MaynardWatersone usb stick with both x86 and 64 linux kernals with shared /home03:51
MaynardWaterscan it be done?03:51
smartboyhwMaynardWaters, probably not.03:51
smartboyhwWhy do you need both x86 and x64 kernels? You can just have a x64...03:52
MaynardWatersI have a thinkpad with only a 32 bit processor03:54
MaynardWatersid like to use it on that too03:54
MaynardWatersaww :(03:54
smartboyhwMaynardWaters, it actually IS possible, but I'm afraid a normal USB stick won't do, you'll have to buy those USBs which support multi-partitions (like those used for Windows 8 Enterprise USB-to-go ones)03:56
Unit193You can repartition typical flash drives...04:09
holsteindual boot a 32bit and 64bit OS with shared data04:11
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x-sideHi there08:31
smartboyhwHello x-side08:34
x-sideGot weird problems here08:38
x-sideApparently everyone else on the web have the perfect experience with focusrite scarlett 2i2 usb interface08:39
x-sideExcept for me08:39
x-sideIts very confusing08:39
x-sideIt appears in the sound settings08:39
x-sideAlong with the built in one08:39
x-sideHowever jack does not see it08:39
x-sideAnd no sound is actually played back from either of them08:40
xequencex-side: Which jack control application are you using? qjackctl?08:40
x-sideBasically I have a fresh install of Ubuntu Studio here08:40
xequencex-side: And when you click the interface menu, you don't see your device?08:40
x-sideAnd all the tools are the one that came with it08:40
xequencex-side: If pulseaudio sees your device, jack will see it too08:41
cubx-side, Ubuntu Stduio 13.04 or 12.04.2?08:41
xequencex-side: it would rather be the other way around for some devices08:41
xequencex-side: try this command: cat /proc/asound/cards08:41
x-sidelts one. The 12.0408:41
xequencex-side: paste the output to http://paste.ubuntu.com08:41
x-sideIt does see it08:42
xequencex-side: Give us the link08:43
x-sideLol. Sorry. N00Bing here :D08:44
xequence/proc/asound/cards is alsa/linux keeping track of your audio devices08:44
xequencejack when used with alsa, uses alsa direcrtly08:44
xequencethe desktop audio system - pulseaudio, is a bit different. It wont accept all alsa devices, and not in any form08:44
xequenceyou can read more about that here08:45
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro08:45
xequencex-side: Ok, so your usb device is hw:1 in this case08:45
x-sideBut the jack does not see it08:46
xequencex-side: It's there, if you look in the right menu08:46
xequencex-side: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro#UbuntuStudio.2BAC8-ProAudioIntro.2BAC8-1204.Starting_Jack08:46
xequencex-side: make sure you click the right spot. Unfortunately, you dont see the button on that picture08:47
x-sideI got plughw (0),  hw (0) , dev/audio and dev/dsp08:47
x-sideIn the interface dropdown08:47
xequencex-side: Try the button next to that one08:47
x-sideThanks a bunch :)08:47
x-sidethat was quite stupid indeed :)08:48
xequencethe gui can be a little confusing IMO08:48
cubDropdown menu and then a "drop-right" menu as well.08:49
x-sideI was wondering myself why is it require so much shaman dancing with torches08:49
cubIt seems like sweet little usb card from what I gather in google08:50
x-sideI mean I am a musician, working as a musician for over 10 years. I love playing around with computers, but I want to do it voluntarily not when I actually want to get work done08:50
x-sideIt is. Has some nice preamps.08:51
cubI use an Edirol UA25 myself08:51
x-sideAnd came with a pretty decent headphones and a condenser mic08:51
cubWhat kind of mic?08:51
cubSimilar to the TSM mic I got with my card08:53
x-siderecorded a thunderstorm out of the window with it recently. Sounds quite nice with no processing at all08:55
cubOnce you have set up Jack and the DAW you're going to use you shouldn't need to fiddle with the computer anymore. Anytime I have to fix something it's because I tried something out I shouldn't do.08:55
cubx-side, you're in Prague?08:55
x-sidecub - great point08:55
x-sideI am08:55
cubI love that city. Used to go there for work a lot a couple of years ago08:56
x-sideMoved here bout 4 years ago08:56
xequencex-side: a tip. Write "hw:USB" into the spot in the interface section that now says "hw:1"08:57
