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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:16
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:17
brobostigonmorning bigcalm and MartijnVdS09:20
MartijnVdSSpa next week \o/09:20
MartijnVdSs/^/F1 @/09:20
brobostigonthis is sad, i have been ssh'bombed by for the last two days. someone doesnt have anything better to do.09:21
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: do you have fail2ban installed?09:21
MartijnVdSso they can't actually do anything. Yay :)09:22
brobostigonwas one of the first things i installed.09:22
MartijnVdSyou can also set up private/public key authentication and disable password auth completely09:22
bigcalmHaving SSHd run on a port other than 22 is also a good start :)09:22
brobostigondefinatly bigcalm09:22
brobostigonMartijnVdS: i shall have to research how to import those keys into things like connectbot.09:23
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: that's possible, I have a key in my connectbot as well09:23
MartijnVdSI even have one on my chromebook!09:23
brobostigonMartijnVdS: cool, could work then. :)09:23
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: putty supports keys, and even an agent (with pageant)09:25
brobostigonputty, isnt that for MS windows?09:26
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: (agent is useful if you don't want to re-type the key passphrase every time you ssh, also if you "chain-ssh" from one host to the next09:26
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: it is, but there's also an X version -- apt-get install putty09:26
brobostigonah, i did not know that.09:27
popeypip pip09:28
MartijnVdS\o popeyman09:28
brobostigonmorning your popey'ness09:30
MartijnVdSEl Poperino?09:31
* popey recently discovered the joy that is bacon cooked in the microwave09:37
MartijnVdSpopey: but.. isn't that.. eww?09:37
popeytwo sheets of kitchen roll, lay the bacon on top, one extra sheet of kitchen roll on top09:37
popey3 mins, done09:37
brobostigondoes it not make a mess on the inside of the microwelle ?09:37
popeythanks to the top layer09:38
brobostigonsorry, microwelle, german. woops.09:38
popeyalso, a better technique for poached eggs. bring water to boil, roll the eggs (in shells) in the water for ~10 seconds or so, then take them out and crack them in09:38
popeymakes the white a tiny bit solid so it doesn't separate out09:38
ali1234i used to poach eggs that way if they're not fresh09:39
ali1234but then i got some poach pods09:39
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: DER MIKROWELLENOFEN09:40
popeyi have some of them09:40
popeybut rarely use them09:40
popeyeasier to just crack into water09:40
brobostigonMartijnVdS: yep, that thing, :)09:40
popeyalso, the plate the bacon cooked on becomes hot, which is good for keeping the poached eggs warm09:41
popeyjust need to wipe the moisture off with the kitchen towel you just used to cook the bacon09:41
brobostigonthis is where living in germany for almost ten years as a child and teenger blocks the mind.09:41
MartijnVdSI want to try cooking an egg in my oven some time09:43
MartijnVdSTakes 30m instead of 8-10-ish09:43
popey\o/ crispy bacon09:46
popeyi had a pizza in cannes once which had an egg in the middle09:47
popeywas one the best best pizzas ever09:47
MartijnVdSCannes or cans?09:47
MartijnVdSI've had a pizza with egg as well, it was good. But this is more like a "boiled" egg, but instead of boiling it in water, you do the heat transfer using air in an oven.09:48
MartijnVdS\o/ Cooking for Geeks09:48
popeyhow odd09:48
popeymy local curry house does a "special" which is a chicken & "meat" curry which also has a boiled egg in it09:48
popeyits really nice09:48
popeythey score the egg so the curry flavour penetrates it09:48
MartijnVdSstop making me hungry :P09:49
AlanBellI have an egg boiling machine10:07
