xubuntu176When does Xubuntu 13.04 become an LTS release?  I know it is supported untl January of 2014.03:11
cfhowlettxubuntu176, never.03:11
cfhowlettxubuntu176, LTS releases come out every 2 years.  current lts is 12.04.  next lts will be 14.0403:12
xubuntu176It seems pointless to me to install 13.04 (mostly new features) when its predecessor has support until April 2015.03:14
xubuntu176An update will give me new features found in 13.04?03:14
cfhowlettxubuntu176, for long term support, install 12.04.  Personally, I only install LTS releases.03:15
xubuntu176Okay.  I will definitely install 12.04.  Also, how good is WINE?  I understand that there is a new version that has approximately 10K new updates.03:17
xubuntu176Does the 10K new updates mean that it supports more Windows software?03:18
ubottuxubuntu176,: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu03:18
Unit193Still check the appdb.03:18
cfhowlettxubuntu176, wine aint' windows.  period point blank.  some things work kinda, some things work better .03:19
xubuntu176I understand what WINE is.  I was just wondering if the newer version supported current and future software.03:20
xubuntu176What is appdb?03:20
cfhowlettxubuntu176, the wine database.  details and specifications.03:21
cfhowlett"future" software?  ummm, NO.03:21
cfhowlettall wine hacks are backhacks.  so AFTER the software is releases and IF someone wants to hack it for wine ... maybe.03:22
xubuntu176I am currently running Win Vista x64 and plan on installing Xubuntu 12.04 in an internal 1TB hard drive.03:22
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help03:23
xubuntu176I HATE WIN VISTA.03:23
xubuntu176[ubottu] Thanks.03:23
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help03:23
xubuntu176Do I type !appdb in the shell?03:24
xubuntu176I am sorry folks.  I am a Linux n00b.03:25
cfhowlettxubuntu176, no worries.03:26
cfhowlettcurious: what do you need wine for?03:26
xubuntu176I have done considerable research into some of the advancements in Linux concerning reliability, stability, security, ease of use, freedom to use the OS as I see fit, etc.03:27
xubuntu176I just believe that Linux in my opinion is litterally 3 years ahead of Windows in what is available and what can be accomplished.03:29
xubuntu176I cannot wait to begin using Xubuntu 12.04 (and future LTS releases) and leave Windows in the PAST.03:30
xubuntu176I am currently brainstorming:  is it possible in Xubuntu 12.04 to easily switch in and out of different user interfaces (xfce, lxde, KDE, GNOME, etc)?)03:32
cfhowlettxubuntu176, quite easy.  logout.  choose a de.  login03:33
xubuntu176I think it would be cool to have four window panels which allow easy access to four different user interfaces.03:34
xubuntu176Is that possible?03:34
xubuntu176Each window panel is a different user interface.03:35
cfhowlettxubuntu176, pretty sure you can only run one DE at a time03:35
cfhowlettdesktop environment ; xfce4, lxde etc.03:38
xubuntu176Oh!  Duh!03:38
xubuntu176I'm running a 64bit laptop.  Should I choose the 64bit iteration of Xubuntu 12.04 of the 32bit?03:38
xubuntu176My laptop is about 4 years old.  I was wondering if it would be better (stability-wise) if I chose the 32-bit or just go with 64 bit?03:40
cfhowlettxubuntu176, my 2009 dell loves 64 bit ubuntustudio ...03:40
xubuntu176What is possible in ubuntustudio?03:41
xubuntu176cfhowlett, I am so glad you referred me to ubuntu studio because that is EXACTLY the kind of system I want to run!  Is Ubuntu Studio compatible with the current software center?03:45
cfhowlettxubuntu176, is built on xubuntu so ... YES!03:46
cfhowlettprepare to spend hours and hours playing all the cool toys ...03:48
Unit193UbuntuStudio, Xubuntu, and Ubuntu all use the same repos, just different configuration and default DE (except, Xubuntu and US both use Xfce, and somewhat of the same config too. :P )03:49
xubuntu176Does Ubuntu Studio offer software to record incoming sound (Youtube music), edit the ID3 tags in recorded audio files such as MP3s and MP4s?03:50
cfhowlettxubuntu176, all ubuntus can do that.  you need to add the restricted-extras to get the codecs03:51
