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bkerensa_SFgrantbow: would you like to come to the San Francisco office tomorrow?19:39
bkerensa_SFMozilla SF office?19:39
bkerensa_SFpleia2: ^19:39
bkerensa_SFMarkDude: ^19:39
bkerensa_SFyou are invited19:39
bkerensa_SFThats a official invite from Moz btw19:39
bkerensa_SFI mentioned you all19:39
bkerensa_SFand they said invite them19:39
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bkerensa_SFsorry I disconnected21:08
bkerensa_SFMarkDude / grantbow / pleia2 : If you are interest let me know we will be here from 10am to 5:30pm tomorrow except for our lunch break21:08

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