Hyurisorry, had to switch PC00:02
Th3-Bl4ck-Sh4rkBonjour !05:44
munthe"Linux for creative humans" - what does that mean? Linux is the kernel. Ubuntu is the OS. Built on GNU/Linux.10:31
muntheNo GNU - no libraries that make up an operating system.10:33
muntheI vote for "GNU/Linux for creative humans".10:33
Hyurimunthe: i second10:55
muntheIs there a way to remove that boot screen?10:57
smartboyhwmunthe, no.10:58
muntheI use Ubuntu Studio with my students and they get confused after I explai GNU/Linux to them.10:58
smartboyhwIf you remove it, you can't boot.10:58
smartboyhwmunthe, and really, GNU/Linux will file suits at us if we call it GNU/Linux10:58
muntheCan I replace it?10:58
smartboyhwSince for GNU, they need a completely free OS10:58
smartboyhwUbuntu isn't one10:58
smartboyhwmunthe, I think so...10:58
muntheNo, Stallman has called for Canonical to call Ubuntu GNU/Linux many times.10:59
muntheIt's not logical to name it Linux since Linux is the kernel and GNU libraries is what makes the OS.11:00
Hyuriyes, the only thing is that you won't be able to get a page on FSF showing ubuntu studio as completely free software11:01
Hyuriother than that, they will be very happy11:01
smartboyhwmunthe, Hyuri OK。。。11:01
smartboyhwI will talk to our project lead on this11:01
smartboyhwAnd our main dev guy11:01
smartboyhwHyuri, it would be greatly appreciated if you report a bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio/+filebug for this11:06
Hyurimunthe: you are good in writing in english?11:07
muntheThanks! It is a GNU/Linux based OS with non-free components.11:07
Hyurii am not a native11:08
muntheYes. I'm ok writing english. :)11:08
muntheMe neither. I'm Swedish.11:08
Hyurii think i am not good at writing formal things in english, could munthe do that?11:11
smartboyhwHyuri, munthe if you can't do it then I will do it myself.11:13
muntheI can write it in a few hours.11:13
smartboyhwmunthe, Hyuri then I will do it:)11:13
Hyurismartboyhw: ok, sorry =/11:14
munthethanks smartboyfw11:14
Hyuriand thanks...11:14
xequencemunthe: Not everyone knows what GNU is. Everyone understands what you mean, when you call an OS Linux. Besides, only one of the alternatives look good as a slogan11:17
muntheEveryone should know what GNU is since it is the basic set that makes up Free software that enables Ubuntu Studio. :)11:19
xequencethey will if they read about what Ubuntu Studio is11:19
smartboyhwmunthe, unfortunately, they DON'T.11:20
muntheThe Free Software Foundation has earned their respect from us - I think.11:20
xequenceLinux, while not correctly used, is often regarded as the name for these types of OSs. So, it's quite correct to use that word in simple language11:21
xequenceso, to repeat myself "Not everyone knows what GNU is. Everyone understands what you mean, when you call an OS Linux. Besides, only one of the  alternatives look good as a slogan11:22
muntheYes I know. And it's wrong. The GNU/Linux community have no reason to think in market hype terms.11:22
muntheIf people have no clue we have to tech them.11:23
xequenceif someone wants to know more, it's not hard to find out11:23
muntheKnowledge is power.11:23
Hyuriyes... the simple minded are hard to deal11:23
Hyurii think we need to correct ourselves and teach them too. but, they don't even know where the water they drink comes from...11:24
Hyuriso, is better to have them using and supporting the "good causes" like free software even if they don't know nothing what is it than they using the other side11:25
Hyurido you understand what i mean?11:25
Hyuri[offtopic: how do i call people like "hey guys" but universally? other day i said "hey guys" in a conversaion that had a girl and she got angry]11:27
muntheAgree, Hyuri11:43
muntheIt's actually a much bigger job to replace the GNU libraries in Ubuntu Studio than to replace the kernel.11:44
muntheHurd, BSD...11:44
muntheThat's why Android is such a major undertaking - removing the GNU stuff11:45
Hyuriinteresting... didin't know about the Android side11:47
muntheYou could in theory replace the BSD kernel in OS X with the Linux kernel. Does that make OS X "Linux for creative humans"?11:48
muntheAndroid is Googles libraries on top of the Linux kernel11:49
HyuriGoogleLibs/Linux :)11:49
muntheMostly under the GPL. That's why Stallman actually endorses a free version of Android called Replicant.11:49
smartboyhwmunthe, Hyuri so what is xequence's decision?11:51
muntheI suspect that Ubuntu Studio doesn't have persmission to use "Linux". It's a trademark.11:51
muntheBut Linux has said he will never protect his rights to the TM.11:52
Hyurii suspect he will keep only "Linux"11:53
smartboyhwmunthe: 1. The person is Linus Torvalds, not Linux and 2. "Linux" is at least a correct and easier-understanding word for our slogan.11:53
Hyuribecause of the market11:53
