sakangcan't boot 3.11.0-2-generic with segfault on nouveau_drm. any idea/workaround?03:06
wilee-nileesakang, Is that part of the standard updates?03:12
sakangwilee-nilee: of course, that's the latest kernel for saucy03:17
wilee-nileesakang, Cool I have not booted to it for a couple of days.03:36
BluesKajHi all14:10
philinuxBluesKaj: o/14:14
BluesKajhey philinux14:18
philinuxwotcha, what u up too sat afternoon14:20
BluesKajit's still sat morning here , probly have a couple of beers and set up the drum kit14:23
BluesKajthis aft14:23
BluesKajand you philinux ?14:24
philinuxwatching english premier league footy and patrolling forum14:32
philinuxout for beer later14:32
cslcmhi folks. Having a bit of an issue with saucy-server installer.  After I select "Engligh", and then "Install" - it brings up another language selection screen, but not before powering down the USB bus!  So my keyboard no longer functions. Anyone know a workaround? (The machine has no ps/2 ports)15:32
alankilacslcm: sounds vaguely similar to what happened to my macbook air when I tried to update it to saucy. It booted just fine but because usb was turned off I couldn't do anything with it, the keyboard didn't respond15:59
penguin42cslcm: On what hardware?16:56
cslcmpenguin42:  HP Proliant Microserver17:04
cslcm(if you're asking about a specific piece of the hardware i can answer that too)17:04
penguin42hmm ok, I'd just seen some reports on a particular set of sony laptops17:05
penguin42cslcm: Is it all the USB ports or just some?17:05
cslcmall (it only has four)17:05
penguin42hmm ok, that's a bit nasty17:06
penguin42cslcm: I'm not too sure what to suggest to fix it, but it's also a bit tricky to report, I think maybe I'd try to get a shell before that point, install openssh-server on the install ram disk, ssh in from another machine and see what it looks like once your USB ports have gone off - i.e. is it just the USB ports?17:10
pepeeso, how bad would be to use ubuntu 13.10 alpha as the main desktop at the moment?17:43
pepeethis is almost 2 years old AMD hardware... but I want to use the latest features from the radeon driver17:44
penguin42pepee: Well you should be able to run with the latest AMD drivers I think17:45
penguin42although I'm not 100% sure whether that's available in the alpha yet so hmm17:45
penguin42actually, hmm maybe not - jockey isn't finding any for my radeon17:46
pepeeshould be integrated in the kernel or some other package17:46
penguin42pepee: Well, there looks like there are fglrx packages so I'd hope it's ok17:46
pepeenot talking aboout fglrx17:47
penguin42ok, so you mean with the open drivers?17:47
pepeeyeah, well, latest radeon release has video decoding + power management + some performance optimizations17:48
penguin42right ok17:48
penguin42pepee: Well yeh I run KDE on +1 with an HD432517:48
pepeedid you enable DPM?17:49
penguin42hmm although hmm I do seem to be running it in XRender mode17:49
penguin42pepee: I haven't explicitly enabled anything17:49
pepeeradeon.dpm=1 in the grub kernel command line17:49
penguin42pepee: It's a little difficult for me to tell because mine doesn't have a fan17:50
penguin42although it does have a temp sensor17:52
penguin42ok, cat /sys/module/radeon/parameters/dpm says -1 rather than 1 so I guess it's off?17:52
pepeewell, it should run a bit colder than usual17:53
pepeeI guess so17:53
penguin42nod, should give it a try sometime - not too big an issue - not a laptop, but I should try and save a few watts17:53
pepeeask in #radeon17:53
penguin42pepee: Anyway, give it a go! the Radeon driver in +1 works no worse than previous versions and as you say it might be able to do that17:54
pepeeok, I'll upgrade then17:55
pepeethanks penguin4217:55
pepeebtw, afaik KDE has improved a bit too17:55
penguin42and also +1 seems a heck of a lot faster17:55
pepeeI use KDE and LXDE17:55
penguin42I don't know, but I think it's something in the 3.11 kernel17:55
pepeeread those17:56
penguin42thanks, but I meant more general system feel17:57
pepeeyeah, FOSS driver has improved a lot lately17:57
pepeethanks penguin42 , I'll give it a try18:12
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