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styolHey there. I am performing some benchmarks against an Ubuntu 12.04 server that is load balancing requests using HAProxy and I'm having trouble identifying the source of connection resets being returned to the client during these high concurrency benchmarks. Any recommendations on where one might be able to start isolating the source of this issue or anything worth examining further?00:32
jkitchenstyol: tcpdump should help out a lot00:33
styoljkitchen: gotcha, is there something specific that should be isolated from the output? This honestly goes a bit past my common duties and abilities in system administration ;)00:35
jkitchenI would argue that it's well within your DUTIES :)00:36
jkitchentcpdump is magic.00:37
styol-duties haha00:37
styoli suspect sorcery00:37
jkitchentcpdump's syntax is a bit weird but you can get some pretty basic things00:37
jkitchenShow me all RESET (RST) packets...00:38
jkitchen# tcpdump 'tcp[13] & 4!=0'00:38
styoljkitchen: <3 is this output each RST?00:38
styolthis seems to be more than the benchmarks are reporting which is interesting00:39
styolguessing just a sample might do? its quite a bit00:39
jkitchenyou can also filter it further00:39
jkitchenyou can take the output of tcpdump and feed it through something like wireshark too to do offline analysis00:39
styoljkitchen: http://pastie.org/private/zmznqsftxeouqrgavpg0g i will keep reading the url you provided also, much appreciated00:40
styoli definitely need to work on my tcp/ip chops. Been doing too much high level programming that hides a lot of this awesomeness from me00:43
styoljkitchen: ok so one kind of interesting thing about this output is port 8097 is actually a health check being performed by haproxy as opposed to the servers being load balanced00:50
styoland it actually seems to output a bit more than 5 servers x 3 second intervals00:50
styolthe http-alt's are the servers being load balanced00:50
styoli suppose the 3 second interval specification isn't applicable to this haproxy configuration option00:52
axisyshow to remove all the desktop packages from the server ?01:06
axisystwo servers 12.04 LTS 64bit .. one has 480 pkgs and the other one (+desktop) has ~1600 pkgs01:06
axisysI see lots of graphics there too01:07
axisysI wish there were a aptitude remove ubuntu-desktop01:07
sarnoldaxisys: apt-get purge some of the 'base' graphics packages, like gtk libraries or X libraries -- and copy-and-paste the names of packages that require the candidate package?01:08
sarnoldaxisys: if you want them identical, you could use dpkg --get-selections and --set-selections, or whatever they are, but that seems riskier to me.01:08
axisyssarnold: yep, that might be riskier..01:09
axisysremoving lots of manually01:09
axisysdpkg --get-selections | awk '/^xserver/ {printf "%s ", $1}' gave me a good list.. I guess I could sudo aptitude purge infront of that output01:11
sarnoldaxisys: deborphan can be helpful to find and cleanup remnants..01:11
axisysnew to me01:11
sarnoldit'll be more useful once you've removed a few hundred packages :)01:12
axisysunity compiz.. wow!01:17
dissectedquestion for the routing/firewall gurus01:23
dissectedrunning three interfaces on the same box (dedicated router/firewall), bridged wlan0 to eth0 to LAN, eth3 to cable modem and eth2 to LAN, running hostapd and dnsmasq, all devices receive DNS and DHCP replies correctly but only the wired connections on the LAN will get forwarded01:26
dissectedout eth3 that is to the internet01:27
dissectedwhen I move the cable modem to another machine on the LAN and use that as the router, the wireless devices will get fowarded just fine, just not when everything is in the same machine01:28
dissectedhopefully that is a coherent explanation01:28
sarnolddissected: how's /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/*/forwarding look?01:28
sarnolddoes everything have a '1'?01:29
dissectedsarnold, hold on01:29
dissectedsarnold, I'll check01:29
dissectedsarnold, the machine is starting up I'll ssh in shortly, my goal is to have the wifi card send everything out via the eth0, so it should be coming back in via eth2 and get forwarded along with everything else on the LAN01:32
sarnolddissected: oooh. you might also need to fiddle with the accept_local file in the same directories..01:32
dissectedsarnold, might I need to somehow isolate wlan0, br0, eth0 better?01:33
sarnolddissected: hrm, dunno :/01:33
sarnoldI've never run a system quite that complicated before :)01:34
dissectedsarnold, there's not a lot of documentation/postings online for this sorta problem01:34
styoljkitchen: now i get that you were just pasting the label for that output and not necessarily asking that I "Show [you] all RESET (RST) packets…". That being said, me not entirely sure where to go from here with the resets that are being captured01:34
dissectedsarnold, that's why I'm in here01:34
sarnolddissected: indeed, no :)01:34
dissectedsarnold, Once I get it to work I might write something up and post it on a wiki somewhere, or something01:35
sarnolddissected: please do :)01:35
dissectedsarnold, everything else works like it should, it's just for some reason the wireless devices won't get forwarded if the AP and gateway are the same machine01:36
dissectedsarnold, you may have pointed me in the right direction though01:37
sarnolddissected: oh? find something intersting?01:37
dissectedsarnold, it's probably a simple switch somewhere01:39
sarnolddissected: that's my hope. finding it might be difficult though. I know I've fought both those switches before, which is why I was quick to offer them :) hehe01:39
dissectedsarnold, yeah01:40