AlanBellkind of cooks them in bubbles of superheated steam10:08
AlanBelland a poaching pan which I rarely use, never tried "real" poaching of naked eggs in water10:08
popeyits the best way10:10
AlanBellI would have let you just have it popey :)10:29
popeytricky given it's on ebay and people had already bid for it10:30
AlanBellyeah, well good luck :)10:31
* penguin42 has ordered his virgin11:12
popeyAlanBell: well if I don't get it, at least I pushed the price up a bit ☻11:15
bigcalmGood afternoon peeps :)11:35
bigcalmInstant boredom. Getting dangerously close to doing some work11:38
bigcalmWish I could play Fez in Linux11:38
popeybigcalm: its coming i hear11:45
popeybigcalm: fancy some minecraft?11:45
bigcalmI'm close to completing it on Windows11:45
bigcalmpopey: sure11:45
popeywhere? mine is down11:46
bigcalmSnowflake? You can laugh at the parp I've been building11:46
directhexfez is a monogame game, so the porting is taking far too long imho11:56
directhexi.e. the windows version is monogame, not xna11:56
ali1234looks like a cool game11:57
directhexindie game: the movie covers its creation. also braid and super meat boy11:58
ali1234but if it is monogame why can't we just play the windows version directly?11:58
ali1234"windows" version11:58
directhexmonogame is api-compatible across platforms, but not abi compatible11:58
ali1234i thought the whole point of managed code was that you never have to worry about ABI compatibility12:00
directhexyeah, well... the upstream monogame developers have a somewhat haphazard approach to such things12:01
bigcalmIf I can't play Fez in Linux, I can at least enjoy the music: http://disasterpeace.com/album/fez12:56
bigcalmLove it when a torrent says 86 days remaining13:12
MyrttiI really wanted to play it13:29
Myrttiit was a bit nauseating though13:30
bigcalmTempted to take my machine down stairs and hook it up to the TV13:57
sebsebsebNot been in here for a while.14:58
sebsebsebanyone about in here at the moment?15:00
* penguin42 has been out at a LUG16:54
penguin42a fairly fun activity of looking through each others (sanitied) .bash_history files - interesting way to learn some new commands and options16:58
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sebsebsebpenguin42: LUG's are fun generally yeah :)19:48
penguin42sebsebseb: Yeh I've been going to ManLUG for many many years19:58
MartijnVdSwhat do you do at a ManLUG? Manly things?19:59
penguin42MartijnVdS: It's got to be said we are a little short of Women20:03
penguin42MartijnVdS: It's ManLUG as in Manchester (UK)20:03
MartijnVdSAh :)20:04
* MartijnVdS just watched a stream of CHVRCHES playing at Lowlands Festival20:04
MartijnVdSAlbum. Want. Now. :)20:04
MartijnVdS(https://soundcloud.com/chvrches/the-mother-we-share https://soundcloud.com/chvrches/lies-mix-5-m for a few of their songs)20:05
daftykinswhat's the current flash player version people are using?20:07
MartijnVdSI use the one built into chrome20:07
daftykinsa bit surprised my HTPC just updated and put on O_O20:07
daftykinsyeah i was sure we were up to .820:08
daftykinsflashplugin-installer: downloading http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin_11.2.202.297.orig.tar.gz20:08
penguin4211.2.202.297 apparently20:08
daftykinsah-har not just me then ;)20:08
penguin42daftykins: Hmph - is this a  different series or just old?20:08
daftykinsthe system is my HTPC which i believe might be built on 12.0420:09
daftykinswaiting for the upgrade to finish to check20:09
daftykinsthough it might be a modified lsb-release :D20:10
penguin42so what would people suggest as a new PC to use as NAT box/firewall/mini-server - I want 4 ethers, not much money and low power20:10
daftykinscor 4 interfaces20:11
daftykinsi thought you had lots of old systems spare kicking around, penguin42 ? :)20:11
daftykinsah no it's built in 12.1020:11
