bluemixhey you00:49
bluemixany body here?00:49
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Guest69127Anyone here using Ubuntu-Gnome???13:14
Guest69127I leave ... its to loud here for me!13:15
checoimgHi guys I'm having troubles bringing up the notification area on 13.10 daily14:09
checoimgI place the cursor in the bottom right corner and nothing happens14:10
roasteddoes super + M work?14:30
roastedi actually noticed this was randomly failing as well14:30
roastedsometimes it would work other times it would foul up and just not respond to me14:31
checoimgYes  Super + m works15:46
checoimgSorry I didn't get the notification from IRC15:46
checoimgroasted : Thank you!15:47
roastedchecoimg: yeah, super M may work, and that's a good sign, but it's still something that should be escalated.17:29
roastedchecoimg: I, admittedly, saw it happening on my Lenovo (which runs 13.10) but thought it was a side effect as my entire system has been acting funky lately.17:29
roastedI have not reported a bug or escalated it at all yet. It didn't dawn on me that this could be an actual issue. I've been updating my system regularly, so I wonder if an update caused a slight regression in regard to the pop-up-ability from the notification menu as you and I have seen.17:30
ronjHi everybody. I have a test machine that I can use to give 3.10 a try. Is now a good time to try the staging PPA? If yes, are there places/apps/features needing special attention & testing? Thanks!18:42
checoimgroasted : Have you experienced Freezes ?18:43
checoimgI think my video driver is going crazy18:44
checoimgFPS with glxgears is 6018:45
roastedchecoimg: the only freezes I have experienced were with ubuntu 13.04 on my lenovo20:14
roastedchecoimg: there was a known bug with sandy bridge intel processors (using the embedded gpu to the cpu of course) that caused the system to freeze randomly on the 3.8 kernel.20:14
roastedchecoimg: that's why I use 13.10 and tolerate/bug report the alpha-ness of it on my lenovo and 13.04 on my toshiba (even though the toshiba has a sandy bridge intel proc/gpu with no issues)20:15
ronjroasted, do you stay with a clean Saucy, or did you try the staging PPA? I'd like to try GNOME 3.10 on a test machine, is it currently stable enough for that?20:59

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