rick_hparty party02:34
rick_hwoot, first bookie take down request02:35
Blazeixpost to hn with little-guy-vs-corporation-clickbait title, instant publicity02:36
rick_hit's some marteting firm 'on behalf of our client'02:39
rick_hheh, speed test from cadillac. First time upload was faster than down02:41
rick_h4 down 9 up02:42
jrwrenjcastro: lol, you caught me on vaca, days ago. Yes, I tested that doc submission thing with juju/go on osx. its how I'm running juju02:51
snap-lGood morning14:13
snap-lSomeone is attacking one of my sites with auth logins14:57
snap-lPractically ddosed my site14:57
brouschTing phone arrived yesterday. Damn Fedex left it on the front porch amongst the piled of mulch instead of the side porch15:01
rick_hbrousch: doh15:01
snap-lbrousch: That was nice of them15:02
snap-lIt was so hidden even you wouldn't find it.15:02
brouschPorting number15:02
brouschfamily reunion time15:10
snap-lhave fun!15:10
rick_hnap time is hacking time woot18:09
snap-lLucked out at the Salvation Army today22:10
snap-lPicked up a Yamaha YST-SW45 Subwoofer for ~$2022:10
snap-lWhich allowed me to put my Realistic Minimus 7s into the den with that Pyle PFA-200 Class T amp22:11
snap-lSounds awesome.22:12

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