penguin42daftykins: I do, and I'm currently running a P90 for this job - but I don't think it'll manage the 30Mbps cable I have on order, and I want something quieter20:11
daftykinsah-har :)20:12
penguin42daftykins: The P90 has been doing it for a long time (it's 19 years old!)20:12
penguin42was my 1st Linux box along time ago20:12
daftykinsto get so many interfaces would you aim for a multi-port intel card?20:13
penguin42daftykins: Maybe but they used to be cheap but they now cost 100+ which is just silly20:13
MartijnVdSTP-Link WDR4300 with OpenWRT :)20:13
MartijnVdSMaybe the 4900 but that's less stable, or so I heard20:14
MartijnVdSpenguin42: ^20:14
penguin42MartijnVdS: Those things tend not to have 4 real separate interfaces seen by the cpu20:15
MartijnVdSpenguin42: they do, if you configure them like that20:15
MartijnVdSpenguin42: (by assigning a vlan to each port)20:15
MartijnVdSbut yeah, you share the gbit20:15
* penguin42 never really likes vlan stuff - but perhaps I should20:15
daftykinssounds like a good plan imo20:16
daftykinsif the hardware's got enough oomph to push good speeds routing wise20:16
MartijnVdSI saturate my 100/100 link20:16
MartijnVdS(to the interweb)20:16
daftykinswish i had nice upstream :(20:16
daftykinsthat's cool20:16
daftykinsnice and low power too with an appliance i guess20:16
penguin42finding an ARM board with multiple interfaces is annoyingly hard20:17
MartijnVdSdaftykins: It's fibre.. all I have are a gigabit media converter and a router :)20:17
daftykinsyeah i'm calling the router an appliance in this case20:17
daftykinsversus a full computer20:17
MartijnVdSpenguin42: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-CPU-D61407-B-INTEL1000-Quad-Port-Gigabit-Ethernet-PCI-E-Adapter-Card-/28114810769620:18
penguin42MartijnVdS: Yeh exactly, $12020:18
MartijnVdSPCI-X though20:18
penguin42yeh so the PCIe ones are really expensive for some odd reason; but PCI-x isn't too bad an idea, perhaps an older ITX board20:19
penguin42in principal a dual card will probably do based on the motherboard having a couple if I find a good ones20:19
MartijnVdSPCI-X isn't really current anymore though, is it?20:19
MartijnVdSpenguin42: I know of one 2-port motherboard20:19
penguin42no, but a lot of stuff still has some PCI-x slots20:19
MartijnVdSGigabyte GA-C847N + LC-Power LC-1320mi20:20
MartijnVdSpenguin42: ^ those 2 + a low-profile PCI-e 2-port card should work20:20
MartijnVdSoh wait20:21
MartijnVdS"standard" PCI20:21
daftykinsPCI-X is ancient :D20:21
penguin42MartijnVdS: Hmm they're not bad price - #69 for that board20:22
MartijnVdSpenguin42: yeah but it has normal pci only20:23
penguin42MartijnVdS: Yeh but finding a dual port pci card can't be that hard20:23
MartijnVdSis's all -e or -x20:23
MartijnVdSprobably because 33MHz PCI + 2GBit = cloud of magic smoke20:24
MartijnVdSyou can get a lot of 100mbit dual-port PCI cards though20:25
penguin42http://www.mini-itx.com/store/~JNF9D-2550  hmm20:25
MartijnVdS3x Gigabit LAN Daughterboard Module (Intel 82541PI chipset)20:26
penguin42yeh exactly20:26
MartijnVdSsounds like a winner to me :)20:26
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penguin42MartijnVdS: Nod20:27
daftykinsthat looks great20:28
daftykinsi was going to run a smoothwall box again at my main clients, with 3 x interfaces so that i could keep the wireless separated as like a guest network20:28
MartijnVdSdaftykins: vlans can do that too20:28
daftykinsyeah with a managed switch or capable device20:29
MartijnVdSdaftykins: OpenWRT on a TP-Link router (check if it's supported before buying ;)20:29
daftykinsno i'm just saying, this was ages ago20:29
MartijnVdSah, ok20:29
daftykinsthe point was i already had the smoothwall box so i just dropped in two more NICs at the time20:30
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daftykinsbut now we've got VDSL2+ on the rock and so i've just gone with the ISP supplied routers20:30