smartboyhwHyuri: munthe: As an Ubuntu Studio team member, I will respect upon and follow our project leader (xequence)'s decision.11:54
Hyuriok, i think the problem is deeper11:55
muntheLinus owns the Linux TM personally.11:56
muntheAnd I know that Shuttleworth doesn't want to associate with GNU and the FSF - which is unfortunate. "Standing on the sholders of giants"11:56
smartboyhwmunthe: If we can't use it, everyone will be having trouble describing their OS, not just us11:57
Hyuriafter people looking at "Ubuntu. Linux for human beings", they will probably understand instantly that "Ubuntu Studio. Linux for creative humans" is the same but with a content-creation focus or so11:57
smartboyhwWell, yes.11:58
muntheI'm actually producing a feature length documentaru using GNU/Linux Ubuntu Studio about the subject matter. It may change the lead devs mind. :)11:58
smartboyhwmunthe: oh?11:58
muntheAfter 0 years in the industry I'm leaving the proprietary stuff behind. :)12:00
Hyurithat's great munthe12:01
Hyurii don't have years in the industry, but i am leaving the proprietary stuff behind too12:01
muntheA political choice.12:01
Hyurimine is what i call a sane choice12:02
muntheperhaps the same thing. ;)12:02
Hyurihave you watched "Revolution OS" and "The Code"?12:03
muntheDoes anyone know how large the Ubuntu Studio community is?12:03
muntheYes. I've watched them.12:03
Hyurismartboyhw, have you watched?12:04
Hyurigood to explain people some things...12:05
Hyurii don't know how large is the community12:05
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Guest48769Hi I am trying to learn about making musik with seq24 using this tutorial: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToSeq24Introduction but I can not connect Hydrogen and ZynAddSubFx to ALSA PCM because there is no ALSA PCM entry in the writeble clients list... is that normal if not how can i fix that?14:05
xequenceGuest48769: You're using jack, right?14:06
xequenceGuest48769: usually, the audio device is named "system"14:07
xequenceif you're using qjackctl, and look under Connect, that is14:07
Guest48769just for understanding: I connected Hydrogen and zynaddsubfx to the audio hardware right?14:08
xequenceGuest48769: Usually, most applications auto connect to the writable out14:10
xequencewhich is usually named "system"14:10
Guest48769do I have to change something for getting seq24 listed in the ALSA-MIDI list or at least in an othe list of the three i get when I click the connections button in the jack audio connection kit?14:12
xequenceI've never used seq24, sorry14:12
xequenceyou could ask more about that in #opensourcemusicians14:12
Guest48769ok thank you i will try it there...14:13
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caodepalhahi everyone19:20
caodepalhai need a little help here with an issue with harrison mixbus19:21
caodepalhahi everyone19:27
caodepalhahi everyone19:27
caodepalhai need a little help here with an issue with harrison mixbus19:27
Hyurii don't know if i can help, but tell your problem, so people here can help you19:29
caodepalhaok thanks19:31
caodepalhawell when i start harrison mixbus i get an error message:  audiosetup value for dither is missing data19:32
wilee-nileecaodepalha, #rd party installs are technically not supported, however if someone knows you may get help.19:33
caodepalhai get the same message with ardour19:35
caodepalhawhen starting19:35
OvenWerkswhat audio IF are you using?19:39
Hyuritried this?19:39
caodepalhathank you19:40
caodepalhado you know if the sugested solution will alow me to record again?19:41
caodepalhaeverything was fine and i was able to do recordings19:41
caodepalhanow i cant even arm a track19:41
Hyuriany modifications in between?19:42
caodepalhawhat kind of modifications?19:42
Hyurisettings, installations, any related to these programs?19:43
caodepalhawell since i found this problem i went and changed the settings on jack trying to resolve it19:43
Hyurimodifications before the problems started to happed i mean, sorry19:45
caodepalhanothing a can think of19:46
caodepalhait all happened when i installed mixbus19:46
caodepalhamy friend i think your sugestion got it fixed19:48
holsteinnext time that comes up, there is a mixbus channel21:46
holsteinif someone can catch the user21:46
OvenWerksholstein: I'll try to remember that.21:49
holsteinOvenWerks: lemme find it..21:50
OvenWerksUnder harris?21:50
holsteinOvenWerks: its #ardour-mixbus21:50
OvenWerksThat makes sense21:51
holsteinOvenWerks: it has been active in the past as well21:51
OvenWerksIf they put out an a3 version I think that will be the time I buy it.... if finace permits21:52
OvenWerksFinshed work on the new menu... going to go back to settings now.21:53
OvenWerksWill try to get rid of xfce session so people can't hit it by accident21:54

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