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magespawngood morning06:23
Kiloshi magespawn and others06:26
magespawnhowdy Kilos06:30
magespawnso what problems are we solving/creating today?06:39
Kiloshgow do i download them all magespawn ?06:45
Kiloshow too06:46
Kilos1 at a time is eina06:46
Kilosand then we go to idle methinks06:46
Kilosafter sheep06:46
Kilosi think with my editing im not saving in the right place or something06:49
Kilosonce ive download those files i see the names06:51
kbmonkeyhai hai06:54
Kiloshi kbmonkey 06:54
Kilosyou gotta make time soon hey06:55
Kiloswe starting python classes in #linux-studies06:55
kbmonkeyoh ya? who is involved? interesting.06:56
Kilosabout 4 so far, others have more pressing things on at the moment06:56
kbmonkeystarted gym so dont even mention time XD06:56
Kilosai! you peeps and gym06:57
kbmonkeyuntil i adjust I get to bed very very early06:57
kbmonkeyI gotta health and stuff you know06:57
Kilostake karate rather06:57
kbmonkeyits either that or anti psychotics and padded walls ;)06:58
Kilosgets you fitter and healthier and you get defence built in06:58
magespawni thought there was a download all button on the top right hand side06:58
magespawnkarate is cool06:58
magespawnhi kbmonkey06:58
magespawngot the kids playing minetest06:59
Kilosis it opera that dont show the download all button or dropbox06:59
kbmonkeydid karate when younger and mma and northern long fist kung fu. none too close enough where i am now. so gym it is :)06:59
Kiloskbmonkey, magespawn is one06:59
Kiloseven better one is look for aikido classes there07:00
Kilossee if you can download the book07:01
Kilosaikido in daily life by koichi tohei07:01
kbmonkeynice :)07:01
Kiloshe is the founders son07:02
kbmonkeywhat problems do we have today Kilos - downloads again?07:02
Kilosim trying to get python files07:02
Kilosbut one at a time sucks07:03
kbmonkeyI'll likely go back to a fighting style once I build some mass. am really underweight 07:03
Kilosall the window changing and save buttons07:03
Kilosaikido will get you healthy so your weight will naturally adjust07:04
kbmonkeyas I recall, dropbox only allows one file a time. whose dropbox is that? if you can get the files tarred into one it may be easier.07:04
Kilosand the idea of using the opponents force and momentum and all is better than throwing punches07:05
magespawnmine but there is a download button on the top right which gives you a drop down menu with the option to download files as a zip07:05
Kilosmagespawn, box07:05
kbmonkey^ what magespawn said Kilos :)07:05
Kilosi go do sheep07:15
magespawnthat could also mean something else entirely07:24
magespawnand that laugh would not do much to settle peoples minds07:25
Kilosi got 12 magespawn . 1 at a time that save as zip also gets 1 then tries to go look for it07:35
Kilosmazal, hi07:35
Kilosmazal, gaan jy saam met ons python leer07:37
mazalMore oom Kilos , oe nee ek is nie slim genoeg nie en het ook nie genoeg tyd nie07:40
Kilosman jy baie slimmer as ekke en ons gaan dit 1 huur of minder maak n week07:40
Kilosai! ek sukkel met my volkie07:41
mazalNeewat dankie oom , scripting / programming het nog nooit sin gemaak vir my nie07:41
Kiloshaha ek sukkel net so07:41
Kiloslyk soos alien taal07:42
mazalYep , en ek is een van daai mense wat nie iets kan doen as ek dit nie verstaan nie07:42
mazalEnigste ding in IT wat sin maak is Windoze. Elke keer wat jy sukkel en 'n probleem het maak dit sin want dis M$ :-)07:44
Kiloswindoze is maklik man jy moet net drie goed ken fdisk format install07:45
mazalFree bugs with every release07:49
Kilosskuus setup nie install nie07:49
magespawngotta go do a transfer07:50
Kilosive found a good use for windows mazal 07:50