cfhowlettor you add plugins to firefox to capture sound from YT.  Editing id3 tags apps are in the software center03:52
xubuntu176What Firefox plugins allow sound capture?03:53
Unit193I know VLC can edit them, even if it's a media player.  DownloadHelper can download YouTube videos (extension for FF.)03:53
cfhowlettxubuntu176, go to firefox plugins and search03:54
xubuntu176I have VLC in Windows.  LOVE IT!03:54
xubuntu176I did an easy Google search for the sound capture for Firefox.  ASESOME!03:56
xubuntu176I am so excited about intalling Xubuntu 12.04 or Ubuntu Studio 12.04!  Heck, I may just do a dual boot of both!  Leave Win Vista on my old hard drive!03:57
cfhowlettI'm dual booting win7 and US.  word of advice: stick with LTS releases.  fewer headaches.03:58
cfhowlettwait, xubuntu AND ubuntustudio?  why?03:59
cfhowlettxubuntu + US packages = Ubuntustudio03:59
nonubyso no xubuntu-next channel,  is anyone running the daily builds of 13.10, what kernel version is used?05:54
baizonnonuby: v3.11-rc5-saucy05:56
nonubythanks, and presumably I can seamlessly migrate to full release in october just by apt-get update and dist-upgrade?05:57
nonuby(i did this with beta before but never in alpha stage)05:57
baizonnonuby: yes05:58
nonubyhave you spotted any issues in addition to the minor/non-showstoppers known issues in alpha 2 release notes?05:59
baizonnonuby: not using the alpha06:00
baizonif you need help with it or wanna talk there is #xubuntu-devel where you can do that :)06:01
nonubyah didnt see that chan, thanks! \06:01
Unit193#ubuntu+1 for support.06:07
xubuntu850i've an old computer and i like to know what linux distro is better for it06:57
xubuntu850by now it works with ubuntu but it's extremely slowly06:57
onrthat's true for new computers too06:58
xubuntu850lubuntu it's better or not?06:58
onrlubuntu uses less sources than stock ubuntu, just like xubuntu06:59
xubuntu850then what's the difference?07:00
onrdifferent desktop environments07:00
xubuntu850just this?07:01
onrsorta, yes07:01
Unit193Xubuntu works fairly well for older computers, but it doesn't target them.07:03
xubuntu850i'll try07:16
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__ravenxubuntu 13.04 on asus eeepc 1005ha: no power management any more, function keys not working, no known packages for these functions any more - any ideas?09:18
latakuhow long until open source amd drivers will get their hdmi audio output fixed?10:21
latakucan't use fglrx since it doesn't work, always crashes upon boot and falls back to text login10:22
latakuxubuntu 13.10 and amd e2200 with hd7340 radeon10:23
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Guest26933so i have problem with pip in terminal when i try to download pygame i get this:  asd@asd-A6VMX:~$ pip install pygame15:43
Guest26933Downloading/unpacking pygame15:43
Guest26933  You are installing a potentially insecure and unverifiable file. Future versions of pip will default to disallowing insecure files.15:43
Guest26933  HTTP error 400 while getting http://www.pygame.org/../../ftp/pygame-1.6.2.tar.bz2 (from http://www.pygame.org/download.shtml)15:43
Guest26933  Could not install requirement pygame because of error HTTP Error 400: Bad Request15:43
Guest26933Cleaning up...15:43
Guest26933Could not install requirement pygame because of HTTP error HTTP Error 400: Bad Request for URL http://www.pygame.org/../../ftp/pygame-1.6.2.tar.bz2 (from http://www.pygame.org/download.shtml)15:43
Guest26933Storing complete log in /home/asd/.pip/pip.log15:43
ForDummiesI'm about to try a 64-bit kernel after about 20 years of 32-bit.  Any gotchas?  Do I need to clear out my dotfiles?16:25
KharecForDummies: just an advice, try it on a 64 bits processor :)16:27
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ForDummiesKharec: duh.   Yes, I installed a new mobo and CPU.  It's ready, just using the old install.16:32
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Guest62643i have problem with broken packages  when i try to intall sdl via terminal i get this : E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.17:00
Guest62643what should i do when i get this error? Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.17:16
