Avihayיש לי בעיה עם חלונות, אני לא יודע איך לפתח שם11:03
amireldorAvihay, windows c++ woes?15:12
amireldorAvihay, don't even ask15:12
AvihayI mean, I tried to install eclipse on a friend's computer with mingw, but it just couldn't find anything, it was a royal pain in the keyboard15:17
Avihayand there's dev-c++, ugly and annoying, and code::blocks, which works but is also ugly, and lacks a lot of features15:18
Avihayand I don't want to resort to NotePad++ + cmd15:18
Avihayamireldor: any bright ideas?15:18
amireldorcode::blocks is rather fine, and eclipse is weird but a bit slow15:19
amireldoryou can always swallow a snail nad use visual studio express15:19
amireldori never use dev-c++ i think it's not maintained15:20
amireldorand sometimes plains mingw makefiles work good as well and then you can gvim15:20
amireldorbut it's annoying15:20
amireldorinstead of programming smt i am now struggling in making wxwidgets work15:20
amireldorand it's so damn annoying dammitr15:21
amireldorAvihay, to sum it up i choose the tools according to the project at hand15:21
Avihayya, we've wasted a day of programming on trying to get shit to work on his win machine15:33
Avihayeclipse is slow cause it's a java program, also, it seriously lack auto-complete15:34
Avihayand it sounds like you are forced to one or two tools15:34
amireldorAvihay, I did not find eclipse auto-complete lacking. And yes, it seems you are forced to certain tools and you don't have freedom in choosing the way you develop18:24
amireldori guess on MAC it's even worse with their XCode18:24
Avihayeclipse's auto-complete is not automatic18:25

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