Kiloslater mage07:50
Kiloswhen you got a drive thats bad at the start of the drive you force a windows install there07:51
Kilosto force you just boot from a super grub cd and then it can boot to windows and continue the install till its finished07:52
Kiloskbmonkey, can you download that book?07:52
Kilosaw hes gone07:56
Kilosooyay idle worked08:06
Kiloshi Cantide 08:46
Cantidehello :)08:46
Cantideso keen for some rugby today :)08:46
Kilosanother hour isnt it?08:47
CantideNZ and Aus are playing at 1208:48
CantideSA vs Arg is at 17:0008:48
Cantidestill a few more hours to go :p08:48
Kilosah 08:49
Cantidei think i'll watch both games though08:50
Cantideif i can08:50
Kilosyeah i watch aus/nz with tara08:50
Cantideoh no.. do you support Aus?08:50
Cantidetsk tsk :D08:50
Kilostwo way comments on pidgin08:50
Kilosnope nz08:51
Kilosher too08:51
Cantidewhew :D08:51
Cantideisn't she in Aus though?08:51
Kilosyip but dont like the aus sportsmen08:51
Cantidegood on her!08:51
Cantidei am the same :D08:51
Kilosshe says they have bad attitudes08:51
Cantidecan't stand those whining cheats lol08:51
Kilosand she hates their commentators08:52
Cantidethey have zero knowledge those commentators..08:52
Kiloshave hole in face will make noise08:52
Cantidethey once referred to Chilliboy ( i think ) as the beast :D08:53
Cantidemade me lol '-'08:53
CantideHugh Bladen is the sound of rugby08:53
mazalWho can forget Spigaries ( have no idea how to spell it )08:54
Kiloswhats that08:54
mazalThey called him spiegeries , radio rugby commentator , many moons ago. Can't remember his real name08:55
Kilosmazal, did you read about forcing win to install08:55
Kilosthat supergrub disk rocks08:55
mazalI had one somewhere , but not anymore08:56
mazalBoot-repair does the trick for me08:56
CantidePiere Speis maybe? (don't know about spelling)08:56
mazalNope Cantide 08:56
Kilosoh pier spies08:56
mazalIt will come to me sometime08:57
mazalProbably 2 oclock tonight or something lol08:57
Cantidewhat's this about forcing win to install?08:57
mazalWhere's the other senior guys , everyone knew him08:57
CantideBURN IT08:57
Kiloswhen your drive is messed up with bad blocks in the beginning08:57
mazalThere was no one that could talk that fast in that detail over a radio and new his rugby so well08:58
CantideKilos, can't install Linux there instead?08:58
Kiloswhen the drive wont install anything08:58
Kiloslinux is even more sensitive to a faulty drive08:58
Cantidemazal, aahhh, now i understand what you mean, but i don't know who he was -.-08:58
mazalI never struggle with bad drives , I'm too parranoid. It fails me once and it gets binned08:58
CantideKilos, oh, that's sad :'(08:58
mazalFriedel something08:59
Cantideyeah, i'm the same - once a drive is broken, it's only going to get worse08:59
Kilosas in you start the win install and it crashes half way and says it has terminated to stop damage to the pc08:59
mazalThat always makes me laugh , as if software can cause physical damage lol09:00
mazalSilly MS09:00
Kilosmazal, dont you wanna post me scrap drives ill pay postage09:00
mazalDon't have one at the moment Kilos 09:00
Kilosi need lots to use for spares09:00
mazalBut will keep in mind on the next one09:00
Kilosi actually want to ask on the mailing list as well09:00
CantideKilos, i might have in a few weeks when i clean out here09:01
CantideKilos, where do you stay?09:01
Cantideoh, man, i was just there a few weeks ago!09:01
mazalHow do one do couriers ? I hate post office09:01
mazalDo I just call one and say I have a package ?09:01
Kilosmage says you can post parcels and the receiver pays the postage09:01
Kiloscouriers are expensive09:02
Kilosyou pay their petrol and time09:02
