RhondaBefore anyone asks - yes, I have intentionally b0rked packages.ubuntu.com right now.13:01
iulianOh no!13:02
RhondaDon't act like you would have noticed it if I didn't state it. ;)13:02
iulianWell, you got me here...13:03
RhondaHah.  Someone noticed.  And actually is someone who is here at debconf  \o/13:40
Rhonda(no, it's not Laney)13:40
Laneyhow do you know? :P13:40
RhondaAre you a split personality to use different nicks on IRC at the same time? :)13:41
RhondaNo juding involved, just curious.13:41
LaneyI guessed you were checking in logs13:41
RhondaNope, someone sent me an irc query. :)13:42
RhondaSometimes you must break stuff to know whether there is actually still people using it, don't you.13:44
Rhondasaucy packages!14:04
RhondaGosh, answering mails from may seems strange …14:19
tumbleweedif you like that kind of thing, I have a pile of e-mail from the last few years that I need to reply to :P14:20
iuliantumbleweed: I think you can easily ignore those. :)14:58
tumbleweedthat's theplan14:59
Rhondatumbleweed: It's all Laney's fault, he didn't pester me enough about the issue. :)15:14
NoskcajCan someone please look at gnome-codec-install? i am not sure if it can be a merge now20:27

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