smartboyhwstgraber, highvoltage: I noticed that the dash icon in 13.10 is now the Ubuntu one, not the Edubuntu version. I have a workaround here, so should I propose a merge proposal for edubuntu-artwork for that?10:55
highvoltagesmartboyhw: yep, that would be nice11:06
smartboyhwhighvoltage, https://code.launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/ubuntu/saucy/edubuntu-artwork/fix-unity-dash-launcher-icon/+merge/18084311:22
highvoltagesmartboyhw: thanks, I've taken wednesday off for the lts point release, will catch up on all my edubuntu todos then as well.11:24
smartboyhwhighvoltage, great. I will be here to test the images:)11:24
stgraberhighvoltage: ah, good. I'm on paperwork duty for 12.04.3 (release notes and announcement for Ubuntu) but should still have some time to help with Edubuntu as needed (however I'm flying tomorrow so won't be able to help much until Wednesday)11:29
stgraberhighvoltage, smartboyhw: that patch is wrong, you're missing matching changes to the dpkg divert logic and we need to make sure the upgrades will work properly (old divert removed, diverted copy restored, new divert put in place)11:31
stgraberrunning with that existing patch would cause a file conflict with unity and file overwrites everytime edubuntu-artwork or unity get updated (that and divert a non-existing file too)11:32
highvoltagestgraber: perhaps comment that on the LP merge request? (fwiw)11:34
stgraberhighvoltage: done11:34
smartboyhwstgraber, how to fix then?11:50
smartboyhwI thought it should be the same as before:_11:51
stgrabersmartboyhw: you'll need to also change debian/edubuntu-artwork.postrm and debian/edubuntu-artwork.preinst11:54
smartboyhwstgraber, got it:)11:55
smartboyhwstgraber, pushed a new revision to the branch, plz check11:56
highvoltagediverts are always a pain to work with. probably one of the most risky aspects of debian packaging.12:04
smartboyhwOops, should be :)12:04
stgraberyeah, I'll need some extra time to think of all the possible upgrade scenari and make sure we don't end up with dangling symlinks or leftover files on disk12:05
stgraberat least it's good to see that the unity folks finally decided to abolish their stupid abi-specific icon directory12:06
smartboyhwstgraber, \o/:)12:06
smartboyhwstgraber, so can you review the merge-proposal again? The files you told me are fixed already15:33
stgrabersmartboyhw: not today and probably not this week, sorry I'm busy15:35
smartboyhwWait till Wednesday for highvoltage then15:35

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