phillwianorlin: as desktops are only supported for 9 months now, the devs are concentrating on getting a rock solid 13.10 release out and also concentrating upon the 1st LTS of lubuntu in 14.04. If you'd like to help out, head over to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities00:21
Guest23566does anyone here have any issues when connecting an external monitor to a laptop?06:36
holsteinGuest23566: no06:37
holsteinGuest23566: well, with certain hardware, i dont even bother trying, but with hardware that has linux drivers, no problems06:37
Guest23566so when you save the setting of having the external monitor being your single primary monitor you have not problems with the desktop background or openbox?06:38
holsteinGuest23566: nothing that i wasnt able to work around.. but i use arandr06:38
Guest23566why arandr and not the default lubuntu tool?06:39
holsteinGuest23566: i use arandr on everything.. because it works for me, and in know it06:39
Guest23566can you try to see if you have any problems when using the default lubuntu tool06:40
holsteinGuest23566: i have, and i dont06:40
holsteinGuest23566: what problems are you having?06:40
Guest23566the background is a mix with lubuntu and openbox06:41
holstein"a mix" ?06:41
Guest23566yeah it is like the laptop monitor which is off is overlaid in the background on the external monitor06:42
Guest23566i right right in some areas i get the regular lubuntu menu, and on other areas i get the standard openbox menu06:42
holsteinGuest23566: i have had "funky" stuff happen with lxde and openbos and dual head. but nothing i wasnt able to either deal with or fix06:43
holsteinGuest23566: you can set that setting in the bios... and reboot06:43
Guest23566i think the problem is during start up dual monitors are working but my session settings are only for 1 external monitor06:43
holsteinGuest23566: have you tried configuring with arandr? or using the bios to disable the one you dont want to use? or test dual head support in something you are more familiar with (maybe xfce) to see if the driver support is "good"06:45
Guest23566well if i use arandr, then the problem won't be fixed for everything else who just use the standard lubuntu configuration06:46
holsteinGuest23566: so, it works?06:46
holsteinGuest23566: lubuntu is likely not interested in adding a tool.. and we are assuming its "broken" for everyone else.. could be just your specific hardware case06:47
Guest23566i rather not change settings in the bias because it becomes cumbersome since sometimes i go mobile and don't use the external monitor as my primary monitor06:47
Guest23566i don't think it is a driver issue06:47
holsteinGuest23566: i dont know if it is, but neither of us has confirmed that06:48
Guest23566intel integrated graphics seem to be well supported in linux06:48
Unit193Mine isn't.07:03
holsteinyup.. i have on intel machine that is a pain.. worse than my via chip07:05
OnkelTemhow to run install in text mode?12:52
OnkelTemgui install just segfaults12:53
phillwOnkelTem: use the alternate ISO13:03
OnkelTemphillw: thanks. i wonder why this install isnt included into base iso13:11
phillwOnkelTem: lubuntu are the only desktop team that now offer a specific alternate install ISO in order to keep things CD sized, they are two seperate ISO's13:14
cloneGhello I am trying to run Wallch on lubuntu 12.04 but I cant15:54
cloneGit installs flawlessly but image of the day and live earth images wont show15:55
cloneGI am pretty annoyed for I am using the same program on another computer Ubuntu 12.04 64 bits and it works perfectly15:55
cloneGthe point is the wallch version under ubuntu 12.04 64bits its 3.5 and the one installed on lubuntu is 3.01 and both systems use the same repository!15:57
cloneGand I followed same steps to install wallch in both systems15:58
phillwcloneG: from having a quick read, it is for gnome. I'm assuming it has dependencies that are in lubuntu?16:02
phillw3.01 is the latest stable for wallch16:04
cloneGyeah I was suspecting the same thing because under /home/user/.config/16:04
cloneGthere are two wallch folders in the ubuntu system and only one in the lubuntu16:04
