smartboyhwxequence, users in #ubuntustudio are complaining about that “Linux about creative humans" should have been "GNU/Linux for creative humans"11:09
smartboyhw*"Linux for creative humans"11:09
smartboyhwLinux -> GNU/Linux11:09
xequencesmartboyhw: Which of those do you think looks better as a slogan, and which of those do you think *everyone* understands perfectly?11:16
smartboyhwxequence, for me, "Linux for creative humans" is better, but Richard Stallman has called for anonical many times to call it "GNU/Linux"11:17
xequenceRichard Stallman leaves no room for compromise of any kind11:18
xequenceNot always a good thing11:18
xequenceIt's probably good when creating programs11:19
xequencebut, not when dealing with humans11:19
xequenceI may at times be persuasive about my opinions, for the best of Ubuntu Studio, as my position requires, but that doesn't necessarily mean I make the decisions13:20
xequenceI'm much for the concept of do-ocracy, meaning the one who does decides13:21
xequenceSo far, the culture of Ubuntu Studio development has meant that the project leader does put his fingers into many things13:22
smartboyhwAnd shall remain13:22
smartboyhwUnless we have many members13:22
smartboyhwWhich, I don't think we will have within 2 years:P13:23
OvenWerkssmartboyhw_: O personally think using just the word Linux is fine.14:18
OvenWerksmuch of the tools are other tha GNU anyway14:19
OvenWerkssmartboyhw: I think Linux is correct, I think ubuntu for sure but also much of the Linux and open source comunity do not really think in gnu terms... at least not as narrowly as RS14:25
xequenceI always try to say GNU/Linux, and make a point of it also when I'm teaching people at Linux, but since Linux is a common term used for GNU/Linux OSs, for a slogan, it's just better to say Linux14:32
xequencesorry, when teaching people about Linux14:32
xequence"Floss/GNU/Linux/Ubuntu x86 for creative humans"?, naah14:33
OvenWerksIt does at lease help people to realize it is Linux plus.14:34
OvenWerksxequence: it is a relatively easy setting to change the grub line from ubuntu to ubuntustudio. (using kubuntu's style)14:35
smartboyhwOvenwerks: Then implement it:P14:36
xequenceOvenWerks: Ok. You want to do that?14:36
OvenWerksI can, it is just adding a directory with one file in /etc/default.14:36
OvenWerksI would like to look farther though as it would be really nice to make lowlatency default rather than the latest generic14:37
xequenceTo have that as default would be good14:38
OvenWerksI personally noticed no difference in battery use on my netbook, but at least one user did. Mine is Atom based14:38
xequenceI'm on atom too14:38
xequenceright now14:38
xequenceI don't usually use laptopts14:39
smartboyhwNot me14:39
xequencedoesn't seem like there's a difference, no14:39
OvenWerksThe atom systems are supposed to have good latency for their speed.14:39
smartboyhwI'm in 1st gen i514:39
OvenWerksCan be fanless (my new desktop is very quiet)14:40
OvenWerksEven the atom is now 64 bit dual core14:40
xequenceBecause of my interest in mixing and recording, I always make sure to buy silent components14:40
xequencebig fans or no fans14:40
xequencethe power supply needs to be silent as well14:41
xequencemy PC when it's on, you can hardly notice14:41
xequencebut, I can't record voice in the same room though14:41
xequenceyou can always change the CPU fan for little cost14:42
xequencethere are cheap graphic cards that are fanless14:42
xequencebut, the power supply is a problem, if you get the wrong one14:42
xequenceI always put a bit extra money on that, not for the Watts, but for the noise level14:42
OvenWerksI could probably run the PS on the atom with no fan.14:43
OvenWerksbut it is very quiet anyway14:43
OvenWerksI have my desktop(s) in a rack with a door14:44
xequenceI should do that too14:44
xequenceput it inside some glass14:44
OvenWerksno sound damping but itstill makes a difference14:44
xequenceglass is a very good sound isolator14:44
OvenWerkssort of a thin rock14:45
OvenWerksxequence: I may try to make the progress dialog on -installer more verbose.14:47
OvenWerkswhen I use the -y it also does -q silently14:48
OvenWerksI am noticing when downloading a big package it just sits for a long time14:49
OvenWerksmaybe if I do -y -q014:50
xequenceOvenWerks: Yeah, I thought about that too. Would make it nicer to look at14:51
OvenWerksafter release I can file a bug (wishlist)14:52
* OvenWerks thinks we should use bugs more to keep track of what we are doing14:52
xequenceOvenWerks: I wouldn't bother with a bug, unless you need to update the package in a stable release14:53
OvenWerksseems to work well for extra SW in the menu14:53
