megaCarrotI have an issue with xubuntu where there seems to be a lot of disk latency issues while writing to and reading from the same disk.  The issue is that the problem doesn't exist when using normal unity or gnome-panel. It's the same setup with the same disk mounted the same way. Certain software like vlc for example will really lag when reading from the disk that's being written to. Those under the same circumstances in standard ubunt01:16
HarrihuI've got a small problem02:56
HarrihuI've inserted the live DVD R but all it does is give me a small icon on the bottom then goes to a black screen with a flashing cursor in the upper left of the screen as if it's waiting for something.02:57
HarrihuAny suggestions?02:57
HarrihuI'm still looking on the forums as well but was just curious if anyone knew what to do here.02:57
HarrihuFigured it out.03:04
HarrihuI feel stupid I just hit enter when the logo near the bottom popped up.03:04
* Harrihu tries to remain calm when he tells it to install and it goes back to the black screen with the cursor again.03:06
Unit193Or shift, but that's booting into maybe ubiquity.03:06
HarrihuThanks for the suggestion03:07
HarrihuMight have been shift that I pressed03:08
HarrihuIs it possible that I'm burning the iso wrong? I just used the windows utility on my laptop that said burn iso image.03:09
Unit193When you hit shift, you can "Check disk for defects" too, may want to try that or an additional boot option like nomodeset or somesuch.03:10
HarrihuPerforming that check now.03:10
HarrihuOh fizzle!03:11
Unit193Do you have a spare flash drive?03:11
HarrihuEven the check disc for defects brings me to the black screen with the flashing thingy.03:11
Unit193Fun times had by all...03:11
HarrihuI think I do03:11
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent03:12
HarrihuI'll try a couple more things with this disc then create the USB.03:12
HarrihuI don't want to have to find it but it looks like I'll be doing that.03:12
HarrihuAny idea how long I should wait on that black screen before giving up and rebooting?03:18
Unit193Well, depends on your hardware, but at the options screen, I'd have hit F6, esc, and backspaced  "quiet splash" out of there.03:21
HarrihuEvery option I try leads me to a black screen with the cursor looking blinking thingy.03:26
Harrihuthe line03:26
Harrihuthat blinks03:26
Poisoned_Dragondat blink03:26
HarrihuAnyway I can hit a key when it's loading to bring up the menus and then f603:26
Poisoned_Dragonsounds right03:27
Poisoned_Dragonthen you can edit the boot string03:28
Harrihuany ideas what I should do there?03:28
HarrihuI see acpi=off, noapic, nolapic, edd=on, nodmraid, nomodeset, free software only as options to select03:29
HarrihuFree software only should be useless03:29
Poisoned_Dragonnomodeset is sometimes helpful with the blinks03:30
Poisoned_Dragonhitting escape lets you edit the boot string, then you can remove quiet and splash03:30
HarrihuOh ok03:31
HarrihuNow I understand03:31
xubuntu568I looooove xubuntu03:31
Unit193I rather like it.03:32
HarrihuHaven't tried it yet. The keyboard randomly stopped working03:34
HarrihuI think I've got it now03:34
Harrihuwe'll see'03:35
HarrihuRemoving quiet splash has done nothing so far03:38
xubuntu568Well. I running an '08 based computer. Its decent enough lol. Xfce runs like a charm, and if anybody remembers what xfce was 4-5 years ago its a lot better.03:38
xubuntu568Quick question. Forgive me if I am asking in the "wrong place". I've seen the tutorials online which I am going to follow. Has anybody had any luck using xbox kinect as a webcam?03:40
HarrihuThat's an interesting idea03:41
Poisoned_Dragonxfce 4-5 years ago, was kinda like icewm03:42
Poisoned_Dragonit's come a long way in looks and features03:43
HarrihuWhat is deleting Quiet Splash supposed to do?03:44
Poisoned_DragonIt allows you to see whats going on.03:45
Poisoned_Dragonquiet hides messages03:45
HarrihuWell then that just confirms that nothing's going on03:45
Poisoned_Dragonsplash shows you something pretty while it's loading03:45
Poisoned_Dragonhow are you booting?03:45
Poisoned_Dragonusb, or dvd?03:45
Harrihufrom live dvd03:45
Poisoned_Dragonan actual physical dvd?03:46
HarrihuInstalling it onto a desktop03:46
Poisoned_Dragonis the dvd drive ok?03:48
Poisoned_Dragonsometimes, using th dvd is an awesome diagnostic to see if the drive is flakey.03:48
Poisoned_DragonYou could use the test disc feature.03:48
Poisoned_DragonIf it doesn't pass, that might be your issue03:48
HarrihuIf I hit escape and go into leaving graphical boot menu into text mode interface then type cd after boot: it says could not find kernal image03:49
Poisoned_Dragontry testing the disc03:49
HarrihuI can't test the disc it goes straight to the black screen with the little blinking line cursor thingy03:49
Poisoned_DragonSo, you don't get the boot menu?03:50
HarrihuThe boot menu is the thing that lets you select the language then has Try Xubuntu without installing, Install Xubuntu etc right?03:51
HarrihuI get that03:51
Poisoned_Dragonthere should be an option to test the disc/medium/what ever they call it03:52
Poisoned_Dragontest packages on dd03:52
HarrihuEvery single option I have selected so far no matter what options I have set have all taken me to a black screen with the blinking line cursor in the top left corner.03:53
