nrmnlOk, I have LTE enabled on my nexus 4 is there support for this ubuntu? even a hack00:00
crypticmofohey all .. just got a galaxy nexus i know ubuntu-touch works but i have a cdma device00:51
crypticmofowhat is not working with cdma ?00:51
ryukafalzcrypticmofo: I believe the CDMA radio is currently not supported, so... no calls, SMS, etc.01:11
crypticmoforyukafalz are they working on it ?01:12
ryukafalzThat I do not know01:12
crypticmofohow would i know or people with cdma deviecs know when they are working on it ?01:13
ryukafalzBest place to ask is probably the mailing list01:15
ryukafalzI have the same device, so I'm interested in seeing it supported as well, but at the moment all we can do is wait01:15
crypticmofoaw coo01:16
ryukafalzI would be interested in hearing what part of the stack needs to be updated for CDMA support though, oFono seems to have some basic support for CDMA modems01:17
ryukafalzbut all I can find on that is that they have SMS working there, so oFono might be the stumbling block01:19
ryukafalzthough that's just a guess01:19
crypticmofowell im going to just read up for a bit .. might take me months or weeks this galaxy nexus is so diff from any device i have ever had from my htc desire hd to my samsung galaxy s301:20
crypticmofoits just diffrent01:20
annerajbi have the daily rootfs from about 6 days ago. am i missing out on anything added to the new dailys?03:09
annerajbogra_, those changes you told me had me the past two days going crazy lol. my phone dosnt boot if i have CMDLINE_FORCE=n and CMDLINE_EXTEND=y had to revert to force=y extend=n03:12
annerajbogra_, console=ttyFIQ0 no_console_suspend=1 datapart=/dev/mtdblock3 break=bottom console=tty1 androidboot.serialno=393049B7742500EC03:14
annerajbyay i think my devices is on the rootfs right now thought i have a black screen and no adb so i am not a 100% sure03:38
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spanner3003hi i just sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and now i have no system-settings and all the apps are not showing in home scope07:30
spanner3003or the application scope07:32
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centoventicinquehi guys09:08
centoventicinquethere is someone online ?09:08
ikillcypherIm getting black screen09:12
centoventicinquei'm not sure about the flashing09:14
centoventicinquelol, the command from wiki don't works09:14
centoventicinqueit ha wrong syntax09:14
ikillcypherhumm blackscreen after intall09:44
prasannai need help guys10:06
ikillcypherany developers here ?10:31
annerajbi am here thought i am not a developer10:58
annerajbikillcypher, what did you broke10:58
ikillcyphernothing it seem like blackscreen now10:58
ikillcypherattempting to fix10:59
annerajbhow dod it broke? did you update therootfs?11:02
w-floSomeone please hack the surface RT so it can run Ubuntu :) nice hardware, nice price, but the OS sucks...11:03
ikillcyphergot it fixed11:07
ikillcypherforgot to copy rules...11:07
annerajbdamm it my device needs some kernel cmdline hack among other things. I think it's booting the rootfs but i have no adb so cant debug it :(11:11
ikillcypherannerajb, are you aware of any blackscreen when opening applications ?11:14
annerajbnot i zoned out the last few days from the irc. Thought my guess be to take a look at all the logs see if you are not getting any permission errors11:14
jeanaustinrI wonder why download from cdimage.ubuntu.com is taking too long11:15
jeanaustinrIs there any other source from where I can download the latest build?11:16
ikillcypherhumm if im not wrong the ubuntu-touch dont accept wep/wap key right11:25
w-floikillcypher, yes, the GUI for the wpa key is broken (since aug 14 or something). they're doing some major indicators work.. hopefully it's fixed soon :)11:25
ikillcypherso no security key would work ?11:26
w-floI noticed you can now use the tab header to scroll through the various indicator screens. Or maybe that was possible all the time and I just didn't notice :D11:26
w-floikillcypher, not sure. phablet-network-setup works fine in any case11:26
ikillcypherwhat is thatr11:26
ikillcypherare you using thier latest build ?11:27
