mrqtrosHi all09:04
hakermaniamrqtros, hi09:04
mrqtrosDo someone know why jenkins build can fail even if all test passed (SUCCESS)?09:05
hakermaniamrqtros, care to send a build log link?09:07
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mrqtroshakermania, sure, I hope you want this
hakermaniamrqtros, I don't know how to read that. I thought that you tried to build through launchpad09:15
mrqtroshakermania, moment09:18
mrqtroshakermania, https://code.launchpad.net/~mrqtros/ubuntu-rssreader-app/unified-tabs/+merge/18062709:18
Guest6152“Ubuntu SDK: submissions must use some aspect of the Ubuntu SDK. They can be written in C++, QML, HTML 5 or OpenGL, as long as they use the SDK and it’s components where appropriate.”09:20
Guest6152Does this imply that you may write the application in “standard” C++?09:20
mrqtrosGuest6152, what kind of app do you want to create?09:24
Guest6152C++/Qt, not QML.09:25
Guest6152Is there a certain stylesheet I should take use of?09:27
mrqtrosGuest6152, I am not sure, but I think that your app will not pass to the app market09:27
mrqtrosGuest6152, because Ubuntu SDK assumes that developer will create UI with QML, not C++09:28
mrqtroshakermania, any ideas? :)09:29
Guest6152"C++, QML" it seems odd to differ c++ from QML then09:29
mrqtrosGuest6152, you may use C++ plugin in QML code, of course09:29
hakermaniamrqtros, I need something like this: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/146760761/buildlog_ubuntu-raring-i386.wallch_3.59-0ubuntu1_UPLOADING.txt.gz I don't really know what I'm looking in the link you sent me.09:30
mrqtrosGuest6152, differing OpenGL is not strange for you? :)09:31
Guest6152ok, so in reality they mean QML with a c++ backbone?09:33
mrqtrosGuest6152, yep. Primary technology is Qt Quick09:34
Guest6152mrqtros, thanks, do you know what they mean by OpenGL then?09:39
mrqtrosGuest6152, I think not HTML, but Qt bindings to OpenGL. You may look at 3d edge project for more details http://www.reddit.com/r/ubuntuappshowdown/comments/1k5lxx/new_app_3dge_rendering_a_3d_model_of_ubuntu_edge/09:41
Guest6152ok, it seems like you have no choice but using QML or HTML, at least to some extent.09:45
mrqtrosGuest6152, you must use some skeleton in QML, but in other things you have freedom :)09:50
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randomcppnik90, hi :), I saw your issue on github12:34
randomcppthanks :)12:34
randomcppkalikiana, ping12:36
nik90randomcpp: np :). Let me know when you think the app can be tested as new user and I will gladly do so and report my experience13:49
randomcppI'm going to push a working create/read/edit recipe workflow13:49
randomcppfinally :)13:50
randomcppbut still categories and photos are to be added soon :(13:50
nik90randomcpp: cool13:50
randomcppit's still not possible to delete recipes, due to a u1db bug13:51
randomcppnot my fault this time :)13:51
randomcppbtw nik90 I saw a bug report you submitted to Mefrio, about titles that needs to be truncated if longer than the app width13:54
nik90I tried your apps for few minutes here and there but havent given it my full attention.13:54
nik90But that's something I plan to do tomorrow :). So be prepared for more bug reports (and ideas)13:54
randomcppin your opinion, shouldn't this feature be supported by the ubuntusdk? :/13:54
randomcppwith an animation maybe13:55
nik90randomcpp: yes, I would. But here's the thing. I am not sure when the sdk will support it. So until then you might need a temporary solution13:55
nik90randomcpp: in the worse case scenario where it doesnt get fixed before the showdown deadline, then this would kinda be annoying to users13:55
nik90randomcpp: And you can expect recipe titles to be longer13:56
nik90mefrio was able to fix this within 20-30 lines of code. You can always remove it later when the sdk supports it13:56
randomcppok I get it :) I'll find a solution, if it's good maybe I'll submit a patch upstream13:56
nik90yeah :)13:57
randomcppnik90, do you know if it's possibile to use an img as background?14:00
randomcpphttp://i.imgur.com/GZthJS9.png what do you think of this red gradient? it looks more like tomato sauce14:02
nik90randomcpp: In all honesty, I do not know what would best suit a recipe app. But I will take a look at what other similar apps do and get an inspiration.14:03
nik90randomcpp: It is a bit too bright red. The colors should be relaxing and not take the attention away from the recipe.14:04
nik90randomcpp: Officially not support to add image14:05
nik90randomcpp: but if you can find a way such that it looks good14:05
randomcppok thanks, I try with a darker footer14:05
nik90alrite I am going out for an hour. see you later14:06
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xqwzts17:00:07 randomcpp | nik90, do you know if it's possibile to use an img as background?14:33
