mikodoWell, I am not liking this 13.04 XMir Xubuntu install. It stopped letting me use my sudo password completely, now. I earlier set the root password. That is now acting up, but < su -l >  still works. I am opening gksu apps with that. but it is less than ideal for security, I guess. I don't think this install is long for this world, except to maybe leave it be and if we use it after Aug22/13, well maybe some updates might fix more 00:53
mikodoSorry *13.10 Xubuntu Xmir install00:57
mikodoWhat does this mean? < Gtk-WARNING **: GtkNotebook 0xba94b0 is mapped but visible child GtkLabel 0xc2d1a0 is not mapped >01:01
mikodoSeems every time I open an app with su -l, I get that warning, or another like it.01:01
mikodoLike this:  (synaptic:3203): Gtk-WARNING **: GtkNotebook 0xba94b0 is mapped but visible child GtkLabel 0xc2d1a0 is not mapped01:05
Unit193Looks like theme warnings to me, safe to ignore.  Sounds like you're having issues unrelated to XMir, though.01:07
mikodoUnit193, Thanks for the advice. You're right. It isn't playing nicely with my passwords01:07
knomemikodo, the usual starting point is "do not use the root account" :)01:17
mikodoknome, Yay, I guess. I am going to add one more thing about the warnings I am getting to http://pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-mir and then probably uninstall. You've been great! Thanks.01:21
knomeno problem :)01:26
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elfyknome: no it's not - it's just xubuntu bugs - the only lists I can find on the tracker is general07:18
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elfyhi elendorial 08:27
elendorialany idea how i can aid with xubuntu dev?08:30
elfywell - that's a 'how long's a piece of string' question :)08:30
elfyit depends on what you can do :)08:31
elfyelendorial: have you seen the wiki page?08:32
elendoriali suppose coding, i'm an computer enginner student so i suppose that's relevant08:32
elendorialyes i've taken a look08:33
elfyok - well I'd say coding needs people - but I can't say more than that - as I can't code 08:33
elfybut we are a small team so most of us help with things we can as they turn up 08:34
elendoriali'll take a look at the wiki again, and if i have any questions i'll get back to you08:35
elfybest thing is to hang around in here talking to people as they turn up to be honest08:36
elfyelendorial: knome will be able to give you a more specific answer08:39
elendorialok, i'll ask him08:41
knomeelendorial, i'm on this channel as well, so... :)09:11
elendoriala ok09:11
knomeelendorial, i would imagine the bugs are tagged xubuntu, qa-tracker09:12
elendorialwell elfy told me i should talk to you09:12
knomeerr, elfy 09:12
knomeelfy, let's look at that together today if you have time09:12
elfyknome: okey doke - I'm sort of about most of the day 09:12
knomeelfy, ok, give me anything between 15-60 minutes and i'll ping you again :)09:13
knomeelendorial, so, you would like to help with development. are you familiar with debian packaging? which programming languages?09:13
knomeelendorial, generally, the best way to start is to fix bugs that scratch your own itch09:14
elendorialno i'm not familiar with debian packaging, i'm pretty much new to linux, however i've programmed in c,c++,java,matlab and cuda09:14
knomewell the good news is that xfce is built with c09:15
knomexfce being the desktop environment we use09:15
elendorialyes i know09:15
knomeso a good starting point could be fixing some xfce bugs09:15
ochosihey elendorial 09:15
knome(if possible, upstream)09:15
ochosiyeah, that's indeed a good start09:15
ochosithere are a few projects in xfce-upstream that some folks from xubuntu are involved in09:16
ochosilike parole09:16
ochosibluesabre and me are maintaining that09:16
knomewe're quite late in the cycle re: any new features, but bugfixes you can still get in09:16
ochosibut generally speaking knome is right, find the app or service that you'd like to improve and then start looking at bugs09:16
ochosiyou can also check with us first if you want and we can tell you about our xp with the maintainers/devs of that app09:17
elendorialxfce is at version 4.10 now, right?09:17
elendorialok, so i suppose i should start reading about xfce09:18
ochosimostly you'll need gtk and c for xfce09:18
ochosigotta go now09:21
ochosielendorial: feel free to ping me, i always read the backlog (if you need more pointers)09:21
elendorialok, thanks!09:21
ochosibluesabre: i haven't gotten the gtk3 plugins to work in the gtk2 panel yet09:21
ochosibluesabre: most likely a library linkage problem, i'd say. but i need to get a hold of andrzejr first and ask him09:22
ochosibluesabre: if you wanna try yourself, get the andrzjer/wrapper3 branch and the indicator-plugin1.0 (both from git) and install them, then also add a line to the indicator-plugin's desktop-file to enable gtk309:22
ochosibluesabre: X-XFCE-Gtk3=TRUE (i think, better check again in git to be sure)09:23
knomeelfy, is this what you're looking for: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.searchtext=%22InstallationMedia%3A+Xubuntu%22&orderby=-importance&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&assignee_option=any&field.assignee=&field.bug09:41
knomeelfy, that searches anything that has the "iso-testing" tag and "InstallationMedia: Xubuntu" in the description09:43
knomeelfy, you could also filter that with the release tag, eg. saucy09:43
knomethat would be: http://tinyurl.com/xubuntu-iso-bug-saucy09:44
elfythat's close to what I got manuall09:46
