daftykinsrobert__: 7 is installed to this 3TB yes? you can only boot from a 3TB disk if it's GPT formatted. GPT formatted disks can only be booted by UEFI systems00:00
daftykinsthe rest of the issues could be related00:00
UbuntuNoobAnybody know of a lightweight Ubuntu app that listens to an IP port and initiates shutdown when a specific command is received on that port?00:00
daftykinsUbuntuNoob: SSH? :)00:00
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robert__daftykins: no 7 isn't installed on the disk. the disk is completely blank. i have tried formatting it as gpt, but that makes no difference.00:01
daftykinsrobert__: oh ok so it's a slave only, fair enough. sounds like the two systems are too old to address it correctly. was that through windows?00:01
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SlartUbuntuNoob: aren't there some port-knocker daemons you could use? or even some port knocking firewall tutorials?00:02
UbuntuNoobdaftykins: no, the trigger is coming from an embedded device, not a true OS, so all I can do is send a string to an IP port...00:02
SlartUbuntuNoob: this seems like a good place to start http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8528392/remotely-shutdown-reboot-linux-boxes-without-ssh00:02
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UbuntuNoobSlart: Thanks -- I'll take a look00:03
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robert__daftykins: windows simply can't see the extra 1tb. linux can see it, but not as part of the same device as the rest of the disk. are you saying that machines built 5 or 6 years ago didn't have support for >2tb drives?00:04
daftykinsrobert__: i would definitely expect the win7 system to be able to see the whole disk as one volume. looked into BIOS updates?00:05
robert__daftykins: the bios on the thinkpad is up to date, but the dell might well not be. i'll check it out. that's a good idea. thanks.00:07
daftykinsrobert__: no problemo! do you have the exact disk make + model also?00:07
robert__daftykins: it's a seagate barracuda st3000dm00100:09
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.00:10
milosz1jest ktoś z polski ?00:10
daftykinsrobert__: have you also checked out this 'Seagate DiscWizard' program that allegedly solves 2TB limitation issues?00:12
robert__daftykins: thanks. i'll check it out. i can't work out whether it's os-dependent, but then i haven't got any data to lose by trying....00:15
L-samais it true that backtrack linux is base don ubuntu?00:19
wilee-nilee!backtrack | L-sama00:19
ubottuL-sama: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)00:19
L-samaits because #backtrack-linux is silenced00:20
wilee-nileeL-sama, backtrarck is eol and not supported here.00:20
L-samaI know00:20
L-samabut if you mention it it confirms my question00:20
L-samathat its linux based00:20
wilee-nileeL-sama, Not supported period, not my decision. ;)00:21
L-samaaint it in direct competition with nubuntu?00:21
robert__daftykins: i've just read up on disk wizard and it looks like it's just for windows.00:21
daftykinsrobert__: ah sure but wouldn't hurt to run it and see what's going on?00:22
robert__daftykins: i suppose so...00:22
L-samais nubuntu supported here?00:24
daftykinsnever even heard of it00:25
Jordan_UL-sama: Nubuntu appears to be discontinued, so I don't think it's supported anywhere.00:26
L-samaas I though backtrack probably killed it00:26
mns2Hello. DeVeDe doesn't seem to scale video sizes down at all with lower bitrates for DVDs. Does anyone know of a more reliable DVD authoring tool? (preferably with a gui)00:28
styolHey there. I am performing some benchmarks against an Ubuntu 12.04 server that is load balancing requests using HAProxy and I'm having trouble identifying the source of connection resets being returned to the client during these high concurrency benchmarks. Any recommendations on where one might be able to start isolating the source of this issue or anything worth examining further?00:30
daftykins!server | styol00:32
ubottustyol: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server00:32
styolthanks daftykins00:32
daftykinsno problem sir o/00:32
wilee-nileemns2, Most videos are compressed already I believe.00:36
wilee-nileeIf I understand you here00:36
mns2okay but if you put it on a dvd it has to be encoded for dvd players right?00:37
wilee-nileemns2, Not sure.00:37
wilee-nileeI would it is already mns200:37
mns2When I put a 1 gb movie on a 4.7 gb dvd disk, it says there isn't enough space due to how long it is.00:37
mns2(can only fit 2 hrs)00:38
reisiomns2: it?00:38
wilee-nileemns2, You have dvd formatted as data? use nicks as well please00:38
reisiomns2: what format is this "1 gb movie"?00:38
zoidberg-win 3200:38
Jordan_Umns2: How are you "putting the movie" on the disk? mpeg2, the format used in Video DVDs, is a verry ineficient codec.00:38
mns2For the above example, Brasero00:39
wilee-nilee!who | mns2 makes things easier00:39
ubottumns2 makes things easier: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:39
rusty0101mns2, when you burn a video dvd, the video file is a mpeg2 video file. I storngly suspect that the 1 gig file you are starting with is either an mp4 or xvid file that is more compressed.00:39
Jordan_Umns2: Do you want to use this DVD in actual DVD players or just in other computers?00:39
mns2Actual DVD players.00:40
reisiothe only DVD you need is one that plays 'GET A MEDIA PC OR SMART TV' in a loop00:40
mns2And it's mp400:40
themanwithnofaceis there such a thing or way to make it so that if you enter a string into google and you don't like the results you click 'search' again and if google recognizes that it is the exact same string it adjusts the time in 'search tools'  to the last 5 years, or past year past 24 hours. etc. ?00:40
reisiomns2: whatever software you're using probably re-encodes to fit the space available exactly00:40
reisiomns2: you'd have to reduce the quality to get it smaller00:40
mns2That's the problem. DeVeDe manages to not re-encode correctly00:41
reisiothemanwithnoface: ?00:41
mns2It makes the resulting file too big.00:41
reisiomns2: well that's no surprise, DVD mastering is arcane00:41
reisioI wouldn't recommend it00:41
reisionot in 2013, not in 199500:41
Jordan_Umns2: It's not re-encoding correctly, it's simply re-encoding with the best compression you can get with mpeg2 (poor). How long is the actual video?00:41
rusty0101Alternatively you may be able to re-encode to dvd mpeg2 to a multi-layer dvd with capacities greater than 4.7 gig.00:41
Jordan_Umns2: Not re-encoding incorrectly I mean.00:42
mns2Trying to put two videos onto one dvd.00:42
reisiomns2: tell your software about both videos00:42
mns2DeVeDe has options for lowing resulting bitrate, but none of them do anything.00:42
mns2I did00:42
reisiowell like I said, it's a huge PITA00:42
reisioif you insist on wasting your time with this, try using tovid00:42
reisiomns2: with the -ffmpeg option00:43
themanwithnofacereisio:  like maybe a macro?  :<00:43
reisio(that is, with ffmpeg, not subtracting ffmpeg)00:43
mns2Please stop telling me to not do what I'm doing? This is for a friend who does not have a computer and is technology illiterate.00:43
reisiothemanwithnoface: ?00:43
reisiomns2: all the more reason to get them a smart device instead of spend time on a DVD00:44
dr_willisdevede has worked well for me in the past00:44
dr_willisjust don't try to fit 6 hours onto a DVD.    :)00:44
RealDrProxyOi! Anyone have good resources or advice for build an Ubuntu fork or derivative? I've been working with ubuntu-builder but it seems half-assed.00:44
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility00:45
reisioprobably take you six hours just to get a usable copy00:45
dr_willisRealDrProxy:  that's always been a bit of a rough area00:45
RealDrProxyThanks for the quick response guys.00:45
RealDrProxyThat kinda sucks. I guess I'll stick to ubuntu-builder as that is the only thing that isn't completely outdated.00:46
mns2I will look at ToVid. Thank you. :)00:46
RealDrProxyRemastersys gave me issues when I first tried to use it. I think it bricked the dev box I was working off of.00:46
reisioyou think you bricked?00:47
tauntaunCan't get rc script to trigger on boot. This is a cloud instance running at run level 2. Used the update-rc command. I've gotten this to work before; don't know why there's no joy today. Ideas?00:48
dr_willisi dident think ubuntu used runlevels like many distros.  use the upstart tools tauntaun . not the older sysv tools00:49
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/00:50
ubottuIn Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.00:50
tauntaunok, thanks, I'll try it.00:50
RealDrProxyBricked the OS at least. Remastersys borked a few things so I just re-imaged it.00:50
thurstylarkhow do I get ubuntu 10.04 to do a release upgrade?00:51
reisiothurstylark: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes#From_10.04_LTS_to_12.04_LTS00:52
thurstylarkreisio: 10-q00:52
reisiothurstylark: np m800:52
thurstylarkAh. Only problem with this is that I need a command solution. It's a server00:54
reisiothurstylark: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/installing-upgrading.html00:55
daftykinsthurstylark: 'sudo do-release-upgrade' not working?00:56
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wguomany people around here01:00
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Guest91322/msg dpkg guidelines01:03
TelendrithHi, has anyone tried to load Ubuntu on a HP Envy Rove?01:04
wilee-nilee!poll | Telendrith01:04
ubottuTelendrith: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:04
Guest91322[5~:l #testchan01:05
thurstylarkdaftykins: it wasn't because whatever build my vps provider was using didn't have update-manager-core installed. installed that, and now I'm just humming along.01:05
reisiowrong spammy factoid :p01:05
thurstylarkdaftykins: my main problem is that the latest release that said vps provider supports in a clean install is 11.04, so i have to update from 10.04 :P01:05
reisioTelendrith: probably someone has, does that help you? :p01:05
wilee-nileestill a poll none the less01:06
daftykinsthurstylark: that's weird of them. you certainly don't want non-LTS01:06
TelendrithI was hoping to get some more info before I dumped a grand on a tablet - and it wasn't a poll question, it a hey, is  it compatible out of the box01:07
wilee-nileeTelendrith, might be info here in general, there are certified computers. http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/make/HP/01:07
Telendrithwilee-nilee: Thanks, thats what I was looking for01:08
reisioTelendrith: is there only one model named 'rove'? I doubt it01:08
wilee-nileeTelendrith, Not a poll in your reasoning maybe but here it is. ;)01:10
thurstylarkdaftykins: Yep. 'tis why i will be updating before i do anything else01:11
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daftykinsthurstylark: excellent01:12
TelendrithWell, guess we'll find out of it will run ubuntu tomorrow \o/01:12
wilee-nileeTelendrith, You aware of the uefi stuff, I assume this has W8?01:13
horrorxstoryim trying to install windows games on my ubuntu and i am unable to01:15
wilee-nileehorrorxstory, You using wine?01:16
horrorxstoryyeah i have been trying01:16
horrorxstoryit workd01:16
wilee-nilee!details | horrorxstory01:16
ubottuhorrorxstory: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:16
horrorxstoryi think it has to do with direct runtime01:16
daftykinswhat game, what happens, what what what? :)01:16
horrorxstoryok like wow for instance it completely installs and then when i go to run it, it tells me there is a problem with direct runtime01:17
daftykinshorrorxstory: what does the wine website say to do?01:18
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Iared_FergusHello everyone, Iared_Fergushere and i'm here and ready to DDoS.01:25
Yaesu'lo, I have a question, does anyone now a quick fix on how to enable the num lock 'before' login?01:25
OerHeksYaesu, lots of answers @ http://askubuntu.com/questions/155679/how-to-enable-numlock-at-boot-time-for-login-screen01:28
OerHekscheck your bios or use the numlockx option01:29
wilee-nileehelp- I've been ddos'ed and I can't get up01:29
* dr_willis jumps and down on wilee-nilee delvering CPR with his size 13 shoes...01:30
wilee-nileeAh.thats much better, thanks. ;)01:31
daftykinsi gotta wonder about those guys01:31
daftykinsi mean, they never hang around for me to converse with :(01:31
OerHeksgreat, i have "empty updates"01:36
daftykinsOerHeks: but are you going to install? :)01:38
wilee-nileeOerHeks, I saw that yesterday runit from the cli.01:38
* wilee-nilee whips out his tinfoil fedora to analyze the data01:39
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NoskcajWhat do i need to back up to keep my GPG key?01:40
NoskcajDuring a re-install01:40
OerHeksinstall now does perform some updates, might be caused by pre-downloading the updates.01:40
RealDrProxyI believe you need to backup the .gpg folder in your home folder if I am not mistaken.01:40
cff9How much RAM would you give to Virtual Machine? I need XP to run on Ubuntu -01:41
RealDrProxyor .pgp, whatever it is01:41
YaesuOerHeks, big thanks (Hartelijk Bedankt)01:41
RealDrProxyYou could always just export the key01:41
RealDrProxyIn the CLI01:41
compdoccff9, two gigs if possible01:41
wilee-nileecff9, regular install asks for a gig01:41
RealDrProxy*using the cli01:41
babinlonstonCant Update Showing Error , How to Clear the issue01:42
cff9@compdoc @wilnee-nilee > thanks ill try that now if i need more i add more :)01:42
IdleOneNoskcaj: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto#Backing_up_and_restoring_your_key_pair01:42
wilee-nilee!details > babinlonston01:43
ubottubabinlonston, please see my private message01:43
babinlonstonUsing Ubuntu 13.04 , I cant Update using apt-get update or upgrade , Showing Error i think there is Some Wrong Repository please help me to get remove it and update01:43
Noskcajthanks IdleOne. I've just copied the .gnupg folder, that seems easier01:43
wilee-nileebabinlonston, Run in the terminal sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and use a pastebin for all the text01:44
Hariwald_GruffudHello everyone, Hariwald_Gruffudhere and i'm here and ready to DDoS.01:44
babinlonstonwilee-nilee:  ok01:44
wilee-nilee [Hariwald_Gruffud] (~Hariwald_@ Hariwald_Gruffud01:45
gr33n7007hHariwald_Gruffud, You say that everytime you join01:45
wilee-nileebabinlonston, You might also run cat /etc/apt/sources.list and include it in the pastebin01:46
babinlonstonwilee-nilee:  Sure its Showing Some Error let me give u output01:47
babinlonstonwilee-nilee: Not Moving more than 81 %01:50
wilee-nileebabinlonston, Has this updated and upgraded before with no problems, and have you set a proxy...etc since?01:51
wilee-nileelike changing the server or to ftp...etc01:51
babinlonstonno proxy but i have configured Apt-cache ng fo cache for Virtual machines01:52
wilee-nileebabinlonston, This a virtual where the problem is?01:52
babinlonstonwilee-nilee:  no no no the problem is in Base System , not in virtual machine01:53
babinlonstonI have configured Apt cache ng for virtual machine01:53
babinlonstonwilee-nilee: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5994801/01:54
wilee-nileebabinlonston, is this in your sources list.  lonston@desktop:~$ ^C01:55
wilee-nileelonston@desktop:~$ 5~01:55
wilee-nileelonston@desktop:~$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list01:55
babinlonstonwilee-nilee:  yes01:56
wilee-nileebabinlonston, What's that for, never seen anything like that.01:56
babinlonstonWhat ? cant get u01:57
babinlonstonwilee-nilee:  u cant see the paste ?01:57
IdleOnebabinlonston: remove those 3 lines from sources01:58
wilee-nileebabinlonston, I see the paste, I have never seen anything like that in a sources list, is there a reason.01:58
cff9bye all - have nice weekend01:58
babinlonstonIdleOne: which three lines01:58
wilee-nileebabinlonston, The ones I just posted.01:58
IdleOnebabinlonston: the ones with lonston@desktop01:58
IdleOneremove them completely01:59
IdleOnemake sure you save the changes and then run sudo apt-get update01:59
babinlonstonwilee-nilee:  no its While i copied it came ., but not its in Source list02:00
thurstylarkI'm setting up a vps, and my provider only will support clean installs of ubuntu server up to 11.04. What method do you recommend to get me to 12.04?02:01
babinlonstonwilee-nilee: this is Source list just now  i copied and pasted http://paste.ubuntu.com/5994823/02:02
wilee-nileebabinlonston, If your sources list is clean, I would change mirrors, and medibuntu is eol02:02
Ben64thurstylark: get a new vps provider02:02
babinlonstonwilee-nilee: how can i change it guide me02:02
IdleOnebabinlonston: now you have root@desktop:/home/lonston# cat /etc/apt/sources.list02:03
IdleOneroot@desktop:/home/lonston# cat /etc/apt/sources.list in there02:03
babinlonstonIdleOne:  its just coming while im copy that but its not in source list sir02:04
wilee-nileebabinlonston, Medibuntu is in /etc/apt/sources.list.d use ppa-purge to remove it, changing the server is in softwrae sources gotten to easiest from the software center edit.02:04
IdleOnebabinlonston: I don't see how that is possible.02:04
BunkMonkey_Hey all02:05
wilee-nileebabinlonston, Follow IdleOne they are correct.02:06
babinlonstonIdleOne: :( but its not showing while im opening using vim02:06
IdleOnebabinlonston: Then I don't understand how those 2 lines got pasted there in the middle of the file02:07
IdleOnebabinlonston: what exactly is the problem you are having?02:07
babinlonstonIdleOne: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5994836/02:09
maxiPad3gsI want to use GIMP photo editor but it saves my pictures as .xcf files.. thats okay i guess right but how do i then convert them back to .jpg files? is there a app like format factory that i can use for Ubuntu? 13.04 on a thinkpad x220.02:09
trismmaxiPad3gs: File/Export02:10
trismmaxiPad3gs: in gimp02:10
IdleOnebabinlonston: that looks good, what error are you getting when you try to update?02:10
babinlonstonIdleOne:  i cant update , while updating its Showing some error and not getting update or i cant install software's from Ubuntu software centre02:10
daftykinsit even tells you to do this ^02:10
poeeis there any app that logs ip's that I connect to?02:10
IdleOnebabinlonston: What error exactly?02:10
babinlonstonOne Red Colour ! mark in Notification Area in top Showing ur Update is outdated02:11
daftykinsIdleOne: KoshDzis is another of those private message abusers. could you resolve please?02:11
IdleOnebabinlonston: ok, open a terminal and type: sudo apt-get update02:11
IdleOneKoshDzis: Please don't bother users with silliness.02:12
maxiPad3gstrism: yep thanks02:12
babinlonstonIdleOne: Done and its under Process02:12
IdleOnedaftykins: come to the ops chan please02:12
IdleOnedaftykins: seems to have solved itself02:14
maxiPad3gsmy USB 3.0 is usually not working on my thinkpad x220 running 13.04.. if i reboot it runs for a second and then reverts to 2.0 speeds. Is it from running Conky desktop monitor theme?02:14
babinlonstonIdleOne: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5994848/02:15
=== acerimmer is now known as cfhowlett
IdleOnebabinlonston: ok try chaging your download server see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Download_Server02:16
IdleOnebabinlonston: right now you are using glug.nith.ac.in, try a different server in your country or use the main server.02:17
maxiPad3gsnevermind about USB 3.0 on the thinkpad. it seems tht this issue will not be fixed any time soon according to Ubuntu forums sorry..02:17
babinlonstonIdleOne:  ok let me try it and come , but while im changing it it cant change asking to click revert , if i click it coming again to Present server what now having , how can i change it in command line02:19
IdleOnebabinlonston: when it asks to revert, don't revert02:20
maxiPad3gsso aside from the USB 3.0 not working on the Thinkpad x220 .. the all in one card reader does not work wither. when SD card is inserted . nothing happens. and i have no clue how to manually mount this nor does it seem logical to have to do this everytime I insert a SD card no?02:20
babinlonstonoh ok02:21
usr13maxiPad3gs: mount   #What does that say?02:22
usr13maxiPad3gs: tail -f /var/log/syslog  #Unplug and plug it back in and see what is says there.02:23
maxiPad3gsusr13: i have no idea what you just said sorry02:23
dr_feelgudhi all02:24
babinlonstonIdleOne: :) if im not clicking on Revert its Working Fine Thanks For your help Sir :)02:25
maxiPad3gswell at least Firefox works because nothing else does.. Chromium crashes everytime I open it. soooo... yeah .. cheers. .I hope Saucy salamader is better02:26
RealDrProxy /anti-unity02:26
RealDrProxy12.04 'til I die. Or at least 'til support is dead.02:26
babinlonstongoing to office times up take care all :-h02:26
xmetalno matter what OS its on .. i am not a fan of Chrome-based browsers02:27
Dannyi have a problem02:27
maxiPad3gsso in other words I have to be Linux certified just to figure out how to use my SD card reader?02:27
xmetalall the sites and articles i reads talk about how fast they are .. even when i get on high speed .. they seem slower to me02:27
ubottuDanny,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:27
daftykinsmaxiPad3gs: what ubuntu is this?02:27
IdleOne!ot | xmetal02:27
ubottuxmetal: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:27
Dannymy internal sound not working ubuntu 13.402:28
maxiPad3gsdaftykins: 13.04 broken ringtail02:28
Dannyi plug in head fones it works02:28
xmetallol ... go off topic for one post and that happens02:28
Dannyits sound max driver02:28
daftykinsmaxiPad3gs: there's definitely something on these cards? :) and this is a laptop?02:28
Dannyhow do i get my internal sound working02:28
Dannyin ternmail02:28
maxiPad3gsdaftykins: wow02:29
AmauHi how are you?02:29
cartusiais there any difference when you install from synaptic and software center?02:29
Dannyany one know how fix this02:29
cartusiain terms of updates etc...02:29
xanguacartusia: no02:29
cartusiakk thx02:29
xanguacartusia: if you install packages from repositories at least02:29
daftykinsmaxiPad3gs: what's the wow at?02:30
maxiPad3gs@thinkpad x220 with a sd card full of pictures02:30
Dannyhow can i get internal sound working02:30
Dannysound max02:30
Guest14600Hey people, I need to install my built it sd card reader driver, can anyone guide me through it please?02:31
Dannyi wanna watch youtube vedios i cant no sound02:31
Dannysome one gonna help me02:31
ubottuDanny,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/02:32
scarecrow_hello i have a phpmyadmin for ubuntu server question02:33
maxiPad3gsGuest14600: there is no such thing. an operating system is designed to load the module on boot. if it does not then .. well. maybe someone here can help you because i have the same issue.. what is your make model of your pc and what OS are you running02:33
fire_exitHi, any one here knows where gnome-ppp stores its configuration settigns?02:33
scarecrow_Im getting Access denied for user 'roo'@'localhost'02:34
maxiPad3gsGuest14600: OS=Distro of Ubuntu02:34
scarecrow_It doesnt complete the phpmyadmin install02:35
Guest14600maxiPad3gs: 10.0402:35
maxiPad3gsGuest14600: unless you can modify your dev rules most likely like me you will have to manually mount that Module every time oyu rebot or log off02:35
Guest14600maxiPad3gs: How do I mount it??02:36
aceroneHi there Ubuntu friends, i have a little prob on my Acer Aspire One AOA110 (ZG5). I had the old Netbook remix, so now after a year or two i figured out it needed a update.. first prob netbook remix is no more. its now build in to regular Ubuntu(?) so i dl 13.04 put the stick in the usb, start to install.. it needs 8.6Gb.. well theres my prob this Aspire One has the 8gb SSD msata. What can i do?02:36
maxiPad3gsLinux Plus certification required02:36
scarecrow_getting access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'02:36
cfhowlettacerone, xubuntu or lubuntu are what you want02:36
wilee-nileeGuest14600, The 10.04 desktop install is end of life.02:36
cfhowlettacerone, both optimized for low spec and older machine.02:36
maxiPad3gsGuest14600: you have to learn the terminal and Linux commands for maual mount of module..02:37
aceronethey will fit?02:37
cfhowlettacerone  what's your storage?02:37
Guest14600maxiPad3gs: I know enough02:37
cfhowlettscarecrow_, yes we see you.02:37
maxiPad3gsGuest14600: then maybe you can help me lol02:37
Guest14600maxiPad3gs: We may be able to help eachother02:38
scarecrow_having an issue installing myphpadmin on ubuntu server02:38
maxiPad3gswell i am thinkpad x220 13.04 bingtail and my module isnt loading i guess=plugs in SD card nothing happens02:38
aceronecfhowlett: my acer has 8gb msata and a 8gb sd card. thats all02:38
cfhowlett!ubuntuserver| scareycrow_02:38
cfhowlettacerone, more than enough for lubuntu/xubuntu02:39
aceronecfhowlett: awsome, ill try em out, thanks for help02:39
cfhowlettacerone, have fun.  be safe02:40
usr13maxiPad3gs: Fully updated?02:40
usr13maxiPad3gs: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade02:40
aceronecfhowlett: i allways have fun when i thinker with my pcs ;)  bye bye02:40
maxiPad3gsusr13: yes02:41
cfhowlettmaxiPad3gs, and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:41
xmetallol i like saying lxde, kde, or xfce, instead of all this *buntu stuff02:41
maxiPad3gscfhowlett: wait one02:41
dr_willissome card reader chipsets are not fully supported by the kernel. sadly.02:41
Guest14600Using lshw, how do I know if a driver is installed correctly??02:41
scarecrow__ubuntu server is empty02:41
wilee-nileexmetal, Yet you run a ubuntu derivative, hmmmmm02:42
xmetali wonder if i need graphics drivers for my new install of a new distro  ... the new version seems slow (lagging, video-wise) sometimes02:42
usr13maxiPad3gs: If you look at the output of   tail -f /var/log/syslog   maybe it will give you/us a clue.02:42
usr13maxiPad3gs: As you plug it in.02:42
scarecrow__can anyone help with a phpmyadmin install problem?02:42
* xmetal denies that and gets pack of Mints02:43
Guest14600scarecrow__: Try #php02:43
* xmetal whistles innocently02:43
maxiPad3gsusr13: "the output of"=meaning after i run that as a command in terminal?02:43
usr13maxiPad3gs: yes02:43
maxiPad3gsusr13: ok wait one please i am runinig those other task first please02:43
usr13maxiPad3gs: That's ok, we have plenty of time. (We are open 24/7)02:44
Guest14600usr13: lol02:44
maggany mac users here? I'm wondering if you guys recommend to install rEFInd. When I installed ubuntu I installed rEFIt on OSX.02:44
maxiPad3gshttp://pastebin.com/FxG4tLe7 output of tail -f /var/etc...02:48
=== mobilebl- is now known as mobileblue
maxiPad3gsit looks like it should be working no..? let me reboot and come right bak and try loading it again yes?02:49
maxiPad3gsbe right back reboot time02:50
=== MartinS is now known as Guest35219
Xbuntu_masterBoa noite02:52
usr13someone tell maxiPad3gs that it appears that it may be mounting his device.  "Mounted /dev/mmcblk0p1 at /media/mopad/8765-4321"  (from:  http://pastebin.com/FxG4tLe7 )02:52
lotuspsychjemorning to all02:53
usr13maxiPad3gs:  So look at /media/mopad/8765-4321 and see02:53
lotuspsychjeany alternative window managers if lubuntu doesnt run smooth on an older laptop?02:55
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, xfce402:55
usr13lotuspsychje: There is xubuntu02:55
maxiPad3gsIssue resolved: thinkpad x220 13.04 boring ringtail sd card reader module load on boot/log in sucessful with a transfer rate of 9.2 MB/sec...02:55
usr13lotuspsychje: you can install xubuntu-desktop02:55
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: xubuntu has same performance on this laptop, not realy smoother02:56
usr13maxiPad3gs: Okeydokey.  Glad you let us know.02:56
xmetali think xfce and lxde are two of the lightest (not counting any commandline only  DE's that may be out there)02:57
wilee-nileelotuspsychje, A whole bunch of lighter desktops, and distros that come with them.02:58
lotuspsychjexmetal: how about enlightment?02:58
xmetali will be honest .. have not tried that02:59
xmetalthat sounds familiar though02:59
maxiPad3gsIf you have a Linux background Lubuntu and Xubuntu Kubuntu are all nice. but nautilus and Unity are key for all of my buddys ... we need those features=ex mac book users all of us..02:59
lotuspsychje!info enlightment02:59
ubottuPackage enlightment does not exist in raring02:59
lotuspsychje!info e302:59
ubottue3 (source: e3): A very small editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.71-1 (raring), package size 37 kB, installed size 120 kB (Only available for i386; kfreebsd-i386; amd64; kfreebsd-amd64)02:59
lotuspsychjeforgot packagename03:00
IdleOnee17 ?03:00
lotuspsychjeah yes03:00
lotuspsychje!info e1703:00
ubottue17 (source: e17): Enlightenment DR17 Window Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.16.999.70492-2 (raring), package size 2455 kB, installed size 6280 kB03:00
lotuspsychjeIdleOne: tnx!03:00
IdleOnesure thing03:00
lotuspsychjewould e17 be lighter then lxde?03:00
xvicariousHey, I've had a little trouble in getting grub set up properly.  When I installed it said grub had failed.  So I booted from grub recovery and tried running boot-repair.  I think the problem is I have an EFI parition on my SSD, and by boot is on one of my two HHDs.  I have grub-efi installed, but I can't seem to get it to work.  It complains about unknown filesystem when it boots and goes to recovery.03:01
xmetalhmm i may give that a try03:01
xvicariousAnyone have any idea?03:01
lotuspsychjexmetal: oldskool :p you will like it03:01
usr13lotuspsychje: How old is this PC?  (What processor and how much RAM?)03:01
=== james is now known as Guest89278
wilee-nileelotuspsychje, Try fluxbox or blackbox03:02
xmetalonly DE i dont care for is Unity honestly ... I like alot of the DE's i have tried "in thier own way"03:02
wilee-nileemuch ,ore configuring though03:02
lotuspsychjeusr13: its a compac with 512 ram with older grafix card, both lubuntu and xubuntu dont run very smooth03:02
Guest89278hello everyone hows it going? I am running Ubuntu 13.04 on a Dell N4010 laptop. I have an F key that controls screen brightness and it does not work, and when I go into the brightness settings I can move the bar all I want and nothing changes. When I switch to Windows it works just fine. Is there a way to fix this?03:03
lotuspsychjewilee-nilee: ok tnx ill try fluxbox from lubuntu maybe03:03
xmetalsounds like the pc i had that just died only when i got it i upgraded the ram from 512 to 76803:03
xmetalold compaq03:03
lotuspsychje!uefi | xvicarious03:03
ubottuxvicarious: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:03
maxiPad3gsIn three years could half of the current mac book users be running Ubuntu 15.04 on their Thinkpad's or Asus's Dell's etc....?03:03
dr_willisGuest89278:  check the exact make laptop on askubuntu.com and the forums. there may be a known worrk around or fix to get it going03:03
maxiPad3gs2 years03:04
maxiPad3gssorry Apple just kidding .. later geeks thanks for the help...03:04
xvicariousI made sure I booted the CD in UEFI mode, and yet it still fails.03:04
Perezsome backtrack user here?03:05
dr_willisPerez:  backtrack has its own support channels and web site03:05
xangua!backtrack | Perez03:05
ubottuPerez: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)03:05
xmetalhave to reboot into a distro (shhs @ willie) and get some package info03:05
lotuspsychjexvicarious: when did it goe wrong for you?03:05
PerezThanks. :D03:05
PerezI Use Ubuntu too. :D03:05
xmetalhmm that reminds me .. .i wonder if there is (no so much a DE, but a "suite of packages" to install backtrack packages on other ubuntu-based distros03:06
dr_willisxmetal:  i think they also have their own repos and kenrel versions03:06
xvicariousIt went wrong while installing GRUB, it just told me that it failed to install to /target/.  So I tried to reboot (grub recovery mind you) and ran boot-repair but it failed.  Then I tried manually installing GRUB and still nothing.03:06
lotuspsychjexmetal: i asked the same question last time, manual packages install was best option as answer03:07
xmetaltrue true @ manual iunstall03:07
xmetalanyway .. bbl03:07
lotuspsychjexvicarious: you got dualboot on that ssd? (what was previous Os)?03:07
xvicariouslotuspsychje:  I have Windows 7 on my SSD (with the EFI partition on the SSD) and Ubuntu is on one of my other hard drives.03:08
lotuspsychjexvicarious: did you try an update-grub yet?03:09
xvicariouslotuspsychje: no I haven't but I ran a dist-upgrade and it did one.  I can try one irght now.03:09
lotuspsychjexvicarious: so ubuntu doesnt run from your ssd?03:10
xvicariouslotuspsychje: no it doesn't.03:10
cartusiaI keep having some serious issues with my mouse cursor, I have already attempted to read askubuntu.com but nothing there is helpful in so far as this particular problem. Initially I thought that it might have been a Theming mouse cursor problem, and that was knocked off when I switched to different desktops. So right now I am not entirely sure where to take it from :( . Could it be because of some package that I installed? Or maybe so03:10
cartusiame settings I accidentally tweaked?03:10
lotuspsychjexvicarious: it might be usefull to pastebin your grub in chat here03:11
dr_williscartusia:  you may want to state what the actual problem is. :)    and what its doing warong.03:11
xvicariousmy grub.cfg lotuspsychje?03:11
cartusiamouse cursor I already said that03:11
lotuspsychje!grub2 | xvicarious03:11
dr_williscartusia:  and what is wrong with it?03:11
ubottuxvicarious: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:11
cartusiait doesnt show03:11
dr_willisyou mean its invisuble?03:11
cartusiaonly in a few spots does it show03:11
cartusiabut with all kde programs it does not show03:12
dr_willisare you goin gto tell us which spots.. or do we have to keep guessing and playing 20 questions03:12
cartusiasome Gnome GUI programs show a little03:12
cartusiawell its hard to describe because it is sometimes very specific.03:12
dr_willisso the mouse cursor is invisiable over ALL kde apps? and shows sometimes for gnome apps..  and only then in specific locations of such apps?03:13
cartusiathe mouse cursor on some other desktops works perfectly fine with the desktop like lxde I think (can't recall)03:13
xvicariouslotuspsychje: I don't quite understand what you're asking by pastebin'ing GRUB still...  the !grub2 didn't say much..03:13
cartusiayes its super weird :(03:13
dr_williscartusia:  you have tried making a new user and seen if it works properly for them?03:13
cartusiaso right now I am stuck using unity with pressing ctrl (and when I move the mouse it shows where the mouse cursor is at)03:14
cartusiahmmm haven't thought of that let me see about that.03:14
dr_willisdiffernt apps can use difernt mouse themes from what ive seen int he past. if the theme of files are gone/moved then it shows nothing.03:14
cartusiaohh I see03:15
dr_willisi elive you can use the xset command to set a specific mouse cursor also. (it might not have been  xset, but xsetroot, been years since ive ude that)03:15
xvicariouslotuspsychje: I'm just assuming this is what you want: http://pastebin.com/f6snbwEw03:16
cartusiaalright I am reading the man page for xset03:17
dr_willismight have been xsetroot03:19
dr_willisX cursors where origianly taken from 'font' files. ;) i recall.. but with the new desktops they get them in som eother way. but the old methoid to set them i think stillworks.03:19
minihello everyone03:22
dr_feelgudhi mini03:23
Perezhello mini03:23
dr_willissome neat info on X cursor themes (not ubuntu specific however but i bet a lot of it still applies) -->  https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Cursor_Themes#Using_X_resources03:23
minii am trying to format a used harddrive which i placed in an enclosure but the computer does not see it03:23
dr_willismini:  what is not seeing it specifically?03:24
dr_willisfdisk, gparted, the bios?03:24
minii know the boot up has been corrupt, i want to use it as an external drive03:25
dr_feelgudmini, maybe the hard drive is disbaled in bios03:25
dr_willismini:  so does fdisk -l, gparted, or  'sudo blkid' show the drive?03:25
dr_willis'sudo fdisk -l'03:26
minias an external drive the computer does not see it03:26
miniso if i place in in a computer as the main drive can it still be fixed?03:26
dr_willismini:  so does any of the following commands  'sudo fdisk -l' , gparted, or  'sudo blkid' show the drive?    <-----03:27
dr_willis'comptuer does not see it' can be interperted several differnt ways03:27
mini1 sec03:27
miniI am actually new to ubuntu an learning those commands03:27
minithis is what appears >>03:27
mini/dev/sr0: LABEL="Ubuntu 13.04 i386" TYPE="iso9660"03:27
mini/dev/sda1: UUID="8d08ca7c-2f22-4c21-97fb-240d6c45ebb9" TYPE="ext4"03:27
FloodBot1mini: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:27
mini/dev/sda5: UUID="3191dd19-b6fc-4de0-afc5-52a9b4dde593" TYPE="swap"03:27
dr_willissda  seems to be your linux install.. there any other sdX entries?03:27
minii entered fdisk and does nothing03:29
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cfhowlettRajzi, greetings03:31
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dr_feelgudmini, if the drive is not detected by bios can you check if hardrive isnot spinning/poweringup?03:33
minithe external drive is connected via usb, it is a windows hard drive but i want to make it an external drive to save files03:33
dr_willismini:  the command was 'sudo fdisk -l'  not 'fdisk'03:33
dr_willismini:   untill one of the disk partioning tools shows the drive.. you are not going to be doing squat with it...03:33
waterlitehi all03:34
steamboatAnyone want to help me install ubuntu without erasing windows 8? Every time I start the installation ubuntu can't detect any installed operating systems.03:34
dr_willisif it w as a windows drive then it show up with the filesystem type  of 'ntfs'03:34
ubottusteamboat,: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:34
Amau_Plus_PlusHi waterlite how are you?03:34
steamboatEven though gparted sees all the drives03:35
Amau_Plus_Plusalguien que hable espaol?03:35