howefieldGuest62643: try sudo dpkg --configure -a17:21
jimpWhen I boot xubuntu-12.10-desktop-amd64.iso in qemu, it fails to login to the desktop.  Known problem?18:07
jimpcommand line "qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -m 1024 -cdrom xubuntu-12.10-desktop-amd64.iso -boot d"18:07
jimpOh wait, my qemu-system-x86_64 wasn't upgraded like I thought, ignore me while I try a newer version18:09
jimpYeah, same problem.  qemu 1.5.1 (Debian 1.5.0+dfsg-5)18:12
jimpI'm just confused because I'm sure this is one of the most basic use cases.. am I missing something obvious?18:13
jimpX segfault... http://paste.ubuntu.com/5996946/  !?18:18
bazhangmixing debian packages with ubuntu ones?18:20
jimpno, running qemu on a debian system, trying to run xubuntu in the vm.18:20
jimpLooks like this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-cirrus/+bug/104351318:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1043513 in xserver-xorg-video-cirrus (Ubuntu) "Xorg crashed with SIGABRT in memcpy() via cirRefreshArea() under KVM virtual machine" [Medium,Fix released]18:20
jimprunning qemu with -vga vmware seems to be a viable workaround...18:26
xubuntu898Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help or at least point me in the right direction. I am trying to install Xubuntu on a Intel NUC, so I need to get it on a USB drive. However, I am using a Mac.18:45
TheSheep!install | xubuntu89818:46
ubottuxubuntu898: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate18:46
koegsxubuntu 13.04 does show two bluetooth icons, i know there was a way to fix it, but i do not find it18:59
howefieldtry removing "Bluetooth Manager applet" from startup applications19:01
koegshowefield: thx19:04
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Guest10097when i try to install pygame i get this error  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5997147/ what i need to do?19:25
howefieldyou're welcome koegs19:27
howefieldGuest10097: did you post this in the forums ?19:34
MarkusDBXWhat is the deault login-manager for xubuntu 13.04?19:43
TheSheepMarkusDBX: lightdm19:44
Guest10097xfce i think19:44
MarkusDBXTheSheep: thank you19:44
Guest10097how can i skip login in 13.04 and go straight to desktop?19:46
Darkness_of_TimeI just installed an EMU 0404 PCI sound card on my xubuntu. how can I install the drivers in order to use this sound card?19:55
TheSheepyou shouldn't need to install anything special, it should just work19:57
TheSheepif the card is supported19:58
Darkness_of_TimeTheSheep, I think that the card is supported. but it doesn't work. I can't find this sound card in the mixer...20:00
TheSheepDarkness_of_Time: maybe see what lspci says about it, and look for that model on the forums -- perhaps someone had a similar problem20:07
carreraGreetings!  :)21:04
* genii hands carrera an Xubuntu mug and points them at the coffeepot21:06
carreraThanks genii!  :)21:11
carreragenii, actually drinking a nice cup of the Kicking Horse, Kick Ass dark brewed for 7 mins in a French press right now21:12
carreraI'm looking for a tool and format to store music from my CDs21:15
carreraso far I came up with ALAC and AAC for smaller size21:15
maitakea very, very large drive and .FLAC :D21:16
SysiALAC is lossless so it doesn't really save space21:16
SysiI'm not sure how open AAC is, but on linux OGG is better and mp3 is the most universally supported21:17
maitakeogg is nice too21:18
carrerathanks for all the input guys21:18
carreraHaving Lossless in the name, obviously means Apple Lossless is a Lossless codec, unlike a lossy codec (such as mp3) where audio quality is lost forever in the name of smaller files, lossless stores the original CD track without loss, like zip for audio. Apple Lossless can compress CD quality audio file to roughly half its original size.21:19
Sysiall my music is mp3 because it just works everywhere (unless you're RMS and won't use the codec) and you can't really hear the difference between lossless and best quality compressed21:19
Unit193flac is nice becaues it's lossless, but compressed.21:19
Sysirichard stallman21:19
Sysiflac is more widely used than alac, but both usually work21:20