cloneGwallch and wallch4 in ubuntu16:04
cloneGand only walch and xfce4 under lubuntu16:05
phillwcloneG: you can add the wallch 3+ ppa manually.16:05
cloneGthe point is that the wallch4 folder seems to hold the downloaded images from wikipedia that make live earth wallpaper work...16:05
cloneGI told you the ppa is the same on both systems16:06
cloneGI added them myself16:06
phillwsudo add-apt-repository ppa:wallch/3+ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wallch16:06
cloneGexactly same path16:06
cloneGbut under ubuntu works and not under lubuntu16:07
phillwnot sure why you're only getting the 'stable' 3.01.16:07
cloneGdifferent versions16:07
cloneGI have  no idea that is why I came asking16:08
cloneGthis is lubuntu forum right?16:08
phillwI'm just adding the ppa 3+ to my system16:08
cloneGoh cool16:08
cloneGits a cool program16:08
cloneGI was trying to install it on a friends laptop16:09
cloneGbecause I am happy with it on my pc16:09
phillwgive it a couple of mins to update eveything (I'm running saucy, so it will have a few updates to do!)16:09
cloneGwhats that may I ask?16:09
phillwthe name of the 13.10 release, I'm a tester :)16:10
cloneGI like LTS versions16:10
cloneGthats why I am keeping 12.0416:10
phillwthat will be 14.04, lubuntu's 1st LTS :)16:10
cloneGI will be balder16:11
phillwApril 2014, saame time as the all the next suites of LTS's land.16:11
cloneGnot that far16:11
phillwlubuntu was too young to have an LTS in 12.0416:11
cloneGalso true for ubuntu ?¿16:11
phillwyes, ubuntu 14.04 will also be a LTS16:12
phillweach flavour decides if they are issuing 14.04 as LTS, or with standard 9 month support.16:12
cloneGI thought 13.04 was going to be lts aswell16:13
cloneGbut not being I am staying on 12.0416:13
cloneGI want to fill the system16:13
phillw13.04 is only a 9 month support, as does 13.1016:14
cloneGtired of reinstalling things16:14
phillwno need to re-install! Just do a dist upgrade16:14
phillwbut, if you're happy with 12.04, stickwith it!16:15
cloneGwhat about all the repos?16:15
cloneGthey would become outdated16:15
phillw12.04.3 is due out 29th of this  month.16:15
phillwthe ubuntu based repos will be updated, ones you have added will not be affected16:16
cloneGyou see the point16:16
cloneGmany home programs I have16:16
cloneGhey how 's that update going=?16:17
phillwprogrammes you have installed are not affected when you do a dist upgrade... I'd be furious if they were!16:17
cloneGdid you get the wallch 3.5 on lubuntu?16:17
phillwi got a couple of errors (usual), just re-running.16:17
phillw3g device is not the best for doing updates with :)16:18
cloneGhey another amazing desktop program is liveWallpaper16:18
cloneGbut I dont think people running would like it16:18
phillwI used to have the nasa pic of the day installed on my lubuntu system a few releases back, I liked it.16:20
phillwI've got to install 49 GB of gnome libraries... this will take a few minutes!16:21
cloneGlivewallpaper is memory glutton16:21
phillwlol 49 MB :D16:21
cloneGyoure the only chatting soul in this chat16:22
cloneGwhat is the other people doing?16:22
cloneGpicking their nose?16:22
phillwit has installed wallch 3.016:22
cloneGyou see!!!16:22
phillwit is the weekend, they must have a life :)16:22
cloneGblame on lubuntu16:22
phillwhow so? I got it from the ppa!16:23
cloneGyou tell me16:23
cloneGI have no idea16:23
phillwunless the ppa has not installed... let me check16:23
phillwCouldn't open file /usr/share/gnome/gnome-version.xml for reading, assuming gnome version is 3.16:25
phillwlubuntu does not have that file16:25
cloneGso it wont work on lubuntu will it0ç16:28
phillwcloneG: fear not! https://bugs.launchpad.net/wallpaper-changer/+bug/100722216:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1007222 in Wallpaper Changer "Wallch does not work in Mint 13 MATE" [Undecided,Fix released]16:28
phillwI'm jst reading the bug now - and the solution :D16:28
phillwbbs... 30 minutes past dog feeding time, they're giving me that nagging look :)16:29
cloneGdoes that thread mean to install the latest version of the ppa16:31
cloneGI already tried those bash lines16:31
phillwhas the latest raring version16:36