dr_willissteamboat:  #1 thing to do would be sure you have made (or own) a restore dvd set - to restore your windows system. in case somthing screws it up.03:35
ubottuAmau_Plus_Plus,: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:35
RajziSteamboat try to select the partition manually03:36
ohsnapsup noobuntu03:36
wilee-nileeAmau_Plus_Plus, This is an english channel you might want #ubuntu-es03:36
ohsnapi have a quick question03:36
ohsnapwould anyone like to rub duck sauce on my nipples?03:36
dr_willisohsnap:  wrong channel.. you want #foreveralone03:37
ubottuohsnap,: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!03:37
steamboatI've created a restore disc so I can't screw up too badly, and I can select the partition manually03:37
dr_willissteamboat:  could be you need to resize, or delete a partion so you have some unallocated space for the installer to detect03:38
dr_willisive seen windows machines come wtth 4 primary partions. thats the limit for the mbr type disk layout. so you cant make any more partions03:39
Rajziselect the partiton  make it root03:39
cfhowlettdr_willis, you can make unlimited(?) logical partitions but only 4 primary primary partitions03:40
steamboatIf I resize the windows partition from the ubuntu installer will it screw with the data (assuming I leave enough space)?03:40
wilee-nileesteamboat, This is windows 8 right, use its disk manager to resize.03:41
steamboatwilee-nilee, resize from inside windows?03:41
wilee-nileesteamboat, yes it works nicely, and reboot it to so it runs its auto chkdsk.03:42
wilee-nileesteamboat, you then have an unallocated space for ubuntu.03:42
steamboatok, reboooting the windows computer03:43
hylianI want to set up dual boot with win 7 32 bit / Ubuntu 12.04. will grub cause problems with win 7's boot system?03:43
wilee-nileesteamboat, I would image/clone it as well, just to be safe no matter what you install.03:43
cfhowletthylian, shouldn 't.  I've got 12.04 and win7 ... no issues03:43
wilee-nileehylian, Should not grub will boot windows.03:43
hylianok thanks cfhowlett and wilee-nilee.03:44
steamboatI've made a recovery disc, but unfortunately I don't have a usb large enough to clone the OEM partition03:44
wilee-nileesteamboat, I would consider what you would do if you brick the windows.03:44
steamboatwilee-nilee, ubuntu is my primary os, but I'd like to be able to play games on new system. Not having ubuntu much worse than not having windows :)03:46
wilee-nileesteamboat, Bad reasoning but do what you must.03:47
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:48
ubottujeetpei,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:49
whoeverhi all03:49
cfhowlettwhoever, greetings03:49
waterliteHi all03:50
whoevercfhowlett: hows it goin03:50
cfhowlettwaterlite, greetings03:50
jeetpeimy question is is samba's smbc_new_context multi thread safe ?03:50
whoeverwallzero: hows it goin03:50
cfhowlettwhoever, no worries.  what's your ubuntu issue?03:50
whoevercfhowlett: none , i am here to help just as you are03:51
whoeverjust thaugh i'd take some time and greet the channel03:51
vic2rHi gudday everyone. jsty want to ask solution because i got problem with pidgin i successfully installed it using apt-get install pidgin but it auto close when i open it. any idea what's wrong with it. hope to find solution from u guys. :-)03:51
whoever vic2r do you have rights to it? try it in cli03:52
vic2ryup i try to uninstall it already and reinstall but still the same problem03:53
whoevervic2r: is there an error03:53
whoevervlt: if not then there isn't much we can do for you03:54
vic2rno error but it auto close03:54
Ben64yeah we got that, try running it from a terminal03:55
whoevervic2r: the only thing i can think of is tha you are missing some depencancy, although doesn't seem lickly-03:56
Ben64also would help to know the ubuntu version03:56
wilee-nileevic2r, A uninstall does not remove the config, so you have the same thing basically.03:56
vic2ri did the clean uninstall using apt-get --purge remove03:57
wilee-nileeah, the rest if the story. ;)03:57
dr_willisvic2r:  that will NOT clean out messed up configs in the users home.03:57
vic2roh ic.03:57
vic2ri thought it will03:57
dr_willisvic2r:  test with a newly made. and/or clean out the pogin config files in the users home. run pigin form a terminal. look for errors03:57
dr_willisvic2r:  it would be a disaster if apt-get removed configs from the users home03:58
dr_willisyou remove/reinstall firefox...  and poof all your old ff settings are gone for all users on the system.. that would not be good.03:58
wilee-nileeI keep mine numbered for just such an occasion03:59
dr_willisi keep mine backed up to my U1 account. ;)03:59
vic2rlet me try to clean config. il update u what will happen03:59
ubotturhobot,: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!04:03
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ffiowhen runining sudo apt-get install, i am getting error -> Errors were encountered while processing: E: sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)  where can i check what was the exact error and what process caused it ?04:07
kasadI'm trying to install ubuntu 8.04 from flashdrive, setup starts, but then it says that it can't mount cdrom04:10
kasadI've found somewhere that there is workaround that you can mount flash drive partition as /cdrom and setup would continue04:11
kasadI'm just not sure how to figure out which is correct partition to mount as /cdrom04:11
reisiokasad: why such an old version?04:11
kasadnot my choice, but has to be replica of existing server04:12
kasadand I don't have working cdrom so it has to be from thumbdrive04:12
tgm4883kasad, just for reference, 8.04 is completely unsupported now04:14
tgm4883as in it gets no more security updates (or any updates)04:14
kasadtgm4883: I know04:15
reisiokasad: replica?04:15
kasadI just need a way out of this for now04:15
reisiowhat's the problem?04:15
kasadit has to be exact same system04:15
reisiowhy not just copy the existing system, then?04:16
kasadI can't it's remote and it's not possible atm04:16
kasadbut I have to get 8.04 LTS working together with specific plesk version (not my choice it's a request)04:17
tgm4883kasad, you could try just doing a symlink, but I think that your reasons for 8.04 may not be fully understood04:17
tgm4883wait, plesk?04:17
tgm4883as in, the web server control panel?04:18
kasadtgm4883: yes unfortunately, I don't get any say in the matter04:18
reisiokasad: why isn't it possible?04:18
reisioand if it's going to be possible later why not just wait04:18
tgm4883kasad, who are you doing this for, and tell them they are an idiot04:18
kasadreisio: because I do not have access to the machine atm04:19
tgm4883kasad, I would, under no circumstances, put an unsupported OS of any type on a public web server04:19
kasadtgm4883: symlink to what04:19
reisiokasad: how do you hope to have an exact replica without access04:19
tgm4883kasad, no, I'm not playing any part in you putting an unsupported web server on the internet04:19
kasadwhen I try to mount find cdrom I get " failed to retrieve the preconfiguration file, and it looks for file://cdrom/preseed/ubuntu-server.seed which is nowhere to be found on mounted drives04:20
kasadreisio: I have the list04:20
reisiokasad: list?04:21
droopi downloaded an rpm file for my printer drivers. the manager opened the file and now i have a folder. how can i install?04:21
kasadreisio: of os and services I need to set up04:21
kasadtgm4883: it isn't even going to be online afaik04:22
rypervenchekasad: What version of Plesk is this?04:22
tgm4883kasad, yea, I don't see why you need plesk for an offline web server....04:23
wilee-nileedroop, Ubuntu does not use rpm's are you sure you even need this?04:23
kasadlemme check04:23
kasadplesk 9.5.404:23
kasadtgm4883: I do not need it, I just need to make sure it's working as requested04:24
rypervenchekasad: That's still quite old. They're on 11.0.9, even higher than that.04:24
kasadit's to do with some intranet app that I know nothing about not I care to04:24
tgm4883kasad, the person that hired you knows this is an unsupported server?04:25
droopwilee-nilee: ya. i looked up the website and it has the linux drivers i need. i tried installing by just using ubuntu but it wont work. maybe im doing it wrong. i figured ill give it a try. It gives deb, rpm, or tar.gz04:25
kasadthey need to "salvage" something old and scary (it's scary for me as long as it involves plesk and ages old ubuntu)04:26
wilee-nileedroop, Have you seen if they are in the ubuntu repos by running the printer app?04:26
kasadI didn't had opportunity to take a look at application04:26
tgm4883kasad, sorry, I just want to make sure I understand this correctly. The person that hired you for this job (it's a contract i'm assuming), knows that the OS they want is unsupported, and hired someone that doesn't know what a symlink is to do this?04:26
wilee-nileedroop, A deb would be what you use.04:26
tgm4883this seems like a very very bad thing04:27
tgm4883oh, and also the cdrom on that computer is broke04:27
kasadtgm4883: yeap04:27
droopwilee-nilee:deb? ok. ill try both. the repos and then deb. thank you.04:27
tgm4883which I'm assuming this server is some repurposed desktop system sitting under someones desk04:27
tgm4883kasad, you don't happen to live in Oregon do you?04:28
kasadtgm4883: I know what a symlink is, but I don't have idea where/which is usb partition that I need to mount or symlink because I can't find anything related04:28
wilee-nileetgm4883, goes full Carnac. ;)04:28
kasadnope, other side of the planet more or less04:28
tgm4883kasad, ok good04:28
prappl93How can I tell which /dev device my DVD drive is?04:29
rypervencheprappl93: ls -l /dev/cdrom04:30
TLoFPHow do you redirect a video stream to file while still displaying it?04:30
TLoFPI have been having problems with this for weeks now, google has not helped me (tee doesn't seem to do the trick)04:31
kasadanyhow, any advice on how to figure out where are the files are need,  because I sure can't find them04:31
prappl93rypervenche: It's linking to sr0, and when I try using that, it says "/dev/cdrom: read-only file system"04:32
rypervencheprappl93: Yeah, what are you trying to do with it?04:32
prappl93rypervenche: Trying to use dd to write an image to a disc04:32
rypervencheprappl93: It sounds like the disk isn't blank.04:33
prappl93rypervenche: It is a blank DVD, just took it out of the package, doesn't have anything written to it yet.04:33
ubulostDoes the phrase "no you have Asian Flu" mean anything to anyone.  It showed up in terminal in newly installed Mint04:34
babinlonston1How to create a ISO file from Ubuntu Disc ? Now i have inserted Ubuntu Disc in my Drive , Now i want to create a ISO file of that , How can i do04:34
rypervencheprappl93: What's the command that you're running?04:34
prappl93dd if=filetowrite of=/dev/sr0 or of=/dev/cdrom04:34
prappl93Prefaced by sudo, of course.04:35
grimetonsomebody in here tried to install ubuntu 13.04 server inside virtual box?04:35
babinlonston1oh thanks04:35
Ben64prappl93: fairly sure that will never work04:35
prappl93babinlonston1: My response was to someone else.04:35
babinlonston1prappl93: :( oh not for me04:36
=== arunprasad_away is now known as arunprasadr
gr33n7007hprappl93, put your DVD in and run the command mount04:36
Ben64babinlonston1: switch the "if" and "of" of that command and it should work for what you want to do04:36
gr33n7007hto see where it mounts04:36
babinlonston1Ben64: ok04:37
babinlonston1Ben64: dd of=/media/Ubuntu-Server\ 12.04\ LTS\ amd64/ if=/dev/tmp/ubuntusiso Show Error04:38
droopwilee-nilee: ubuntu had the drivers. now i try to find the network printer and it doesnt find it04:38
wilee-nileedroop, Not sure there myself.04:39
cartusiaI use freebsd, does anyone know the equivalent in Linux for Jails?04:39
cartusiajust wondering04:39
cartusiaif there is such a thing04:39
cartusiaor if FBSD took it from Linux who knows >.<04:39
Ben64babinlonston1: if = input, of = output04:40
Ben64babinlonston1: and you're going to want the device, not the mountpoint04:40
wilee-nileebabinlonston1, By the way you can do the same with brasero.04:42
babinlonston1dd: opening `/dev/cdrom': Read-only file system04:42
babinlonston1wilee-nilee:  u here04:42
babinlonston1oh ok but i want to know in command line cos im going it in other ubuntu server04:43
grimetonextracting a linux image feels like installing a service pack04:43
Ben64babinlonston1: again, of = the output, and if = the input04:43
ubulostgrimeton: I've got 12.04 server in virtual box04:43
wilee-nileeI be04:43
dr_willisi dont think you can use dd to ;write; to a  optical drive.04:43
dr_willisat least ive never seen that done befor04:44
Ben64dr_willis: there are sort of ways, but not how anyone here would like it04:44
dr_willis!info wodim04:44
ubottuwodim (source: cdrkit): command line CD/DVD writing tool. In component main, is optional. Version 9:1.1.11-2ubuntu3 (raring), package size 359 kB, installed size 845 kB04:44
wilee-nileethey want an iso04:44
babinlonston1Ben64: dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/tmp/ubuntu this ok i think im i right cos its Creating i think04:44
babinlonston1Ben64: :)04:44
dr_willisyou can use dd to MAKE a iso image from a cdrom drive.. ;) thats easy04:44
dr_willisbabinlonston1:  in the future use a bs=4M  option.. to make it work much faster04:45
babinlonston1dr_willis:  oh ok fine let me try it too after first one getting finish04:45
dr_willisthat first one may take a VERY long time..04:46
dr_willishow big is the disk you are imageing?04:46
babinlonston1-rw-rw-r--  1 sysadmin sysadmin 613M Aug 17 10:16 ubuntu Done04:46
dr_willisjust a cd. ;) not a 4gb dvd then. heh04:46
dr_feelgudhow to read txt files on terminal?04:50
grimetondr_feelgud: more, less, vi, vim, ....04:51
cartusiabtw I found the answer to my question. In case anyone else is wondering04:51
reisiocartusia: what was your question?04:51
grimetoncartusia: freebsd doesn't have jails ...04:51
dr_feelgudgrimeton, thanks04:51
grimetoncartusia: argh, my fault ...04:51
reisiothat "answer" appears to confuse a chroot with a chroot jail04:53
reisioone of the words is an adjective04:53
dr_feelgudhow do i convert log file into html?04:53
grimetondr_feelgud: perl, python, ....04:53
reisiodr_feelgud: what for...04:53
babinlonston1Any  One Have Idea About Installing Kalutura Video Platform in ubuntu ?04:54
dr_feelgudi want to read logs on browser04:54
reisiomost web servers will server as text/plain anything with a .txt extension04:54
reisiowill serve*04:54
grimetondr_feelgud: (echo '<html><body><pre>';cat /var/log/syslog;echo '</pre></body></html>') > log.html04:55
dr_willisdr_feelgud:  a browser can display text files i recall doing it in the past04:56
dr_feelgudgrimeton, awesome thanks04:56
reisiototal waste of time04:56
dr_willismay as well use a log colorizer script :)04:56
reisiomay as well use ssh :p04:57
dr_feelguddr_willis, thanks for responding04:57
dr_willissssshhhhh., no one should mention ssh.. its a secret04:57
dr_willis!find colortail04:57
ubottuFound: colortail04:57
dr_willis!info colortail04:57
ubottucolortail (source: colortail): log colorizer that makes log checking easier. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.3.3-1 (raring), package size 24 kB, installed size 144 kB04:57
dr_willisold skool eye candy.. have a transparent xterminal on the 'root' of the x server display.. displaying  colorized log output ;)04:58
stimoceiverdumb question: how can i tell what release and version # of ubuntu i am running from the command line?04:58
grimetonthere is xroottail04:58
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »04:59
grimetonstimoceiver: lsb_release -r04:59
reisiostimoceiver: cat /etc/*release*04:59
dr_willis!info xroottail04:59
ubottuPackage xroottail does not exist in raring04:59
dr_willis!find xroottail04:59
ubottuPackage/file xroottail does not exist in raring04:59
stimoceiverthanks, grimeton  and reisio04:59
stimoceiverand dr_willis04:59
grimeton!find root-tail04:59
ubottuFound: root-tail04:59
dr_willisand ubottu  ;)04:59
grimeton!info root-tail04:59
dr_willisshe gets jelous05:00
ubotturoot-tail (source: root-tail): Displays select log files in the X root window. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2-3ubuntu1 (raring), package size 17 kB, installed size 84 kB05:00
stimoceiveryes thank you ubottu for your tireless service!05:00
stimoceiverso I'm running 13.04 - is that the latest release version?05:00
dr_feelgudgrimeton, is log.html will be auto generated if i execute that script?05:00
grimetondr_feelgud: what script?05:00
grimetondr_feelgud: ah, yeah05:01
stimoceivertoday I boot up my ubuntu machine and the software update shows a blank update05:01
stimoceiver1.5 MB spread over 11 files but no info shows up05:01
grimetonstimoceiver: shit happens05:01
stimoceiverhow true that statement is05:02
dr_feelgudgrimeton, ok i'll try that05:02
stimoceiverso i was just wondering if there were any major releases out or something05:02
dr_feelgudgrimeton, thanks05:02
stimoceiverlike 13.10 or w/e05:02
stimoceiverthe problem with the "shit happens" is it isnt as reassuring05:03
stimoceiveris there a way to clear whatever caches of that it has and get it to re-download?05:03
wilee-nilee!laqnguage | stimoceiver, grimeton05:03
wilee-nilee!language | stimoceiver, grimeton05:03
ubottustimoceiver, grimeton: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:03
grimetonstimoceiver: run a apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade in the shell05:03
stimoceivergrimeton: the output of apt-get udpate gives this error:05:05
stimoceiverW: Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ raring/partner i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_raring_partner_binary-i386_Packages)05:05
stimoceiverW: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems05:05
grimetonstimoceiver: did you modify sources.list?05:06
stimoceiverprobably a while back to add some launchpad sources but other than that, no05:06
grimetonstimoceiver: then check /etc/apt/sources.list and remove the duplicat line05:06
vic2ri run pidgin on terminal. then still it auto close. then on terminal it says Segmentation fault. what does it mean.. what seems to be the problem..05:07
dr_feelgudcan some1 help me how to select all text on terminal? i use cat.05:09
Leverhow i generate muluple ssh keys and save it in one file05:09
vic2rdoes anyone know how to fix segmentation fault happens when my pidgin auto close.05:11
stimoceiverwhat is the package "command-not-found"05:12
stimoceiverand python3-commandnotfound05:12
Voiwhen i type python in terminal i get 2.7.4, i got python 3, how do i change it to python 3?05:14
Voiand where can i find it on my computer05:14
mobileI want to use a huawei modem on ubuntu 13.04, Ubuntu doesn't detects my dongle. I can't find the enable mobile broadband option05:14
grimetonVoi: python305:14
jribVoi: python305:14
Voioh :D05:14
grimetonstimoceiver: those are packages that contain the command-not-found "tool" and it's bindings to python305:14
Voitoo easy! *protests*05:14
stimoceiverah ok05:15
grimetonVoi: ls -al /usr/bin/python*05:15
dr_feelgudis ther any ubuntu similar  to deepfreeze for windows?05:15
dr_feelgudis ther any ubuntu software similar  to deepfreeze for windows?05:15
stimoceivergrimeton: thanks05:16
jribdr_feelgud: what does deepfreeze do...?05:16
rjknight1@dr_feelgud: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=143965305:17
wilee-nileedr_feelgud, used to be.05:17
dr_feelgudjrib, it saves your time from os crashing.05:18
stimoceiverdr_feelgud: theres a version for SUSE linux05:19
wilee-nileerjknight1, You can use tab to complete nicks @ does not inform the other person.05:19
dr_feelgudrjkinight, thanks i'll check that05:19
dr_feelgudstimoceiver, thanks05:20
mobileI want to use a huawei modem on ubuntu 13.04, Ubuntu doesn't detects my dongle. I can't find the enable mobile broadband option05:20
wilee-nileemobile, Run lsusb and post the exact model.05:23
wilee-nileeto the channel05:23
=== dv__ is now known as dv_
lotuspsychjexmetal: wb05:24
thunder1212how can i install enlightment desktop in ubuntu 13.0405:24
lotuspsychje!info e17 | thunder121205:25
ubottuthunder1212: e17 (source: e17): Enlightenment DR17 Window Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.16.999.70492-2 (raring), package size 2455 kB, installed size 6280 kB05:25
NiichanHi all my computer is randomly slowingdown all mouse and keyboad input until I reboot05:25
NiichanIt is running Ubuntu 13.04 https://gist.github.com/Niichan/ae1551b22542ba40d11a05:25
thunder1212lotuspsychje, why is the package so small?05:25
grimetonthunder1212: meta package that pulls in all the other stuff05:26
thunder1212grimeton, means?05:26
grimetonthunder1212: run the install and see how millions of additional packages, containing enlightenment, are being installed05:27
wilee-nileegrimeton, Could you please be less accurate in your descriptions, lol.05:28
jaimehOkay guys, something weird happened with my media keys. They seem to be working with the kernel but I can no longer change volume/media/brightness.05:28
NiichanI am not having this prolem on windows, the IRQ in question seems to be a USB device05:28
Pinkamen1_DI just did a fsck on a hard drive which I suspected errors on. It got through the first two phases or so, and now its going crazy with numbers scrolling across the screen.05:28
Pinkamen1_Dwhat do?05:28
=== Wug[Hyperspace] is now known as Wug
grimetonPinkamen1_D: run fsck again with "-y"05:28
Pinkamen1_Dits still going05:29
grimetonPinkamen1_D: i'd say it's time to start praying05:29
grimetonPinkamen1_D: and maybe running smartctl later on05:29
Pinkamen1_Dits ok, luckily the data is not very important05:29
grimetonPinkamen1_D: then drop the praying05:30
Putz3000anyone open to hearing a support question based on LibreOffice?05:31
jaimehDoes anybody know what service runs to send a media key signal to the say d-bus? I seem to have broken the media keys ability to work. Running xev it looks like it is working, but it does not change, for example, the volume05:32
mobilewilee-nilee: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5995158/  My current internet connection is very poor, so I was disconnected. This is the output of lsusb.05:34
Putz3000I basically have a Ubuntu 12.04 & LibreOffice 4.1 issue. Any advanced LibreOffice users open to hearing my issue?05:35
grimetonPutz3000: #libreoffice05:37
Putz3000grimeton: ya, been there, still there. 8 ops, 90 users, no one paying attention to the room.05:37
grimetonPutz3000: welcome to the world of libreoffice05:37
mobilewilee-nilee: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5995158/  My current internet connection is very poor, so I was disconnected. This is the output of lsusb.05:38
xmetalwhat is the actual question?05:38
Putz3000grimeton: no kidding! a loaded IRC support channel with no interaction is one of my big pet peeves.05:38
Putz3000xmetal: my question?05:38
grimetonPutz3000: they sometimes recommend to open a voice chat05:39
grimetonPutz3000: but i never used that05:39
grimetonoh how i hate udev sometimes05:39
Putz3000grimeton: me neither. these days I rarely use IRC. barely know how to change nick & join a room...lol05:39
grimetonPutz3000: don't think it's an irc thing05:40
grimetonPutz3000: read their welcome note that you get when you join the channel05:40
Putz3000grimeton: ya, read the topic info. saw the numbers but it wasn't presented as a required task..lol05:41
Putz3000grimeton: or so I thought.05:42
grimetoni guess the highly recommended task there is wait05:42
* wilee-nilee people who cannot use the actual topic is one of my pet peeves, this is not a chat channel.05:43
mobileMy ubuntu 13.04 cannot detect my huawie modem (tata photon+). I can't find the enable mobile broadband opion. This is my lsusb output,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5995158/ . If it is useful.05:44
mr_louCan someone help me get Java working in my browsers. I installed OpenJDK, and found this page: http://www.java.com/en/download/help/enable_browser_ubuntu.xml05:44
mr_louBut there's no libnpjp2.so in my jre lib folder.05:44
mr_louSo I'm stuck05:45
MrHotsauceyou installed JDK you need JRE05:45
mr_louSurely JRE is part of the JDK?05:45
grimetonmr_lou: openjdk isn't exactly the oracle thing05:45
wilee-nileemobile, Ubuntu sees the modem and it is a huawie EC1260 include that info it's rather important, to get help.05:45
mr_louOk then.05:45
mr_louOut with OpenJDK and in with Oracle05:45
Putz3000mr_lou: I just installed Java via instructions from this URL http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-oracle-java-7-in-ubuntu-12-04.html  not sure if that is what you are looking for or not.05:46
mobilewilee-nilee: Thanks for replying. How can I enable mobile broadband?05:46
grimetonmr_lou: you won't get that file with any package on ubuntu05:47
mr_louPutz3000, Thanks. Will take a look.05:47
wilee-nileemobile, I have no idea, but you can use that info to find links such as this. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=+EC126005:47
wilee-nileemobile, My advice would be to get a plug and play usb modem, they are rather cheap.05:48
stimoceiverthose huawei modems are pretty cool, is that one of the 4G LTE ones?05:48
stimoceiver(im too lazy to type "huawie EC1260" in my browser)05:49
wilee-nileecool and working are not the same05:49
qwertyomenThey just don't work too good indoors...05:49
grimetonand they always have a backdoor if you loose your password05:49
mr_louInstalling Oracle's JDK (sun-java6-jdk) still doesn't give me a /usr/local/java folder as referred to on that page.05:50
grimetonmr_lou: i told you, you won't be able to get that file with any package on ubuntu05:50
mr_lougrimeton, Then why is it referred to on most help pages I've found?05:50
dr_willissun  java? isent that a bit old?05:50
grimetonmr_lou: # apt-file search libnpjp2.so | wc -l05:51
dr_willisout of date docs perhaps05:51
grimetonmr_lou: 005:51
grimetonmr_lou: i guess it's when you use their java package - no idea05:51
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.05:51
qwertyomentheImpaled: Hi!05:51
qwertyomenBest phone to install ubuntu on?05:57
theImpaledhi qweryomen05:57
mysteriousdarrenqwertyomen: Samsung Galaxy 405:59
mr_louPutz3000, Thanks a lot! I just had to do it like you suggested.05:59
mr_louPutz3000, Now all works again.06:00
qwertyomenmysteriousdarren: Don't those come with quad cores now?06:00
mysteriousdarrenqwertyomen: I think so, I can't remember.06:01
Putz3000mr_lou: awesome! glad I could help.06:01
grimetoni remember something that parts of the gfx driver isn't open sauce anymore06:01
qwertyomenmysteriousdarren: wikipedia says one variant does... woudn't a Samsung Note do better?06:02
rscntthis is06:02
qwertyomenOh snap! octocores now.... I've been sleeping through the phone industry lately...06:06
phunyguy!touch | qwertyomen06:09
ubottuqwertyomen: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch06:09
sparklrCan anyone help me with Ubuntu 13.04 suddenly froze, I rebooted, now i can't login to that user account and i cant access the files as well as the user was encrypted06:11
jaimehsparklr: the user account was encrypted?06:12
sparklrjaimeh: yes06:12
Putz3000sparklr: Did you by chance just make a video driver change?06:12
sparklrPutz3000: no, i dint change anything. It was working normally until it froze yesterday06:13
jaimehsparklr: what can you see when you boot up? The login screen?06:13
sparklr jaimeh: i can login to other accounts, i just cant login to my primary account where all my data is and which is encrypted06:14
Putz3000sparklr: would this URL possibly help you at least gain access for data recovery? http://www.ubuntugeek.com/recover-your-encrypted-private-directory-using-ecryptfs-recover-private.html06:18
jaimehsparklr: you didn't change your password when it crashed?06:18
=== drmeiste_ is now known as drmeister_
sparklrjaimeh: there was a password on it, I removed the password. It suddenly froze while i was working.06:19
sparklrPutz3000: thanks. well i need to get that user working too apart from getting the data06:20
sparklr jaimeh: it tries to login when i log in with and without password but it again comes back to the login screen. I dont get incorrect password error06:21
anoneehello, it seems pulseaudio is not working again... :(06:24
anoneeany help would be highly appreciated...06:24
waterlitehi all06:25
waterliteAnyone from India/06:25
holsteinanonee: confirm if it is or not.. i like to use pavucontrol06:25
anoneethis time the sound indicator is greyed out, with an x mark06:25
holsteinanonee: that is "muted"06:25
anoneeOh my GOD!06:25
holsteinanonee: you could have muted with the keyboard by accident..06:25
anoneebut in the GNOME ALSA mixer I've unmuted it lol06:26
holsteinanonee: try using pavcontrol..06:26
anoneeI'll try Audacity with pulse now06:26
anoneeholstein what is pavcontrol? should I google that?06:26
holstein!info pavucontrol06:27
ubottupavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-1 (raring), package size 140 kB, installed size 953 kB06:27
holsteinanonee: assuming you are using pulse... i think its a "better" tool for most use cases06:27
holsteinwaterlite: use the #ubuntu-offtopic channel for chat..06:27
anoneeOkay :) but u know holstein I'm seriously thinking about installing another pulseaudio in order to get the equalizer, I really like to have a global equalizer and that dynamic bands quantity seems interesting...06:28
holsteinanonee: "installing another pulseaudio" makes no sense to me06:29
holsteinanonee: you can use an eq in a player, such as vlc06:29
sparklrcan anyone help me out? I cant log in to one of my encrypted user account?06:29
holsteinsparklr: details, please.... did you lose the password?06:29
woosparklr: what are you using for your keyring?06:29
sparklrholstein: no. I use the correct password. My system froze yesterday night, since then i cant login to that user account, i can access other accounts06:30
sparklrwoo: keyring? i have heard about06:31
sparklrkey string*06:31
woosparklr: gnome-keyring-daemon06:32
woosparklr: I use cryptkeeper06:32
xmetalhmm have a mental image of that cryptkeeper guy asking for linux passwords06:33
wooxmetal: I learned it when I had puppylinux disks just floating around06:34
trust_hello guys06:34
sparklrwoo: gnome-keyring-daemon output http://www.privatepaste.com/d0ad671ede06:35
sparklrwoo: i have not customized it. Its the default package which comes 13.0406:36
sparklrPutz3000:  jaimeh: are you guys there?06:36
Putz3000sparklr: yes I am.06:37
woosparklr: I had it set up on 10.0406:37
sparklrPutz3000: any idea how to get that user working?06:37
sparklrwoo: what does it do? i have no idea how it relates to my problem06:38
trust_i have a problem with my old laptop, i'am searching for a non pae version, i tried the ubuntu 13.04 12.10 12.04 an also tried the lubunto 12.10 all keep saying please use a kernel appropriate for your cpu, what version should i use for non pae cpu?06:38
Putz3000sparklr: no personal experience working around the encryption issue like you are having. have not yet found any other idea's yet either - sorry.06:38
sparklrPutz3000: ok thanks anyway06:39
darkelfjuggaloI am starting my own website, and I was recommended Apache MySQL and PHP install[s] to get me started, but i haven't a clue which exact packages I need? Using ubuntu 13.0406:39
wooya that keyring output doesn't have any fs partitions to look at06:39
grimetondarkelfjuggalo: apt-cache search is a good start06:39
grimetondarkelfjuggalo: apt-cache search apache06:39
sparklrwoo: but there is one user account which is encrypted06:40
woosparklr: the files are split right?06:40
Putz3000trust_: I could be wrong, but thought Ubuntu dropped PAE support from newer distro versions. Seems like you could install like 11.10 possibly and upgrade from it to 12.04 ok but not 100% sure. Also seems like you cant take it the rest of the way to 13.x but again, I could be wrong.06:40
sparklrwoo: i have no idea, i just select the encrypted option while installing06:40
darkelfjuggalodid that and there is a sh** load of packages06:41
woosparklr: live boot > apt-get install cryptkeeper > take shots at the passwd06:41
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info06:41
sparklrwoo: i know the password and pass phrase06:42
trust_thank you putz300 i'll try it =)06:42
holsteinits the other way AFAIK.. only pae kernels in the later releases06:42
wooya the user directory should contain one small and one large file06:42
steamboatI've just installed ubuntu on an UEFI system, and I'm trying to get it to load. Following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI I'm about to run boot-repair. It gives me a warning messgae "Please disable SecureBoot in the BIOS. Then try again. Do you want to continue?" Do I have to do something special to get Boot-repair to work with SecureBoot?06:42
Putz3000trust_: take a look at what ubotto just commented.06:42
woo!cryptkeeper | woo06:43
woosparklr: it might be diffrent if it is lmv06:44
woo!lvm | woo06:44
ubottuwoo, please see my private message06:44
sparklr!lvm | sparklr06:45
ubottusparklr, please see my private message06:45
wooub0ttu could use a bigger dict06:45
woothere was a case where the os kept locking me out of attempts on one of my encrypted volumes and with cryptkeeper and the gnome-keyring I was able to salvage a disk06:47
trust_where can i find the older ubunto versions?06:48
sparklrwoo: okay. i want to get this user working06:48
holsteintrust_: the are "not supported"... but if you search for them, you'll find them06:49
wootrust_: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/06:49
sparklrholstein: any idea on how do i get this user working?06:50
holsteintrust_: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/06:50
holsteinsparklr: i personally dont deal with the overhead of user encryption like that anymore.. i would revert to my backups and not use it06:51
sparklrholstein: can you guide which all logs to check when the user is not able to log in? so that i find out what is the problem06:52
woosparklr: didn't try that one ok.  just install gentoo > emerge cryptkeeper > import keyfiles and #crunchbang out the passwd from old cracked shadow files06:52
holsteinsparklr: not really.. im not much of a "check the logs" guy.. i typically try the passwords in TTY to make sure i have it right, then, i blow out the user configs til it works06:52
trust_thank's a lot guys (linux makes me feel like a noob )06:53
wootrust_: noob saibot06:54
holsteintrust_: you should try and use 12.04 or 13.04.. not an EOL release06:54
sparklrwoo: i dont get you :/06:54
holsteinsparklr: do you have your passphrase? the encryption passphrase?06:55
sparklrholstein: yes i have06:55
wootobias and boon where the creators of Mortal Kombat later made a character Noob Saibot this noob became standard thru the halo online gameplay but renamed newb06:55
holsteinwoo: use the #ubuntu-offtopic for chat, please.. thanks!06:55
trust_@holstein i tried both won't work on my old laptop06:56
wooholstein: he asked I explained.  we are all noobs06:56
sparklrwoo: im sorry :'(06:57
wootrust_: holstein is right you shouldn't run old distros without backports06:57
holsteinwoo: did you understand what i asked? the channel is for support.. please refer to the topic..06:57
woowoo: no I dont understand06:58
babinlonston1What will the Sudo apt-get upgrade command will do06:58
holsteintrust_: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/05/how-to-install-ubuntu-1204-on-non-pae.html06:58
holsteinbabinlonston1: upgrade packages on your system06:59
auronandacebabinlonston1: fetch the latest updates (be sure to do sudo apt-get update first to refresh the repos)06:59
ApplesouceHey I have a small problem, yesterday I resized a partition and sized it back afterwards and now when Ubuntu boots up, I can't log in anymore :/ The Partition I resized was not attached where I installed Ubuntu and it shouldn't have any boot-files06:59
holsteinsparklr: http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2011/04/introducing-ecryptfs-recover-private.html is something i would read06:59
babinlonston1ok will that fix the some drivers ?06:59
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
grimetonApplesouce: are you sure?07:00
sparklrholstein: ok ill check07:00
wooApplesouce: can you crtl+alt+f2?07:00
holsteinbabinlonston1: no.. it doesnt "fix" anything.. it upgrades packages.. upgraded packages might be able to provide some support, but not likely07:00
ApplesouceWell now I'm on a Rescue-Disk with live-operating system, so I'm not sure, but I believe it didn't work because I already tried07:01
holsteinbabinlonston1: it wont hurt, asssuming, you have a driver support issue, to run 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade'.. i have had a kernel upgrade provide wifi support07:01
ApplesouceI'm sure it shouldn't have any Boot-Files because the HDD wasn't attached while installing Ubuntu07:01
grimetonApplesouce: any kind of error message would be helpful07:01
ApplesouceThere is no error message07:01
callinedu29il y a un français07:01
ApplesouceThe Screen turns black and back to login07:02
wooApplesouce: !fr | callinedu2907:02
grimetonApplesouce: !?07:02
woo!fr | callinedu2907:02
babinlonston1ok just now i installed ubuntu 12.04 LTS in Lenovo x210e Laptop but the screen flicks now so i  need to get fix it07:02
ubottucallinedu29: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.07:02
grimetonApplesouce: so you make it to the logon of the dm and then you are logged out right after the logon?07:02
anoneeholstein I'm not sure whether you're busy or not, so if not, I just wanted to tell u that take a look at this http://www.webupd8.org/2013/03/install-pulseaudio-with-built-in-system.html what do you think about it? you can also take a look here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSiMyJZvdes the equalizer seems better than rhythmbox's and even better than vlc's! :D u know it right?07:02
babinlonston1holstein: sorry its Lenovo x120e07:03
callinedu29woo tu es fr07:03
holsteinApplesouce: you can try recovering grub, if that is what is broken.. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair07:03
woocallinedu29: yes07:03