dissectedsarnold, I also want to get another wifi card, setup a proxy to another network, because my neighborhood is blanketed with free wifi from a local isp01:41
dissectedsarnold, so I'll set software updates, long downloads, torrents, etc to pull from that one, so they don't interfere with my connection01:41
axisyssarnold: got rid of 400.. still 1238 total01:42
sarnolddissected: cool, sounds like a fun project :)01:42
sarnoldaxisys: oof. :) well, a bit every day...01:42
dissectedsarnold, I've had some extra time on my hands lately01:42
axisyssarnold: how does deborphan work? I should check it out01:43
axisyshmm .. some package remove says it will remove ubuntu-minimal as well.. oops01:46
axisysfound it debconf-i18n.. odd01:47
sarnoldaxisys: deborphan suggests packages that were installed to satisfy a dependency, but are no longer needed01:48
sarnoldit isn't always right :)01:48
sarnoldsometimes you do still want the package; but it's helpful.01:49
sarnoldaxisys: the 'orphaner' front-end is nice01:49
sarnoldyou select some, hit 'simulate', and then it presents a new list to you for you to add more packages01:49
thurstylarkI'm setting up a vps, and my provider only will support clean installs of ubuntu server up to 11.04. What method do you recommend to get me to 12.04?02:01
sarnoldthurstylark: probably install 10.04 and use do-release-upgrade02:02
sarnoldthurstylark: it might be worth asking them why they are so old.. there might be a good reason why they don't offer newer, and you might be better off choosing a different provider02:02
thurstylarksarnold: I tried that, but whatever build they have to image on their vps doesn't have upgrade-manager-core installed already, and when i go ahead and install it and do do-release-upgrade, it fails out on one of the package installs and doesn't continue.02:04
thurstylarksarnold: i just might do that :/02:04
sarnoldthurstylark: you could just try a blunt apt-get dist-upgrade, but it may fail for the same reasons, or fun and exciting different reasons.. :)02:04
sarnoldit seems needlessly awkward to not just install the specific distribution you want in the first place. something seems fishy. :)02:05
thurstylarkonce i install (and then run updates ofc) the dist-upgrade option has nothing else to offer me.02:06
thurstylarkAlso, I agree.02:06
sarnoldthurstylark: you'd replace 'lucid' with 'precise' in your /etc/apt/sources.list file, then apt-get update, then apt-get -u dist-upgrade02:07
sarnold(worth a shot if the alternative is throw the whole thing away and move elsewhere, but more work than it could be..)02:08
thurstylarksarnold: I'll file that away in my brain for future use if I need it. For now, it seems that the support group is willing to install a non-listed OS if I ask them to, so, I'm gonna try that.02:14
sarnoldthurstylark: oh, nice.02:16
hallyn_zul: so you're able to just virsh -c xen:/// define somexen.xml and then start it?  do you use pygrub?  do you have a sample xml you can pastebin02:35
zulhallyn_:  actually i just create an hvm domain in virt-mangaer and let it be done with it02:37
hallyn_zul: hm, i can't connect from a remote host from virt-manager02:37
hallyn_i can list with virsh,02:37
hallyn_but virt-manager hangs.  (from saucy to saucy)02:37
zulhallyn_:  hmm..02:37
zulill have a look monday...going to disapear for tonight02:37
hallyn_well i guess i should back out smb's ppa.  it *could* be cuaing trouble02:38
hallyn_zul: have a good weekend02:38
axisyssudo /etc/init.d/foo.pl start; works fine.. but does not start at reboot since /usr/local/bin/placker is not in PATH02:53
axisysif I add the path in foo.pl it solves.. is there a better way to fix the PATH issue?02:53
axisysI was hoping system would find stuff in /usr/local/bin by default02:54
axisys12.04 LTS server02:55
axisyswhere do I add comment like this? I want to see my process started OK02:57
axisys * Starting OpenSSH server                                               [ OK ]02:57
kasadguys can I get some assistamce.  have to install ubuntu 8.04 LTS from a flashdrive04:07
kasadsetup starts, but then it says that installation cd-rom couldn't be mounted04:08
kasadI found somewhere that there is workaround, that I could mount proper flash drive partition as /cdrom and setup would continue04:08
kasadbut I don't know how to figure out which is correct flashdrive partition04:09
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Senor I am trying to install systemtap on my ubuntu server ,which is of precise version .as you know systemtap need dbgsym installed ,bu I can not find bdgsym package for precise version anywhere .10:11
Senorwho is farmiliar with ubuntu `precise version ?10:16
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MraMrahi is this good enough for a minimal working desktop environment with lxde on a fresh _basic ubuntu server_  to be run remotely with xrdp as server and   remmina as client? : 'sudo apt-get install --without-recommends lxde-core && sudo mkdir /usr/share/backgrounds && sudo update-alternatives --config x-session-manager'17:00
MraMra'sudo aptitude install --without-recommends...' i mean17:05
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Orfeoushi everyone! is it possible to move the physical harddrive from computer 1 (x86) to computer 2 (x64). harddrive is current running latest ubuntu 12.10 x8619:16
Patrickdkorfeous, only if you have a way to plug in physical harddrive and a way to power it19:20
LargePrimehey all.  my server is telling me that / is 85% full23:58
LargePrimebut /home has 100 GB free23:58
LargePrimewhat can be taking up space in /23:58

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