phillwI'm trying a direct download of the .deb file.16:39
cloneGhey how do you do that?16:41
phillwand now it reports that I have version 4.0 :D Looks quite different!16:42
cloneGIf i click the  https://launchpad.net/~wallch/+archive/3+ link I go to a lost something page16:42
phillwyup, so did I... then I got my detective head on :) Are you running the amd64 or i386 version of lubuntu?16:42
cloneGso you succeed didnt you?16:44
cloneGis it working?16:44
phillwthis will download the i386 for you as a deb file https://launchpad.net/~wallch/+archive/3+/+files/wallch_3.59-0ubuntu1_i386.deb16:44
cloneGcan you see the live earth wallpaper?16:44
phillwyes it launched fine... no wall papers set up yet.16:44
phillwonce you have the .deb package, use GDebi to install it.16:45
cloneGthanks alot16:45
phillwit will warn that this is not the best way to install, but it worked fine for me (i grabbed the amd64 one as that is my system).16:46
cloneGbut still a bit confused..16:46
cloneGwhy the deb dowload link was not working?16:46
cloneGI got the deb file from your post16:47
phillw3.59 is only available for raring (13.04)16:47
cloneGI mean the links in the launchpad bug thread16:47
phillwit had to grab some extra bits, but GDebi looked after all of that.16:47
cloneGthey are pointing nowhere16:47
phillwdo you have a file on your desktop that starts wallch_3.59-ubuntu ?16:48
cloneGinstalling now16:50
cloneGin the meanwhile another bug this one directly related to lubuntu...16:51
phillwyou can contact the maintainer / file a bug - details are on the launchpad page :)16:51
cloneGthe unit dev/mapper/cryptswaper1 is not ready or present16:51
cloneGwhat that might be related to?16:51
phillwdid you install an encrypted home?16:52
cloneGit always appear on startup but waiting  just do16:52
cloneGI mean you can normally login16:52
cloneGlong ago16:52
cloneGI dont remember16:52
phillwhave a read of http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=175917416:55
phillwit is not a lubuntu issue, it affects all flavours.16:55
cloneGlibkeybinder0 unsatisfied dependency (installing the wallch deb you posted)16:57
cloneGdid you get to install that ubuntu 13.04 package on lubuntu12.04=16:57
cloneGoh no16:58
cloneGyoure running saucy16:58
cloneGyou told me16:58
cloneGso how do I get out of this pit now?16:58
cloneGdo I need to find the missing dependencies'16:58
cloneGoh upgrading...of course16:59
cloneGyou see you spend more time obeying lubuntu requirements than using it16:59
phillwfrom the lp page, it is avaialble for raring, I guess that is why it was not backported to 12.04... unmet dependencie.17:00
phillwwe manually over rode that by directly installing it.17:00
phillwthe newer library files it needs must not be present in 12.04.17:01
cloneGwhich are...17:02
cloneGhow do I tell which the newer library files are?17:02
phillwcloneG: if you want 3.59 wallch, you need to be running Raring to meet what it needs.17:09
phillwI've looked further into your cryptswap, from terminal issue:17:09
phillwand see if there is a swap area listed (near the top)17:09
cloneGokay how do I upgrade pangolin?17:11
cloneGI dont see the upgrade suggestion on update manager17:11
phillwuse the update manager in the menu is the easiest way.17:11
phillwyou must have told it to ignore the new releases :)17:11
phillwuse the terminal https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/installing-upgrading.html17:12
cloneGhow do I make it understand I changed my mind17:12
phillw(don't use the -d option!)17:13
phillwuninstall wallch, then reinstall it. It will revert back to the one from the standard repo.17:13
phillwso, either upgrade the version of lubuntu, or accept that in 12.04, you're on the older one... That is choice you must make.17:14
phillwif you choose the upgrade17:15
phillwthen you will most likely have to do it twice... 12.04 --> 12.10 --> 13.04 The boffins are working on allowing people to skip versions when upgrading, but it is still expermintal; so I'd not recommend it at present.17:16
cloneGno way17:19
cloneGthe do-release-upgrade finds no newer system versions17:19
cloneGthis is pulling my leg17:20