holsteinbabinlonston1: doesnt matter what the hardware is.. and i could google that and not get eh *exact* chipsets..07:03
woocallinedu29: 2nd generation07:03
ApplesouceYes it shows the normal login screen of Ubuntu (it should normaly login by default) and then I type in my password and the screen turns black and back to login - same thing with guest session07:03
grimetonApplesouce: was your /home on the partition you resized?07:04
wooApplesouce: and you cant get a tty to proc?  are you sure?07:04
wooApplesouce: can you edit grub to boot init 1?07:04
holsteinanonee: i use jack for proaudio.. eq's and whatever.. im not really interested in eq's like that "on-the-fly" personally..07:04
wooApplesouce: hold tab down after the P.O.S.T.07:04
Applesouceno all my Ubuntu-Related Files are on the same harddrive that wasn't edited I resized another harddrive that I attached after the installation of ubuntu07:04
callinedu29au revoir07:04
woocallinedu29: bye07:05
grimetonApplesouce: hm, press ctrl+alt+f1 and try to logon as the user in the console and see if that works07:05
grimetonmaybe it gives you an error message at least07:05
ApplesouceIt didn't it shows just a black screen with a blinking cursor07:06
grimetonApplesouce: no login prompt?07:06
grimetonApplesouce: ctrl+alt+f2?07:06
anoneeholstein btw do u know something better than audacity for recording wave? stability issues here .. :(07:06
ApplesouceI'll do a Boot-Repair and try if it works afterwards, then I will try again to login via console07:07
Applesouceif it didn't work I come back :)07:07
grimetonanonee: use cat07:07
grimetonApplesouce: yeah try that ...07:07
wooApplesouce: you could also live boot and run fsck07:07
holsteinanonee: "recording wave" ?.. it doesnt matter what filetype you are tracking to.. in linux, ardour is the tool, but there is nothing wrong with audacity if JACK is overkill for you07:07
holstein!proaudio | anonee07:07
ubottuanonee: For information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro07:07
ApplesouceI am on live-boot07:08
anoneethank you holstein I needed that07:08
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot07:08
anoneebecause i installed ardour recently but didn't become friends with it yet, and I think i need more info about JACK07:09
sparklrwoo: holstein: I can login via TTY but i can see no data and i get this error "signature not found in user keyring" perhaps try the interactive 'ecryptfs-mount-private'07:10
holsteinsparklr: sounds right to me..07:12
babinlonston1Will Lenovo Thinkpad X120e Supports Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ? Getting Restart After reaching logon screen07:12
sparklrholstein: any idea on what to do next to recover the user keyring?07:12
holsteinbabinlonston1: ideally, lenova would tell you that.. nothing about ubuntu/linux is preventing that support07:13
=== companion is now known as Companion
holsteinbabinlonston1: try the 12.04 and 13.04 cd's live on the hardware, and go with what is working best07:13
holsteinsparklr: did you try that suggestion?07:13
holsteinecryptfs-mount-private ... or the link i gave from a live CD?07:14
sparklrholstein: ecryptfs-mount-private asks for a passphrase. I enter the correct passphrase, still it gives an error07:15
holsteinsparklr: then, the passphrase is incorrect, or you are entering it incorrrectly, or the disk is damaged.. or file system is corrupt.. or something "bad"07:16
sparklrholstein: omg. No other way to recover the data now?07:16
holsteinsparklr: with the passphrase..07:17
sparklrholstein: passphrase is correct07:17
holsteinsparklr: encryption offers no backups though.. you have to do that seperately07:17
holsteinsparklr: if the passphrase were "correct", it would be working... or some other more serious issue is going on07:17
holsteinsparklr: how about from a live CD? with the suggestion from before? did that work?07:18
sparklrholstein: dont have a live CD. i look up for the link again07:18
holsteinsparklr: good luck. i have to run..07:19
sparklrholstein: thanks man!07:19
sparklrholstein: i was using the incorrect passphrase, i figured out the correct one, and the disk is mounted. is there a way to get that user account working? or do i have to take a backup of the data and use a new user account?07:24
sparklrcan anyone help me with this error "signature not found in user keyring"07:29
ApplesouceOk this didn't work07:31
ApplesouceBut I'm suppost to post this link ;D http://paste.ubuntu.com/5995321/07:31
anoneeholstein: it says that I can reduce the latency to 64 ms or so if I have linux-lowlatency installed, I tried apt-get install linux-lowlatency and it said I need 180 MB it's trying to install an old kernel ( is that normal? and if I accept the installation, will I still boot the current kernel? (3.8.0-27) ?07:31
anoneeor should I boot the old kernel whenever I wanna use the low-latency?07:32
grimetonApplesouce: the boot up isn't your problem07:33
grimetonApplesouce: a log file or any kind of error message would be nice07:34
steamboatCan anyone tell me what the SecureBoot checkbox of boot-repair is for?07:34
Applesoucegrimeton: There is no Error message ... I try to log in and it just kicks me out07:34
kallebrorhello, trying to get my monitor to work and I need to make a file in /etc/x11. x11 is already an file but my path should be like this /etc/x11/xorg.conf. hwlp plz07:35
grimetonApplesouce: and you can't change to the console and log on?07:35
james-ubysseyhi, I'm trying to get dota to run on on my ultrabook but launching it gives an open gl error saying st3 compression not found, I tried force_s3tc_enable=true steam and installing libtxc-dxtn but doing so the hero models dont show07:35
Applesoucegrimeton: No when I change to console, the screen just turns black and there is a flashing cursor ...07:35
james-ubysseycurrently on 12.04 (cant upgrade) and graphics is hd400007:35
kallebrorhow do I make a config file in /etc/x11?07:36
kallebrortrying to get my korean monitor to work07:37
Grmlng90hi , anyone who could help me out a sec ?07:37
dr_williskallebror:  if you need a /etc/X11/xorg.conf then just use a text editor07:37
Grmlng90or is there a install help channel ?07:38
dr_willisGrmlng90:  this is it07:38
Grmlng90great , ok let me type the issue07:38
nowayrideGrmlng90: Just ask it, don't ask to ask07:38
=== daniel is now known as Guest86899
kallebrorsorry, im a noob. If I nano x11 how do I make a config file?07:38
dr_williskallebror:  CASE is imporntant in linux  /etc/X11 is NOT the same as /etc/x1107:38
dr_williskallebror:   'gedit filetomake'07:39
grimetonApplesouce: and you can't switch to a different console when you're on the console then?07:39
grimetonApplesouce: tried pressing alt+f2 or alt+f3?07:39
Grmlng90so , i tried to install the latest 13,04 (linux n00b here) , as a dual boot system , on my AMD FX 8120 8-core - 8gig ram , ATI radeon HD 6800 graphics07:39
dr_williskallebror:  or  sudo nano /path/to/the/file   for the console07:39
Applesoucegrimeton: yes they all do the same ...07:39
Grmlng90 i made a bootable USB drive from a sandisk cruzer blade 8gig using unetbootin , everything looks fine with that , put the drive in a usb 2 port , put that drive first in boot sequence ofcourse07:40
dr_williskallebror:  for example        sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:40
Grmlng90ok , i get the option of install ubuntu ,07:40
grimetonApplesouce: this is strange ...07:40
grimetonApplesouce: no idea07:40
Grmlng90and then i get this flashing purple screen , flashing fading into white07:40
Grmlng90nothing else , just a huge epileptic attack07:40
DrDigitali should of never restarted the computer in the middle of the OS installing07:40
dr_willis!nomodeset | Grmlng9007:40
ubottuGrmlng90: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter07:40
Applesoucegrimeton: So I should just reinstall ...07:40
kallebrorye, thanks I got into the file. Now I just need to try to get this file right07:40
DrDigitalcant even get the damn live cd to boot now07:40
Grmlng90so if i google ubuntu install + nomodeset i should find a manual what to do ?07:41
grimetonApplesouce: you could boot into single user mode and check the logs for any kind of errors07:41
nowayrideApplesouce: late to the party, what is it doing?07:41
Grmlng90aha , great , the quest continues07:41
grimetonApplesouce: but i don't know any ubuntu-specific recovery procedure that could maybe help you07:41
Grmlng90well its definately more help here as in linux mint , i think i can finally make the choice between the 207:42
Applesoucenowayride: yesterday I resized a HDD that wasn't attached to Ubuntu where I installed it, so there shouldn't be any Boot-Files on it, then I sized it back and now I can't log in anymore07:42
DrDigitali got same issue i guess07:42
dr_willisGrmlng90:  i dont see much point to using mint at all.. and mints main support channel is not on the freenode network i belive its on spotchat07:42
DrDigitalhowever first time i went to install ubuntu on this system i had no problems at all?07:42
DrDigitalit booted right up, i just was a dumb ass and forgot to setup a swap parition07:42
Applesoucenowayride: It shows the normal login screen, but when I log in the screen turns black and it shows the login screen again (normaly it should login by default anyways)07:43
Grmlng90yup , i went there cause i had other issues with trying to install that (brother in law said me that mint was more windows like and thus better , but screw him)07:43
dr_willisDrDigital:  you can always add a swap file.  I dont even have a swap partion on my main system07:43
DrDigitalinstead of waiting for it to finish installing and downloading all the updates i thought it be faster if i just reboot and started over...07:43
DrDigitalnow its like 10 hours later and i still cant get the live cd to boot up and ask me if i want to try or install07:43
dr_willis'more windows like' would not be a good thing..  ;)07:43
DrDigitaland ive changed hard drives, data cables, redownloaded the ISO, burned new cds07:43
nowayrideApplesouce: Ooooooooooooh um, yeah the login stuff is borked. I forget exactly what causes that but try single or a recovery, sounds like passwd or PAM or something got messed up, but you'd have to check messages or syslog or whatever07:44
DrDigitalI'm not that great with ubuntu… I'm learning still and i didn't know that07:44
Grmlng90in interface / way of using he meant . Hey man , ive been using windows since 95 and nothing else , delivered years of support , even for bloody vista . Its scary in the dark you know :P07:44
dr_willisDrDigital:  you have a 2nd pc? to test out things on?07:44
Grmlng90anyway , thank you Council of the Great Ubuntu , the fellowship continues !07:44
DrDigitali got like 1007:44
DrDigitali know my CD is good, it boots other systems up fine07:45
Applesoucenowayride: How do I boot single or recovery?07:45
dr_willisDrDigital:  on a problem machine once.. i used a 2nd machine.. that  cd worked on.. did a 'full normal install' to a usb flash drive (8gb) then i booted that flash in  the problem pc. and imaged the usb onto its hard drive. thus cloning the usb install to the problem pc.   ;)07:45
dr_willisthen i repeated it for like 5 other machines i was working on also for people. ;)07:46
dr_willisbut that dosent answer why you are having such issue with that pc in the firsst place07:46
nowayrideApplesouce: when booting you need to hit grub.. it's um, hold shift (or if it's server just mash a and it'll hit the edit line)? Then edit the vmlinuz line to have single at the end07:47
nowayrideIt's easier to remember this stuff at the console :\07:47
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode07:47
dr_willistext  mode is just like one step 'above' single user mode. ;)     thers also the 'rescue/recovery' mode07:48
nowayrideSo does anyone 1) know how to inject hostname into the kickstart without using %post (is it a different name? It's pulling kickseed) 2) any repercussions for setting a proxy cache for us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu to pull installer/apt-get stuff from? Granted these are throw aways and don't need to be up to date07:48
ApplesouceOk I'll try07:48
Naveen_guys, i installed BURG and now my boot is damaged07:50
Naveen_please help07:50
DrDigitalwhat i don't get (this is the wrong version) why am i not getting this kinda system now? I got this the first time http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/install-desktop-latest07:50
Naveen_I have ubuntu 11 live CD07:50
nowayrideDrDigital: What do you mean it is the wrong version, what you installed isn't 13.04?07:51
anoneebtw can I still get ubuntu 10 ?07:51
anoneeI mean is it still usable? I like it!07:51
DrDigitalim installing 12.0407:52
DrDigitaland i gave a link to the 1307:52
W-ManOMG !!!!!!!07:52
DrDigitalbut they pretty similar interface compared to what i got… i posted a video on a ubuntu Facebook group07:52
streulmagood morning :)07:52
W-ManSo many people in here, it's insane07:52
W-ManHi everybody07:52
streulmawhat's the best way to make the fonts in Ubuntu better ?07:52
Slartstreulma: define better =)07:53
grimetonstreulma: design your own07:53
streulmaokay... like Microsoft fonts with ttfmscorefontsinstaller07:53
anoneeW-Man hi, this is the ubuntu official support channel, please ask your question, otherwise, please use ubuntu-offtopic07:53
grimetonstreulma: there is no such thing as lindings07:53
peter1210Can i create more than one extended partition on disk?07:53
streulmaand then my fonts are not good and a bit blurry on my Retina screen07:54
streulmathe problem is if I set on 1650px then it is ugly, on 2280px it is to high07:54
grimetonpeter1210: on the "common layouts": no07:54
Slartstreulma: there used to be some settings for font anti-aliasing.. "cleartype" kind of settings07:54
peter1210what is common layouts?07:55
grimetonpeter1210: something the redmond os can read too07:55
Slartstreulma: this might help you... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fonts#Font_settings  not sure how up-to-date that guide is though07:56
DrDigitali feel like just smashing the shit out of this computer and just buying another one07:56
peter1210i have windows 7 installed and i want to install also ubuntu and windows xp07:56
grimetonpeter1210: think about virtualization07:56
peter1210i have one extended partition but i want to create one more07:56
wilee-nileepeter1210, Only one extended is allowed07:57
peter1210that's not good07:57
Slartpeter1210: can't you just extend the one you have?07:57
wilee-nileepeter1210, seems to work for everyone else. ;)07:57
peter1210partitions are not adjecent07:57
peter1210so i can't extend them07:58
Slartpeter1210: and you can't have any more primary partitions?07:58
grimetonconvert to gpt07:58
ghostnik11Hi is there a program to block your IP address or to show a different IP address so that you can use a certain program07:59
peter1210i have some toshiba system volume partition which is primary07:59
peter1210i think to delete it07:59
grimetonghostnik11: iptables ...07:59
Slartghostnik11: I think a proxy is what you're looking for07:59
Slartghostnik11: changing your ip is like telling people you live at the north pole.. you might fool them but you won't get any mail they send08:00
ghostnik11grimeton: iptables? Slart: I am trying to change IP so I can make calls back to home using Google voice08:00
Slartghostnik11: and what's wrong with using the ip you have?08:01
grimetonghostnik11: you can change your ip to anything you want, but it won't help you, as long as you don't get it forwarded by the provider you're currently using08:01
Tex_NickSlart : great analogy ;-)08:01
kallebroranyone have a korean 1440p ips monitor here?08:01
ghostnik11Slart: well now I am in the states where me and my family live but will outside of the states and Google voice doesn't work outside usa08:02
grimetonghostnik11: go for a different solution, e.g. skype08:02
crassghostnik11: proxy?08:03
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
Tech-1ghostnik11,  thats cuz its nsa approved08:03
ghostnik11grimeton: so first I would have to find out if provider will allow me to show the different IP, yeah I won't know until in get there. Also skype isn't good on dial up speeds08:03
Slartghostnik11: then you need a proxy.. those come in different variations..free/cheap ones might not be that good, good ones usually cost money. Are you sure it's not just when you register you have to be in the us? I assume you've tried?08:04
crassghostnik11: and who says google voice doesn't work outside the US? I've used it many times08:04
grimetonghostnik11: you're beating a dead horse ...08:04
TinasheHi Guys...08:04
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=== melf is now known as [Derek]
ghostnik11Tech-1: lol, so Google voice is NSA approved? If that's true then they have a lot of my conversation with my family08:05
crassthere are some countries that google voice won't allow you to call from, like Burma08:05
crassbut then I just used it through tor08:05
TinasheGuys got a question...anyone...08:05
SlartTinashe: just ask08:05
Tinashesure...anyone doing web application development in Java...need help with something...08:06
ghostnik11crass: oh well I will be satisfied if I can text family from where I am using Google voice08:06
SlartTinashe: just ask the question.. you might want to try a java specific channel as well.. I'm guessing there has to be a ##java channel here08:07
TinasheI need to define a service bean in a configuration xml file of a web app and I am getting a bean instantiation error...08:07
crassghostnik11: are you talking about using the web-interface or wanting them to relay to a local (foreign) number?08:07
Tinasheok let me try #java...08:07
ghostnik11crass: no I am talking about being on my tablet and texting my mom for example using my goog le08:08
ghostnik11crass: voice app08:08
Tinashe....nothing like #java.....08:08
Tinashe----invites only...08:08
matzoCan anyone tell me how to NOT kill process after closing SSH connection?08:08
crassghostnik11: yeah, that should work08:08
grimetonmatzo: screen, tmux08:08
grimetonmatzo: i recommend tmux08:09
Slartmatzo: nohup might work as well.. there might be some configuration stuff you can do on the server side as well08:09
SlartTinashe: try ##java08:09
ghostnik11crass: and I want to be able to have family members be able to text my Google voice number and I am able to receive it while overseas08:09
Slart!register | Tinashe08:09
ubottuTinashe: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode08:09
TinasheSlart:------ only invites ---08:09
crassghostnik11: you'll get it through your google voice account08:09
SlartTinashe: you need to be registered to join08:09
matzogrimeton Slart: will this work with PHP SSH2?08:10
SlartTinashe: registered to freenode.. not the java channel08:10
MrokiiHello. I am getting dbus-related errors in an irc-client I'm using (in conjunction with a plugin). I guess the most important error-message is this: weechat     > python: stdout/stderr: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoServer: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-Msmk39X5eR: Connection refused08:10
grimetonmatzo: yes, but maybe you want an init script OR a cron job?08:10
MrokiiDoes anybody know what could cause the error above?08:10
kallebror /msg nickserv set email08:10
ghostnik11crass: yeah but I don't know if it will show up as I will be on internet not in the usa08:10
Tinasheam on free node...can access ubuntu and openmrs without reg...08:10
Slartmatzo: it should.. afaik it's not dependant on the medium.. it would say it depends on the server08:10
crassghostnik11: of course it will08:11
ghostnik11crass: hence why I asked if maybe I can block my IP address and show a USA one08:11
kallebroranyone with an korean 27 ips monitor here?08:11
SlartTinashe: yes, some channels are open to all.. others require that you register.. I assume it cuts down on spambots and such08:11
TinasheSlart: sure how doi reg...08:11
Slart!register | Tinashe08:11
crassghostnik11: use a US proxy, if you want08:11
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode08:11
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ghostnik11crass: okay well would i need an program for Ubuntu for that?08:12
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tinasheSlart: seems I have registered...can I try #java now...08:12
Slarttinashe: sure, give it a go08:13
grimetonthe registration help note is really useful08:13
grimetontinashe: /msg nickserv help08:13
crassghostnik11: check out the Tor project08:13
crassghostnik11: depends maybe where you will be going, but I doubt you'll have a problem logging in to google's servers anywhere08:14
tinashegimeton: Slart: still cannot access ##java08:14
Slarttinashe: try #java08:14
tinasheSlart: tried the same...08:14
Slarttinashe: and make sure you're actually logged in.. not just registered08:14
grimetontinashe: http://www.freenode.org/using_the_network.shtml08:14
Cheznetcan i change my name to techno knob08:15
SlartCheznet: /nick YourNewNick  should work08:15
Grmlng90ok , ive been reading into that nomodeset treath , Im not getting there :( I get the flickering screen even before i come to the ubuntu install menu where you could press f608:15
Grmlng90if i press f6 while its flickkering , it jumps black08:16
Cheznetshould i i paste on bumper08:16
SlartCheznet: not sure about spaces in nicks though.. perhaps a _ instead08:16
Cheznetit i what ever ?08:16
SlartCheznet: huh?08:17
Cheznetreboot yours08:17
matzoSlart: nohup ./video samples/sample & \n  - this is now running can you tell me how can I exit this script?08:18
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Slartmatzo: "kill" might work. You'll need the process id first08:18
Grmlng90should i try another version of ubuntu instead of the 13,04 , as i cant get to the menu where i can select nomodeset08:18
Ace78Greetings. Anyone avaiable for some help?08:20
Grmlng90anyone ?08:20
Tex_NickAce78 ask your question08:20
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Slartmatzo: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8007380/how-to-kill-a-nohup-process08:20
Slartmatzo: lots of good information in that thread08:21
Ace78I recently had a power failure. Now my Ubuntu Server 12.04 hangs at "Starting system log daemon"08:21
matzoSlart: tnx will look into it08:21
Ace78I can still boot into rescue mode and checked all hdd without discovering anything that caught my attention.08:22
tinasheGuys...Ubuntu guys...have an Idea...anyone thought of it...08:22
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AmpelbeinAce78: Can you check if the /var/log/syslog file shows anything related?08:22
bekkstinashe: Yes, we did. We decided to use single . at the end of sentences, and no . withing them. :)08:23
charcoilto start off frist i need to change my whole ubuntu around08:23
Grmlng90I got the exact same issue as this guy , and i cant find a solution (exept my screen is not just black , its flashing lke crazy until i press f6 , then it goes all black..)08:23
charcoilthats for the start08:23
charcoilfaster the beter they say08:24
tinashebekks: sure...I wanted to ask if anyone from ubuntu could code two operating systems running parallel on each navigable desktop...08:24
charcoilquility not quantity08:24
Ace78Ampelbein: /var/log/syslog does not exist when booting into rescue mode08:24
ghostnik11crass: will do, I have used Tor before but don't they have it for tablet, but whether it is my laptop or tablet It doesn't matter as long as i can communicate with family is okay with me. Thanks for the help08:24
Slarttinashe: one computer, two screens and one operating system running on each?08:24
tinashebekks: as does the kubuntu addable desktops...maybe for fun or cline server programming...08:25
tinasheSlart: yes...08:25
Slarttinashe: look into virtualbox or vmware.. I think that's as close as you'll get at the moment08:25
babinlonston1is it possible to backup a system using dd command over a Local area network to other PC ? And can we restore it in future ?08:25
tinasheSlart: well that works too...but am talking of parallel dual boot...08:26
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Grmlng90anyone who knows why i cant even get to the install menu where i can set the nomodeset ?08:27
NikPIf I want to add a online account for Google, the link is invalid and there stands: "Error: invalid_request Invalid response_type: code&access_type=offline&approval_prompt=force"08:27
streulmahey guys, how can I install Wayland on Ubuntu ?08:27
Slarttinashe: sounds like a great plan but it seems we're having enough problems just running one operating system at a time.. I think having two systems fightning for resources might be harder than what it's worth08:27
NikPHow to add the account manual?08:27
Slarttinashe: if it's even possible with todays hardware08:28
Ace78Any other suggestions?08:28
grimetontinashe: giving more than one process the possibility to manage the same piece of hardware never really worked out in the pc world08:29
wilee-nileeGrmlng90, You want it in every boot?08:29
grimetontinashe: boot DOS and you get exactly that08:29
AmpelbeinAce78: In rescue mode, try "/usr/sbin/rsyslogd -f /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf" to check your configuration08:29
Grmlng90No , im just trying to install Ubuntu , i have this graphic card issue (ati radeon hd6800) so my screen starts flickering before i can even install Ubuntu08:29
Ace78Hm. /usr/sbin/rsyslogd was not found08:30
AmpelbeinAce78: If /var/log/syslog doesn't exist at all that could point to a problem with rsyslogd's config. Check the /var/log folder for older syslog files (syslog.1 etc)08:30
wilee-nileeGrmlng90, Have you looked at the ubuntu forums thread on nomodeset?08:30
Grmlng90so they suggested to select nomodeset in the 'install menu' after the grub , but i cant even get there as the screen starts flashing purple and white right after i select the 'install ubuntu' from grub08:30
tosateHi there! There's a configuration file on my server which is rewritten every night so that my changes are gone. I would like to monitor this file and find out by which program it gets rewritten. Is that possible?08:30
wilee-nileeGrmlng90, who suggests this, and use nicks.08:31
Grmlng90I have been reading this one http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313208:31
Jordan_Utosate: Which file?08:31
AmpelbeinAce78: What system are you running? What does "dpkg -l | grep syslog" show?08:31
Grmlng90so you got the title " How to enable kernel options on the livecd (before install)"08:31
grimetontosate: yes08:31
grimetontosate: look into inotify08:31
tinasheSlart: well, there are more and more cores for PCs, maybe updating the PC to 128bit for more registers...08:31
Grmlng90but that screen he shows on a picture in the thread , i cant even get there , as its flashing before that shows up (i think it tries to show this screen , but here is the graphic card issue already i guess=08:31
grimetontosate: but before you start digging deeper - check if the change time and the time of the nightly cron job match ...08:32
tinashegrimeton: does not have to be a super computer...08:32
streulmais Mir also supported already ?08:32
tosateJordan_U: It's a .qmail file which is rewritten by PLESK every night.08:32
wilee-nileeGrmlng90, You edit the kernel by hitting e for edit at the first gui.08:32
tosategrimeton: I can't find a matching cron job08:32
grimetontosate: then inotify is the way to go08:33
wilee-nileeGrmlng90, or hit f5 and choose it.08:33
Grmlng90So in the black and white screen where i can select 'try ubuntu first '  or 'install ubuntu ?08:33
wilee-nileeGrmlng90, yes08:33
Slarttinashe: I don't think we need more cores or registers... I think we need new hardware on the motherboard. This discussion is getting a bit offtopic though.. try asking in #ubuntu-offtopic instead08:33
Grmlng90ok COOL , gonna try that out08:33
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wilee-nileeGrmlng90, Sorry f6 at that screen does it08:33
Ace78rc rsyslog 5.8.6-1ubuntu8.108:33
Grmlng90ill come back to you  if that works (only got one pc so..) , and if it didnt ill come back too08:33
Grmlng90ah ok , i was following that manual and expecting to see that purple screen like in the picture , stupid of me08:34
Grmlng90see you in a minute , hopefully from IRC in ubuntu08:34
AmpelbeinAce78: Did you install a different syslog daemon?08:35
Ace78Ampelbein: I seem to have system-log-daemon08:35
AmpelbeinAce78: Is there a reason you chose that one over rsyslog?08:36
Ace78Ampelbein: trying to install rsyslog I am asked to remove klogd and sysklogd08:36
tosategrimeton: I'll give it a try. Thank you!08:36
grimetontosate: look into the inotify-tools package08:37
AmpelbeinAce78: Well, yeah, rsyslog replaces those two and should be the default in Ubuntu.08:37
Ace78So am I supposed to install rsyslog instead?08:38
AmpelbeinAce78: That is what Ubuntu uses by default. Was that a fresh 12.04 install?08:38
Ace78I initially installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS from scratch08:39
Leverhow i update the command-not-found08:39
AmpelbeinAce78: Very strange. Install rsyslog, reboot and see if the system starts now.08:40
Ace78Ok. I need to add a nameserver first. How can it be done via shell?08:40
Ace78Got it.08:41
pc_magasAce78, Of cource you need a namewserver08:41
Ace78I know I do08:42
pc_magasif it is to have a domain name under 2 ips (I think)08:42
grimetonAce78: $EDITOR /etc/resolv.conf08:42
pc_magasAlso servers are configured via terminal08:43
Ace78Looks good08:45
tinasheSlart: sure...got in java...leaving...08:45
Ace78I was already about to reinstall the system. You just saved my weekend08:45
Slarttinashe: ok, good luck! bye08:45
tinasheSlart: btw, what's the "quit" argument...08:45
GIManyone had any trouble with tftp service on 13.04 ??? had to add "sleep 30" at start of default file08:45
Slarttinashe: /part08:46
tinasheSlart: thanks bye...08:46
grimm90Ok the nomodeset did work this way , whats great08:47
grimm90Im now at the08:47
grimm90Install screen 'something else' . I would lile ext4 , what do I usse as mount poimt ? Just / ?08:48
bekksgrimm90: For the root filesystem, you have to use /08:49
NikPIf I want to add a online account for Google, the link is invalid and there stands: "Error: invalid_request. Invalid response_type: code&access_type=offline&approval_prompt=force"08:50
NikPIs it an error in the source or can I add the account manual?08:50
grimm90Im afraid I dont fully understand that . So / as mount point iss ok to install the os on ? Or do you recommend something else ?08:51
NikPIn the bugs archive for ubuntu-online-accounts nobody has my problem?08:51
grimetonanybody got a link to documentation related to /etc/ssl/ ?08:52
babinlonston1Is its possible to backup a HDD Using dd Command to a remote Location and restore it from that in future ?08:52
grimetonbabinlonston1: yes and no08:52
grimetonbabinlonston1: yes you can create an image08:52
babinlonston1How its Yes08:53
NikPHas anyone got my problem too?08:53
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grimetonbabinlonston1: but you can hit at ton of problems when you restore the plain image and the CHS aren't the same ...08:53
grimetonbabinlonston1: i'd prefer a tarball OR you just put a filesystem on top of sparse file and backup that then08:53
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grimetonbabinlonston1: that way you never get in touch with the "real" hardware08:54
grimetonbabinlonston1: think of it kinda like a container08:54
babinlonston1grimeton:  ok Sir08:54
grimetonbabinlonston1: and really important: mount the filesystem r/o BEFORE doing the dump08:54
grimetonor at least flush the caches to disk08:54
grimetonbabinlonston1: but think about using tar or rsync or whatever, it's the better choice08:55
babinlonston1ya its presently im using rsync08:55
grimetonbabinlonston1: so what's the problem with it?08:55
filipshevaconnect #debian08:55
babinlonston1grimeton:  Always i used to install manually in my virtual machine so i asked that way08:57
grimetonbabinlonston1: ah08:58
babinlonston1im using KVM and there are 10 Virtual machines running if any Users asking me to create new vm i need to do it manually , is it possible to automate like script ?08:58
grimetonbabinlonston1: sure - if you google a bit you'll find tons of ways i guess08:59
ShapeShifter499can someone please point me to the latest ubuntu raring kernel I can obtain08:59
deanrock0hi, why can't I access samba shares from open file dialog if I "mount" them from nautilus->Network->browser network?08:59
ShapeShifter499I run raring and I just wanted to be sure I was on the latest and greatest kernel08:59
grimetonShapeShifter499: should be the one in the tree08:59
grimetonShapeShifter499: but you can get nightly builds of mainline kernels09:00
babinlonston1grimeton: hmmm ill09:00
grimetonShapeShifter499: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/09:00
ShapeShifter499grimeton, tree?  sorry I'm more of a end user09:00
grimetonShapeShifter499: in the package repo09:00
ShapeShifter499grimeton, uname -a shows 3.8.0-29    is that the latest stable kernel?09:04
tosategrimeton: Now, I am able to log changes to my monitored file. How do I determine which process altered the file?09:04
grimetonShapeShifter499: on my raring machine the latest is -27 so i'd say: yes09:04
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ShapeShifter499I was wondering because my system was freezing lately and I don't believe I installed anything to cause this, updating to xorg-edgers appears to have fixed the problem but time will only tell09:05
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ShapeShifter499grimeton, thanks09:05
rjknight1anyone here know how to make a ubuntu proxy server for ubuntu clients to be able to update offline and download software offline?09:06
Slartrjknight1: isn't there an apt-proxy package or similar.. I recall using something like that a couple of years ago09:07
rjknight1@Slart similar to that. Do you have any link such us how-to, guides or any.09:08
grimetonrjknight1: that's called a mirror09:09
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Slartrjknight1: not sure this is exactly what you want but here it is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptProxy09:09
grimetonrjknight1: http://www.howtoforge.com/local_debian_ubuntu_mirror09:09
bazhangapt-mirror (source: apt-mirror): APT sources mirroring tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.9-1 (raring), package size 13 kB, installed size 103 kB    rjknight1 or perhaps this09:10
charcoilis there a app of some sort to keep track of the kde etc of everty app installed on this system09:10
grimetoncharcoil: dpkg09:11
rjknight1@Slart @grimeton @bazhang Thanks! my goal is having a proxy server that may use by the clients offline updating and offline downloads of software.09:11
grimetonrjknight1: a nifty way would be to have a transparent proxy like squid that internally reroutes the requests to the ubuntu server to it's own repo09:12
bazhangrjknight1, no need for the @ , just tab complete09:12
rjknight1bazhang: there you go. :)09:13
rjknight1grimeton: let me try it.09:13
rjknight1anymore guidelines or tips?09:13
ubottunicofiore: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:14
charcoilup dated protacocs m809:15
intellectusAre X fonts still used in ubuntu?09:15
charcoilup dated protacols m8 i could use09:15
intellectusAlso, where are the X fonts installed, if any?09:15
charcoilif its fun yes09:15
grimetonintellectus: dpkg -l | grep -i font09:16
charcoilor still fun09:16
intellectusOK, so where are the X fonts installed in the system so i can check them out.09:17
grimetonintellectus: dpkg -l | grep xfonts | awk '{ print $2 }' | while read line; do dpkg -L "$line"; done | grep -E '^/usr.*' | sort | uniq | less09:17
intellectusgrimeton: Thanks, that reavealed a few directories09:19
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intellectusOK:   There's a good amount of fonts in /usr/share/fonts/X11/100dpi09:22
intellectusDo apps still use these fonts or are they safe to delete?09:22
intellectusSomeone trie to tell me they're depreciated09:22
grimetonintellectus: i wouldn't delete 'em if I were you ...09:22
intellectusexactly what i thought09:22
intellectusi'll keep them and i also want to use them with xcb code.09:23
grimetonintellectus: feel free todo so09:23
Grmlng90Ok , nxt round of support needed . If got so far to install Ubuntu , its installed on a 65gig partition of my second HDD in ext4 , mount point / . Everything seemed to go alright until it was finished and asked for a reboot . Then i got this wicked screen with blue lines and some red squares . Got stuck there , hard rebooted pc , and it doesnt give me the option wich OS i want to load , it immediatly loads windows (installed on my prima09:24
Grmlng90ry SSD hd)09:24
[Gentoo]Grmlng90: looks like the bootloader didnt get installed09:25
Grmlng90dammed ,09:25
Grmlng90but that awfull trippy blue lined screen was normal ?09:25
Grmlng90mm , interssting , it looked like my pc was having  a seizure09:26
[Gentoo]that might be something to do with the livecd, are you using a nvidia card?09:26
Grmlng90ATI radeon hd 6800 , i had to put the nomodeset line or i couldnt install09:27
Grmlng90and i used a boot USB as my dvd drive is broken :(09:28
harshadurahi all, im getting weird error while installing Kubuntu 12.04.2 LTS version.09:28
Grmlng90on the partition screen of ubuntu in the install , i choose for Boat loader , the same as where my windows boot loader is ?09:28
harshadura this is the error stacktrace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5995519/09:29
harshadurabasically it says : some keyboard layout issue,09:29
pc_magasGrmlng90, then use USB live cd again to install the frub first09:29
pc_magasGrmlng90, I think it is a HUGE MIstake09:29
harshaduracan anyone help me, thanks09:29
[Gentoo]Grmlng90: you need to install it to the main drive, like /dev/sda09:30
Grmlng90owkay , enlighten me please , i try to do the best i can but its not an easy job09:30
[Gentoo]not sda109:30
[Gentoo]or whatever09:30
[Gentoo]because "sda" is basically a very small partition at the start for the bootloader09:30
Grmlng90ok i think i went wrong there09:31