HarrihuIncluding Check Disc for defects03:53
HarrihuJust tried it again03:54
* Harrihu begins looking for his USB thumb drive03:55
Poisoned_DragonYou may have to consider doing an install from a usb stick03:55
Poisoned_DragonI think your dvd drive has had it.03:55
HarrihuIt boots up into the boot menu though.03:55
Poisoned_DragonDoesn't guarantee that the drive works. Just means that it could be flakey03:56
HarrihuI suppose03:56
Poisoned_DragonSo, bad drive or bad burn03:56
HarrihuIt could be a bad burn03:56
HarrihuI used the default windows 8 burning software03:57
Poisoned_Dragonstill, a usb stick would answer the question, once and for all03:57
Harrihumore like fail803:57
Poisoned_DragonSo the laptop isn't that old?03:57
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HarrihuThe laptops practically brand new. The desktop however is not.03:58
HarrihuIt's a 2 core AMD03:58
Poisoned_Dragonso you're installing on the desktop, which isn't win803:59
HarrihuIt's nothing right now.03:59
Poisoned_Dragonwhat was it?03:59
Guest6772So kinect used as webcam...any luck? "13.04"04:00
HarrihuIt was windows 7 but I have moved that copy of 7 to a different desktop04:01
Poisoned_Dragontry a usb stick04:04
Harrihureading the page on how to do that04:04
HarrihuThanks for all the help so far04:04
Poisoned_Dragonif it boots then, you'll have to diagnose the dvd drive04:04
Poisoned_Dragonno prob04:04
HarrihuDVD drive is insignificant except for installing the OS at this point. It's going to be a dedicated Second Life computer04:05
Poisoned_Dragonin that case,if you have a plate to cover the hole, just remove later. one less bell to answer from a bigger prob with the drive04:07
Poisoned_Dragonor at least disconnect it04:07
HarrihuProbably will. If I need one I have a usb one for emergencies04:08
Poisoned_Dragonshould try it with the usb one04:09
Poisoned_Dragonmaybe that'll boot04:09
Poisoned_Dragonthen you can rule out the burn being bad04:09
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Guest66883Had to restart. Anything on the kinect question for webcam on 13.04?04:15
HarrihuNot yet but I too am a tad curious04:16
Poisoned_DragonGuest66883, try this? http://openkinect.org/wiki/Getting_Started04:18
HarrihuAlright after working through this slightly confusing instruction set I think I'm on the right track04:19
HarrihuExtracting iso key04:19
Poisoned_Dragoniso key?04:19
Harrihuiso file on key lol04:19
HarrihuI would be really happy if any one step in this process ever went as expected and just worked04:30
HarrihuComputer won't boot from USB like I ask it too04:30
Poisoned_Dragonhow did you make the usb stick?04:31
HarrihuI used linux live usb creator04:31
HarrihuIt could be the usb device04:31
HarrihuNow it's trying to load the old windows 7 install04:31
HarrihuI'm going to try moving the usb to another port and also making another key using a different drive04:33
Poisoned_DragonSo, you're making the usb stick in windows?04:35
Poisoned_DragonI've had more success with universal usb installer04:35
HarrihuI'll try that next if this doesn't work04:37
ransomHarrihu, www.linuxliveusb.com/‎04:39
ransomi had trouble with a couple of different programs and that one worked04:39
ransomoh haha you had trouble04:40
ransomdidnt see above04:40
HarrihuI must have bumped the usb drive and messed it up04:40
HarrihuThe previous usb stick has issues04:40
HarrihuI should throw it out04:41
ransomdid you get it yet?04:41
HarrihuIt's just problem after problem with this04:41
ransomwhat does it say when you try to boot?04:41
Poisoned_DragonHe just gets the blinking cursor04:41
Poisoned_DragonThat and a missing kernel message.04:42
Poisoned_DragonAll from a DVD04:42
ransomthe kernel issue would only happen if it wasnt written correctly on the dvd would it not?04:42
ransomif it gets that far it's at least trying to boot04:42
HarrihuWith the program I was using and the better USB stick I get the following error "Attempting to boot from USB device. An operating system wasn't found. Try disconnecting any drives that don't contain and operating system Press any key to restart."04:45
HarrihuGoing to try the programs you guys suggested.04:46
ransomwhen i was having problems i found something that said some bios need to have a setting changed on how they read usbs04:46
ransomlet me switch to other computer for a sec and see if i can find the link04:46
HarrihuSadly ransom the program you suggested was the one I just used.04:47
ransomi saw that afterwards :(04:50
ransommaybe the bios isnt reading the usb correctly04:51
ransomsome bios versions are particular about what type of fat32 partition it's usig04:51
ransomesp if it's older i beleive04:51
Poisoned_Dragonit's not that old04:53
Poisoned_DragonIt's a desktop designed to have win704:53
Poisoned_DragonSo, that shouldn't be an issue04:53
ransomi dont know why it matters but for me i just had to try 3 programs before it worked04:54
ransomnot sure how or why they would be writing the images differently04:54
Poisoned_DragonIt depends on how they work04:55
Poisoned_Dragonsometimes they used a different booting method04:55
Poisoned_Dragonunetbootin: Had alot of issues because it uses it's own menu and boot mechanism. Made it incompatible with certain distros04:56