phillwsudo do-release-upgrade17:20
cloneGsudo lacking perhaps?¿17:20
phillwyup, that was from the server area, where they expect us to know :D17:20
SonikkuAmerica...Come again?17:21
phillwif you ever issue17:22
phillwa really_long-command with -lots of flags17:22
phillwand then realise you need sudo, issue17:22
phillwsudo !!17:22
phillwand it will repeat the command with sudo at the start of it (I use it all the time!)17:22
OnkelTemwhat window manager uses lubuntu?17:22
holsteinlxde uses openbox17:22
cloneGno sudo17:22
cloneGits not working either17:22
cloneGit says no new versions available17:23
OnkelTemif i use expert mode, what should i install to get it holstein?17:23
ianorlinexpert mode?17:23
OnkelTemalternate iso17:23
holsteinOnkelTem: you should only use expert mode, if you are an expert.. lxde or lubuntu-desktop will get you what you want17:24
SonikkuAmericaphillw: Ah. Good to know17:24
cloneGand the system profiler and benchmark is positively telling me I am using a lubuntu 12.0417:24
OnkelTemholstein: i am. thanks17:24
holsteinOnkelTem: you ware what? an expert? if you were an expert, you would know, or be able to find out about lxde..17:25
SonikkuAmericacloneG: Check software-properties-gtk17:25
SonikkuAmericacloneG: it might say "Long-term-support releases only"17:25
SonikkuAmericacloneG: Change it to "For any new version" and then issue the command again.17:25
OnkelTemholstein: why if you just told me?17:25
OnkelTemim an expert in questioning at least17:26
SonikkuAmericaI'm inclined to believe that Lubuntu is 3 flavors in one: Lubuntu itself, Openboxbuntu, and whatever the "Nexus7" edition is. All selectable from within lightdm17:27
phillwSonikkuAmerica: with a mix of xcfe thrown in :D17:29
OnkelTemIs lxde installed with lubuntu-desktop?17:30
SonikkuAmericaphillw: Ah yes. I make that point myself. LXDE depends on about 30% of XFCE just to run. :)17:30
SonikkuAmerica(Although I must wonder what the Qt port uses)17:30
holsteinOnkelTem: lubuntu *uses* lxde17:30
cloneGSonikkuAmerica found it thanks17:30
ubottulubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.17:30
SonikkuAmerica*instead of Unity17:30
OnkelTemholstein: i see. nice.17:31
phillwSonikkuAmerica: there is no point re-inventing the wheel :) that is why as QA testers, we will happily test any flavour, we all use bits from eachother :D17:31
SonikkuAmericaYep! In fact, in the near future, I plan on running the "Big 5" flavors of Ubuntu from (almost) the same hard disk (different partitions)17:32
SonikkuAmericaUbuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Lubuntu17:32
OnkelTemholstein: actually i was unable to install Lubuntu from base iso - installation was crashing at disks detection. Thats why I had to use alternate and expert mode17:33
phillwxubuntu test case writer wrote up the gnumeric and abiword test cases, I will be amending the test case to include a test for multiple pages as requested by one of the lubuntu testers, that test case will have those extras autmatically appear for the xubuntu package testers :)17:33
holsteinOnkelTem: "chose".... you chose to..17:33
OnkelTemi had no other alternatives :)17:34
ianorlinhmm does alternate iso load usb drivers before selecting which disk to install to?17:34
OnkelTemi was asking here is there a way to proceed in text mode, but was told i need alternate iso.17:35
SonikkuAmericaianorlin: Good q. Too bad the alternate iso is dying.17:35
SonikkuAmericaOnkelTem: Does base iso == mini.iso?17:36
OnkelTembase -- defalt -- desktop17:36
OnkelTemi meant17:36
* ianorlin used graphical installer on this comp click try without installing to make sure it saw the usb external hard drive17:37
ianorlinand plop doesn't support running two cd drivess17:37
OnkelTemActually its a bit criptic fot me - why netinst is not a part of desktop17:38
OnkelTemWhat if i got and burned desktop iso and then suddenly something goes wrong as in my case?17:40
SonikkuAmericaOnkelTem: Have you actually gone and *tried* the mini.iso?17:40
phillwSonikkuAmerica: the alternate iso will continue... rumours of its death are premature :)17:41