Cantidei might swing by pretoria again, so i'll let you know09:02
mazalWhere in PTA again oom ?09:02
Kilosout on the van der hoff road towards brits09:03
Kilos6 ks past last robot09:03
mazalNot sure where that is09:03
Cantideme neither, but sounds easy enough to find09:03
Kilospast pretoria west09:03
Kilosthe road to the north of church street is van der hoff09:04
Cantideif i come up to PTA again, i might bring some old PC parts, if you'd want them09:04
Kilosany pc stuffs are welcome09:04
Cantidemy room is like a PC graveyard09:04
Cantidea lot of not working / semi working stuff09:05
Kilosi have some nice drives that need parts09:05
Cantidebut you could salvage CPUs for example09:05
Cantideah, and i have a few old HDDs09:05
Kilosi love not working stuff09:05
mazalNow that sounds just weird Kilos :-)09:05
Kilosthats how i started on pcs, with other peeps scrap09:05
Kilosthe fun comes in making other peeps scrap work again09:06
Cantideyup, me, too :)09:06
mazalUgh I hate that , after hours I don't even want to see a pc. Get to much of it at work09:06
Kilosthe 500g drive im on now was discarded but they wanted the data off it09:07
Kilosubuntu has good recovery tools09:07
Cantidecool :)09:07
Cantidei had an 80 GB and a 500 GB09:07
mazalSo what't the short version of this MIR thing ?09:08
Cantidebut i bought a 120 SSD and the 80 now lives at my feet09:08
mazalI saw a video or two , but looks like Unity09:08
CantideMIR is the display server09:08
Cantidethe part that interfaces with your hardware09:08
mazalOh , in place of X ?09:08
Cantidenot the shell09:08
Cantidewayland is the same sort of thing09:09
mazalAaah now you see , not even google could explain it that easy :-)09:09
Cantidei've been following it for a while '-'09:09
mazalI read it will be in 13.1009:09
Cantideit's going to shi..09:09
Cantideyes, i was about to say that :)09:09
Kilosafter recovery i got the drive going with ubuntu but it kept crashing every month or so and now ive forced win onto the first 10g that contains the bad blocks so well see how long it lasts09:09
mazalBut wonder if it will be default or will have to be added by the user ?09:09
Cantidebut in 13.10 they will also have xMir, a compatibility layer09:09
Cantidei think default09:09
Cantideand then Unity 7 on top of that - so it will look the same as it does now09:10
mazalPerformance wise ?09:10
Cantideabout the same hopefully09:10
Cantideat the moment it's actually a bit worse, but there are performance patches in the works09:10
mazalUnity has been laggy on every version so far on my pc's09:10
Cantidethings will get better in either 14.04 or 14.10 when unity 8 lands09:11
Cantideand runs directly on top of mir09:11
Cantidewithout the need for xmir09:11
mazalI hope it lands on 14.04 , that we have it in LTS09:11
Cantidebut i think that's still a way off .-.09:11
Cantideyes, but sometimes they don't like to push new things for an lts09:11
Cantideso i'm not sure09:11
Kiloshi Vince-0 09:12
Cantidealso, during the wallpaper selection discussion last night they said that perhaps for the next version wallpapers might need to be selected that suit all form factors09:12
Cantideso that kinda hints at unity 8 landing09:12
Cantidebut i'm not sure09:12
mazalLo Vince-0 09:12
Cantidehey hey Vince-0 :)09:12
Vince-0good morn09:12
Cantideonly 47 minutes left of it :)09:13
mazalgtg , bye everyone09:52
Kiloscheers maz09:52
KilosCantide, how do you do a search foe a word inside a package09:58
Cantidesomeone gave me the command a while back09:59
Cantidenot sure if i remember correctly..09:59
Cantideapt-cache search [word]09:59
Cantidei think!09:59
Cantidetry it and let me know if it's right10:00
Kilosnope runs through lotsa stuff10:02
Kilosbut no pointer to where the word is10:02