ransomah ok04:58
HarrihuStill trying stuff04:58
ransomthat's what i failed with installing xubuntu before linux live worked04:58
Poisoned_Dragonnow, if the iso is hybrid, I just use dd04:59
Harrihuusing universal usb installer right now.04:59
Poisoned_Dragonbut, must be careful with dd04:59
Harrihuwhat's dd?04:59
Poisoned_Dragona linux terminal command04:59
Poisoned_Dragonused to write stuff to disks05:00
Poisoned_Dragonimages, other partitions, other hard drives, isos, zeros, random zeros and ones.05:00
Poisoned_Dragonyou name it05:00
Poisoned_DragonBut, must be used wisely.05:00
Poisoned_Dragonone wrong command, and you just wiped your hard drive.05:01
Poisoned_DragonSo, you triple check your commands05:01
HarrihuUsing the better USB drive and the program you suggested Poisoned_Dragon I got it to boot to the boot menu05:06
HarrihuIt still gives me the same error with the black screen and that blinking white line cursor thing05:07
Harrihuin the upper left05:07
Poisoned_Dragonhmm weird05:10
Poisoned_Dragonwhy is your desktop so mean?05:14
HarrihuI don't know but I'm too tired to work on it any further tonight.05:15
Poisoned_Dragondon't blame you05:16
HarrihuI will attempt to try it on another computer tomorrow05:16
Poisoned_Dragonput it down and hit it with a fresh mind tomorrow05:16
HarrihuIf that computer works then we can confirm that it's not the ISO image that's bad.05:16
HarrihuI'm willing to buy another computer of equal or greater ability if it turns out it's the box but this one was for free.05:17
HarrihuThank you very much for all your help.  I won't forget.05:18
Poisoned_Dragonno prob05:18
* Harrihu has taken down names so he can properly give credit later :-)05:20
Unit193In form of cookies?05:21
Poisoned_DragonMmmmmm... cookies05:25
ST66is there any easy solution for acer aspire 756  netbook to controll brightness? currently not working and it stays same level. os xubuntu 13.0408:08
baizonST66: http://askubuntu.com/questions/128463/how-to-control-brightness08:12
tatzHey, my AR9271 usb wireless adapter isn't showing up on iwconfig or ifconfig however it does appear on lsusb wut do09:41
bekkstatz: Whats the output of ifconfig -a ?09:42
tatzbekks, http://pastebin.com/NFS4yq7609:43
bekkstatz: You can see wlan0 there.09:44
tatzthat's not the interface i want09:44
tatzi have a dual card setup if you will09:44
bekksAnd you dont need to anon the output, since your local LAN IP addresses are irrelevant for us.09:44
tatzThey can be09:45
tatzAnyways, I'm trying to get another wlan up and running09:45
bekksThey cant. You are in an local LAN, which is not reachable without NAT. And due to the nature of NAT, it isnt reachable directly.09:45
bekkstatz: You have to find out wether AR9271 is supported at all by Ubuntu.09:46
tatzI have my reasons, but can you help me out09:46
tatzit is09:46
newlinuxthe wifi menu on top panel is not showing any wifi connections but the laptop is connected to my wifi, how can i make the wifi menu to show the available wifi connections?09:47
tatzbekks, it says exactly what it is on lsusb too, it's just not around on the ifconfig09:47
bekkstatz: Showing up correctly in lsusb does not indicate wether that wifi chipset is supported at all.09:47
tatzI know09:47
tatzI looked it up though09:48
tatzAnd apparently it is09:48
tatzI mean09:48
tatzIt's an atheros chipset09:48
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:49
bekksBeing an atheros chipset does not indicate that your specific chipset is supported.09:49
tatzIs there any sort of punchline or.09:50
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs09:51
vice_Guys, can i ask a question about xubuntu?10:46
TheSheep!hi | vice_10:46
ubottuvice_: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!10:46
vice_i have a trouble with my second screen, i cant change resolution (1280x1024)10:48
vice_so is it possible to change it?10:49
nerdtronyes it is possible11:12
nerdtronvice_ have you tried installing arandr?11:12
vice_oh, good idea, wait11:12
nerdtronsudo apt-get install arandr11:13
vice_got it11:13
nerdtronit's just a simple gui i hope it solves your problem11:14
vice_wow, se easy11:14
vice_thank you, can i ask one more question?11:15
smartboyhwvice_, just ask...11:15
vice_i have 2 screens, and i want to make right one 'main'11:15
vice_i need there top menu11:15
vice_left one stands so far away from me ;(11:16
nerdtronhmmm...i have no idea11:17
nerdtronvice_ doesn't it have an option in the display settings about that?11:18
nerdtronMain Menu> Settings manager11:18
nerdtron> Display11:18
vice_use this output/mirror/position/resolution/refresh rate/turn/reflection11:19
vice_google say nothing11:22
vice_and one more time please, is it possible to add ubuntu bottom panel(browser, apps etc)?11:25
nerdtronwhat do you mean add ubuntu bottom panel?11:36
nerdtronthe "dock like" bottom panel?11:36
vice_i dont know what is dockline, 4-5 bottoms of soft in a middle11:44
vice_browser, search, application menu etc11:44
nerdtronyou want to have the bottom panel?11:44
nerdtronit is there by default isn't it? you want to restore it back or you want o install a new (seperate program) for it?11:45
vice_i though it must be default too11:45
vice_but it isnt, realy11:45
vice_i have no idea where that menu gone ;)11:46
vice_i have stock xubuntu from official site, nothing more11:46