xqwztsI've done that by just putting an Image{} object on my Page and having the rest of my layout above it14:34
randomcppxqwzts, my idea was to set a squared pattern as background, but I don't know if it follow the ubuntu hig14:37
nik90|Awayxqwzts: screenshots :P ?14:56
xqwzts1 min let me take one14:57
nik90|Awayxqwzts: btw were you able to fix the flickable issue you had before?14:57
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xqwztswill be doing a post with these updates today or tomorrow, or whenever i can finish this chunk of u1db/rottentomatoes integration14:58
xqwztsI hacked around it14:58
xqwztsso it works and i think looks decent14:58
xqwztsbut it still occurs, clicking anywhere on the page resets the flickable14:59
xqwztsmy assumption is this is done to reset to the toolbar14:59
xqwztsbut it affects all flickables on a page14:59
nik90btw on trying your branch, I do not see any images.14:59
nik90I get errors like Cannot open: file:///home/krnekhelesh/AppShowdown2013/graphics/toolbarIcon.png15:00
xqwztsthat's fine15:00
xqwztstoolbarIcon is a placeholder15:00
xqwztsim using it all over the place just to remmeber to put images there15:00
nik90ah okay15:00
xqwztsrottentomatoes api is down for scheduled maintenance atm :/15:01
xqwztswhich is nice because i get to find the bugs for when this happens again15:01
xqwztsbut useless for actually progressing :P15:01
nik90yeah I just tried search for a movie, and it wasnt loading any results15:01
xqwztsyup and i havent pushed the fix that stops the search on fail... have it locally15:02
nik90np. Just letting you know15:02
xqwztsany idea on if we can combine c++ files in our projects?15:02
randomcppxqwzts, is rottentomato a service like trakt?15:02
xqwztsthe build tab in ubuntu-sdk is constantly greyed out, and it doesn't recognize .cpp or .h files in the default view15:03
xqwztsrandomcpp: its like imdb15:03
xqwztsmovie details/ratings/reviews etc15:03
nik90xqwzts: you can add c++ plugins to do a certain task15:03
xqwztsthats what im trying to do nik9015:03
xqwztsbut unless i start a new c++ project, i cant see how to integrate one in a "Ubuntu" project15:04
xqwztsor do i have to write the c++ as a separate plugin then add it to my project?15:04
nik90xqwzts: okay. I am not familiar with this. But this is something I am trying myself.15:04
nik90xqwzts: when it comes to coding, yes you create a new plugin (project)15:04
xqwztsah ok15:05
nik90xqwzts: but when distributing the app with click packages you bundle them together15:05
nik90with your app15:05
nik90xqwzts: but what is that you are trying to do that cannot be done with qml+javascript15:05
xqwztssaving files to the fs15:05
xqwztsjs has no ds access15:05
nik90why not use a sqlite storage (using qtlocal storage)15:05
nik90or even u1db?15:06
xqwztsi need to save images15:06
xqwztssaving the movie covers15:06
nik90yeah now I understand15:06
xqwztsit should be simple enough to do in c++, but wasnt sure how to integrate it15:07
nik90xqwzts: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.1/qtqml/qml-extending-tutorial-index.html15:08
nik90xqwzts: for the most part you could use this.15:08
xqwztsnik90: I've read through that doc [the 4.7 version at least looking at the url], but it presupposes having both the cpp and qml in the same project [using main.cpp to launch mainview.qml]15:10
xqwztsbut yeah everything else should work as long it's packaged as a plugin15:10
nik90xqwzts: the last step of the tutorial explains how to remove main.cpp and just use qmlscene15:11
xqwztsnik90: perfect! thanks15:11
xqwztsnik90: quick screenshots: http://www.xqwzts.com/tmp/search1.png http://www.xqwzts.com/tmp/search2.png http://www.xqwzts.com/tmp/search3.png15:18
nik90xqwzts: wow looking good15:19
xqwztsthanks :)15:20
nik90xqwzts: I am sure you thought about this, but take care of the aspect ratio of the background image15:20
xqwztsImage.PreserveAspectFit should take care of it i think15:21
nik90in the 3rd screenshot, the text is bit thinner than natural15:21
xqwztsin the 3rd text im flicking the text+overlay to the side to reveal the background :)15:22
xqwztser 3rd screenshot*15:22
xqwztsit can be dragged out to show the cover or flicked out to hide completely15:22
xqwzts[i like looking at movie covers :P]15:22
nik90yeah I noticed. love the tranparency thing15:22
nik90looks much better than what I initially thought15:23
nik90about how the app might look like15:23
nik90one thing though, the header background does not go so well with the movie cover background15:23
nik90maybe try black or some other neutral color perhaps?15:23
xqwztsif i have the time, im going to try and do a predictive background15:24
xqwztsso if the image is mostly yellow the header goes yellow etc15:24
xqwztsbtu that's very low priority15:24
nik90oooh :)15:24
randomcppnik90, I fixed the bug with the long names in saucybacon with a similar workaround of mefrio15:44