xequenceI've been thinking a lot about the LP blueprints the last weeks14:54
xequenceI think we need to establish simpler forms for them14:54
xequenceand, when someone is the sole developer on a project, it's not as important, all though always a good thing to use14:54
xequenceIt is imortant that there is some sort of concensus for thing that have the ubuntustudio name in it14:55
OvenWerksI don't think any of our projects are sole... maybe controls right now14:55
xequenceso, basically between the few people who hang out here14:55
xequencethe plans for -controls have been laid out a long time ago, but not sure how well they are clarified/documented in the blueprints14:56
OvenWerksYa, I think that makes sense14:56
xequenceI'm not using the blueprints myself right now, which kind of indicates how I feel about them14:57
OvenWerksthough you may be working on, you have told us what you are doing and trying to get to.14:57
OvenWerksI wasn't suesting controls was being done outside of US14:58
OvenWerksxubuntu has a new grub15:03
xequenceOvenWerks: not the default grub? How do you mean?15:04
OvenWerksThe menu is blue not black15:04
OvenWerksthere is a "welcome to grub" before that...I don't know if it is new or just revamped15:05
OvenWerksGa! KDE and Lxde don't like link style desktop files.16:17
OvenWerksOur info menu vanished16:17
xequenceWorking on the ubiquity plugins16:25
xequenceApparently, all we really need to do is base our plugin on edubuntu16:35
xequencebut, can't get it to work yet. Trying theirs now16:35
xequencewe have source for it already, prepared by astraljava, but I don't yet have full grasp on what we need for it16:35
xequenceI probably need to try on something newer than 12.04. Can't get edubuntu's to work either16:37
OvenWerkshow are you testing it?16:39
OvenWerkswhat are the differences between edubuntu's live and installed (without adding anything) versions?16:40
OvenWerksThat is, does their live iso have apps on it that ubiquity lets you choose not to install?16:40
* OvenWerks is learning about lintian overrides :P18:00
OvenWerksmicahg: using the link=url method of doing desktop files only works in xfce, it does not work in kde or lxde... not sure about the gnome stuff (inc Unity)19:56
OvenWerksmicahg: anyway, both ubuntustudio-intaller and ubuntustudio-menu are ready for upload. -menu also passes lintian.19:58
cubgood evening20:43
TheDrumsYes master.20:44
OvenWerkscub: good afternoon20:44
OvenWerksI see our kernels have moved to 3.1120:47
cubfor saucy or earlier?20:47
cubI'm still running mir on this netbook20:48
OvenWerksStill updates every day?20:49
cubI don't know..will run an update now20:49
OvenWerksIt's the weekend, so maybe not... though there have been other things.20:49
OvenWerksI have been working on our menu and uploading it to my PPA.. so doing upgrades, seem to get other things almost every time.20:50
HypnotoadMir team is all Canonical, so the channel drops dead at least.20:51
cubno new mir, just kernel and some other minor stuff20:51
OvenWerkshave you tried MIR with lowlatency kernel?20:51
cubyes running it since yesterday on my asus eee pc 90020:52
OvenWerksdoes it make any difference? only a worry if it does :)20:52
cubjust ordinary surfing and office use so far so no audio or other more studio like things20:52
cubit's just the login screen that flashes, once logged in I see no difference20:53
cubthe previous lag is gone20:53
cubuse about the same resources as before it seems20:53
OvenWerksSo it seems to biggest hurdle is getting around the idea that X is magical20:54
cubyes, and multi monitor20:54
OvenWerksI am sure that will come20:55
cuboh yeah, might be quite soon20:55
cubthey seems to have taken in all the comments from the xubuntu team20:56
OvenWerksxubuntu has been really good about testing. I don't think it will go far if it is a vanilla only ting20:57
OvenWerksbesides testing with a made for x desktop covers all the areas unity is not even trying to deal with20:59
cubI'd like to have time to do more in depth testing, like editing videos and see if it's any different21:01
OvenWerksThose are some of the things that will have to happen before it goes on studio21:02
cubbut antoher day tomorrow! Better get to bed. :)21:02
cubUntil tomorrow OvenWerks, GN21:02
OvenWerksWhatever was done to the kernel from 3.8 to 3.11 my USB audio runs really solid at -p64. It's tube pre with limiter sounds really nice with guitarix. The only xruns were when changing presets.23:29
OvenWerksrunning kubuntu with ubuntustudio metas installed plus LL kernel. no settings changed. 10 year + old P4 single core with 2.5G ram.23:34

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