vice_ouch bro sorry me11:47
vice_looks like im blind11:47
vice_it opens while mouse is there11:47
nerdtronit there,,,just move your mouse11:47
vice_sorry :)11:47
vice_you are so kind11:48
vice_its so usefull, jesus why i cant open it on right screen :(11:49
vice_it woult be so perfect11:49
knomevice_, you can create a new panel that duplicates that one, or move that panel to the right screen11:50
nerdtronw8..i'll do some research11:50
vice_knome, maybe you know how to make other screen main, i need top menu on right monitor11:50
vice_but google say nothing (11:50
vice_GOT IT!11:51
vice_right click on bottom menu11:51
vice_choose screen there11:52
nerdtronhmmm...glad you sorted it out11:52
vice_guys you are so kind, thank you!11:54
vice_now i know why linux guys are so friendly :)11:54
nerdtronhaha not all :) cause you're kind asking questions,, and your questions are not very technical, you just solved your own problem11:55
vice_thats why i installed xubuntu, at first my it depart advesed me fedora..11:57
vice_and that was so fat joke11:57
vice_OS that wors only by terminal is too difficult for me11:58
nerdtronhaven't tried tried gnome 3 yet,,,and certainly haven't tried fedora11:58
knome!offopic | vice_, nerdtron11:58
knome!offtopic | vice_, nerdtron11:58
ubottuvice_, nerdtron: #xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!11:58
knomefeel free to continue on -offtopic :)11:59
nerdtronbut xubuntu is so simple and functional i love it11:59
nerdtronsorry my bad11:59
knomeno problem, it's not the end of the world... but let's try to keep this channel free for others who might need support :)11:59
nerdtroni'm just bored at work and looking for random thing :)11:59
knomewell -offtopic is perfect for that ;)12:00
xubuntu320hola! (hi)12:46
xubuntu320I need help with some drivers for neetbok!!12:47
xubuntu320somebody help me?12:48
vice_type your question12:48
xubuntu320I need some drivers for netbook exo x35212:49
vice_what card?12:49
pmjdebruijnwhat isn't working12:51
lillenI'm on xubuntu 13.04 desktop and I would like to change output device for the sound. Where might I be able to do that? Thanks a million13:23
pmjdebruijnpavucontrol I'd guess (emphasis on guess, since I don't have a xubuntu desktop handy atm)13:23
lillen(I have a generic USB headset I would like to use as output device.) I think the drivers and all that jazz are installed by default.13:23
GridCubepavucontrol indeed13:24
pmjdebruijnso bascilly just using the volume thing, as you'd expect13:24
GridCubelillen: see the speaker icon next the hour and date? clic on it and go to settings, that opens pavucontrol13:24
lillenoh dear13:24
lillenMight have been an idea to check that one out... went to the settings manager intead, looked, found nothing... googled some CLIs... Right. :)13:25
lillenthanks, will try it out13:25
lillenyeah that worked swimmingly13:25
lillenthanks a mil!13:25
lillenThis adapter thingy btw works out of the box for ubuntu. http://www.audiopro.com/products/living-wf10013:27
lillenand xubuntu, more importantly13:27
pmjdebruijnmost usb audio products use usb audio class for which most modern operating systems have default generic drivers13:28
pmjdebruijnso most usb audio things just wrong13:28
lillenthanks again, now i can enjoy my music in them big speakers :D13:28
nxishi! is anybody here using NAS (smb) media storage with xubuntu 12.04. I have a default installation and trying to play music from my smb server. I'm connecting to smb server using native file manager and trying to drag files onto the xubuntu music player, but files do not appear in player. Should I manually edit /etc/fstab, or is there more user-friendly approach? Maybe another music player?13:38
pmjdebruijnnot sure13:39
pmjdebruijndoes draging local music files work13:39
nxislol, i didn't try :)13:39
koegsnxis: i would use /etc/fstab instead of file manager/gvfs13:39
pmjdebruijndo you have the proper codecs (in other works do you have gstreamer0.10-plugins-good/gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad/gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly)13:39
pmjdebruijnit might have nothing to do with the share in the first place13:40
koegsif they do not appear and the player does not show an error, i would assume drag+drop in combination with gvfs does not work13:40
pmjdebruijnwe don't know if local drag'n'drop works13:41
pmjdebruijnisn't gvfs just a local fuse mount?13:41
pmjdebruijnso in that sense there isn't anything different, is there?13:41
nxispmjdebruijn: i'm sure i did set checkbox for proprietal codecs while installing xubuntu. But will check anyway.13:41
pmjdebruijnthat's only one thing13:41
pmjdebruijnplease do install those gstreamer packages13:42
pmjdebruijnnxis: did you try drag'n'dropping a local file after installing those codecs bundle's13:46
nxis1looks like codecs already installed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5989115/13:58
nxis1will verify drag'n'drop from the local filesystem13:59
pmjdebruijnthat's invalid14:01
pmjdebruijndpkg -l | grep gstreamer0.10-plugins14:02
nxis1pmjdebruijn: oh14:04
pmjdebruijnso you have them, that's good14:06
xubuntu066Good day, might I ask a few questions?16:59
GridCube!ask | xubuntu06617:01
ubottuxubuntu066: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:01