OnkelTemSonikkuAmerica: Im not sure i understand what is mini. I downloaded the iso which was there by default. I think it is desktop iso.17:41
SonikkuAmerica... That's a new one.17:41
holstein!mini | OnkelTem17:42
ubottuOnkelTem: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD17:42
SonikkuAmericaThe problem though with the mini.iso is it does not (yet, I hope) work with UEFI mode.17:42
SonikkuAmericaI think, however, all that needs to be done is to stick the "efi" folder from the 64-bit Ubuntu images onto the 64-bit mini.iso and integrate it into the boot code.17:44
OnkelTemholstein: now i found it on the dowload page. it goes after the icon "Standard PC" - the option I used.17:44
ianorlindid you check md5 sums?17:45
OnkelTemHow much RAM does LXDE consume?17:46
holsteinOnkelTem: try it live... im running quite a few apps and im at 500mb's17:47
holsteinOnkelTem: LXDE is arguably one of, if not the most lightweight "normal" desktop like DE17:48
OnkelTemSorry for asking questions like those - I type from phone, sitting via SSH at my office PC from home lol17:48
holsteinOnkelTem: if LXDE's memory management is unaceptalbe to you, you are going to want to build from scratch17:48
OnkelTemholstein: i tried lubuntu for the first time when i had 256mb17:49
OnkelTemit was pretty slow but i loved its look17:50
holsteinOnkelTem: my point, again. LXDE is the lightest "ready to go" desktop.. and the lightest officially released on an official ubuntu version17:50
holsteinOnkelTem: you will want something like puppy linux on 256 of ram... or an older OS that is more of that "era"17:51
OnkelTembut i've got 1gb!17:51
* ianorlin is using lubuntu on a 512 mb desktop17:51
OnkelTemi bought it from a friend for 2 beers lol17:51
ianorlinjust can't open as much stuff at once as my 4 gb ram laptop that also runs lubuntu17:52
holsteinOnkelTem: you might wnat to test the hardware.. the hard drive.. not assume the hard drive issues you are having are with the installers17:52
OnkelTemianorlin: and still it is good idea to have light desktop. its always good idea :)17:53
* SonikkuAmerica is the hypocrite of the bunch, running Windows 817:53
OnkelTemTo say truth I love Gnome3 either. But its too greedy for resourses. 4% on my 16gb pc17:55
OnkelTembut it depends on used extensions17:56
OnkelTemAfter installation I've got strange problem18:47
OnkelTemapt-get upgrade segfaults18:48
OnkelTemapt-get -f install segfaults18:48
OnkelTemany ideas?18:48
ianorlindoes dist-upgrade?18:50
phillwOnkelTem: "When a machine starts to misbehave like this, it can be a RAM chip gone bad, causing a few bits to flip. Given the symptoms, it's possible that some library files were corrupted when they were installed.Reboot and run a memory test. Let it run for at least one full pass (keep it running over lunch or overnight). If any of the RAM chips is faulty, change it immediately."18:50
OnkelTemphillw: thanks. I've already replaced RAM as it was the first idea. But looks like its correct - maybe while installing the file was corrupted18:51
ianorlinwas the new ram working?18:51
phillwOnkelTem: have a read of the thread at http://askubuntu.com/questions/269285/various-segfaults-in-syslog-firefox-apt-get-and-other-apps-broken - it covers correcting the corrupted files as well :)18:51
OnkelTemphillw: I wonder is there a tool which just checks files checksums and updates those having wrong numbers18:54
phillwOnkelTem: if you have your /home as seperate partition, I'd always suggest just doing a clean re-install. You have no idea as to how many files are corrupt. I'm not aware of any tool to do check the checksums and re-install just those.18:55
glassman_lubuntu 12.04 running of a usb to a dell that is connected to a hp that is running a lazerprinter.  Hook up in ubuntu is ez, lubuntu i am stuck19:09
ianorlinhp what computer or hp lazerprinter?19:11
thor_Hi will lxqt-desktop be ready for test in 13.1019:12
phillwglassman_: hp provide a simple one-stop tool for all their printers / scanners etc.19:13
phillwhplib, I believe it is installed as default with ubuntu, but needs adding to lubuntu.19:14
phillwthor_: I'm not sure on that, there is qt work going on but the devs are concentrating on 13.10 'standard',19:18