grimeton"sda" is the whole hard drive09:31
grimetonand the stage 0 loader is put into the mbr there09:31
[Gentoo]yes but you install the bootloader to "sda" because it starts before the main partitions09:31
harshadurapc_magas: got a min09:31
Grmlng90so should i try to go back into the ubuntu setup and switch the boot loader to /dev/sda ?09:31
Grmlng90this is all very complicated for a simple guy like me09:32
grimetonGrmlng90: is windows still booting?09:32
[Gentoo]Grmlng90: im pretty sure it should be selected by default09:32
Grmlng90yup , windows still works fine (typing from there now)09:32
Grmlng90then i dont understand what i did wrong if it was defautl , i didnt change it .09:32
grimetonGrmlng90: what bootloader did you see when you tried to start windows?09:32
grimetonGrmlng90: or did windows just start?09:33
Grmlng90nothing special , it went straigth to windows09:33
Grmlng90just like nothing else was installed09:33
grimetonGrmlng90: then you didn't change the MBR09:33
grimetonGrmlng90: (if there still is one)09:33
Grmlng90mbr ?09:33
grimetonGrmlng90: the thing is: if you install grub to sda, it will change the mbr and then - if this fails - it won't even boot into windows09:33
Grmlng90(im asking my wife to bring her laptop so i can get into this IRC , while i try the process again on this pc)09:33
Grmlng90well everything is backup on external drives , and i just clean installed the windows so as long as i can reformat its ok to mess it up i guess (rather not but you know what i mean)09:34
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grimetonGrmlng90: yeah, so instead of booting from a cd/dvd and trying to repair the grub setup, I'd suggest you reinstall ubuntu and then let it write the grub stuff to the mbr of sda09:37
flichertest test09:37
Grmlng90ok thats me up here09:37
Grmlng90mbr = master bood record ?09:38
grimetonGrmlng90: yes09:38
AravindgeekGrmlng90: try supergrubdisk to boot to ubuntu and install grub2.09:39
Grmlng90allright , its not quiet clear yet to me (thanks a million anyway for helping a noob like me) , im going to try to reinstall , and when im at the partition screen ill ask if needed (flicher)09:39
flicherso that supergrubdisk , i could make a bootable usb , get into ubuntu and change the grub to grub 2 ?09:40
grimetonflicher: yeah, but in grmlng90's case it's "easier" to reinstall09:41
flicher(dvd drive is dead)09:41
indgrub install09:42
flicherbut if i start up from the ubuntu boot usb , it seems to be already grub2 ? or amm i wrong09:42
grimetonflicher: grub2 where?09:43
Aravindgeekflicher : i said install not to change . since grub2 is not properly installed09:43
deanrock0any idea what can i do if i get "conflicting gb hw usage nouveau vs EFI VGA removing generic driver" and pc freezes on boot?09:43
flicherblack and white screen i get , when it tries to boot from usb . Could be i am just getting messed up confused09:44
=== flicher is now known as Grmlinger90
Aravindgeekflicher : ubuntu disk or supergrubdisk09:46
Grmlinger90im just using the ubuntu iso , burned with unetbootin to usb drive09:46
Grmlinger9013.04 sry09:46
Grmlinger90(flicher is dead , its me now)09:47
Grmlinger90ok so Erase ubuntu and reinstall , or do i go to 'something else' ? I would like to be able to choose file format myself09:48
Aravindgeekfileformat= filesystem type ? if so choose something else09:48
Grmlinger90in something else it says now /dev/sda1 - 104mb windows 7 (loader) . While 'device for boot loader installation' is by default on /dev/sda09:49
Grmlinger90ubuntu itself is installed on a partition of my second HD , so /dev/sdb609:51
Grmlinger90/dev/sdb5 is 4gig swap (needed?)09:52
eduardodont know what channel to go with problem upgrading from 13.04 to 13.10... i got stuck in the middle of the upgrading process09:53
grimetonGrmlinger90: the idea is that on a reinstall the grub-scripts are better able to figure out what boot setup you have than some "outside" os09:53
grimetonGrmlinger90: just reinstall it the way you did before09:54
eduardoand dont know how to complete upgrading...09:54
blazemoreeduardo: can you run "sudo do-release-upgrade" from a terminal? If you get errors please put them on http://paste.ubuntu.com09:56
Grmlinger90so just to double check , current setup is /dev/sda = nothing /dev/sda1 NTFS  104mb windows 7 loader . /dev/sda2 = windows itself09:56
Grmlinger90/dev/sdb5 = swap (4gig) , /dev/sdb6 = ext4 Ubuntu , /Dev/sdb3 = NTFS (for data for all OS)09:56
Grmlinger90Boot loader /dev/sda09:57
DrDigitali installed debian, no problem09:57
Grmlinger90or should that be /dev/sda1 , where the windows boot loader is09:57
DrDigitalnow I'm running the ubuntu live cd… and its running as id expect it to09:57
eduardoblazemore it says havent found any new version09:58
blazemoreeduardo: What is the output of "cat /etc/issue" ?09:58
grimetonGrmlinger90: sda not sda109:58
Grmlinger90ok ill try09:58
blazemoreDrDigital: Why is that weird? Do you have a support question?09:58
Cyraxhi all. i have a question about ubuntu and this desktop rotation nad make desktop as cube. i heard i needed a powerful graphic card or video card to do it.. what kind?09:59
eduardoblazemore: i faced this problem first of all https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+bug/120780909:59
DrDigitalblazemore because i spent hours trying to do this… and kept getting flickering display09:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1207809 in initramfs-tools (Ubuntu) "package linux-image-extra-3.8.0-27-generic 3.8.0-27.40 failed to install/upgrade: run-parts: /etc/kernel/postinst.d/initramfs-tools exited with return code 1" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:59
blazemoreeduardo: What is the output of "cat /etc/issue" ?09:59
Grmlinger90and for the /dev/sdb6 , mount point just ' / ' right ?09:59
DrDigitalover an hour ago some people here where all talking about same problem… and i decided to try to install a different OS then ubuntu and it made my issue go away09:59
DrDigitali could not get the ubuntu live cd to boot10:00
Grmlinger90(the one where i want ubuntu installed ,all my files will be on external disks anyway)10:00
eduardoblazemore : Ubuntu 13.04 \n \l10:00
DrDigitalit start and then my screen would flicker10:00
blazemoreeduardo: OK, now then run "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade"10:00
fuzzybunny69yhey guys I know this isn't really related to ubuntu but with php if it is returning a umask value of 018 what does that mean?10:00
blazemorefuzzybunny69y: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umask10:01
eduardoblazemore : after sudo upgrade it says: 0 actualizados, 0 se instalarán, 0 para eliminar y 0 no actualizados.10:02
blazemoreeduardo: It seems the upgrade worked fine then10:02
eduardo0 upgraded, 0 going to install, 0 to delete and 0 not updated10:02
Grmlinger90dr digital ,i had the same issue , i got it solved by the nomodeset code piece ,10:03
eduardoblazemore: as said before i faced the bug i put before, as they say i made room in  my boot partition deltetin one old kernel10:03
grimetonGrmlinger90: it will be / automagically10:03
Grmlinger90aight , thx10:03
ishwonhey folks10:03
Senorwho is farmiliar with ubuntu `precise version ?10:04
grimetonSenor: just ask your question10:05
CyraxSo are there any graphic card or video card i need to have to make sure i cna rotate ubuntu desktop and make it as cube? and if so.. what kind?10:05
eduardothen i run the upgrading process with some errors....in ubuntu-desktop and linux-image-extra-
Grmlinger90'installation failed' following file did not match its source copy on the cd/dvd . /target/uer/share/icons/highcontrast/icon-theme.cache10:06
eduardoso the process was interrumped, and message thats system was probably broken....they were lots of packages left to install10:06
Grmlinger90the installation usb is corrupt ? or can i just skip it10:06
Grmlinger90retry seems to fix it10:07
eduardofinally with synayptic i was able to reinstall this packages....but i think that many packages were left in the way...10:07
Senorgrimeton: I am trying to install systemtap on my ubuntu server ,which is of precise version .as you know systemtap need dbgsym installed ,bu I can not find bdgsym package for precise version anywhere .10:09
CyraxAnyone that can tell me what kind of video card i need to b able to use this desktop rotation on ubuntu? I got NVidia GeForce GT 62010:09
grimetonSenor: the debug symbols of what?10:10
Senorgrimeton: kernel ,of course .10:10
CyraxBut NVidia GeForce GT 620 is on my windows 8 64 bit nad i have ubuntu as second os,but it runs from a dvd10:10
grimetonSenor: then just install the debugging symbols of the current kernel10:11
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
Arghhuhu Neunter :)10:11
Senorgrimeton :  does the dbgsym package exist for ubuntu precise version10:12
ArghMoin, moin!10:12
ArghMoin, moin!10:12
grimetonSenor: if you run the precise kernel you should be able to get the debug symbols of that kernel - yes10:12
Senorgrimeton:I have not find it yet!10:12
kharemohitim getting the gpg error in openprinting.org...can anyone help me? im not able to update and also i cant install nythng because of this...:(10:13
grimetonSenor: if you don't do some nasty tricks you won't be able to run the precise kernel and debug symbols on your setup10:14
grimetonSenor: install the debug symbols of the currently running kernel and be happy, or does the package explicitly depend on those debug symbols?10:14
Senorgrimeton:Chould you tell me how to install the debug symbols of current kernel10:15
grimetonSenor: search for linux-image and then grep for "dbg"10:17
grimetonSenor: apt-cache search linux-image | grep dbg10:17
Senorgrimeton:I have done this work .it showed me dbgsym of  generic version ,but it does not match my precise version.10:18
grimetonSenor: just for me to get this straight: you're running precise and the precise kernel and need the precise kernel debug symbols?10:19
Grmlinger90ok ubuntu install is complete , asked for reboot , again got those weird vertical blue lines for a second10:21
grimetonGrmlinger90: hit space when you see those lines and see if you get a prompt10:21
Grmlinger90it was gone in half a second this time before reboot , last time it stayed until i hard shutdown10:22
Grmlinger90im gonna try booting from hard drive now10:22
Grmlinger90nope , again straigth into windows :/10:22
=== dani is now known as Guest36280
Guest36280hay alguien que me pueda ayudar con linux??10:23
pc_magasGrmlinger90, try tro boot over live cd or live USb10:23
grimetonSenor: you have to add the ddebs repo to your config to get the debug symbol packages10:23
Guest36280hola bon dia10:23
Grmlinger90i just notice something weird , my second HD doesnt show up in the boot priority menu in UEFI10:24
grimetonGrmlinger90: uargh, you're running uefi and got a gpt part table?10:24
grimetonSenor: you need help with that?10:24
sparklrwhat is the password to be used for sudo, terminal, updates, etc when a particular user is being logged in without a password ?10:25
grimetonsparklr: there is none, do a sudo su -10:25
grimetonsparklr: then change it10:25
Grmlinger90im not sure what a gpt part table is , but this pc has a uefi setup utility im afraid :/10:25
Senorgrimeton:I have add the ddebs repo10:25
eduardoblazemore: its ok in your opinion ?? in suse using yast to upgrade...it left a log file with all the  movements...its there any similar here ubuntu ?10:25
Grmlinger90in the hard drive bbs priorities menu , i can see my other hard drive and select that one to be first ..10:26
grimetonSenor: but not working?10:26
Grmlinger90and then it gets up in the boot option menu , but the other is gone10:26
Senorgrimeton: yes10:26
Senordeb http://ddebs.ubuntu.com precise main restricted universe multiverse10:26
Senordeb http://ddebs.ubuntu.com precise-updates main restricted universe multiverse10:26
Senordeb http://ddebs.ubuntu.com precise-security main restricted universe multiverse10:26
Senordeb http://ddebs.ubuntu.com precise-proposed main restricted universe multiverse10:26
FloodBot1Senor: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:26
grimetonGrmlinger90: yeah, booting uefi with a different partition table is a bit more tricky - haven't done that till now10:27
Senorgrimeton:here is it10:27
SenorI have pastered it10:27
grimetonSenor: you also added the repo key?10:27
sparklrgrimeton:  i did a "sudo su -"  it asks for a password10:27
Grmlinger90ok so thats where the issue is i guess - Maybe its better i start a topic on the forum and see what comes from there ?10:27
grimetonsparklr: that's the user's password you're logged on as10:27
root_sudo su-10:27
Senorgrimeton: apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 428D7C0110:27
root_then you will get a root permission10:28
sparklrgrimeton: i dont have any password set as this user account is LOG IN WITHOUT A PASSWORD10:28
grimetonsparklr: then set one10:28
grimetonsparklr: no way around that10:28
root_so you will be unsafe10:28
root_set one10:29
sparklrgrimeton: okay :/10:29
sparklrroot_: lol10:29
sparklrso you will be UNsafe10:29
Grmlinger90im gonna make a topic on the forum , too tierd to try more today . Anyway thanks alot , didnt thnk to mention to uefi , my bad10:29
grimetonSenor: and now you can't find the matching debgsym package?10:29
Senorgrimeton:yes ,10:29
grimetonSenor: can you run a apt-cache search linux-image | grep dbg | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us10:31
grimetonand then paste the url here?10:31
xkernelhow to print all environment variables that are defined in the current session?10:34
grimetonxkernel: set10:34
xkernelgrimeton, how?10:35
grimetonxkernel: ? write "set" in the shell and then press enter10:35
xkernelgrimeton, it printed a script10:35
grimetonxkernel: yeah, those are the vars of the current session10:35
grimetonxkernel: on the left side of the "=" is the name and on the right side the value10:36
Dr_Willisxkernel:  scripts (well alias's ) can be in varables :) they can get quite big.10:36
Dr_Willisbash completion is rather complex :)10:37
Dr_Willisadds a lot of things to set output10:37
grimetonxkernel: set | sed -E 's/^([^=]*).*/\1/g'10:37
Dr_Willisregular expressions to the rescue!10:38
xkernelgrimeton, thanks that was helpful10:38
Dr_Willisi almost know them enough to understand what that one does grimeton  ;)10:38
grimetonDr_Willis: feel free to read one of the many books that have been published10:38
Dr_Willisgrimeton:  i have :) and  still only know the basics.. but then again. when you only use the stuff once every other month.....10:39
djyouHello all10:39
=== sebo is now known as Sebo
grimetonDr_Willis: i'm using sed for a lot of things ...10:39
Senorgrimeton: here is the output ,http://pastebin.ca/243294110:40
vlitomskdoes everybody know how to check is any updates available after `apt-get update`?10:40
Dr_Willisgot Oreialys book on Sed and Awk also. :)  gotta love good books10:40
vlitomskwithout apt-get dist-upgrade10:40
vlitomskor apt-get upgrade10:40
grimetonSenor: and there isn't a file that matches your version? what does uname -a show?10:40
djyouCan one of you explain to my viewers that CLI is for servers not hacking?10:40
grimetonDr_Willis: learning by doing - best book you can get10:40
grimeton(at least for regex)10:41
Dr_Willisvlitomsk:  noticed if you login to the console it tells you theres updates avail. thats handled by a script somewhere - i looked into it once ages ago.10:41
vlitomskDr_Willis, oh, thank you :) you're very observant10:42
Senorgrimeton:uname -a shows : Linux ubuntu 3.5.0-23-generic #35~precise1-Ubuntu SMP10:42
Dr_Willisvlitomsk:  i just cant recall what command its running. its some pyton script thats somewhere deep in some system dir  i recall10:42
vlitomskDr_Willis, I'll see ~/.bashrc10:42
grimetonSenor: maybe you want to have a look at line number 23 of your paste?10:42
vlitomskbut there's nothing about 'update' :(10:43
=== root_ is now known as allm
No223hey guys, at first excuse my english, im from germany and im a beginnner with ubuntu.. i have installed the program PlayOnLinux for playing the game League of Legends. as i started the game he started a 'windows-Mono-Installation' and show me proprietary drivers(sorry dont know the exact english term) i activate one and then i have rebooted my ubuntu. i tried to play the game but the graphic bugged a bit.10:43
allmanyone know how to learn python?10:44
Dr_Willisvlitomsk:  i dont think its in .bashrc  i seem to recall it was somehow related to the motd tools. but i cant recall where i found it at befor10:44
Dr_Willisallm:  get a book on it.. and read it.. then start using it10:44
grimetonvisualise: apt-get -s dist-upgrade10:44
allmgive me some adv.10:44
Senorgrimeton:It is of 3.5.0-23-generic ,but my kernel is 3.5.0-23-generic #35~precise110:44
grimetonvlitomsk: ^10:44
grimetonvlitomsk: just do the dry run ;)10:44
sparklrcan anyone help me with this problem ? http://askubuntu.com/questions/333695/signature-not-found-in-user-keyring-perhaps-try-the-interactive-ecryptfs-mount10:44
No223i opened the propriertary drivers window again and activated another driver10:44
Senorgrimeton: attention on #35~precise110:44
vlitomskgrimeton,  WOW thanks :)10:44
* Tex_Nick questions the etymology of "regular expression" ... thinking they may be the most irregular notation expressible @^@10:45
grimetonSenor: don't see the problem, just install the package10:45
No223but now in the right-hand corner stand 'unsupported hardware'. so, how can i see which proprietary driver i need?10:45
MonkeyDust!python | allm10:45
ubottuallm: python is a popular Object Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org/ or #python10:45
Senorgrimeton:I have installed it ,but systemtap check failed for not matching with kernel10:45
grimetonSenor: then systemtap isn't seeing the expected kernel version i guess10:46
grimetonSenor: without any proper error details we can't help you10:46
Senorgrimeton:Do you mean this is a systemtap's bug?10:47
grimetonSenor: at least an issue of systemtap - yes10:47
No223hey guys, at first excuse my english, im from germany and im a beginnner with ubuntu.. i have installed the program PlayOnLinux for playing the game League of Legends. as i started the game he started a 'windows-Mono-Installation' and show me proprietary drivers(sorry dont know the exact english term) i activate one and then i have rebooted my ubuntu. i tried to play the game but the graphic bugged a bit.  i opened the propriertary driv10:48
No223another driver. but now in the right-hand corner stand 'unsupported hardware'. so, how can i see which proprietary driver i need?10:48
Dr_Willisvlitomsk:   /usr/lib/update-notifier/update-motd-updates-available10:48
Dr_Willisvlitomsk:  thats called by the motd updateing tools :) to add it to the motd10:48
vlitomskDr_Willis, thanks, i'll read about motd10:48
grimetonvlitomsk: just keep the system load above 2.00, then it's disabled10:48
vlitomski need updates count to modify my ~/.conkyrc :)10:49
Dr_Willisvlitomsk:  /etc/update-motd.d  has some neat things ;)10:49
Dr_Willisvlitomsk:  that would be fairly easy to add to a conky rc with that  /usr/lib/update-notifier/update-motd-updates-available10:49
pl2Hello, I have these windows that keeps starting automatically whenever I boot my system. Where should I look in order to remove these applications from starting?10:49
ubottuIf you want to edit your Autostart programs, open the Unity dash and search for Startup Programs. If you're on XFCE, use menu -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Session and Startup, if you're on KDE, use Kickoff -> Computer -> System Settings -> Autostart. For more details see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup. For LXDE see http://ubottu.com/y/410:50
grimetonvlitomsk: apt-get -s dist-upgrade | grep -E '^[Inst|Conf].*' | awk '{ print $2 }' | sort | uniq | wc -l10:50
Dr_Willispl2:  ~/.config/autostart/  or /etc/xdg/autostart/10:50
pl2Dr_Willis, thank you!10:51
Dr_Willispl2:  it depends on what desktop and whats starting also.10:51
vlitomskgrimeton, thanks!10:52
sparklrcan anyone help me with this problem ? http://askubuntu.com/questions/333695/signature-not-found-in-user-keyring-perhaps-try-the-interactive-ecryptfs-mount ?10:53
pl2Dr_Willis, it's Document Viewer, It's trying to open pdfs that no longer exist and is causing problems10:53
pl2Dr_Willis, looks like Document Viewer isn't listed in that file. Any other locations?10:54
Dr_Willispl2:  if you got a pdf file or somthing in one of those locations it may be trying to 'open it'10:55
Dr_Willispl2:  or its rembering a saved session10:55
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot10:55
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest57321
pl2Dr_Willis, Yeah that was it. Document Viewer is listed in some sessions files. Thanks again :)10:58
Guest57321I have a question10:58
=== raven is now known as __raven
Guest57321how to use the ubuntu sdk10:58
No223nice irc chat where nobody helps someone.10:59
* Dr_Willis missed the no helping bit...11:00
Dr_Willisseems theres lots of help in the last few hrs ive been here.11:00
No223hm never mind im gonna install windows, problem solved.11:01
Dr_WillisNo223:  we will still send you a bill.11:01
* Dr_Willis closes the ticket11:02
kostas5hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help with a 12.04 installation problem. I've posted a description here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=216803611:02
MonkeyDustkostas5  looks like a !nomodeset issue11:03
kostas5MonkeyDust: Thanks! Yes that's what I've been told, any ideas about how to approach it?11:05
CyraxSorry i didnt see if any answered my question.. was busy elsewhere.. what kind of video card do i need to b able to have chance to roate ubuntu desktop and form it as a cube?11:05
MonkeyDust!nomodeset | kostas5 start here11:05
ubottukostas5 start here: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:05
Dr_WillisCyrax:  most all of them can do the cube feature if they have supported 3d drivers.. you really need that cube that badly? its a rather pointless bit of eyecandy.11:06
Dr_WillisCyrax:  i would stick with nvidia, then intel, and well if you cant help it.. ati.. (in that order) stick to older cards that have been out a while (like  year), Avoid the Optimus  dual gpu setups.11:07
Dr_WillisCyrax:  and definatly run away from anything 'S3'11:07
kostas5MonkeyDust: The problem is that I cannot access the Grub menu11:07
MonkeyDustCyrax  the cube is nice for screencasts and screenshots, but it gets annoying quite fast11:07
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cartusiawhat software is there to remove DRM from your own stuff? I have some files that were prucahed in Itunes is there anything in the FOSS world that might help me in that respect?11:09
Dr_Willisplus the cube and unity can cause conflicts ;)11:09
Dr_Williscartusia:  you may have to track down some windows tools and run them in wine. (if they exist)11:09
Dr_Williscartusia:  ive definatly never seen mentioned in here any open sourced itune drm removal tools.11:10
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kostas5MonkeyDusk: apologies for the d/c I might have missed your reply. The solution in the link suggests accessing the grub menu. However this does not work for me as mentioned in my post. The grub menu does not load automatically, nor when I hold the shift key down11:13
kostas5MonkeyDust *11:14
MonkeyDustkostas5  try esc or ctrl to enter the grub menu11:15
kostas5MonkeyDust: thanks, let me try that11:15
cartusiaDr_Willis you are so helpful are you getting paid for this? Just wondering you definitely deserve a medal :)11:16
usr13cartusia: He works for pizza and beer.11:16
cartusiaahaha :)11:17
usr13(Joking asside, they are all volunteers...:)11:18
=== [1]Rapid2214 is now known as Rapid2214
kostas5MonkeyDust: I tried ESC after the bios logo, and I get 3 options: 2. IDE CD, 6. IDE HDD, and Enter Setup11:20
=== [1]Rapid2214 is now known as Rapid2214
hemkkacan someone help me? how can i search files from my computer in ubuntu?11:24
Senorgrimeton:How about that  I reinstall a matched kernel version for systemtap?11:24
Senorgrimeton:And then install the matched dbgsym package?11:24
usr13kostas5: locate or find11:25
usr13kostas5: locate is a command-line file search utility. To make sure its cache is up to date run: sudo updatedb11:26
kostas5usr13: I think you are referring to hemkka 's question11:27
usr13kostas5: Sorry. Looks like hemkka is gone so..11:28
kostas5usr13: no worries, perhaps you can help with my query? :)11:28
usr13kostas5: "cannot access grub menu?"11:29
usr13kostas5: What kind of computer is it?11:29
kostas5usr13: exactly11:29
kostas5usr13: VAIO laptop11:29
usr13kostas5: Do you see post go by?11:29
kostas5usr13: post?11:30
santhoshwine is support for centos 64 bit11:34
kostas5usr13: I just see that bios logo and that's it. Next thing is a black screen with a blinking pixel11:34
kostas5or underscore I should say11:35
usr13kostas5: UEFI?11:35
kostas5usr13: yes, I can access the boot menu settings11:37
usr13kostas5: What did you install?  Was it Ubuntu 13.04?11:37
kostas5usr: 12.0411:38
kostas5usr13: 12.0411:38
usr13kostas5: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2140088  #Scroll to bottom, (look at last post).11:40
kostas5_usr13: sorry I got d/c, might have lost your last message11:41
usr13kostas5: YOu tried Shift key.  Right?  And Ctrl and Esc keys.  (Other than that look at the BIOS options and see how it is booting, change as needed).11:42
santhosh <santhosh> wine is support for centos 64 bit11:42
kostas5_usr13: I tried shift and ctrl: they do nothing. Esc gets me to the boot menu settings, I am not sure what how I am supposed to change the boot settings. It is supposed to boot from the hard drive which is enabled and in the boot order...11:43
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
usr13kostas5_: From boot menu settings, select the HD you installed on.11:44
usr13kostas5_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/162075/my-computer-boots-to-a-black-screen-what-options-do-i-have-to-fix-it11:44
usr13kostas5_: This is a fresh install?11:45
kostas5_usr13: as fresh as it gets11:45
usr13kostas5_: Did you install as dual boot?11:47
usr13kostas5_: Or, did you just wipe all that was there and install Ubuntu only?11:48
usr13kostas5_: You may need to boot the install media again and go through the "restore grub" process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub11:49
santhoshwhat is the problem <usr13>11:49
usr13santhosh: He only gets blinking _  after post.11:50
linuhi i have installed sam-ba 2.12 in my ubuntu 12.04 host,i have own shared network in my concern and mounted that in /mnt/vshare, when i trying to flash the files through sam-ba, i just opened browser in sam-ba to select files,but it showed empty at the same time there are files in /mnt/vshare when opened through terminal, what is that issues11:50
usr13santhosh: (Cant get into grub menu.)11:50
santhoshit is grub problem ot drivers or not support for that11:51
usr13santhosh:   ot drivers?11:51
santhoshwhich version he installed11:51
banzounetHey, how can I know the version of a pakage with apt-get? (Not one installed) I mean I want to install foo but I want to know first the version of foo what's the command for that?11:52
usr13banzounet: apt-cache policy11:52
santhoshfoo -v11:52
santhoshfoo -version11:52
santhosh <usr13> just install 12.10 i think it may be cd oriblem11:53
banzounetusr13: thanks11:54
sahil_is nvdia driver version 3.10.x safe or ubuntu 12.04?11:54
FergusLHi, I've installed acpi-support, added the acpi= line in grub config but I can't find the right tools for the computer backlight, also acpid_fakekeyd isn't running and isn't even installed. What could I have missed ?11:55
usr13Have to go now....11:57
kostas5I just installed 12.04 but it won't boot. How I can get past the black screen and solve the problem when I cannot access the grub menu? Summary here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=216803611:59
sahil_if i download a deb file for debian sid,will it be compatible with ubuntu 12.04?12:00
jribsahil_: you should not do that.  Why do you want to do that?12:01
* grimeton tosses the dice12:01
grimetonsahil_: no12:01
sahil_myy pc dont have a fast net connection recently...i want to get the latest 0ad game..but unfortunately its available only via ppa...12:02
jribsahil_: go on12:02
rebbecajohnson20Hy evrybody12:03
rebbecajohnson20Ym back12:03
sahil_will it work? i just need the data file,~ 300 mb12:03
jribsahil_: I still don't see why you don't use the ppa.12:03
jrib(which is meant for your ubuntu version)12:04
sahil_<jrib> my pc dont have a fast internet connection at the moment12:04
mintuserI am using an ubuntu derivative and am having the same problem a lot of ubuntu users are having.  all of a sudden I lost all sound and the network manager and on reboot at login got a messag"cannot open ConsoleKit session"e saying12:04
jribsahil_: so?  How would using a debian deb help?12:05
jrib!mint | mintuser12:05
ubottumintuser: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org12:05
mintuserI have, but all the folks with the same identical problem as me are ubuntu users.12:05
rebbecajohnson20Hi shapeshifter49912:06
jribmintuser: if you want to install ubuntu or use a live cd and replicate the issue on there, we can help you here; otherwise mint is not the same distro and the folks in mint support can help you better.12:06
sahil_<jrib> i can go over a internet cafe and grab the file...if ubuntu based deb files are available...ca you please provide the link...12:06
mintuserit is apparently a common problem with ubuntu users12:06
jribsahil_: you can do the same for the ppa.  Also see !ppa12:06
jrib!offline | sahil_12:06
ubottusahil_: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD12:06
mintuserwell there is nobody at linuxmint-help who has seen the problem before or who can help.12:06
oupateddiemy duo core is on 13.04 with kernel 3.5.10 loaded. It keeps crashing and then restarts. What could be the problem.. Any help12:06
mintuserand it is a very common problem for ubuntu users12:07
jribsahil_: sorry, I meant "see !offline".  You can use one of those tools that ubottu mentions or you can grab the .deb yourself manually (YOU MUST MAKE SURE THEY ARE MEANT FOR YOUR UBUNTU VERSION).  You can do this for the ppa through its homepage on launchpad for example.  You must also download all dependencies manually.  The tools ubottu mentions make this easier12:07
mintuserubottu what is irc.spotchat.org12:07
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:07
kostas5How can I access the grub menu if it's hidden and does not show even after pressing the shift key?12:07
jribmintuser: I believe that's the network mint support is located12:07
mintusereveryone says the only people who would be able to help would be the folks at #ubuntu12:08
mintuserI guess they are wrong12:08
ShapeShifter499I need some help quick, my system is freezing up on me and I get about 30min to a hour (or more if I'm lucky) eventually though my system will lock up, how do I go about diagnosing this???      My system is a Acer Aspire 7540 running Ubuntu 13.04 64bit with a ATI Radeon HD 4200 GPU and a AMD Athlon II X2 M300 CPU12:08
jribmintuser: like I said, replicate the issue on ubuntu and we can troubleshoot from there.12:08
mintuserI don't have the resources to do so12:08
sahil_<jrib> okey m trying...12:09
mintuserthis is on a mission-critical system and I dont have any extra computers to try it on12:09
jribmintuser: then your best course of action is to ask for support in your distro's support channel.  They know the distro.  We don't know mint; we don't know what changes mint makes.12:09
ShapeShifter499it will lockup and nothing but a hard reboot will work, not even the "Alt+SysRq+R+E+I+S+U+B" combo will work12:09
oupateddieShapeShifter499 I'm sitting with similar problem12:09
mintuserI just thought since it is such a common problem for ubuntu users you might have heard of a solution that worked for them12:09
ShapeShifter499oupateddie, have you found anything?12:10
joseph^hey guys, any idea how to pipe the output of vlc to an  input device?12:10
oupateddieNo geez I'm so down at this stage, whatever I am doing its becoming worse. I have installe kernel 3.5.10 already12:10
mintuserjrib how many times do I have to tell you that nobody there can help me so after a long time I finally came here thinking someone nice who had dealt with the problem before would give me a clue of what solutions had worked with ubuntu12:10
ShapeShifter499oupateddie, I just saw your messages just before mine lol12:10
jribmintuser: for the last time, mint isn't supported here12:11
oupateddieShapeShifter499 I am at sixes. The machine keeps freezing and then reboots12:11
mintuserwow this has at least answered one question.   ubuntu is the distro to avoid due to attitude problems12:11
ShapeShifter499oupateddie, I thought it maybe xorg so I installed the latest stuff from xorg-edgers, that didn't help12:11
joseph^ive tried in also, pulseaudio and jack already12:11
joseph^im sure ive missed something simple though12:11
oupateddieShapeShifter499 tried that as well, installed new DIMMS which I thought was a problem, no go12:12
ShapeShifter499oupateddie, mine will just freeze and do nothing till I hard reboot it by holding down the power button12:12
jribmintuser: well I'm sorry you see it that way.  It just doesn't make sense to support derivatives here because we aren't aware of changes made.  The support channel for the derivative is the best place for users of that distro to get help.12:12
oupateddieShapeShifter499 ditto12:12
dodelHello! Will ordinary software(etc. Libreoffice, Freecad, Arduino, QT designer) work on ubuntu tablet?12:12
DJonesmintuser: If you install Ubuntu, people here will be happy to help you, however although Mint may be based on Ubuntu, its developers make changes and use different repo's, therefore we're not able to support it12:13
joseph^dodel, they had better12:13
mintuserI simply asked if anyone here had seen a successful solution for this very common ubuntu problem that it seems in my case (I know of no others) mint inherited.12:13
MonkeyDust!tablet | dodel12:13
ubottudodel: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch12:13
oupateddieShapeShifter499 sometimes it starts flashing two lights on the keyboard then reboots after 30 sec, then just freezes at other times12:13
dodeljoseph^ what do you mean?12:13
mintuserI am not asking for a mint solution!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am asking if anyone here knows of a solution  that has worked on ubuntu since the problem is common on ubuntu.12:14
joseph^dodel, i would hope so being a full distro12:14
ShapeShifter499oupateddie, no just freeze, I first discovered this when I came home to a frozen comp12:14
joseph^nobody knows how to pipe vlc audio to a virtual input device with asla or pulseaudio?12:14
oupateddieI have searched all over and whatever I found tried it, but now it is even worse.12:14
dodeljoseph^ but so Libreoffice, FreeCAD, QT designer, ArduinoIDE do not working on ubuntu tablets?12:15
mintuserthe problem being the cluster of the "cannot open ConsoleKit session" message on login at the same time as a total loss of sound and network manager.12:15
joseph^dodel, i dont know12:15
dodelok thanks anyway!12:15
oupateddieShapeShifter499 Thought somebody here might know what to do12:15
ShapeShifter499oupateddie, me too12:15
jribmintuser: the best place to look for known solutions to a bug is http://bugs.ubuntu.com (or maybe forums.ubuntu.com) since you can search historical data there.  If it's a common issue, then your best bet is to probably find the bug on launchpad for it12:15
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oupateddielets ask the question again12:15
oupateddiemy duo core is on 13.04 with kernel 3.5.10 loaded. It keeps crashing and then restarts. What could be the problem.. Any help12:15
mintuserbut clearly like missionaries from certain religious groups you have to join or be fully ostracized.12:15
jribmintuser: please keep the chat support related.12:16
cgtdk!details | oupateddie12:16
ubottuoupateddie: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:16
Guest86443why my name is Guest8644312:16
Guest86443How to change my name12:16
mintuserI found many mentions of it in both of those places, but the solutions mentioned didn't work and others were not solve.12:16
ElFizbanioGuest86443, because you're a scrub12:16
joseph^Guest86443, type /nick newnickname12:16
boxmeinGuest86443: /nick <nickname>12:16
cgtdkGuest86443: siva_ is probably a registered name and nickserv changed it because you didn't log in.12:16
mintuserthat is what initially gave me the idea of coming here12:16
Guest86443where i have log in12:17
oupateddieI have a problem with my ubuntu 13.04 with kernel 3.5.10 . The machine keeps freezing up12:17
jribmintuser: ok, that's your answer then.  If you want to troubleshoot the issue further (which is what irc is good for), you would need an ubuntu system to troubleshoot on (for help here)12:17
cgtdkoupateddie: Why are you running kernel 3.5.10 anyway?12:17
cgtdkoupateddie: Do you mean 3.10.5?12:17
santhosh<oupateddie> what is your problem12:18
mintuserbut thank you for finally trying to be helpful12:18
oupateddiecgtdk becuase I was told that there is a problem with 3.5.812:18
logical_hello everyone, I am a new user of Ubuntu and i have the 13.04 v.  Yesterday I was using Ubuntu and software updater appeared, ofc. I pressed update. None of the driver were uploaded. I cant use internet, sound even the monitor resolution is not correct. How to fix this, at the moment I am using win 7 (dual boot)12:18
jribmintuser: it could be that the solutions mentioned don't work because of differences between ubuntu and mint12:18
mintuserwell I wish I had a system I could put ubuntu on to try it, but alas I don't.12:18
boxmeinHiya. I've a networking issue. Basically the network menu has no options relating to wireless. The hardware wifi toggle button does nothing, and by the command line tools listed in the device driver tutorial I have the driver running.12:19
kostas5How can I access the grub menu if it's hidden and does not show even after pressing the shift key?12:19