w-floit's a tool you can use on your desktop/laptop, it will copy the network settings from your desktop over to your phone (via adb)11:27
w-floikillcypher, I think I'm currently using 20130814.111:27
ikillcypherwell I actually ported my own device11:27
w-floor maybe 15..11:27
ikillcypherso I dont know what is the changelog they are doing11:27
w-floyeah, I ported it to my device as well. I think there's no changelog11:28
ikillcypherwell is everything works over your?11:28
w-flothe WPA key GUI is broken.. sound fails to work sometimes.. playing videos doesn't work.. camera doesn't work.. that's it I hope :D11:29
w-flonot sure what's wrong with video decoding, but I don't care too much about that feature. camera needs some (or maybe a lot of) android parts that are missing in ubuntu, so fixing that is difficult. sound probably has a race condition, I want to see if it's fixed when pulseaudio lands. and the WPA GUI is broken in ubuntu. So I'm basically done with my port11:31
ikillcypherlol my call dont works11:34
w-flooh, maybe that doesn't work on my phone too :D never tried it11:35
ikillcypherit is buggy as hell over here11:35
ikillcypherw-flo, any idea where to get changelog11:38
w-floikillcypher, I think there are no changelogs.. only for the old unflipped imagees11:39
guest1__hi w-flo, does adjusting brightness/audio volume works at your vision port?11:40
w-floguest1__, I don't think so11:40
w-floguest1__, I'm not sure if things are broken in my port only, or if it's a missing ubuntu feature11:42
w-floI remember I was able to adjust audio volume with the unflipped port, but it no longer works with the flipped port11:42
ikillcypherOH NO11:43
w-floI think that the android audio stack will soon be removed and pulseaudio will be used instead, maybe that fixes some sound problems11:43
guest1__w-flo, ah k, btw thanks for your repos, was quite easy to get a working image for the htc saga.. ;)11:43
w-floguest1__, that's great :)11:43
ikillcypherw-flo, almost everything dont work on my device12:01
w-floikillcypher, not even the touch screen? the GUI? :)12:02
ikillcyphertouchscreen and adb works12:02
ikillcypherguess the ubuntu-development team has tons of work to do..12:02
w-floso sound doesn't work?12:02
w-floyou could check the logs (dmesg / logcat) for permission errors or anything that seems wrong..12:03
ikillcypherwell Im going out soon so flashing back to cyanogenmod :S12:03
w-flowell, yeah. I'm using cyanogenmod as my daily driver on my nexus4, too. I have my old phone for ubuntu things :)12:04
ikillcypheroh I only have one phone12:08
w-floikillcypher, I only have one sim card. and it's nano(??) sim and won't fit into my old phone.. so can't test calls / text messages with ubuntu :(12:10
w-flobut it's still better than only 1 phone I guess :D12:10
ikillcypher:( any idea how to edit the ubuntu-devices page?12:10
w-floikillcypher, yes: login first, then click "edit"12:10
ikillcypherit seems I cant12:12
w-flothere's a "Login" link at the top, next to "Help"12:12
w-floI used my launchpad account12:12
ikillcypherok I login12:13
ikillcypherbut I cant edit?12:13
w-flothe "Immutable Page" link in the top left corner should turn into "Edit" after you log in12:14
w-float least it does so for me12:15
amosanyone know why this error shows at the end of installation of ubuntu touch?   error: device not found ERROR:phablet-flash:Command 'adb shell mount /sdcard/' returned non-zero exit status 25512:57
annerajbanyone know in what part of the rootfs adb is started?12:57
annerajbamos, does your device have a sdcard installed?12:57
amosthe device has internal storage. does not have removable sdcard.12:59
annerajbthat's why you get that error is trying to mount a external sdcard to the path /sdcard12:59
annerajbnot sure how crucial is for the sdcard to be mounted13:00
sleepeejust made an impulse campaign donation for the ubuntu edge... and holy crap is my wallet hurting right now...13:00
amoshow to fix this error?13:01
annerajbsleepee, i said it's worth it i had to use my credit card for it lol13:02
annerajbamos, not sure that may be a issue that requires a bug fix on the phablet-flash command.13:03