rdp1976I have been trying for 2 months to get my external monitor to work in Xubuntu17:04
rdp1976Finally fed up with it, I'm very close to uninstalling and switching to a different distribution because I simply can't use the Xubuntu side of my dual boot because the 1024 x 768 maximum resolution is UGLY and annoying17:05
rdp1976I have a thread that has been getting me nowhere17:05
rdp1976If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it17:05
xubuntu066Sorry, I'll go ahead: currrently I am attempting to revive an old laptop of mine by installing from a DVD, it appears to boot from it without much trouble, however when I attempt to install something weird happens. The instalation screen goes only so far as verifying available space, internet conection and some other option, there is also a checkbox for 3rd party stuff like an mp3 plugin, but when I click continue the screen goe17:06
xubuntu066there is something written on it, a lot of stuff, but i AM NOT SURE OF THE MEANING17:07
xubuntu066sorry about the caps17:07
rdp1976Is that an answer to my question? lol17:08
xubuntu066no, sorry, that is my own17:08
rdp1976not much support here apparently17:10
cubrdp1976, give it time. I'm checking your forum thread right now17:11
GridCubexubuntu066: have to tried a different dvd? maybe the media its corrupted17:14
GridCubecheck its md5 consistency against the numbers on the download page17:15
xubuntu066I'll try17:16
cubrdp1976, sorry after all that's done in the thread already I don't have anything new to try out. Hopefully someone of the more senior people here can help out.17:17
GridCuberdp1976: what drivers are you using?17:21
rdp1976GridCube - I have no idea what drivers I'm using. How can I check that?17:22
rdp1976Also, I'm in Windows at the moment, so I'll have to check that later17:22
GridCuberdp1976: you using 13.04 right? then in the setting manager you have an "aditional drivers" entry17:23
GridCubethat leads you to the last tab of the software sources and aditional drivers manager of ubuntu17:23
GridCubethere you can see what drivers you have, if you did not did this before then you are probably using the generic drivers, you might have better ones avaibale there that would give you more settings and options17:24
GridCubei dont know if thats the case though17:24
xubuntu563Hi guys, I just installed xbuntu and I have a dual monitor setup, one of my monitors is workin fine but the other old one is stuck on 800x60017:45
xubuntu563Does anyone know how to fix this? Also when I enter the "Display" menu it gives me an error that XFCE can't be configured so I use the Nvidia configuration setup17:46
holsteinxubuntu563: i use arandr.. try that, then a custom xorg.conf.. then the driver, if there are others available17:47
rdp1976GridCube - sorry for the delay17:47
xubuntu563Cool, i'll give it a go17:48
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rdp1976GridCube - I am using 13.04 and when I go to Additional Drivers there is nothing listed17:55
rdp1976I am using generic drivers then?17:56
rdp1976I feel like I need to add better drivers or something, but it is not clear how to do that17:56
GridCuberdp1976: you probaly are17:56
GridCuberdp1976: if they are available in the main repos they should be listed there17:56
GridCuberdp1976: please run this on a terminal: lspci | grep "VGA"17:57
GridCubeand paste the resulting line17:57
rdp1976ok, I'll have to log off and log back in from Xubuntu ... I'm in windows right now17:58
xubuntu773Hi! Just installed Xubuntu..from scratch, (no other gui) lots of icons are missing, in the panel and the menu. Any idea why?18:03
well_laid_lawnwhat do you mean "from scratch"18:05
well_laid_lawndid you check the iso?18:05
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows18:05
elfyand what do you think is missing?18:05
xubuntu773i mean.. I wiped out the other installs and installed the entire thing from disk (as opposed to just installing the gui with apt-get)18:06
rdp1976I'm back - in Xubuntu now, using hideous 1024x768 resolution lol18:06
GridCubelspci | grep "VGA"18:06
rdp1976lspci | grep "VGA" 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)18:06
rdp1976sorry, output is18:07
rdp197600:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)18:07
rdp1976resolution is 1920 x 1080 on my ultrabook screen18:07
GridCubeintel should just use generic drivers18:07
GridCubethough there is some extra drivers18:07
rdp1976connecting VGA to DP1 multidisplay adapter18:07
xubuntu773I usually md5sum before installing but couldn't find them online for the xubuntu install iso so I just went with it18:08
rdp1976well, when I open Software Updater it won't allow me to update anything either18:08
GridCuberdp1976: there might be some helpful drivers here https://01.org/linuxgraphics/18:08
rdp1976I'll do it now, but in all liklihood opening Software Updater will crash and reboot Xubuntu18:09
rdp1976another frustration18:09
GridCuberdp1976: you can avoid using a graphical instance and go to a tty for that18:10
rdp1976Upgrading to Linux Graphics Installer for Ubuntu* 13.04, 64-bit18:10
rdp1976 31 Jul 2013 update18:11
rdp1976maybe that'll help18:11
GridCube:) hope that fixes yer problems rdp197618:11
rdp1976reboot required?18:12
rdp1976mate, I would be SO stoked to get this display thing figured out18:12
