ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (ohsnap,)03:37
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (rhobot,)04:03
suborbitalwait one sec, thirsty09:21
iceswordpeople changes whereas flowers never change09:25
TheSheepum, any botanist will tell you that flowers change, and much faster than any people09:26
* jussi hugs TheSheep10:01
Myrttisuborbital: yes?10:03
suborbitalskipped my mind, was going to submit a request - I will postphone it until further notice.10:03
suborbitalthank for your time.10:03
Agd_ScorpI was klined, and evaded several times.10:51
Agd_Scorpand ban-evaded around 25 times.10:52
Agd_Scorphow may I be unbanned and forgiven.10:52
bazhangreisio really dislikes being incorrect18:40
IdleOneeven when he realises he was wrong he still thinks it was pointless to learn something18:57

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