carreraI love this channel21:20
carreraI converted to Xubuntu from 13.0421:21
carreraI was a Ubuntu user since 5.1021:21
carreraof course with a lot of help from people here21:21
carreraI ended up using the net installer cause I wanted to keep my RAID 0 config21:22
maitakexubuntu is fantastic21:22
carreraI couldn't be happier21:23
carreraboth with Xubuntu and the support I get here21:23
carrerabunch of great people21:23
carreraI just wish I could help in some way21:24
carrerabut back to the audio formats21:24
carrerabasically, my music is only for me21:24
carreraand I mostly listen t music on my laptop, up to 95% of the time21:25
carreraso far, I think FLAC is what people like most21:26
carrerashould I use ffmpeg or is there a better tool?21:49
holsteincarrera: people use what format works for them..21:53
holsteinogg is open.. flac/wan is lossless.. mp3 is usually what *everything* can play (appliances)..21:53
carrerathanks holstein21:53
carrerahow about AAC?21:53
holsteinthere is a gui tool21:53
holstein!info soundconverter21:54
ubottusoundconverter (source: soundconverter): GNOME application to convert audio files into other formats. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.4-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 141 kB, installed size 1041 kB21:54
holsteincarrera: aac comes up less often21:54
carreraand, it seems like, ALAC even less so21:54
carreraALAC is lossless and they say it compresses down to half the original size21:55
holsteindepends on what the goal is.. playability vs size vs original sourse.. vs maybe 'open-ness'21:55
carreraI definitely wanna keep the original quality cause I'm an audiophile21:57
holsteincarrera: literally no one will stop you21:57
howefieldcarrera: are the source files on cd ?21:57
maitakewhat kind of music is it? inquiring minds want to know21:58
carrerahowefield, yes sir. I wanna put everything of my laptop, I have 2 x 480 GB SSD drives21:58
howefieldin that case, I'd suggest abcde21:58
holsteincarrera: store whatever data you want where you like21:58
carrera95% of the time I listen to music on my laptop and the other 5% on my Galaxy S3 Android phone21:59
carreraholstein, no one will stop me from what?22:00
carreraholstein, do u mean even mp3 is let's me keep original sound quality?22:01
holsteincarrera: no one will stop you from maintaining the original resoluntion22:01
holsteincarrera: mp3 is mp3.. with the smaller size for a hit in quality that most animals cant hear (within reason)22:02
carreraso I should youse FLAC and not ALAC to keep the original resolution22:06
holsteincarrera: there is not "should", friend.. there are your needs, and you meet them22:07
carreraand then convert to m4a or mp3 for other devices22:07
holsteincarrera: what do i do? if i have a CD, i keep it at 16/44.1 .wavs.. assuming i want to keep the original "quality"22:07
carreraholstein, thanks  :)22:07
holsteinif i dont care, i just make a higher than average quality mp3.. since all portables play those22:08
carrerabut I find the wav files too big and I was trying to cut down on the size without...22:08
carrerawhat about tools?22:09
carreraffmpeg, abcde or any other?22:09
holstein!info soundconverter22:09
ubottusoundconverter (source: soundconverter): GNOME application to convert audio files into other formats. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.4-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 141 kB, installed size 1041 kB22:09
Unit193ffmpeg is being replaced by avtools.22:09
carreraUnit193, thanks!  :)22:10
carreraholstein, thanks for all your help. I'm sure I'll bother u more!  :)22:10
koegsis it possible to remove the window-decorations in xfce?23:37
nantouhow do I open an epub file under xubuntu?23:50
holsteinnantou: for an ebook? ask the creator what you are supposed to use23:51
holsteinnantou: i think those are usually locked up with some application or service, that you agree to use.. that either has linux support or not23:51
nantouoops then23:53
SpeccyMannantou install fbreader (epub reader) or sigil (epub editor), sigil has a ppa for a recent version, not sure about fbreader though23:53

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