Kilosword must be in them [] things?10:03
Cantideno no10:03
Cantidewithout those, sorry10:03
Cantidei thought it would be easier to understand like that :/ my mistake10:03
Cantideso type something like apt-cache search gimp10:04
Cantidefor example10:04
Kilosim looking for the file or whatever ibid uses to make coffee10:05
Kilosfinds funny stuff10:06
Kiloscoffeescript - interpreter and compiler for the CoffeeScript language10:06
Kilosi wanna try teach my bot to make food not just coffee10:07
Cantidewhat is the bot scripted in?10:08
Cantideyou might be better off searching in google10:08
Cantideis the bot a phenny?10:09
Cantidehold on10:09
Kilosits in the repos10:09
Cantide.g phenny10:10
Cantidei was thinking of this bot http://inamidst.com/phenny/10:11
Cantidethought maybe your bot was a variation of it10:11
Cantidewhat's it called in the repos?10:11
Kiloshaha just got an sms from tara. go gtalk10:12
Cantideyeah, the game is on10:14
Cantidei don't know ibid .-.10:14
Cantidelol, McCaw always getting in the way in the rucks, glad he conceded a penalty there10:18
Kilosaw i dont see it. mnet sports channel scrambled10:20
Cantidei'm watching online10:20
Kilostoo much data needed for that10:20
Cantideyeah :/10:30
CantideAus is winning - 12 - 1010:36
Cantidescrap that10:37
CantideNZ just scored10:37
Cantideand again..10:41
Cantidegood game :)10:48
CantideAus 19 - 22 NZ10:48
Cantide19 - 25 half time10:50
Cantidei'll save bandwidth and have a shower :p11:09
Cantidewill check the game again near the end :p11:09
charlhi Cantide 11:28
charlhi Kilos 11:28
Kiloshi charl11:28
charlhow's it going11:28
Kilosgood ty and you11:28
charlgood good11:28
Kilosi got idle to work11:29
charli'm finding youtube to be quite disappointing11:29
charleven when playing video at 1080p both the audio and video quality is so much less than h26411:30
charland the colours are terrible11:30
charland then it hangs frequently, just stops buffering for some reason11:30
Kilosdoesnt that depend on what peeps upload11:30
charlnah i find it across the board11:31
charli haven't uploaded anything to youtube in probably 7 or so years11:31
charli tried it out after it launched initially, so i can't speak out of personal experience11:31
Kilosi try stay away from youtube11:31
charlyeah and now it's full of ads too, it's becoming terrible11:31
charli much rather stream h264 when i have the option11:32
Kilosadds are getting in everywhere11:32
charlgoogle must be making tons of money but it's extremely irritating having to wait to click through the ads11:32
charlsometimes i click on the ad by accident and get a new tab launched11:32
charland the poor (sucker) advertisers are paying for it :D11:32
Kilosthats why browsing sucks as well11:32
charleven though i have no interest in buying anything11:33
Kiloseverything is page to page to get what you want11:33
charland even if the initial ads aren't bad enough, then put yet more ads on the bottom of the video that you have to click to close11:34
charlthis is leaving a serious opportunity for competition like vimeo to come in11:34
Kilossome sites go to an add and if you dont register there you get no further11:34
charlyou still get a lot of sites like that surprisingly11:34
charlthought people would have stopped with that after the 90s11:34
charlalways register and fill in endless forms11:34
charlthere even launched a service at some point that automatically logged you in to a bunch of them using generic accounts11:35
charlnot sure if it is still around11:35
Cantideoh wow, NZ are running away with this now - 40 - 2211:35
Cantidehi charl :)11:35
charlhi Cantide how's it going11:35
Cantidecharl, very well, thanks :)11:35
Cantideand you?11:35