boxmeinFollowed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide/Drivers12:19
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mintuserI do realize that and of course would filter anything said here through that understanding12:19
joseph^im trying to  pipe vlc audio to a virtual input device with asla or pulseaudio, does anyone have tips who's done it before?12:19
oupateddiecgtdk one of the forums stated exactly what my machine is doing and said to install 3.5.10 to solve the problem but that did not fix it12:19
mintuserbut at least it would be something I could bring to the linuxmint-help group as a starting point12:19
joseph^theres a bunch of peoploe in here12:20
mintuserIf I could afford to have the system go down at some point I would try ubuntu to replicate it, but alas, I can't12:20
cgtdkoupateddie: There is no 3.5.10. Do you mean 3.10.5?12:20
oupateddiecgtdk sorry yes 3.10.512:20
jribmintuser: ok, let's move on.  I don't think there's anything else to be said about this12:21
oupateddiecgtdk my typo12:21
cgtdkoupateddie: Did you actually experience any problems on 3.8?12:21
oupateddiecgtdk yes the same problem12:21
cgtdkoupateddie: Also, have you tried the latest version of the 3.10 branch? (3.10.7)12:21
logical_boxmein you need to allow non propiratery drivers to be able to use12:22
cgtdkoupateddie: It would probably be helpful to post a link to the forum thread.12:22
logical_i had the same problem12:22
oupateddiecgtdk the machine just suddenly freezes up, sometimes reboots after 30 sec. but sometimes frozen solid12:22
logical_i just cant remmember the line for terminal12:22
oupateddiecgtdk no haven't done that12:22
cgtdkoupateddie: You should probably do that. But please post the link to the thread about the problem.12:23
boxmeinlogical_: can you pretty please look for the line? :D12:23
oupateddiecgtdk can I upgrade to 3.10.7 easily from the command line?12:24
logical_ok give me some time12:24
boxmeinTime I have12:24
MonkeyDustoupateddie  don't forget to backup first, in case something goes wrong12:24
cgtdkoupateddie: Yes. How did you upgrade to 3.10.5?12:24
cgtdkoupateddie: Actually, please post the output of "uname -r"12:24
oupateddieIts a new installation there is nothing on the machine to worry about12:24
oupateddiecgtdk I'm not on that machine now, will try to get that done and post it12:25
cgtdkall right.12:25
kostas5How can I access the grub menu if it's hidden and does not show even after pressing the shift key?12:26
xvzfhi there, I want to compile some software from sources but it does not find kernel headers in the include path --  could this be a Ubuntu bug or better a bug in the makefile?12:26
xvzfI have kernel-headers installed12:26
cgtdkoupateddie: Anyway, to upgrade to 3.10.7 on Ubuntu, download the relevant .deb's from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.10.7-saucy/ (i.e., the _all.deb and the two relevant to your system, either amd64 or i386) and install them via dpkg12:26
logical_boxmein try this in the terminal: Ssudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree12:26
oupateddiecgtdk oops I get 3.10.3-031003-generic shown now12:27
cgtdkall right, follow the instructions I provided to upgrade to 3.10.712:27
oupateddiecgtdk I have made an error, it was 3.10.3 whcih I must have installed.12:27
cgtdkoupateddie: and again, please post the link to the forum in which you read about the problem12:28
boxmeinlogical_: anything else?12:28
logical_just that should wokr12:28
oupateddiecgtdk I must just go and get the link and will do so12:28
* boxmein goes off ethernet12:28
logical_hello everyone, I am a new user of Ubuntu and i have the 13.04 v.  Yesterday I was using Ubuntu and software updater appeared, ofc. I pressed update. None of the driver were uploaded. I cant use internet, sound even the monitor resolution is not correct. How to fix this, at the moment I am using win 7 (dual boot)12:29
pc_magaslogical_ gives us the specs of your computer first12:30
eoshi everybody .... I am trying to connect to wireless from the command line on ubuntu .... I have wpa up and running in the background but still it does not connect ..... :(12:30
pc_magasI mean graphics card and sound card12:31
eosif I use network manager (GUI) it does, so everything is working12:31
boxmeinSadly, not12:31
logical_before I type anything i want to say that all worked before software update, after restart no drivers were loaded, network, graphic card , sound card etc..12:31
TJ-How is one supposed to force Unity to discover and list for running a newly installed GUI application that does has a .desktop file in /usr/share/applications/  ? (13.04 Ubuntu)12:32
kostas5_sorry I got d/c and might have not seen your reply. How can I access the grub menu when its hidden and pressing the shift key doesn't work?12:33
vadiWhich wifi nic manufacturer is most ubuntu-friendly?12:33
TJ-kostas5: It is likely you're not tapping the Shift key at precisely the right moment. I find that, especially in VMs, I have to rapidly tap it from the moment the BIOS screen refreshes else I can easily miss it. Even then, it can take a few attempts!12:35
vltHello. I plugged in a USB drive (/dev/sdc in my case) and it got auto-mounted. I wanted to unmount it and clicked on the “eject” icons in nautilus. Now there’s no media found anymore on sdc. How to re-introduce it to the kernel?12:35
TJ-vadi: Any that has drivers as part of the mainline Linux kernel. Intel are good for that, but there are others too.12:36
vadiIntel, right. Thanks.12:36
TJ-vlt: Easiest is to dis/re-connect it12:36
vltTJ-: No physical access anymore :-(12:37
TJ-vlt: Alternatively you can manually mount the device if you know its device name (in /dev/)12:37
vltTJ-: Any udev magic?12:37
vltI know that it’s /dev/sdc but `blockdev --getsize /dev/sdc` gives me the "no media" error.12:37
TJ-vlt: OK, figure out its /dev/ name then do "sudo mount /dev/XXXXX /path/to/mount/point" - ensuring that /path/to/mount/point is a directory that exists12:37
TJ-vlt: The device is likely to contain a partition table; it'd be /dev/sdc1 or /dev/sdc2 ... try "ls -l /dev/sdc*"12:38
vltTJ-: I don’t even get a block size (and no partitions anymore) after clicking the eject icon. What exactly happened?12:38
vltTJ-: The kernel doesn’t know about any partitions on sdc12:38
TJ-vlt: If the hardware has been ejected you *might* be able to get it by doing "sudo udevadm trigger"12:39
vltTJ-: Thanks, I’ll try that.12:39
vltTJ-: No :-(   Nothing in dmesg, no new partitions or devices found.12:40
TJ-vlt: Another way is, if you know which kernel driver handles it *and* that driver is a module (not built in) *and* no other devices or processes have that kernel driver locked in memory, you might do it with "sudo modprobe -r <driver.ko> && sudo modprobe <driver.ko>" which removes and reloads the driver12:41
kostas5_sorry I got d/c might have missed your response, TJ-: I tried both tapping it down quickly and holding it down. Tried quite a few times, but doesn't work12:41
TJ-vlt: Also, check in the /sys/block/* hierarchy - there may be a node you can write to which will cause the kernel to rediscover it12:41
TJ-kostas5: Which version of Ubuntu is it? All recent versions use the Shift key... is it possible it has been disabled manually in the GRUB configuration?12:42
kostas5_TJ-: It's 12.4. Unlikely to have been disabled manually, this is a fresh install, was never able to boot it at all12:43
TJ-kostas5_: Weird; as far as I recall 12.04 uses GRUB2 so it will be shift key. Are you using a USB keyboard or the PC's inbuilt/PS2 port?12:44
TJ-kostas5_: If it's USB you likely have the PC's BIOS set to disable "Legacy USB" - that is needed for BIOS to read a USB device which is what GRUB needs12:44
boxmeinSo, further into investigation, reading http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2052124 and... I don't have any wl to modprobe12:44
TJ-vlt: Trying to reproduce your issue here12:45
vltTJ-: Thank you.12:46
vltTJ-: I know I could get into my car, drive there, and just pull and re-plug it. But …12:46
kostas5my apologies again (got a shite connection on top of the other problems). TJ-: It's 12.4. Unlikely to have been disabled manually, this is a fresh install, was never able to boot it at all12:47
boxmeinjohannes@luna:~/Downloads$ sudo modprobe wl12:47
boxmeinFATAL: Module wl not found.12:47
vltTJ-: I KNOW there must be a linux way to re-introduce it12:47
CyraxThe Desktop rotation for ubuntu. Is NVidia GeForce GT 620 that is for my windows 8 enough for the desktop rotation? remember I got 2 os.. windows 8 64 bit nad ubuntu wich is on a DVD adn running from it12:50
TJ-vlt: There is, but I'm trying to figure it out. As it is USB we have to power-cycle the device or hub.12:51
eoshi everybody .... I am trying to connect to wireless from the command line on ubuntu .... I have wpa up and running in the background but still it does not connect ..... :(12:51
eosif I use network manager (GUI) it does, so everything is working12:51
eosI meant wpa_supplicant12:54
OnkelTemwhat argument should i pass to the kernel to start installation in text mode?12:55
OnkelTemim installing lubuntu12:55
kostas5How can I access the grub menu on 12.04? I tried holding down, tapping quickly etc the shift key but doesn't work. This is a fresh install, unlikely to have been disabled manually12:55
TJ-kostas5_: Weird; as far as I recall 12.04 uses GRUB2 so it will be shift key. Are you using a USB keyboard or the PC's inbuilt/PS2 port?12:58
TJ-kostas5_: If it's USB you likely have the PC's BIOS set to disable "Legacy USB" - that is needed for BIOS to read a USB device which is what GRUB needs12:58
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kostas5TJ-: It's a laptop so its the build in keybord13:00
TJ-kostas5: OK, does the keyboard have multiple shift keys? have you tried all of them? Also, have you tried the Ctrl key(s) ?13:04
kostas5_sorry got d/c might have missed your response TJ-: none of these, it's a laptop13:07
TJ-kostas5: OK, does the keyboard have multiple shift keys? have you tried all of them? Also, have you tried the Ctrl key(s) ?13:07
joseph^im trying to  pipe vlc audio to a virtual input device with asla or pulseaudio, does anyone have tips who's done it before?13:08
kostas5_TJ-: thanks, tried the ctlr, doesn't work, I think I tried the other shift too, but let me try again to be sure13:08
kostas5_TJ-: none of the shift keys works13:10
TJ-kostas5_: This page/section describes how it works https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Hidden13:11
anildigitalWhere are the files downloaded when we do sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer13:11
kostas5_TJ-: thanks, none of these works: I've tried tapping the shift keys, holding them pressed down, tried the ctrl keys, and the escape. No access to grub menu13:12
tadolkanyone with an korean 1440p ips monitor here?13:13
TJ-kostas5_: Are you sure it is using GRUB as the boot-loader?13:13
TJ-kostas5_: Are you sure the keyboard works at all!?13:13
kostas5_TJ-: No idea, how can I check this?13:14
jonasrogert_kostas5_, have you look in /etc/grub/default? check what it says and see if you can change it to show13:14
gordonjcp!anyone | tadolk13:14
ubottutadolk: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.13:14
kostas5_TJ-: The keyboard works fine, because I can enter the bios menu and change the settings using the keyboard13:14
kostas5_jonasrogert: I cannot do that because the laptop won't boot at all... I want to enter the grub menu because I want to fix the NVidia problem in the first place13:15
tadolksure, my monitor is not supported by linux or it doesn't have an EDID. So it's not working and I need help to write my own EDID or copy someone elses13:16
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know how can I monitor network usage of applications?13:17
TJ-kostas5_: Can you boot into a USB live install or something, and use that to fix the laptop (including sorting out the GRUB menu config) ?13:17
jonasrogert_kostas5_, can you get into a tty while it tries too boot? using ctrl+alt+f1?13:17
oupateddiecgtdk I'm back, have installed kernel 3.10.7 and no change. Machine still freezes up and it has no pattern to it. Can it be the xorg causing this13:18
kostas5_jonasrobert_: ctrl alt f1 doesn't work... I still get the black screen13:19
kostas5_TJ-: I have a live usb stick, It won't boot from it strangely enough (the stick is fine, worked to install 12.04, and on another machine too, have checked the bios settings to boot from the stick, nothing)13:20
CyraxTJ-: What video card do I need for ubuntu for me to rotate the ubuntu desktop adn form it as a cube? I got Nvidia GeForce GT 620 on my windows 8.. I got 2 os. windows 8 as my main one nad ubuntu as second os.. but my ubuntu runs from a DVD13:20
Antarhow much lines exactly that head and tail output ?13:20
TJ-kostas5_: That is beginning to sound like a problem with the laptop itself! Too many things it isn't doing. When did you last spill coffee into the keyboard? :d13:20
jonasrogert_Antar, you can set the amount of lines too output with -n 20013:21
TJ-Cyrax: I have no idea, you'd need to search forums and such for others that have done it13:21
kostas5_TJ-: the laptop was absolutely fine until I installed 12.0413:21
kostas5_TJ-: didn't manage to boot since I installed 12.0413:21
TJ-kostas5_: Well something is weird. Have you done the last-gap thing and removed the battery for a minute or so?13:21
Antarjonasrogert_ hmm good13:21
TJ-kostas5_: Also, a BIOS reset to defaults is something I'd try after a battery removal13:22
kostas5_TJ-: been there done that, running on power cord without battery for days13:22
Antarjonasrogert_ is it an aliases ?13:22
kostas5_TJ-: have also reset the bios settings to default, nothing13:22
jonasrogert_Antar, no it is a parameter so you would do tail -n200 logfile13:22
jonasrogert_look in man tail13:22
Antarmm ok13:23
TJ-kostas5_: Well I'd concentrate on getting a bootable USB flash drive and ensuring that works with another PC, then come back to this one. If that fails, you've at least proved its something about the laptop itself13:23
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know how can I monitor network usage of applications?13:23
kostas5_TJ-: the bootable usb stick works well, I successfully used it to install 12.04 on another machine yesterday13:23
Antarjonasrogert_ are you Certified ?13:24
TJ-kostas5_: So there is something wrong with that laptop then. Have you confirmed that all the available BIOS options for enabling USB like "Legacy" and so forth, are enabled?13:24
jonasrogert_Antar, certified in what? ubuntu no13:25
Antarjonasrogert_ linux13:25
kostas5_TJ-: I have but let me try once more13:25
TJ-kostas5_: What make/model of laptop is it?13:25
kostas5_TJ-: Vaio VGN-NR31Z/S13:25
jonasrogert_Antar, no sorry13:25
Antarjonasrogert_ how did you know all of that ?13:26
TJ-kostas5_: OK13:26
jonasrogert_Antar, used it for a long time, looking at logs is pretty much my job :)13:26
Antarjonasrogert_ mmm great13:26
kostas5_TJ-: External drive boot: enabled, boot priority order: 1. USB flash.... nothing about legacy in the options13:26
Antarjonasrogert_ but getting certified is better13:27
kostas5_TJ-: anything else I should look for?13:27
jonasrogert_Antar, the best resource if you want to now what a command can do is executing 'man command'13:27
Antarand info13:27
Antarand --help13:27
TJ-kostas5_: Yeah I know; The Vaio's are quite locked down and basic. I had to hack the BIOS of the VGN-FE41Z I have to enable virtualisation on the CPU13:27
jonasrogert_Antar, i guess, have never thought of it13:27
jonasrogert_Antar, should look into it :), thanks for the recommendation!13:27
kostas5_TJ-: save and exit.... bios logo and then the infamous black screen with blinking underscore13:28
Antarjonasrogert_ Welcome13:28
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know how can I monitor network usage of applications?13:28
Antarjonasrogert_ you need to be RHCE or Linux +13:28
jonasrogert_Antar, kool i will look into it!13:29
Antarjonasrogert_ Yeah13:29
jonasrogert_mojtaba, i would look into netstat13:29
xkernelhow to create Ubuntu 13.04 image with rootstock?13:30
kostas5_anything else before I throw the laptop away?13:30
mojtabajonasrogert_: e.g. If you want to know how many bytes thunderbird has send and recieved, what would be the command with netstat?13:31
jonasrogert_mojtaba, im not sure acctually, try looking into man netstat13:33
=== BTCOxygen|1 is now known as BTCOxygen
mojtabajonasrogert_: It just shows ports!13:34
jonasrogert_mojtaba, it has quite alot of options there is a option for processes i think13:34
TJ-kostas5_: Hang on, woooas!13:36
TJ-kostas5_: back up there... you just said you only see a blinking cursor?13:36
chinno988Anyone had trouble with skype on 13.04 seems more unstable to me.13:36
Ampelbein!info bandwidthd | mojtaba13:36
ubottumojtaba: bandwidthd (source: bandwidthd): Tracks usage of TCP/IP and builds html files with graphs. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.1+cvs20090917-5 (raring), package size 72 kB, installed size 222 kB13:36
Ampelbeinmojtaba: netstat is kinda the wrong tool for per-application statistics.13:37
chinno988Also anyone know of a 64bit version of skype?13:37
mojtabaAmpelbein: Thanks13:37
jonasrogert_Ampelbein, mojtaba, sorry for that :)13:37
kostas5_TJ-: that's right, black screen with blinking cursor13:40
kostas5_TJ-: I wasn't able to boot at all since installed 12.0413:40
TJ-kostas5_: So where's GRUB in all this? Unless you can tell me you're seeing GRUB's "Loading Linux..." line, then you have NO boot-loader installed. That black flashing cursor means that GRUB didn't install correctly. It got the MBR code but not the 2nd stage13:41
TJ-kostas5_: So in summary, you'll not be able to use Shift key since GRUB isn't running!13:41
TJ-kostas5_: So ... failed install... start all over again!13:41
mojtabaAmpelbein: I installed bandwidthd now, but how can I use it?13:41
kostas5_TJ-: according to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1743535 I need to enter the grub menu to fix the not booting problem (apparently a conflict with the old drivers of the nvidia card)13:41
TJ-kostas5_: I don't care about any article. That black flashing cursor tells me you have a broken install that can't even get to GRUB's second state13:42
TJ-kostas5_: re-install13:42
kostas5_TJ-: I agree that the install wasn't right... but can't reinstall it now... it won't run the live USB stick13:42
TJ-kostas5_: Fix the USB stick13:43
xkernelI'm running rootstock and getting this, what does it mean?  "Invalid Release file, no entry for main/binary-armel/Packages"13:43
piloneI just killed cairo dock in process and now my sound isn't working. Any ideas?13:43
kostas5_TJ-: the USB stick is fine... I used it yesterday to install 12.04 on another laptop13:43
ahalversonkostas5_: to install grub, boot from rescue mode and do "grub-install /dev/sdX", X being the letter for your hard drive13:43
TJ-kostas5_: But the laptop doesn't like ti13:43
kostas5_TJ-: can you sell me a live CD?13:44
TJ-ahalverson: Where's he going to get Rescue mode from? The PC has no working GRUB!13:44
ahalversontj:  on the cd13:44
TJ-kostas5_: what capacity is the USB device?13:44
kostas5_ahalverson: I cannot boot from rescue mode13:44
TJ-ahalverson: He can't boot from the USB live CD though, that's his double-problem!13:44
kostas5_TJ-: 8 giga13:44
piloneI just killed cairo dock in process and now my sound isn't working. Any ideas?13:44
ahalversonkostas_5: do you know how to make a liveCD?13:45
TJ-kostas5_: OK, so the USB capacity shouldn't be overwhelming the BIOS. Have you ensured you've set the boot order in BIOS to read the USB device before the hard disk. I suspect what is happening is the hard disk is taking priority13:45
kostas5_TJ-: yes, its 1 in the priority and have extrenal boot devices enabled13:46
TJ-kostas5_: Are you able, in BIOS, to change the order so the hard disk is last, or even totally disabled as a boot device?13:46
kostas5_ahalverson: I have a borrowed mac available, can I use it to make a live CD?13:46
ahalversonkostas5_: yes13:47
TJ-kostas5_: If it can write an ISO then yes13:47
kostas5_TJ-: I have this option indeed, I placed the HD last, didn't work. Let me try disabling it13:47
TJ-kostas5_: I've seen that happen a couple times on my VGN-FE41Z and the boot menu was to blame13:47
kostas5_TJ-: I have no idea if it can write an ISO, I am not mac proficient (and neither is my gf to whom the mac belongs to)13:47
ahalversonkostas5_: try this http://burn-osx.sourceforge.net/Pages/English/home.html13:48
kostas5_TJ-: let me try disabling the HD for a sec13:48
piloneI just killed cairo dock in process and now my sound isn't working. Any ideas?13:48
TJ-kostas5_: If you can't sort out the USB device booting soonish, I suggest you read up on burning a disc from OSX :)13:48
kostas5_TJ-: yes! removing the HD made it load into the live CD!13:49
TJ-kostas5_: Nice one!13:49
kostas5_TJ-: would you be able to guide me from here?13:49
TJ-kostas5_: Are you able to do a fresh clean install now?13:49
kostas5_TJ-: yes try or install ubuntu13:50
TJ-kostas5_: I shall be around for a while although maybe not active unless you ping me, I'm not glued to the PC this morning13:50
ahalversonkostas5_: now boot into the live disk, do CTL-ALT-F1, and type grub-install /dev/sda13:50
osubuntuhow can I make xmodmap settings permanent??13:51
TJ-ahalverson: That may not work, the hard disk might be sdb13:51
osubuntuI have know idead how to make xmodmap settings permanent.13:51
ahalversonTJ, kostas5_: or the hard drive you have ubutu on13:51
TJ-kostas5_:  You can try recovering GRUB but if that part failed I'd be inclined to do a clean fresh install to be sure that no other hidden parts are broken13:51
ahalversonTJ: good idea13:52
osubuntuwhy im asking is because I have to set up Right Alt -> Hangul every time when login13:52
osubuntuor is there any way to execute a script when logging on X org server?13:52
hadifarnoudI want to use my ubuntu server as proxy server via SSH Tunnel. how can I do that? My laptop is Mac. I'm tired of pptp vpn and squid. they blocked everything in Iran13:52
ahalverson!tor | hadifarnoud13:53
ubottuhadifarnoud: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl13:53
TJ-ahalverson: Been burnt like that myself a few times; it's not worth it if you've not got any data on there yet13:53
Slartosubuntu: this might be useful http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8247706/start-script-when-gnome-starts-up13:53
hadifarnoudahalverson: tor is so slow. and also blocked13:53
kostas5sorry got d/c13:53
kostas5TJ-: shouldn't I fix the nvidia issue first? I read that I should do this while seeing the "keyboard logo" in the beginning13:53
ahalversonthadifarnoud: ok, i got nothin13:53
TJ-kostas5_:  You can try recovering GRUB but if that part failed I'd be inclined to do a clean fresh install to be sure that no other hidden parts are broken13:53
hadifarnoudahalverson: how can I setup SSH tunnel? I have a server I can use13:54
TJ-kostas5: : Been burnt like that myself a few times; it's not worth it if you've not got any data on there yet13:54
kostas5TJ-: so I just click "install ubuntu"?13:54
ahalversonhadifarnoud: i dont know, may i suggest the ubuntu wiki13:54
ahalversonim looking it up right now13:54
TJ-kostas5: No, I'd boot to the live CD environment and then use the Install link from the desktop. That way, after the install completes, we can use the desktop live environment to verify that the install did go correctly, before you reboot it13:55
TJ-kostas5: And that also means if it goes wrong we can determine why and how to sort it out, before the reboot13:56
ahalversonhadifarnoud: http://askubuntu.com/questions/45075/how-do-i-route-my-internet-through-a-ssh-tunnel13:56
streulmahello, I'm on a high resolution, how can I change the Ubuntu Icon size and title bar size in Ubuntu?13:56
hadifarnoudthanks ahalverson13:56
kostas5TJ-: I got you now, thanks, will do that13:56
ahalversonhadif: wait, its for vpn13:56
ahalversonhadif: sorry :(13:57
TJ-kostas5: Good luck... glad you mentioned that flashing cursor... I'd assumed you were having the machine start to boot but just couldn't intercept GRUB before it did so.13:57
TJ-kostas5: Yet another lesson on needing to be so precise in describing issues and asking questions about them :)13:57
streulmaI thought it was in dconf-editor...13:57
kostas5TJ-: sorry I should have mentioned in the first place, but when I did that in the past, people pointed out to the grub menu as a solution which I couldn't access and it was a dead end13:57
hadifarnoudaah, Iran blocked all vpn13:58
ahalversonhadifarnoud: this is what you want http://askubuntu.com/questions/112177/how-do-i-tunnel-and-browse-the-server-webpage-on-my-laptop13:58
hadifarnoudjust ssh works13:58
TJ-kostas5: Yeah, don't worry, I'm not blaming just highlighting it because the smallest detail is so significant with remote support where experts don't see what you see13:58
kostas5TJ-: my full question was also posted here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2168036 and I copy pasted it here, apparently before you came13:58
TJ-kostas5: Yes, I saw you were suffering and thought I'd jump in late :D13:59
kostas5TJ-: but I'm glad you suggested something others didn't13:59
TJ-kostas5: I had been about to suggest to pull the RAM modules in case there were some weird sticky bits :D13:59
ahalversonhadifarnoud: if you want to use basic ssh, the command is ssh -D 80 *remote host*14:00
hadifarnoudahalverson: no I want to use it as proxy.14:00
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ahalversonhadifarnoud: and then tell your browser to use a socks proxy at port 8014:01
ahalversonhadifarnoud: that is a VERY basic proxy14:01
hadifarnoudoh. wait! so ssh -D 80 *my server ip* should be entered when I did ssh into it?14:02
ahalversonhadifarnoud: hope that works, i gtg14:02
ahalversonhadif: yes14:02
ahalversonhadifarnoud: but dont forget the browser part14:02
hadifarnoudI wont14:02
Mace268hadifarnoud, try using autossh for a permanent system-wide tunnel if you're so inclined14:03
hadifarnoudMace268: thanks. will look into it14:03
cryptospyis it safe to install nvdia 319.32 driver on ubuntu 12.04 LTS ?14:06
cryptospygfx card : nvdia 630gt14:07
Johnny_Linuxcryptospy  id prolly go with nvidia-current14:07
cryptospy<Johnny_Linux> you mean nvdia 304.x?14:08
Johnny_Linuxwhat ever version is there14:08
Mace268there is usually one that says tested14:08
cryptospyyes there are two...one back ported14:09
Mace268for me on 13.04 310 is the tested/recommended driver14:09
ramon_i want to connect my android phone in ubuntu but once i start going throw file i get disconnected...any suggestion?14:09
cfhowlettramon_, airdroid14:09
cryptospyhow to know what is the back poted version?14:09
BluesKajHi all14:10
SiedasAnyone can help me in here?14:10
Mace268cryptospy, i don't know tbh14:10
ramon_cfhowlett, airdroid is an application?14:10
ubottuSiedas,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:10
cryptospy<Mace268> okey thnx :)14:10
cfhowlettramon_, it's an android app in google play.  allows computer/phone connection via wifi.14:10
ramon_cfhowlett,  how about cable connection?14:11
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Mace268airdroid is awesome, at least it was a while back, but yes it's wifi14:11
SiedasThe problem is this. After booting, I get a black screen. This started happening after I got some upgrades.14:13
ramon_so there is no longer possible a universal cable connection between ubuntu and android?14:13
SiedasI have been told this is due to lightdm not working correctly.14:13
SiedasNot sure if this is completely true since I did had a similar issue with another laptop with windows 7.14:13
hanspHow do I locate the Qbittorrent I just innstalled from Software center?14:14
cfhowlettramon_, depends on which ubuntu you're running.  13.04 works out of the box.  12.04 required some FTP type stuff.14:14
cryptospy<Siedas> did you intall propietory gfx driver lately?14:14
hanspI find it in my navmenu, but i dont when im looking to the filesystem14:14
SiedasI can't get into my login to find out.14:15
cfhowlettkhlil, greetings14:15
ramon_cfhowlett,  i am on ubuntu 13.04 and i get disconnected from the phone once i start going throw files14:15
cryptospytry to insert in safe mode safe mode14:16
cfhowlettramon_, try a different windows manager?14:16
cfhowlettramon_, for instance, thunar doesn't see my droid but nautilus does.  dont' know why14:16
SiedasThere is no way to get a safemode on there. The entire screen is black, I can't see anything.14:17
ramon_cfhowlett,  i have eclipse and android SDKs installed and still14:18
SiedasI am running ubuntu 12.0414:18
cfhowlettramon_, as I said, try a different file explorer14:18
ramon_cfhowlett,  thanks i am going to give it a try14:19
philinuxhansp: use locate qbittorrent14:19
Siedasgreat. Another person that doesn't know what to do.14:20
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philinuxhansp: you may need to run sudo updatedb first14:21
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SiedasThe link will explain better: http://www.tech-forums.net/forums/f43/ubunt-12-04-black-screen-267689/14:22
ikoniaSiedas: you can actually force a sane display environment by forcing xorg.conf to use the "vesa" driver, it maybe worth considering that,14:23
ikoniaSiedas: that way you can at least get a desktop to move the problem forward.14:23
Sajakihi, when do "sudo apt-get install php5" i get 5.3.10 --> how to get 5. 4 ?14:24
ikoniaSajaki: it's not in the ubuntu repo for your version14:24
ikoniaSajaki: you'd need to use a PPA but be aware of the possible risks that brings14:24
ikoniaSajaki: do you really need 5.4 /14:24
Sajakifor testing ^14:25
ubottuSajaki,: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge14:25
phoggikonia: everyone really needs 5.414:25
ikoniaphogg: I'm sorry what ?14:25
phoggikonia: php 5.4 is a major upgrade to 5.3. It should have been 6.0, but since 6.0 promised unicode support that was not completed it was not so called.14:26
ikoniaphogg: that doesn't mean it's requried14:26
phoggikonia: that means any sane person would not use 5.3 any more than 4.x. It's completely unacceptable.14:26
ikoniaphogg: it's not unacceptable, and you're welcome to use 5.4 if you feel that strongly about it, however as 5.4 is not in the main repos thats a limiting factor for that version without using a PPA14:27
Sajakiwell like i said, its for testing. i installed an ubuntu 12.04 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.2.0-23-generic-pae i686) vm with varnish14:28
phoggikonia: You report facts regarding the availability of 5.4 accurately.14:28
ikoniaphogg: really ?14:28
ikoniaphogg: is 5.4 in the 12.04 main repo ?14:28
BluesKajSiedas, do you have a grub menu at bootup . if not hold the left shift key down to have grub menu appear then choose recovery mode.14:28
BluesKajSiedas, aka recovery kernel14:29
jimtahuHello, I am unable to connect to any host with ssh, the error message is "Host key verification failed." I deleted my known_hosts file, and I can connect to other computers with putty.14:32
ProtekNickzAny one here know how to change the select colour in Ubuntu 12.04, not the actual Select but the one for the actual window forms, when u resize as i wish to change the orange outter and orange tint on them, Cheerz in Advance :)14:32
philinuxhansp: any joy14:32
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sillymeif i have a .txt file, cant i just rename it to .lst  or do i have to convert it some how14:38
guiscan i run ubuntu on a firefox phone?14:38
y4h0i have ubuntu 10.10 maverick i've added ppa:libreoffice/ppa to repositories , when i execute apt-get install libreoffice it says package not found14:39
jimtahusillyme: that depends entirely on what you want to do with the file14:39
y4h0apt-cache search libreoffice doesn't find any package either14:39
sillymeloading it to aircrack14:39
y4h0is it normal14:39
streulmaI will use Ubuntu and I should use Ubuntu !14:39
streulmabut the high res is so anoying14:40
sillymewat do u mean14:40
cfhowlettguis, ffox is an OS.  ubuntu is an OS.  choose a lane.14:40
BluesKaj!eol | y4h014:40
ubottuy4h0: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:40
sillymeits just a text file 26.8 gig text file14:40
jimtahusillyme: sorry, I can't help there, give it a try and see what happens14:40
streulmaI mean that I all the day trying Ubuntu to work on my Macbook Pro Retina, I'm a Gnome user and not KDE, the icons and text are a little bit blurry on my screen.14:41
jimtahusillyme: just in case you don't know, renaming a file does nothing to the content14:42
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:42
ElFizbanioand lunix is a kernul ur suna14:42
ubottustreulma,: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages14:43
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jayahow to remember these vim commands pffff14:47
Aravindgeekjaya : start using it.14:48
guiswi use vim on my mobile phone14:48
L-samaanybody knows a good virtual machine open source for ubuntu?14:49
compdocyou mean like kvm?14:49
philinuxL-sama: virtualbox14:50
threex5Hi, I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 x64 and suddenly I'm getting a lot of program freezes and crashes. Could someone help me figure out where to start in troubleshooting this problem?14:50
L-samaan open source vm?14:51
cfhowlettthreex5, recent update?  perhaps a kernel hiccup.  try rebooting into an earlier kernel version14:51
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threex5cfhowlett, thanks. I will try to do that from grub. I have to go offline now.14:52
SiedasBluekaj what do I do after recovery menu?14:53
BluesKajSiedas, choose  repair broken packages14:55
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Psil0Cybinhey guys quick question14:57
Psil0Cybinwhen i type in the14:57
Psil0Cybinnetstat -nputw14:57
Psil0Cybincommand i get this output14:57
Psil0Cybinis this normal?14:57
FloodBot1Psil0Cybin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:57
Siedasbluekaj okay.14:57
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SiedasMaybe my linux has a virus15:00
=== flyin4x4 is now known as flyn4x4
cfhowlettSiedas, extremely doubtful15:01
LearningWell this is weird, if I plug in the ps3 controller via usb, then it works in Steam. But not in any games.15:02
LearningHow would I fix that?15:02
Psil0Cybinanyone know if you use the netstat -nputw command, if its normal to have alot of TIME_WAIT with foreign ips even tho i closed my browser (http://pastebin.com/TVYZShLF)15:02
cfhowlettSiedas, the most prevalent virus on linux systems resides between the keyboard and the display.15:02
Psil0CybinI am so confused if im sending out packets, and what is going on15:02
SiedasTHen what could make it boot into a black screen other then a virus?15:02
Lehthanismorning all...any sdl programmers in here?15:02
TJ-Psil0Cybin: see http://superuser.com/questions/173535/what-are-close-wait-and-time-wait-states15:03
cfhowlett!nomodeset|Siedas, for one ...15:03
ubottuSiedas, for one ...: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:03
SiedasHow do I install it in terminal ?15:04
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Psil0Cybinthank you TJ- your the MAN!15:04
BluesKajSiedas,  open a terminal ,run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade15:05
BluesKaj!virus | Siedas15:05
ubottuSiedas: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus15:05
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Siedasbluekaj not using locking for read only lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock15:10
Siedasunable to write to /var/cache/apt/15:10
BluesKaj!tab | Siedas15:11
ubottuSiedas: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.15:11
Siedasththe package list or status file could not be parsed or opened.15:11
SiedasBlueKaj doesn't work for me.15:12
Siedasis what I get after tabing15:13
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tb01110100Can I ask ubuntu touch q's here?15:14
wilee-nilee!touch | tb0111010015:15
ubottutb01110100: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch15:15
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wilee-nileetb01110100, They have their own channel. ;)15:16
phillyjhi, can someone help me figure out how to add an amd 5450 gfx card to my system?15:22
phillyjsystem works fine with onboard gfx but it hangs when i add the card; I'm not sure how to check for the driver15:23
andrzej_witam wszystkich15:24
purezenHey guys..! I am a keen Linux user.. and want to move my Music, Videos etc partitions to another partition.. Can anyone tell me what's the best way to do it..? Shall I straight-away create symlinks.. or shall I use the mount --bind instructions as well.. Thanks..!15:27
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=== Le is now known as cjopcjop
mojtabaHi, Is it safe to run nethogs with sudo priviledges?15:29
wilee-nileemojtaba, Does it need to be?15:30
cslcmhi folks. Having a bit of an issue with saucy-server installer.  After I select "Engligh", and then "Install" - it brings up another language selection screen, but not before powering down the USB bus!  So my keyboard no longer functions. Anyone know a workaround? (The machine has no ps/2 ports)15:31
wilee-nilee!13.10 | cslcm15:31
ubottucslcm: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+115:31
newxubuntuhow can i create a usb of ubuntu so that i can use it as my personal os, and install softwares, codecs, save files etc\15:31
wilee-nileecslcm, Not sure why you would be installing a development server, but #ubuntu+1 is the correct channel.15:32
mojtabawilee-nilee: I mean is it safe?15:32
mojtabawilee-nilee: it says it must be root15:32
wilee-nileemojtaba, If it is not designed to run with sudo no.15:32
cslcmActually I had no idea saucy was prerelease, tbh ;)15:32
Siedasso anyone want to help me? I have a ubuntu 12.04 that won't boot up in a normal login in screen. Instead, its black.15:32
JayhaHow do I add Terminal and Java to the "Opens With" tab in properties for a file, so that I can set ubuntu to run.sh files and .jar files by double-clicking them?15:33
