kesorany way to tell upstart it should pickup an existing process?04:40
ionI’m not sure if one could theoretically do that without a race condition.04:47
kesorI ended up creating this monster, https://gist.github.com/kesor/6255584#file-unicorn-conf … if anyone sees how it can be improved, it would be great. Since although it works fine, I am not completely happy with it :(06:44
kesorfor example it breaks when sending a reload signal :06:45
axisyson precise.. how do I start an event after mysqld start ?22:44
axisysstart on event mysql ? 22:44
axisysI am looking for an example.. looking at cookbook.. so that might work.. thought?22:45
axisysstart on started mysql should work, right?22:51
ionIf the job name is mysql, yes.23:33

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