smartboyhwypwong: Can you reply to the latest e-mail on ubuntu-quality mailing list?11:51
smartboyhwIt's about UbuntuKylin, obviously.11:56
happyaronsmartboyhw: where's the link?12:54
smartboyhwhappyaron: Send it to ubuntu-quality@lists.ubuntu.com (needs subscription)13:04
happyaronsmartboyhw: I meant the archive address13:05
smartboyhwhappyaron: Go to lists.ubuntu.com13:06
happyaronwell, :(13:06
smartboyhwhappyaron, ?13:20
smartboyhwYou should be able to find ubuntu-quality in the long list13:20
smartboyhwClick in it and you will see a link toarchive13:21
happyaronsmartboyhw_: the question is I'm not sure about which thread you are talking about.13:31
smartboyhw_happyaron:It is titled vUDS session13:38
smartboyhw_That sort of thing:(13:39
smartboyhw_Sent just today13:39
smartboyhw_By an Italian user...13:39

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