cslcm13.04 current stable?15:33
wilee-nileemojtaba, If its run that way then run it that way, if you know its use.15:33
mojtabawilee-nilee: I have just installed this app to see my network activity based on applications.15:33
phillyjnewxubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick15:33
wilee-nileecslcm, Stable is a opinion, evefryone may have different definitions.15:34
mojtabawilee-nilee: I am not familiar with it. I just thought may be someone here knows this application.15:34
BluesKaj!nomodeset | Siedas15:34
ubottuSiedas: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:34
wilee-nileemojtaba, In the future full disclosure is your best bet.15:34
JayhaI already tried installing nautilus-open-terminal but that didn't even add the open with terminal option to the context menu15:35
cslcmwilee: In software release cycles, "stable" generally refers to the latest officially supported release.15:35
SiedasRight.. I am only capable of going into recovery mode then going to shell prompt.15:35
wilee-nileecslcm, Sure then whay are you asking, you will just get opinions here which mean nothing.15:36
mojtabawilee-nilee: Sorry, but I did not understand what do you mean.15:36
kostas5I just installed 12.04 via a live usb stick through the desktop. What do I need to do in order to check that the system was installed correctly and won't run into the black screen problem when I tried to boot it? (the laptop has an nvidia card that has issues with 12.04)15:36
wilee-nileemojtaba, I mean if you are not familiar with an app state that, it is helpful for those that help to know this.15:36
wilee-nileekostas5, By using it.15:37
Jayhawhy has it been made so difficult to run files from the GUI?15:37
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | kostas515:37
ubottukostas5: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:37
Jayhaubottu: nautilus-open-terminal15:37
Jayhaubottu: open with terminal15:38
ubottuJayha: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:38
Jayhaubottu: help15:38
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:38
Jayhaubottu: commands15:38
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal15:38
cslcmI wonder, is it possible to actually pay for ubuntu and in return get access to support from people who aren't naturally facetious?15:38
Jayhawilee-nilee: cheers :)15:38
zykotick9Jayha: did you restart nautilus (log out/back in) after installing n-o-t?15:39
Jayhazykotick9: yeah15:39
zykotick9Jayha: and when you right click inside nautilus, terminal isn't there?15:39
BluesKaj!attitude | cslcm15:40
ubottucslcm: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines15:40
SiedasBlueKaj why don't you tell me how to fix them using recovery mode with shell prompt?15:40
wilee-nileecslcm, You need to learn to understand basic questions and using the irc.15:40
Jayhazykotick9: nope - there's an "open terminal" to open terminals at a path, but no open in terminal15:40
cslcmI don't need to do anything. It's not my fault that you are volunteers, I would be happy to pay for support if such an option were availbale15:40
BluesKajSiedas, I did but you ignored the commands '15:40
zykotick9Jayha: that "open terminal" is n-o-t, that's what it's for/does15:40
Jayhazykotick9: that opens a terminal at the directory-path, I want to open .sh files with terminal (i.e. run them)15:41
Bjondcslcm: http://www.ubuntu.com/management15:42
DJonescslcm: You can pay for support, just go to the ubuntu.com website and click support at the bottom of the page, there is an option there to buy support15:42
zykotick9Jayha: you'd need to call a x11-terminal followed by your script for that to work.  like "xterm -e /path/script.sh" type thing, using gnome-terminal would be better!15:42
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Siedasbluekaj what is it? I can't see with this chats font. That's why I wanted to pm.15:42
cslcmDJones, Bjond, thank you. That is what I asked previously.15:42
phillyjcslcm: go buy red hat enterprise if you want that kind of support15:43
bestdndHi. I think I have a problem with my OpenGL. How can I check it?15:43
BluesKajSiedas, drop a tty (shell) using ctrl+alt+F1 to F6 , then do , sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade , then reboot15:43
Jayhazykotick9: I'm more of a command-line guy, but my son isn't, so I'm trying to figure out how to run executable files by double-click15:43
Jayhazykotick9: the "opens with" tab in properties doesn't jave Java (I want to set that for .jar files) or Terminal (for .sh files)15:44
cslcmphillyj - with that sort of reasoning I may as well just go buy windows 8.  RHEL is a different distro (and FYI rhel has working usb keyboard support)15:44
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
Mace268Jayha, If it's nautilus go to File > Preferences then behavior tab15:44
zykotick9BluesKaj: sidenote, that "tty" is called a virtual-terminal (it's real "linux" actually, verify with "echo $TERM" the next time your in a VT.  a tty is ANY "terminal", X or VT... just sayin'15:45
Unknown0BCHow do I get ubuntu to use an external usb dongle rather than the built in bluetooth ?15:45
bestdnd<Mace268>, I think you mean edit-->preferences?15:46
BluesKajcslcm, state you problem again ,i didn't see it earlier , since you've been complaining i have no clue what your issue is.15:46
Mace268bestdnd, not in 13.04, the only menu is File in nautilus15:46
Mace268or Files I meas15:47
BluesKajzykotick9, well your correcty technically, but novices don't need to know that right now :)15:47
Tex_NickUnknown0BC: try disabling the built-in thru BIOS15:47
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emrHello, i have a weird problem, Front Right channel is not working :)15:47
Unknown0BCTex_Nick, yeah I already had a look at the bios, there is nothing in there to turn off the wifi or bluetooth.15:48
zykotick9BluesKaj: yes, but teaching the incorrect term for things, leads to difficulties down the road ;)  it was just a comment/sidenote - no need to discuss it.15:48
JayhaMace268: Ok, I found that and set it to run executable files rather than view, but ti now just does nothing15:48
cslcmBluesKaj:  The 13.10 installer powers down the USB bus after language selection, meaning you can't actually install it.  I was directed to #ubuntu+1 (which has nobody active), and thus I decided to try the current stable release. I asked what the current stable release was, and got a facetious non-answer15:48
BluesKaj13.04 , cslcm , that's your answer15:49
Unknown0BCok so what is this little bluetooth applet thingy called on the top right ( default gnome installation on 12.04 ) ?15:49
Unknown0BCBecause in its configuration somewhere the bluetooth device must be specified.15:49
Unknown0BCright ?15:49
Unknown0BCnow what15:50
Unknown0BC/etc/bluetooth seems to NOT be the place15:50
IdleOneUnknown0BC: the package is called indicator-bluetooth15:50
Guest26933so i have problem with installing pygame with pip it just says :    Could not install requirement pygame because of error HTTP Error 400: Bad Request15:50
Siedasbluekaj the tty ctrl+alt+F1 did nothing. Unless I am suppose to do this out of shell prompt menu15:50
cslcmBluesKaj:  Thanks.15:51
Unknown0BCright now I know what its called, kewl.15:51
Unknown0BCty :)15:51
Mace268Jayha, make sure the files have the executable bit set. However I think the .sh files are just executed by the shell without opening a terminal so set it to ask each time and you can select run in terminal each time.15:51
Unknown0BCone step forward.15:51
Unknown0BCNow its probably just a case of editing a file, or perhaps even simpler with a nice user-interface.15:52
minihi everyone.15:52
rosco_yHi mini15:52
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Unknown0BCminis are cool15:52
BluesKajcslcm, ubiquity has problems with HW recognition on some machines and stalls after language and locale choices ..it's a bug that hasn't been solved yet.  You might also encoutrer it on 13.04 .15:53
runserverce zici dicane15:53
runserverne instalam aici? :D15:53
zykotick9HINT when in console (you can use ALT + F1-F6, or alt+LEFTorRIGHT-Arrow to move around.  use ALT+F7 to get back to Xorg)15:53
dcnstai sa vedem daca sunt ceva romanasi15:53
rosco_yif I'm in a directory with root:www-data ownership attributes, and I'm in the www-data group, shouldn't I be permitted to create subdirectories?15:53
cslcmBluesKaj: is there any known workaround?15:53
CVirusHow can I know my localhost email address ?15:54
rosco_yCVirus: likely
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
dcnpoti intra pe romania ma bateoar dumnezo pula in capu tau?15:54
rosco_yCVirus: my bad,15:54
CVirusrosco_y, isn't it something like root@FQDN ?15:54
BluesKajcslcm, I installed 12.10 and release upgraded from there15:54
miniif i format an externat hard drive to use with ubuntu and windows what option should i choose in formatting the disk with ubuntu 13.04? compatible with all system and devices (FAT) or should I choose the compatible most systems (NTFS)?15:54
cslcmBluesKaj: Alright, that sounds like a plan. Cheers!15:54
CVirusrosco_y, where FQDN comes from /etc/mailname ?15:55
Tex_NickUnknown0BC: i don't have bluetooth on this box ... i just tried accessing it on another box on my lan ... can't seem to access it remotly , however i've always just configured my bluetooth devices with the indicator gui15:55
phillyjcan someone help me figure out how to add an AMD gfx card?15:55
* rosco_y suggests you ignore his "" comment. He also adds that he's a total noob and should not be trying to help yet.15:55
BluesKajcslcm, righto15:55
rg_chiGood morning from Chicago. Is there anyone here who can speak to accessibility testing on Ubuntu with Unity or cinnamon desktop?15:55
Unknown0BCTex_Nick, yeah but that thing does not have an option to change bluetooth device used for bluetooth comms.15:56
BluesKajphillyj, make sure it's the default in your bios15:56
rg_chiSpecifically, I want to run tests with a browser and screen reader .15:56
SiedasWow... They all failed. All the fetching failed. and all the indexes failed to download. That command was useless. If there is a system restore for linux that would be great.15:56
TJ-rosco_y: "if I'm in a directory with root:www-data ownership attributes, and I'm in the www-data group, shouldn't I be permitted to create subdirectories?" ... only if the group has write permissions on the directory15:56
IdleOne!accessibility | rg_chi15:57
ubotturg_chi: Information about the Ubuntu Accessibility Team can be found on the wiki at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accessibility or by joining #ubuntu-accessibility15:57
miniI want to erase the external drive completely,15:57
IdleOnerg_chi: those folks should be able to help you. Welcome15:57
rg_chiThanks Idle. Good day all.15:57
sideeffecthow is entropy S (not dS) related to temperature?15:58
sideeffectsry wrong channel15:58
minii want to format an external drive, i want it like new and to work with ubuntu and windows, to format should it be selected as (FAT) or (NTFS)15:59
IdleOnemini: I recommend NTFS16:00
BluesKajSiedas, are you connected to the internet on the machine with the problem?16:00
phillyjBluesKaj: i just realized that16:00
minithanks. why?16:00
Tex_NickUnknown0BC: do you have "Bluetooth Manager" installedc on that box ?16:00
IdleOnemini: because both Windows and Linux can read/write to NTFS16:01
Unknown0BCTex_Nick, I don't think so ?16:01
pepper_chicomini, NTFS also support bigger files than FAT16:02
Unknown0BCTex_Nick, no.16:02
Unknown0BCInstalling it now.16:02
pepper_chicoI'd go for FAT if files are not big16:02
Unknown0BCFunny one would think that FAT is the bigger one.16:03
BluesKajmini, and transfer speeds are much faster with NTFS than FAT16:03
Unknown0BCOk wasnt that funny...16:03
Tex_Nickyou might want to install it ... i don't use bt much ... think thats what i use on some of orother pc's16:03
pepper_chicoI enjoyed16:03
minithanks, understood BlueKaj16:04
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Tex_NickUnknown0BC: does lsusb show both of your bluetooth devices16:06
Unknown0BCno because the one is not a usb one.16:06
Unknown0BCIt shows the usb dongle though.16:06
Tex_Nickok so the other one is listed in lspci ?16:06
Unknown0BCmaybe ?16:07
Tex_Nickis thatby chance a samsung lappy ?16:08
SiedasYup, I got the 2 linux virus. So how do I scan for viruses on recovery mode?16:08
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SiedasOr is there a system restore?16:08
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Unknown0BCTex_Nick, Fujitsu16:09
Unknown0BCI don't see the bluetooth in lspci, but that does not mean its not there.16:10
Unknown0BClspci | grep tooth           returns nothing16:10
=== steven_ is now known as TitanFood
zykotick9Unknown0BC: i'd recommend using -i when you grep like, "lspci | grep -i tooth" then you'll get both upper and lower case results16:11
Unknown0BCthanks zykotick916:11
Tex_Nickalso it might be listed as BTsomething or other ?16:12
linuxearthis ubuntu easy to use?16:12
miniwhich is the best program to format an external drive, i just tried gparted and it is not doing the job16:12
zykotick9Unknown0BC: also, onboard BT adapters might show up under USB devices...16:12
Unknown0BCTex_Nick, no results for lspci | grep -i bt16:12
Unknown0BCreally ?16:13
TitanFoodHello all :)16:13
Slartmini: if gparted doesn't work I doubt you'll have much luck with anything else16:13
linuxearthsomeone told me that our earth has a evolution, is it a fact..? and why we have only 5 fingers (inc.thumb) and not 6 or 4?16:13
Slartlinuxearth: just wait a while...16:13
john86how do i delete my ubuntu one folder online?16:13
zykotick9john86: there is an u1 channel btw #ubuntu-one i'd guess...16:14
IdleOnejohn86: #ubuntuone should be able to help16:14
Unknown0BCmy onboard bluetooth is not found under: lspci | grep -i bt    nor lspci | grep -i blue    nor lsusb ( same parameters )16:14
Unknown0BCI wonder where it is hiding.16:15
miniactually it did but if the HD is a 250gb why after formatting it says 230.99gb on ntfs and it has 1.99gb on unallocated?16:15
Unknown0BCwell this sort off sux.16:17
Unknown0BCanyway i'm going to see if windows likes my dongle. I just want to test its strength.16:17
Unknown0BCso reboot time16:17
zykotick9Unknown0BC: could you paste your "lsusb" to paste.ubuntu.com AND your "lscpi -vnvn" to a 2nd if possible.16:17
minii would like it totally empty just with the neccesary files to use it to back up files16:17
purezenHey guys..! I am a keen Linux user.. and want to move my Music, Videos etc partitions to another partition.. Can anyone tell me what's the best way to do it..? Shall I straight-away create symlinks.. or shall I use the mount --bind instructions as well.. Thanks..!16:18
Tex_NickUnknown0BC: my memory is not good enough to help without having bt installed on this box ... try installing one of the "Bluetooth Applications" thru the "Ubuntu Software Center" that should give you sone connecrtivity/control over those deviceas16:18
TitanFoodGood luck Unknown0BC16:18
Unknown0BCzykotick9, ok here is lsusb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5996608/16:19
john86there is now one responding there16:19
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
perois there a way to hide apps' icons from appearing in the panel if the apps themselves don't have such functionality?16:20
Unknown0BCzykotick9, and here is lspci: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5996611/16:21
mrdebhello. i get 'DRIVER' can not be set udev error on bootup in var/log. is udev use different ENV now? pls help16:21
phillyjpurezen: either wait or no one knows; or else try posting on ubuntuforums16:21
KM0201purezen: well, symlinks, doesn't actually move them, it simply links them.. so if your goal is to physically move them from one partition to another... i don't think symlinks is what you want16:21
zykotick9Unknown0BC: ya, i only see 1 BT device right now - same as you.  well, good luck - sorry i'm no help.16:22
IcemanV9Unknown0BC: dmesg |grep -i blue (to see if bluetooth was startup during booting up)16:23
Unknown0BCoh well, gonna reboot16:23
Unknown0BCbluetooth is working just fine IcemanV916:23
Unknown0BCI am trying to change the adaptor.16:23
purezenphillyj, Thanks for replying..!16:23
IcemanV9ah. ok. gotcha.16:23
Unknown0BCI want to use an external one, not the built in one.16:23
=== Guest58513 is now known as Jan1337z
purezenKM0201, Hey..! I just want to move them to another partition (ext4).. to use with other installations..16:25
KM0201purezen: then just either use the terminal mv command or drag/drop16:25
purezenKM0201, Sure.. but I also want to make them the default locations whenever, those folders are accessed..16:27
KM0201that's fine, just mount the new partition under each linux distro.16:27
ForDummiesI'm about to try a 64-bit kernel, after about 20 years of 32-bit.  Any gotchas?  Must I clear out my dotfiles?16:27
SlartForDummies: you're doing a reinstall?16:28
purezenKM0201, Well, I have enabled the fstab entry  for the partition.. but I also want to set the locations for the Music, Downloads etc directories as well.. In that partition only..16:28
ForDummiesSlart: I'll install on a new partition.16:28
yetifootin ubuntu, if you type a program name that doesn't exist, it can recommend a package for you, is that correct?  if so, what is the name of that package that does this please?16:29
SlartForDummies: ah.. I don't think there should be any problems.. the only problems I've had is with proprietary software that's not open source.. electronic id, bank stuff etc16:29
jribyetifoot: command-not-found16:29
SlartForDummies: apart from that it has been smooth sailing for me16:29
yetifootjrib, thanks16:29
ForDummiesSlart: I have all that stuff on a Windows/Ubuntu laptop.  This is for my desktop16:30
SlartForDummies: then you should be just fine.. go ahead!16:30
ForDummiesSlart: the main thing I was worried about was dotfiles of 32-bit versions not working with the 64-bit ones.  If so, I'll need separate home directories.16:31
ForDummiesNormally, my /home is mounted, not on the root partition16:31
SlartForDummies: I've never heard of any problems with 32 and 64 bit systems sharing home directories.. but I haven't really heard many people switching between architectures like that.. I would guess you would run into more problems if you try installing a newer (or older) version of ubuntu because dot files might change16:32
karab44hello! I want to use OpenVZ but it seems Ubuntu 12.04 LTS kernel does not support it. My question is. How to make it works?16:33
ForDummiesSlart: thanks.  I think I'll install 12.04 then, because that's what it has now.  Then upgrade should be normal...16:33
SlartForDummies: myself I never share the entire home folder between systems.. I share my documents in a subfolder but I let each system have its own configurations16:34
SlartForDummies: but that's just me16:34
ForDummiesSlart: hmmm.  I can do that.  I'll probably try sharing first (with my usual good backups).16:35
karab44So how to compile a kernel with current configuration and new functionality?16:36
wilee-nileeForDummies, Some apps are 32 bit only firefox for example, so you can use the .configs at the least.16:36
karab44I want my server to be like it is but with this small change - openvz enabled.16:36
boringntphello, how can i stop ntp from running? i stopped the service with sudo service ntp stop, but after reboot it's running again, and even when i don't reboot, it starts again on its own a few hours after i turn it off16:36
boringntpi tried that: sudo update-rc.d -f ntp remove but it did not help16:37
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)16:37
wilee-nileeboringntp, ^^^16:37
=== cjopcjop is now known as Le
boringntpwilee-nilee: i don't see instructions to stop it there16:39
wilee-nileeboringntp, http://askubuntu.com/questions/29663/how-do-i-disable-ntpd16:39
boringntpyes i tried this command, but it didn't help16:39
boringntp(sudo update-rc.d -f ntp remove)16:39
boringntpi also tried the solution of writing "exit 0" in the file /etc/default/ntpdate16:40
wilee-nileeboringntp, read the askubuntu link.16:40
boringntpwilee-nilee: i read it, and tried both solutions16:41
wilee-nileeah, if you don't just state what you have done we have these wasted communications, details are key here.16:41
boringntp[18:37] <boringntp> i tried that: sudo update-rc.d -f ntp remove but it did not help16:42
boringntpagreed i didn't say that i tried the "exit 0" thing16:42
phillyjhow do i skip the GRUB screen and boot up directly?16:43
ForDummiesPhillyj: you always have a boot program.  It's GRUB or something else.  If you keep grub, you can change its options.16:46
linuxearthhello everyone16:46
wilee-nileephillyj, Y0u can shorten the grub timeout, but be careful in not having access to it if needed.16:46
ForDummiesPhillyj: you can set a timeout, so that it quickly goes to the default item.  But leave it long enough to get access if something goes wrong.16:47
linuxearthis there any ubuntu offline channel?16:47
wilee-nileelinuxearth,  offline channel?16:47
phillyjForDummies: no  i don't want to set the timeout=016:47
OerHekslinuxearth, yes, the man pages16:47
linuxearthoffline means for chating...16:47
linuxearthlike making friends and tlaking16:47
OerHeksoh offtopic16:47
linuxearththat's what i meant wilee-nilee16:47
ForDummiesPhillyj: then be clear about what you want.  Details count.16:48
wilee-nileelinuxearth, #ubuntu-offtopic16:48
OerHeksjoin #ubuntu-offtopic16:48
linuxearthoh great16:48
phillyjForDummies: it was working fine loading into xmbcbuntu then i pressed one of the function keys trying to get into BIOS16:48
linuxearthand apart from it , any love channel where talks of love...or girl friend..can be done/...?16:48
phillyjForDummies: that function key took me to grub and now it keeps going to grub screen16:48
OerHeks!alis | linuxearth16:49
ubottulinuxearth: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*16:49
phillyjForDummies: i mean, it was working fine until i pressed the GRUB function screen16:49
phillyjForDummies: grub function key*16:49
ForDummiesPhillyj: How was "working fine" different from now?  Details, details.  I still don't have the picture.16:50
phillyjForDummies: press ON > boot into XMBCbuntu (no grub screen seen; don't need to select "ubuntu"16:51
ForDummiesPhillyj: everyone has a different idea of "working fine".  Mine includes the grub screen.16:51
bestdndWhat is a good way to control a headless ubuntu (12.04) from a windows machine? I'm looking for a program similar to vnc, giving me the native ubuntu screen in window on my windows machine/16:52
Slartbestdnd: well.. there is.... vnc =)16:52
phillyjForDummies: does that explain what i mean by "working fine"?16:52
ForDummiesBestdnd: I log in with ssh.16:52
wilee-nileephillyj, "GRUB function screen" is this the grub menu?16:52
DJonesbestdnd: SSH via putty if you can stick with command line16:53
phillyjwilee-nilee: yes, the black GRUB screen after you turn on the PC that gives distro options16:53
ForDummiesPhillyj: sort of.  But I'm having some trouble understanding how that worked and how it changed.16:53
bestdnddidn't know vnc works on ubuntu. thanks16:53
wilee-nileephillyj, Have you changed grub in any way? If you have did you run sudo update-grub16:54
Slartbestdnd: there are also some alternatives to vnc.. which I seem to have forgotten about at the moment =/16:54
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX16:54
phillyjForDummies: before, i didn't have to select which distro to boot into, it was automatic bootup16:54
Slartbestdnd: ah.. freenx was the one I was thinking of16:54
wilee-nileephillyj, More than one distro defaults to showing the grub boot menu.16:55
ForDummiesPhillyj: I'm guessing it was GRUB under the covers, with a timeout=0.  How that got changes is a mystery.16:55
phillyjwilee-nilee: the only change i can think of was pressing the function key that took me to the GRUB at startup; now it keeps sending me to GRUB16:55
perois there a way to hide apps' icons from appearing in the unity panel if the apps themselves don't have such functionality?16:55
ForDummiesPhillyj: what key was that?  Maybe it was special to grub?16:55
boringntphello, how can i stop ntp from running? i stopped the service with sudo service ntp stop, but after reboot it's running again, and even when i don't reboot, it starts again on its own a few hours after i turn it off; i tried the solutions in this thread http://askubuntu.com/questions/29663/how-do-i-disable-ntpd but they didn't help16:55
wilee-nileephillyj, Are you sure which distro has the grub control, if you have more than one linux install?16:56
wilee-nileethat is the default to show grub with more than one distro16:56
phillyjForDummies: it was my f10 key; which used to be the recovery key for this pc16:56
phillyjwilee-nilee: i only have one distro on it16:56
wilee-nileephillyj, Have you run sudo update-grub in it?16:57
linuxearthdoes god exist?16:57
phillyjwilee-nilee: only grub options are "ubuntu" and "advanced"16:57
phillyjnot yet16:57
phillyjlet me boot up16:57
=== asd is now known as Guest62643
MraMrahello all. is this good enough for a minimal working desktop environment with lxde on a fresh _basic ubuntu server_  to be run remotely with xrdp as server and remmina as client? : 'sudo apt-get install --without-recommends lxde-core && sudo mkdir /usr/share/backgrounds && sudo update-alternatives --config x-session-manager'´16:57
wilee-nilee!ot | linuxearth16:57
ubottulinuxearth: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:57
zero_coderhello.. i cant install wine16:58
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu16:58
zero_coderits showing some core softwares will be removed if continued16:58
=== guest5342 is now known as Z65npt
Z65nptI find that Ubuntu works great on the Intel integrated graphics (I'm using a Sandy Bridge processor). No need to waste money on a dedicated graphics card. Saves electricity too.17:02
Guest62643 i have problem with broken packages  when i try to intall sdl via terminal i get this : E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.17:03
whoeverGuest62643: clear your package cache, update it, and try again17:03
wilee-nilee!tmi | Z65npt17:03
ubottuZ65npt: Um thanks... We *really* did not need to know that...17:03
phillyjzero_coder: is that a warning or something like "remove old; install new stuff"?17:04
wilee-nileeMraMra, You might try #ubuntuserver17:05
zero_coderphillyj, nope17:05
wilee-nileedoh #ubuntu-server17:05
pepper_chicowhat's the name of the ubuntu based distro that got released and just looks like OS X?17:06
zero_coderphillyj, "installing wine application may  remove some of the core components. do you want to continue?"17:06
zero_coderthts what I got17:06
reisiopepper_chico: elementary17:06
pepper_chicoreisio, thanks17:06
reisiopepper_chico: but all GNOME-based distros look like Mac OS17:06
MraMrawilee-nilee: i'm doing it, thanks (btw, it is 'sudo aptitude install --without-recommends...' and not apt-get17:06
wilee-nileeMraMra, Not sure I have not had to do that.17:07
MraMrawilee-nilee: it's ok, tks :)17:07
phillyjzero_coder: are you installing or uninstalling?17:08
zero_coderusing the ubuntu software centre17:08
phillyjfirst time at it?17:08
=== [snake] is now known as SOLIDPIZZA
zero_coderi have installed when once before17:08
zero_coderbut thats was in another pc17:09
zero_coderbut now i am running an ubuntu with a kde17:09
phillyjyou backed everything up?17:09
zero_coderacutally i quit installling because of this17:10
=== Companion is now known as companion
phillyjzero_coder: wait17:10
zero_coderokie phillyj17:10
phillyjzero_coder: so you tried to install before?17:10
zero_coderyep. but that was lots before17:11
phillyjzero_coder: on the same machine?17:11
phillyjzero_coder: if so, you might have some things still there17:11
zero_coderand formated my pc many times after that17:11
phillyjhave you tried to do it via command line?17:12
zero_coderwhen tried it shows some unmet dependencies or something17:13
dalexhi all, I have a question can any one help me, I have linux mint 14  with kernel 3.5.0-17 with external webcam ID 0ac8:0328 Z-Star Microelectronics Corp. A4Tech PK-130MG and in cheese give me a green like screen17:13
phillyjwell, then that means it will have to download other things for wine to run17:13
zero_coderso what to do phillyj17:13
phillyjzero_coder: that is normal to download other dependencies17:14
zero_coderactually they say something will be removed also17:14
lumiukkozero_coder: what will be removed?17:14
phillyjtry: 'sudo apt-get update' followed by 'sudo apt-get install wine1.4'17:15
zero_coderlemme see one minute17:15
phillyjlumiukko: maybe it's removing older dependencies?17:15
zero_coderlumiukko, many of them like kde crash client , sticky notes,and many other kde apps17:16
Guest62643what should i do when i get this error? Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.17:16
is_nullhi all, one question: why do i have to re-do my keyboard shortcuts every time i update my system ?17:17
is_nulli'm doing them from the GUI, settings -> keyboard17:17
is_nullso probably it's a bug, i'd be glad to be informed about any known workaround17:18
wilee-nilee!details | Guest6264317:18
ubottuGuest62643: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:18
wilee-nileeGuest62643, WE need details shown by the bot and what has led you to this at the least, is this a server, a regular install....etc17:19
Guest62643when i type this sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev17:20
Guest62643 , i get : The following packages have unmet dependencies:17:20
Guest62643 libsdl1.2-dev : Depends: libpulse-dev but it is not going to be installed17:20
Guest62643E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.17:20
Guest62643, I run xubuntu 13.0417:20
FloodBot1Guest62643: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:20
wilee-nilee!info libsdl1.2-dev17:21
SonikkuAmerica!info libsdl1.2-dev17:21
ubottulibsdl1.2-dev (source: libsdl1.2): Simple DirectMedia Layer development files. In component main, is optional. Version 1.2.15-5ubuntu1 (raring), package size 848 kB, installed size 2487 kB17:21
SonikkuAmericaThere it is17:21
SonikkuAmericaThere it is17:21
wilee-nileeI repeat myself when under stress, I repeat myself when under stress17:22
Guest62643i dont get it what shold i type? this? sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2?17:22
holsteinGuest62643: sometimes, i just remove the package that is causing the issues, and run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"17:23
wilee-nileeGuest62643, YOU have a broken package warning you have to fix that first, can you pastebin the output of sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade17:23
wilee-nilee!pastebin | Guest62643,17:25
ubottuGuest62643,: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:25
saiarcot895I'm getting a ton of BADSIG errors when running sudo apt-get update (The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 7B1AB59047B4D1C4 Launchpad qbittorrent) Any way to fix this?17:25
Guest62643ok here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/5996818/17:27
holsteinGuest62643: i see no error messages.. what are you trying to do?17:27
karab44is my question too hard?17:28
reisiokarab44: that question? Or some other question?17:28
holstein!volunteers | karab4417:28
ubottukarab44: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines17:28
karab44holstein: nobody ask you :)17:28
Guest62643here is what im trying to do http://paste.ubuntu.com/5996822/17:28
reisioyou just asked nobody in particular :p17:28
holsteinkarab44: use the #ubuntu-offtopic channel for "chat".. i dont see a question in the recent scroll back..17:29
karab44holstein: look more carefully17:29
reisiolooking for questions is boring17:29
karab44reisio: I want to patch ubuntu kernel17:29
reisiokarab44: okay, what's stopping you?17:29
holsteinkarab44: feel free and patch what you like.. what are you trying to patch how, and why??17:30
karab44to make openvz works17:30
reisiokarab44: okay, what's stopping you?17:30
DJoneskarab44: You've not asked anything for about an hour. People aren't going to look back that far to find a question17:30
phillyji found his question17:30
phillyjsomething about openVZ17:30
reisiophillyj: let me get you a merit badge :)17:30
karab44DJones: nobody replied for an hour17:30
reisiommm, I wonder what other obvious things can be stated17:30
karab44can we people stop arguing each other?17:31
beakhey, I am need to dual boot a laptop with Windows 7 (school requirements) , which do I install first?17:31
reisiobeak: Windows17:31
njalkbeak, windows is easier17:31
reisiobeak: be a little easier17:31
beakreisio, Why?17:31
njalkboth will work17:31
reisiobeak: because Windows only supports itself17:31
phillyjkarab44: whats your problem with openVZ?17:31
reisiobeak: and Unix supports many things17:31
reisio(like booting Windows)17:31
karab44phillyj: ubuntu does not support it17:32
beakSo when I partition the drive, which is the bootloader I use17:32
reisiobeak: you just install Windows as normal, but leave disk space for Ubuntu17:32
reisiobeak: then install Ubuntu as normal17:32
DJonesbeak: Install windows first, then Ubuntu, if you do it the other way round, windows would overwrite the grub bootloader leaving you unable to get into ubuntu]17:32
Guest62643 i dont understand step 1   http://paste.ubuntu.com/5996826/17:32
reisiobeak: ideally that is all17:32
karab44phillyj: especially kernel so I am somekind of diesel in this subject how to patch kernel to keep current settings and make OpenVZ works17:32
evilmarshmallowHi there, about the update manager --> settings  what is the difference about all that tab updates??? What is the most important????17:32
reisioGuest62643: which part of step 1?17:33
beakMan, Windows pisses me off17:33
holsteinGuest62643: ask the maintainer of the package for support17:33
karab44it's important to do not downgrade kernel and keep current settings17:33
reisiobeak: you can also resize an existing Windows installation17:33
phillyjkarab44: can't u use something else? i read the openVZ is out of date17:33
reisiobeak: yes :p17:33
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
karab44openvz seems to be good and my admin console supports only openvz unfortunetely17:34
Guest62643the running what does it mean?17:34
holsteinkarab44: what functionality are you seeking? maybe a volunteer can suggest a more supported and well developed application for you17:34
DJones!compile | Guest62643 Looks like you should have a good read of this before following the instructions17:35
ubottuGuest62643 Looks like you should have a good read of this before following the instructions: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall17:35
karab44holstein: a virtual server that works with ISPConfig317:35
holsteinkarab44: http://www.ispconfig.org/documentation/ is where i would start..17:36
reisiothose control panels are all security problems17:37
ubottuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!17:37
holsteinGuest62643: you are not using prebuilt packages.. or supported repo packages.. you are installing something from an outside source, and you will need to get support from them on how you are intended to run them in ubuntu17:38
karab44holstein: it's where I started17:38
karab44and finished right here17:38
ubottucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!17:38
evilmarshmallowanyone? <evilmarshmallow> Hi there, about the update manager --> settings  what is the difference about all that tab updates??? What is the most important????17:40
reisiotab updates?17:41
holsteinevilmarshmallow: its up to you and your needs.. i personally manually upgrade with "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"17:42
DJonesevilmarshmallow: They're different types of updates and what to install, Pre-released updates are ones that will normally be moved into the main repo's once they've been confirmed as not having problems, unsupported updates are exactly that, updates that have been issued but which don't have any support17:43
evilmarshmallowhi holstein thanks for your friendly time; if I run sudo apt-get upgrade it will take all that tabs updates.17:43
evilmarshmallowI just want security update, not more17:44
evilmarshmallowI will need all of that?17:44
holsteinevilmarshmallow: then select "security updates"17:44
DJonesevilmarshmallow: On my system, the default is for the first two to be ticked, the last two aren't ticked and don't get used17:45
wilee-nileeevilmarshmallow, I would be careful with manipulating the updates.17:47
OerHeksfunny handdrawn page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareUpdates but usefull17:49
evilmarshmallowIf I selec just security update, the other options wont affect my system wilee-nilee ???17:49
evilmarshmallowI suppose that it has to run normally.17:51
wilee-nileeevilmarshmallow, It is up to you but ubuntu has many dependencies, and can be dealt with by experienced users, why just the security updates?17:51
evilmarshmallowWhat is your recomendation for an workstation in order to create some documents and a kind of programing with eclipse and some network admin utilities ???17:52
wilee-nileeevilmarshmallow, What is the release?17:53
wilee-nileeevilmarshmallow, why just the security updates?17:53
evilmarshmallowI don't I just heard something about but i am really  new on it..17:54
wilee-nileeevilmarshmallow, Better the reason than to not mess around in that area if you want a stable setup, it makes no sense without a vaild reason.17:55
wilee-nileeevilmarshmallow, If you want to freeze specif apps that is easily done.17:55
evilmarshmallowSo you are recommending me to use all that tab updates selected, isn't it?17:56
wilee-nileeevilmarshmallow, I'm not sure what you mean by tabbed updates, is this just what the update manger shows?17:57
evilmarshmallowYes it is17:57
DJoneswilee-nilee: I think they mean the "Updates" tab of Software & Updates17:58
evilmarshmallowThe update manager shows many tabs about updates17:58
evilmarshmallowin the options settings17:58
wilee-nileeevilmarshmallow, AS long as you do not see partial upgrade which you would not run, I would run it.17:58
=== daniel is now known as Guest86604
