWerksmicahg: if I was to set up a policy, it would have to be for apt-get, but I am not sure that is not already covered by org.debian.apt.install-or-remove-packages for example16:27
OvenWerksmicahg: in fact setting up a policy for apt-get may break policy already in place16:29
micahgOvenWerks: ok, so it prompts for the superuser password?16:29
micahgnot root?16:30
micahgsorry, current admin user16:30
micahgok, great16:30
OvenWerksif I am logged in as a non-admin user it asked for the passwored of the admin user16:30
* OvenWerks tested this on my wife's machine16:31
micahgand as an admin user, one's own password?16:31
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scott-workzequence: you might consider applying for this: https://plus.google.com/u/0/116317370665849559569/posts/gEUnW2jsB3B18:09
xequencescott-work: Hey man :)18:17
xequenceSomeone just wishing for you to appear the other day18:17
xequenceWell, all of us of course18:17
xequencebut, I think it was smartboyhw - he's probably asleep right now18:17
xequencescott-work: That's not a bad idea, but unfortunately I haven't yet contributed to kernel code at all, so without reading I'm not sure if that applies to me18:18
xequenceI would like to do that in the future though18:18
xequencescott-work: I'm at debconf at the moment, btw18:18
xequencein Switzerland18:19
xequenceJoined the Debian Multimedia Team in May I think it was18:19
xequenceThere will be a meeting about a Debian blend for Multimedia, and since I'm most likely the only attending, plus the experience from US, I'm going to see if i can take a leading role in that18:20
xequencetry to see about harmonizing Debian/Ubuntu a bit on the multimedia side of things18:21
xequencescott-work: How's things going for you. You said you were going to do some studying18:23
xequenceastraljava is doing some of that as well, as it seems18:24
xequencetime to leave for home - I'm again not saying at the camp, and have the luck of having a relative living nearby, in this case my sis, so going there over night. bb online in a few18:32
madeinkobaiaHi all : )18:49
OvenWerksmadeinkobaia: Hello :)19:12
madeinkobaiaOvenWerks: Hi mate :)19:12
madeinkobaiaOvenWerks: Was fighting with gnome 3 those last days, what a hell !19:13
OvenWerksicons  I would like to get names finalized even if the art is not19:13
madeinkobaiaOvenWerks: What do you mean ?19:14
OvenWerksI'll also pass this by zequence 19:14
OvenWerksright now they are using the standard names19:15
OvenWerkslike applications-audio.png19:16
madeinkobaiaI think I missed a part of the conversation...not sure to understand, I should take a look on dev-list mail...19:16
OvenWerksbut what that means is that other icon themes override ours19:16
OvenWerkswe were going to change them so they are unique19:17
OvenWerksI think we are just going to take the applications and change that to ubuntustudio19:17
OvenWerksThe main thing for you, I would guess, is that you know both names are talking about the same thing.19:18
OvenWerksI need to change all the *.desktop files to match. and so I would like to start on that soon as I can19:19
OvenWerksAlso, it looks like the package they will end up in will be ubuntustudio-menu rather than ubuntustudio-icon-theme.19:20
madeinkobaiaOk I will check all that. Now I think I will be highly busy those next weeks too. 19:22
OvenWerksLife comes first.19:23
OvenWerksI hope it's a good busy :)19:23
madeinkobaiaA great one :D19:23
OvenWerksGreat! good to hear.19:24
OvenWerksI'm off work till sometime in sept.19:24
madeinkobaiaOtherwise do you know who did the actual ubuntu studio desktop theme ?19:25
madeinkobaiaIt was grounded on a gtk 2 theme I guess19:26
OvenWerksTheme? We generally have been using what xubuntu has.19:26
OvenWerkswe add our own BG and menu19:26
madeinkobaiaOk, I will start work on our new theme for the 14.04 soon.19:27
OvenWerksI liked it last release, but am not liking the newer one19:27
OvenWerksI like the whole bar of the window with focus to change, just changing the colour of the text (grey to black) does not make it obvious enough which window I should be looking at :)19:29
OvenWerksJust my pet peave with most new themes... others may not agree19:30
OvenWerkscub: hello.19:30
madeinkobaiacub: Hi19:30