knomeis something missing then?09:46
knomemaybe something that's first reported on ubuntu, then added to one of the xubuntu tests?09:46
knomei'd say those would generally be to less interest to us, since it's not xubuntu specific, or at least somebody has "had" it in other ISOs09:47
knomealso see what i just asked from stgraber in #ubuntu-quality 09:47
elfyknome: I agree with we only want xubuntu specific stuff 09:47
elfyand with the question in -quality :)09:48
knomesome bugs first reported with other ISOs could be high importance for us (especially if those other flavors wouldn't be interested in fixing such bugs)09:48
elfyat which point you're back to manually sorting through things09:49
knomewell, kind of09:49
knomebut i don't think that's a huge problem09:49
knomethose bugs are going to be rare, and they're going to be something we will be aware of09:49
knomeeg. breaks all xubuntu installations, has broken one lubuntu installation :P09:49
knomeand i would also consider the manual effort a waste of time if we can get this far with automatic filtering09:50
knomeif we need to track any other bug than those in that list, just link it to a status-tracker blueprint 09:51
elfythe other part of the issue micah and I were talking about still needs to be addressed - looking for what he wanted09:51
knomeand that is?09:52
elfy<micahg-work> 5 columns: issue, bug # (optional), autopilot, autopkgtest, person responsible09:53
elfywhat we were looking at was what people were seeing during install and what could be looked at for automatic testing09:53
knomemicahg, care to elaborate with that? ^09:54
knomei'm wondering if there was a way to half-automate that09:54
knomeif not else, we could do the tracking in a LP blueprint, so the statuses would be autoupdated09:54
knomeor as much auto as updating a bug status in LP is - you just wouldn't need to do that on the wiki as well09:55
elfyyea - though micahg was looking at having something that spanned releases09:55
knomea blueprint can do that09:56
knomeit's not necessary to tie that to the status, or if we want to, we can still always just link it under the new umbrella blueprint09:56
elfyobviously I'm happy to do it whichever way is easiest - I just hate trying to search for anything on LP 09:59
knomejust ask someone else for the LP-fu ;)10:00
elfyknome: so how are you getting it for saucy?10:03
knomeelfy, go to: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/?advanced=110:05
elfydone that and got "InstallationMedia: Xubuntu"10:05
knomeelfy, search terms are: "InstallationMedia: Xubuntu" (with the quotes)10:05
knomethen tags are10:06
knomeiso-testing saucy10:06
knomeand check "All"10:06
knomeand then search10:06
elfyaaah - tags :p10:06
knomeif you need a short url10:06
elfyno - that's fine - just needed a point to the fu :D10:07
elfythanks knome 10:07
elfytbh in 7 years of fiddling about with LP - IU had never noticed the advanced search thing lol10:08
elfyon the other hand I'd never really needed to use it before 6 months ago 10:09
knomeyeah, it's kind of hidden, but really powerful..10:09
elfyok - so aas you say, a blueprint perhaps to do the remainder - might be best to talk with micahg and get to what works for all of us10:11
knomei don't mind if you want to track it manually, but i'd say there would be other ways that are more automated, an in turn also help with tracking the process generally better10:12
elfyin the meantime - I'm trying to use a vb to write the greeter testcase without logging in and losing access to half of it when I logout10:12
knomea wikipage is always an island10:12
knomevb, visual basic?10:12
knomeoh, virtualbox10:12
elfyI don't 'want' to do it manually - I'd rather do it automatically - this seesm to be the way10:12
knomeyou could use your shell from pleia2 as well :)10:12
elfyyea ;) 10:13
elfyshell? 10:13
knomethe thing you are logging into when you are connecting to forestpiskie 10:13
knomeit's a debian system iirc10:13
elfyyea I know what it is - not seeing how that can help me 10:13
elfyoic 10:13
knomebefore you enter screen, just type "nano filename" ;)10:13
elfynah - I can write the logged out bit before logging in - then login to get the other little bits:)10:14
elfyI'm away this afternoon now - back tomorrow 10:21
lderanknome, this right http://lderan.co.uk/ringtail.png ? :P10:54
elfyochosi: I've done the greeter testcase - from memory - affected by the bug that stops it all working if I login 11:08
elfyjust waiting for approval etc11:08
elfyknome: when you are back - can we deal with these archived testcases of our's? 11:19
NoskcajI'm about to make a sync bug for desktop-profiles. Is someone able to sync it?20:09
Noskcajbug 121345220:13
ubottubug 1213452 in desktop-profiles (Ubuntu) "Sync desktop-profiles 1.4.16 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121345220:13
knomelderan, looks great. now we just need to decide what we want for xubuntu, then MP the branch and announce the usage.21:26
lderancool :)21:26
knomei'll probably boot up my desktop machine in a bit, can work a bit better there21:27
knomelderan, so, when you're ready, please push to a branch and do a MP21:41
lderanwill do21:42
lderanits been pushed to my own branch already21:43
knomethat'll do fine as well21:43
lderanshall i revert the changes to the welcome page in the slideshow for the xubuntu set or leave them as an example?21:44
knomewe modified that part a bit21:44
knomei suppose there will be a conflict anyway....21:44

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