x-sideIts a bit slow on the "actually happenning" department08:57
xequencethe output from cat /proc/asound/cards lets you see what the name of the device is08:57
xequencex-side: The order of the devices may change at each boot08:57
xequencex-side: Therefore, if you use the name instead, it will always start the correct device08:57
x-sidegot an error message when trying to start the jack08:58
cubx-side, I was lucky to be in Prague to watch The Wedding Present at the Lucerna Music bar in..hmm..2010.08:58
x-sideD-BUS:jack server could'nt be started . sorry08:59
x-sidecub - yeah, there is a lot of touring acts passing by. And some even stop by and do things. But locally - it's all about beer and weed sadly. Noone actually wants to go past that09:00
x-sideEven though there are a lot of musicians here09:00
x-sidemaybe even too many for the size of the city09:01
x-sideThat is strictly IMHO of course09:01
x-sidehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5988203/  meanwhile i get this error09:04
x-sidehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5988203/  meanwhile i get this error09:04
x-side(sorry for double paste - cat disconnected the LAN cable )09:05
x-sidexequence - it switches to (default) somehow09:05
xequencex-side: Maybe you've also started jackd, or an old process is in the background09:07
xequencex-side: killall -9 jackdbus09:07
xequencekillall -9 jackd09:07
xequenceand also, restart pulseaudio to be sure09:07
xequencepulseaudio -k09:07
xequencethen try again09:07
xequencex-side: And make sure any jack application is closed before you kill the jacks09:08
xequenceqjackctl starts jackdbus by default09:08
xequenceit should grab the card from pulseaudio without problems now09:09
xequenceand also set up a bridge, so you can set pulseaudio to use jack instead of a card - routing all desktop audio to your jack device09:09
x-sideNow qjactl greeted me with this09:19
x-side11:17:56.029 Patchbay deactivated.09:19
x-side11:17:56.057 Statistics reset.09:19
x-side11:17:56.104 ALSA connection change.09:19
x-side11:17:56.214 D-BUS: Service is available (org.jackaudio.service aka jackdbus).09:19
x-sideCannot connect to server socket err = No such file or directory09:19
x-sideCannot connect to server socket09:19
x-sidejack server is not running or cannot be started09:19
x-side11:17:56.231 ALSA connection graph change.09:19
x-sideThat is odd09:21
x-sideWill reboot and try to kill the buit in card in biosl09:34
x-sideNot sure if it will work but well09:34
MaynardWaterssmartboyhw: i didn't know that usb sticks didn't support multi partitions? I am setting a 128G one up now...13:12
smartboyhwMaynardWaters, a 128GB one probably can :P13:14
OvenWerksMaynardWaters: They don't?13:14
OvenWerksThere are some ways multi-partition usb sticks won't work.... windows for example13:15
MaynardWatersholstein: the 32/64dual boot is exactly what Im shooting for13:17
* smartboyhw just can't understand why one wants to run Ubuntu Studio on a USB stick (except for a live image)13:18
OvenWerkssmartboyhw: USB stick may equal USB drive13:18
OvenWerksI have run US on a USB drive lots of times very successfully13:19
* OvenWerks has a 40G USB drive13:19
* smartboyhw only has two 16GB and a 4GB13:20
OvenWerksI have also run US on a 32G memstick... it works, but is _much_ slower than just running a live ISO from the same stick13:20
OvenWerksmemstick read is reasonably fast, though not max USB2.0 speed for sure, but memstick write on even the best ones is about 1/4 the read speed.13:21
OvenWerksReading from compressed usb file systems is actually faster because the CPU can uncompress the data faster than the stick can be read.13:22
OvenWerksThat is why the live ISO is faster.13:23
OvenWerksMaynardWaters: USB sticks normally come "floppy formatted" or cd style format.13:25
OvenWerksThat is the FS is dropped right on /dev/sdc rather than /dev/sdc1.13:26
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MaynardWatersOvenWerks: "floppy formatted" when I use gpart and make it ext4 or fat32, doesn't that change it?19:34
OvenWerksIt can.19:35
OvenWerksI have not had problems having more than one partition on a USB stick/drive19:35
OvenWerksI ran a swap on there for a long time19:36

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