MartijnVdSI'm considering getting a proper mini-itx box to handle the pppoe/fibre traffic and put the TP-Link router somewhere else, so wifi coverage in my hosue gets better20:30
daftykinswill you not be tempted to get something 802.11ac soon enough?20:31
MartijnVdSdaftykins: yeah, the TP-Link Archer looks nice, but I don't want to compile openwrt-trunk to get support for its wifi chip ;)20:31
penguin42hmm they do a version of that board with 12v DC input - that's almost tempting20:32
penguin42MartijnVdS: Instead of normal ITX psu20:32
daftykinshow would you run that? like an AC adapter - or from an existing PC?20:33
MartijnVdSdaftykins: anything supplying 12V with a big enough fuse ;)20:33
penguin42from an AC adapter, but it means you can do fun things like battery backup easily or maybe even solar charging20:33
MartijnVdSpenguin42: stop tempting me! ;)20:34
penguin42probably less likely to be useful on cable than DSL on the basis the street cabs probably will lose power if our house does20:34
mungbeanok guys i have a quiz question, who wants to try and guess it?20:34
* penguin42 raises flipper20:34
mungbeanits related to the internet20:35
mungbeandoes anyone remember...20:35
mungbeanthe competitor to ebay in the late 90s20:35
daftykinsthe suspense is killing me20:35
penguin42they had a competitor?20:35
daftykinsbefore my time i think20:35
daftykinslol +1 penguin4220:35
daftykinsmy thoughts exactly20:35
mungbeanalso in the 00s20:35
MartijnVdSmungbean: ibazar?20:35
mungbeani bet popey will get it20:36
MartijnVdSmungbean: that existed in .nl, .fr, .be, .it, .es, .pt, .br and .se :)20:36
* penguin42 remembers everyone and their dog tried to do something similar afterwards20:36
mungbeannot the one i'mn thinking of but can't remember the name of :P20:36
mungbeanmay have had a q in it20:36
mungbeanhad a weird auction model if i remmeber rightly20:37
mungbeanyep just reading that lol20:37
mungbeanQXL floated on the stock exchange, was briefly worth £2bn20:38
penguin42really - heck20:38
mungbeanwas sold for 1bn anyway CRAZY20:38
mungbeanin 1999 ebay and qxl were neck and neck for a bit in UK20:40
daftykinsi saw ebay was offering for me to LINK my paypal account the other day20:40
daftykinsat long last! two logins was silly20:40
mungbeani'm gonna end up clicking that by accident20:40
penguin42kind of makes sense for me on the basis that it's pretty much the only time I use paypal20:42
daftykinspenguin42: same here20:43
mungbeanprobably need to double the length of my password just in case20:43
mungbeanto 20 chars20:43
mungbeanor 2520:43
mungbeangonna be even bigger target20:44
daftykinsi'm such a big spender20:44
mungbeanalthough your email account is the holy grail i suppose20:44
daftykinsjust bought a £3.50 acer laptop DC jack on ebay yesterday to hopefully revive a laptop20:44
mungbeani bought a 1/4 - 1/8 reducing adaptor for airbrush £1.9920:45
mungbeanfree postage20:45
daftykinsaww you beat me20:45
mungbeanbecause i can't spare 30 mins to drive to machine mart and find they don't have one20:45
mungbeanexcuse the ropey picture quality, i just finished my latest model20:48
mungbeanmasking tape and elastic band staying on overnight just in case20:49
daftykinshand painted?20:49
daftykinslooks impressive20:49
mungbeanta, it will look nicer with proper camera20:50
daftykinsi never had the patience when i got an airfix or two as a kid20:50
mungbeanits this kit, http://www.vintage-airfix.com/images/51101.jpg20:50
mungbeanwifey got it for quid or two in the chraity shop, makes a change from the WWII planes20:51
penguin42not very vintage :-)20:51
mungbeanalthough i made this one too a few years back: http://i.imgur.com/ZAKLGs8.jpg20:52
mungbeangot some vauxhall opel car spray from halfords for that paint job20:53
mungbeanits such an enjoyable antidote to computers20:54
daftykinssounds it20:55