evilmarshmallowwhy many options to keep your system security (Thinking about Windows update) I it make me wonder about it. I cant understand the difference...18:00
spaceouti am having problems with an nginx upstart script. it was working yesterday, and writing to /var/log/upstart/nginx.log, but today 'sudo start nginx' hangs, and isnot logging anything. any suggestions?18:00
mchaterhi, i did an apt-get upgrade yesterday and since then my system won't boot at all. I get this panic: run-init: nuking initramfs contents: directory not empty18:03
evilmarshmallowSo guys, wilee-nilee, DJones, holstein ... In resume I just have to keep default selections ???18:03
mchaterit doesn't seem to be an actual kernel panic. plymouth upgraded during the apt-get upgrade, so I am think it's causing problems.18:04
mchaterany ideas?18:04
DJonesevilmarshmallow: I would just keep the default as it is18:04
evilmarshmallowOk, thanks a lot for all your attention guys18:05
evilmarshmallowhave a nice day.18:05
reisiono man18:05
reisioYOU have a nice day18:05
mengineHi, I rent a webhotel in USA but are currently located in europe. The latency is about 150ms. Does anybody know about a service that acts like a webserver but only caches and redirect a perticular website?18:07
menginethat I could use to reduce the latency18:08
=== Argh is now known as HAWiese
lecterhello, how can I upgrade 10.10 to 13.4?18:11
kostkon!eol | lecter18:12
ubottulecter: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:12
kostkonlecter, 10.10 is eol so it's a little more complicated than just pressing the upgrade button. and a clean install is always a good option in such cases as yours18:13
Ampelbeinlecter: There is no direct path, you need to go 10.10 -> 11.04 -> 11.10 -> etc18:13
Jordan_Ulecter: For that old of a release, while you can still upgrade, it will probably be easier (and certainly be faster and use much less bandwidth) to just install fresh.18:13
lecterhow do upgrade to 11.0418:14
DJones!eolupgrade | lecter You can use the bots instructions to start with, but a clean install will probably be better,18:14
ubottulecter You can use the bots instructions to start with, but a clean install will probably be better,: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:14
kostkonlecter, 11.04 is eol too18:14
lecteryeah but I can climb the ladder back18:14
Ampelbeinlecter: Follow the link that ubottu gave you.18:14
lecterthat link only tell how to reach 10.418:16
wilee-nileelecter, Your best doing a fresh install that upgrade would take a long time and be prone to problems.18:17
lecterwill it require to reformat the partition its on?18:17
wilee-nileelecter, Only you know that, do you have room for another partition?18:20
wilee-nileelecter, the eol link tells you how to do the upgrade, personally I would not do it that way, you have to make a decision here, do you backup what you have and do a fresh, or risk the upgrade, I would do a clone first to be safe in case of failure.18:23
sauraedronhi, how do i check if my internet is connected or not through nmcli. I want a boolean val 0 or 118:23
lectercan I try to upgradeyup itll take longer than I hoped18:23
pfifoI cant get my pycrypto program to work, I notice that my 12.04 install is using pycrypto 2.4.1 why are we so out of date here?18:23
lectera clean install would be better18:24
lecterproblem is to re-install packages and backups18:24
flyssuck /server irc.sorcery.net18:25
wilee-nileelecter, Welcome to linux, that is a skill you need. ;)18:25
wilee-nileeor in any OS on upgrades really18:25
reisiosauraedron: I'm a one18:25
sauraedronreisio : Hi18:27
reisiosauraedron: ping -c 3 www.yahoo.com 2>/dev/null && grep -q '0% packet' && echo 'It works!'18:28
pfifo!clone | lecter18:28
Ampelbeinsauraedron: You could check if "nmcli -t -f state nm status" returns "connected"18:28
pfifoubottu, why are you ignoring me18:28
ubottupfifo: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:28
reisio2012 Jun 23 22:42:26 <ubottu>To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this currently may cause problems with multiarch) - See also !automate18:29
=== companion is now known as Companion
pfifosee ubottu, people are doing your job for you now, why are we even paying you?18:29
ElFizbaniowhoever is responsible, will die18:30
sauraedronreisio; Ampelbein; i have this **nmcli -t con up id "Tata Docomo Internet" ** i want to check whether this was succesful or not18:30
reisiosauraedron: && echo 'success'18:31
reisiounless it's a poor application indeed18:31
Ampelbeinsauraedron: You will get exit status "4" if the connection activation failed.18:31
lecterhow do we install the packages from ubuntu studio?18:31
Jordan_Ureisio: I think you meant for there to be a pipe in there.18:31
sauraedron**nmcli -t -f state nm status** works fine18:31
reisioJordan_U: no that's something else18:32
AmpelbeinJordan_U: Why do you think there should be a pipe?18:32
reisiothat's if you want a script to stop if something fails18:32
lecterhow do we install the packages from ubuntu studio?18:32
Jordan_UAmpelbein: reisio: ping -c 3 www.yahoo.com 2>/dev/null && grep -q '0% packet' && echo 'It works!'18:32
reisiolecter: ubuntustudio-desktop, et al.18:33
lectervia synaptic?18:33
reisiolecter: via whatever package manager interface you like18:33
reisiosynaptic should work18:33
sauraedronAmpelbein: what if connection is activated? I mean what code?18:34
AmpelbeinJordan_U: It pings www.yahoo.com 3 times (-c 3), if the exit status is "0" (&&) it will grep and if that exits with "0" (&&) it will echo. No pipe needed.18:34
lectera full reinstall is long since i like having almost all graphic interface18:34
Ampelbeinsauraedron: If there is no error it will exit with exit status "0" like almost every other application on the planet.18:34
Ampelbeinsauraedron: You can check in "man nmcli" the exit codes"18:35
ubottuIf you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop18:35
reisiothat is a truly oddly worded factoid18:35
lecterand then I wanna install a VM on which ill install another distro18:35
Jordan_UAmpelbein: reisio: Means run "ping -c 3 www.yahoo.com" and redirect stderr to /dev/null, and don't redirect stdout at all, then run "grep -q '0% packet'" with grep reading from stdin, which is *not* the output of ping, but something else (probably the keyboard), then if the user happens to have entered '0% packet' at the keyboard, print "It works!". I don't think that's what is intended.18:36
reisioJordan_U: that's not what it means :)18:36
reisiosomeone already gave him the command to use nmcli though18:36
kostkonhansp, actually now there's also this http://fds-team.de/cms/articles/2013-08/pipelight-using-silverlight-in-linux-browsers.html18:36
reisioso it's academic18:36
reisiokostkon: fancy18:37
hanspoh cool kostkon ! :D18:37
Jordan_Ureisio: Try running your command and notice that it will pause waiting for input from the keyboard. That's not academic.18:37
kostkonyeah, netflix in your native browser18:37
reisiokostkon: where'd you happen upon that?18:37
reisioJordan_U: it will not, and I don't suggest people use commands I don't know the outcome of18:37
kostkonreisio, ?18:37
reisiokostkon: where'd you hear about it?18:38
kostkonreisio, very recent development :P http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTQzODk18:38
kostkonreisio, let's say... today?18:38
reisiokostkon: :)18:38
Jordan_Ureisio: Maybe you made a typo in your message that you didn't make in the terminal, but I just ran (copy and paste) your exact command in a terminal, and it waits for user input (and prints success if and only if you type a line containing "0% packet" ).18:39
reisioJordan_U: maybe you made a typo18:39
pfiforeisio, Jordan_U is right, your command is borked18:40
reisiopfifo: nope18:40
Jordan_Ureisio: Please, copy and paste from your own original message into a terminal. You could also confirm in #bash that my interpretation of what your command actually means is correct.18:40
reisioah you're right, null | grep18:41
AmpelbeinJordan_U is right. I misread the command.18:41
reisiowhat a pointless conversation, though18:41
pfifoI cant get my pycrypto program to work, I notice that my 12.04 install is using pycrypto 2.4.1 why are we so out of date here?18:44
sauraedronAmpelbein reisio sorry if i missed you there18:45
reisiosauraedron: get what you want?18:45
Ampelbeinpfifo: Well, 12.04 came out 16 months ago and noone has requested a package update yet.18:45
Ampelbeinpfifo: And considering that python-crypto has like 90 rdepends, a SRU/backport is highly unlikely.18:46
* pfifo huffs and types python setup.py install18:48
alucard-vamphello as I can block https URL without using proxy server18:49
=== Fyodorovna is now known as wilee-nilee
OnkelTemHi. After installation new 13.04 system I can't do anything with apt-get: apt-get upgrade segfaults, apt-get -f install - segfalting too18:49
sauraedronn<reisio><Ampelbein> thanks18:50
Jordan_UOnkelTem: Did you verify the install media before installing? Is it possible that the drive/disk you booted from or the drive you installed to are bad (hardware)? Can you pastebin the output of "dmesg"?18:51
alucard-vamphello as I can block https URL without using proxy server and not domain block18:51
Jordan_UOnkelTem: It's also worth checking your RAM.18:51
pfifoalucard-vamp, you might be able to use iptables for that depending on exactl;y what your doing18:51
nl287what is better: install ubuntu and xfce4 or install xubuntu?18:51
pfifonl287, install ubuntu and then apt-get install xubuntu-desktop18:52
nl287pfifo: why do not install xubuntu?18:53
pfifonl287, you can install xubuntu and then, apt-get install ubuntu-desktop too18:53
Fyodorovnanl287, What is it you want xfce4 is a lighter version of xubuntu.18:54
=== Fyodorovna is now known as wilee-nilee
nl287wilee-nilee: ubuntu + xfce4 is lighter to xubuntu?18:55
HungryHungryPokenl287, they're basically the same thing18:55
alucard-vamppfifo, for example an avatar block twitter18:56
wilee-nileenl287, xfce4 is the base of xubuntu I believe as far as desktops18:56
CountryfiedLinuxHow do I make my HDD into a bootable iso image? I know that its sda1.18:56
pfifonl287, lubuntu is even lighter if your going for lightweight here18:57
wilee-nileeCountryfiedLinux, Not the best of ideas, why?18:57
pfifoalucard-vamp, you just want to block a picture from loading?18:57
CountryfiedLinuxwilee-nilee, I already decided on making my own distro. Why ain't it a good idea?18:57
nl287pfifo: yes, but what is lighter. Ubuntu + fluxbox or lubuntu?18:58
HungryHungryPokenl287, lubuntu by a hair, but it's not that big of a deal18:58
wilee-nileeCountryfiedLinux, HD's can be hard to boot that way at times, and has no correlation to making your own distro18:58
HungryHungryPokeany program you run on it is probably going to be so heavy that it won't matter18:58
pfifonl287, well lubuntu, unless your talking about only installing ubuntu core and fluxbox18:58
CountryfiedLinuxwilee-nilee, What I wanna do is take what's on my HDD and make it into a bootable live iso18:58
wilee-nileeCountryfiedLinux, Besides th\e limitations of usb speeds18:59
HungryHungryPokeeven faster would be ubuntu without any window manager18:59
HungryHungryPokeall command line18:59
AndreeeCZhi. Is this down? http://cz.archive.ubuntu.com/18:59
AndreeeCZi cant update18:59
alucard-vamppfifo,  the blouqear oust the avatar rejected by url18:59
sauraedron<reisio> pastebin.com/9D3LDPkq on going to else i want it to reconnect and again go to line 718:59
wilee-nileeAndreeeCZ, Why a archive, does not open here.19:00
reisiosauraedron: then you want a function19:00
sauraedron<reisio> how do i implement label in here?19:00
AndreeeCZwilee-nilee, what should i do?19:00
reisiosauraedron: a function, ask #bash19:00
AndreeeCZwilee-nilee, i cant install software19:01
wilee-nileeAndreeeCZ, Answering questions would a good start. ;)19:01
pfifoCountryfiedLinux, start here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch19:01
sauraedron<reisio> Ok thanks and gn19:01
reisioadios ;)19:01
AndreeeCZwilee-nilee, sry i didnt get it was a question. Anyway i dont understand it :)19:01
AndreeeCZwilee-nilee, could you reformulate pls19:01
wilee-nileeAndreeeCZ, Your link is to a archive not the main repos, and it s down from here.19:02
alucard-vamppfifo, as blouquea by iptables block only url without domain19:02
AndreeeCZwilee-nilee, ok. Thats propably because there is an old ubuntu there.19:02
CountryfiedLinuxpfifo, wow that looks SUPER complicated.19:02
HoT|2fC^hello :-)19:02
wilee-nileeAndreeeCZ, What is the release?19:03
AndreeeCZwilee-nilee, how do i check it19:03
CountryfiedLinuxpfifo, I was thinking something more along the line of my current setup apps theme and all, made into a mountable live iso image.19:03
pfifoalucard-vamp, I cant figure out what your saying, you should try asking in an ubuntu channel that speaks your native tounge19:03
pfifoCountryfiedLinux, yeah... what you just asked for is super complicated19:03
wilee-nileeAndreeeCZ, lsb_release -a19:04
marawan2hello every one19:04
CountryfiedLinuxpfifo, So no easy copy over to bootable live iso way?19:04
alucard-vamppfifo,  I want redirect a domainA.com/photo.gif to domainB.com/image.gif19:04
alucard-vampwhitout proxy if posible19:04
marawan2my microphone isn't working19:04
HungryHungryPokeCountryfiedLinux, have you tried just building off of a liveusb as is?19:04
pfifoCountryfiedLinux, no, the easy way would be to install to a usb thumb19:04
marawan2and i am not talking about the mic device19:04
AndreeeCZmarawan2, what does 'isn't working' mean?19:05
pfifoalucard-vamp, fake it out in your /etc/hosts file19:05
marawan2this thing built in the laptop is supposed to recognize my voice19:05
AndreeeCZwilee-nilee, 10.1019:05
marawan2but it doesn't19:05
val___my apt-get install is stuck at 0%, ive been looking on forums and ask.ubuntu19:05
marawan2AndreeeCZ: i tried multiple microphones but they don't work19:06
CountryfiedLinuxHungryHungryPoke, There is no live USB for Ubuntu with Mate, and I made a distro I call Matebuntu with a nice theme, wallpaper, and docky.19:06
wilee-nileeAndreeeCZ, Were you in before asking about this upgrade?19:06
AndreeeCZmarawan2, did you check alsa-mixer?19:06
marawan2AndreeeCZ: ?19:06
marawan2AndreeeCZ: please explain19:06
AndreeeCZmarawan2, open up terminal and type alsa-mixer19:06
marawan2AndreeeCZ: have in mind i am running lubuntu 13.0419:06
HungryHungryPokeCountryfiedLinux, but youcould use normal usb ubuntu, then install mate and docky19:07
HungryHungryPokeI mean, it's not clean and neat, but it should work19:07
AndreeeCZmarawan2, there try to find your mic, enable it and bring volume up. What app do you want to use with the microphone?19:07
marawan2AndreeeCZ: no command found19:07
gillesI'm sorry to bother everyone, but I swear to God I've searched the entire web to find a solution.19:07
wilee-nileeAndreeeCZ, 10.10 is end of life you can upgrade or fresh install basically, a upgrade is a eol path that is specific.19:07
marawan2i typed "alsa-mixer"19:07
marawan2AndreeeCZ: nothing came up19:07
CountryfiedLinuxHungryHungryPoke, I know that, but I wanna roll out my own distro. HungryHungryPoke Check out www.youtube.com/countryfiedlinux watch the Matebuntu video and see. That's what I wanna put on a live iso :D19:07
Foxhoundzhow can I remove the amazon spyware package?19:07
marawan2AndreeeCZ: i want to talk on skype19:07
tozenmarawan2: alsamixer19:08
pfifoCountryfiedLinux, are you trying to distribute this? hence the need for a livecd?19:08
AndreeeCZwilee-nilee, so i need to upgrade.. no way without it19:08
CountryfiedLinuxFoxhoundz, I think its sudo apt-get remove unity-shopping-lens ?19:08
marawan2AndreeeCZ: the problem isn't with skype though (i tried other recording programs like audacity)19:08
CountryfiedLinuxpfifo, yes19:08
wilee-nileeAndreeeCZ, 10.10 is not supported.19:08
wilee-nilee!eol | AndreeeCZ19:08
ubottuAndreeeCZ: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:08
marawan2thanks tozen but what know19:09
pfifoCountryfiedLinux, well seeing as how you didnt really 'create a distro' why dont you just provide instructions on how to install mate and stuff on ubuntu?19:09
AndreeeCZmarawan2, did you check your sound settings?19:09
marawan2tozen, mic says 019:09
marawan2AndreeeCZ: how do i do19:09
marawan2AndreeeCZ: i am new to linux19:09
tozenmarawan2: use arrows buttons to manage it19:09
pfifoCountryfiedLinux, or provide a PPA for your stuff, that will earn you points in my book19:09
AndreeeCZmarawan2, well some menu->settings->sound (or something similar)19:10
kostkonmarawan2, press on the speaker icon, the select sound settings19:10
marawan2kostkon, where is that speaker icon19:10
CountryfiedLinuxpfifo, Why not just roll it out as a distro? Its no different really. BTW I helped with fixing bad instructions in the Mate wiki repos for Ubuntu, so there's the points there.19:10
HungryHungryPokeCountryfiedLinux,  hmm... if you want to role your own distro, there should probably be a better channel. maybe ##linux , #distro, #debian (to base it on debian and such), etc. Not sure where exactly19:10
kostkonmarawan2, in your tray, up right19:10
marawan2and AndreeeCZ: no there is no menu -> setting -> sound19:10
gillesSo here it goes: I'm currently running XBMCBuntu on an old laptop. I was tinkering with XBMC but I wanted to get a Joystick to work so for that I had to log out and login to Ubuntu. So that's exactly what I did, entered everything correctly and clicked 'Login'. However, nothing show up, I'm only seeing a 'blue screen' (not a windows one lol). So I CTRL-ALT-F1'ed and now I'm in some kind of terminal.19:11
gillesNow my question to you guys is how do I relogin to XBMC via the terminal?19:11
CountryfiedLinuxHungryHungryPoke, I dunno where either, but there's a lot of people here and its hard getting help in whats most likely "dead channels".19:11
HungryHungryPokeCountryfiedLinux, stay connected after you post your questoin. Those "dead" channels are visited every once in a while (say, every few hours) by people that can often help. But they're busy doing other things.19:12
cloudgeekhey all19:12
cloudgeekback to my irc after 6 months19:12
pfifoCountryfiedLinux, making your own distro involes alot more than just making a livecd.19:12
kostkoncloudgeek, hey you19:12
HungryHungryPokeCountryfiedLinux, I've had questions answered after leaving it open for half a day, a day, and so forth.19:12
Hiig|2hey guys, just popping in with a quick question. i royally screwed over my virtual machine, and have to reinstall it, but i want to take this opportunity to change the OS. whats the absolute smallest RAM consuming distro available? as long as it has apt-get, im game19:12
kostkoncloudgeek, wb19:12
CountryfiedLinuxpfifo, Not really. I could just roll out another live iso every 6 months. Just wanna learn how.19:13
CountryfiedLinuxMaybe clonezilla?19:13
SpooneyCan someone tiny bit help meh ?19:13
kostkonSpooney, just ask the question19:13
cloudgeekI am appyling for fall admission in master in computer science ,any irc or guidance ,some sort university for geeks19:13
cloudgeekkostkon: heyyyy19:13
marawan2kostkon: please specify, what is the tray?19:13
cloudgeekSpooney: heyyy19:13
marawan2kostkon: i use a laptopo19:13
SpooneyI need to get skype >.> no i am not noob that's not able to but its just impossible to install over dependecies19:13
pfifoCountryfiedLinux, well, if thats really what you want todo, learning to make livecd's is step #1 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch19:14
Spooneyi tried some magic stuff heh but i didnt succesed ,,, :/19:14
kostkonmarawan2, see the image http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/yeti-1.png19:14
wilee-nilee!details | Spooney19:15
ubottuSpooney: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."19:15
Spooneyah sure sorry 13.04 64bit19:15
marawan2<AndreeeCZ> that is what i am trying to find, is there any terminal command that would take me to the mic settings19:15
gillesWhen I'm in CTRL-ALT-F1, what's the exact command to login with another username and session?19:15
Spooneywell i have it so meesed up now , but when i tried to install it i got missing libsound2 what was impossible to install because missing candidates19:15
gillesI can't CTRL-ALT-F7 'cause I'm getting a black screen.19:15
HungryHungryPokegilles, just enter your username, then enter your password19:16
cloudgeekkostkon: any irc for research students ??19:16
MonkeyDustgilles  did you create a different user ?19:16
pfifogilles, try F8 yet?19:16
kostkoncloudgeek, no idea :/19:16
wilee-nileeSpooney, For best help put all the details in a single post or it will be lost.19:16
Spooneyyup i see,,,19:16
tozenmarawan2: what about alsamixer? where the problem to setup volume in there?19:16
MonkeyDust!alis | cloudgeek19:16
ubottucloudgeek: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*19:16
HungryHungryPokegilles, also, with ctrl+alt+f7, sometimes it takes a minute to load. I don't know why.19:16
marawan2kostkon: again i am using lubuntu19:16
kostkonmarawan2, oh right19:16
marawan2tozen: i don't find anything in that command19:17
kostkonmarawan2, then, yeah, your only option is alsamixer19:17
marawan2it just shows me some stats19:17
Spooneywilee-nilee, 13.04 64bit, Wanna to install skype > missing libasound2, impossible to install because missing candidates :/19:17
tozenmarawan2:  did u read what i said u carefully?19:17
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga19:17
gillesHungryHungryPoke, MonkeyDust, pfifo: I logged into Ubuntu but it's giving me nothing but a blue screen, so I went to ctrl alt f1 to try and get back to the xbmcbuntu session19:18
wilee-nilee!info libasound2,19:18
ubottulibasound2 (source: alsa-lib): shared library for ALSA applications. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.25-4ubuntu3.1 (raring), package size 420 kB, installed size 1376 kB19:18
marawan2tozen: sorry man but all i see is screen with stats that i don't understand19:18
wilee-nileeSpooney, you see the bots messages?19:18
Orfeoushi everyone! is it possible to move the physical harddrive from computer 1 (x86) to computer 2 (x64). harddrive is current running latest ubuntu 13.04 x8619:18
Spooneymore or less wilee-nilee, however manual not workin ,,,19:19
tozenmarawan2: u can use arrow buttons to setup levels and move right and left trough the table, pal19:19
reisioOrfeous: yup19:19
gillespfifo CTRL-ALT-F8 is just giving me a black screen...19:19
reisioOrfeous: might have to alter your kernel/modules/drivers19:19
pfifogilles, I dont think thats supported here, doesnt the xbmc stuff have its own channel19:19
marawan2tozen: ! how didn't i think of that19:19
Orfeousreisio: i want it to run with x64 kernel etc..19:20
gillespfifo I don't know, but it's based on ubuntu, so the command should be exactly the same, I'd think.19:20
Spooneywilee-nilee because missing dependecies its impossible to, and i have special conact there so i need to log in >.<19:20
Orfeousreisio: ah, just found some guides with "upgrading..."19:21
val___anyone know how to fix the problem with apt-get? stuck at 0% [Connecting to us.archive.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:1562::13)]19:21
tozenmarawan2: did u get it?19:21
reisioOrfeous: you'd have to reinstall for that19:21
pfifogilles, I have no idea what window manager it uses, and I know 3 different commands for starting a desktop manager19:21
val___ive been looking everywhere, and i dont think its a mirror issue,19:21
wilee-nileeSpooney, seems to be libasound2-dev is needed not sure really.19:21
marawan2tozen: ok, now that the mic bar went all the way up19:21
val___because i am able to run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade without any problems19:21
=== Companion is now known as companion
marawan2tozen: how do i test it19:21
Hiig|2no suggestions for me? least ram consuming distro that uses apt-get?19:21
wilee-nileeSpooney, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/amd64/libasound2-dev19:21
tozenmarawan2: whistl up19:22
MonkeyDustHiig|2  xubuntu and lubuntu are light19:22
pfifoHiig|2, headless ubuntu-server19:22
Hiig|2currently running ubuntu server on my virtual machine, and its using 500 megs of ram straight after the install19:22
marawan2tozen: ?19:22
wilee-nileeSpooney, I thought the skype install from there site gets all the dependencies for you you would just run the latest.19:22
Spooneywille-nilee Impossible to find package~ no its not it stuck at this19:23
Hiig|2i just need something completely stripped down, and able to use apt-get19:23
Spooneyit never did this before wilee-nilee19:23
cloudgeekMonkeyDust: thanks19:23
Spooneywilee-nilee also it's completly fresh install ~19:23
pfifoHiig|2, are you sure you dont have X running?19:23
Hiig|2pfifo: ill double check19:23
=== asd is now known as Guest10097
Hiig|2yep. sure19:24
wilee-nileeSpooney, Try this install, this is out of my area if exacting info, however skype is not a difficult thing in general.19:24
pfifoHiig|2, learn to debootstrap19:24
nl287Hiig|2: my ubuntu server using only 350 mb ram, mysql,nginx,ftp19:24
wilee-nileeSpooney, http://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-linux/downloading/?type=ubuntu6419:24
entrerii need change pictute size, is there a program for this19:24
Hiig|2pfifo: i are linux retard19:24
Guest10097when i try to install pygame i get this error  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5997147/19:24
entreribut picture dont damage19:25
MonkeyDustentreri  gimp is good19:25
pfifoGuest10097, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:25
Spooneywilee-nilee http://13q.imghost.us/Xg/Screenshot%20from%202013-08-17%2021:25:32.png19:26
Hiig|2nl287: okay thats confusing me. how are you using that little, when im literally staring at top directly after installation?19:26
wilee-nileeSpooney, I'm in windows and norton is blocking that site as malicious19:26
cyber5amhi guys any ideas i made usb multiboot using yumi and some of isos were unlisted and dont show up in the bootmenu19:26
Hiig|2top shows i already have 556808 kib used19:27
pfifoHiig|2, ohh, well cant help you there, but you can use the debootstrap program to build little mini-ubuntu's with nothing installed but like 42 core packages (including apt-get)19:27
Spooneywilee-nilee its just another site its direct to picture ~ i promise19:27
wilee-nileeSpooney, Picture means nothing.19:27
Spooneywilee-nille i know theoreticaly it sounds easy , but its not -.-19:27
Hiig|2pfifo: okay, where do i find this?19:27
Spooneywilee-nilee wanna get ssh?19:28
entrerieveryone hear elementary os19:28
pfifoHiig|2, its in the repos, `sudo apt-get install debootstrap` google and the man page can offer suggestions on how to get the most out of it19:28
=== razor- is now known as razor1101
wilee-nileeSpooney, at least without an explanation, no ssh, there are channel norms here, it means explain your problem.19:28
tozenmarawan2: tipe in console gnome-control-center then push on Sound and Input then make some nois and see on the bar19:28
marlincIs there any application for Ubuntu server than can organize music and video's? So automatically place music in a specific directory and video in another. And maybe can even tag music19:29
Spooneywilee-nilee how more may i explain ?19:29
nl287Hiig|2: i do not do anything. Just ubuntu 12.04 server with some services19:29
Hiig|2pfifo: oh so i used debootstrap on an already installed OS?19:29
wilee-nileeSpooney, Honestly I'm not your best help here, so the channel will be better in general. ;)19:29
marawan2i am sending a screen shot tozen19:29
cyber5amwould the mini ubuntus be good for a tablet or phone19:29
marawan2Tozen: http://imgur.com/IPISj6019:30
SpooneyAnoyone more knows how install wors-ever skype ?19:30
pfifoHiig|2, yeah, like you can make a ubuntu-core on a directory somewhere and have qemu or what not run it19:30
marawan2tozen: this is how my alsamixer looks like19:30
wilee-nileecyber5am, The mini is just a net install.19:30
Hiig|2okay, installed it. going to look through the wiki now19:30
tozenmarawan2: tipe in console gnome-control-center then push on Sound go to Input then make some noise and see on the bar19:30
wilee-nilee!touch | cyber5am for phone19:31
ubottucyber5am for phone: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch19:31
cyber5amhmm sound like worth a look got an old tablet i wanna mess with19:31
marawan2tozen: tipe? what is the console gnome-control-center19:31
wilee-nileecyber5am, 12.04 it is called the mini, after that it is called the alternative, for a mini net install.19:31
entreribrightness is lower i open the laptop  on Fn  how i fixed this?19:31
Ghost7Anyone can jelp me?19:31
tozenmarawan2: console is console Ctrl+Alt+T19:32
BluesKaj!ask | Ghost719:32
ubottuGhost7: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:32
wilee-nileeGhost7, Not without a a question on your issues19:32
Ghost7ok mates calm down19:32
BluesKajguess he doesn't help after all :)19:33
xkernelwhy this archive is not working http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports?19:33
marawan2 tozen: it is not installed, should i install it19:34
wilee-nileexkernel, Opens here how are you using it?19:35
tozenmarawan2: what isn't installed?19:35
xkernelwilee-nilee, it open in the browser but i'm trying to use it with rootstock which is not working19:35
wilee-nileexkernel, Not sure, however details are what is needed for good help.19:36
marawan2the gnome control center19:36
marawan2it is not installed19:36
cyber5amok thanks wilee19:36
tozenmarawan2: well click on speaker icon on your tray then choose Sound Settings option19:37
Spooneywilee-nilee what should i doooo >D19:37
jcorgananyone here familiar with the livecd process or is there a better channelf or that?19:37
wilee-nileecyber5am, No problem, with the switching of names on the mini and alternative it can be confusing.19:37
xkernelwilee-nilee, "Invalid Release file, no entry for main/binary-armel/Packages"19:37
MonkeyDustjcorgan  just ask your question19:37
wilee-nileexkernel, I'm not your best help here. ;)19:38
jcorganwhen the livecd discovers partitions on a local hard drive, it mounts them noexec, i am remastering a livecd but want to change that behavior19:38
marawan2have you checked http://imgur.com/IPISj60, tozen?19:38
jcorgani'm familiar with the mastering process, so only need to find out  about changing the mounting options19:39
MonkeyDustjcorgan  i guess you that in /etc/fstab19:39
MonkeyDustyou do*19:39
jcorganetc/fstab is blank on the livecd master19:41
jcorgani don't know what the automounter is on the livecd but i'm sure the config for that is what i need to change19:41
=== razor1101 is now known as razor-
Spooneyomgg almost nothing is possible to instal heh , tried to virtualbox but loool nope dependecies again19:43
=== razor- is now known as razor1101
cyber5amas youve probly guessed im new to linux but im loving it tryed it out years ago but didnt have the patients to stick with it i wish i had i prefer ubuntu but am trying out others im on pinguy at moment but im thinking debian could be good longterm choice for the stability but i do like to customize a bit and it dosen't seem  to be as easy to do as some of the others19:45
=== themanwithnoface is now known as Carlos_Saftey
wilee-nileecyber5am, Hardly no support for pinguy, not here as well, debian has pretty good support, however they may expect some basic skills, in general.19:47
Jeeves_Mosswhy am I getting a "do-release-upgrade" in the MOTD, yet when I run the command I'm told there is no release?19:48
Darkness_of_Timehello everybody!19:48
compdocJeeves_Moss, maybe motd isnt updated19:49
Darkness_of_Timea few hours ago I removed my sound card X-Fi (PCI) which was working perfectly on linux and I installed an EMU 0404 (PCI)19:50
Darkness_of_Timethe problem is that now... I have no sound and I don't know how to install the drivers for the new sound card on my system19:50
Darkness_of_Timecould you help me?19:50
BluesKaj Jeeves_Moss , do you mean upgrade notification from the software center ?19:50
BluesKajDarkness_of_Time, did you set the new pci card as default in the bios?19:51
cyber5amcan you recomend any good channels for noobs im interested in improving my commandline skills19:51
BluesKaj!cli | cyber5am19:52
ubottucyber5am: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro19:52
Darkness_of_TimeBluesKaj, this is the only sound card installed now. the old one was removed and the on board is already dissabled. and I don't think that I can set this EMU as the default sound card in the BIOS... I think that there is no such an option19:53
maheanuuI have a printer problem, Ubuntu shows me the printer but when I try to print, it gives me pending and that is all,  I have HPlips installed but still no print19:54
=== anon is now known as Guest95073
BluesKajDarkness_of_Time, usually one can find the soundcards in the bios peripherals option19:55
Darkness_of_TimeBluesKaj, ok I'll check it when I boot my system again.19:56
BluesKajDarkness_of_Time, pastebin the output of cat /proc/asound/modules19:57
sauraedronAmpelbein : resiso: here's what i got after 15-20 mins working http://pastebin.com/g0tRcDU319:59
sauraedronAmpelbein : resiso: Thank you very much :) good night19:59
maheanuuI am running Ubuntu 12.04.2 on a new Toshiba S875-S7356  and from what I am seeing, it isn't liking Ubuntu very well at all20:00
=== Threepwood is now known as Guest78974
maheanuuI removed Wintoze Hate from it as soon as I received it.....  I want to keep using Ubuntu, but finding the setup a little difficult in certain areas20:01
=== companion is now known as Companion
sauraedronwhen i decrease the brightnes on my laptop (DELL N5010 15R) it hangs Ubuntu 12.04 :| any possible solutions?? Currently i decrease brightness using bash script20:01
Darkness_of_TimeBluesKaj,  1 snd_hda_intel20:02
wilee-nileemaheanuu, maligning windows is not acceptable here.20:02
pfifomaheanuu, I have to run hp-setup to actually get hplip running20:02
Darkness_of_TimeI think that this the audio output of my graphics card20:02
maheanuuSorry, I didn't know, I apologise20:02
maheanuuI did that already and still the same20:03
BluesKajok Darkness_of_Time , lspci | grep -i audio20:03
maheanuupfifo, the above is for you20:03
pfifomaheanuu, thats all I really got20:03
BluesKajDarkness_of_Time, the hda-intel is most likely your motherboard soundchip20:03
sauraedronany one ??20:04
maheanuuThat is the reason I am here, I called Toshiba and they told me that this laptop was designed with Windows in mind....   Makes me wonder???20:04
Darkness_of_TimeBluesKaj, this one is disabled. this one is the HDMI output of my graphics card.20:04
Darkness_of_Timeor at least, this is what my audio mixer says...20:05
sasha__O hai20:05
Darkness_of_Timeis there any command that scans the new hardware?20:05
pfifomaheanuu, corprate world doesnt support linux stuff at all20:05
hogilberquery melissaherrera20:05
sasha__I'm setting up Ubuntu on my mac, and I've allocated 15gb of disk in total. How much should I use of that for swap? I have 4gb of ram.20:05
pfifosasha__, none of it?20:06
sasha__really? the guide on wiki says that I should make one though...20:07
pfifobut it doesnt say how big?20:07
maheanuu_Looks like the Post Office here is having a hiccup or three....  I am dropping off line and it is a long weekend so there will be no repair service till Monday20:07
BluesKajdarken, yes it it may be , but the motherboard soundchip sends it's audio thru the HDMI out20:08
sasha__but I read that swap partitions aren't really neccesary with more recent releases, is this true?20:09
BluesKajDarkness_of_Time, read my post above ^20:09
Jeeves_Mosssasha__, depends on how much RAM you have20:09
wilee-nileesasha__, If you hibernate yes.20:09
pfifosasha__, in order to support suspend/resume you need atleast enough swap to hold all your physical memory, most people recommend double your ram, i recommend none what so ever, I like my computers to reboot when they run out of memory20:09
Darkness_of_TimeBluesKaj, so... the only way is to reboot and make these changes in the BIOS20:09
Darkness_of_TimeI'll try it20:10
sasha__well, tbh, I don't know what I want. this is the first time I'm running ubuntu on my mac20:10
wilee-nileesuspend does not need a swap20:10
sasha__generally speaking, there isn't a 'hibernation' mode on mac20:10
sasha__it just figures out when it needs to go into deep sleep20:11
pfifosasha__, linux doesnt do that20:11
sasha__yeah, I know20:11
sasha__so that's why I don't know if I'll need to hibernate :)20:12
maheanuu_I am planning on taking the laptop with me to PPT tomorrow as I am going in for Cataract surgery, and possibly I will run into one of the Lug people there, here there is no one other than I using Linux on a PC20:12
maheanuu_Trying to read this with any rapidity, is a pain in the neither regions at present....20:13
pfifosasha__, try 8gb if yr system partition biggerou want a swap, but youll likely never use it, it could be hard to add a swap partition later on, but easy to remove it and make you20:13
pfifosasha__, try 8gb if you want a swap, but youll likely never use it, it could be hard to add a swap partition later on, but easy to remove it and make your system partition bigger*20:14
sasha____yup, I saw, thanks :D20:14
BluesKajsasha____, you can alwayscreate a swapfile if needed , buit if your RAM is greater thasn 4-6G , then you probly won't need swap of any kind20:15
sasha____i always max out my ram with 100+ tabs20:15
pfifo^ no swap :D20:15
pfifosasha___, I dont think the number of tabs you have open is going to have much impact on your memory in linux20:17
sasha____and how much impact does standby instead of hibernation have on battery life?20:18
kostkonsasha____, mine on standby is 1% for every hour20:19
sasha____ah that should be find20:19
kostkonsasha____, netbook20:19
pfifoi dont think hibernation uses any battery at all20:19
sasha____well i never sleep my computer for more than a couple of hours at most20:20
sasha____so that should be fine20:20
kostkonpfifo, it's disabled by default in ubuntu though20:20
MonkeyDustsasha____  hibernation saves the session to disk, suspend saves to ram20:20
pfifokostkon, my system has a hibernate option when i choose to shutdown/20:20