w-floamos, seems to assume that /sdcard exists.. so you can try to somehow add a partition at /sdcard, or report a bug against phablet-flash.. not sure13:03
annerajbw-flo, shoudnt the path for internal fake sdcards be something like /sdcard-ext/13:03
w-floannerajb, I don't know13:04
sleepeei'm guessing a lot of people are sacrificing a lot for this phone.  i figure if it doesn't make it to 32, at least i'll get my money back anyway.13:04
w-floannerajb, I think adbd is started with "/etc/init/android-tools-adbd.conf"13:04
sleepeei try to convince myself it's a good deal though.  a phone and a desktop computer for 695 is kind of a good deal13:04
annerajbw-flo, ok my device appears to hang when it switches or is about to switch to the rootfs13:05
annerajbsleepee, agree convergence is my main buying point :D13:05
w-floannerajb, maybe add a "panic" right before the exec statement in the init script? I know there's some kernel cmdline magic to achieve the same, but I don't remember.. :D13:05
w-floMaybe that won't help with debugging though..13:07
annerajbw-flo, there is break=13:09
annerajbw-flo, ogra told me to do a break=bottom and so far it breaks there and everythign lookgs good dmesg looks clean, and /tmpmnt/ubuntu is moutned13:09
annerajbbut apparently somewhere after that everything else beraks.13:09
annerajbso need to know what executes after break=bottom but i am not sure13:10
w-flotry "break=init" (hope I understand that script correctly)13:11
w-floit should break right before control is handed over to upstart13:11
w-floYou should probably see files in "/root" at that point13:12
annerajbyou do that is correct it has a maybe_break init way downthe init i am going to try that thanks13:12
annerajbthat's right before exec run_init13:13
w-floI'm just not sure what maybe_break does, but we're guessing the same thing :D13:14
annerajbi  hope the console thing dosnt bite me. apparently upstart requires console=tty1 but my device does some weird stuff with the cmdline arguments and bootloader appends at the end the serial number13:14
annerajbw-flo, the break=x will break anyway it has on the init script a maybe_break x line13:14
annerajbthe init script maybe berak function breaks if it finds the x in the kernel commad line13:15
w-floI see, so break=init should be the last possible break13:15
w-floannerajb, check if /root is populated. Maybe check if /dev/tty1 exists, and maybe /dev/console is important too..13:20
annerajbso break init didnt work13:20
annerajbi get no adb13:20
annerajbi still see the boot animation (before hand it went black after boot anim)13:21
annerajbso i dont think i am hitting the same point as earlier13:21
w-flothat's strange.. maybe it's somewhere between maybe_break bottom and maybe_break init?13:22
annerajbthought it's weird because as i said the boot anim is still on while before hand it went away13:22
w-floso maybe the break works, but it's too late for spawning adbd13:23
w-flobecause.. the mounts required for adbd have changed13:23
w-floi.e. it seems like the /sys and /proc and /dev mounts are moved around after "maybe_break bottom", and adbd may need one of those at the correct place13:24
w-floso.. yeah.. forget about break=init :(13:24
nicenslowGentlemen ..... I have a very specific Question.          When will Ubuntu on Nexus 4 support 3G ?13:25
annerajbnicenslow, isnt ofono what handles telephony?13:26
nicenslowyeah ?13:27
nicenslowofono ...right.13:27
nicenslowWhere's he ?13:27
annerajbso in theory if ofono supports it it should be soon. if you are like me that has cdma it be a while since ofono has to support it first13:27
nicenslowannerajb .........You are the man my friend.13:28
annerajbapparently ofono supports 3g and 2g13:28
annerajbw-flo, thanks ill ask ogra_ later to see what needs changing for break=init to work.13:29
annerajbI gtg now so later all13:29
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ikillcypheranyone here?14:16
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kenshiroHi, I would like to know what will be network options of Ubuntu Touch (for example, connect only to 2g networks or only to 3g networks)14:50