mungbeanguardian still reporting on http://www.theguardian.com/business/2013/aug/16/smartphone-fundraising-ubuntu-10m-dollars20:59
mungbeannot sure if on the dread tree thing too20:59
sebsebsebpenguin42: I think most LUG's are probably lacking women/girls.  Linux etc is mainly a male interest unfortunatly.21:26
sebsebsebpenguin42: and by a long way as well21:26
penguin42yes unfortunately true22:21
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sebsebsebpenguin42: yeah can be annoying at times that actsually in certian situtaiotns in general, but well I blame society etc22:52
sebsebseband I mean computing in gneral here22:52
sebsebsebpenguin42: however  not thinking about stuff like that much  today22:59
sebsebsebjust glad SKy is getitng more competition22:59
sebsebseband Virgin getting those channels no problem to :)22:59
sebsebsebBT Sport22:59
sebsebsebI mean that SKy is getting proper competition starting to :)23:00
* penguin42 guesses sebsebseb is talking about some sport thing23:09
sebsebsebpenguin42: yep23:10
sebsebsebpenguin42: I  don't watch much Sport on TV, but  yeah23:10
penguin42no I don't do any sport watching either (well maybe Snooker occasionally)23:11
sebsebsebpenguin42: yep football occasioanly for me and that's about it really23:24
sebsebseb,but this is interesting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ESPN_%28UK%29 :)23:24
penguin42interesting why?23:25
sebsebsebpenguin42: ESPN being bought out by BT Sport, and Virgin losing it for two weeks when thath appended, access to those channels, and things like that23:31
sebsebsebpenguin42: I remember when Virgin/Telewest didn't have Sky 1 a few years ago, because they coudn't make a deal with Sky at the time and they got aill silly23:32
sebsebsebcompanies aye hmm23:32
sebsebsebpenguin42: Sky got silly above that is23:32
sebsebsebchannels are generaly worth millions23:32
sebsebseband maybe more sometimes, and these companies only really care about money really23:32
penguin42yeh I guess that's teh thing with selling individual access to slots rather than just selling bitstreams23:32
sebsebsebpenguin42: no I mean channels generaly get sold23:33
sebsebseband then also  the content gets sold to channels23:33
sebsebseb,be it general channels, Sport, movies etc23:33
sebsebsebok maybe not so much BBC or ITV, but I mean the paid channels23:33
penguin42sebsebseb: Yeh I mean the problem is the whole concept of channels - which you then have to sell as a chunk23:34
sebsebsebpenguin42: back computer issues23:43
sebsebsebpenguin42: with the amount of polotics etc that can be invovled when it comes to channels,  amazing their are so many  really   in this country etc23:44
penguin42well most of them are pretty awful23:44
sebsebsebmoney and  polotics as well to an extent, that's what it's about when it comes to that23:44
sebsebsebpenguin42: yeah most of them are pretty awful BBC 1 for example23:45
sebsebseband ITV23:45
sebsebseband channel 4 and channel 523:45
sebsebsebpenguin42: your probably going to disagree with me here though :d23:45
sebsebseb,but I don't like most British TV shows, with the exceptions of documenteries23:45
sebsebseband some movies here and there23:45
sebsebseband watch TV for news to here and there23:45
sebsebsebpenguin42: more American TV shows person, which means watching channels such as Sky One23:45
sebsebsebsince they usually have the kind of shows I want to watch23:46
sebsebsebpenguin42: now then what did you mean by awful though  when it comes to that?23:46
penguin42just stuff I don't want to watch, and things like advertising channels and ones that only show really really crap films23:46
sebsebsebtrue thre are shoping channels23:47
sebsebseband some  channels that turning into gambling channels late in the night and such,  in fact  ITV or whatever is doing that now23:47
sebsebsebchannel 4  one of htem23:47
sebsebsebpenguin42: then get the old  TV channels to23:47