cubHello OvenWerks and madeinkobaia 19:31
OvenWerkscub: in #xubuntu-devel "< texadactyl> Len, Mir could be safely released if LightDM was changed  slightly to decide whether or not to launch Mir based on a  lightdm.conf (new) parameter (switch).  By default, it  should probably be off.19:32
OvenWerksdoes that make sense to you?19:33
cubit would force the system to go to the fallback xorg?19:33
cubeven if the HW would be able to run mir, no?19:33
OvenWerksI am thinking with a clear switch that having xmir on an ISO by default would be ok.19:34
OvenWerksYa, apparently there is a config option that can be set on or not.19:34
cubI'm not sure I follow. You mean that the ISO would have the switch on to load xmir?19:35
cubor the other way around?19:35
OvenWerkstexadactyl's comment seems to indicate off by default.19:36
OvenWerksThat config file is unique to the flavour though, so it would be a flavour's choice.19:37
OvenWerksit would allow easy continued testing without having to keep a separate partition or drive.19:39
cubthough if everyone could change to mir if they wanted to after boot that would be fine. Not to mess up too much for the users19:39
OvenWerksI think it still requires a reboot... but I could be wrong.19:39
cubhmm I don't know. Hopefully it would do with a log off/on but I'm just wishing19:40
OvenWerkslightdm is started by upstart... really it should be possible to just change run levels... shh, don't tell the upstart/systemd guys I said that word ;)19:41
cubtvoss_texadactyl, so are you happy with commenting out type=unity in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/10-unity-system-compositor.conf?19:42
cubOne reboot for each test until 14.04, I could live with that. =)19:43
OvenWerksWith two run levels lightdm could be run with a different config file for each.19:43
cubwoudl that require much more resources from the pc?19:44
OvenWerksrun levels? no.19:47
OvenWerksjust checked and lightdm does not seem to have a respawn tag19:47
OvenWerksotherwise one could just kill it and it would restart19:48
OvenWerksStock ubuntu/debian has runlevel 2-5 all the same right now.19:49
OvenWerkslightdm for example is set "stop on runlevel [016]"19:50
OvenWerks(from the upstart config file)19:50
cubOn another note, I have totally missed that 12.04.3 is released soon. Is there anything we need to be on top for that, or is everyone already on top of it (except me)?19:52
OvenWerksIt seems we missed it anyway.19:52
OvenWerksmaybe a new kernel. but that is not a big DL19:53
cubI'm struggling with my laptop to shrink the win-partition to make room for a new test partition to run saucy20:15
cubafter 1073 steps, it will let me shrink it 26 MB. Yay.20:16
cubit's getting late over here, so g'nite folks!20:31
OvenWerksxequence: what are the chances of adding a ubuntustudio-audio.preinst to our meta package?20:50
xequenceOvenWerks: What sort of thing did you have in mind?21:08
OvenWerksdebconf-set-selections jackd/tweak_rt_limits boolean true21:09
OvenWerksNot quite right, but close.21:09
xequenceyou mean that will say yes to installing the audio.conf file by default?21:10
OvenWerksThe question is, does it affect things with a generic kernel?21:10
xequencerealtime privilege is not kernel specific at all21:10
OvenWerksIf a user is installing our audio meta on another flavour it should just work...]21:11
xequenceThey still need to add themselves to audio group21:11
OvenWerks:) Thats another problem for another day :)21:11
xequenceit would be better actually to add a patch explaining this while installing jackd21:11
xequencethe patch would just add some text - answer yes, then add yourself to audio group21:12
xequenceubuntustudio-controls will be administrating realtime privilege21:12
xequenceI was working on that part today21:12
xequenceI used to have a script with it that checked the system at boot as well21:13
xequenceand notified if something was not right21:13
OvenWerksThat was the two things I ran across while installing our stuff on top of stock fresh xubuntu21:13
xequencelike realitme privilege - then tell the user to use -controls21:13
xequencethe reason why it's like this is cause Debian has users in audio group21:14
xequenceso, installing jackd is enough to get rt privilege21:14