SonikkuAmerica... I assume 'standard' means GTK+ 2 then...?19:19
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phillwSonikkuAmerica: yes, our devs are now involved with the razor-qt people for work on 14.04, there is some qt work avaialble in 13.10 (pcmanfm has an early version out in qt)19:22
SonikkuAmericaphillw: Ooh! I didn't realize that was the Qt y'all are working with.19:22
phillwyeah, pooling resources :)19:22
SonikkuAmericaIs it lighter-weight than messing with GTK+? (I would assume so)19:23
phillwhttps://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/+archive/lubuntu-daily/+index?batch=75&memo=75&start=75 has pcmanfm in both gtk+3 and qt (the qt version is still stable beta).19:25
SonikkuAmericaWell, I typically compare by speed. After all, Xubuntu may be big, but it's good-lookin'19:28
SonikkuAmericaAnd runs about as fast19:28
phillwthey are still investigating, it is partially driven by ubuntu moving to Mir and leaving question marks over gtk development.19:32
phillwRecently many things happen to LXDE.19:32
phillwOne of the most drastic changes is the migration to Qt.19:32
SonikkuAmericaIs Wayland too big? :)19:34
phillwSonikkuAmerica: you'd need to get involved on lxde, I test what we are given :D19:34
SonikkuAmericaphillw: I wish I had more time. College and such19:35
ianorlinwhy does hpsetup in the -i option try to print the testpage as root if you run sudo hpsetup19:36
phillwwe do keep people updated, a lot of the discussions are held on the lubuntu-quality mailing list, as it is the people on there who have the task of checking things out :)19:36
phillwianorlin: hp-setup is not maintained by ubuntu.19:37
SonikkuAmericaphillw: LOL - did you see smartboyhw's response to your request for a wiki maintainer?19:48
phillwSonikkuAmerica: I had several people respond.. ** note to self, email out who is now wiki TL :D **19:51
SonikkuAmericaOf course. I lol'ed over what he wrote in partic19:51
phillwianorlin: have a look at http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/index.html19:55
phillwhi lubuntu-newbie20:02
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:02
phillwif you want a general chat, we also have #lubuntu-offtopic for non-support related conversations.20:03
lubuntu-newbieLast night I created a liveUSB install with persistence.  This morning, I installed Firefox, but it didn't pop up in the "Internet" tab.  How do I find it?20:05
phillwlubuntu-newbie: How large is your persistence area?20:09
lubuntu-newbie~3.7 GB20:09
phillwhmm, should be large enough to install Ffox, how did you install it?20:10
lubuntu-newbieThrough Lubuntu Software Center.20:10
phillwdoes LSC show it as being now installed?20:11
lubuntu-newbieYes, it does.20:12
phillwhmm, odd... what version of lubuntu are you using?20:12
lubuntu-newbie13.04 i38620:13
lubuntu-newbiePerhaps I should uninstall it and then try again.20:16
phillwlubuntu-newbie: that is what I'm thinking as I read up on issues.... open a terminal session and issue:20:16
phillwsudo apt-get purge firefox20:16
phillwwhen that is done, issue:20:17
phillwsudo apt-get install firefox20:17
Unit193Why not apt-get --reinstall install firefox?20:17
phillwUnit193: purge is a bit more aggressive :D20:18
lubuntu-newbieI actually issued the command via LSC before you suggested using terminal.20:18
Unit193I'm aware. :P20:18
phillwthat's why I suggested using it.... hopefully gets us a clean slate :)20:19
lubuntu-newbieOk, it's unpacking firefox.20:20
lubuntu-newbieIt has finished and the last line says "Please restart all running instances of firefox, or you will experience problems."20:23
phillwlubuntu-newbie: reboot your machine, just to be safe :)20:26
lubuntu-newbieOk.  I'll be back in a moment.20:26
lubuntu-newbieI do believe restarting was the issue.   That's something I'll need to remember for when I install something else.20:40
phillwlubuntu-newbie: most times, logging off and back on will resolve issues, but as lubuntu is so blazingly fast on a re-start it hardly makes sense :D20:47
phillwas of 13.10 Ffox will be the default browser.20:48
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