happyaronlooks that the ppa builder chindi10 is experincing some problem, all of my builds on it are failing with same errors like https://launchpadlibrarian.net/147790422/buildlog_ubuntu-quantal-i386.fcitx-chewing_0.2.1-1~quantal1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz08:03
happyaronshows that its /home/buildd/.sbuildrc needs to be fixed.08:05
wgranthappyaron: Indeed. I've prevented further builds from being dispatched to it, and I've retried all the failed builds. Thanks for letting us know.08:26
happyaronwgrant: thanks for responding, :)08:28
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saiarcot895Is launchpad starting to use diffs?17:03
saiarcot895(when doing "sudo apt-get update")?17:04
tfogalhey all, can't seem to find an answer in LP's help about this.  Is there a way to 'tag' a user in a bug comment?  e.g. "@username" or similar.23:25

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