xequenceand we only sync, we don't change21:14
xequencein reality, we should have created a new group21:14
xequencebut, what I'm hearing is that devs dont want that21:14
xequencethey'd rather quit using groups all together21:14
xequenceand another solution is rt-kit21:15
OvenWerksOur preseed file suggests using polkit21:15
OvenWerks"jack is not PolicyKit aware yet"21:15
xequenceI don't know the details. All I know is we need to fix this before 14.0421:16
OvenWerksThe thing is we don't want root access.21:16
OvenWerkspolkit may allow group access though.21:16
OvenWerkswe could add a policykit action in our settings though.21:16
xequenceHOw would that work?21:17
OvenWerksNot sure.21:17
OvenWerksnormally things that use polkit that are not polkit aware have to be run pkexec appname21:18
OvenWerksThat would be dbus painful.21:18
xequenceFor now, -controls will be an indicator app with a menu. Two lauchers - system settings (individual app, called ubuntustudio-system-settings), and ubuntustudio-installer, and maybe "exit". 21:18
xequenceWe should look through all the possibilies for that next cycle, choose one that works, and push for it21:19
OvenWerksThat will work.21:19
xequenceabout realtime privilege, my last comment21:20
xequenceI'll want for Debian and Ubuntu to use the same system too21:20
OvenWerksThat would be best I agree21:20
OvenWerkseven better if we can make jackd devs happy too.21:21
xequencemm :P21:21
xequenceseems like there's one jack for every jack dev these days21:21
xequencewould be good to get them to agree too, yes21:22
OvenWerksI would think we only need to worry about jackd2 though21:24
OvenWerksI don't think jackd1 does dbus.21:24
xequenceno, it doesn't21:24
OvenWerkswe don't ship it anyway. (he said dissmissively)21:25
xequencejackd1 can have the old way. both don't need to use the same system for rt21:28
OvenWerkson another topic, our iso is not building again.21:29
OvenWerksthe libav-extras agian.21:30
OvenWerkscups-filters : Conflicts: ghostscript-cups I can't figure, one is a dep of the other21:31
xequenceHOw is that related to libav?21:32
OvenWerksIts the odd one out21:32
OvenWerksThe rest are libav21:33
xequenceseems like -extra packages confilct with non extra packages21:40
xequenceOvenWerks: I think there are newer versions in -proposed21:42
xequencelet me check21:43
xequenceOvenWerks: Yep, newer libav is in -proposed21:46
micahgif no one beats me to it, I'll upload a new libav-extra tonright21:47
OvenWerksmicahg: thanks, Anything I need to do for installer?21:53
micahgno, I think I'm good now, just close the needs packaging bug in the changelog if it's not done already21:54
OvenWerksOk, should I set it to saucy as well or do you do that?21:54
OvenWerksmicahg: ^^21:55
micahgnah, let me do that after I test it one more time21:55
micahgthat part is just something to keep in mind when you get upload rights :)21:56
micahgor making debdiffs21:56
xequencemicahg: I'm about to totally rewrite code for a package - ubuntustudio-controls. Since it's a total rewrite, I'm thinking I just change it with one commit. Any thoughts?21:57
micahgxequence: well, if it's total, sure21:58
micahgif there are logical pieces to it, I would suggest doing those as individual commits21:59
xequencemicahg: there will be two individual applications, each with their own desktop file22:00
xequencemost of it will be python/GTK22:01
micahgxequence: I'd wipe out the old stuff and add each application with its contents separately if it's not too much work22:02
OvenWerksmicahg: bugfix changelog entry commited and pushed22:03
xequencemicahg: ok22:04
OvenWerksmicahg: original bug marked fix commited. I guess the rellease will auto close the bug.22:05
OvenWerksxequence: icon names. Our desktop menu icons are all applications-category.png, can I rename the bunch in -menu (bad as they are) to ubuntustudio-*.*?22:12
OvenWerksThat way I can work on fixing the desktop files.22:12
OvenWerksand directory files22:13
OvenWerksThen I can get -menu released in time for FF.22:15
OvenWerksArtwork freeze is later22:16
OvenWerksAfter that I have to redo settings to use all this stuff.22:16
xequenceOvenWerks: Sure.22:37
OvenWerksxequence: I will work on that next22:41

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