charlalso good11:35
Cantidei was hoping this would be a closer game11:37
Kilosno man good if aus gets thumped11:38
Cantideyeah, but they should wear each other down to make things easier for us11:38
Kilosme looking funny stuffs11:38
Kilosso many funny words like pragmas11:39
Kilosmy poor head11:39
charlis this idle a python editor Kilos ?11:39
Kilosyip it seems to be the built in editor11:40
Kilosactuall quite cool11:40
Cantidehahaha, Will Genie looks flustered :D11:40
charllooking at it now but it doesn't look very good at all11:40
charlwhy not just use vim11:41
Kilosbuilt in run and debug and stuffs11:41
Kilosno vim is lots more to learn and remember11:41
charloh i see this: "Integrated debugger with stepping, persistent breakpoints, and call stack visibility."11:41
charlthat's handy11:41
Kilosidle is cool11:41
Kiloslooks like all python stuff rocks11:42
charlnever used it, i always code in vim but i guess i should try it at some point11:42
charlalthough these days all i really use python for is for small scripts, i do most of my development on openjdk11:43
Kilosmakes things easier and faster methinks11:43
charli did some work on this thing: https://lexmachina.com/11:43
charli used lxml to scrape html to get the info out: http://lxml.de/11:44
Kilosgo look in the ibid packages and see where the coffee on stuff is11:44
Kilosi want to see the script for coffee11:44
charljust grep for "coffee on" or something11:44
charli'm sure it should be quick to find11:44
Kilosbut ibid is actually quite big11:45
Kilosman i dunno grep11:45
charlgrep -ri 'coffee on'11:45
charlinside the ibid directory11:45
charlhave you guys looked at jython?11:46
charlit's an implementation of python written in java11:46
charlit's extremely slow11:47
charlbut it has one big advantage, you can import any java library and use it from python11:47
charlso if you want to combine java and python libraries you can do stuff like this: http://pastebin.com/QF2MF6XV11:47
charlhere i used a python library (pygments) and combined it with jsoup (a java library)11:47
charlsorry the code was a quick hack-together, not properly written11:48
Cantideoh, of course, grep :)11:49
charltake away grep and i lose my ability to program :)11:49
Cantidei dislike java...11:49
charlwhen you work on somebody else's code it's the quickest way to find stuff11:49
Cantideand i've not yet used python11:49
Cantidehaha, yeah :D11:49
charlwhy do you dislike java?11:49
Cantideamidoingitrite? http://www.news24.com/Green/News/40-pythons-found-in-Canadian-hotel-2013081711:50
Cantidei don't know... it's too fussy .-.11:50
Cantidetoo strict11:50
Cantidedrives me crazy :D11:50
charltoo fussy? have you tried c?11:50
charlthat's exactly what i like about it11:50
Cantideprobably only because i don't really know what i'm doing11:50
charlyeah :)11:50
Cantidethe whole jar files, class files etc.11:50
Cantideand just getting it to work is a lot of effort for me11:51
charli would not recommend it to beginner programmers11:51
charlbut it *does* learn you how to program *properly*11:51
Cantideteach *11:51
charlbut python is much nicer for starters11:51
Cantidei used pircbot a bit11:51
Cantideit's an irc bot written in java11:51
charloh yes i have as well11:51
charllemme get some code11:51
Cantidei gave up eventually because java was driving me mad11:51
Cantideother than that, pircbot was cool11:51
Cantideif i had to try and make a bot now, i'd use phenny11:52
charla little side project of mine11:52
charlit's a pity pastebin has such terrible layout and formatting11:53
* Cantide clicks11:54
Cantideformatting looks alright11:55
Cantidelots of imports :D11:55
charlslexy too, this sucks: http://slexy.org/view/s211KeyteU11:55