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tb01110100I'm manually flashing UT onto my Nexus 10 in TWRP recovery. I wiped data, flashed the armel+manta zip, then went on to the armhf zip. It looked like it was working, but frozen on the "deploying Ubuntu Touch" step. TWRP turned off the screen after a while, (as per I set it to do), now I can't wake it up. Should I wait, see what happens?15:02
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wilee-nileetb01110100, Not sure using twrp is part of the normal install, I tried this with cyanogenmod awhile back on my nexus 7 and was not successful.15:19
tb01110100nvm, fixed that.15:19
tb01110100But I have another prob15:19
tb01110100I can't connect to my protected wifi. I swipe down from networks, check my network, and I don't get a password prompt or anything.15:19
wilee-nileetb01110100, NOt sure myself I don't have this installed so have not been following whats up, sometimes this channel is rather busy, depends on the time I believe.15:21
tb01110100wilee-nilee: btw, TWRP works fine for installing UT.15:21
wilee-nileecool, I have not tried twrp15:21
wilee-nileetb01110100, touch is still in development so I'm waiting for it to be more functional myself, I would more on the side of running the ubuntu desktop with my nexus 7.15:23
tb01110100Just ticks me off a little that I can't even connect to my wifi. :P15:24
tb01110100To me, this is functionally useless. I might need to try this another time, but this was interesting.15:25
RobbyFwhats the best way to keep this up to date without having to re-install apps15:42
w-flois the "networking" policy group supposed to allow creating a socket? The hupnp library I'm using wants to create a socket for upnp service discovery and it's DENIED by apparmor, even though I have the "networking" policy group added.. Wondering if my manifest is wrong or if it's not allowed even with that policy group set16:19
annerajbso apparently the adb shell spawned by break dosnt have root access17:37
annerajbwhen i try to run /sbin/vgchange it complains about not having permission17:38
* w-flo shrugs17:39
annerajbi think this line maybe failling ln -s ${rootmnt}${udev_root} /dev17:40
annerajbi cant find the value of udev_root anywhere17:40
w-flothose scripts are pure magic :) have you checked if there is a /dev/tty1 device?17:43
annerajbw-flo, yeah there is17:47
annerajb(that's a lot of tty)17:47
w-floreally strange.. why would upstart fail to start adbd :/17:47
annerajb(it's not reaching upstart17:48
annerajbit's failling around midway of the initrd/init script17:48
w-floare you really sure?17:48
annerajb(i believe upstart is called after the exec at the bottom whci i never reach17:48
annerajbyeah i put a break=bottom and it never reaches it17:48
w-floI think upstart is called at the exec line.. i.e. the exec line starts upstart17:48
annerajb# Chain to real filesystem17:49
annerajbexec run-init ${rootmnt} ${init} "$@" ${recovery:+--startup-event=recovery} <${rootmnt}/dev/console >${rootmnt}/dev/console 2>&117:49
annerajbthat's the last line of the init17:49
annerajbis not reaching the breakpoint before it17:49
w-flooh, I thought it reaches bottom, but you get no adb with break=init17:49
annerajbno i dont get adb with break=init17:49
annerajbi added a few more breaks before it and i narrow it down to the script/init-bottom17:50
annerajbit never reaches the one i added after it but it does the one before17:50
w-floI think you can't get adbd at the "init" breakpoint, because all the /dev and /proc and /sys mounts are already moved to places in /root, so adbd can't start17:50
w-floso it breaks there, then tries to spawn adbd, but that fails because adbd needs /dev (or maybe /sys, no idea)17:51
annerajbinit-bottom sym links /root/dev to /dev17:51
annerajbln -s ${rootmnt}${udev_root} /dev17:52
w-floah, it's only a symlink17:52
annerajbbut i cannot find where is udev_root set and when i do env it dosnt show up17:52
w-flomaybe it's related to that.. you should probably wait for ogra_ and ask if you can expect break=init to spawn adbd17:52
w-flohm, really strange17:52
