mzanettiMirv: ping10:05
mzanettiMirv: just wanted to let you know that the map stuff works! This is awesome stuff!10:09
mzanettithanks a lot10:09
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Saviqmzanetti, dude, go have your weekend! :D11:10
mzanettiSaviq: just played around with the phone a bit. we landed cool stuff this week11:11
Saviqmzanetti, indeed11:11
mzanettiSaviq: can't change the screen brightness any more which sucks a bit cause I had set it to minimum :D11:11
Saviqmzanetti, you can always install indicator-battery and use it, still11:12
Saviqshould work11:12
mzanettiSaviq: ah ok11:12
mzanettiSaviq: also, uventd was spinning CPU for like 10 minutes or so11:12
Saviqmzanetti, obviously we should get it in the new indicator asap, too11:12
Saviqmzanetti, how about unity8? any CPU hogging there?11:12
mzanettiSaviq: haven't seen it yet since all the indicators and scopes are new11:13
mzanettiSaviq: I wasted already an hour today dragging items up and down the launcher :D11:14
mzanettiSaviq: and the rest, quicklists and overlays should be relatively simple now. no more architectural challenges :)11:15
Saviqmzanetti, yeah, with your branch it's looking pretty godo11:15
Saviqeverything starts falling into place :)11:16
mzanettiyeah. its exciting11:16
Saviqit's a good feeling :D11:16
Saviqif only the Edge was doing better ;)11:16
mzanettiyeah... its a pity11:16
mzanettiSaviq: do you know about packaging?11:30
Mirvmzanetti: cool! :)11:54
Mirvthe only downside I just noticed today is that the Ubuntu plugin brings hybris/platform-api which prevents xmir/unity-system-compositor from starting (bug #1210798)11:54
ubot5bug 1210798 in Unity System Compositor "unity-system-compositor crashes if libhybris installed on x86" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121079811:54

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