GridCubeprobably, its a graphical thing so its the safest road to reboot in my exp.18:13
rdp1976I took a long hiatus from Linux, and since installing Xubuntu back at the end of June, I've literally not been able to use it18:13
rdp197690% of the time I'm connected to my external monitor and with the resolution so bad, I just cant work that way18:13
rdp1976back in a minute18:14
xubuntu773.. found the md5sums I need.. checking now18:16
rdp1976_I'm back, no bueno18:17
xubuntu773MD5 checked out.. no problem there18:18
GridCuberdp1976_: :( how bad18:19
rdp1976_When I run Software Updater, I see there are alot of updates available18:19
rdp1976_When I click "Install Now" it prompts me for my password (after hanging for about 1 minute)18:20
rdp1976_I type in my password and click Authenticate18:20
rdp1976_Says "Installing U[dates18:21
rdp1976_"Installing Updates"18:21
rdp1976_giving you a play by play, because last time I tried this it gave me an error message and crashed Xubuntu :-P18:21
rdp1976_GridCube - if you can help me sort this out, you'll be my hero forever18:22
xubuntu773I've literally just installed (12.04) so maybe I should try out one of the newer releases or install Ubuntu server then get the Xubuntu desktop through apt-get? Any advice?18:22
rdp1976_I'm THIS close to blasting my Xubuntu partition and going with a different distro, but I really like Xubuntu and want to get it working18:22
rdp1976_about halfway through installing updates... hopefully the Xubuntu Base contains some updates that fix my problem18:23
GridCuberdp1976_: in this matters xubuntu has little to do really, its a *buntu matter. all the flavours use the same driver stacks18:24
GridCubesadly new technology doesnt play well with opensource so video drivers are always an itchy problem18:25
well_laid_lawnheh "itchy problem" :)18:28
rdp1976Xubuntu just decided to randomly restart in the middle of installing updates18:29
rdp1976_rebooted, no change18:32
rdp1976_I can't BELIEEEEEEVE how complicated this is turning out to be!!! It's a Viewsonic HDMI monitor with 1920 x 1080 resolution!18:33
rdp1976_Plug n play no problems with Windows 818:33
GridCubei dont know rdp1976_ :(18:33
rdp1976_Xubuntu just REFUSES to let me set the resolution to 1920 x 108018:33
GridCuberdp1976_: windows has proper drivers18:33
rdp1976_I'm like ready to put my head through a wall18:33
rdp1976_its been almost 2 months and nobody on this planet seems to be able to help!!18:33
GridCube:( i don't know how to help you rdp1976_ you might have to wait for smarter people18:35
bazhanghe quit18:35
GridCubeoh well18:35
elfyno they haven;t rdp1976 did18:35
rdp1976_Im here18:36
elfy_ is still here18:36
bazhangah the tail18:36
rdp1976_sorry, I've had to log back in multiple times because Xubuntu keeps randomly rebooting me18:36
bazhanghow full is the hdd18:37
rdp1976_if you Google "xubuntu set external display resolution" you get MY ubuntuforums thread as the FIRST result18:37
rdp1976_I think the userbase of Xubuntu is just too small18:37
rdp1976_nobody seems to know much18:38
bazhangI just asked a question18:38
rdp1976_well I've been hustling for almost 2 months to get some help with this and everything that has been recommended so far hasnt helped unfortunately18:38
GridCuberdp1976_: as i said before in this matter its not xubuntu, its the whole ubuntu18:38
GridCubevideo drivers are not up to just us, we use the same, as ubuntu, kubuntu, lubuntu, gnome-ubuntu or any *buntu18:39
Myrttigrandr is a great tool18:39
rdp1976_I'm aware of that18:39
GridCuberdp1976_: well then dont limit your search to xubuntu only :)18:39
bazhangprefacing everything with how hard it is, and how poorly xubuntu is supported etc is not really useful info18:39
rdp1976_Myrtti - ARandR was recommended to me as a fix18:39
rdp1976_I installed it, doesn't help18:39
Myrttirdp1976_: so how did you run it then?18:40
Myrttijust installing it doesn't help18:40
Myrttigrandr is a bit more graphical18:40
Myrttiif your computer shuts down and reboots spontaneously, you've got bigger problems than just the screen resolution18:42
rdp1976_bazhang - I have a 2 month old thread on Ubuntuforums which thoroughly documents everything I've tried to do to resolve the problem18:42
rdp1976_that is more than useful info18:42
rdp1976_3 pages of back and forth with very thorough details about the problem, solutions offered, tried and failed etc18:43
rdp1976_I'm trying to resolve the problem and open to all and any suggestions18:44
rdp1976_and hopefully help other people down the track if they encounter this problem18:44
rdp1976_Myrtti -  I run ARandR from Settings Manager18:45
rdp1976_it doesnt give me anything more than what "Display" offers18:45
rdp1976_i.e. the option to choose resolution for DP1, the max of which is 1024 x 768, even though the monitor supports 1920 x 1080 (which is what I'm trying to achieve)18:46
bazhangfrom what card18:46
rdp1976_not sure what you mean "from what card"18:47
rdp1976_there is no option to choose a card18:47
bazhangvideo card18:47
rdp1976_I dont know, how can I answer that18:48
bazhanglspci in terminal18:48
rdp1976_00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)18:49
bazhangand you have achieved that resolution with this card prior18:50
rdp1976_In Windows 8 yes18:50