annerajbi did a grep inside the initrd and the only instance of udev_root i found was the one where is used17:53
annerajbis not set nowhere inside the initrd17:53
annerajbdoes ogra_ usually join saturdays?17:55
w-floannerajb, sometimes17:58
w-floannerajb, I have the same script and my device boots, so maybe the udev_root is fine... I really have no idea what could be wrong though, sorry18:00
annerajbback windows decided to turn off the computer instead of letting me know i had no charge -__18:18
* annerajb is using w-flo script to compress a new modified rootfs18:25
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stbgzhey there guys, quick q. anyone working on building the ubuntu touch source code for flo?19:51
stbgzi started the port but realized some files were missing, later realized this is due the fact the phablet branhces are base on cm10.1 which are based on aops 4.2, what we really need is cm10.2 based on aosp 4.319:55
phabletis wpa2 working with latest nightly?19:57
stbgzI have modified the manifest file to inclide the cyanogen mod 10.2 repos but there are few project where the canonical team made changes and it is going to require some merging19:58
stbgzAny idea if the phablet repos will track cm10.2?20:02
w-flostbgz, I'm not working for canonical, so I don't know, but I guess the team is very busy right now with getting everything ready for release in october, so I doubt there's any time left to port everything to cm 10.2. but maybe it's so easy to update that they will do it.. who knows20:07
stbgzthe one repo I am having issues with right now is frameworks/av20:08
stbgzin any case I am tracking my changes here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=4472074020:10
phabletis wpa2 working with latest nightly?20:21
workingwriterHi folks, I am writing a book on using Ubuntu Touch for QUE Publishing. I suspect I will have a bunch of annoying questions for your perusal, and issue my apologies in advance.20:51
OrokuSaki"https://github.com/willcast/ubuntu-kernel-tenderloin/commits/Ubuntu_kgsl3.4?page=4" check it out.. he backported fanotify from 3.0.? to 2.6.35.. I made a patch.. compiling cm10.1 to test20:53
OrokuSakiI git cloned his branch to a empty folder, and ran this "git diff [commit-id-before] [commit-id-after] > my.patch"20:53
OrokuSakiwhich created a patch of a range of comments, and then I patched my kernel folder..20:53
OrokuSakias they are different kernels20:53
OrokuSakisee what happens20:54
OrokuSakiI had to run make oldconfig to answer 2 new questions20:54
OrokuSakineat eh?20:54
workingwriterThe first question I have is on the chapter I'm currently writing: How to get help for problems with the OS generally, and apps too. Are any of the Touch-related projects planning or working on some sort of user documentation, either to read on the device, or access on the web? Will something like the Desktop Guide be accessible on the device? Should I just point people here?20:55
OrokuSakihe did it to run fedora on the hp touchpad with X and freedreno20:55
OrokuSakisince Ubuntu 13.10 is going Mir20:55
w-floworkingwriter, canonical staff can answer your questions on week days, they are not that active on sat/sun21:01
w-floI think that askubuntu is a good place to get help (but I've never used that site, so I'm not sure)21:02
annerajb_workingwriter, as w-flo said canonical staff is not active a lot on weekends. this channel for help works well thought it get's a bit technical most of the time. for regular help askubuntu works really well and i assume the ubuntu forusm should too. but again the final awnser can be given by canonical staff21:03
annerajb_OrokuSaki, so did you got it to compile?21:04
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doomlordbzr branch lp:ubuntu/raing/compiz << is this where to get the source for ubuntu/unity's versions of Scale and other compiz plugins21:12
xkernelwhen the Ubuntu touch will be released?22:20
doomlordanyone know how to build compiz22:21
doomlordubuntu's compiz version that is.22:21
annerajbxkernel, it should be released by october if i recall correctly22:30
os3new to ubuntu touch help22:33

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