sebsebsebI don't mean Film FOur when I say that, however they do show a lot of old films to23:48
sebsebseb,but also some better newer ones23:48
sebsebsebsometimes some forigin movies etc :)23:48
sebsebsebpenguin42: might watch this Australlian one later on tonight depends23:48
sebsebsebthat was on there   the other night23:48
sebsebsebwhenever it was23:48
sebsebsebpenguin42: what don't you want to watch?23:48
penguin42sebsebseb: soap operas, dramas, sports, most comedy23:49
sebsebsebpenguin42: wehn you say bad fioms, do you mean low budget films or?  some low budge films are quite good :)23:49
penguin42sebsebseb: Oh some low budget is good23:50
sebsebsebpenguin42: ok so you don't want to see Eastenders and uhmm  Downton Abbey and uhmmm  Britains got talent, and  X Factor and things like that?23:50
penguin42sebsebseb: there seem to be ones though that only show films that are really bad plot23:50
sebsebsebwhich channels do you have in mind for that one?23:50
sebsebsebbad plots23:51
penguin42I was thinking of Moves for Men23:52
sebsebsebuh there's a channel fo rhat?23:52
sebsebsebdon't have that one if so23:52
sebsebsebpenguin42: uhmm you got Sky?23:52
sebsebsebor what?23:52
penguin42maybe 1 in 10 of the films you've heard of23:53
sebsebsebif so you get more channels than most23:53
sebsebsebpenguin42: as far as I know Sky has loads of well Sky cusotmers only channels, that the rest of us hardly know anything about,  except for big ones such as Sky Atlantic23:53
penguin42sebsebseb: I only get Freeview here - so just free stuff23:53
* penguin42 is too mean to buy other channels23:54
sebsebsebpenguin42: what's a bit strange though23:54
sebsebsebsometims what actsauly happens is this23:54
sebsebsebFreeview get some channels, but  well nope they aren't on Virgin Media  which people are actsualy paying for hmm23:54
sebsebsebpenguin42: maybe happens more than I think for that one actsualy23:54
sebsebsebyou would of though a paid  TV service, would have all the free channels, plus more, but nope it seems23:55
sebsebsebpenguin42: site for that one nothing about Virgin23:55
penguin42that's normally mostly the case although I seem to remember there used to be a few cases where some were missing23:55
sebsebsebso  your channel not on Virgin23:55
sebsebsebdoesn't even mention Virgin23:55
sebsebsebpenguin42: CBS Action,  CBS drama I think, but others missing23:56
sebsebsebweird sin't it23:56
penguin42sebsebseb: but in the UK since most (but not all) people can get virgin it's not a big problem23:56
sebsebsebpenguin42: my piont is  Virgin should get all the channels freeview and free sat has, plus more really23:56
sebsebsebwhere as Sky tends to have it all or pretty much23:56
penguin42sebsebseb: I think there's a small difference between freesat and freeview as well23:56
sebsebsebor it has it all really, ok so peole have to get BT Sport  Seperalty as in pay a subscriotn to BT for it if on SKy, but the channels i otherwise waiitng for that on SKy23:57
sebsebsebyes free sat has some more or whatever it is23:57
sebsebsebpenguin42: really  in a way we need more  community run channels :d  think like open source, but for channels,  sadly  things aren't so simple for that one23:58
sebsebseband I mean with good shows to :d23:58
sebsebsebreallly in a way we need more shows made for fun etc,  and movies, there are a few examples out there, but  I mean like Creative Commons music :d23:58
sebsebsebpenguin42: channels, and TV shows and films, it's all very commerical,  that's a big issue with it right there realy23:59
sebsebsebpenguin42: in fact as a result of that,  they somteims axe reasaobnly good  Sci Fi shows in America for example23:59
sebsebseband instead make more of  stuff that is cheaper to make23:59
penguin42yeh not sure where the bulk of the cost goes these days23:59

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