MonkeyDustsasha____  suspend uses battery, hibernation doesnt20:21
sasha____yes, yes, ok20:21
kostkonpfifo, hmm that would be strange. is it vanilla ubuntu?20:21
sasha____i shall not be needing it then20:21
pfifolol it said 'not authorized'20:21
kostkonsasha____, now about your 100+ tabs. consider using this http://getpocket.com/20:21
kostkonpfifo, interesting error msg20:21
pfifokostkon, im using lubuntu atm20:22
kostkonpfifo, ah. that could explain why the option is available, but not working20:22
pfifoI allocated 4GB of swap for a non-functional hibernte button then?20:25
reisionot familiar with LXDE's power manager20:26
kostkonpfifo, check here http://www.howtogeek.com/113923/how-to-re-enable-hibernate-in-ubuntu-12.04/ it talks about creating a policykit file.20:27
Pinkamen1_Dwhat would be the best filesystem for long term storage  - low amount of writes, mostly large sequential reads.20:29
reisionot ext2, not reiser20:30
kostkonPinkamen1_D, xfs?20:30
Pinkamen1_Dxfs..ill look into it20:31
=== hansp is now known as seigmann
reisiostoring files is what most FSes are all about...20:31
Bjondreisio: https://github.com/philipl/pifs20:33
=== Companion is now known as companion
reisiothat might be better than http://web.archive.org/web/20050514074112/http://lzip.sourceforge.net/20:35
pfifokostkon, intersting, but this is my moms computer and I dont want her to have that option anyway20:36
BluesKajor applepifs20:36
goguda55Okay guys... I've got a really strange problem. JACK audio server refuses to stop running. Anyone know how to force it to stop?20:37
kostkonpfifo, yeap, i agree.20:37
hadifarnoudI do a $ssh -D 8080 remote-host-ip on my mac to use my server as a proxy in order to bypass internet censorship in Iran. If i enter that command on my server itself, can I use it from any device? I guess I have to open the port with iptables too?20:37
pfifohadifarnoud, nope20:38
BluesKajgoguda55, system monitor or ctrl+escape then kill the process20:38
pfifohadifarnoud, you need a VPN to your server, and hook all your devices to the VPN20:39
hadifarnoudsorry I was disconnected pfifo. how can I do this then?20:40
pfifohadifarnoud, you need a VPN20:40
BluesKajhadifarnoud, checkout http://www.vpngate.net/en/20:41
hadifarnoudBluesKaj, pfifo: they blocked VPN all together. only ssh tunnel works. Squid proxy works but not on every site. they sniff packets or something and block it20:42
hadifarnoudI tried both L2TP and PPTP. followed a few tutorials on a fresh server each time. didn't work.20:42
BluesKajhadifarnoud, they probly block openvpn , but there are other methods like l2tp/ipsec that work well20:43
pfifohadifarnoud, you might be able to setup you mac as a NAT server, and route packets through your socks20:43
gordonjcphadifarnoud: pptp isn't very secure20:43
gordonjcphadifarnoud: you could try running it over an odd port20:44
hadifarnoudBluesKaj: they either managed to block l2tp or I'm following wrong tutorials. I tried a few now.20:44
BluesKajhadifarnoud, including vpngate ?20:45
hadifarnoudpfifo: I was hoping if I could do that with my server20:45
hadifarnoudBluesKaj: didn't try that yet20:45
pfifohadifarnoud, are you sure you using l2tp over ipsec?20:45
hadifarnoudpfifo: 100% sure20:46
pfifohadifarnoud, you should be able to do what I said, not sure how to setup the masquerading to use socks though20:46
superbmatis it possible to have a linux distro such as a server distro without a windows manager display a remote desktop?20:47
hadifarnoudcan someone try my vpn and see if it works? not sure my setup is wrong or I'm being blocked20:47
pfifosuperbmat, youll need X on the server if you want to use remote desktop with it20:48
LIPsuperbmat: it would have to have a windows manager on it in order to serve that as a remote desktop, but it doesn't need to run an X instance on a local display20:48
BluesKajhadifarnoud, try this app l2tp-ipsec-vpn , it's in the repos20:49
hadifarnoudBluesKaj: is it a client for L2TP?20:49
superbmatLIP do you mean to say that I could boot without X running but remotely connectand utilitze the installed X system? What if I wanted to run without X and then remote desktop on the same machine (localhost)20:52
=== creftos_ is now known as creftos
pfifosuperbmat, you mean use remote-desktop from the command line? Thats impossible20:55
LIPsuperbmat: when you utilize the installed X system, you would have to run it. Now it wouldn't show up on a display locally, but it still would be running20:55
superbmatthats what I was looking for pfifo thank you. and LIP thank you for your response, this is for instances of remote accessing things such as a headless server but maintaining a gui correct?20:58
waterlitehello all20:58
pfifosuperbmat, well I shouldnt say its impossible... there might be some sort of curses based remote-desktop viewer, or maybe a non graphical one for the visual impaired that speaks everything to you20:59
isashao hai21:00
isashaI just installed ubuntu on my macbook, and I'm having a bit of an issue...21:00
gordonjcpisasha: don't ask to ask21:01
isashagordonjcp: I was coming to the point...21:01
isashait says that I have to launch the rEFIt shell, which I cannot find21:01
gordonjcpisasha: don't use refit, use refind21:01
isashais it at boot, in the OS? I can boot into mac os x, but not into ubuntu21:01
gordonjcpisasha: from OSX you download and run reFIND21:02
anoneewhat are the default parameters that I should use when mounting an ext4 partition?21:02
gordonjcpisasha: that puts in a bootloader similar to GRUB that will let you load either OSX or Linux21:02
gordonjcpisasha: when you load Linux, it will chainload GRUB off your Linux partition21:02
pfifoanonee, you dont have to specify anything to get the default parameters, hence there called default21:02
daftykinsanonee: do you mean within fstab or just the mount command?21:03
gordonjcpisasha: make sure you paypal the refind guy a donation, it's worth it21:03
isashaare you 'that guy' ^^ :P21:03
gordonjcpisasha: no21:03
gordonjcpisasha: just a very satisfied customer ;-)21:03
isashaI guess I can make an exception in my no-paying-for-software-ever policy :)21:03
gordonjcpisasha: FWIW I am running 12.10 on a Macbook 3,1 dualbooting with OSX Lion21:04
pfifofreedom isnt fre21:04
Bjondso long as it's free software, you shouldn't feel bad paying21:04
isashaI'm using 4,2 gonna dual boot 13 and lion21:04
gordonjcpI should update from 12.10 but I'm lazy21:04
isashadoes hw acceleration work with videos and stuff?21:04
isashaI read conflicting information online21:04
dzoniwhy evrytimes im trying to install ubuntu server i get message that GRUB isnt installed21:07
anoneedaftykins fstab or Storage Device Manager, I got an error "encrypted signatures detected" when I tried to let some script or software write to the partition, when writing a file manually there is no problems though, could it be because I checked "Allow any user to mount the file system",  "Allow a user to mount and unmount the file system", and "The owner of the device can mount it"? I mean these options are not supposed to encrypt anything or am I wrong? the21:09
anonee parameters added when I use these checkboxes are: users,user,owner21:10
jellfhi all21:11
jellfi have 2 PC21:12
doomlordbzr branch lp:ubuntu/raing/compiz << is this where to get the source for ubuntu/unity's versions of Scale and other compiz plugins21:12
jellfwith Ubuntu 12.0421:12
jellfand each PC installed thunderbird21:12
jellfhow i can sync both thunderbird21:12
jellfso they have same content of email21:12
dzoniwhy evrytimes im trying to install ubuntu server i get message that GRUB isnt installed21:12
daftykinsanonee: so it wasn't ever an encrypted disk?21:12
totuzI am trying to install Gnoppix21:14
daftykinstotuz: ubuntu support only here, sorry21:15
jellfanyone can help me21:16
gordonjcp!help | jellf21:16
ubottujellf: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:16
jellfubottu: ok sorry21:16
hadifarnoudhow can I find what CPU I have? It's a VPS.21:17
MrAlexandrogordonjcp, if you still remember me, hi :)21:17
gordonjcpMrAlexandro: hi21:17
gordonjcpdzoni: are you getting the option to install GRUB?21:17
gordonjcpdzoni: during the install, make sure you install GRUB to the right disk!21:17
daftykinshadifarnoud: well you probably won't be shown the real one, have you cat'd /proc/cpuinfo ?21:17
gordonjcpMrAlexandro: vaguely, can't remember what you were having problems with...?21:17
anoneedaftykins I created the volume using gparted, I didn't encrypt it or anything...21:18
hadifarnouddaftykins: That's good enough for me. I needed it for a package I want to install21:18
=== creftos_ is now known as creftos
MrAlexandrogordonjcp me neither :D but i remember your nick, so you obviously helped me. think it could have been both bootlaoder and Apache … :)21:18
daftykinsanonee: sure it's nothing in your script doing it? i take it you've tried making this script point elsewhere to confirm?21:19
anoneedaftykins its not my script it's deluge, youtube-dl and so.... :(21:20
gordonjcpMrAlexandro: possibly, that rings a bell21:20
daftykinsanonee: what does your fstab entry look like then?21:20
PoolShark_need some help getting a highpoint rocket 620 working in precise...21:21
PoolShark_04:00.1 IDE interface: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88SE91A4 SATA 6Gb/s Controller (rev 11)21:21
daftykinsPoolShark_: no driver so you're seeing no disks i take it?21:22
PoolShark_although highpoint says support is native in linux21:22
PoolShark_I imagine there is not not a module for it in the precise distro21:22
PoolShark_but it would be nice to confirm :)21:22
daftykinsPoolShark_: so your install is on a separate motherboard attached disk and is fully updated and upgraded?21:24
daftykinsPoolShark_: has highpoint given a clue as to what module might provide it?21:25
PoolShark_just says "Native Linux Support"21:26
daftykinsPoolShark_: ok i got some info21:26
daftykinsPoolShark_: take a look at that, install dkms then there's a .tar.gz with driver .debs in21:26
daftykinsPoolShark_: if you're comfortable with what that involves go for it, otherwise let me know and i can assist21:27
PoolShark_this isn't a RocketRaid21:27
PoolShark_it's a Rocket21:27
daftykinsi see '620' though21:27
daftykinsprobably same thing21:27
PoolShark_the Rocket 620 and RocketRaid 620 are different products21:27
daftykinsoh right21:27
PoolShark_Rocket 620 is just an HBA with no RAID functionality and a different SATA controller21:27
PoolShark_the RocketRaid620 is an 88SE9123 or 9128 depending on vintage with native fakeraid functionality21:28
BlackDalekDoes anyone here know how to get qjoypad to work in ubuntu 13.04?21:28
daftykinsPoolShark_: can you pastebin the relevant entry from lspci -vv ?21:28
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
=== akbkuku_ is now known as AkBKukU
PoolShark_so I modprobed it and it loaded21:31
PoolShark_but still no disks21:31
daftykinsPoolShark_: worth a reboot perhaps21:32
BlackDalekI am trying to install qjoypad but make fails every time. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5997514/ what do I need to do to fix this?21:32
daftykinsPoolShark_: fdisk -l is what you're checking for disks with?21:32
PoolShark_yeah fdisk -l and blkid both return nothing21:33
BluesKajPoolShark_, what type of HDDs are you connecting to the adapter ,IDE / ATA ?21:33
daftykinsi'm confused at the PATA talk when its' output refers to SATA 6Gb21:34
PoolShark_it's an external port multiplier chassis with 4 WD RE3 500GB drives in it21:34
PoolShark_all sata21:34
daftykinsaww babies ;)21:34
BluesKajPoolShark_, ok , so it's an expansion21:36
PoolShark_Sans Digital TR4M+21:36
PoolShark_or something21:36
SteveBellhi all. is there a combatibility table for ubuntu 13 and netbooks? found several wikis but some for ubuntu 9 others very chaotic.21:36
daftykinsSteveBell: it seems, given netbook owners coming in of late, #1 point is do you have enough storage XD21:37
MonkeyDust!hardware | SteveBell start here21:37
ubottuSteveBell start here: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection21:37
captainfixerpc14Could someone possibly assist in overcoming a type please in terminal ? I did this -sudo chown -R notroot:notroot /*    meant to do current folder not drive21:37
BlackDalekI need help with installing qjoypad in ubuntu.... anyone? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5997514/21:37
captainfixerpc14out put is bad - :-(  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5997353/21:37
ubottuDigitalIceCream: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».21:38
PoolShark_you tried just chowning it back?21:38
PoolShark_root should be able to do that21:38
=== zafrix is now known as cazandobits
OerHekscaptainfixerpc14, backup your home and reinstall21:38
PoolShark_unless it just broke everything21:38
PoolShark_worse comes to worst boot a live CD and mount the partition and chown it back21:39
captainfixerpc14OerHeks, brand new install - almost done and ready to return - argggg21:39
captainfixerpc14thats what I was hoping to do21:39
PoolShark_ok gotta make dinner21:39
PoolShark_thanks for your help21:39
ttomdid anyone ever try booting ubuntu live-cd from pxe and having the persistent storage?21:39
SteveBellthanks MonkeyDust & daftykins but I read that this site will be discontinued on 15th sept. https://friendly.ubuntu.com/21:40
=== Nisstyre-laptop is now known as Nisstyre
cazandobitsanyone knows how I can add items to gnome-control-center21:40
SteveBellwhat alternatives are there? this seems to be a weak point in ubuntu spreading if this question remains unanswered21:41
OerHekscazandobits, maybe this page is your answer http://askubuntu.com/questions/108060/is-it-possible-to-add-custom-items-to-system-settings-window21:42
cazandobitsOerHeks, I already read it21:42
MonkeyDustSteveBell  what's a weakness? altrenatives to what?21:43
SteveBellweakness = if people don't know previous to install if ubuntu will run on their hardware. alternatives to "friendly ubuntu" page21:43
BlackDalekI need help with installing qjoypad in ubuntu.... anyone? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5997514/21:44
MonkeyDustSteveBell  the !hardware list is more exhaustive, i guess, i had never seen that "friendly" page before21:45
SteveBellMonkeyDust: well there's the certified program, where mark is trying to make some money and then there's tons of discontinued programms. so correct me if I'm wrong but I can't find a current and maintained answer to my question21:46
MonkeyDustSteveBell  as this is support only, try asking in #ubuntu-offtopic21:47
SteveBellhm isn't asking if ubuntu runs on certain hardware support related?21:47
magesingHi everyone, I'm trying to get a ubuntu web server set up... Where does ubuntu hide httpd.conf?21:47
MonkeyDustSteveBell  yes, but we have the !hardware list for that21:48
magesingDo I write a fresh one and stick it in /etc?21:48
linuxliamis preload proven to help system performance?21:48
MonkeyDustlinuxliam  it's nice21:48
SteveBellcould you post a link? I can't seem to find that21:48
MonkeyDustlinuxliam  in a terminal, type           apt-cache show preload    , see what it says21:49
MonkeyDustSteveBell  ubottu just showed you, scroll down on this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport21:49
SteveBellMonkeyDust: I'm on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks but the netbook in question is not listed21:50
MonkeyDustSteveBell  any reason why you think it shouldnt work?21:50
ttomis there a way to have persistent storage when booting live-cd from network (pxe)21:52
SteveBellyes, I tried installing ubuntu 13.04 a couple of month ago and had very slow boot times (8mins) as the regular boot. fell back to ubuntu 12.10 with boot times around 1;30-2mins. maybe the problem has already addressed but since I can't find any info on hardware compatibility about this netbook I wonder if it would be a good idea to give 13 another try. I really like the changes in ubuntu from 12 to 1321:53
MonkeyDustSteveBell  a couple of months, you say. maybe it was before the official release? when it was unstable?21:54
anoneedaftykins: it's working now, it's   /dev/sdc1   /mount/mydrive   ext4   defaults   0   021:54
anoneehowever, there was user,users,owner instead of defaults when it wasn't working, the question is: how on earth could the options ("Allow any user to mount the file system",  "Allow a user to mount and unmount the file system", and "The owner of the device can mount it") prevent an application from writting on the file system since this application is run as my user account?!21:54
SteveBellno it was officially released at that point21:54
daftykinsanonee: *shrug* :)21:54
MonkeyDustSteveBell  then try and see what it does now21:55
SteveBellMonkeyDust: so maybe I should wait for 2014 for 13.10 and LTS?21:55
anoneedaftykins lol21:55
Dr_willisanonee,  even if the user mounts the ext2/3/4 - the permissions On the files on the fileysstem could prevent the user from accessing the files.21:55
ttomSteveBell: i would advice using lubuntu on slower HW21:55
Dr_willisanonee,  just because the user mounts the ext4  - dosent make everything on th eext4 owned by them21:56
SteveBellttom ok will have a look21:56
ttomis there a way to increase the verbosity of casper through boot params?21:57
anoneeDr_willis, daftykins, you know what? I think the real question is: what are the defaults? I mean since when I replaced "users, user, owner" by "defaults" everything worked as it should, then what I may wanna know is "what are these defaults" and this I will have to read more about debian in order to know more about. agree?21:58
Sta1kerhello, what would be the best option to run a script on system startup? my scenario goes like this i have made an encrypted volume using trucrypt and opensc i would like to write a script the makes sure that the card is in the reader and everytime i take it out or in it would auto mount or dismount. what would be the best option, running a system v script or making a script when lightdm logs in? is there lightdmrc?21:59
holsteinanonee: re: your question about latency.. i wouldnt bother with the lowlatency kernel, unless you are interested in lowering your latency21:59
anoneeholstein thank you very much for remembering, and it's now set to 256 milliseconds and I'm happy, but you know what I should have used linux a few years ago before ASIO4ALL for windows was written, that was when I was struggling with midi :D22:02
Dr_willisanonee,  the defaults for a ext2/3/4 would be the permissiopns on the filesystem. I do NOT think any of those options would override the permissions/ownership of the files on the filesystem22:02
Dr_willisanonee,  you are using a USB flash drive with ext4 as a removeable drive going from one pc to another? or what exactly? i missed theoriginal  question22:03
amireldoris there a way to install let's say `kubuntu-desktop` and later on removing it completly, returning to the original state with only-Unity (or LXDE in my case) installed?22:04
holsteinamireldor: yes22:05
Dr_willisamireldor,  its possible.. but not as easially done. since kuuntu-desktopis a meta package.22:05
doomlordanyone here know how to build compiz plugins..22:05
Dr_willisamireldor,  i just leave allthe *-desktops installed. ;)22:05
amireldorholstein, can you elaborate please?22:07
amireldorholstein, is there some way like `checkinstall` on make's?22:07
Dr_willisamireldor,    Installing kubuntu-desktop installs the meta package that pulls in dozens+ of other packages.. removeing them can be a pain. ;)  but possible22:08
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »22:08
holsteinamireldor: ^^ for example..22:08
amireldorholstein, hmm ok, will read22:08
anoneeDr_willis ofcourse they're the permissions :) no it's not a USB it's a hard disk.. btw when I first formatted the volume everything seemed to fail until i used gparted, then  somebody helped me to chown that mount point dir from root to me, I left the drive for a couple of days just because I needed to add a dot in the end of the chown command,22:08
=== asus is now known as Guest8287
amireldorDr_willis, yeah I know it's a metapackage, thanks for the help22:09
holsteinamireldor: you can always manually keep track of what is being installed, and see that the pacakges are removed22:09
Dr_willisanonee,  dont forget you have to chown/chmod after its mounted. :)  seen a few people get confused about that and try to chown the mountpoint beofr the fs was mounted22:10
amireldorholstein, there's probably a way to get a list of packages in a meta-package22:10
holsteinamireldor: i run 'sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop', then i copy what is being installed to a text file.. i could name that "thingsTOremoveLATER.txt"22:11
Bjondholstein: cat /var/log/apt/history.log22:13
holsteinBjond: you want me to direct that to amireldor ? i save the text file.. otherwise, go ahead and share that with the person asking the question.. thanks!22:14
kevlar555Hi folks!22:15
vadiIs it possible to pipe output to something that will highlight certain words for me? I don't want to use grep as that will eliminate other text.22:16
Dr_willisvadi,  check out 'colortail'22:18
Slartvadi: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7393906/highlight-text-similar-to-grep-but-dont-filter-out-text   lots of good suggestions there22:18
Dr_willisvadi,  theres also several similer tools.. they rely on regular expressions to colorize stuff22:18
vadi ty!22:19
=== derpinator is now known as Blacklite_
vadiWeird why they suggest grep, it wipes all lines it doesn't match on.22:20
SlartDr_willis: colortail looks nice.. never heard of it before22:21
Slartvadi: I think they either make grep match all lines (but just a small part) or make grep print out lines before and after the match22:21
Dr_willisi imagine with regular expressons you could make grep match all lines.. AND also do somthing to lines that match a differnt regular expression22:23
Sta1kerhello, what would be the best option to run a script on system startup? my scenario goes like this i have made an encrypted volume using trucrypt and opensc i would like to write a script the makes sure that the card is in the reader and everytime i take it out or in it would auto mount or dismount. what would be the best option, running a system v script or making a script when lightdm logs in? is there lightdmrc?22:24
vadiThat's more work than I'd like to do... and colortail doesn't work with a command line argument, requires a .conf file beforehand. I do wish there was a tool that let me just colorize something in the output.22:24
Dr_willis!find ack22:24
ubottuFound: backuppc, cinder-backup, cracklib-runtime, dconf-gsettings-backend, deja-dup-backend-gvfs, deja-dup-backend-ubuntuone, dpkg-repack, execstack, gconf-service-backend, gir1.2-packagekitglib-1.0 (and 1189 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ack&searchon=names&suite=raring&section=all22:24
Dr_willisSta1ker,  /etc/rc.local runs near the end of the boot sequence, it runs even if lightdm dosent start up22:25
linuxliamhow would i set time to 12 hour format from terminal ?22:25
PoolShark_so anyway22:26
Dr_williswhile read line ; do (echo $line | grep PATTERN) || echo $line  ; done < inputfile22:26
Dr_willis               seems easy vadi22:26
Sta1kerDr_willis: is it part of init or sysv?22:26
Dr_willislinuxliam,  set it where?22:26
Dr_willisSta1ker,  /etc/rc.local  is ran as part of the default init process.   which is UPSTART22:27
Dr_willisSta1ker,  sysv on ubuntu is actually Upstart  in the background just sort of emulateing sysv22:27
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/22:27
linuxliamDr_willis: the time format on a default ubuntu is 24 hours not 12 i was wondering if there is a way to set it to 12 hour using the terminal22:28
Dr_willistime default where exactly? You mean the panel clock somewhere? I dont have ubuntu sitting here in front of me22:28
Sta1kerDr_willis: init is the main one, upstart is the second init process that supports multithreading m i right?22:28
Dr_willisSta1ker,  upsart replaces sysv.   so however they all go together. :) i rarely need to mess with the details22:29
Sta1kerDr_willis: thx22:29
linuxliamDr_willis: my apologise yes i do mean the panel clock22:29
douglanyone use digikam?22:30
Dr_willislinuxliam,  there may be some gconf or dconf settings to change it. those can be changed via the command line22:30
breaker313Hi .* After Upgrading to 13.04 - having trouble with Unity and solved it - I can't configure alternative wallpapers ... any ideas?22:30
douglquestion for an experienced digikam user... when viewing the map with thumnail representing group of pics how do you view or select that group?22:30
Dr_willisbreaker313,  test with a newly made user. see if they have the same issue.22:30
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breaker313Dr_willis Yes, having the same issue, but curious: the loginscreen has the chosen wallpaper ...22:35
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Dr_willisbreaker313,  so where is the wallpaper not being used at?22:39
Dr_williswork time for me.. back in about an hr or 2..22:40
MisterThi daftykins22:52
daftykinsgot a question or just arrived for the evening?22:53
lucianwho wanna talk me create private chat with me22:53
MisterTActually I was wondering if anyone had an expierce installing SpotWeb, I've been trying to install through the Software Center and it just hangs there after a while.22:55
daftykinsMisterT: have you tried installing it via the command line to watch what it does?22:57
MisterTwould that be something like sudo aptget -instal spoweb? sorry I'm kinda new to this22:58
aquaratis there any way of reseting a machine from the bash terminal, remotely via ssh if every command you issue returns "bus error" ?23:05
reisioI s'pose you'd have to try all ways to be sure :p23:06
Random832aquarat: any way of doing so would probably involve executing a command23:06
FaxinBerlinBot Error: 2938 Sudo /attempt .run script-fail23:06
Random832aquarat: you could try /sbin/reboot -f, but no guarantees... everything returning "bus error" probably means some kind of hardware problem anyway23:07
aquaratI tried /sbin/shutdown -r now23:07
aquaratbut that also returns bus error23:07
FaxinBerlinhttp://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/cautionary.png < #ubuntu problems.23:07
aquaratI'm hoping there's a built in reset command in bash?23:07
Random832reboot (and halt) -f bypass the normal shutdown process23:07
* aquarat tries23:08
aquarat... I also can't log back into the machine23:08
Random832but no guarantees - you may have to do a hard reboot... you may have to call your hosting company, if you don't have physical access23:08
aquaratvia ssh23:08
aquaratit gives a key exchange error23:08
Random832of course you can't, i'm not sure why you expected to be able to23:08
Random832i thought you meant you already had a session open from before23:08
aquaratwell yes23:08
aquaratI do23:08
aquaratI have a session open23:08
aquaratso I either fix it now23:08
aquarator don't :P23:08
FloodBot1aquarat: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:09
Random832anyway, try reboot -f, or do a hard reset, those are your options23:09
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Random832i'll bet it doesn't come back up afterward either way23:09
aquaratno such file or directory bus error23:09
aquaratI should have set up a watchdog :(23:10
Random832is this a server you physically control, or is it at a hosting company?23:10
PocketDoge-uac regularly crashes my display with 'segmentation fault'. Not even running as root. Annoying23:10
aquarathosting company23:10
Random832call them - it's probably a hardware problem anyway, you can have them try a hard reboot, but i'll bet it doesn't come back up23:10
aquaratthanks for your help :)23:11
Random832anyway, if you can't run shutdown or reboot, you're out of options, unless you have something like an already-running interactive python or something23:11
Random832there's nothing built in to bash23:12
aquaratunlike busybox23:12
PoolShark_hrm... still can't get this marvell sata controller working23:13
aquarat"echo" is built in23:14
* aquarat tries echoing to proc23:14
aquarator dev23:14
aquaratlolol, echo to /dev/null works :D23:14
PoolShark_un poco23:14
brafa81spanis ?23:14
brafa81jajajj ok23:14
brafa81donde puedo conectarme que sea en español ?23:15
phaedra!es | brafa8123:15
ubottubrafa81: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:15
aquaratRandom832, is there any way you can think of of resetting an Ubuntu machine by echoing something to a /dev or /proc, etc. file ?23:15
aquaratlike echo "1" >> /dev/reboot23:16
brafa81ok gracias23:16
FaxinBerlinHi I deleted my C:// I think, how do I fix problem? My friend helped me delete my C:// to speed up computer.23:18
dr_willisaquarat:  cant say ive ever seen that done.. dosent mean theres not ;0 just never needed to do it that way23:19
dr_willisFaxinBerlin:  ask in #windows perhaps23:19
FaxinBerlinMy computer wont work23:19
FaxinBerlini use ubuntu23:19
dr_willisFaxinBerlin:  ubuntu dosent use c:\23:19
FaxinBerlini renamed it23:19
FaxinBerlinlooks nicer23:19
aquaratthanks dr_willis23:20
aquaratthere must be a way23:20
dr_willisaquarat:  i do seem to recall some heartbeat services that could reboot a machine automatically in some cases23:20
dr_willisaquarat:  what are you trying to do exactly and why?23:20
Random832aquarat: hang on23:21
aquaratI have a remote machine, which I'm connected to via ssh23:21
aquaratit started giving a "bus error" output to commands in bash23:21
aquaratnow I can't log in from other ssh clients23:21
aquaratand I can't run anything other than "echo"23:21
dr_willisyou are seeing dmesg/syslog messages in your ssh session?23:21
aquaratdmesg is one of the many commands that results in "command not found\nbus error"23:22
aquaratwhere \n is printed as new line23:22
Random832aquarat: try kill -9 1 (NOTE to everyone else: this is normally a highly dangerous command, and is not normally useful outside of aquarat's situation - don't try this at home)23:22
dr_willisecho is  a bash builtin,   so its possible theres been some very nasty hard disk or other hardware faliure23:22
aquaratthat's quite smart Random83223:23
dr_willisthere may  be other ;builtins' you can run.. but  the system might not even comeback  up if you reboot it23:23
Random832kill is a bash builtin23:23
aquaratsession terminated23:23
* aquarat waits23:23
Random832good luck23:23
dr_willisexTerminated! ;)  Like a Dalak! ;P23:23
aquaratI figured there must be some built in commands23:23
Random832i bet it won't come up, though, in which case call your hosting company23:23
aquaratlolol @ dalek23:23
FloodBot1aquarat: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:23
dr_willisthis is a Virtual machine> or a real physical server?23:24
aquaratphysical server23:24
Random832the issue he described sounds like a hardware fault, probably in memory (or in some part of the motherboard relevant to accessing memory)23:25
dr_willisyep. dosent sound good..23:25
aquaratit appears that killing 1 (init?) has kicked me off but not reset the machine23:25
aquaratbut that's okay23:25
aquaratI'll e-mail the hosting company and ask them to reset23:25
aquaratshould be interesting to see if it does come up23:26
aquaratthanks for your help :)23:27
Random832yes, 1 is init23:27
Random832killing it causes a kernel panic, if i remember correctly23:27
aquaratI must admit I've never seen the bus error message before23:27
dr_willisthe mother-in-law of all processes23:28
dr_willisMe either.. never seen the bus stuff23:28
aquaratthe machine still responds to network comms23:28
Random832i've never seen it in an intel23:28
aquaratit just doesn't allow ssh connections23:28
aquaratit's not an intel ;)23:28
Random832you get it on sparc solaris for unaligned memory access23:28
Random832and on some other UNIXes for stuff that would be a segmentation fault on linux23:28
aquaratit's an arm machine23:29
dr_willisan arm server? thats a little unusual23:29
aquaratwell it's used for simple stuff23:29
dr_willisits not a raspberry-pi on a big fat fiber line? ;)23:29
aquaratI'm sure this isn't the best way of doing things but I have a whole bunch of other machines creating reverse ssh tunnels into it23:30
aquaratit's an O-droid x23:30
aquarator odroid-x23:30
Random832dr_willis: no, a repurposed surface RT23:30
aquaratquad core 1.4GHz machine23:30
dr_willisgetting to be a lot of neat little arm-mini pcs out there.23:30
aquaratI've just ordered the odroid-xu23:30
aquaratthat's one of the new arm BIG.little cpus23:31
aquaratwhich is effectively an 8-core processor23:31
Random832http://www.hardkernel.com/renewal_2011/main.php - looks like a pi-like-object to me23:31
aquaratbut it switches between low power cores and high power cores depending on work load23:31
aquaratit's very similar to the pi, just with a lot more memory and with a lot more processing power23:31
aquarat...but obviously more costly23:32
Random832i was thinking of getting a pi to replace my aging "home server" computer23:32
dr_willishmm that odroid-xu looks like a Raspberry-pi on steroids.  ;)23:32
Random832how much does this thing cost23:32
aquaratI love pis23:32
dr_willisPi $35 odroid xu = $140 from what i just saw23:32
aquaratarm sbcs in general... there's awesome23:32
aquaratthere's also olimex...23:33
aquaratit all depends on what you're trying to achieve23:33
dr_willisBetter Mame Arcade  Machine! ;)23:33
aquaratmy home alarm system is driven by an olimex machine :P23:33
dr_willisBeen using Plex on Ubuntu - serveing videos to my Pi-Plex  raspberry pis. :)23:34
Random832[i run mostly IRC and various random command line stuff off a 1GHZ Athlon64 X223:34
dr_willismakes for a nice setup once you fnd a decent remote for the pis23:34
linuxliami remeber how to edit gconf strings via the terminal but i don’t remember the layout if the command23:34
aquaratlol Random83223:34
Random832and file serving / backups23:34
Random832with a massive external hard drive23:34
Random832well my primary computer is a laptop, which isn't conducive to either A) always-on things like IRC or B) attaching an external hard drive to23:35
aquaratI use a combination of different arm sbcs for different tasks... I use a Solidrun Cubox as a file server, it runs Ubuntu and mdadm on an a set of esata drives. It has a gbit ethernet link, so it's great for file serving23:35
dr_willisits always nice when you can replace a huge old desktop box with a little Pi. ;)23:36
Random832yeah it's basically an old desktop my parents were throwing away23:36
dr_willisi just have to get the wife trained to use Plex and XBMC now on the tvs so she can dump her other set top boxs23:36
Random832set up headless next to the TV (it can't output video to the TV for some reason even though the TV has vga-in)23:36
aquaratI feel a bit sad when I can't find a use for old desktop PCs... there was a time in my life when there was always place for an old machine23:37
dr_willisbeen cleaning out ones all weekend here from the garrage.23:37
dr_willisset up MAME for the grandkids on them. is about all i have done lately23:37
daftykinsaquarat: i know that pain :(23:37
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aquaratwell I'm glad I'm not alone :P23:38
Random832do any of these pi-alikes have wi-fi?23:38
aquaratthe olimex boards do23:38
Random832i'd love to shove it in a corner and not have it take up an ethernet outlet23:38
aquaratnot all of them, but the A13 in particular does, it has 1 GHz dual core arm cpu on it23:38
aquaratwith vga output and a bucketload of gpios23:38
aquaratI have some of my pis running on the wifi network using small wifi usb dongles... they work reliably, provided they're close to the access Point23:39
Random832since my ATT router only has four ethernet ports - i've been making excuses not to set up the magic wifi box that the secondary [wireless, but doesn't work off of home wifi] DVR needs23:39
aquaratwhere close is < 20 meters23:39
aquaratI've cabled my home... I have gigabit ethernet everywhere :P23:40
aquaratI have 4gbit ethernet linking my desktop (upstairs) to my server (downstairs)23:40
aquaratspeed :(23:40
lauratikaeverytime i start ubuntu or login after lock screen resolution changes and adds a black strip on top of the screen or the bottom, then i have to set manually another resolution to have the screen work again, any iadea what can be the issue?23:40
holsteinlauratika: graphics driver support... an xorg.conf that is not "right"...23:41
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lauratikaholstein: how can i change this?23:43
holsteinlauratika: you would need to test, to confirm what needs to be changed. and there is always an option that that is as good as it gets23:43
lauratikaso where i start?23:44
holsteinlauratika: ?23:44
lauratikaholstein: yeah, what can i do then?23:45
holsteinlauratika: do you have an xorg.conf? if not, then that is not the problem.. are the drivers available for you hardware?,, if so, try them23:45
cazandobitsHow I can remove all tool for universal acess (orca...)23:46
lauratikawhere should xorg.conf should be?23:47
ubottuThe X Window system is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart X, type 'sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm' on an ubuntu system. replace with kdm on Kubuntu. To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . Also see !xorgconf23:47
holsteincazandobits: i would use a package manager to remove packages.. whatever i am comfortable with23:48
ZIPYlauratika: !xorgconf23:48
ZIPY!xorgconf | lauratika23:49
ubottulauratika: The /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf - ATI/AMD ( fglrx driver ) specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd - NVidia ( nvidia driver )specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia man xorg.conf for file structure and syntax.23:49
cazandobitsI want to delete ubuntu software center23:56
kostkoncazandobits, why??23:56
cazandobitsI preffer synaptic and gdebi23:56
daftykinscazandobits: no point23:57
cazandobitsdaftykins, why?23:58
PocketDogthe software centre is hopeless. It takes forever to do anything23:58
daftykinscazandobits: it's not going to be large, taking up space...23:58

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