rdp1976_Dual boot Xubuntu + Windows 818:51
bazhangthis is the 2nd display, and what's the res on the first monitor18:51
rdp1976_First display is the ultrabook display, 1920 x 108018:51
rdp1976_2nd display is external Viewsonic HDMI Full HD 1080p monitor18:52
rdp1976_First display works 1920 x 1080 for both Windows 8 and Xubuntu18:52
bazhangand windows 8 allows 1920x1080 for both simultaneously, or you just want it on the 2nd18:52
rdp1976_Second display works 1920 x 1080 in windows 818:52
rdp1976_both simultaneously18:52
rdp1976_Windows 8 permits that and thats what I want18:53
rdp1976_Xubuntu only allows 1024 x 768 on external display - this is my frustration18:53
rdp1976_when I work from home (90% of the time) I always connect to my external display18:53
TheSheeprdp1976_: can you pastebin the output of 'xrandr' command?18:53
bazhanghdmi straight up, or via an adapter18:54
rdp1976_yes - what is pastebin?18:54
rdp1976_Dell multidisplay port adapter18:54
bazhangdvi to hdmi?18:54
TheSheeprdp1976_: you paste it on that website, and paste the url here18:55
rdp1976_fyi - adapter is18:55
bazhangdvi to hdmi?18:56
TheSheepno, mini-displayport18:56
TheSheepto vga18:56
rdp1976_FYI, I purchased this Ultrabook from Dell in April. The adapter came with it.18:57
TheSheeprdp1976_: you have a hdmi port on it too?18:58
James_EppI recently installed xubuntu 12.04.2, but it does not look like it has detected my ethernet device. Running this on a netbook. I know it is working fine, as I used a pxe boot to install the OS.18:58
TheSheeprdp1976_: looks like it couldn't retrieve the monitor info and settled for the default18:59
TheSheepJames_Epp: what is the make and model of your ethernet device?18:59
TheSheepJames_Epp: you can usually check with lspci in terminal19:00
rdp1976_TheSheep - I have an SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Docking Station and THAT has a HDMI port19:00
TheSheeprdp1976_: I see19:00
James_EppTheSheep: Atheros Communications Inc. AR8132 Fast Ethernet (rev c0)19:00
rdp1976_I have tried connection HDMI cable from that to monitor, but couldnt get it to display anything19:01
TheSheepJames_Epp: did you google for that and ubuntu?19:02
James_EppTheSheep: I shall attempt19:02
TheSheepJames_Epp: you will probably find some forum posts with people having a similar problem19:02
TheSheeprdp1976_: if you want to try again, connect it and do 'xrandr --output HDMI1 --auto' -- it should work19:03
rdp1976_i'll try now19:03
TheSheeprdp1976_: but I have no idea how to make it see your monitor through that adapter properly19:03
TheSheeprdp1976_: I suppose you could add a mode with xrandr manually, but I never did that19:04
James_EppTheSheep: It appears it is a "certified" component for other subnotebooks.19:04
TheSheepJames_Epp: does your eth0 (or whatever apart from lo) appear when you do `ifconfig -a` in a terminal?19:05
James_EppTheSheep: I get an eth0 and an eth2. eth2 is for wlan, which I find odd, but it is getting an IP and is how I have internet access on the device currently. I do need this ethernet to work, however.19:06
TheSheepJames_Epp: ok, so the kernel sees your ethernet device, that's good19:06
TheSheepJames_Epp: so how did you test your network?19:07
James_EppI have another 20+ machines on it.19:07
James_Epp...all with Internet access.19:07
TheSheepJames_Epp: right, but those work, so we don't need to concern ourselves with them19:07
rdp1976_I have tried to add a mode manually with xrandr and made some progress, but it was pretty dodgy19:08
James_EppTheSheep: So what were you asking when "test the network"19:08
TheSheepJames_Epp: what did you do to conclude that it "doesn't work"19:08
rdp1976_fyi, looks like Xubuntu doesnt detect the USB Docking either, so "xrandr --output HDMI1 --auto" doesnt do anything either'19:08
TheSheeprdp1976_: that's a shame19:09
James_EppTheSheep: Other machines work on that cable. Other operating environments (pxe booting) work 100% on the netbooks hardware. The xubuntu OS is the only thing that does not. Therfor, it is limited to the machine19:09
TheSheeprdp1976_: that's pretty much all that I know, sorry19:09
TheSheepJames_Epp: sure, but what doesn't work exactly?19:09
James_EppTheSheep: It does not appear to do any sort of handshake. There are, unfortunately, no LEDs on the system for network activity.19:10
TheSheepJames_Epp: does it get IP address, but cannot send anything, does it work if you set a static ip on it?19:10
rdp1976_thanks for your help TheSheep19:10
James_EppTheSheep: No "dhcp" handshake, that is.19:10
rdp1976_I think at this stage its time to cut my losses and bid farewell to Xubuntu19:10
TheSheepJames_Epp: tried static ip?19:10
TheSheepJames_Epp: does it even appear in the network settings?19:11
rdp1976_I was really excited to use the distro, but there just doesnt seem to be the support out there19:11
TheSheeprdp1976_: yeah, it's a lottery19:11
rdp1976_I've literally spent 2 months trying to get it workng19:11
James_EppTheSheep: No, there is nothing under the wired tab of Network Connections.19:11
TheSheeprdp1976_: it's been improving in recent years greatly though19:11
rdp1976_this computer was purchased in APRIL lol19:11
rdp1976_someone mentioned installing Ubuntu in Xubuntu as a potential fix, but I dont know what that means or how to do it19:12