Cantidesee, you know what you're doing11:55
charlubuntu paste wins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5995901/11:55
charlfinally no line wrapping11:55
charlwell i work as a programmer for a job :)11:56
charlso i should :P11:56
Cantideoh yeah, that's much better!11:57
charlnot like i should claim this is professional quality code, this is a little site project with no comments11:57
charland the code should be split up into more methods, for one11:57
Cantideyou clearly have never seen my code xD11:58
Kiloswb tumbleweed 12:12
tumbleweedhi. I'm not back yet, though :)12:16
magespawnafternoon all12:33
Kilosyo magespawn 12:33
magespawni see the room has been busy12:35
Kiloslittle bit12:35
Kilosmins peeps that talk lots12:36
Kilosoh my idle works magespawn 12:36
magespawnall ways the regular chatterboxes12:36
magespawncool beans Kilos12:36
Kilosopened a new window and didnt try use the first one that opens12:36
Kilosyou sposed to tell me these things12:37
magespawnahh so you were writing your program straight in the python consoel12:37
magespawnahh not so much, how were yoou supposed to know12:38
magespawnand nobody else thought of that either12:38
Kiloswell the book said open the editor and type in that stuff12:39
Kilosoh also i typed in not copy pasted12:40
Kilosthats major work12:40
magespawnwith typing you learn how it is supposed to be set out12:41
Kilosya but big work. i cant remember a whole line at a time so its back and forth from book to ed12:42
Kilosneed to rest now\12:43
magespawnthats the way i do it too12:52
charlfor those of you with internet, a modern data centre facility: http://youtu.be/9grRWBT_fnE13:14
charlwe operate something similar where i work, very nice13:14
charlelectronic access control, efficient cooling, redundancy13:15
charlhi magespawn 13:15
magespawnhi charl13:23
charlhow's it going13:26
Cantidecool data centre :)13:27
charlwe need ftth where i live, i'm still on cable :(13:27
charlthe same company offers this: http://www.breedbandarnhem.nl/thuis/snelheden13:27
charlfor less than what i pay now i could have 250mbps13:27
charlinstead of 6013:27
charlwe are running behind where i live13:28
Kilosmagespawn, you still here?14:15
magespawnyes Kilos14:27
Kiloswhere is the part in ibid that makes coffee14:27
Kilosi cant find it 14:27
Kiloseven got sqlite installed 14:28
Kilosis it a plugin or part of the basic install or what14:29
magespawni think a plugin14:29
KilosMaaz, plugins14:29
MaazKilos: What?14:29
magespawnmaybe ask tumbleweed14:29
KilosMaaz, list plugins14:30
MaazKilos: Plugins: admin, calc, conversions, core, eval, factoid, feeds, film, fun, games, geography, google, help, icecast, identity, karma, languages, log, lotto, meetings, memo, memory, network, oeis, quotes, rfc, seen, social, sources, strings, sysadmin, test, urlgrab and urlinfo14:30
Kilosive hunted me sicker14:30
magespawnwhy do you need it?14:37
Kilosi want to see how that is written to time when ready and then announce etc14:37
magespawnsearch 'ibid coffee' in google, without the quotes14:39
Kilosand how it decides to kettle on or grind coffee etc14:39
Kilosok ty14:39
magespawndid that help Kilos?15:01
Kilosyip ty ive found some ill slexy it now15:02
Kilosi think thats all of it15:04
magespawnyou going to contribute to ibid now?15:06
Kilosmoney or script?15:06
Kilosi will play around and maybe i can make it braai a bit15:07
Kilosyou think thats everything needed for the coffee trip15:07
magespawnhave not had a look at it yet, you could of course download the entire source and work from there15:09
Kilosi dunno how to get the whole source15:14
magespawnsomewhere in those files you downloaded from my dropbox is kbmonkey's greeter program15:24