nik90randomcpp: NICE15:51
nik90without caps15:52
randomcppthat's more encouraging with the caps15:52
nik90randomcpp: do you know if u1db cam be used to store images?15:56
nik90using the qml api15:56
nik90because in your recipes, when a user adds an image, how do you plan on saving them?15:56
randomcppnik90, I'll do as mefrio does too, I keep the filepath (for local imgs), others (from online or acquired photos) will be stored in a folder in the gallery directory15:58
randomcppand then I'll save their filepath in the db15:58
nik90true but how would you save the otherse in the gallery folder? Qml and Js dont provide filesytem access15:59
randomcppwe'd agreed that this method will waste phone memory as little as possible15:59
nik90r u planning to write a c++ plugin?15:59
randomcppmmh, actually some qml modules can write files on the filesystem16:01
randomcppat the moment I only care about photos taken from the camera16:02
randomcpponline photos I should somewhere else16:03
nik90ah .. yeah the online photos will require some thinking16:03
nik90xqwzts was having a similar issue with saving movie thumbnails on the file system.16:04
nik90randomcpp: that's also why I asked16:04
randomcpphttp://developer.nokia.com/Community/Wiki/Reading_and_writing_files_in_QML seems a good reading16:04
nik90ah nice thnx16:05
randomcppor, we can save with localstorage the raw data of the image xD16:07
randomcppbut sometimes localstorage as a max size limit16:08
nik90randomcpp: so in the link you shared, do we need to compile the .cpp and .h file?16:09
nik90currently the sdk does not do this. It simply executes qmlscene16:09
nik90I am wondering if we need to first compile using qmake and then run qmlscenee16:09
randomcppyeah in a way I still don't know, they simple add the module path to qmlproject16:09
randomcppnik90, there's a sample in the ubuntu sdk that uses c++ to write a module, I never really get it towork16:10
randomcppif you want I'll have a look soon16:10
nik90randomcpp: since it is something you will need for the onlinen images, sure go ahead.16:12
nik90you can then explain to me :)16:12
xqwztsrandomcpp, nik90: we need to compile16:15
xqwztsim guessing g++/qmake/make16:15
xqwztsit's annoying that building in ubuntu-sdk is disabled16:15
randomcppthe annoying thing is also that you can't add a subproject to qml projects16:21
randomcppnik90, do you know a ubuntusdk dev? maybe he can give us some clue16:29
nik90randomcpp: you can contact timp, Kaleo, zsombi (3 sdk devs).16:37
rschrollAbout the app showdown: Can submissions contain components in a language other than QML, C++, HTML?17:12
rschrollSpecifically, I'm considering an app with a QML frontend and a Python backend.17:12
randomcpprschroll, if you know how to make qml and python play nice together keep us informed :P17:19
rschrollNot yet.  The general plan would be a C++ plugin that could fork and launch python in the daughter process.17:21
rschrollBut I want to check if it's allowed before going through the trouble of trying to make this work.17:21
randomcpprschroll, ok I think you can do that (technically speaking), I don't know if it's allowed17:22
randomcpprschroll, ask nik9017:22
randomcppnik90, I found a way to use c++ plugins :)17:23
randomcppI'm writing a cmakelists for saucybacon17:23
nik90rschroll: I will have to check with the other judges17:27
nik90randomcpp: nice :)17:28
nik90randomcpp: how does it work? Does cmakelists compile the plugin automatically?17:28
randomcppyou have to tell cmake to compile those files17:31
randomcppthen when you want to run the qml files you need to include the .so directory17:31
randomcppwith the compiled plugin17:31
rschrollnik90: Thanks.  Should I hang out in here, or will it take a while17:32
randomcppwhen installed the compiled library will be moved in appropriate directory under /usr/lib17:32
randomcppthat's easier than it looks17:33
randomcpphave to go right now :) see you17:33
nik90rschroll: send an email and lets see what happens17:36
rschrollnik90: To whom?17:40
nik90rschroll: send an email to jono at jono@ubuntu.com17:41
nik90I just messaged you that id in a private chat17:41
nik90didnt u get it?17:41
rschrollAh - yes.17:41
rschrollI'm new to IRC.  Thanks17:41
_5m0k3Applying horizontalCenter anchor to an ItemLayout centers the leading edge of the element instead of the center of the element.  Is this a known bug?  Offset by -width/2 does not resolve the issue.  Manual offset works18:21
mefriohi guys...how can I put a ListView inside a Popover?20:09
mefrioI have the following code: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5997290/20:09
mefriohere the ListView is not shown but I try to replace the Popover with a Dialog everything works fine20:09
mihirboiko: ping !!20:29
mefrionik90, ping20:34
mihirboiko: you there?21:32

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