TheSheeprdp1976_: I had some problems with my new netbook too, but the next kernel release fixed many of them -- so maybe check back in a while19:12
James_EppTheSheep: Also, under my network panel, under "Wired Network" it says "unmanaged"19:12
rdp1976_someone also mentioned I could upgrade the linux kernel in Xubuntu19:12
TheSheeprdp1976_: basically you install the package called 'ubuntu-desktop' and then you can choose whether you want ubuntu or xubuntu at the login screen19:13
James_EppTheSheep: Correction: It says "device not managed"19:13
rdp1976_I downloaded linux-3.10.119:13
James_EppWould updating the kernel manually for me perhaps resolve my issue? If so, which package do I use?19:14
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)19:14
rdp1976_for me uname -r = 3.8.0-29-generic19:14
James_Epprdp1976_: Perhaps I'll try that.19:15
TheSheeprdp1976_: that's recent19:15
rdp1976_I downloaded linux-3.10.1.tar.xz but don't know what to do with it19:15
James_EppYeah, mine is 3.2.0-51-generic19:15
TheSheeprdp1976_: you would compile it yourself, as that link above explains, but that's pretty advanced stuff19:15
rdp1976_3.10.7 is latest stable19:15
James_EppYeah, I don't want to :S19:15
TheSheeprdp1976_: 3.10 will be in the next ubuntu19:16
TheSheepin 2 months or so19:16
James_EppI'll just install xubuntu from a disc and see what happens. You never know.....19:16
James_EppThanks for the help, guys!19:16
TheSheepJames_Epp: good luck!19:16
rdp1976_when is next xubuntu release?19:17
James_EppTheSheep: I will return with results. Maybe half an hour to 45m if you are still here.19:17
rdp1976_ah 2 months19:17
TheSheeprdp1976_: it's every 6 months, on March and November19:17
TheSheepsorry, October19:17
TheSheepon 4th and 10th months :P19:18
TheSheepmonth names are stupid19:18
TheSheepespecially when every language has their own19:18
rdp1976_long time to wait19:18
TheSheeprdp1976_: you can try the beta already, but expect breakage19:19
rdp1976_neg, there is enough broken already19:19
rdp1976_is there a way to contact people at Xubuntu to notify of my problem to see if they can address it in the next release?19:19
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.19:20
TheSheepthat would be a bug for xserver-xorg-video-intel I suppose19:21
rdp1976_it says package 13.04 oesn't exist19:21
TheSheeprdp1976_: you can also use a website: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug/19:22
TheSheepsorry, that's https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug/?no-redirect19:23
rdp1976_how can I install grandr19:25
rdp1976_doesnt show up in Software Center19:26
TheSheepsudo apt-get install grandr19:29
TheSheep!info grandr19:30
ubottuPackage grandr does not exist in raring19:30
TheSheep!info arandr19:30
ubottuarandr (source: arandr): Simple visual front end for XRandR. In component universe, is optional. Version (raring), package size 66 kB, installed size 507 kB19:30
rdp1976_already have arandr installed19:34
rdp1976_doesnt help any19:34
rdp1976_Oh well, thanks for your help19:34
rdp1976_I guess it's back to Windows 8 then!19:34
cinvokehaving trouble starting xubunu window manager.  halting after if checks the battery and turns powersave off19:53
cinvokemy window manager isnt starting and im not sure how to figure out why.  ive deleted ~/.config and cache thinking maybe that was the cause.  that didnt work.  im running xubuntu 13.04 in virtualbox.20:02
James_EppTheSheep: Tried both amd64 and i386 versions from dvd, no difference. Still not showing up.22:01
* James_Epp is puzzled22:01
knomeJames_Epp, what isn't?22:04
James_Eppknome: Ethernet issues.22:24
James_Epphaha! resolved.22:25
SideburnsHello.  I've downloaded the X86 .iso for the latest Xubuntu and am trying to create a live usb for a friend, using Fedora's liveusb-creator.22:51
SideburnsThe program can't verify the checksum.  I've done so and told it not to verify, but now it says that it can't find an OS.22:52
SideburnsThe exact error: Unable to find LiveOS on ISO.  Using any form of Ubuntu is not currently an option.  Does anybody know what's going on?22:54
GridCubeno, but you can use unetbootin22:54
GridCubei never have had problems with unebootin22:55
SideburnsThe exact name of the file I'm using is xubuntu-13.04-desktop-i386.iso22:55
SideburnsOK, I can install and try that.  Will stay here until I have, and report back.  Thanx for the suggestion.22:56
GridCubeSideburns, i dont know how the usb creator of fedora works22:56
GridCubethe iso is probably fine22:56
SideburnsGridCube, I didn't expect you to know how the Fedora program works, but I did think you'd want to know what I'd used and what happened.22:59
SideburnsI've used the program with Fedora iso files before and it worked.  Later, I'll take this up with the Fedora people.  Maybe it's looking for something Fedora-specific?23:00
GridCubei dont know, as i said, unetbootin its crossplataform and always works for me23:01
toraxI used unetbootin until I found the magical world of dd23:02
SideburnsWell, it seems to have worked; now, I'll need to reboot to be sure.  If it didn't, I'll come back; if it did, no need to bother you any more.23:03
Unit193torax: But effort on fixing the partition table. :P23:04
toraxwith a great power comes a great responsibility ;)23:05

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