Kilosi have that saved here as well. saw you got 2 there but downloaded both15:24
Kilosbut it needs fixing before we can use it15:25
Kilosi thought synaptic gave the option to download the source but i cant find it15:27
Kilosmaybe its been dropped15:27
Kilosalways shied away from source15:27
magespawnif you go to overview then i think you need to click on the latest download on the right hand side15:27
magespawnoverview of the ibid on the net15:27
Kilosi dont see overview in opera15:29
Kilosthats where i am15:29
magespawntry this https://launchpad.net/ibid15:34
magespawnbbl on my way home15:38
Kilosgo safe15:43
kbmonkeyinternet is back again15:54
Kilosyay thats good kbmonkey 15:55
kbmonkeywhat are you doing with ibid Kilos ?15:55
Kilosi want to look at what makes coffee work and maybe try get my bot to braai or even just do steak15:56
Kilosi use the daily build ibid not the one that comes with 12.0415:57
Kilosso dunno which source i need to look at15:57
Kilosmaybe its just dreams. looks like lotsa work15:59
kbmonkeyfrom my experience ibid is unwieldy to work worth and learn - I don't think it's just you Kilos ;)16:01
Kilosadding to the source then making a .deb out of it16:01
Kiloshey kbmonkey have you sued idle16:13
Kilosi see a debugging button. wanna know what it does16:13
kbmonkeythe python interpreter? 16:13
kbmonkeyyes I have, but not for long, I moved to gedit very soon16:13
Kilosgedit dont have the run button in16:14
Kilosidle be kiff16:14
kbmonkeyI would guess that runs the program through a debugger16:14
kbmonkeyyes it does, hit f5 to run. you can customize what f5 does: python %f16:15
Kilosoh its ctrl+f5 in idle16:15
kbmonkeyare you playing with python kilos?16:16
Kilosbut so many things to learn16:16
Kilosstrings and other funny name stuffs16:16
Kilosbut its fun16:17
kbmonkeythe modern form of chopsticks: keeps the brain thinking16:17
kbmonkeyif you like to read a poem, in python enter "import this"16:18
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
Trixar_zaEh, let's try this16:30
Kilossup Trixar_za 16:31
Trixar_zaHey Kilos16:31
Trixar_zaMessing with buildroot16:31
Kilosin arch?16:32
Trixar_zaNo, I'm using a linode server to roll my own Linux16:39
Trixar_zaIt sucks that you don't get a good looking linux in a small download. SliTaz is pretty much the only one that tried to do that without going idiotic like TinyCore16:39
kbmonkeywhoops. here we go to 2G mode :(16:44
magespawnevening all16:47
Kiloshi magespawn 16:47
kbmonkeyevening magespawn 16:48
Kilosi thought tinycore was quite lekker Trixar_za 16:49
kbmonkeythis day has min to offer16:49
Kilosthen take it easy16:50
Kilosoh look for that book man16:50
Kilosyou dont have to do aikido just read first half of the book16:51
Trixar_zaYeah, so I'm trying to make my own using buildroot16:51
Trixar_zaIt has a lot of options16:51
Kilosyour own OS from scratch?16:51
Trixar_zaAnd it's aimed at embedded linuxes, which makes it useful for generating micro-linuxes16:52
Trixar_zaNot completely from scratch - buildroot does most of the heavy lifting16:52
Trixar_zaI still have to do the boot scripts and general configuration though16:52
magespawnwill it be trixar_os?16:52
Trixar_zaWill probably be a SliTaz, but built with buildroot rather than by hand. I'll also be blacklisting several packages which I'm going to build myself16:53
Trixar_zaWhat is RPC and WCHAR support?16:55
kbmonkeywide character support might be 64-bit addressing, if I guess correctly16:56
Trixar_zaEnabling toolchain locale/i18n support locks WCHAR support in place16:59
Trixar_zaso I guess I'm using it16:59
Trixar_zaRemote Procedure Calls16:59
Kilosmaybe back later. if not , sleep tight all17:12
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