infinityslangasek: ^-- New base-files for your point release.21:50
phillwinfinity: do you know if linux-ppc [powerpc] (saucy-proposed) [3.11.0-0.1] is the kernel that will get ppc desktops back working?21:55
infinityphillw: Should do, yes.21:56
infinityphillw: I just smoketested it on my G3 and G5, and both work.21:56
phillwgreat, so the cron build tomorrow should put the ppc-lubuntu testers back in the chase?21:56
infinityphillw: Depending on how quickly I get it migrated, but probably yes.21:57
phillwinfinity: scheduled to start at 16:29 (UTC)  is that enough time for you?21:58
phillwor would you prefer an extra 24 hours?21:59
infinityOh, indeed, it's almost a day until the next build.  Yeah, that one should be fine.22:00
phillwinfinity: okies, if you are sure, I will email the testers, obviously they are chomping on the bit to get back to work!22:01
infinityI make no guarantees that various DRM/KMS drivers are working (I don't run consoles on any of my PPC machines, they're all servers), but these kernels at least boot on all my kit, which is a step up from the previous version. :P22:02
phillwthere's one sure fire way to check :P22:03
infinity3.11 includes a pretty massive changeset to the radeon driver, so that could cut both ways.  Maybe it's drastically improved, or maybe it has a ton of new bugs that break it on !x86... We'll see.22:03
phillwas always, we rely on the testers to let us know :) That the promise to have a kernel that at least stood a chance of working has been kept, they will be happy and do not 'rant' over bugs.22:04
infinityWell, I can nearly guarantee that it should boot on pretty much any hardware we've supported before.  Between Ben and I, we have a pretty wide array of stuff to boot and stress test on.22:05
infinityIt's just that he and I both only run headless servers.22:05
infinitySo, we'll see. :)22:05
phillwthe graphics cards that apple used were and are always an issue... they have gotten used to workarounds, only by letting it into the wild can these issues with the graphics cards be started to be investigated :)22:07
phillwinfinity: many thanks to you and ben for this work, I do know ppc for desktops is a low priority :)22:07
infinityIt's not the cards, per se, it's that the radeon driver has become very x86-centric, and very few people care about fixing the PPC bugs with it.22:07
infinitynouveau seems to suffer fewer of those issues (for whatever reason), so the nvidia cards that Apple shipped with later G5s seem to be in better shape.22:08
phillwwe're still working with G3's and g4's... as long as the darn thing will boot, the graphics cards could be seen as nearly a seperate branch of their own.22:09
infinityYeah, I haven't tried running X on the ATi Rage128 in my G3 for, like, a decade.22:10
infinityI assume it probably sort of works.  But I have no idea, and don't care, as it's a headless router/firewall in my house. :P22:10
infinityThough, the offb driver would work for boring old 2D X.  You'd just get zero acceleration.22:11
phillwWell, we should have some results in ~ 24 hours.22:11
phillwoh, is it still one kernel? i.e. will the ISO still be CD sized? this is important for some of them. Julien has held back awaiting for a working kernel to be released.22:13

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